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Richard III: Unearthed!

2013-02-27 | 🔗

In 2013, experts identified the remains of King Richard III, one of England's most notorious rulers. Shakespeare wrote the king as a nephew-killing, hunchbacked villain, but Richard's real life was a complicated mixture of ambition, ruthlessness and fear.

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It seems like it should be easy, but it's not just getting out of bed and getting your day started, trying to accomplish everything you need to do in your day that to do list as a lot easier when you're getting news stories and music to lift your mood and preparing for the day ahead connected to the things that make you laugh and make you think or make you want to reach out and share with a friend every morning with us, it's Elvis Joanne in the morning show listen to us on cue, one or two or anywhere in the world. On the I hurt, radio app welcome to stuff you missed in history. Class from Housetop looks like hello, welcomed the pockets, unfair, doubting dowdy and I'm fries and there's been a lot of Leyla yeah, big news stories. The sun was coming here
and was really hedge. It's an explanation which is the ultimate subject of this package, yet Polly just on your hands on history, like that this is this is a big deal for you to get this, here induction in this is your first exclamation, but it's a hurried I now, unless we Leslie miss them Polly you just don't get handling history like that. This is this is a big deal for you to get. This is your induction, invisible your first acclamation, but it's a hurried I now, unless we and lively myths them some in the earlier, I says we, then this is a big lion. Now this is the big lion in King, Richard, the third mother, so exhalations had started a few months earlier back in September, and they found him almost immediately and they weren't sure ever took allowed a decent testing but
a few signs that made it pretty likely that this was Richard one was the skeleton, had a slight build yeah, it looks to be somebody who died in his late twenties, early thirty somebody who had had a high protein diet like a wealthy nobleman, the people who could afford than the meat and then this is. These- are the two big lion: yeah folios this and brutal battle injuries, massive skull, fracture, nine other wounds, some believed to have been inflicted after TAT, a very beaten up, skeleton All of which kind of lead people to think they may really be onto the real altered
and radio carbon dating on two of the ribs showed the man would have died between fourteen fifty five and fifteen forty and Richard Dine and forty, maybe five. So that was also corroborating and then comparisons between the remains into distant relative, Richards, their descendants of a sister were a match for mitochondrial DNA, which follows the maternal on That was so. I would like our ha. We got it for real here, though there doing some additional research to confirm a match on the male side. They went ahead. May the announcement that this was Richard quote beyond reasonable doubt and thus began the flood of email, Facebook messages. a tweet everybody telling us Richard. The third has been identified yeah time for applied cashier, and will you dont get bigger historical
Now, that's really I didn't wanna. I didn't want the slanting just be lurking around the end of year round up for something as its huge news in history and really is a good opportunity to talk about Richard, the third son, because people have been requesting an episode on him for ages anyway, and it such big news for a fury. Then Richard was the last Plantagenet king. So that's a big deal very family there, a long line of rulers. He was last english king to die and bowed? Also, this very dramatic death leaves very visible battle, o wounds on his on his skeleton, but I think, most importantly, I think this is why it such a big deal is because he is famous as Shakespeare's hunchback villain yeah. That's how people think of Richard the third year enriching. The third is one of those rules that every actor wants to play. At some point,
life. It's like a touchstone of Venus success as an actor and a player to the third well yeah, so, tortured cruel misshapen like, and there are so many different interpretations of him that have happened historically, indifferent productions of that play its everybody has. a weird familiarity with him, because if seen one version or another and if they you know have been in the theater at all, they ve certainly either been involved or known people that were in a weird reverence for the whole story. That's where I think we can get attached to it in a unique way that doesn't happen with other stories of kings. I can got my Shakespeare, professor, in college very first day of class. This was the first play that we read coming into class
with one raised ire than the other Athabasca rattling off them them lines, it the it's a very memorable character and I think that character has really competed of sense. Richards death with a real man, who what are we supposed to believe in and there so many mysteries tied up in it too, namely the mystery of the princess in the tower which just to decide and get your hope that too much we're not going into all their conspiracies on them. One could easily be another, shall it is outside the scope of just two Richard, the third it an episode, but the things that is to meet when you start reading about richer. The third is that his history, the history of his history, is just as fascinating, really as his life. Yet how much it's changed, how the tutor pr machine come, then Andrews,
ass an sky, then he goes through this sort of strange resurgence of Richard. Wasn't there he was actually a pretty good king in catching at to present day, where I think historians try to look at it from a balance. effective. Why did he do what he dead? Weight is just made up and clearly meant to defame him and then what did he do that actually pretty fetch? yeah, and I think what a lot of what drives that for most modern historians is the kind of look at what really makes the most sense of the stories or hits think what there are a lot of outlandish claims in in ratings about him and it's you
