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Our Most-requested Episodes (We Already Have)

2015-12-14 | 🔗

We often get episode requests, but because there are so many episodes in the back catalog, some of the most common requests have already been covered. So in today's podcast we're going to hit the highlights on the episodes people ask for again and again.

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on the eye: radio APP, an apple podcast or wherever you get your bag stuff. You missed in history has worked color and welcome you to the body ass Tracy. We will think I'm holly frying rearing something's up a little bit different today in time, new territory for us in terms of the different thing that we're doing so, we know we have really amazing listeners who have been with us basically since day. One they were listening to the so when it was, it is an Josh and it was called backtracked factor fixin and the episode refinement Yvonne, unlike those folks, has stayed with us the entire time- and we know we also have other amazing people who came later and the way back to the beginning and listen to every single episode which I applaud. You only ever manage to do that with welcome tonight veil, and that is why you were episodes. That is right, but this we are seven hundred and eighty second episode, although
math is a little fazekas. Some of them are two parts and a few of them in the archives reruns. So anybody who is listening seven hundred and eighty two episodes of our show shot out to you. That's incredible we also have so many new people who are nearer to the podcast and have been listening for nearly as long and we know this has number one a lot more people are listening to the so now than were in two thousand and eight a member to a lot of the requests that we get for. Episodes for us to talk about are actually things that pastoralists have already done. So in today's forecast, what we're gonna do is give the highlights on some of these episodes that people really ask for again and again and again, we will give a brief head of what each was about, and then we are going to put links to all of them on. Our blood were also planning to work up, list from them. That will be terrible. So it's sort of like one of our unearthed episodes that we do every year, except instead of things that were unearthed in other people's attics. There things were unearthing
our own archive, so These are from previous hosted the show. None of them are things the holly and I have worked on together, so you'll get to hear new voices. If you go this entities from the archive, but we ve also, aided the list so that it includes the episodes that are most like and what the show is involved evolved into in terms of the way then the way it approaches subjects though it probably will not seem completely jarring to hear a similarly structured podcast us with different hosts. A few of them are a little shorter than are. Episodes are today, but for the most part, because they don't have a listener mail. At the end, The version we're gonna talk about is the Edmund Fitzgerald and the episode they were referencing is from April eleventh of twenty eleven, and it was hosted by Surrender Billina and upon cast on the admin, Gerald is admittedly, a little bit tricky to find. If you do not already know where it is because it is any bigger episode called for
shipwreck story, so just search by Edmund Fitzgerald. You may have some trouble, although I think Tracy may have retained. It is easier to find that way. I tried to you yeah work, we ve been going back and re tagging Tracy's really been a champion on that, but you no seven hundred and eighty two episodes then there's a lot, Hungary Tag, so this the only roundup episode they were also including in this round up. So we don't wind up in some sort of recursive podcast loop admit Fitzgerald and, but so many people have asked about the Admin Fitzgerald that we did not want to leave this one out. The many many requests for them. amendments Fitzgerald are actually not new at all. When Sarah and depleted asked for some shipwreck episode suggestions at that time, the thinking of the Edmund Bits Was like far and away the most requested, one that they got because of that song
they theorize that? Maybe that's one of the reasons, and also in brief, the Es Edmund fits dear old captain by earnest and mixed sorrel. Sank: ITALY period on November, tenth of nineteen, seventy five, with the loss of all twenty nine on board. It was a company Its journey across the lake by Arthur M Anderson Captain by Bernie Cooper curious. Things about the story was that the two captain. We're in radio contact with each other for much of the voyage before the Edmund Fitzgerald fell silent. and the exact cause of that should break is still a mystery, and that is something that Sarah into Billina discuss. So when you go back that episode, you will get more info on that mysterious, vanishing next step in Africa. Requests is Mary Fecal, which is from February twenty. Fourth, twenty ten, and that is when Katy and sell our hosting the show together and Katy. Had a particular fondness for Mary Sequel because she was a nurse,
in case you ve mother, also is a nurse Mary sequel was born in Jamaica and developed nursing skills their during a cholera epidemic. She then put those skills to use in other epic epidemics in Jamaica, California, in Panama. Before going to put them into practice, on the front lines during the Crimean WAR and Katy, and Sarah talk about the key tax for the Crimean WAR before getting in the merry sequels time as a nurse their shorted out but all where she earned the nicknamed the black Nightingale aunt. She worked on the battlefields themselves. Mary cycles work was really really Morton and she was way ahead of her time in terms of nursing and medicine, see also chronicled. Her story every delight they titled autobiography the wonderful adventure adventures of MRS see coal in many lands. Poland's often requested is the Halifax explosion, and this was covered on December nineteenth of twenty eleven again,
