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Mongolian Princess Khutulun

2017-03-22 | 🔗

Khutulun's story is a little bit cloudy, in part because it’s many hundreds of years old, and in part because accounts of her life involve a combination of propaganda and an outsider’s interpretation of it.

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involve a combination of propaganda. Pretty significant account of her life is an outsiders interpretation of it. You're talking about the Mungo Warrior Princess coup D, Une I will mention there are, variations. What we used to say her name and there's actually debates. I think, even among scholars on which is the correct one. Additionally, Tracy and I do not speak Mongolian so that sort of breath ear sound of continents is not what we're gonna go with, because it would sound very silly and probably at best,
Patronising for us to attempt it worse. I finally insulting yes, as I said earlier, was listening. The mongolian speakers say the names and this I quickly concluded that if you and I attempted to mimic that it would be disruptive and distracting and night respectful yeah, so for her name pronunciation, we're going with could even if that's not the way you the hear it said, we're sorry, but that's the scope. We did that after we reviewed a number of different speakers setting it up it. Yeah, its decisions have to be made. We had a lengthy conversation about how to say words this morning destroyed in Genghis Khan. Great great granddaughter was born in twelve sixty. That was about fifty four years after the Muzzle Empire was
ended in twelve six and she would ultimately become a legendary figure and Mungo history could father. How do you count of Mongolia from one thousand two hundred and sixty nine to one thousand three hundred and one leadership, was in opposition to that of Kubla Khan? Who is the fifth emperor of the yuan dynasty, which I'm also probably saying in the most horrible in twelve sixty around the same time that could even was born. The mongolian empire really had begun to seriously fracture in a civil war, as different family lines tried to claim the title of great com and as the sprat sharing, ten years the Keitel Kublai WAR began in twelve sixty eight. How do you, have been motivated more by his beliefs in the traditional Mongol lifestyle that in a desire land or power. Finally, increasingly
and Terry Indulgent court life to be an affront to the nomadic roots of the Mongols and Qaeda's spent the rest of his life from twelve sixty nine fighting, Kublai Khan over control of the Mongol territories and caters daughter figured prominently in that effort kite. The first game the province of took a stand through military alliance after first claiming it in twelve sixty three and by the end of the decade, he was recognised as con by a significant number of Mongol chieftains, and it was through that support that he was able to wage war on Kublai Khan as Kublai Khan rain reached into the of seven. These cardio and his supporters asserted more and more that they were the true Mongols and the land they had occupied started to be called Magruder Stan during Jangle Coms Ray
He had made a law that the title of cod being given to any one had to be approved by all the branches of the royal lineage. So cool like hands reign was truly seen as illegitimate because all this fracturing within the Mongol Empire, yes suggests to try to clarify. There are several people that are using the title com, but they are all arguing over? Who really has the right to use it in its official capacity. So Qaeda's daughter is given multiple different names in historical accounts of her life, but the most common is coup d Une, which you will sometimes see spelled with a kiss each at the beginning, and sometimes a q and the primary account that the West his hand for information on her is the rating of mark
hello. So keep in mind that her story, at least from the western perspective, has been viewed largely through the eyes. As I said at the top of the episode of an outsider and we're gonna talk about that, a little bit more towards the end of the episode. The venetian explore road of her quote. Now. You must know that king hide. You had a daughter whose name was I'd yuruk, which, in the charter is as much to say the bright moon The answer was very beautiful, but also so strong and brave that in all her fathers realm there was no man who could outdo her in feats of strength and all trials. She showed graters than any man of them. I also have to wonder who, she would enjoy being called a damsel, but there's a whole translate
think going up the effects we won't get hung up on it in terms of physical appearance. Marco Polo described her as almost like: a giant ass tall, muscular, stout and shapely. As a young woman. Could you completely issued the trappings of court life that Herbert blood relatives enjoy much ass. Her father had an just for clarity on all of these bloodline arguments. Kublai Khan was in fact her cousin Cootie in ways as pullers description suggests powerful enough, let it she was a horsewoman and archer are wrestler and a military warrior. She had fourteen brothers and