You have to sift through that good. This is really the most likely scenario and and how does he compared to other kings of his day? You know how much line where his actions with those of others, and also considering he was a king who reigned for a remarkably short amount of time. Usurper who reigned for the short amount of time how it hits history have differed and had he held the throne for thirty years, probably would have been remarkably different, but we're gonna start with the beginning. He was born October. Second, fourteen fifty two and he hadn't really great family circumstances. I mean born to till one of the top families in the land and the time his father was Richard. The third Duke of York, who was one of them,
powerful nobleman. He was defended from England, King Edward, the third who has popped up in this package before, but the main thing to remember this episodes purposes is that Edward. The third was a guy with a lot of kid yeah. He was A producer he why come into play in just a few minutes minutes when we do our really short recap: her of how the were the roads that started in his There was certainly never who was also really well connected and also descended from Edward, the third, but Richard was the fourth son in the family said that point. It's kind of you may have all of the benefits of can a wealthy family, but the odds of you ever having their army ready, yeah yeah. He was, he was low down on the line there
circumstances started to change when Richard was still a really young child. His father made a grab for the throne, effectively kicking off the war, the road, and that was, of course, between the Health of Lancaster, which was represented by the reigning king at the time Henry this fact and the House of York, which was represented by Richards Father and this again flower. The roses tat cast an illicit use fell. Many shows on that, but it is important to understand the background and where these claims came from and how these cousins started fighting each other in the first place. The most basic part of the story is ever the third. He would from
thirteen twelve to thirteen seventy seven and really had too many children, eight of which were son. Yes, that was this was the problem was where all the travel far too many sound when a king has eight there's gonna be in fighting over who really deserve entity. Some cousin yeah now fell. It may not have gone that way if his eldest son flying had been a little stronger than it was, but that died out when his grandfather, who was King Richard the second, was starve to death in usurped by his cousin, who was a defendant from the third son. I feel like we need a big flowcharts tell. I know I wouldn't like it just let her jack this family tree revise right now, but, sands line dies out rate third sons line comes into power, and these are the lancastrian kings and if you are,
your Shakespeare. These are guys. You know, because this is Henry the fourth fifth and sixth, and they brought for that half a century, even though they did not have the best claim to the throne, because they were descended from that third son. The best claimed, or the better claim would go to the York fewer defended from Edward, the third second son right. So some number two should have been the that line should have been the family that takes account of the fur sun dried, but because number three had a more aggressive or assertive group day images Alder tower yeah that they may be didn't really in terms of bloodline and the standard hierarchy of how monarchies pass from one to the next. They really didn't
stronger grip on the whole thing, but I didn't come a huge issue, though, until the reign of Henry the Thanksgiving Henry, the fifth, obviously a very strong king. Yet people are going to quibble too much at the king in powers to a pretty good job. Yet Henry the fixed, though, became king when he was distant in, and he was he did not grow up well suited to being king. and he also would from time to time slip in and out of a mentally incompetent stake. You become confused, probably not the best first the leader country, no end somebody who, if you had a better claim to the throne, you might start thinking. Oh here's, the guy to overthrow hell, yeah, that's exactly what happened Richard Duke of York, who was descended from that second sign of Edward on his mom site interest to be anti confusing, I some more
descended from the fourth Anti One is dad side, but if that doesn't matter is much, he d did at this point he was gonna, make a push for the throne and these battles between these distant cousins kicked off when our subject, Richard is just a little boy, and so he Richard really have what you could consider the classic royal, sad childhood and he wasn't even royal at that point. His father was killed in battle in one thousand four hundred and sixty the gruesome portion his head was paraded on a pike with a paper crown yeah, which is not a good thing for young child, no certainly not in any lost her brother, too, is his older brother. Admin died in battle as a gene,
and for a while, it seem like Richard, even as is the little boy within pretty grave danger of you, because he and his next eldest brother George, who is also a child at the time, were sent abroad for safety. For a time she's not uncommon. Now time get your kids out of the country and grow up, and then they come back and fight each other yeah already. Surely the Yorkists Carl's prevailed led by Richard eldest brother, Edward and Richard saw his nineteen year old, brother crowned king in fourteen sixty one Sir Richard was made the duke of Glocester and was raised for a time in the household of his brothers greatest border, Richard nibble Earl of Work the kingmaker kingmaker. He comes into play again, though. This is the point where you were start examining thing, motive, motive
