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Live From Salt Lake Comic Con FanX: H.P. Lovecraft

2017-03-29 | 🔗

Writer H.P. Lovecraft created worlds and stories that continue to be influential more than 80 years after his death. His life story is at turns odd, sad, problematic and utterly fascinating.

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animals and we had a life stuff. You missed in history class. Show we, Sir did this particular so has been requested a number of times. Often it's Halloween type, but we did it alive. Show at science fiction and fantasy pop culture. Eke out a convention instead plus every day is everyday, is hollowing in my book satisfy. You have also been on Holly's wish list for a while. So we dived into the I'd say Fascinating life of hp, love craft. Yet, and this one ran a little bit long, I was actually worried that we would run over our pale time and not get finnish, though we may list so a hop right into it. Let the listeners that we're not a family skip to hear it,
hi. I think you for being here s. Why should I wanna take your picture, but there's a lot of light like Larry Life is not going to be so sore terrifying. That's great, ok, so we're gonna give you warning affront to, in fact one she loved
the term. Presuming a lot of you. Do we're not going to talk a lot about his writing, because his life is fascinating and weird annual kind of I don't know. I mean how much have any of you know about his life story in his biography. But if you start looking at that, it really becomes apparent where his writing come for. Focusing on his life, because that's the thing second, I wrote this outlying for today and it runs a little bit long, so we're gonna bust through and hopefully will have time for questions at the end. But if we don't I'm sorry and it's my fault- and you can change me impelled me with garbage. Also, if you got that reference, I love you. Anybody know all old Letterman, they pay
as with Roxanne garbage snow, ok Becky, my half my bed time, I didn't have a better idea. Much like hp, love craft. Our lives are different. We're gonna talk about, but I would like the opposite of AIDS below grabbed it's in terms of rules and structure and nutrition no joke you all of you have even we're going to talk about that in a minute year. We will hop right in, should we say the thing about hello and welcome to the package. Yes, hello and welcome to the pact some Holly front line, Tracy Wilson and I'm gonna take off my glasses cause, I'm a little bit blind and I can't read up close and I am old and I don't want to admit it. They have a thing called bifocals. two pair vibrant, it's not bifocals time
by publishing I'm hanging out, but I don't want us, so I wouldn't litter just for the computer, so we're gonna hop right in and start talking about, the amazing, astonishing, we're troubling and we're going to talk about the difficult stuff there's some racism, doc coming so brace so, Howard, Phillips love Craft was born on August twentieth of eighteen, ninety, two Wingfield, Scott Love Craft and Susie Phillips Love Craft and when he was still a toddler in eighteen. Eighty three things are really started to get weird because his father Wingfield began having very intense hallucinations, and he first evidence this problem when he was on a business trip in Chicago and he was in a hotel room and started crying out that a maid had insulted him. There was no made there, and that is why,
being assaulted on the next flare up, but Susie had not travelled with him on this trip. There is no made in the room. None of this was his wife was not area over the course of the next five years. Wingfield loves crafts, illness accident waned and the family lawyer Albert a Baker assumed legal guardianship over him. He was placed in a minute, institution and he remained institutionalized until his death on July? Nineteen that eighteen, ninety eight and there have been lots of
reads about what was behind his loose nations and obvious mental illness and a lot of doctors and his historians believe that there is cause of death was listed as general paralysis that he really died of syphilis and so Susie and Howard. Now, with no husband, her father moved in with Susie's parents, Whipple and Ruby Philips at four fifty four Angel Street in Providence, Rhode, island and how it had actually been born in this house. Susie had travelled there to repair at home when she was do even those We feel that the time we're living just South Boston so weird for me to think of him as Howard, read as I did this research and started talking about him like to my husband or friends as I was discovering things ability and then how did this new deal how about like each democratic elections. Hiv Lybrand, like he's Howard to me, so this. of losing her has been caused, Susie's own mental health, to also declined
She became really obsessed with her son as all that she had left in the world and she was also not only adult to be voting on him. His aunts and his grandparents also really indulged him and cherished him. Susie had two sisters and she's routinely described a sort of the dippy one which is kind of sad and cute at the same time, but Susie's adoration of young how're definitely crossed into really extreme territory. For example, she allowed him to eat whatever he wanted. You shouldn't have Ado with a cheque book so like, if you ask a five year old what they want to eat their case, I take an ice cream which is exactly what he ate a great deal of as a child, so his nutrition really suffered, and he also have no set schedule for sleeping, so no bedtime no wake up time,