actually participated in all of their competitive activities, and the mongolian approach to wrestling did not match opponents to one another based on weight, class or size. So anyone could wrestle anyone. Additionally, the style involve no time limits and the competitors were not confined to a specific space matches started with the opponents standing and they would kind of grab each other at the waist and sometimes the arm and if any part of the competitive editor touched the ground other than their feet. That was the end of the match and coup D. Une was really good wrestling, even though she who is in oftentimes wrestling with men much larger than she was well she's, the most famous for her wrestling prowess. You could also make the case that what
sets cutie apart as unique figure and mongolian history as the fact that she was an active participant in the military serving alongside her father and we'll talk a little bit about that and why it both isn't, is not unique in just a little bit but part of the reason that she was accepted, a military leadership role and was willingly followed by the majority. The men who served under her was actually her wrestling ability, and that was because she was a champion athletic Lee, so she was believed to have been blessed by divine powers. So her fathers army, which was approximately forty thousand men, were pray comfortable following somebody that they thought had higher powers on her side into battle. it also her father had also given her what historian Jack Weatherford refers to as a gurney, which is probably an approximation. Unpronounced- and this was a medallion made of precious metal there
worn hanging like appended that denoted her position as status as bestowed by a con with the will of higher spiritual powers. Normally these are only issued to men also another type of medallion that a woman could be given as a symbol of status, but could even was entered the men's seal and to the best of my knowledge, At least one of the historians that I read talking about this said that She is the only woman on record is receiving the men seal and justice with wrestling. She exe held in battle and That ology, at least in the the early part of any given skirmish, was somewhat surprising so issue. Father would approach the enemy on horseback. She would ride next to her father initially, and then she would bolt towards the opponent force should seize one of their men. This is often described quote as deftly as a hawk pounces on a bird and that's according to Marco Polo writing, and then she would take
and her prey back to her father. This was that a move issued at once that became legendary. She did it over and over and terrified her enemies. Her repeated success in using this technique. fear in the ranks of enemy troops. Also added to her midge among her own people as a woman who was blessed and acted with divine powers on her side yeah, it's one of those things you think about that cannot work over and over didn't. They know it was coming there's a lot of research, I could find about how their various military opponents viewed this like how they prepared for it or if they
Therefore, it maybe it's like when you know, there's a jump scare coming and the anticipation of it makes it worse. That is a very good guess at what might be the case there, but together she inquired Yukon defended the step region, a western Mongolia successfully for years, and while Kublai Khan and his dynasty sent army after army of men to Mongolia in an effort to make a land grab, could even in her father, defeated. research attempt coming up we're going to talk about cootie tunes requirements for any suitor who wanted to marry her. But first we're going to take a quick pause for a word from a sponsor party. You're. My whole data LISA car from the whole day, yeah first We need to study. I have some flashcards here, too old, releasing vocabulary, seclusion costs, money factors, disposition, faith,
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Because of her familial status and her military skill? She was an extremely desirable bride, so many men at the challenge, many men when and challenged her. He also had a wager horses in the deal and initially the number is said to have been ten horses that it increased until the standard waiver was a hundred horses. with the challenger were to win cootie and would become his bride, but if he were to lose, you got to keep all the horses she allegedly acute waited a herd of ten thousand horses by collecting her winnings from her opponents. This was livestock acumen that would have rival that of the emperor himself, this alone a horse,
So, even though you look after ten thousand Wurzel yeah, I mean I'm sure they had people to do that, but, according to the account of, could you again written by Marco Polo, one thousand horses came from a single suitor around twelve eighty when could even would have been about twenty years old and polos rating indicates that her parents had grown pretty concerned about her lack of a husband by this point, and they had urged her to throw this match so that she, Mary, the man in question, because he was a very desirable match, he was a prince. Although we don't really know much more than that, and the mat drew. A lot of excitement from the community allegedly could even had told her pet So she was on board with this whole idea of letting the Prince win, but when the time actually came to wrestle him, her competitive spirit got the better for of her and she did not stick to the plan. All of this is
