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Maria Anna Mozart

2020-11-11 | 🔗

Maria Anna Mozart is often left out of brief accounts of her brother’s life. But his sister was sharing the bench with him and was also considered an impressive and accomplished musician. 

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hello, unwelcome it upon cast on how we fry unobtrusively, Wilson, Today we are going to talk about Maria ANA Mozart, who went by Merle Marianna Marian Dal within the family budget. Often kind of doubt if you read a brief account of her brothers life, every biographical, sketch of Wolf, Mozart mentions that he was a touring musician when he was still a child. A lot neglect to mention that his sister was literally sitting on the bench with him and was also considered and accomplish musician, and You know you're a genius of her age, her biography kind of gets piece together by looking at the documentation of Wolfgang Life lesson diaries, but not really anything that slicker comprehensive account of either the events of her life or her thoughts and feelings about them. We'll talk about several
once in the show where there big things that happen, that we don't really understand what the law, jack was of the discussion that lead to them there some letters, also written by a number of family members, including her brother and father, both to and mentioning Marianna and so records also remain like public records, birth records, etc, as well as mentions in papers of the day or diaries of people who saw her perform as a girl, and I want one note on her name, because you will often see her referred to by her nickname of mineral when people are talking about her life story. That was really a name that was reserved for family and close friends, so Tracy, and I decided we are not going that route. We are gonna, be sticking with calling her Maria ANA for today's show Maria Anna was born Maria ANA Vile Perker, Ignacio Mozart on July thirty or thirty. First of seventeen, fifty one in Salzburg and
her mother, ANA Maria had grown up in poverty, her father Leopold, Mozart was a musician. That was not what is we had wanted him to do. They had wanted him to enter the priest head and when Marina was born, he was still estranged from his mother over his choice. In this Leopold and Anna Maria had a total of seven children, including Maria ANA, in her very famous brother Wolfgang, but the other children all died when they were still babies when Maria was eight Leopold, started, giving her harpsichord lessons and she was really good. She developed what was called a perfect technique and her brother Wolfgang would have been about three at this point. He often sat next to her and watched and listened as she was learning and playing that Two of them were very close and there's that's. You have invented kind of an imaginary kingdom for themselves, yeah, there's a wholesome
they are about their imaginative life. That is largely extrapolation as they were. Children not recording this in any sort of formal wave. But people have to talk about it once Maria ANA started. Taking obscured lessons from her father little brother of gang who adored his sister and sat next year on the bench is Tracy just said. While she took these lessons soon started playing as well to emulate her. And there's a music book or their father. Leopold had been keeping note summary on as progress, and he started, including in that no mentions of his sons aptitude, as well as Maria honest progress that no book it. Gently at least what is left of it is a museum piece today, known colloquially as then a neural note in book. It's accurate to describe it as museum pieces. Plural, as there are pages from it in museums around the globe. Although the bowl it is still in Salzburg. The notebook contained some compositions that were written for on a study by her father as well,
pieces written by a very young Mozart and pieces, written by additional composers that have not been conclusively identified. Votes gang was pretty quick it picking up on his sisters. Lessons so lay uphold, decided to teach him as well. We ve started learning through his own formal lessons at the age of five. This meant that he was getting lesson from his father and undoubtedly help from his sister as well. In effect having a private tutor. In addition to having a teacher one article I was reading about. This was talking about how beneficial this probably was to his development, because Not only did he have someone who could explain all the lessons in kid speak to him, but it was someone he trusted that had just done those lessons and probably really gave him like an extra boost in terms of learning quickly when Maria Anna was eleven and votes. Guy was six. The two children began playing together for audiences. Maximilian
Joseph elector of Bavaria was one of the first people to hear this. Do oh play at a private performance in Munich attendee count Karl VON sins. Noted this event in his diary. The tiny boy. With the big personality he noted as playing quote marvellously and the count wrote that quote his sisters. Laying is masterly. This was really the beginning of a career as child performers. For the next three years. The Mozart, siblings and their parents were on tour and they played in eighty eight different cities, considering that this was in the eighteenth, treaty. This involve just arduous travel. Yeah this was not like a really glamorous sexy music tour, where they got to stay at great places and they were in a private. Beautiful
traveling conveyances. This is really hard work. So when you consider two kids being kind of carded all over Europe and my way that's a lot but children through in seventy sixty four Leopold, Mozart wrote a letter about his daughter, who was twelve at the time and after a long recounting of her various feats that her talent enabled her performers a musician he some aided with quote what it all Who is this that my little girl, although she is only twelve years old, is why the most skilful players in Europe. It was during this first multi year tour that Vulcan wrote his first symphony the We was in London at the time Leopold was ill and the children were forbidden, Fun playing instruments. Their mother did not want them to disturb their father, so they sat down with pen and paper Maria on it took dictation of symphony number one in e flat major, which is listed in the coal who catalog is