I insight and furthermore, extreme monster Richard history. This was the point. Is this a teenager where he starts thinking? How can I get my hands on that thrown one thing, though, despite all the uncertainties about Richards Life, wondering that is very clear is that he was incredibly loyal. To his brother, Edward. While Edward was alive, and it's easy to see why I mean Edward is clearly much older than him. He's clearly looks up to him in battle it. It seems clear why Richard would would state that close to his brother, well, especially when so many other family members have passed in all of this fight, the ties that remain
stronger, and you know you become sort of more dug in to what that means to you in terms of family and disdain, lived used, keeping close to somebody who has managed to to claim the power and gone to the top Richards Motto, incidentally, is is actually loyalty. Vines me that certainly referring to that Edward relationship. So I think we can put aside the he is beginning to plot at sixteen unlikely cosy. He wouldn't really have had any reason to to think things would go down the way they did here. I mean it's entirely possible at that point that he may have realised that there's that after his brother, she would the next, he still had another brother in front of them to still down the line. Yeah that there's a heap he may be keenly aware of his place in the higher but again he so young and film oil. It seems odd to think that he was already you you know,
who can twisting his hands and scheming over it exactly the loyalty, though, really was tested pretty pretty early on still when he was a teenager when work turned against Edward and attempt to reinstate Henry the six, though deposed King their rebellion was successful in for a little bit, Edward was forced to flee the country. Richard came with him, and eventually they made a dramatic return fighting together. Richard was at one point, injured in battle and really put an end to death when Castro and cause the heir to the throne, who is a seventeen year old Son of Henry the six with killed in battle or, as some rumours have it.
third as a captive and then not long after that, Henry the six himself was murdered. It's likely he wasn't murdered before then, because his son presented a much more appealing prospect as a future king. Then this ineffectual king, who went through periods of mental confusion, but both of those Lancaster guys out of the picture at this point and Edward is really decisively in power by now. So murmured over one of many. The cause of many
This one is really easy to test that straight this to death. We just talked about the Lancastrian seventeen year old AIR and then Henry the fixed himself. Some stories suggest Richard murdered them both it's possible that he did supervise the murder of Henry the facts, but it was on Edwards orders, his brother Edwards orders. It was clearly Edward, the fourth who ordered the death, and it was clearly him in eyes the new king. You who needed to have his his potential rival. This other figurehead remove remedy the cure, for which recently eighteen still only eighteen and which I know it's a different time. An eighteen was older than eighteen is now, but it still seems just so striking to think about how young he wasn't how much he had been
We are ready, it does, and I think that comes down a little bit to the popular depictions of him too. I hadn't put two and two together and realize he was thirty two and he's killed. Yeah really be thinking of her mother, elderly one. I think a lot The relations of him have been as a more adult man, whether accidentally like they just had taken into account the age or, if that's just sort of the natural progression of lichen actors, characterisation that if he has that much power, Andy's hunchback, he kind of death the sea, no maturity that maybe wasn't there, and so he super yeah. Only eighteen years old, his brother is king, solid position. Finally,
and this is only richer, really kicks off an adult life. Amene history, his life up to this point, has been one of extreme uncertainty running in battle from really about three years old on, but at this point here, solidifies his position, as a nobleman justices brother is solidified. His position is king. He, he married the widow of the deadline, Catherine Prince, and never he inherited huge parts of northern. When some of whale- and he was the treaty, also appointed his brothers lieutenant in the north and from accounts I've read, he really did focus on setting up dynasty north, not in any sort of competitive way, budgets I will be a wealthy land owner, was taking care of what was by his yes exactly this sort of respectability that he seems to believe. Projecting at this point differs
oh dramatically, from the their York brother, who still living at this point. George, Duke of clarity, the black sheep of the family George was keenly aware that he was next to mine. He was I mean he having that brother in between was pretty good thing for richer each year, because George was plodding against Edward, the fourth dabbled in many plots against him, and eventually it turn around and bit him on the behind, because he was executed on orders in fourteen seventy eight and then there's another Richard. We were there and that's that Rich Sheridan was the one who drove Edward to have their brother executed according to Jeffrey Richards in history. Today, though, there is some evidence that Richard actually tried to dissuade Edward from this plan to execute them
But it's worth noting too that Richard was clearly the big time benefactor here on Georgia's death. Then we're not just talking about oaths another step closer to the throne by this point here did more a list of Georgia stuff in actually Georgia's wife and Richards. Why or sisters so he gets them extra novel inherit, but it's pretty likely that Richard really would have just