kind of lived on his own little vampire hours. She also kept his here I'd like that. You said vampire. She also kept his hair and long curls until he was six, although he asked to have them cut off before that, and then when she did cut off his hair, she would talk about how ugly it made which bothered him, understandably for the rest of his life. You have you ever read: accounts of neighbours throbbing, though all kind of discuss how Susie just constantly told them how ugly her child was, which is too a terrible thing to do to a kid about here. It will even beyond that she would describe as Facebook o its long and pointy Susie didn't round. She is not a model of parenthood, but this lack of structure and emotional stability in his life. While those instability where he said stability, I said stability. Should I not with instability? Why said the lack of structure,
Tell you what happened studio every time, not normally its opposite. I got overconfident right yeah. Sometimes this means gets overconfidence, it's good, that's good cigar. She didn't have stability, he didn't have structure, but the Good NEWS, I suppose, is that it did not keep him from developing into a really incredibly bright child. He was sort of a sponge for information. He started reading, allegedly around each three and his grandparents books there book collection extensive, they had a really lovely library and he basically burn through that. As a kid. He also started writing as at a really young age, one of the first stories that he wrote he did when he was five or six and it was around the same time in his grandmother died. He called it the little glass bottle and in this story, see Captain finds a distress, note floating in a bottle, and he follows the math
included in their to try to find the person whose in distress when he gets there, he finds another bottle with another new and that New says Klute dear searcher. Excuse me for the practical joke I've it on you, but it certainly right
Then the captain says that he would like to kick the pranks terse head off the end. So, while we said we would have a talk about his writing, you know it's a five or six year old, some pretty impressive work, as both we attended school with other children for a year and ITALY before his mother withdrew him. So he was also missing out on some pretty important formative. Social interaction with peers during this time, in a precise reason that he stayed out of school is not entirely clear. He stayed out for two years and he was a very nervous child and usually that anxiety that manifested in a number of physical ways is reference. Does the reason he was probably not going to school, but it is also just as possible that Susie was really struggling with this idea of separation and letting her son go off to school and be an entity outside of herself. That did not depend on her, particularly after her husband's breakdown in death. This was
I mean within a few years of of her husband dying and so in any case he was during that time, schooled at home and tutored, both by professional tutors and by his relatives. During these two years of homes, schooling, he discovered Allan POE and he also learned about sex for medical textbook, which made him decided was clearly unappealing. They did not like that idea at all and he started longer and more developed pieces oppose. He went back to school
Nineteen, oh two, when he was twelve year that that learning set about sex from medical tax really really messed with his head for the rest of his life. But the next big thing that happened at this point was when he was fourteen. His grandfather, who he really adored died. Suddenly, in his grandfather, really is often credited as the person that introduced him to lake stories of the supernatural NGO stories and taught him not to be afraid of the dark, and so they have this relationship that then was suddenly severed and the family, which was already struggling financially, then had to sell the large house that they were living in and for the first time in his life ass. He remembered it Howard, who moved into another much smaller home with his mother
then had to experience life without just vast expanses of square footage to explore and play in and with no servants to attend to him he really dreaded going to high school, but once he got very actually kind of enjoyed it. He got along with most of his peers and he didn't relatively well scholastic, despite having a constant struggle with getting to school on time, maybe because Sweden have a bedtime, is right,
took another leap forward. His literary voice started to really develop yeah nineteen o five, he wrote peace called the beast in the cave in this told the story of a man who lost in a cave and he is being tabled by some sort of creature, and this person eventually kills. This ape like bees, that's following him only to realise that it was actually something that had once been human and then he wrote the picture in nineteen o seven, which is about this artist that paints this monstrous beast and then later found killed, presumably by the same peace that he had created on canvas and then in nineteen o eight. He pending twenties twenty seven hundred words teal, which was tabled the alchemists in which a french aristocrats inherited a cursed castle. Each of these pose influence is really really evidence, but love crafts. Own literary voice, really can be seen in its infancy, love craft schooling continued to be kind of inconsistent. He stayed out of here
over a year following the nineteen o foreign ain't, no five school year in that later was attributed to having a nervous breakdown, but that here is also when you started producing its first published writing. Although we wasn't fiction yet your first, he had two letters publish one in the Providence Journal in which he condemned astrology and another in scientific american calling for the cooperation of the astronomy community in the hunt for objects beyond Neptune men. He began writing a series of astronomy articles, forty politics, it Valley, Gleaner and forty providence. Tribune when he got back the high school. He didn't take a full course Laird. He took chemistry, algebra and physics only, although he wondered dropping his algebra course after the first quarter, that was his last year school, actually graduated and, although he later wrote as though he is that we did thing could I suffer,