sixteen, whether or not Maria ANA offered any kind of collaboration on this piece is really not known. Some speculation happen: on that, but we'll never really now so them Our kids toured together until seventeen sixty nine and the end of their time as a performing duo was brought about by Maria's eighteenth birthday, She had actually stop touring when she was still sixteen, because the family was taking a little bit of break from all of this travel that we just mentioned was really very taxing. After reaching a team she was considered marriageable. Then, while fine for a girl to be touring with her brother. It would have an unseemly for a young woman to continue doing it and it may have diminished her chances to ever get married, so pull decided that she should stay in Salzburg while he continued to tour with Wolfgang who he famously called quote. The miracle which God let be born in Salzburg, so to be clear, there was no
room waiting to marry Maria ANA, she just was moved out of the spotlight, regardless of her talent and her skill, any kind of performing work she might have been doing would have been a potential scandal that was, of course, simply not in issue for her male sibling. There have been some snow theories, about Leopold, decision to send us, talented daughter, home while continuing to trot his son around Europe. There is a distinct difference and how Leopold encourage people to infantilism his son as part of the packaging of his talent. For the stage I mean even today, people of Mozart. Is the child prodigy p very clearly, though flipped his own mental switch regarding Maria ANA. She was now in adults, while her brother continued to be in his mind, a child, Maria Honour, composed music. During this time. While she lived at home her actually wrote her letter praising her work and encouraging her to keep going on. Fourchan
we have no surviving record of her compositions is not something that she pursued, certainly at the level of her brother, and we know what Leopold thought thought of the pieces Maria Marianna composed. He did not mention it ever in any of his writing. Although brother, sister were separated a lot of the time they still remained. Very close Either there mother or their father, would tour with Wolfgang and then Maria ANA would stay home with the other parent to siblings, wrote letters, and their relationship and these letters as one of a lot of teasing and jest he likes to collar horse space and tea. Her about the young men who were interested in her, also talks about her horrible singing, while also praising her as a queen, the two of them really shared a love of theater and music and Wolfgang wrote music that he dedicated to his sister in a moment. We're gonna talk about a period of years where a lot of changes happened for the family. But first we're gonna, stop and we're gonna. Take a quick sponsor break.
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In seventeen. Seventy eight Maria ANA involve gangs, mother, ANA Maria died. This was, in tragedy. She was In Paris with those gang who had resigned from his job working as a court musician in Salzburg, something he had been very unhappy with for awhile He was looking for more lucrative employment and why He and his mother were in Paris chasing down possible job leads. Ana Maria became sick and died on July. Third, seventeen: seventy eight votes gangs; aid in Paris until September and then moved on to Mannheim and Munich, while his father lobbied for him to be given a better job in court back in Salzburg, LEO really wanted the family. All back together There are some areas: death Leopold relied on Maria ANA has the women of the household she took care of the home managed to sketch,
full of students at any meetings. He had. She also taught piano lessons herself to bring in some additional money for the family she'd been doing a lot of these tasks already whenever ANA Maria would be travelling with Wolfgang, but they became entirely her responsibility once her father had been widowed in seventeen. Eighty one after moving to Vienna votes, gang became involved with Constanza Vivir and when rumours arose, that the two were going to be married, going initially denied it to his father because he knew he was gonna disapprove, but the two of them to get married in August of one thousand seven hundred and eighty two and Leopold eventually did give his blessing. Although apparently the word that he was okay with the marriage arrived the day after the wedding, so they were going to do it either way the friction over the marriage, as well as a lot of conflict that has developed over the choices Wolfgang was making with his career, had kind of TAT in a toll on the Father son relationship,
old gang and his new wife Constanza visited Salzburg and seventeen. Eighty three and this marks the beginning of a shift in the sibling relationship. That's been characterized really differently by different historians at sea. But after this time both gang and Maria on it didn't really right to each other is often they weren't is actively involved in each other's lives and in some cases this has been pointed to. As ever. That Maria, like their father Leopold, was not really enthusiastic about her brothers. They wife. The case can also be though, that they were both reaching turning points in their lives for their time. We're just occupied by other thing, so There may have been a rift between them. Maybe not no evidence really exists yet appears probably something happen, because it is kind of an abrupt gear shift, but it's not clear what exactly may have taken place among them.