ten years on. We can say for sure that would have continued on as this powerful northern Lord, who married scary family, acting as his brothers lieutenant in the north, even gotta permission essentially during the Scottish. Worse to anything he could get of. Scotland was his, so he might have focused on consolidating his power in that part of the country had Edward not died on April night. Fourteen eighty three very suddenly aged only forty it through every one for a loop. They were not prepared for this death. No amendment that Edward before twelve year old Son, it was now the king, and we know from I mean history teaches us again and again when children become monarchs, it usually doesn't go fabulously now, and I mean this is so close to you
the matter of a few years. Then you have to think that english history might have been pretty dramatically different here, since twelve were just talking about how Richard was eighteen, not a huge difference here. But Richard was Lord Protector and initially it it seems he within Europe at the time he swore allegiance to his nephew. It seem like he was game further, that he would be loyal israeli step into his role as protector loyal to his. His brothers signed to see them well to his brother of started hurrying south to London. But there was some trouble, being and it started with the kings count thought and the council was dominated by the young king, Edward, the fifth maternal relatives. The woods
right in just the little background on them at the fourth had you know, we talked about how he really managed to consolidate his power, but most historians consider his big mistake. was his marriage choice, get married a commoner, very beautiful com, a widow, Elizabeth Woodville and they had a lot of kids themselves. They apparently like each other alive, but she was not popular with people and she came with thirteen siblings. Family yeah, so there were a lot of in laws at Edward. The fourth cord of her brothers took up important positions. Her sisters were married off to a lot of the top nobles, some of whom really did not like being forced into
marriages with these commoners and she also came with two older sons to who grew up to be Edward, the fourth close companions, all these Woodville, a herd of Woodville unheard of, would evolve and they rejected the plan for Richard to become Wordpress There are clearly hoping that if little Edward Twelve Year old Edward could just officially be king, they could run them the shell. They could be the ones in control of them right, so they didn't want someone with power and knowledge of how things are run in any way, impeding their ability to kind of you know which bring the ear of a very young and probably impressionable amount,
but Richard wanted to overcome, though, as you know, you would in that situation that namesake pretty natural response he wanted dead, stay his nephews, Lord Protector, a legend, Aren't you surfing the throne theme that way at four year term, although he did make sure he got control of his nephew right and that's one of those things that can kind of Bee coloured by history like it could just be that he wanted to make sure the boy was in his presence and protected and bored the boy, was in his presence and protect faculty in the more dominating kind away. Perhaps
and then he also arrested his Woodville side, the uncle and half brother, who were the people really kind of making these plots to get rid of Richard as the protector. So Elizabeth, Lloyd Bells reaction to this, her son scooped up by Richard, are removed from his his half brother and uncles protection and put into Richards Protection of she got very concerned and went into thanks. Whereas West Minster Abbe took her younger son and her daughters and hit out trying to figure out what was going on. But it did still seem like Richard was planning on fulfilling his responsibility as Lord Protector that he was making actively making plans for four Edward. The fifth coronation didn't seem to be making a bed yet to claim the thrown himself until
June when something collect something changed, and Richard started feeling out of the Royal Council in an feeling out who, on a council, was just completely opposed to the idea of of Edward the fifth being passed over rain, who couldn't get path. That idea, those who could not path, led idea were removed and on June, sixteen removed Some of them get parts removed gin. Sixteenth too. He made a very ominous move. Yeah he's around at Westminster, Abbe, where his his sister in law is, was hang out with her children and convinced Elizabeth to lead her younger son, Richard also Richard out of Westminster Abbe, to attend his brothers coronation
you see what she should be there. She agreed pleasant where you get into all sorts of conspiracy theories. That could be a harder up stone. Did she really found her her son re, but we're gonna go with the assumption she dead right now and then on June, twenty fifth, he started executing Woodville the maternal uncle one of them. The older half brother one of them so its clear that this is not friendly. Lord protect her behaviour anymore. No, he found a bit of a killing spree and there again it's one of those things where we we can't ever know what conversations were happening or what sort of
motivations were driving him to this behavior. So for all we know it was completely of honor opponent aunt, but it hasn't relieving colored that way. Historically now it hasn't because he does ultimately is offered the crown and he doesn't really hesitate. That's hair seems like an animal and, I think, actually, the speed of which all this, the speed of tell everything, goes down. All Ngos and essentially yeah he's crowns, lies six fourteen eighty three, what his brother died in April, but all this action really takes place in June and I think the speed of that is way as made. So many people think he must have planning this for a long time. Right is quietly. it just seems so perfect. Everything seemed to go off without a hitch, smooth quiet and for those far every compared to suddenly people different there anymore.