nervous collapse immediately after graduating, which prevented altogether by attending college, and he would also later right that quote a cultivated family is the best school and that he was unconcerned about those gaps in his formal education, but that sentiment was gonna change as he aged, except we will talk about, look rather poor health, but first we will take a sponsor written. A good party cleared up. whole data LISA car from the whole day, yeah. First, we need to study. I have some flashcards here, too old, releasing a vocabulary: policemen, price costs, money factors, disposition, faith, you do not need to know that still leaves a car, but I gotta negotiate a good deal here. Look at this! It's the roadmap. You go through and take the car you want. Then they give you a tailor. Price is crystal clear they ve already applied. Discounts negotiated a low rate and included all taxes and pleased. Then they deliver
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pretty unclear. So he complained the lot of a variety of physical maladies throughout his life, such as chronic indigestion and headaches and fatigue, in addition to his depression and nervousness, and the jumble of symptoms that he described really could be attributed to any number of problems. But no doctor ever gave a comprehensive diagnosis so theories after the fact have mentioned everything from hypochondria to something like Hyperion When ISM, he kept complaining of just a general weakness of health throughout his life, although he didn't usually go to the doktor to get medical attention for it and it's possible that his poor health was it. partially psychological. We I mean when you have a mother whose telling you you are delicate and infirm from day one of your life. You might start to believe that your delicate and infirm
I mean also never adopted a healthy diet, a consequence of that lack of nutritional guidance as a child, which almost certainly contributed to a general feeling of unwillingness here, a lot of sweets even into its adult life, but what's really kind of odd and surprising, maybe is that he did not over and multi with super wait conscious. So, even though he he was five eleven, he tried to stay under a hundred and fifty pounds, which is quite them because he thought that he would look more aristocratic. If you say really slender, so he's gonna have cake for dinner, but not much of a small morsel. That's all he gets left. Last year's immediately after high school are kind of a blank slate. He didn't do much between nineteen o, six and nineteen fourteen, except for taking a correspondence coursing chemistry. Yet he was obviously in the science, but he realized that while he left
particularly both chemistry and astronomy, for their quote glamour and mystery and impressiveness. He didn't really have the discipline that it was going to take to do the hard work that is required of scientists should they bring. that is a career. So he also toyed with illustration during this time, but he thought he was terrible and abandoned. It and according to his own recollections, he read a lot during this time he rose and fixed. Soon he was reclusive not really leaving the house oftener socializing with anyone other than his mother and for her part, Susie also growing, increasingly eccentric.
And really reclusive and she encourage this shut in behavior, and he later wrote that this solitude that he chose as a young man stemmed in part from embarrassment and social anxiety. He said quote: I shunned all human society, deeming myself too much of a failure in life to be seen socially by those who had known me as a youth. and had foolishly expected great things of me. Eventually, though, by the time he was in his mid twenties love craft started to grow out of this aimless loafing period of life, and he once again I am interested in the world outside of his house. You started writing strategy articles again and join the Amateur journalism movement which afforded him some social connections that his life had really been missing. Before this point you have had some friends as a kid, but what I always found interesting in researching him is that most of the people that talk about him, as though he was a friend are actually
in his circle, so he really was not getting other other peers of his age, and the United Amateur Press Association of which he became a member had its own, while dramas that could be a whole episode on its own is there was some crazy things going down, but love craft who had this odd habit of favouring eighteenth century vocabulary. Emma, manage to become pretty well known and actually quite influential in this group, and they also learned at this time the hard lesson that criticism is a part of every writers. Life is just a natural thing you have to accept, but while he claimed that it did not trouble him every that he knew said it privately affected him very deeply. Even the faintest critique of his work
really would upset him. He also started corresponding alot during this time and cultivated a wide range of friends. He knew primarily through letters, a practice that he would continue throughout his life. In many cases, he preferred this friendship, letters to having to actually deal with people face to face, and he also started using pseudonyms in his writing for a really silly reason. In my opinion, it was in part so that he could have multiple pieces published in any given amateur journal at one time without being accused of hugging the space She just wanted people to publish everything. He wrote any didn't want to get in trouble for it in a community that was largely about like sharing and helping one another, but these were not paying gigs. You should be very, very clear, this is this whole idea of amateur journalism at the time was built on people. Writing for their friends and other like minded peers, but not really for the broader audio,
