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Maurice Duplessis, 'Le Chef' of Quebec, Pt. 2

2014-02-19 | 🔗

While Duplessis had ingratiated himself to voters as a man of the people, he was not exactly viewed as a saint. He's often described as a man who wanted to be both loved and feared, and numerous controversies are associated with him.

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into. The only way is through available now on the radio or wherever you get. It ok welcome to stuff you in history class from how supports outcome com, how I will contact fun, Hollingford and I'm telling you Wilson and today we are doing part- two of our episode, Maurice to see we left off in the last episode. The duplicity through was the premier of Quebec. Having lost his seat. Is premier after his first term in office, his conservative views and aggressive politicking had really moved and quite quickly through the ranks of the conservative party came back, but some poor decisions during his first term caused his his new party he had formed called the union national to lose their power base. in the legislative assembly during his
This term he also drank heavily in that really take a toll on his health, as well as his reputation year. He was up. Hospitalized first regulated hernia in nineteen forty two and he had already had surgery for the same condition more than a decade earlier, but he ended up hospital again and this time for four months due to complications I don't buy pneumonia after he had had the procedure. You don't been diagnosed with diabetes, and so is health problems and the damage to his image that had come from alcohol lead. To decide to disquiet drinking altogether. There there's a very funny interview that I saw in like an old document her here. Someone said that to the Liberal Party, the worst thing that ever happened was the data privacy stop drinking because he just became much
His job in a much better politician was far multimedia, asleep, extremely offensive and also funding. It was said and jests and say they hurt like yea. He should have stated our colleague, but they were thing. You know he improved himself in a heard our party, but throw throughout the health issues, He was working on during his time away from office duplicity, it wasn't exactly absent from politics. He was still very vocally involved. He spoke out against the idea that the of the provinces losing more control to the federal government particularly over a constitutional amendment that gave unemployment insurance to the federal jurisdiction and took it away from the provinces, so with renewed vigour. Duplicity, went back to you, in political battles, he was really vocal in the conscription vote that had begun discussions, while he was still convalescing. He continued to stand the french canadian Nationalism and spoke out against federal government control, and
slavery unions and religious minorities exert exerting influence over the people of Quebec and when, Election time came up again in eighteen, forty, four, with Quebec, emerging from the financial depression that had been going, an early even in his political career duplicity regained. His seat is premier, though it was a tie erase. It wasn't like a landslide. However, once he was there, he stayed in power for the next fifteen years, so he really held that seat for a long time. This was kind of a kind virtual span yeah, not all of it was controversial while he was there who are going to talk about some of the bigger controversy happen, some of it became controversial later while he had ingratiated himself to voters as a man of the people and a time when economic crisis had left many Rebecca jobless and uneducated, he was not exactly it is a faint, a lot of times now use described,
the man he wanted to be both loved and feared, and his campaigns you're always alleged to be sort of swirled with corruption. There or claims of fraud. There were assertions they paid thugs had beaten. Liberals, sometimes even in like Liberal party headquarters there were assertions that there were voting by does that had been stolen, therewith stuffing of voting boxes, basically all of lake, the kind of book when you think of lake nineteen, thirties and fortys political corruption, checklist it. all kind of in his his campaigns as well. On top of all that, he was alleged to have kept secret files on all men, of the assembly, and even though, by the time he took the position of premier a second time, Quebec was moving in
industrial industrialized era, but duplicity was still pretty insistent that egg she was gonna, be the most important thing to focus on, and while this did keep him very popular with, you know that the people in his province that were you know, still involved in agriculture. and making their living as farmers to a lot of people that also meet him appear sorted out of touch in short sighted and his detractors would point out that he is not moving with the times. Duplicity was also a devout Catholic for his whole life, and this did caused some criticism in his political career. The tractors hinted that he and the roman Catholic Church were just too tightly intertwined with too much influence following both ways, and indeed he was quoted. Numerous times are saying quote the bishops eat out of my hand, yeah, that's another one of those wow. You are really brazen.
and there were certainly more controversial issues in that, but they play out in much the same way. You know here had a pretty insistent view of the world. He he had a handle on how things worked, and that was really What was gonna guide him and leading cubic before we get to the three big scandals that sort of define his political career. Now, when you look back at you- and I take a moment near a word from our sponsored- yes, let's let's get out man, this episode of stuff. You missed in history, classes browser you by W W, formerly wait watchers, they have a new might be to be program at their most groundbreaking and customize programme. Ever I joined Debbie W because I was really looking for something that was going to help encourage me to make healthier eating choices. They have really done that when you joined them W W program, you will take a personal assessment. It asking questions.