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scenes legal work on on their fate. Had them declared illegitimate. This story was Edward. The fourth head had actually been pre contracted when he married Elizabeth, which is as good as married, and the kids were therefore all illegitimate land. The kids word and she would be determined to be a mistress of Serbia and the drive, and all of these principles in princesses would be a legitimate. Some people have said well at that point. He wouldn't have had to murder them because they were declared a legitimate, for they will benefit Clearly, they were going to be a threat, no hadrava levels. I mean they. They had the gumption to move on, earned their ideas in their plans. They weren't really liquor. We're just illegitimate gonna except the higher family and issues like legitimacy could be overturned,
and were easily as as this one for actually was during the reign of Henry the seventh, but that little boys were being kept in the Tower of London and around this time around the time Richard became king. They were moved deeper into the tower and there's a great of contemporary account from Dominic men Genie, who is an italian visitor with in London at the time he had a very impartial view of what was going on so his his musing con things are interesting, but he wrote that the boys, to be seen pretty rarely around the tower these to be, let out to play them folks and seemed very much anymore and then quote at length. They cease to appear altogether found so ominous it does in, and it is sad and there
even to this day, I am clear evidence about what happened to them, but it's pretty yes, that everyone generally accepted that they had been murdered because, by the fall of of that same year by the fall of fourteen eighty, three, their mother Elizabeth Woodville, made a secret arrangement. another noble woman, Margaret Beaufort, to marry her eldest daughter, Elizabeth of your work Margaret Sign Henry Tudor. Who was at this point really stepping up to be then next pretender than that sky who wanted a throne. Clearly, Elizabeth Woodville would not have made
an arrangement like that would not have sanction the claim of Henry Tutor if she thought TAT she had to York son still living YO yo above the desperate move of a mother who is trying to cling to whatever options you have moved, but then sheep quickly accepted Richard and that's another time here and she entered were allowed to come out of sanctuary, but I mean that a whole series of events transpiring really kind of suggested that she either new or suspected flash believed that the princes were gone. I think, thirdly, and then we can Richard himself too. He would strenuously deny a lot of rumours during his reign, one of which was that he wanted to Mary Elizabeth of York. His niece for himself after after his wife died
but he never discussed the rumours about the little boys in the tower and what had happened to them. So I feel described is doubly silence on the top Eventually there was a confession by James Tyrol in fifteen or two, but a lot of it is pretty unreliable, though one part that is worth mentioning for this story, though in again so much work could be said on the frontier power, but he mention bodies being buried at the foot of a staircase from the tower, and in sixteen seventy four, there were some renovation going on in the tower and to Chile, skeletons were found at the base of the staircase. During that renovation and men in nineteen thirty, three, some forensic work was done to confirm that they were the skeletons of boys who were about ten or twelve years old. He have to think now, with the news of Richard,
skeleton. If these had been found later in a way where the dna work could have been done ya, this would probably be a different sort of story. Yeah details would be confirm, deny much more clearly by the science of it, and then you know people start to think why a Richard? This man, who had been so loyal to previous monarchs wanna, take the crown like what was it that drove him? Is he just ambition? was he afraid of the wood bills having power and we shouldn't. We should talk about that for a minute, because that is a pretty legitimate fear right, even even if he, insisted on being Lord Protector, even if he had been word protector through these few years of minority that Edward the fifth
had. I mean he was twelve years old, is almost there yet almost go and have a thing. I had four just gotta keep you safe, even even if he had performed that function through his nephews rain, he would be in a pretty risky position afterwards in relation to the Woodville that somebody who did have a lot of power who did have a claim to the throne himself right and who was influential and away, they might not have wanted him to be with his nephew, so ambition, yes, certainly fear of the Woodville seems quite possible, and then this one, I think, is the least likely some sort of righteousness. If you really believe that the kids were illegitimate and it seems there was so much paperwork shuffling to make that claim that it, it seems orchestrated enough that their righteousness theories don't really hold the same level of water. Is the other two. I agree so
