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In this all-listener-suggested episode, Deblina and Sarah take a look at why four different warships from around the world went down, and why they were built In the first place. Tune in to learn if your suggestion made it on the airwaves.

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Welcome to stuff you missed in history class from Housetop works, dot, com, hello, we look into the pot custom to blame. The charter boarding and I'm thirty- and today we are continuing our theories- many series, I guess little many series of shipwrecks stories and we focused a little bit on shipwrecks and our previous podcast the package that was called for shipwreck stories, and we chose those mainly for their historical value because we like them, dared higher. It shapes Tudor, showed that kind of thing year. We chose them completely. It ran will not completely at random. They were suggested by fans on our Facebook page, but we sort of Picton chose ones from their according to whatever we found to be call here, and we wanted to focus a little bit more on military shipwreck. That's that yet
Absolutely we noticed that a lot of the ones that are on the list that were requested were warships, Navy ships, and so we wanted to look into a little bit, but we really didn't expect to be as fascinated by them as we were right there on the turned out to be a lot more interesting than I thought, and partly thinking there wouldn't be quite as many personal stories behind it. That was definitely amidst judgment of of how it turned out that one of the things I thought was most interesting- was to look at the technical aspects of the design for these ships to learn a little bit so we wanted to look into a little bit They sank ultimately because these are all shipwrecks why they went down, but why they were in the first place and why they were built in these unique way. That they work, has we're going to talk about some really unique ship ships that, where the biggest at the time, ships that were revolutionary in other ways- and I like that- learning about just why these ships were created in the first place
the first sign this less. I think so that should be interesting for sure, but we're gonna go home, get started with one, the oldest one, on the list, which is the last sir the story of the vast all started when Sweden's King Gustavus Adolphus decided that it was time to beef up his navy. A little that Sweden has embroiled in war, threw out the kings rain with Poland, Russia, Denmark, several is here, and so he needed more worship so that Sweden would be considered a world power. So he signed a contract in sixteen twenty five to build several ships, including the vaska, which was the first of those to be built, and it took two years to build of Arthur and the goal. Kings goal was to make the biggest most heavily armed ship ever. It's gonna be a goal for for a few, these ships and it, but being more than two hundred and twenty feet, long about a hundred and seventy feet high and built to hold for a hundred fifty sailors and soldiers and sixty four cannon so really heavily on
the king supposedly had a lot of input in the divine us with his pet project. He wanted it to be massive and to have two gun dac then so it's kind of interesting he's just heard that there is a friendship there that has two gun Dax beneath hoping to to emulate that in his own construction project, so deftly going for some intimidation factor and he doesn't want to be outdone by any other countries here. He once Sweden to be at the forefront, so he puts a man shipbuilder Heinrich Hybrid, sent on the project. play, though Heinrich dies in sixteen twenty seven in the middle of the process and his assistant, Heinrich Kind Jacobson has to finish up form now the real sort of key point in the story. Here, I think, is that shipbuilders at the time they really didn't know how to calculate stability and dutch ships. They weren't. Really from drawing, and so the mastership folder was basically given some dimensions and then he figured out
proportions based on the measurements of other ships, need worked on so based on past experience kind of an since the vessel was very much an experiment. There really wasn't a model for the master shipbuilder, follow here for lessons terrifying to me of the vat, but whence they did construct the ship. They did some stability task before setting sail and the tests were ordered by Admiral cost Fleming. The task, though, was essentially thirty sailors lining up on one side of the ship and then running all at the same time to the other side and then going back and forth a few times like that re thing back and forth. What is running suicide I definitely and some body back and forth, yeah they did that the ship was bobbing a little bit too much. It seemed and the test was even start Fleming supposedly Faz they run more time she would have killed over. So