And were about to get to Maria Honours next big change in life, but it's worth mentioning here that one of the real tragedies of this drop off in communication between brother and sister, who had been so very very close, meant that Maria ANA was completely unaware of the darker periods that were happening involve gangs life. After this several years after his death. His sister read a biography of her brother written by czech music critic from sovereign attack which reveal a great deal about her brothers difficulties with finances and Mental Health and, according to her own account. Reading this for first time moved her to tears while evolve guns romance with Constanza had been obeying Maria I had also been falling in love. This is with an educator named Franz Steepled, the two of them they wanted to get married. But, as the story goes, Leopold was not keen on this. This would have been in part because both had already disregarded.
Fathers opinion and married a woman that didn't come with a great fortune, so Leopold was allegedly veal. It's that Maria Anna could not similarly marry without creating some kind of financial cushion for the family. Wolfgang encouraged his sister to go after what she wanted to follow her heart in these matters, and there are some doubt about this version story because there's also not really any evidence to back it up. So we don't know with any certainty How or why the romance between Maria ANA and France ended, but it did Yeah Marianna did get married, but not to France. She had a lot of admirers. We should be clear: it wasn't like she was a quiet spinster that no one paid attention to allow Men are very interested in her. The man that she married was Johan. Bob teased fund, Burke told do Salzburg and seventeen before- and this was a marriage that made sense to Maria
his father Leopold anyway, who chose his daughters, husband for her boy told, was a sensible choice on paper. He was a magistrate of she'll standing and he was a widower twice over Maria Anna was thirty three at the time and kind of getting past the age where she would be considered a good candidate for marriage, bathtub was forty, seven and most importantly, he was financially stable. Berthold had five show and already Maria ANA took on the task of raising them. She and Johan. Have three more children together, Leopold Alois alloys Penta on, born in seventeen? Eighty five and then two daughters, Jeanette in one thousand seven hundred and eighty nine and Maria Bobbitt in one thousand seven hundred and ninety, but Maria Bobbitt died in infancy, Maria ANA became a wife, she was occupied entirely as apparent and a homemaker shit de saint Gilligan, where Bertold lived, which meant that she had left Salzburg and her entire life. Behind today
You can take a train from Salzburg, descend Gideon and it only takes about half an hour to travel. The twenty eight point, two kilometers or roughly sir thirteen miles, but in this nineteen abies, that trip took like six hours and two Marianna. It just seemed like she was stuck in the middle of nowhere. When Marianna was living in single wagon, with her husband and children, Wolfgang sent her all of its piano concertos. She made copies of them as in the music archive and Saint Peters Abbe in Salzburg today, while she wasn't teaching or doing a career as a musician. At this time she still wanted these pieces so that she can play them at home, which I find to be very sweet. It is and thank goodness because those copies that she made are like some of the only copies of those pieces that existed for a long time so much turn them over to the Saint Peters Abbe Archive they basically have been safeguarding than ever
and we mean to go back to talking about Maria Honours children, specifically her first born so she travelled to Salzburg for the birth and, on July, twenty seven, seventeen, eighty five Leopold grandson was born and, of course, named after him, and were calling him lay upholds Graham son. They are quite purposely because, when Maria ANA left Salzburg and returned home six weeks after giving birth, the baby did not travel with her lamp Mozart stated that he would like the baby to stay with him for the first few months, so low Leopold, lived with his grandfather and was cared for by him and several maids who worked in the home seventeen. Eighty six, the elder Leopold stated that he wanted this arrangement to be indefinite and Maria ANA accepted that the reason for this arrangement,
really garnered a lot of speculation, but nobody knows for sure what kind of discussions went on or what understanding passed between the elder Leopold and his daughter. It's obvious that Maria Anna was really incredibly obesity. To her father and that included everything from giving up her musical here too marrying her fathers, selected, groom and so soda. Some biographers letting him waved her son just seems like another aspect of the ways that Leopold was controlling her life, yet the very complicated relationship and that certainly may have been an aspect of it, but there are multi factors that may have also influence this situation for what lay uphold. The elder at this point was despondent at the loss of influence over his sons life. He came felt abandoned by Wolfgang and Maria ANA may have acquiesce to her fathers desire to raise her child as a means to help them cope with his sadness,
Marianna had also been her fathers caretaker after her mothers, death and she may have seen turning her son over to him as a way to soothe him. Maybe helps me. Over the rift between father and son, with the introduction of a baby, and also to offer her father someone to keep him company now that she was also moved out living on her own. She also, they have just felt that with five at home already, her son would be better off and get more attention with his grandfather. Very possible that Marianna, who found wife and sang gillikins just be too remote, thought that have Direct tie. Two thousand Burg would get her to go home more often than she had been really able to do before her son. Yeah. A little lamp old was also sick when he was first born, but he did recover. So there are some theories that like it was because the baby was sick and she didn't want to take him home on the the trip, but clearly her dad really wanted to keep this job.
