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Samuel Pepys, Beyond the Diary

2019-05-29 | 🔗

We’re coming up on the 350th anniversary of Pepys’ last diary entry, written May 31, 1669, so it seemed like a good time to take a closer look not just at the diary, but also at who Pepys was beyond his famous chronicle of life in 17th-century London.

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welcome to stuff humanist and history class production of I hurried, use, housetop works how low and welcome the bad gap banditry Phoebe. Well then, I'm probably frying Samuel Peaks has been something of a recurring character on our. Shall we, by their name, dropped him or red bits of diaries are episodes on an lister and the pirate Henry Every and the straw hat riots and written bereft of tee from China and the body how rough house rights of sixteen sixty eight and the belief that the royal touch could cure your scrofula. I have to imagine previous hosts of at some point said something about Samuel peeps too, but that's a lot harder
thus the track. At this point, I think all historians eventually talk about is a real Vigo stead. I'll eventually comes back to peeps, something that came up in one of these discussions between Holly and me, which is was that we had both red selections from peeps diary in school, and yet we did not know until working on the spot cast how funny it could be. like our experience with the opposite of the princess bride, were somebody had gone through the diary and only left in the boring parts? When I started working on this episode, I was also surprised to learn that the funny parts were not the only thing left out of my Samuel. Peeps experience in school are episode on an listers diaries talked about how much of them were dedicated to detailing her sexual relationships, and the same thing is true for Samuel, peeps and parts of his diary. Arson.
Are we explicit, like wine passage that I was reading as I was researching? This caused me to go. Wow outlet at my desk, we aren't gonna, be reading that packet passage, which, like fair warning see. I knew there was dirty stuff in the diaries. Am I wonder if I don't Amber exactly what copy I read at various points of my education. I wonder if maybe in my case, some of the funny stuff was there, but I didn't get the comedy. I thank you hot. Probably every every Samuel peeps thing that I had read had been at an anthology? You like not a stand alone copy of anything, and I, like I went back and looked as I was working with me. Like I'm, I am I like fudging, my own memory here and no like my Norton anthology of English literature. From back in my college days, like only have a couple of It is their only about the fire there, not funny or racy in any way, and I think that, like was the case like anything that I was reading was
excerpted in another work and not like a stand alone. More lengthy bang, regardless there were coming up on the three hundred fiftieth anniversary of peeps last diary, entry, which was written on May thirty. First of sixteen sixty nine, so it seemed like a good time to take a closer look, not just at the diary, but also at who peeps was beyond his AMOS Chronicle of Life and seventeenth century London. Samuel peeps was born in London on February twenty third, sixteen thirty three, his father was a tailor and his mother was a butcher's daughters. They were not particularly prominent or affluent family Samuel had ten siblings, but only two of them live to adulthood and of those three Samuel was the oldest. With the help of other family Samuel with to go to school. He went hunting than grammar school and I moved on to Saint Paul School from their here.
The Cambridge, where he started a lifelong friendship with John Dryden. He would go on to be England's first poet, laureate PETE's graduated with a ba in one thousand. Six hundred and fifty three Thebes family had one connection that served Samuel extremely well. That was Edward Mount you who is Samuel, fathers, cousin and would eventually become the first Earl of sandwich. He took him in Kristen, Samuel and hired him as a secretary. Have that might happen, Samuel will probably would pursued a career in law and one thousand six hundred and fifty five Samuel married Elizabeth Saint Michelle. She was the daughter of a french Huguenots who had come to England as a refugee. They had a religious ceremony on October, tenth, one thousand six hundred and fifty five when Elizabeth was born and Samuel was twenty two and then they had a civil ceremony on December first, by which point she had turned fifteen. This was definitely a match made. love and not for money. The same Michelle,
had been well off and prominent, but they had fallen on hard times in part because of her fathers, religious conversion, Samuel wound up supporting several of them financially but at the start of his marriage to Elizabeth, he wasn't in a position to do that at all. He couldn't even afford lodgings for the two of them, so they had to live in his room in Montague quarters at Whitehall Palace, in spite of their feelings for one another which, when they do seem to have genuinely been very fond of each other and their ages. Today are highly questionable. But at the time like that, with those are pretty normal, aid is to get married. Their marriage got off to a really rocky start. Elizabeth had some sort of recurring persistent gynecological problem and Samuel was in a lot of pain due to stones and his bladder and urinary tracked so from, very beginning. Their physical relationship was difficult and probably painful for both the Bam Elizabeth feelings on this aren't really recorded anywhere, but it was hugely frustrating for Samuel, also,