it doesnt bode well Bell see it's awfully rocky sometime, rave! Nobody steps up at this point: nobody put the brake on the project, especially since the king wants a ship peas away at war, and he tells them hey. Let's get this thing going so them voyage takes place on tenth. Sixteen twenty eight with the public, proud watching those everybody's there to see what happens and within many of being launched the ship sails catch a gust of wind that cause it to heal, basically turn on its side and then heels a second time. Even either this time and the gun port start filling up with water which, at that point it's done. The water coming into the ship cause it to sink, before its even gone, thirteen hundred meters yeah and unfortunately, there is not just crew on board, but some wise than kids too, and about thirty of the hundred and fifty or so people on board die and it's obviously a huge embarrassment for the
He launched an investigation to try to figure out what happened and who should blame, but leave had investigation found that the proportions where the problem, those too gun, dark that made the ship to top heavy and no one person was found guilty and the reason behind that might have been partly because the king himself had so much to do with the design. If you're gonna find somebody guilty, he was partly to blame to seem like there are. If people are to blame, in this case the king, the admiral, the captain who had watched the stability test, I mean you could have just about on anyone that suffice to say that It was done and then, the decades after the vast sank, people used diving bells to recover most of its cannons, MR the ship's cannons. But then nobody really did anything about it until nineteen, fifty six or so so an amateur shipwreck Hunter Andras Franson came into the picture. He located the vast after several years search and basically
this by using a row and homemade sounding device so swedish Navy help to raise the structure and the really cool thing about it is that the three hundred and thirty year old ship was really in really good shape. It was largely intact and conservators spent about seventeen years, preserving it and it was vital. and veil with great fanfare and ninety. Ninety and today the Vasile Museum is one of Stockholm's biggest tourist attractions than it's got of artifacts there too, because, according to the christian science monitor in the first five months after the ship was raised, archaeologists found about fourteen thousand either on board, including some cool things, demeanor coins and close the sort of stuff you d expect, but also a back in and like board game,
so they were planning on having a good time. I guess, before the ship yellow, they needed, wait, awhile away all those hours at sea. Definitely yes, so the vaska is kind of a museum in itself to and it's amazing they found all the stuff intact, but Fortunately, now researchers are having to work to rescue the vaska. Once again in about the EU two thousand museum staff began noticing these little white deposits on a ship surface, and so they want investigation to find out. Ok, what is as yet what's happening and they found out that sulfuric said was eating away at cellulose at the word kind of from the inside out, so they thought this man something to do with the preservation agent that was used when they were conserving the ship, and maybe the iron that was also used in that process is sort of use. cattle Lester is a catalyst to this, so that
in trying to kind of figure out ways to extract the eye from the word and otherwise save the sheriff, and that the chemical reaction from happening yeah, I mean you have to imagine that something so old is gonna, dig had some how're another over time that it has become such an education. Iron that was also used in that process is sort of used as a catalyst her as a catalyst to this, so they ve been trying to though our next shipwreck has a little bit of a swedish connection, to which I think is pretty Croydon. In that way with a throne. I certainly though it is the? U s S monitor. Of course it down long after the vast a dead, and it was the invention of a swedish American named John Eric then, and it was the first ironclad commissioned by the. U S: Navy its dimensions. Don't seem that impressive, if you just We look at that alone. It's a hundred and seventy two feet long, not to beg, but it's
highly unusual lacking, and I definitely urge you to go Google a picture of it or something has its it's hard to describe as without seeing the picture, but I'll do my best, Everything is below the waterline, including the steam engine, which was a really useful development, because obviously it could be armoured down there, the only stuff that way, above the water line with the pilot house, which had these little flits for the commander to see from a revolving gunter it so that the guns could turn without having to maneuver the whole ship. Apparently, the guy's inside the turret would get a little bit dizzy, though, and it said willing around here, I can imagine, seems very submarine like to me and my limited knowledge, it kind of looks like one with some strange boxes, sticking up
saw this as the Navy's kind of great hope, pray yeah with a new technology. It seems like it could really blow the wooden ships out of the water sceptics, though called it an iron coffin cause it. What kind of like a scary submarine, regardless of what people thought it got tested really quickly. Its maiden voyage was from your to Virginia to meet the confederate counterpart. The theatres Virginia with another ironclad that had been constructed from the former USSR Merrimac, which would forget, and This battle, their rushing off too, is the battle of Hampton Roads and, after a journey, they approached the mouth of Chesapeake Bay. On March Eighth, eighteen sixty two to find confederate destruction. fleet destruction, the Virginia had sunk, the USS Cumberland, the. U S, Congress, on fire. Do you assess the minister