the public. It would affect writing on the internet gap. Oh yeah and nineteen fifteen. He public series of articles about planets constellations and the actual North Carolina Paper Gazette NEWS, and each of these he combined scientific fact The mythology around the figures for which each astronomical object had been named me, I'm so sorry what a joke if it helps it's one of our colleagues from house networks, happened right in the past and I was like what's happening now. It's about Frederick text didn't so we take advantage of this platform to include quotes. A verse row make recent writer that recent writer was in fact himself, although he never said so in the text of articles again, I love that hatred and so little keep putting himself held that new ways. End quote
self as a different source, what women used right, MR glowing reviews of his own polyester. Those are not an unheard of revenue and he also during this time, started self publishing a periodical called the conservative and he started that in nineteen fifteen, and he would put out this paper on and off for eight years. So he really was pretty committed to it and he used it as a sort of pulpit from which he could preach against the evils of spelling reform, which he thought was terrible again. He was in the eighteenth century, spelling and grammar buddy also extolled the superiority of the white race, as he publishes paper there are some problems you left, crap, biographer L sprang. The camp makes the case that, for somebody like love craft, he was felt herself to be a failure who was not living up to his potential. It was really buying the white supremacy. This was a belief that
a part of him and made him feel superior. So we're gonna. Look back to this. Obviously racist view a little later, yeah he's a complex person in an effort to gain some sort of independence from his mother love craft made this really odd move in nineteen seventeen he applied to enlist in the national guard. After the, U S declared war on Germany, so everything you ve heard up to this point, I'm sure, You like me like this is not for you kid like how he thought he was going to be able to endure. This is an utter mystery. They make you get up early If we can get up early, they make you not take all that stuff and they make you do physical things which he didn't like. So fortunately, a family friend who was serving as the local head of the draft board and was also a doctor, talked him out of it. He really was like you, you're, not gonna hack this, although love craft later wrote quote, it would have either killed or cured me, I think,
We are in favour of one of those two things. Not long after that, pretty bad idea, though, things started to pick up for love crap. As a writer, he started revising the work. some of the other members of the United Amateur Press Association and getting actually paid to do so. Then this really remain his career for the rest of his life. So while he developed his own stories, ghost. Writing became his primary literary occupation and in some ways this was the absolute perfect fit for Howard love crafts. It made use, of course it is.
Very talents, and he had a wide network of potential clients that he had cultivated, both through being parts of part of these amateur press groups and through his correspondence with other writers, but it was also not lucrative for him because, unfortunately, he took way too much time with every single assignment plus he thought it was unbecoming to even discuss money. He had this whole we're gentlemen, complex and lake, his personal rules of life and you'd. Never talked about money which, when he was never ever collecting on his invoice, He would just let them go and never pursue them. If somebody refused to pay him in nineteen nineteen Howard's, mother, Susie you, mental health, had continued to decline, was committed to the Butler Hospital for the insane, and that was where her husband had died more than two decades earlier,
craft visited his mother, often all they'll, never inside the hospital, and she died. Two years after having been admitted in nineteen twenty one due to complications from gallbladder surgery, you there's a lot of noise in history, historical pieces and biographies about him about how he would not go in the hospital his mother had they ll come out of the hospitals garden and they would visit there, but he refused to enter the building and after Susie's move to the hospital, so he is kind of out from under his mother's constant. You know clucking at that point. For the first time in his life he actually started to venture out beyond Providence, thanks to conventions that were arranged by his fellow amateur journalists, so he first travelled to Boston in July of nineteen twenty and initially he intended. This is like a week, long events that that they had put together and he intended to commute back to Providence every night, which sounds crazy to me, but his friends eventually convinced
did you stay in the city and they arranged places for him to stay, and he ended up really really enjoying the trip and he started to make regular trips to Boston, to spend time with the friends that he had there. Then far apart by imagining this was happening on a train. Imagine, but even so I mean you knowing I wouldn't adventure you wanna go like to park city every night too like now so that it can meet. I would want to do you like them, they're, not on opposite ends of the earth. thing in New England is close to everything else in New England at a similar meeting February. Nineteen. Twenty one love craft spoken a panel seem quite what have you done for amateur journalism and what has amateur journalism done for you reading from a paper that he had written on? The topic he said quote. What I have done for amateur journalism is probably very slight, but I can at least declare that it represents my.