Whatever his motives were, he did manage to take the crown, but he lost it so quickly and the entire time he held it. He was just plagued by stand up here and we mention authority in the beginning, but you have to wonder a little that what what what people think of this guy if he had managed to put down Henry the seventh later, the eventual Henry, the seventh Henry tutor in rain for thirty years and start you know, continue his dynasty. Would he be a completely different way. It would he be judged for for the work he had done. Molly with king, or would people still be like the thing with the prince? He heads pumping something went down there and we we, to look at it, though, not just folk thing intently on the princes in the tower story, though, because that's what we think of much today certainly was an issue at the time.
Richard is unpopular for a lotteries and he didn't, to realize that have an assortment. It was an and it's really some of the other reasons that drove people to different coalition. Of people who didn't have much in common to decide get all agree to hatred, but they love to hate him yeah. He replaced a want of the leaders in men in power with his cronies, from the north but he had no cultivator relationships with any alienated the Woodville, it's possible that he felt they were responsible for his brother, Georgia's execution any completely alienated the Edward, the fourth loyal. Obviously, really, it's all think he had a checklist like how can I make as many people angry as possible in the shortest around time and probably not thinking that they would all along
The trees and got a lot worse for him to win his only son. His error died in fourteen eighty, where a man, his wife, died the next year fourteen eighty five another Richard myth busting rumour time he didn't poison his wife. She died probably of consumption. bad bad time yeah king is is not all not a crack work today, but now in rebellion really did start almost immediately. You know from all of these different people who feel alienated or frustrated by what he's done for even had discovered this trust him because of all of the river swing around him. Certainly, Richard. pretty powerful guy still with a lot of northern support and respect manage to suppress rebellions initially,
unfortunately, for him no love the leaders managed to escape You re organized under Henry Tool, who we were talking about earlier, engage two young Elizabeth of York, making them a pretty glamorous cup uniting this True York claim re with Elizabeth to this guy tutor is awfully pretty pretty weak claimant. By really strong leader, I really like a perfect recipe against leader who is, Eddie living in a shadow of like his own horrible reputation, clearly clearly
though Henry Cheater came in, he had french and scottish mercenaries and he came to arms with Richard, ultimately August. Twenty second fourteen eighty five battle Bosworth Field, Richard as we know from the marks on a skeleton, was took some heads, yes and I've ever about all had turned against Germany with deciding that he was gonna, have to go hand in hand with them, while not hand to hand, but man to Man with Tudor didn't make it and with Henry Tutor Victorious here, came Henry. The seventh and I mean, kicked off, probably one of the best known periods in the tutors. I mean the now at her serious, but now I'm clean up out something so interest. about this story. To me now, and especially the tutor
Its aim is interested in them. Is anybody else's how and stable their power was anyhow that instability last for generations? It was like a very tumultuous but steady period in english history yeah To give you some numbers on that, a lot of it comes because of Henry Tutors really weak claim it through an illegitimate lie, never family when he became King Henry the summer. There were eighteen living people who had a better claimed here then, into the frown one of them with his mother, one of them with his wife. I guess you can count them on your side, but still a lot of people that silly sixteen others that would like to make their presence known and so the tutors Hunter. Must those york
the boy claimants down over the next thirty years, neutralize them had them executed of them generally were trying to repel others were executed on trumped up charges. Probably the most dramatic example is them, George, the Duke of Clearances daughter she was executed. I think she's about sixty seven years old during the reign of Henry their aid, and even as late as the Reign of Elizabeth, the furthest antagonists. In the tower pretty I mean, let's quite a legacy. You think things there are over with this dramatic battle, there are ever. Are you not drag on theirs? I with someone who wants to make their bid for power roughly to live. It is always third, I think that when we cover these
topics, lake liver, but it just deal egg live in a family where you'd know that constantly have to be on the lookout for people that may, even if you want none of the trappings of it, you want another. The power people could think that you mean la power. You might have a valid reason to look at it. I came into a couple of examples of York, family members who tinted managed to lead a retired life, and I was just thinking how how much of a suck up you'd have to be fair whole life to the to the reigning monarch. But how quiet I mean you just could not make Why? In fact, that an end to think of the opposite end to the people who are actually engaged in the fighting here, all these seventeen year olds, eighteen year old, who their whole life fan nothing secure your claim some day and then it either works or it doesnt. But for return I mean I guess he got there, but it didn't laugh loan.