by Sarah and Billina, and the short version is on December sex of nineteen seventeen two ships emo and the mob long collided in Halifax Harbour and the Mont Blanc was packed with truly staggering amounts of explosives when people on so in the neighbouring peers, saw them up fire, and they did not realise how dangerous its cargo was. This big crowd of spectators started to gather, and there are definitely also people who were helping. There is also a lot of people who would have looking, and that meant that when the man block exploded, More than eighteen hundred people were killed and thousands more were injured. Many of them thy injuries that resulted in blindness? Sir, The Billina talk a lot more detail about exactly what happened and the investigations into who was at fault as well aftermath of this whole massive incidents. We actually get two distinct. worries of emails about the Halifax explosion, and one of them is the request that we do in episode on it.
The other is a note from people who have heard that episode and they written and tell us that every year Halifax sends a Christmas tree to Boston. As thanks for this city's help after the disaster, we actually got one of these little the last night, I wrote this episode outline yesterday. A few later we got another email asking us to talk about the Christmas tree and also by total coincidence, were recording this on December, the first and this year the Christmas tree is being lit on December third, if I get over there to see it in person, because I wouldn't do we work early, do you there and I already left work early once this week to go to election. about harboured collection of medically documents, definitely try to get over. It see I'm busting comment and take some pictures to share with everybody regardless where whether I make it over there for the three lighting before anybody rights to say a medical progress would be cool. We have like seven of them. There like a series of them.
So the next one that, after requested, is John you sow and this one recorded on March, ninth of twenty eleven, also by Sarah Billina and this package, Antonia sow can be Turkey defined because before you even get into the multiple spellings that are sometimes used for her name she's referred to by two different names. Yet, depending on where you are reading this, she is either two as chunky sow, which means wife of Chung, IE or some say, which means tongues, widow, searches away for a widow depending most of the request. we get to talk about her. Ask us to discuss. Strong. She perhaps because that's the name that did princesses used when they did a post about her, but in the tat, surrounded the blind use. The name chunky sow, they also actually titled upon don't cross the dragon. Lady, because that was her, nickname
but so that's one where I winds in on our website and put her actual name in the title, so that people can find an honor five more easily fair Chinese out. Pirate and contrary to the stereotypes that most of us think about when it comes to pirates. She was a woman was from China in not remotely a loner. She commanded, what was basically a pirate empire see, did become open by marrying into a pirate families. So that was the chunky bit. People name her in reference to, but she's some real The savvy to take it to a whole other level and her Consideration like when we say a whole other level. It is no joke. She had six fleets of ships, fleets, not a fleet of ships, six ships, but six fulfilling Four hundred junks and staff of seventy thousand pirates so
she was really rather amazing, also very complex character in history and also in the pretty amazing and kind of a complex story is Pope Joan, which is under the title. Was there female Pope and now came along on September sixth of twenty ten and was hosted by Katy and Sarah. So Katy and Sarah talk about whether Pope John was a real person or not The story was that Joan was in love with a scholar and followed him to Athens, and since a woman can The Benedictine monastery where he was studying, see disguised herself ass, a man and joined monastery anyway. She purportedly rose up through the rags and then serve as Pope for two years, before her gender came to light after she gave birth. While writing a horse in a procession hate when that happens It's just said
absurd assortment of details are kind of clambered into one that that sounds just crazy. there is a lot about this story that possibly apocryphal and Katy and Sarah get into whether it was real or not, and they all You don't have a history of when people have believed it and when they have it and why that has been the case at various points in history again, it's another one, that's quite complex. There are a lot of layers and still some question marks around the whole thing, so they covered the whole bananas episode. I we're gonna talk about another chunk of episodes after we have a brief word from unresponsive, this episode of stepping and history glasses, brought to you by love book. If you ve ever wanted to share a love story with somebody, but you weren't really sure how to start that is where love book comes in. These are totally customizable books that you can give, as gives to the people that you loving care about. Most people use them to list out the reasons why they love someone. You can create character.