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while the man who fought back against him another involved a possibly preventable tragedy that cost lives and closed a major roadway, and the third is a really truly tragic legacy that is actually still playing out today. The first nineteen forty six duplicity made a move that would really cost him pretty dearly. The ordered the arrest of a group of two who was witnesses who had been distributing religiously lives. These leaflets criticized the catholic church but duplicity, that their rhetoric was just a threat to public order and Montreal restaurant you're by the name of Frank, Run Corelli posted bail for the men who had been arrested in this leaflet scandal and as a Jehovah's witnesses himself. He often used his profits in his success from his business to bail out members of his religious group now,
long after that, wrong Corelli received notice that his businesses liquor licence had been revoked and without a liquor licences. Restaurant was unsustainable during interview. Many years later run. Corelli said, interestingly enough, that here no ill will towards duplicity, even though this whole thing really shut down his business. He said they new duplicity, socially and then quoth. He was very charming in company. I decided to include that cause. It's so fascinating that this continues to recur horrific man. He was horrible to deal with you so hard to work with eye. He was really quite delightful, socially, but such an interesting, wash difficult to accept juxtaposition for me, yet at the time the Iraq really see the premier and what would become an important civil rights case, which dragged on for more than a decade enduring Testimony in that case duplicity admitted that the revocation of the liquor licence was in fact not do too.
impropriety or violation of liquor, regulation on rank or at least part. That it was just rocker rallies, bail out of the arrested men that precipitated the revocation, so he kind of did say Pierre Success mad at him. He had He admitted basely moments using its political power to get vengeance on someone else here eventually than early nineteen. Fifty nine Supreme Court made its ruling in favour of Franklin, Corelli see was ordered to pay forty six thousand one. Thirty two dollars. Personally, they Ruby. overstepped its bounds and had arbitrarily damaged rancor alleys livelihood. After the case here, he's drunk early, actually left candidate. He moved the United States to work with a highway construction company and he sort of David and Goliath symbols you a lot of people and he was often touted inner sensationalize manner as the one man who took on duplicity in one so
forty. Eight Newbridge, which is the duplicity bridge, was open between travel, easier and Capitola Madeleine. However, this bridge had been built with what the assembly, refer to his quote political cement. In other words inexpensive materials. It was assembled by private contractors who were friends of duplicity, not really to the highest and not really focused on, quality, a lot of corner cutting yeah and the United States. We call that good enough for government work, which used to mean something completely different generally does today, NEA fairly early hours of January, thirty, first nineteen, fifty one this three million dollar bridge collapsed and that halted travel on the busiest highway in Quebec and killed for people and duplicity So in the early hours of January thirty, first nineteen fifty one this three million dollar bridge collapsed and that halted travel on the busiest highway incorrect and killed
at least publicly whether he truly believe this to be the case or whether he was trying to cover up some poor decisions in the building process and some poor political connections that he had used to get it bill is still unclear. Of course, the actual problem was media, their construction, the book failed bridges case studies, causes and consequences describes the conditions that caused the tragedy. This way for of the eight spans of the welded composite plate, girder bridge over the Maurice River, collapsed in a night at a temperature of minus thirty four degrees celsius. This contained zero point, four percent carbon and zero point. One two percent sulphur to fishers and the bridge had been repaired tears earlier using riveted plates to strengthen the welding seems under tension. In the flanges, the bridge,
undergone a thorough inspection under only two weeks before the failure when it came, the collapse was sudden and completely unforeseen. So it was basically sub standard material in extremely cold weather that just failed and the force of the bridge falling was so great when it happened that near by residents, actually thought an earthquake. occurred as the investigation into the collapse went on. The sub standard construction was revealed in reports. And the inquiry into the bridge. Testimony was given by two canadian army engineers and we believe the two wires that were found wrapped around a girder were part of an explosive trigger which is part of the sabotage plot, but to build Phone employees later testified that the wires were actually part of an emergency line that whole support for diplomacy. He said the TAJ theory kind of fellow parts, the
Was eventually rebuilt and again, it was built with a private contract against the wishes that a union contractor be given the price so, even though this has happened, duplicity kind of did the exact same thing. He did on the first build and handed it to friends. There, All he spent more money on highway infrastructure than any previous premier did yeah I mean he did expand a lot of convex roadways so, whether or not there's had similar problems that were never exposed by you know an incident or cold weather precipitating an incident, she did add more roadways to the province than any anybody had done previously. The darkest legacy of duplicity time in office didn't come to light until after duplicity had actually died in ninety ninety two. So this is quite some time.