he was buried quickly and on the flea. No clothes, no jewelry, no whining see at a place called Grey Furs Priory and during Henry the eighth rain, get back to the recent news story, how he ended up in a power. How did I end up under a parking lot? Thanks the aid has to do with during Henry the eighth rain, who of course, as you guys know, Henry Tutors fun. He the primary Gratifiers Priory, was demolished in a garden took its place for awhile awhile. Then a bus depot a playground and I'm sure, depending on how long ago, this playground lies. Can't have been too long if it came after the bus depot. Here I am thinking of of people who were who may be played there now and their think
my god I was on the swings Richard then? Finally, this parking lived as a parking lot. So though there was this interest from of society that focuses on certain, their exploring Richard the third memory interest among them in getting this site excavated and finally enough money was raise, these acclamations began and as we mentioned earlier, they found him. I think it was about the first day yeah pretty remarkable cause. They did not know the lay out of where the Priory Headband Ban in relation to the point Where was now whether Richard was even definitely there because there there were rumours that he had been thrown in the river ranks so well, because it was unmarked, and there was nothing with
there was nothing to ensure that it hadn't that the body hadn't moved inadvertently even over the years leading people could have easily take it up and tossed it elsewhere, not even known that they were him lying that of a king return. These latter questions now about where he's gonna end up the it out. This is the porters want him in Westminster, Abbe other people want in different places, it'll be an evolving story. I am sure that one clearly caught everybody's attention and probably got them thinking more about the man behind the Shakespeare CARE one. I like that. There have already been some really cool technological approaches to the story. You were there taking their remains unanswered. rendering out the most realistic images of that, which I love that, because it just thinks history alive and away the most. bull in the modern era. Dont think about how we think about them is like the guy in the painting,
the time, but you see a treaty rendering based His skeletal structure makes him more real and more human, especially the age he lived in the paintings tile is. Is it so hard to see I have to imagine what somebody met might have worked like, although now that we ve seen the treaty renderings of what he looked like a veto caves painting, That's about love like airlines, you back to see somebody and think that this was a person in Athens let us put an end to a lot of the myths about his physical handicap. Still he was not hunchback. He had what looks like pretty severe scholars. This from his his spine, he developed in adolescence that a lot of this was clearly played up to further emphasise his wicked and says people would have created the two in earlier times
then, and just out more crazier rumours about him born after two year, pregnancy, compared with a little of that of chief. You know just really bizarre star, which is now part of the fund of history. That is it a bright hoped, sometimes crazy. An outlandish, though, I am glad that this happened. Obviously I love a good exclamation. Who does not feel that this is truly remarkable wine. So I went to end on the future. is closer than you think, and it all starts In the palm of your hand, you may the news, five is coming but Is that really mean how an impact me? in this new Iheart series. Time tomorrow presented my team above a business join me as well, and am I cursed, Kara price as we work He threw the true revolution in mobility that will check. The way we interact with the world around Us-
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ok colleague, we had foolishly mail. Today we do you, I always like when we hear from students who are doing things, history related costs related and this email comes from. See she listened with content and she wrote to say that she I'll just go Henrietta. She fell last summer. I went to Europe on a twelve day trip with my for really find room The documents in history clasp like ass, not only provide me, entertainment on the never ending flights and thus rise. They also comforted me when I was homesick sleep because of that three and then she also said that she is a using the podcast to help her and clashes in forensics class in high school. Another thing that funds
What we did not have resigned, however, and that class that she said that every year, you that to pick a time period, usually about ten year time period that you to write about and deliver a speech on, and she said that there is a lot of petition about picking a unique topic, something that not everybody is gonna already know from that time period. So she said, the package of really helped her in a few of her other teammate friends pick out subjects this year, because the time period was nineteen o one to nineteen. Sixteen in sheep. that she and her friends chose the poison squad about Doktor Wily whenever friends picture episode on dress of murder hill as inspiration to kick off their frenzy I very much hope that thank you, Bessie and I hope you're project. What well ass, though, another small bit of business. We deal you guys