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On line dark homes lash I heart to receive a special twenty percent disco to get back to our most frequently requested archival episodes. Next up, we have Emperor Norton, and that is from May thirty, four twenty turned from Katy and Sarah. So I re read the entirety of NEO game in sand man over the holidays a couple of years ago, and as I did, that I got down some of the weird and interesting historical characters that make and of cameos. In that context, There is one of the ones I got really excited about was Emperor Norton, and then I got back to the office. the holiday was over and actually started, putting together a list of episodes that I thought of I learned there was a broadcast on have already just Norton had in fact been a pretty successful merchant in San Francisco during the gold rush he made quite the fortune for himself but he saw most of evaluation. One bad business decision here,
peered from the scene for a couple years and then when he came to San Francisco on September, seventeenth of eighteen, fifty nine. He did so dresses Napoleon, and he claimed that here the emperor of the United States and the Protector of Mexico. He held this self broken, The emperor post for twenty years have imagined. No one was paying him for this officially, but you did get a lot of his living. Expenses came from sort of fans of his seat. He developed he became very locally known character and people. People gave her money and helped him out, and he was actually homeless. He was living in a boarding house and it became clear after his death that that was where he had been living and and overseeing his empire. It was full of all sorts of documents related to the running of his empire of the United States
The next one that gets requested frequently is Cynthia Anne and Corner Parker and that episode either to episodes one is November. Twenty Eightth and one is December. Fifth, those are both of two thousand twelve. our Sarah and Billina episode system of their later episodes a lot. excited and ask us to do a pike ass on the two of them, but Sarah in Dublin, and actually to put our two pike ass one on each. We actually had our biggest spike in requests for the floor after our so on olive oatman, because, like Olive Cynthia Anne was captured in her case by members of the Comanche tribe and wound up living among the tribe should the area was kidnapped when the fort were her family had been living was rated. Some of her family kill the city and was taken captive shoes only nine at this time, insidiously was the only one of her family who survived and was not ransomed back
Her story, not olives, is actually more likely to have been the basis for the movie, the searchers. We had a few questions about that. Once we did the olive open episode that simple Cynthia and actually eventually married her abductor, see I've Rachel The long and often, a very sad story in those two part series is also a way of looking at the war. The proof. it's a long and often a very sad story and thus to part Series is also a way of looking at the war that grew out of the United States. Western expansion into the great plains. Next on our lives is another thing. about war- and that is the New York draft riots that came up, April, eleventh of twenty eleven. It was another Sarah and the Billina venture and most of our requests for it. mention the two thousand to Martin Scorsese movie gangs of New York. So, whenever we get up, All of them in a row. I wonder if that was just replayed on tv or maybe it, networks right now or something that they tend to come in and chunks they do. They clung together,
during the civil war. The federal Congress pass the Union Conscription ACT of eighteen, sixty three, which set up a draft, basically full men between the ages of twenty and forty five were required to register unless they can pay a fee. We also have a substitute take their place. and a lottery would determine who would actually serve and attempts to enforce this draft. On July, thirteenth of eighteen sixty three you are right and that riot included waiting and torturing government buildings about three hundred people were killed and a huge portion of those killed where police officers and soldiers one of the many things that surrendering the talk about in this podcast is all of the social factors that led to this riot, including the influx both irish immigrants following the great family, Emily eighteen fortys and the info recently freed slaves, many of them competing for the same low wage jobs its upon
the ties a lot of the themes that we ve talked about in more recent podcast as well altogether, including the Harlem Hell fighters and the two partner on the irish potato. Famine itself add coming. Interestingly from from this particular women when they began that episode. They talked about how they were looking for creative ways to talk about the civil war because they didn't want to do a multi part podcast on the civil war itself there. Next, the next topic on earliest actually came from listeners responses to that request is on Alan Pinkerton from June. Twenty seventh of twenty eleven and also obviously by sea and the Billina, so they had asked for some civil war topics and one that putting together a series on civil war, spy craft and one of them