efforts towards towards ably aspiring writer. What amateur them have brought me is a circle of persons among I'm not altogether an alien. What I have given amateur during journalism is, regrettably little what amateur journalism has given me is life itself just sort of charming and apparently the crowd erupted in thunderous applause. So they were. I think Howard was like their pet projects in some ways like they saw that he was a little socially awkward and they really tried to like you know, bring him along into their groups that they are very happy. It felt very validating to know that he felt he had found him
They are good because that sentiment is kind of like I haven't done anything for Ya'Ll baseness, sir. Have given me allied, I think it was it was. You know he was trying to be a gentleman about it. So when his mother died, which was of course devastating, isn't Lillian came to live in the house with him that he and his mother had been living in so his other aunt Amy also state there from time to time, so when she was trembling for work or vacation. So while he had kind of gotten out from under the influence of his mother, he was then coddled by his aunts in place of Susie in all three of them were living largely off of these small
he had had inherited, and this was not. We should be clear, a lot of money that three of them were really bringing in an income of any sort that any sustaining rate. So they just chipped away. This relatively small inherent sneer and aside from the loss of his mother, this was really a massive period of change. Our love craft for one he had met a woman named Sonya Green at an amateur journalism conference and the two of them struck up a correspondence that was his preferred motive. Communicating people Sonia was a milliner who lived in New York to me. Tat. If you didn't know it, a milliner does, and she was an immigrant
Ukraine would move to the U S when she was nine. She had been very briefly before, but she was on our own and she was making a really really good money by the time that she met Howard, since she was a completely independent woman, the two of them started meeting for visits and Providence and in Boston. She met Howard S who liked her, and he wrote that it was quote despite a racial and social chasm. During this early stage of friendship that was turning into a courtship, I love craft turned out significant amount of work in the form of stories in prose poem that he was still also working as a ghost writer- and he also during all of this seemed to have no clue that Sonya was interested in him. Why he would think a woman would want to travel back and forth to visit him constantly with out liking. Him is beyond me, but when she actually kissed him for the first time it was after he had had written a peace that was based on an outline she had
prepared, which is one of the things he did. It go straighter. She was so excited and I dont know if he had written it yet or if he had seen the outline a really loved it. But she was so excited tat. She kissed him spontaneously and he was completely flustered and she kind of teased him and asked him what it was about, and he told her at that point that he had not kissed since his infancy. So in addition to all but other weirdness, he was not really getting regular affection. So you really didn't know how to deal with human being. He had a number of another big change. There and in his life at this time was his first paid writing publication. A publisher named Jesse, Hennerberg had started a new magazine called weird tales and love crafts friend friends. I wanted him to submit his work to it and up until then, point he considered his own writing to be something that he produced for its friends hobby for gentlemen, bad he finally gave in weird tales bought dig.
First and then others, including the hound and the rats in the walls. Yet he apparently didn't want to submit in the proper format, leaky submitted things and they wrote back and said: hey you, gotta doublespeak spaces returnees so he probably could have made a lot more money right off the bat views didn't want to do it and we're about to get into love crafts, marriage, but first we're gonna paused for another, sponsor breaking them will jump in left ass relationship with Sonya had progressed. She was, according to her own account the aggressor in this its unclear when, then, let's talk about marriage and him moving to New York, but they did apparently black about it and that's exactly what happened on marks. Third. Ninety when he for they were married and Saint Pulse Chapel and
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Cartier House, it's easy, it's clear its roto financial dish district and that was chosen by love craft because dated back to seventy seventy six and notable men of the revolutionary era had attended services there. Yes, it was a purely religious. He didn't have any interest in it, but he just like the history of it and I will give you a little bit of a spoiler, because the reason we don't know when they started talking about marriage and really how their romance progressed is easy. It didn't last and when it ended, Sonya burned all of her letters. So we we have a big gap where we don't know what happened between the two of them and they were really odd. Couple Sonya was Howard's absolute opposite. So, while he was, this sort of you know odd awkward, quiet, didn't love to talk to people. She was outgoing. She was superseded
when she was competent, she's, a businesswoman that was running around show, and it has long been debated, what exactly they saw in one another, but for a brief, timely really did seem genuinely happy together how it actually wrote to a friend right after they got married. To quote two are one another bears the name love craft. A new household is founded. He was really inspired by Sonia and he claimed that she had prevented him from a plan to quote seek oblivion. I e commit soon so it didn't last. So you claim that Howard wasn't a particularly loving husband. She had to initiate any romantic contact and found him adequate in that regard. their undemonstrative and having any feelings for her. He never To the word, love in any way, additional on the marriage, came from a drop in income for Sonya shoes, basically supporting Howard,
and he was only occasionally selling stories, basically when he felt like it. So, instead of supporting this yourselves supporting two people without a lot of contribution from the anyone Yan. When that's a person who says things like I, you never says I love you. I would not enjoy that marriage at all everybody's got their own dynamic, but I can see why she eventually kind of weary. The bull misery then there's this river you're gonna, say next year so you're sailor problem. We had a lot of riots against immigrants and Jews and she would remind him that he had in fact very the emigrant jus himself, but what he would tell her in these moments was you are now MRS Hp love craft like somehow in marrying him and taking his name. He had wiped away her ethnicity and she was now part of his, he's, ok, good insecurity, jerky like that plus never sitting. I love you plus, like us all
things like about it. What am I see where she left so before she left, though they first downgraded to a smaller apartment. She took a tick. In cincinnati- and he didn't follow her when she did that, would she she left for that at the end of nineteen. Twenty four misses the first of several jobs that would keep the two of us. Separated he was no longer in Thrall to by living in New York and was actually starting to hate it sire. I can get how that might happen, but though he ended up returning to Rhode, island rapturous once again to be in Providence and before long, the marrow, basically over yes E. While they were living in New York, they had, they had always been living in Brooklyn, but they downgraded to what he considered to be a gross image.