had run aground so clearly the older wooden ships were no match for the iron. That was the lesson here, but that's not really saying at that clad monitor? Looked that tough at all? No, it was kind of tiny and it was kind of ridiculous. Looking few yeah sightings from the Virginia report actually say, quote a shingle floating in the water, that's how they describe that with the gigantic cheese box, rising from its centre. It looks like nothing they had ever seen before, and I don't know if they were terribly impressed right away, but the two ships engage the following day and they had four hours back and forth and the monitor with head by both the Virginia and the friendly Minnesota, though manage. You survive hit from both sides there an afternoon a shot hit the monitors pilot half- and this was sort of the key point in this battle, because the shot
temporarily, blinded the commander and though he was the one who is trying to steer the ship he's gotta stop and take a break for a minute, though he shit veer over toward a shoal to recover a minute to to get a replacement in and the Virginia these death. Anything it's a retreat, they think the monitors finally given up, and so the He turned away just ask them auditors swings back around and so the monitor things through retreat through this really weird battle, where both sides think they ve wine. I guess it's a draw. There is one clear winner though, and that is ironclad ships, because, as we saw from the earth of Cumberland the Congress, the Minnesota There were no match your competition, but the monitor celebrity really didn't last long to gain some recognition. The crew I think, became and by us, but by December, that same year, the ship was ordered from Hampton roads to Beaufort, North Carolina and the planet.
To tell it along the steamer, the Rhode Island since its battle ready design, made the monitor very and see where the guy was made for fighting other ships not for heading out into the ocean, though whether delayed the trap until December twenty nine and the crew is expecting pretty rough water on Cape Hatteras called the graveyard of the Atlantic. I think you would expect that to be a little rough and they secured everything they could they caught. The pilot house fled. And they knew that the most dangerous thing was gonna, be possible waves, the breaking over the deck, since it was The weather delayed the trap until December. Twenty nine and the crew is expecting pretty rough. Water on Cape Hatteras is called the graveyard. Who'd out of Hampton Roads path. Cape Henry out, the Atlantic sharks were following, along which, with kind of an ominous sign by default,
thirty eight there were really high winds and fees and by six thirty p m a huge storm break. Waves where pounding that that huge turret in the center of the monitoring crashing over the dac and the ship work that a plan the Red Island enough, if the monitor is in trouble, they'll hoist their red signal lantern on the turret man, and the Rhode Island all know, they need to go help them our system. In some way, no trouble does sudden around seven p m when a toll line breaks at that point waters. To poor n and so a chain of man to kind of counteract that they start passing buckets of water out of the turret. That's the only escape that they have water, so starts coming in the coal shoots which leads to a pressure drop said Red lantern, of course, goes up at ten p m because they are in fact in serious trouble at this point then the remaining two lines start to sag of the three men.
Who volunteer to cut the lines to are swept overboard, and then the law Skyland cuts, one line yeah. So meanwhile, the Rhode Island is coming over to start rescue operation. as the monitor shuts down her engines and drops anger and everybody is evacuating through that turret. Guys are being swept overboard because the seas are still the rough. But the rescue effort really seems like it couldn't have gone worse than it did the Rhode Island and monitor almost collided. Then the two ships almost crying the little rescue launch that had been set off to to get a few guys then the loose toll lines even get caught up in Rhode, island, paddle, we'll just then going wrong, but somehow fixed man managed to make it a bore, the rescue cutter and has it really does, It worth. I guess, because they're almost hit by a freaking whale ship. That's also come to help, and the third of I guess, I'm thinking of movies
cartoons when you're in a little rowboat or something and suddenly I'd giant Titanic thy ship comes along, but that they know that if the ship hits them head on the cultural just break in two and now all drowned further monitor surgeon whose on board this little rescue cutter stands. And manually pushes the ship aside or pushes the smaller ship aside. So it's not just hit head on. He crashes some of his fingers in the process and live with them, but pretty wild story. I think it is time to get a little bit better after that, though, by about twelve fifteen, the road islands paddle wheel is finally freed and the men on the launch make it safely aboard. A second the ship aside or pushes the smaller ship aside, so it's noticed hit head on. He crashes, some of his fingers in the process one. Thirty there's a third launch than out that by that point nobody has left the red, lantern