While Samuel was besotted with his wife. He was dead, we jealous and possessive. She was lovely, lively and charming intended to attract the attention of other men. Far. As we know, Elizabeth was always faithful to Samuel, but she also clearly enjoyed flattery and attention. If say, will thought a man was paying too much attention to her or that she was being too flirtatious. He would get angry about it and assigned for map. He could be very critical of her. All of us together made their relationship really tents. Elizabeth went back home to her family for a few in sixteen fifty seven, the returning to Samuel at Whitehall in December, they finally moved into a place of their own. The following Although their relationship continued to have just serious ups and downs, they both had volatile tempers people have a lot of affairs and they were known to fight and even threaten each other when things get really, he did at least in people
airy, though, which is virtually the only source of information that we have about Elizabeth. They also seem really genuinely fond of each other when things were good on March twenty six, sixteen fifty eight peeps had a la sodomy, which is a surgical procedure to remove a bladder. stone. A surgeon named Thomas Holier removed a stone that measured about two inches in diameter, which Samuel kept in a specially made case to show to people afterward. He recovered with no complications which incredible, considering that there was no anesthesia and the instruments weren't in any way stare. All these surgery, weren't uncommon at the time, but deaths and complications were pretty commonplace. Peeps developed other. Stones later on, but for a time after this procedure he was almost symptom free. I said in this outlined that he recovered with no complications
and Elizabeth, never had any children and one of the things that people site as may be a reason for that is that this procedure might have been successful at removing the stone but also might have inadvertently. I made him unable to have children. That's all very speculative there, like we don't know exactly why they didn't have any children, peeps rode his first diary entry on January. First, sixteen sixty- and he referred to this ailment in the very first sentence- quote blessed, be God at the end of the last year I was very good health any sense of my old pain, but upon taking of cold. We'll talk more about the diary later, especially through this next section of the absurd, but this is when he started keeping it. Sixteen sixty was a big year for Samuel peeps. He finished his masters degree and he was part of the fleet that brought King Charles. The second back to England super quickly Charles, the Seconds Father Charles. The first was king during the english civil wars, which were a series of conflict, primarily
between royalists and parliamentarians. Charles the first was executed in one thousand six hundred and forty nine and Charles II was forced into exile in one thousand six hundred and fifty one Oliver Cromwell, who had been a general on the parliamentarian side, became Lord Protector of England, Scotland and Ireland, not long after Cromwell death in one thousand, six hundred and fifty eight royalist started working out a deal to restore Charles II to the throne obviously it with a lot more complicated than those quick highlights and also complicated. Whether loyalties of peeps patron, Edward Montague Montague had fought on the parliamentarian side, and he had been closely connected to both Oliver Cromwell and his son. Richard who tried unsuccessfully, to follow in his late fathers what steps Montague had actually advocated for Oliver Cromwell, to be crowned as king, but by the spring of sixteen fifty nine royalists parliamentarians alike, were wondering if Monday whose allegiance was shifting Charles the sex
representatives made overtures to him, while parliament stripped him of his Admiralty Commission. I am for good reason. He wasn't it shaving in secret for the return of the king. But after a very politically chaotic end of one thousand six hundred and fifty nine and beginning of one thousand six hundred and sixty Montague was reappointed to the Admiralty Commission and leave general of the sea, along with George Monk, who was actively working to restore Charles II to the throne. Once a deal was negotiated for Charles's return, Montague secured the fleet that travel to the Netherlands to bring him back to England and thanks to Montague's influence, Samuel Peeps, was on board with that fleet. if we landed back at Dover with the king on May twenty fifth, sixteen sixty and almost immediately Charles, the second made Montague and Earl values, the beginning of a tremendously eventful decade, for peeps personally and for Britain into overall, then we're going to talk more about all of that? After a sponsor break.