He had passed a group calling themselves. The duplicity Orphans committee, headed by writer Bruno Ray what public, with some extremely horrifying allegations. Basically, during the time that duplicity was premier and nineteen, forty, the nineteen fifties, thousands of We're friends were swiftly declared to be either mentally ill or mentally retarded, and these were actually help. Children who had been under the care of the correct government and they were living in her, that we're run by the Roman Catholic Church and reason for these sudden early overnight diagnoses between forty five and one thousand nine hundred and sixty the canadian federal government would pay zero dollars and seventy cents per day per orphan to orphanages for their care. However, it
subsidy of two dollars and twenty five cents per day per patient to psychiatric hospitals, and it was more fiscally lucrative to care for psychiatric patients than for orphans. So do policy on paper was like hey. We could get more money for this if we just said they were all in saying that, if such an ugly thoughts, this episode of Stephanus than history classes brought to you by Norton three sixty with life lot, but they are shopping online with your smartphone. Its super feel like ear. Personal information is just right there in your hand, but that's not always the case, because as soon as you met, your personal information could start going other places. In fact, whenever you shop Bank or browse online, your personal, invoking it out of your control, and that can we be vulnerable to cyber criminals. More threats demand more protection. That's why Norton and Lifelong are now part of one company. Norton, three
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Twenty five percent, or more of your first year, go to Norton dot com, slash history, that's Norton, DOT, com, slash history for twenty five percent off in nineteen sixty one a commission on connects like Africa. Spittle is determined that more than a third of the twenty two thousand patients housed in psychiatric hospitals at the time had been incorrect. diagnosed. Most of these people were orphans from the duplicity era, who had been in the system since a very early age. Yes, if they had been clear, mentally ill and then we're still decade. later living in that system, when they should have never been there in the first place, the eggs, Number of children that were affected by this rampant diagnosis misdiagnosis is unclear. It ranges anywhere from two thousand children, too close to twenty thousand depending on your source, and we know it's one of those things that is difficult to track
Some of the children that were in the orphanages were born out of wedlock. Some had lost their parents, it had no family. others had been turned over to the system by parents that were too poor to feed them and were thinking that would at least be a better option for their care, but instead they were all subjected to this sort of horrific bit of paperwork that basically ruin their lives stories of abuse. There really rampant. There was electro shock therapy, which is a deeply different thing in the forties and fifty's than it is today purposefully. drug dosages force, libitum Eve, physical and sexual abuse. All of these things have been claimed by survivors, and this list of horrors is linked that resulted in government pay out to all the surviving orphans in the two thousands and effort with,
to get the bodies of the orphans who had died in the care of the correct homes, exude to prove that they had been used in medical experimentation. But this effort was met with a lot of resistance, and I do think it's important to note that, while duplicity, authorized this paper work. She has never been determined to be personally involved in the abuse it's kind of late. He made a very poor fiscal decision that resulted in it, but it he's never implicated is having known that these children were potentially being used in medical experiment, they were being abused. I think he just thought it was literally gonna, be a paper work transaction an easy money. He actually suffered a series of strokes and died on September seventh night, fifty nine- and that was shortly after the verdict in the first scandal that we talked about the wrong Corelli case- what's interests, though perhaps unsurprising is that, depending on what biographical source your reading from you'll see
described in completely contradictory ways. One will speak of how staunchly here who's the federal government and the work of provincial government. Another will comment on how he recognised that the only right path for Canada was to net to unite the provinces under the federal government, yet he almost like a dose like people make up, version of him. Sometimes he definitely had anti elitist views and that made a very popular with some voters. He was somewhat and called a rural list in his insistence that agriculture remains integral part of Quebec, earned him the loyalty of a lot of people, as we mentioned earlier for a lot of people. His death is a milestone that marks a significant and pivotal moment: incubates history, in the time that he governed came experienced economic stability via Zenith, beer and Anti union sentiments were also part of that package and after duplicity, during the so called quiet revolution