gone and the commander has survived, but for authors and twelve crewman from the monitor have died. Fashion from the. U S: Rhode Island are actually awarded naval congressional medal of honor to for helping with this rescue efforts, but that red Lantern third of her interesting role in the later history of the monitor, because it's the first artifact that was recover, in eighteen. Seventy seven speaking of Christine shipwreck. Fines, though, are next shipwreck involves also a signal, a light signal, a colored light signal, a fact that is found after the fact. Many years later is the aid Huntley and its claim to fame is that it was the first submarine enable history to sink an enemy ship. This was a civil war, Eric better at submarine named for horse l, humbly and New Orleans lawyer and businessmen who financed its construction, We made sure we had a union of worship and a confederate the war
that Maria Balanced coverage charity, I definitely Phil humbly along with James Laughlin Talk and Baxter Watson design the submarine the thing was: we'd manually there was a guy actually several guys who would turn a crankshaft that sat a propeller into motion. That's how the submarine would please move and the whole thing was lit on the inside by this one small candle in so that divided alight source, but it also provided caravan oxygen level indicator, and the man would watch it for when it flickered out. Yes, when the candy flickered out and some sources say that that only took about twenty five minutes or so that was when they knew it was time to come up for air some other sources
that they may have had as long as two hours down there, but regardless it wasn't a very long time, and only then, sir, certainly, I think, will I think, kindly dot org, which is the friends of Hamley organizations. Either you have about two hours or they would have about two hours down there. I kind of hate the idea of watching a candle to see when my ears yeah, it's pretty stressful. I think everything about the homely sir distresses me out, including interior dimension tat. It was very small, with Hatchways measuring fourteen inches by fifteen and three quarter inch, and so it was a tight squeeze just to get into it. I think I once or twice I like, and it too crawling in the middle of attire. You can imagine that, as your entrance and exits so not a lot of room to move around on the inside either sounds pretty primitive, but the humbly was Shelly way ahead of its time present day submarines, her design. Similarity is including adjustable, diving planes and a few other things said that the Hamley had so it seems basic, but it was really advanced yes
It was constructed in mobile Alabama and its there were. A few successful tat strands took place in eighteen, sixty three before it was put on put on a train to Charleston in August. Eighteen, sixty three and the plan was to try to break the union Army the blockade on all southern ports, which Charleston with, of course, the focal point there. So they can our hope is that the homely could sneak in it would be their secret weapon and made help break through that blockade it didn't get off to a great start, though you have for the homely was ultimately racked. There were two failed initial runs to and which the sub sunk, killing most or all of the crews. The fur stronger kind of attack. Attempt was on August, twenty, sixth eighteen, sixty three and humbly himself was part of the
can't crew and he died October. Fifteenth eighteen, sixty three when the sub sank, train a routine diving exercise, so you haven't, you may think thing is both times the Hamley things people are able to cover the homely from the ocean floor and bring it back up and put it into surface again, although surprisingly, everyone. Is that enthusiastic about this, perhaps not to surprisingly, since it does seem to be a bit of a death trap already general p e g T Beauregard, who is in charge of Charleston defence, really wasn't eager for third around he said quote. I can have nothing more to do with that submarine boat, it's more dangerous to those who use it than the enemy. Yes, it wasn't for it, but others eventually talked him into it. So he finally agreed to a third try with one condition that those who tiered for the crew must be warned of the quote: desperately hazardous nature of the service required case. You hadn't already gotten in case you have not forgotten the picture, but he did get Vaughan