Neighbourhood, and that really in some way some historians will say fuelled a lot of his sort of next phase of writing and kind of the weirder, more disturbing staff, and also because there was a point at which, while he was living in the apartment by himself, the apartment was completely robbed and all he was left with was the where the clothes on his back, and so he just was like this place, sucks all of these immigrants suck. I hate it here. Everything is horrible. I'm going back to white wealthy Providence Road. I to use a charmer, basically, what I'm saying the next phase of his life from nineteen twenty six to nineteen. Thirty seven would actually, though, produce his most famous works, probably the ones we all fell in love with if oil of craft fans, including call of Cathy Loo and nineteen twenty eight, which we're tales paid a whopping hundred and sixty five dollars for which is not small potatoes,
that point and ass? He started to develop this impressive body of stories which are interconnected and both obvious in several ways. He was really truly hitting his stride in terms of activity. He also made some really interesting acquaintances in the nineteen thirty's, including a friendship that started with a letter from a fan in nineteen thirty one. When Howard went to visit the span, man named Albert Barlow, in nineteen thirty, four, he discovered the barley was only sixteen, but in spite of the oddness, all that look Crest stayed with Barlow in his mother, Bert for seven weeks that summer and to then became friends. Yet he would return on subsequent summers and as love, crass creative star really rose in the nineteen thirties and he actually started to to garner this. Following of fans from his weird fiction, his financial star was completely sputtering out, so having never manage to make any sort of consistent income, his Kapital his in what he had been. Will
by his his father and his mother was dwindling really quickly and his ghostwriting. His editing work barely enabled him to scrape by a man rather abruptly at all, came to an end. Love crap died of intestinal cancer. In March in thirty seven at the age of forty six answer had already spread throughout his body. By the time he saw a doctor meant only four friends attended his funeral, yet there basically a pretty consistent opinion among historians of biographers that if he had not been foolish and waited so long, he possibly could have have really been treated first cancer and potentially survive much longer. But because you didn't want the doktor see miss out on an opportunity, and it wasn't until of crafts, friends, August journalists and Donald wandering began publishing, collected love craft stories in book form. In the nineteen forties that love crafty,
much wider audience outside of all of his little niche followers and his friends and his work quickly became famous in ways he could never have imagined. So it's a safe bet that seeing things like physically policies and is even Don T shirts. You know his work being adapted into films and gear. Motel Torah working forever on mountains of man is better, come out at some point it would follow is mine. I mean there's no way he could have conceived at this level of popularity. So there was a great deal of affectation to age. We love crafts personality father died. Howard had inherited the somber drove and he warrant as an adult, even though the clothes at that point we're really passe. The only gave up wearing his father, old clothes when they became threadbare to the point of his being unbearable and growing up in a world of adults more than children with few
rules and this endless supply of reading material. You really start to see that love craft sort of developed, this patchwork of ideas about the world that really state with him long past his formative years. Like you love the classical world, he became an avid anglophile even taking up the side of the British in any discussions who s revolutionary war. He often lobbied for New England to rejoin the british empire, knowing that we go now we would, thank God, save the king, Resins STAR spangled banner assumption annoyed no one. He adopted eighteenth century a century colloquialisms in his speech and his writing. Any hillside, deep unending level, Republican, Rome and after reading by a book, by a proponent of temperance, named John, be Gowers, a child Howard swore he would never ever drink and he actually differ mean sober his entire life.
This is one of several areas where the assertion of his purse of the assertions in his personal writing really don't always line up with reality. We're gonna take a lot more about in a moment, but while he claimed that he was quote nausea by even the distant stink of any alcoholic liquor it was There are records of him attending parties where alcohol was certainly served. So there's a disparity between what he claimed was his belief system and his sort of life rules and how he actually lived in many ways: There is also, as most people know and as we mentioned a moment ago, some really unpleasant racism in LA crafts, life story, even his beloved cat that he had as a child. He named a racist star and the most problematic aspect of his life is that the racism, the cow colored most of his thinking about it. Yes, there are times in his life most of his life until quite near the end. He thought anyone who was not. Why was inferior and he used language to describe
anyone who is not away do as along the lines of quote twisted raftlike vermin from the ghetto mom girls, when he would describe them, but this is another area that is really contradictory and his wife for it ample. He spoke extremely openly of having disdain for Jews. Even when writing sets criticisms, as quote very spirituality, which gives elevation to the semitic mind particularly unfits it for the consideration of tastes. Trends in areas, thoughts and writings, in spite of it, He married a jewish woman, and then she wasn't jewish immigrant anywhere when she became Missus low craftsmen alone western mark this. Horrified me when I found it. So I'm sorry that I am sharing it, but it's really it's important when one of his friends in New York, when he had lived there hinted that she had been romantically linked to the black woman love craft was completely appalled and disgusted.