about, became more secularized. The roman catholic church lost a lot of its political power, and the men of the ministries of education and health were established by the economic growth slowed see never married and when he was asked in interviews about his perpetual bachelorhood. He would always tell people that he was married to keep back and what s interesting is that I Pino friends in Canada, and I asked them about Maurice Duplicity and what their taught in school and how much they knew about openness, characterized as more of a hero or a villain nowadays, because there have been movement to tread a kind of repaint him in and put him in context of like. Yes, if you just look at the facts on paper, he can look very bad, but if you look at him a context of the your political machine at the time it really wasn't out of the ordinary. It wasn't like he was a monster, but the person I asked, none of whom were from tobacco, should mention said who they had
heard of him, or they had heard of him in like that distant thou ringing. Isn't there like? I do, plus he rode like they couldn't conjure who he had ever been, which was very interesting to me now and considering how all the orphan scandal was ongoing into the two thousands. I think that's what makes it that was our offer. My follow up like do you know about duplicity or for the duplex. He orphans there go not really
that led to some discussion of sort of the division that there's ongoing sort of strife and discussion in disagreement about cave ex place in the bigger canadian structure and french nationalism and that sort of desire to be separate, indifferent kind of being a problem. Sometimes socially said. Some of them were like that could just be that the problem is that it's a piece of Quebec History- and we don't always guitar very much about that outside of that problem. It so said it was interesting. None of my canadian friends knew who he was and they spread from sort of Vancouver all the way over the Ottawa. But
Maurice duplicity still kind of up in the air in terms of whether he was a good guy or bad guy for many people yeah, but I also have I was just about ass. This is gonna dovetail on a previous will listener me Alex experiment that we did that, which is that we have had a look who is going to go to New Orleans and one I ideas for what to do, and we had so many great ideas we put together a blog post on them and now we kind of half like the stuff. You miss the history glass guide of interesting things. with New Orleans that might not being guidebooks. Certainly do a similar thing in this. One involves Canada. This actually comes from a facebook. No, we got from our listener Robin She says: hey Ladys, my beloved husband, introduce me to the protest recently and I've been hooked ever since we vote the commission haven't listeners and really enjoy discussing the cool stuff. We learn anyway, my has, and I are going to celebrate our ten year waiting anniversary. Congratulations, I say to you
This may and we're hoping to visit Victoria British Columbia. It would be awesome if you could do upon cast the city or something related. It would also be so great a visit and house in historical insights to help us in deciding where we visit and want to see though I once again putting a call out too, are various listeners whom I have knowledge of Victoria, Colombia on what is really cool to do there. I will admit I dont know much I usually, I visit Vancouver period. Equally, which I love and love at city. So much but I dont know a lot about Victoria and its specific magic. So if you know things you can share those with this, and I will once again put those one big blog posts and we will have a fabulous guide to yet another city, a new and then we'll have to go on that history. Class tour of the world,
we have several put together. So if you would like to write to us with questions or to answer Robins query about what's good to do in the kurdish Colombia, you can do so at history par cast at discovery that com you can also candidates at Facebook, that calm, Slash, missed in history on Twitter ATLAS, in his at history. Dot, tumblr com and were also on Pinterest, can restart com, Slash missed in history. If you to learn about a topic related to what we discussed today in good or website and taken the word scandal. articles, it will come up, is ten political scandals and, while Duplessie is not mentioned again, it help to put it in context. If there's been a lot of weird and awful and sometimes fascinating things that have gone on in the political realm political missteps, so if you want to learn about that or anything else that you can think of, you can do that on our website, which has to stop.
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