here, as he managed to recruit a crew. They assembled a crew of nine and got ready for the Hamleys Third mission, which happened the night of February, seventeenth, eighteen, sixty four and their talk. was the union navies largest ship, the? U S, s who satanic when that was located, side, Charleston Harbor, approximately four miles off breach and lead and Sullivan's island. So, if you can imagine this imagine you're the lookout aboard the? U S, s who satanic he. Down and see the moonlit object in the water approaching the ship at a speed of three knots, and he thinks it's a porpoise. What else is gonna be this is gonna, be as it gets closer here rises. It must be the confederate submarine that his admiral had told him about. There had been kind of rumours of this floating around this contraption that the Confederate Army was gonna have, and so he said The alarm there wasn't much. They could do at that point, though. No the ships cannons weren't any use to get something that was so low,
the water, like that, the union soldiers to started shooting at the submarine with their revolvers than their rifles and the humbly continue to advance and manage to dislodge its weapon, which was a spot for Peter. A hundred and thirty five pound torpedo that with fastened to the end of the star and then fitted with a bar bonnets and in its really weird the way it works. Yes, so basically, the submarine had to ram the torpedo into the whose satanic and then back away as the We backed away a line from the were paid out to the submarine would spool out and once the submarine was at a safe distance, and the rope finished and spoiling the tightening of the rope triggered the torpedoes. That nations was basically like a rope. However, if you think about it, so the union ship burned for Peter went off in the union ship burned for three minutes after the explosion before it sank to the boy but the Atlantic still there
all, except for five of the one hundred and fifty five man crew survives, there wasn't a huge loss of life, not unfitting. You, Besides definitely, it said that the rebels then open the hatch and waved their blue light they had, which is to be their mission, push signal to their fellow confederates, after a line ashore, but at some point after that, it vanished and theories of what could have happened. Very some people think that maybe the submarine was too close to the who satanic. When the torpedo exploded. or it may have taken in too much water when the hatch was lifted to waive the blue light. Some people think that the wake the union ships rush to assist the who satanic swamp the hamley or one of the ships may have actually struck. Yeah and then another possibility is that the soldiers when they were shooting at the submarine manage somehow shoot out the glass on the subs conning tower, which was seen
We have taken in too much water when the hatch was lifted to waive the blue light. Some people think that the wake of the the union ships, rushing to assist the who satanic swamp, the Hamley or one of projects, may have actually struck the sub yeah and then another possibility is that so when they were shooting at the submarine manage somehow shoot out the glass on the subs conning tower and it wasn t until nineteen. Eighty five, though, when a diving team that was led by the novelist Clive Kessler found the Hamley on the ocean floor under thirty feet of water and several feet of filled in fan just outside of the Charleston harbor. Other people claim that they found at first but Kessler gets Credit mahogany was finally raised in two thousand and since then, researchers have been exploring really carefully you trying to solve the mystery of why it never came back home. I never got where it was passed to go a recent theories, submarine wasn't actually flooded, but rather that the crew diet of suffocation or some other cause. Instead, they think this,
has the remains that they found in the submarine actually suggested that people were still there assigned battle stations when they died, so Miss we might hear more about in the years to come. I think definitely so the next and final Shep on this worship list is the japanese battleship motto, and we got a lot of requests for the ships that we're lost a pearl harbor. They were really popular suggestions for this less, but so was the Otto in in a sort of stuff, The way it's a book and a Pearl harbor, and you will see why, in a minute, air power takes out battleship, except in this case the players or reverse, but when the imperial japanese Navy commissioning a motto in the MID nineteen. Thirty battleships were really at their height, they were key to fighting a war and it was the heaviest and most powerful battleship, those ever built and a complete fee. it they didn't want. Anybody to know. There were miles of fishing that that were stretched around the diet
dry dock, where it was being built and no one ever even had a full set of plans. So people didn't know what exactly they were even work: now we know the base expects, though it was eight hundred and sixty three feet long and seventy thousand tonnes. No Penny shipyard at the time could accommodate these plan dimension. so they had because they were just so massive. There were three main turrets, that held nine guns that fired eighteen and shells at a range of twenty five miles so pretty far because these were met for other battleships. Of course. The irony here, though, is that the motto never fought another battleship, but we'll find out more about that in a minute he had the other guns on board could shoot more rounds per minute, still at really great distances and the turrets the for the main guns were protected by twenty five inches thick armor play through they seem pretty.