The very frequently requested by Alan Pinkerton, whose name is so ubiquitous tat. He almost needs no introduction. He and the pinkertons, which were his detective agency, became both famous and a notorious in various parts of in history. During and after the civil war, and while we have mostly sticks to his civil war work. It also talks about his founding of the first national detective agency. This group called the pinkertons and his basic creating the job of private investigator, which had not existed before that time. We have a kind of fun when the next one, and that is the bone wars, which is another one that Sarah and the Billina covered in two parts they came on December. Thirty first of forty I live in January, ninth of twenty thirteen and our biggest spike in requests for an episode about this. One definitely came in
all of this year when a manual shop, he was a vertebrate paleontologist at the new University of Lisbon in Portugal, suggested reversed. In the previous reversal in paleontological thought about whether the branch of forests and the potential risks are two different dinosaurs. That question was wanted, many oddities of the scientific feud that is to be known as the bone wars. This is an intense rivalry between Edward Drink or cope and off the old Charles Marsh, on the two men have been friends, but their competence. With one another eventually caused a bitter divide between them. There right to be the best paleontologist did in fact advanced the field dramatically by finally and categorizing. Many many fossil specimens, but a fortune their food was so bitter and underhanded that it also actually stood in the way of progress. The whole brontosaurus in a palace oral question him into the picture because Marsh found in it
we pass the parcel skeleton that he named a pot of forests and then, two years later, he found a different, more complete skeleton, but he named the brontosaurus and they were actually. Obviously big decision goes back and forth about whether they were the same species are different species, but most people credit the fact that he'd something else with the fact that he was trying to discover more dinosaurs than coated and another great thing about this. regular to partner is that it it makes call out to the other scientific rivalries that Sarah into Billina covered, including the ass wars and Tesla versus Edison I've. Next, we have the Boston Molasses line, that is from October fifth, two thousand and nine, which is a Katy and Sarah episode, and we actually don't get quite as many requests were, we used to impart, because we mentioned it in our first six impossible episodes podcast that came out in February of this year and a map
He killed her episode. We talk about the London beer fled and why there's not quite enough information on its flesh out a full episodes, especially since the moss and molasses blood is already in the archive, and they are extremely similar stories. In the nineteen teams, molasses was, in fact big business in Boston, thanks to its use in distilling am making munitions and on January fifteenth of nineteen nineteen a tank. There was holding two point three million gallons of it burst. Twenty one people die, one hundred and fifty more were injured and property. from this huge wave of molasses, which crested at twenty five feet tall was enormous things that really cracks me up about this episode. They're talking about with the weather was like in Boston at this point and they reference Super storms that dropped twenty inches of snow in Boston I hate it when you mention bad weather and then somebody comes along and tells you that the weather is a lot worse where they live, but
ran in Boston during last year's record breaking snow, see then that had a hundred and ten inches of snow or something of the idea that twenty was a superstore made me go a little hurt. It would I heard it on this, so it might have been if those twentieth fell like an hour that would be as equal storm but twenty years is by themselves, not necessarily super in New England with We are going to pause for just one more moment, so we can have a word from one of the great sponsors that keeps his show going. This episode of stuff, you missed in history classes, brought to you by Norton three sixty with life. Luck with your shopping online with your smartphone. Its super feels like ear. Personal information is just right there in your hand, but that's not always the case, because, as soon as you hit submit, your personal information could start going other
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twenty five percent or more of your first year, go to Norton DOT, com, slash history, that's Norton, Dotcom, slash history for twenty five percent off, Another part care that is often requested is Oak Island, and this one was recalled in April of twenty tenets April, twenty six to be exact that it was published. And it is a key and Sarah episode- so there's about whether there is an oak island money paid, isn't just about that question that the name of the episode is actually. If there are many pit on Oak Ireland it's not just about yes or no. There is or is not a money put on oak island. It looks at the whole story of where this idea that maybe there's a pit full of money out. They are aware that idea came from and the series of attempts that people have made to try get to what may or may not be buried treasure.