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information on Malta and the first ever six thirty head over to Maza, USA dot com such Iheart or better, yet go check it out in person at a local area. Masilo today,. after Edward Montague became the Earl of Sandwich, he told Samuel. Peeps quote, we must have a little patience and we will rise together. In the meantime, I will do you all the good jobs. I can work out really well for people through the Earls influence in the summer of sixteen sixty. He was named clerk of the acts at the Navy Board of the Administrative Board responsible for running Royal Navy, in keeping it maintained and supplied this position came along with a salary and the house, and it also meant that peeps became a justice of the peace in the counties where the dock yards relocate
This was the beginning of a life long career as a naval administrator peeps was a very hard worker, but he didn't actually know anything about the Navy, like at all. Nearly his entire experience was going on that voyage to bring Charles, the second back to England, so at first he mostly just deferred to the rest of the board, some of whom had decades of maybe experience, but over the next couple of years, peeps realise that having a long career in the Navy didn't necessarily make a person an upstanding naval administrator or of any good at it. started to see a lot of laziness and waste and corruption, and he became especially distrustful of the men whose commands had been passed down to them through their fame.
These, rather than rising through the ranks based on their merit, but none of these opinions are raced. The fact that these men had knowledge and experience that peeps just didn't so he got to work trying to close that gap as much as it could. His own education had been really week in math, so he got a tutor and started learning multiplication tables he immersed himself in the terminology and procedures and measurements that were needed to build and maintain and supply ships. Soon he stopped following the lead of the more senior board members sort of trying to make things more efficient and orderly, which really drew the ire of some of his colleagues. Peeps was taking on additional roles as well. He became secretary of Committee that ran the english colony at Tangier, which had been part of Catherine of regards as dowry when she married Charles, the second he was elected, as fellow of the royal society in sixteen sixty five, the second Anglo Dutch.
war started later that year and many of the rest of the board were aging or at sea. So peeps found himself, overseeing a large part of the Navy's worse. I'm administration, including setting up a central
is provisioning system, 1660s, peeps witnessed and very quick succession. The great plague of London in the great fire of London, the plague struck London, one thousand six hundred and sixty five. Although peeps diary also includes news of the diseases spread elsewhere in the years before that, on April 30th, one thousand six hundred and sixty five, he wrote, quote great fears of the sickness here in the city. It being said that two or three houses are already shut up. God preserve us all his entries through one thousand six hundred and sixty five and into one thousand six hundred and sixty six detail. Fear of the plague and death tolls, some of which were enormous on August 31st, he wrote quote in the city died this week, seven thousand four hundred and ninety six and all of them six thousand one hundred
two of the plague, but it is feared that the true number of the dead this week is near ten thousand, partly from the poor. That cannot be taking notice of through the greatness of the number and partly from the quakers and others that will not have any bell ring for them for the first few months of one thousand, six hundred and sixty six here accords numbers that decrease and then increase in it trees. Again then, finally, noting a day of thanksgiving for the plagues end on November twentieth, although he acknowledges that people were still dying, the plague was in its last month, when the began on September. Second, one thousand six hundred and sixty six peeps chronicled the fire. Much like he did the plague detailing people's fears, along with what was burning and the progression of the fire itself and how the city tried to stop it. The fire affected peeps four months after it was over the following February. He wrote quote the weather for three or four days being come to be exceedingly
again as any time this year. I did within these six days, see smoke still remaining of the late fire in the city, and it is strange to think how to this day I cannot sleep at night without great terrors of fire, and this very night could not sleep till almost two in the morning through thoughts of fire. The second Anglo Dutch, or was going on through all of this and peace negotiations started in August of one thousand six hundred and sixty six and lasted into the following year. As the negotiations for grass, the british government decided to recall the fleet and scale down the Navy, while still trying to protect England from a dutch attack. On March, twenty third peeps wrote quote at the office where Sir W pen come being returned from Chatham from considering the means of fortifying the river Medway by a chain at the stakes and ships lay there with guns