Said that any white man who did so should have the word negro branded on his forehead, but not so cool, no in his dealings with actual individual human members in the many ethnicities religions that you spoke ill of described him as a man who was kind generous and unselfish, which really contradicts all the vile things would say and ride all the time and to explain this: congruity, Sonya Greenwood, later say and something that we can stop laughing about dinner last night think he hated humanity in the abstract. He could write this horrible stoke up and actually confronted with a human. He did try to be a gentleman. I was like all your interesting and nice. Thirty just couldn t there is big disparity and even in nineteen thirty three, as he called Hitler a clown.
He also said that he sort of like TIM and understood this position, but he was also at the same time. This is what was my bowing to me, like I dont know how he did the math in his head to reconcile all of this. He was a huge Franklin, Delano, Roosevelt and the new deal and he became a democrat at the same time. Said the socialism was inevitable, but also wrote quote. I am. unreserved fascists. This is all in the same year whose very busy here for him and it really. Seemed it starts to seem as though maybe he really like to real people up while simultaneously playing this rule of the fragile kind. Gentlemen. So it's it's one of those things is very hard to kind of knit together in one's head like how these two sort,
spread constantly, as did in one person. I will know that in terms of racial justice, like the political parties that exists today have been through multiple shifts, yeah so late, but at the same time it doesn't make any sense know. His stuff was very Hughes, wacky wacky giant, but in these last few years he softened considerably, which is also arms novel. One would expect politically. He had started out as a youth being ultra conservative, but over time you sifted is thinking to a point that he said he became a socialist liberal, any of course changed. those Hitler and fascism in that same year. So by late, nineteen, thirty three, he was completely against them and senior tirade against them vehemently for the remainder of his life. Going through years, stance against Hitler may have played a part, in his turn around and Judaism as well, because shortly before he died. He actually
a new deal rally and he wrote glowing praise of the rabbis Stephen wise. Who was that events main speaker very end of his life. It appeared that look craft Hudson We all regret about his very idle youth that he spent being caught old and encouraged me, gentlemen, but not getting any practical education here, the letter to a friend and nineteen thirty, six quote. If I Again, I would take some clerical training fitting me for more lucrative work. It's my mistake, that. I never thought about money when I was young and finally to end on a slightly positive notes, since we have a rule about nothing too sad when we do these live shows, Bummer lad so far as problematic as you All of those really problematic personality treats what really is perhaps most surprising about hp love. Crap is how much people that actually met him and spent time with him seem too
genuinely like him and fellow writer, George Julian Routine, set of love craft, quote how I have never been ambitious to beat love craft. I had him an impression that he was very heavy and ponderous. He is apparently all those things I did ass. Yet from the minute I met him, I liked HP love craft immensely. So let me that so hard. Imagine even like all the things we just described, but that's kind of part of the appeal right. The complexity of humanity is what makes it fascinating and sort of beautiful So, thank you so so much the subway comecon for inviting us and particularly to Ryan CALL who wrangled all of the details of our appearance there and assisted a generally fabulous chap. Yet I cannot stress enough. That is one of my favorite icons to go to
they're just really well organised, yes, and it sets an enjoyable of an all time. Salt Lake City, as I said before, is beautiful and had a good time both times that this, what you ve done three times, I've done twice yeah I have a friend meet me out there from away who had a gipsy enough and she was saying like she's two other coms sometimes of me, even though it's not really always her GM, but she was really like. This is a really low stress, because everything is really well organised and it's nice and close together and there's not. She was like this isn't a few com I've never felt frantic that's like year fix its great Salah COMECON is also going to be releasing some of the other panels from a show, as pot casts, so will be sure to include the links to that podcast. Sweden are shared out so that you can listen to them. If your interested and then ones that Holly and I are on, we will be sure to tell folks about on our social media yeah.