But all of these reasons about it are still speculation that various historians have put forward over the years. But there is one thing that is incredibly clear and that is that Leopold Mozart genuinely adored, his grandson. He Maria on a detailed missives describing the baby's development and grows he gave her updates on his health anyhow talk about what a solid this child was to him and another aspect of this whole. Very unusual situation that has been speculated on was whether or not Leopold Mozart thought that he could train his grandson to be another child prodigy like Volts gang, and he did- giving the child very early music training before he was even a toddler in just a moment, will tie about how this situation ended. But first, we'll have a word from sponsors who keep stuffy missin history class, going
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Maria ANA's arrangement regarding her father regarding her father and her son went on for two years, and it ended when her father Leopold died in seventeen eighty seven and two year old Little Leopold went to thank you again to live with his parents and step siblings Leopold. Death sparked a minor conflict in the family, as the soften do. This has often been characterized as a fight between the Mozart siblings over how the estate would be handled verse gang asked for an exact copy of the will. Some people point to that and say because he didn't trust Maria honour to tell him what was in it. We don't know, though an Vulcan. Thought that they were settled on selling the most valuable assets of their fathers estate and splitting the money, but Marianna didn't think that votes gun should get any of it. So for Wolfgang Gang really stung his sister had married a man of means. She really wanted for nothing. He,
other hands, struggled financially to support his family in part, because he was not great at managing its finances, but the real friction appears to have been between both Wolfgang and Maria, honest husband, Bertold, took over the negotiations and then haggled over who got what the correspondence between Wolfgang and Maria ANA became really strained after that, a minute stopped completely the other such a marked difference prettily, if you watch the progression of their letters v. Guns, letters to his sister, their cell florid, when their younger and even into their early adulthood, and it's all about much, he loves her and how great she is and after their mother died, he wrote this really beautiful there are about how much he treasures his sister and then they kind of become very Lake Kurtz end up. You know like here, here the details you need to know about. What's going on, I beg you. Wolfgang I think it should have why she thought her brother had shouldn't have any of the inheritance
hundred percent. Clear it seems like part of it is that she had been taking care of the house in like managing all of that stuff. Where is Wolfgang had gone off? Also, remember they weren't his clothes. So I don't think she really realized how dire his finances were so. It's I'm tellin you away. Will break up a family today as it did the, but this period was another really where the two siblings likely had no idea that the other was struggling, Maria I was without her father, who had continued to be both support and a controlling influence well into her adult life and even after she was married so that this kind of the first time she sort of on her own, even though she has a husband, but that really like Leopold was handling. So much of her life up to this point,
and, of course, votes gang was nearing the end of his short, intense life. At the time yes, votes Gang Amadeus Mozart died on December. Fifth, seventeen, ninety one. This was after a period where both his physical and mental health really declined and have caused of death was recorded as severe military fever. A name for a combination of high fever and scan rash that resembled millet. What he really died from has been hotly debated in the centuries. Since then, you really do not have to work very hard to find all kinds of medical papers all speculating on various things. The actual cause of death might have been Also, you know keep in mind should you love they play, or Oh Amadeus, very good!
Traumatized Julia, not not a source of historical. I went soggy does so what about those there again? Let me use my guy, I know, but those similar booby, it's not those wholesale everything, not quite what that port states, though it's a lot play Maria Anna wrote about her brother in one thousand, seven hundred and ninety two after his death for Frederick Schlick to grow, who became the first biography of Mozart version of the virtuoso life story, Kind of an indirect assist that she gave the request for Maria on his writing had actually been made by Albert Vaughan, who is a friend of the family farm mulcts envy in the project, cause some confusion as well. What Maria on it now with, but after she handed her written memories of her brother over to him, he added to the work in a way that made it seem like, Maria Anna had a low opinion of her sister in law, Constanza of thought that she was not a suitable match for her gifted brother,
A closer examination years later, though, revealed that that part was written in VON Mokes. Handwriting I built, I think it saved us. Maria ANA and stunned were never close, but I also don't think she would have publicly said anything negative like that anyway, but The brothers death Marianna in many ways also became a steward of his legacy, and she ended up working with Constanza in that regard. After Maria S. Husband Johann died in eighteen, oh when she moved back to Salzburg than one of her. Your patience during this stage of her life was actually helping publishers track down work from her brother that had gone missing and she s started, offering piano lessons. Once again. Eighteen years after volts gangs, death Constanza, remarried to George Nicolaus Venetian, she had known from but a decade in eighteen, twenty lay move to Salzburg Shores was planning to write a comprehensive Mozart biogas.