to keep the enemy from coming up to burn our ships, all our care being now to fortify ourselves against their invading us. So basically they didn't have enough money to keep maintaining the navy like at the strength that it had been while they were more actively at war, but the peace treaty had not been fined yet so they needed a still have some kind of defence, and they were attempting to do this with a chain stretched across the mouth of the were, but a Dutch fourth did indeed attack the river Medway that happen. Undue ninth, sixteen sixty seven they broke through that chain destroyed some of the ships and captured others, including capturing the fleets flagship, the royal Charles. This was disastrous for the Navy. It was terrifying for the british people, since it put the Dutch in striking distance of London, of course, than people question The judgment of the king over the whole thing, but the war did and with the treaty of Bread a month later, peeps being the admins,
Peter who had arranged so much of the withdrawal was investigated repeatedly In the end, though, the officers who made the decisions took more of the blame than the Navy Board who would figured out just how to carry out those decisions. Soon, though, keeps had other problems to worry about. On October 25th, one thousand six hundred and sixty eight his wife caught him with one of their maids, Deborah it. Dad was a teen and she had been hired primarily as Elizabeth Companion and Elizabeth was, of course, outraged that they were not caught. Talking peeps was explicit in his diary about exactly what is going on on our tariffs. Thirty first, he wrote quote so ends this month with some quiet. To my mind, though, not perfect after the greatest falling out with my poor wife and through my folly with the girl that I ever had, and I have reason to be sorry and ashamed of it and
to be troubled for the poor guy sake, whom I fear I shall by this means, prove the ruin of, though I shall think myself concerned both to love and be friends. in November Elizabeth forced Samuel to dismiss Deb from their staff and agree to never see her again, but he did not keep that promise figured out where Deb had gone and went to visit and give her some money. It is not clear whether he can, you'd their affair. After she was out of a household though, and also this was not the only affair that peeps detailed in his diary. He wrote about dalliances with his friends, wives and his, Ives friends, maids and their household, and on and on and on and his attentions, and these episodes were not always welcome. On August eighteenth of sixteen sixty seven, he wrote about going to church where he quote stood by a pretty modest made, whom labour to take by the hand and the body, but she would not, but got further and further from
and at last I could perceive her to take pins out of her pocket to prick me. If I should touch her again, which seeing I did forbear and was glad I did spy her design and then- fell to gaze upon another, pretty made an acute close to me and she on me- and I did go about to take her by the hand which she suffered a little and then withdrew, so the sermon ended and the church broke up and my words ended too, and so took coach and home and their took up my wife and two is linked in with her Oh peeps, as he was writing about the fall out of his waist discovery of his affair. Peeps was also writing about problems with his eyes. His diary entries record pain, sensitivity to light and trouble, seeing He found the drinking made it worse, but he didn't want to give up drink. He loved going. The theater, but the light bothered him there and he was forced to stop going. He tried all kinds of compresses and potions and pills to no avail
and he was granted several months of leave to try to recover on May 31st, one thousand six hundred and sixty nine. He wrote his last diary, entry saying in part quote, and this ends all, but I doubt will ever be able to do with my own eyes and the keeping of my journal, I being not able to do it any longer. Having done now so long as to undo my eyes almost every time that I take pen in my hand and therefore, whenever comes of it, I must for bear and therefore resolve from this time forward, to have it kept by my people in long hand. it must therefore be contented to set down no more than is fit for them in all the world to know or there be anything which cannot be much how my amours to Deb our past my eyes hindering me in almost all other pleasures. I must endeavour to keep a margin. In my book. Open too,
here and there a note in shorthand with my own hand, and so I would take myself to that course, which is almost as much as to see myself go into my grave for which and all the discomfort that will accompany my being blind. The good prepare me not long. After Samuel and Elizabeth went to the low countries and France where she contracted some sort of fever. She died on November tenth, one thousand six hundred and sixty nine at the age of meantime Samuel, never remarried, but he did start an ongoing relationship with a woman named Mary Skinner, not long after she eventual moved into his home and seems to have acted as his wife in everything, but name, but in spite of this real certainty and the last diary entry that he was going blind, people did not lose his sight as he feared, you work in his career, continued on for almost two decades after his wife's death will have more on that after another quick sponsor break. This episode is broad
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This raised a lot of eyebrows. The third Anglo Dutch WAR started in March of one thousand six hundred and seventy two and peeps old benefactor. The Earl of Sandwich, was killed in action. The two men hadn't been closed for a while. The Earl have been caught up in a scandal about the distribution of wartime prizes and people had made enough of a name for himself that he didn't really need the earls patronage anymore. Even so, peeps was,