at times they tell the story with a lot of chagrin, because it seems like people were about to answer that question whether they were home for the night and everything through it. When I got back the morning, that is a good thing that happens in the search for money pit Leah. and in case you want even more on the stuff. You should know also covered this one as well, and although there is much more recent from February seventeen, twenty fifteen and its- funny how that goes, sometimes like a podcast episode that one podcast as will inspire a house of works article which, in turn in Spain, the stuff you should know episode or sometimes that changes different order. But since you money interconnected thing- It is sometimes we ve accidentally dumb episodes on similar topics very They were basis, or vice versa. They also gratifying to me how, at this point in time, they're doing we'd sometimes do, but not as a matter of course, and so it is funny how sometimes something will happen?
the only weapon we most definitely some overlap in the in the listeners of all the various punk. Ask the house to work says that folks, that listen to stuff, you should know, don't necessarily listen, two hours on a regular basis or vice versa. It's also Will you tell me how, at this point in the whole oak island money bit sorry if there is actually a pitiful money, there is probably best more money spent trying to get to it than the pit would actually contain. At this point, the I feel the Oak island story. Is the money pit at this point, but I think they make that's. Ok, my help us achieve its jests, its own home money, pits yeah, yeah honours similarly wet, but most sadder track is the Johnstone flood. We ve done lots and lots of requests for this one and it came out and at the same time, twenty twelve another
Haiti and fairer or admit it's another fairer into Billina. I'm getting the past hosts confused, that's another Sarah enabling a high cost and the south fork. Damn burst on May thirty. First eighteen, eighty nine and it said twenty million tonnes of water through John Sound Pennsylvania, killing two thousand two hundred and nine people, which I think makes it makes sense. Why so many people ask us for it, because we get a lot of requests really sad stuff. We do and it's one of those things were. The numbers are so staggering in its such an extreme and dramatic event that I think that's part of the appeal of people wanting to hear more about it, and one of the more surprising parts of this episode if you're not already familiar with the story comes right beginning, and that's that John Sound was so prone to flooding the people If we had a routine to deal with it, they would do things like move belongings upstairs when a flood was coming to try to protect those positions, but this particular issue.
was far far too big to be managed that way. It's again or for the water to get to the town when a damn burst, but by the time it got there, it was said to be moving with the force of Niagara falls, and so, in addition to the thousands of people who were killed, the property damage was just enormous. And next stuff is Nellie Bligh and she is often requested. But there is an episode about her in its first aired on March. Twenty fourth of twenty ten was an episode and by TV and Sarah and we're episode, I'm really Bligh walks through her career as a journalist from the days when she was only making five dollars a week to the pinnacle. when she was earning twenty five thousand dollars a year, and that is in late. Nineteen. Century, twenty five thousand dollars a year, so that was a pretty significant income one of their real,
Why her story is so fascinating and so often requested? Is that the step she took as a journalist were often extremely dramatic, exited things like feigning, a mental illness to get access to a mental institution and then doing next Thursday on it? She made a record breaking trip around the world. So, apart from the innate excitement and a lot of these assignments that she had, she was also. These were also debt lay not the sorts of riding task that were assigned to women at this time. It's really clear if you listen, akkadian serious episode that they absolutely love her and we do to it's a really get episodes. I highly encourage you to go give that when I listen to all the ones that I listened to in preparing this episode like that is the one that has the most sheer delight in the voices of the hosts and what they're talking about. So I love her. Also, Fairer and Billina have done three before a pocket.