politely unsubstantiated. We don't really know one way or another how she felt about this particular prince. She I've never even considered less. Him when he again, that's all of those things that isn't that could potentially be true could also be inability of his story, and we don't know- and the prince, was actually, in addition to being a desirable match, as a husband was a pretty good match for her in terms of wrestling skill, this down asked it a long time with no clear dominate her until could even had this moment where she And all her strength for one powerful move in which she was able to pitch the prince to the ground. Obviously she won, but this had other consequences, first, the prince, who was you Milly, aided in front of her parents, royal court, took off leaving his thousand horses behind and equip Marco Polo version of the story quote and when he found himself thus throne,
her standing over him. Great indeed, was his shame and discomfiture. He got him up straight away and without more Do departed with all his company and returned to his father, full of shame and vexation, but he never yet found a man that could stand before him should have been thus worsted by a girl. But additionally, this dissuaded, most other prospects from stepping up to challenge Coup D. Une see, might have had an inkling, marry her person cousin ill Congolese. On the two of them seemed to have a relationship of some sort and they exchanged some correspondence bits. Marry him. She would have had to leave her life live in a more subservient role to her husband, including in her And did not wear some versions of the story suggest that it was her father. Who put an end to this possible union and then the rumours began yes
an unmarried woman who spent so much time with her father could he began to be the subject of gossip and rumours, And the enemies that could, even in her father, had face possibly out of spite because they had lost asserted that What are you wasn't interested in a husband father and daughter, had an incestuous relationship. This propaganda spread very quickly and it was deeply damaging to the family whether there was any element of truth to it. We do not know if there are writings that say that she said things like. I dont want to marry any one, and I want to be with my father forever hinting at a romantic thing. again those are written from the point of view of people that probably weren't fans of hers to begin with, so they can be completely fabricated.
There was a venture Lee, there's damaging rumours that lead coodent, put aside her rule about suitors having to wrestle her to claim her as a bride. Her father was a man of strict habits who deeply valued honoured soon to have such dishonourable gossip associated. His name was truly upsetting to him and, in turn, Who is daughter so to help restore her father's name and put an end to the rumours that plagued the family. Could you chose a husband for herself and the men who were loyal to her father. She chose a man named after school and the two were married and since she hadn't made her new husband best her and athletic ability, she did remain undefeated as wrestler but her marriage just added another character to the bizarre and lurid rumours, there's a fanciful story that started circulating. That advocate was actually and assessed
since you murder, Katy, got captured and behaved in such an honourable way that Katy made him an officer in the military and then was allegedly how he met Korean, which, when he was on the battlefield during an engagement year? We don't know if there's any voracity that at all, but we do know that could, even even after her marriage did continue to serve in her military role along with her father and that he trusted her. Basically, above all his other children. In early thirteen, it won t do with his daughter. It aside, as usual, launched a military campaign that struck deeper into Mongolia to engage Kublai Khan forces in this battle lasted for days, but on the fourth day, Katy was injured and he did manage to win the battle through wacky bit of deception and sort of sleight of hand and confusing the enemy. But he bit
aim gravely ill while he receive treatment for what had started as bad stomach pains. Tadeusz condition only got worse. He developed dysentery and died in February of thirteen a one who is alleged to have attempted to name coup d as his successor as the next con of their people, but whether his of her own desire or because her brothers were chagrined by the idea of Cootie Yunus Khan. It appears that she made the case that shit to be the leader of the Mongol military than the Khan, and she instead supported one of her brothers as the next leader of their people. There is an account of all this written by Rashid are being that indicates that while cootie and may have Bennett
It is a meal military official, while her father was alive. The concept of a woman con was a bit too far and with Qaeda's gone sentiments against her. That might have been more hidden while her father was alive, started to surface an adversary who wanted the title of cod for himself, allegedly insult her by saying you should mind your scissors and needles. What have you to do with kingship and chieftain ship? couldn't you can only live for five years after her father died and her death is something of a mystery, the age of forty, five or forty six, so that we have been thirteen of six. She was suddenly deceased. The causes unknown, although the two most popular relations are either that she died in battle or that she was the victim of an assassination mixed up. We'll talk about some of the critical thinking that you have to do when you're talking about this particular piece of history, but before that will have one more quick word from a sponsor Ebay.