Now, because we are still in the month of March. I think this is our last episode. They will appear in March. We are still in tripod month year for people to try out new podcast so because either- eastward, and I still have I have more than one to go recommending to this time very difference. The first one is called return home. And it is a fictional narrative, has that is a little bit creepy a little bit funny. It's got a really interesting care. Sometimes it's Campi, sometimes at spooky, but it's basically the story of a person who return to their home town to realise that that place is got some unique characteristics and it plays out from there and I have really really enjoyed following it. It's gone several short seasons now in its Superman, the other one that I love love love is called. It came from the depths of Netflix.
Tis, a a bad movie review pot guests, but it's really unique in that most pod, like that kind of about ripping on the movie. But this is interesting because the break the entire premise, Andy plot of any given movie that they have watched, and then they will talk. What could have improved that movie and made you know the narrative and the actual production better. Whether they would suggest it to friends for a fund we set out in its just. It's got kind of a fun positive spin, a highly recommended, so those two Pugwash again our return home and it came from the depths of Netflix, and we bet that you have put castle You love- or maybe you don't love, but you think they would be perfect for a person that you know that may be hasn't gotten on podcast. Yet you should like amended to them like open people up to the world of information and entertainment, that's available to them through pod casting, and you can do that
you can spread your word on social media using the hashtag tripod. That's try, t r. Why p o d so try out upon guest, I'm sure it that way, everybody can enjoy hearing your recommendations, I'll listener mayo. This was their meal is from our listener David. Who has a couple of connections to previous topics that we talked about and he says high Holly entry see I've been listening to the package for a couple of years and has become one of my staples from ideally commute to work. Being history geek, I fundamentally formative and fascinating, but I never thought I would find personal connections to the subjects you talk about on the show, until real, The first was your podcast on IRA Aldridge. I work the Folger Shakespeare Library, where, among the many items in our vast collection, we have a few artifacts on Mr Aldridge, one of the playbill dated one thousand eight hundred and thirty three announcing his first appearance at Covent Garden in the role of Othello last year. We put it on public display as part of an exhibition at the soldier on
you're in America. This particular playbill has an etching of IRA Eldridge in costume on it. I should note that the term playbill refers to a poster like item and not the ubiquitous playbill programmes that you get in theatres today. He is innocent linked to a digitized version of it, and he says we also have a manuscript, lines from act, three seen three of Othello written by Adra Eldridge himself. That manuscript has unfortunately not yet been digitized, but we have other items as well. If you want to explore our collection check out our wits website, which is folder that eighty you and then he says, but the episode that struck me- the most was the recent one about the Atlanta Temple bombing. My grandfather was one of the FBI agents who investigated farming and the rest of the perpetrator. It's one of the many stories he had about as FBI days, but the one my mother thinks affected him, the most not long after the bombing. He took her and her siblings to the Temple, so they would always remember the destruction that prejudice could produce
after his passing and ninety ninety nine in his eulogy, my uncle recounted ammonia. A moment of my grandfather gave him a picture of the bombings aftermath and told him. It was quote a symbol of stupidity when I mentioned the pond, to my mother. She said my grandfather never got over being upset that the perpetrator was acquitted. My uncle suggested, I read one of the books that Holly used for research titled the Temple bombing by militia green for a good history on the bombing. My grandfather is sadly not mentioned in the book likely due to Hoover's diesel, the press, but knowing my grandfather, he was likely more than fine, with the anonymity from what my mother tells me. Agents were instructed never to talk to the press during Hoover's rain, a rapporteur from the age of sea, which I believe the time was called the Atlanta constitution yet used to.
You papers the Atlanta constitution in the Atlantic Journal and then they merged into the Atlantic Journal Constitution found my grandfather and try to interview him after the bombing is the family story goes. My grandfather replied with no comment which, when those exact words were published in the article Hoover, became angry that one of his agents was identified and he transferred him to make in Georgia. It wasn't the brightest spot interview, history, but it was a big event. Nonetheless, your episode in the bombing brought back a lot of memories, my grandfather, for which I must express my gratitude David. Thank you so much for sharing that with us. It's always really amazing, to hear people's personal connections to any of the stories that we talk about and it's quite moving as well as the cool IRA Audrey stuff. Her, everyone go check out soldiers, I e to you and
their archives to some of the stuff they have online is really amazing. I looked around for a bit and lost some time, but not in a bad way. If you would like to write to us, you can do so at history, podcast, a house of works dot com. You can also find us across the spectrum of social media as missed in history. That means on Twitter, missed in history on Instagram, honest in history. They spoke com, Slash missed in history. You get the idea almost any social platform you can go to. If you look for MR history, you will find us. You can also find us at our website, which is Miss, in history com as as well as our parents, site house works where you can type in almost any topic in the search bar and you're gonna come up with a lot of really fun information to explore. So please come to visit at Mister history in history, com and howstuffworks dot com
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