Letters in some way, related to NED, Kelly and usually NED Kelly is the person who people specifically asked us to talk about made it up asked, NED Kelly and then to podcast on Bush Rangers in Australia and for the one that was just on NED Kelly, came out on June, twentieth, twenty eleven and then on September. Fourteen point Heaven and September twenty first about year, the two parties came out on other Bush rangers who were basically out laws on the Australian out back these episodes together, weren't looking at about a hundred years of Australia, outlaw history and they take a look at them nowadays in the myths submit Kelly and the other Bush Ranger, since, as these stories often go, there are some elements that are real and others, have fallen into more romanticized mythology, so the facts may not always be accurate and they also about how Australia became a haven for Outlaw TV, and it was not
because a lot of Bush rangers started as escaped convicts. Yet it's been a lot of time talking about the social factors that led to people. Turning to crime is basically a way of life. Naturally, in the Bush, rangers are actually so far off of my base of knowledge that they will time we have mentioned the strangers and passed up. So I said it wrong. I set it in a different way than how it is pronounced. I'm not going to say it again, because that was embarrassing. If that is your worst crime, my dear cousin Excellenza laugh when it is the most exciting anything. Yet When is the wheel, ship ethics and this was covered by Katy and Sarah back in September of twenty ten first aired on September. Twenty seventh and the whale ship. Essex in case you did not know, is the inspiration for the novel Moby Dick but it was a real wailing ship that was attacked and sunk by a sperm whale in eighteen. Twenty and listen
we have held I've happened, is really pretty harrowing, so we're gonna leave that to Katy and Sarah, because they did a lot of really good work on that we don't want to steal. Their thunder Well, I'm actually really shocked were not getting more requests for the whale ship assets right now, as we are recording this market where the movie and the heart of the sea, which is based on a book about the whale shipwrecks. Ethics, is like it that a fever pitch right now. I feel like every time I open a new web page or turn on the television. There is a commercial for in the heart of the sea, with the giant whale tail. Destroying things were I have a theory completely Said nothing just. I feel like the way that their advertising it doesn't make it clear that it is based on any grounded in reality
if it did seem so big and over the top, the way their pitching it. Then it seems more like Michael Bays history than like yeah I want. I really am. I really was one of the trailers right yesterday, as I was working on this by gas and ants, you immediate thought, and one was there's a shot some ship than a harbor- and I was like I am pretty sure that is the Boston Tea Party Museum from the air like I have, and I think that might be what that is- and I thought about like going to research that is seeing. Is it really was a shot of the Boston Tea Party ships, a museum? Is, it really did looked like? That's me, and the other was that whale is just so big whales are large, but I have also and on a wheel, wives. In Wales we sour not merely as like leviathan as the one in the movie is so yeah. I'm wondering how the scale we'll actually measures up to the reality of sperm whales
This is also what I'm really jealous of past hosts recovery system like that bit, but really early, really really early in the life of us being on the show I was putting the list of things that I really really want to talk about like I want to talk about this, we'll shifting some by a whale, but I can't kill. We have that already, which is fine. I love our past has basically all the facts that have worked in the shower colleagues so happy. They got to do it, but sad. I did not and that is that were most requested at the third round up there. Things I put together this list through a couple of methods. One was just memory of the things people ask us for over and over and one was looking in my sent items folder and outlook, and I I have here, a heel. I think it over like two hundred and thirty six emails that were links to happen
that we have already and my aunt items Voter really embarrassed because I realized I had sent the same person multiple links on multiple days, and I ever realized. It was the same person because there's so much so we have this image, email, Cindy, so much email. So now embarrassing. Well, I mean I know for me like there's, there's a point where we get so much email where eventually I will sometimes like. Oh, I remember this person, but its high to establish pattern recognition when you're getting so much, and we ve talked about before how like that cast is now the only thing that Tracy I do it's kind of like. Oh I'm, in the middle of editing, this article, others, another history, email all kind of shunted, often read it later, and so its link with the constant juggle the stuff. I have a really hard time developing pattern, recognition and see a recognising people's knaves over and over. We do you re Oliver emails, we read them all. We answer a pitifully small proportion of the