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at this point we should out that, while coup d Une is loaded for her military service, when discussed as a historical figure, she was certainly the only Mongol woman to have fought and battles and to have had excellent horsemanship skills, as well as archery skills, so keep in mind that, while the style of warfare that was favoured at the time in many cultures involved a lot of hand to hand combat among the men that a what We have clearly been disadvantaged at mongolian warfare on the steps relied heavily on bow and arrow combat, and a woman with a bow and arrow on horseback could be a formidable opponent, just as a man could, girls and boys the like retrain and archery from a young age they had to protect their familial livestock against predatory animals like wolves, there
counts of Mongolia and women Warriors and muslim and christian writings dating back at twelve thirty four, which were once again recorded instances of second hand, accounts that were pinned in this case by dominican, friar and archbishop after interviewing refugees that had run from the Mongols Russia, yeah, that's coloured by sort of the fear that the Mongols are going to attack Christendom, said, there's, there's a whole patina over that account. That may not be entirely accurate either, but, as those in other accounts were several decades earlier than could eons birth there. as some pretty solid precedent for her status in the military as a woman, she may have been unusually high ranking It was not an outline for being a woman and combat, but it does appear that could even was unique in that she held a position of leadership and was considered by many to be superior to her male counterparts
does appear to have been truly singular of the woman who best it all challenges and wrestling, though there are enough overlapping accounts of her and her wrestling from burying forces that we can be reasonably certain that that particular aspect of her life story is at least rooted in truth. The other thing to think about when looking at this piece of Mongolia in history is how much of it really does rely on the account of Marco Polo historian, Jack Weatherford, who we referenced earlier mentioned in his book, the secret history of them oh queens, that Marco Polo was not really privy to the long history of indecisive battling that had been going on among the warring factions of the Mongols for a while. So he was in many cases relying on account of battles that were told to him by those factions likely with embellishment so to some degree he was getting and relaying propaganda rather than accurate history. A dish
finally, as we mentioned at the top of the episode. What we get from polos narrative is probably more indicative of how Europeans perceived mongolian culture, then how to solve social structure of the culture actually functioned, yeah and then Koreans life story has been dramatized in multiple places. Throughout the years, seventeen ten Francois Petite Qua included her in a book of asian stories and fables. In that telling she is referred to as touring dough data, which translates roughly to turkish daughter and she colleges her, would be suitors, two bottles of wit rather than wrestling. They have to answer several riddles, but the losers in that dramatize telling give up their lives rather than horses if they lose turned out. Princess of China was a play first penned by Italian, Carlo Geography and meet the mid eighteenth century and then adapted by german writer Friedrich from Schiller.
and of course, there is a potential opera of the same name which the composed was working on when he died and nineteen twenty four, if you ve ever heard of any of the many performances of nets Endormeur one of the most famous pieces of opera of all time, you ve heard part turn no yeah, that some of those pieces that you here all the time, it's absolutely beautiful, was in media. The Netflix Series, Marco Polo also features could even as a character This is a very fiction, wise and very sexual eyes, version of the historical mongolian woman if you're interested in you turned to that. Please know that very sexual eyes and it like it. That's cool and it may be really fun. I can, but it is definitely not an adherent to historical facts. Yet it basically starts her her appearance in that a series which I think Grandpa two seasons basically starts with the cliche of the man wrestles with the lady and then escalates
immediately from their new year day, you will note there that wrestling is not. The kind of wrestling we described here is very much. The role on the ground kind the more like Greco Roman address, yeah, it's kind of a troop also could even featured on rejected princesses, which you know we love region. it princesses yeah, you may recall, Jason, was a guest on her show, so it all ties together. We all love, could even she's a really fascinating during people love her, but it is one of those things are: there's a lot of lake head scratchy. How much of this is the truth, and how much of this is crazy. People like her writing about her leg. Even at the time that's very propaganda oriented and then, of course, it's been romanticize, so much that it's hard to pick out. What exactly is is truly based in reality and when your one source is
polo thy, whether MRS Merkel, that no one has yet you're one source: Smart, APOLLO, hey how we were park, assay listening to you. So this absolutely no, whose history, but one of my very favorite podcast, is what's the tea with Rupaul Michel Visa I highly recommended to lots of people it's very uplifting superfund. I have never laughed so hard in my life. I'm saying that with absolute conviction as the epoch, were Nisi NASH is again so super duper fun. the waste of adult language to take that into consideration if you go looking for it, but it is really delightful and were mentioning this because throughout the month of May pod casters are sharing some of the things they love but were also encouraging you listeners upon cast to share the things you love about part casting and the titles that you love with people that you think might like. Pon casts a may be having got it. Yet. So, if you think what city was recalled,
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