And they worked with Maria on it to get information for this scene, are we shared the writing? She had done for that earlier biography, but also turned over all the family. Letters and record she had to assist in this project in one thousand eight hundred and twenty one Maria Anna was visited for the first time by her nephew from the other Mozart. This was an event of complete delight for her and she later wrote that, despite her advancing years quote, I, still enjoyed the inexpressible joy of seeing the son of my unforgettable brother for the first time, and she introduced her nephew around to all of her friends and like friends of the family that had known Mozart when he was a boy in Mrs Berger sickly. Just like wanted to tell him everything about his father when Marianna was Seventy eight in eighteen, twenty nine she was visited by the right Mary novella. Who noted that Maria ANA seem to be in bad straits. She appeared to be very poor. She lost her eyesight, which had happened three years before
Novella wrote that Maria Anna was quote blind, languid, exhausted, feeble and nearly speechless. Was assessment about Maria Otters finances, though, was not correct a fact that was made plain when Maria on a dyed later that year and left a fortune behind fact that she took piano students well into her. Seventy suddenly was not, as it had up you're too so many people something she did to make ends meet. It became of. And on her death at her husband had left her well sat financially. She was taking students. Because she wanted to Maria Mozart, known to friends and family, as the neural was buried and her hometown of Salzburg at the Abbe of Saint Peter sometime The story of Maria Marianna kind of the headline version is opened with this idea that, had she not been moved aside so late
old could promote her brother votes gang, she could have been most arts equal, but most historians don't really frame it. That way. She was a very skilled musician without a doubt, but she did not have, for example, the massive output as a composer that her brother did. Didn't have the rain. She did in terms of picking things up really quickly. He paste her in their learning. It's one of those things were, if you know when they were children, he pretty quickly Lake got to her level and then kept moving on but even so it comes up people to speculate about just what her impact on little brother was particularly in his formative years, so she becomes a really important part of the Mozart story. The anthem listener mail for I actually have a couple of pieces of Lister Mayo and their about public. We have a double. We will write us, particularly about are our Friday behind the scenes. Minis episode that we do
right after the hill hounds Halloween episode, because we talked about black dog specifically on that one, and so I have two pieces of adorable mail. One is from Brianna or Brianna, Adona Hush pronounces. It sure a tie, Hawaii Tracy, I was excited to hear you may be Holly point out. The black dogs and cats often aren't adopted it shelters, I initially Oh, I should re began to tell you about my black dog Bob, a rottweiler mix who I adopted in twenty fourteen as a senior pet and who was the very best boy, the last you know me locked him. The kidney disease I was, Hesitating, though, until yesterday, when my husband and I found a wonderful dog at the local, humane society, when you know he's so black. His name is Roger Daughtry. He, with Roger we added adultery and he is a very sweet senior dog. I work from home My husband works at the Post office, so Roger and I are enjoying our first day together. I attach to photos one ass the day we adopted Bob and one from yesterday with Roger you could do. Which one is from yesterday because of our masks. I decided you for the reminder that black dogs are great senior
There are also great shelter. Dogs are great to hope, you're doing well and stay well. Bob was Before I love Rottweiler C Span the is the cutest dog may be ever eminent say that, but I say that about all the dogs there he so cute and they looked happy together. So thank you for adopting M because now I know he's got a loving home. And I love it and where we have another cute black dog email with this rumour list, Kathy rights alone. We see in our banks her such a fund, an informative podcast, I've learned so much. I never knew I never knew I, Until all of your Halloween weak episodes today and I loved when you talked about adopting black dogs and cats in the Friday peace, I have had only two eggs in my life, but both of them have been black black dogs, hold a special place in my heart, but especially for as I listened to your taro card episodes was my current puppy dogs costume. He dressed up suggestor today or a fool. So here is a picture of my adopted baby dj Dark jet
ok, like everything about this stuff, I love the dog and a costume, and his name is dark shadow homo also durable. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. For sending us dog pictures. Cathy and I love it it and I I it where the people, the loved you adopt black animals, really love to adopt black animals, I'm one of them. You, as we talked about, have to say really your kind of one of them as well. Those are not your first black hair I will discuss Breyer night so yeah. I love seeing these and thank you guys for giving them great homes and also just sharing your stories were. Thus I'm glad you enjoyed our health hound and black dog discussions. A follow up and say my router Rufus teacher and poster came yesterday, and they are also who re echo come on next year- let it be safe, if you'd like to write to us, you should absolutely do that. You could be that at history, podcast, Iheart, radio, dark com. You can also find us ambient
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