because there are so many, but we do we read them. Also. Thank you so much everyone here, since these wonderful emails that come into our inbox alpine, we left them and so ass. We say that the tablets show were basically going to put links to all these in our sooner but our blog at Mister history, dot, com, civil people, you're interested. Hearing these for the first time or in a real listening to an old favourite. Whichever floats your boat, you can find Ali's in one place, are awesome you, Sir no, is going to try to put together a terrible playlist of them also to make them easier to find, and we will post. So all of that, as many places as we can think of Then, if you want to see whether we ve got something you're interested in inner archive, we also have a blog posts that Tracy put together, which fine old episodes of stuff you missed in history class- and it basically has lots of son, how to search and how to help for things that might help you
are wishing we would do something might already exist either by us or previous house in your wish can be instantly granted When the wishes instantly granted, I always feel kind of guilty when somebody has clearly put so much time and thought into convincing us that we should do in episode on something in it, something that we already have. but they could be me over thinking things, but I always feel like if that was me getting email back, saying: hey. We will have a person, also here's a link to the episode that we have on their power trying to take the wind out of myself. I dont know if it were not for me, but I do feel bad that they spent time they didn't have to u making their case yeah. So, anyway,
Yeah yeah, we have so many of us as an archive and that I would say just because in our archive on our website in this industry dot com, I have gone in and try to put the person's name in the title for things that they did not have their name like don't cross the dragon. Lady not have that reigns in their, so I've like on and I've put the names in as many of the titles of thy confined to make them easier to find them before, and so it may be a little easier on our website, then in like Itunes, so yeah. That is our most requested. Episodes that we already. Do you have some fresh listener meal that does not in fact requested episodes in earnings in it and so fresh. But it came in morning. It is from
embryo, and it is from our very, very recent episode from yesterday in terms of when we are recorded this package on the Gallipoli campaign and Gabrielle says Dear Tracy and Holly. I've just finish listening to your episode on the Gallipoli campaign, and it was very good, despite as a New Zealand there, I could, method in history class. One small point that has recently been made more widely known about the impact biscuits is that all it- is possible. Sweet biscuits were sent over incur packages and an facts are good keepers and travel well, they became iconic because of the massive fundraising efforts for soldiers, aid societies, just the Red Cross and the early aftermath of the landing hundreds of bake sales and tables of works were set up and most of them had a version of this oatmeal and cocoanut biscuit but has made without eggs and my mouth together, the butter and golden syrup. This recipe was popular during rat
as it uses minimal amounts of scarce ingredients. At least one hospital ship was funded in this way they also are. The only exception to an act of parliament that forbids naming any commercial product after ands acts and must be one made to the original recipe and two only called biscuits, never called cookies and their title. A well earned sandwich chain could not do the first when attempting to add it to their menu, half chocolate, and back biscuits are becoming more popular during April commemorative. Tens are for sale in the supermarkets all over the country and in Australia love the shoe Gabrielle. Thank you so much for this often information about em like this I'm Gabrielle my my information that they were, they became famous for being such a soldier's actually came from a prior listener mail from several years ago from somebody who actually sent us a recipe for how to make them, which
the light bulb and ice have their recipe still and maybe over the holidays. But I have some extra breaking time. I will make sound and see what they are like. So thank you again. Gabrielle send presenting that. That is re information. If you would like to write to us we're History Park s house to forestall com reform Facebook at Facebook that complements the history and our twitter is missing. History are tumblr, is missed in history that tumblr com, interest at Paris, dot com, Flash missed in history. If you would like to learn more about something that we have talked about today, you think go up with the words Oak Island into the search bar sakharov, and you will find the article on the oak, Ireland money that was it fired by our applied gasped, been inspired, podcast brimstone. If you can to come to our website, where we will have the list of all these episodes with links to Alabama. We have our tips on how to thirteen archive and different formats. You can do all that and a whole lot more at helstone.
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