and the ball in the sides were also really well protected, but the bow and stern works. One of the most vulnerable spots of the ship is gonna, have a vulnerable spot is that the ship was quick for its size. Twenty eight, not, four steam turbine engines. It also had thousand one hundred and fifty watertight compartments, and these could stop the flooding or flood on purpose, to stop listing An added bonus to this was that it was really comfy too. They had more room than average and better food on board as well, I think, is an interesting detail. Thought noted a few times that the sailors were serve. White rice instead of barley, so big difference there another comfortable thing had a sea not everywhere, and the ship was still gotta in that a lot of these boats would be really really hot. I think, apparently, the monitor whispers to just be almost intolerable that ironclad shut, but consequently the
Japanese motto is the pride of the fleet and featured this six foot? Why golden chrysanthemum shield that decorated the bow of the ship and even name motto- had poetic connotation. Toys are a real pride for the japanese Imperial Navy, but the ship was it so well prepared for fighting aircraft. see it was referred in April, nineteen, forty five with machine guns, but was still quite vulnerable. There were no finer plans on board. That was one thing. They only had reconnaissance plains, which would fly towards targets to help gun site these long, twenty five mile distances that was Kyler purpose right yeah because they wouldn't be able to feed the other ship. That was twenty five miles way with the others, plain sort of helping them spot. It again are all things that are designed for fighting other battleships, not fighting planes witches what's gonna happen, but despite
shortcomings. The motto is almost too good to you that was so expensive and so impressive and sailors jokes, that being station there was lakes. In a hotel. I guess you got your white right thrash and then you're Saki in really, I mean it was kind of Nathan. It seemed almost like the Navy didn't why risk in any way, but by NATO. five with the Americans moving in despite kamikaze if it was really time to commit the. U martyr, she couldn't just sit around anymore. If you have common cause he's out there or troops you ve gotta commit your navy yet benefit met a suicide mission to protect the home islands, so so the men dont know where they're going, but they assume its open. Our worthy american fleet was headed. The plan was neatly american fleet fight ships, failing that ram ships and, failing that fight hand to hand with them yo. The japanese figure at that
you motto would ultimately fall against the american flee about. It would probably be able to get in some pretty serious damage for that happened, so they get three is a home to sort things out and then they sell with destroyers to protect them from submarines. Yeah fell April, seven. Nineteen, forty five, the motto sets out: she has three thousand men on board, just alone, plus the Khan. a further eight destroyers, there's one cruiser and the officers who have better idea. What's really gonna, what's about to happen Many of the men do break out the Saki for them just trying to create like a party atmosphere, so nobody gets to gloomy that same day they d amato, spotted by. U S, reconnaissance planes, the EAST, China, Sea and she was still pretty fun.
Away from her intended target, which is, of course, the american fleet, when dive bomber started to strike from near by aircraft carriers and cloud cover the suit case, where the weather proved to be really important, but cloud cover really help to conceal them, and this first round of dive bombers really wreaked havoc. jack, and it makes it easier for the next round of attacks from the Americans and the aeroplanes and low altitude bomber start launching torpedoes, and these guys concentrate toward is on the amount, is weaker, Balin, Stern and all on one side to an all where the waterline yes are really going for the weak spots. Yeah, disappointing getting bad, even the? U mottoes, watertight compartments can't handle. The repeated torpedo heads did starts to fly, Some men are shut inside these watertight compartments here, which sounds terrifying and eventually there's a huge series of explosion than it breaks. The ship in half people try to figure out by.
king. At the wreckage sense, then, what really happened it likely that a fire ignite in the magazine and blasted the ship into? But it might have been the largest blast ever at sea? And if you look at some of the survivor accounts, it's really I mean a lot of them, don't even remember falling into the water just cause this blast, so big there just launched into the water, but two thousand seven hundred and forty when men go down with a sharp the surrounding shut flaws. One thousand one hundred and sixty seven men and Two hundred and sixty nine are rescued and picked up by a japanese destroyer and a strange thing about. Since the Navy didn't want word of the disaster to get out, the men were sort are taken on board the dust
cleaned off their coated in oil and really cold and exhausted and taken to land and then just hidden away for about a month and their families think they're dead. and finally, they are allowed to go home again. Once word is definitely out to some fairly range answer to such a huge disaster yeah one of the worst. I think that we ve covered and our shipwreck lists are very shipwrecked coverage in as far as well Loss of life goes definitely while we have one more battleship that we're going however, in its own at third, just because there to ship involve so mean How many owners can you have on one year through? I guess that will bring us too to eleven total they're still so many more to go. It's not like this is the last time I ever gonna cover shipwrecks there. It's been fund a kind of
a bunch of once the unjust thing or the other racks that you guys suggested Seward's. It's really interesting. I guess a lot of you have favorite shipwreck that spent funnel learning. Yeah, definitely want to hang onto that listens, maybe pursue some of em a little further in the future
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