was coming out of my stringy along. But this is my last episode, so very I'm making pouty limp yeah. I didn't get to start tearing up, as I always do you think about it I mean I I certainly wine to thank Here- has to work now co host the poor young holly. It's been a lot of fine hosting review so hand host with you. I wish you'd stay forever and we could just have a big three or four people from the outset that I would be very just for the record to you. I know there have been some questions on Facebook and twitter and via email
there is now even house of we're. Just gonna go around back to doing primarily editing, which is really what all of us do that. Then we could see the pie cast a third of the cherry on top of our delightful day job. That's it that's a good, hence tail up. Maybe if I have crazy Richard the third, idea, I'll be whispering Holly, so there could be cameo here if, as we hope in the future, we shall still be around so she's, not leaving us just since the forecast for a bit. it is, you know it takes workin. I've done it for so long. Here. I should tell you break ass, the torch break, but I giggling at the water s. Was a research fund pulling your hair out after lay research, and I just relax thing completely Lula hey you guys
The days you're, I didn't want to thank listeners down. While I will have this platform to I dont say lately, I dont fair without really meaning that you guys have been so inspiring and the stories I've heard from you. The stories related to Pike ass, the thing a show that I've had a part in have inspired you to do that. Always really may think people who come back to for people who are doing their friends IX project. That's funny to me. And even just folks, when I hear that you're inspired to go researchers, subjects somewhere, that's really touch and then I just have to thank you guys to for being so kind and generous.
blow me away the giant box of postcards. I have the emails that come pouring in the sweet, gives bucks and all sorts of things that listeners have sat from all over the world that you guys have taken the time to think about in and send us things means a lot till I really enjoyed it as Holly said, are still be around here, and I am also twitter to if you wanna, keep in touch that way and that ferry dowie fairer within a stout everything why it very hard to stall name though. Yes, I definitely look for return to sell hearing from now and it's really fun and we can't thank you enough Are you have contributed in you know? You really enrich did I know a lot of people just adore you and you're the voice of the I am, which is great for me, because I have to go on without new models.
you bet? You know you. Have he handy reference? you ve, been a great service to sort of the history community. Globally, you really feel a lot of things. Come alive, don't get out. You now don't be altered trying to thank you so much the truth we well signing up for now you people screech, fed but I can't leave before doing the standard. You go you wanna, email, Holly and Tracy. You can do so by writing them. History, podcast discovery, dot, com or in Twitter, missed in history and we're on Facebook. we have a really awesome article to go with this awesome topic. Yeah. If you go to our and you just type in Richard, the third you come up with a few differ
articles have really fun one is the top ten heads that role during the rain. The aim is one I added I have mentioned and was so much find a fine art for at tat time. It's gonna like live images, ladder work, but when they're fine there really and its Germany, because, as was mentioned, Nonetheless, the report, like the seed drags into the Henry the World so If you want to learn more about that or anything else, your mind can conjure. You can do so at our website, which is how to forestall com for more openness and thousands of other topics. As a house, I foresaw com,
We are going to ITALY. After the success of last year's strips of Paris, we are planning another similar trip still with defined destinations. This time to Rome and Florence Year we are going to spend a week exploring some amazing things. We're gonna have city tourism, both Roman Florence, We're gonna see the Roman Colosseum, the Vatican Museum in the Sistine Chapel Saint Petersburg, silica Vatican City. This is just a tiny fraction of all the stuff we're gonna get to do, get its May fourteen to twenty first, twenty twenty and to get more information, go to define, destinations, dot, com and scroll down to the roman foreign strip with stuff. You miss the mystery glass eye. Everyone, I'm Katy courage here to let you know that my pot cast next question with me. Katy correct is bad for
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