banner bearer at the funeral. In one thousand, six hundred and seventy three parliament passed a test act which banned Catholics and nonconforming Protestants from holding public office. King Charles II, brother, the Duke of York, refused to take the required oats that were mandatory for Catholics, which he was so he was forced to resign. As Lord High Admiral afterward, the king established an Admiralty commission and Peeps became as secretary. This was a promotion. It came with more income, more prestige than a lot more influence on November. Fourth, one thousand six hundred and seventy three peeps was elected to the House of Commons, but once again, rumors surfaced that he was secretly Catholic, which led to an investigation in the end he kept his seat, although his work as an MP mostly stuck to matters of the Navy, and he kept picking up new roles outside the government and his job with the admiralty, including becoming a governor of Christ, hospital, the master of the cloth workers, company and the Master of Trinity House
works to reform and revitalize the navy, especially when it came to setting standards and establishing regulations for how things should be done. It successfully lobbied for funding to build new ships and then say the House of Commons to allocate six hundred thousand pounds for it in one thousand. Six hundred and seventy seven largely due to peeps influence and planning the strength of the royal Navy, nearly doubled. was with the admiralty. He did all this in the face of ongoing accusations that he was a crypto papist. His opponents even went so far as to accuse his clerk of murder, in May of one thousand six hundred and seventy nine peeps and Sir Anthony Dean were accused of leaking british secrets to France and Peeps was again accused of secretly being catholic. he resigned his position with the admiralty, and he indeed were both sent to the tower as
What's going on, it was widely believed that Catholics were planning to assassinate the king and put his brother. The Duke of York on the throne, the so called popish plot did not exist but people were certain that it did. People started trying to put together his defence, but it turned out that the prosecution really did not have much of a case. One of the key witnesses against him was a butler that he had previously fired and the charges were eventually dropped. Peep spent the next few years most Lee out of the public eye, travelling collecting books for his library and acting as a secretary to Lord Dartmouth, during an expedition to evacuate the british colony of tangier after Britain decided to abandon it. Peeps return the admiralty. In sixteen eighty, four, in a position that was created for him Same here he was elected president of the royal society, his biggest claimed it
in this role. Is that he arranged for the publication of Isaac. Newton's Principia mathematical, with peeps imprimatur, featured very prominently on the frontispiece. This was, however, funded by Edmund Halley, not by peeps or the royal society. This was because peace said already spent the societies budget and some of his own money on the elaborately illustrated history of fish by France's Willoughby, which then had been a total commercial flop likely we talked about in our Christmas time upstairs to retire to help Charles Dickens and a Christmas Carol, and now he is really
wanted all of these engravings than illustrations. All those things are very very expensive and people had run through the whole entire budget. But if you look there's let me with plenty of scans of the frontispiece of of newtons, Principium Atlantica and that's Samuel peeps. His name is one of the bigger things had document in sixteen eighty five king, Charles, the second died and his brother, the Duke of York final. Did become king becoming James. The second and seven peeves continued on with the admiralty under the new bark resuming his plans to strengthen the Royal
maybe, while also just endlessly criticising the people that had been in charge while he was gone. But none of this preparation did the king a lot of good in sixteen eighty, eight, William, the third prince of Orange, overthrew James and the glorious revolution. William became CO regent with his wife, Mary, who was also James. His daughter, the new administration purge Charles's supporters from office peeps resign. Was briefly detained under suspicion for treason and was ultimately released on medical grounds. People spent most of his remaining life reading and studying, passing a huge library which he just continually reorganized and curated. He also published a book memoirs of the Royal Navy in sixteen ninety Samuel Peeps died on May twenty six, seventeen o three at the age of seventy. He was very next to his way waves, Elizabeth at Saint Olive church. He left his three.
And volume Library to Magdalen College at the University of Cambridge, with the stipulation that they be kept separate from the rest of the college's collection Today. Those are housed as peeps library, which is open to the public and to scholars alike. Peeps diaries were part of collection during the nine years that he was keeping the diary. Peeps would note each day activities, often ending with and so to bed, and then every few days he would I'm a little bit. It didn't seem to meaningfully change the content, but you gotta clean up a little bit and copy them into a master journal. In addition to writing these in shorthand, he also used a hotchpotch of codes and other languages for the most salacious parts of it. The result was a set of six large volumes training more than one and a quarter million words for more than one hundred years after peeps death. No one knew what was in these diaries. It was only have
John Evelyn's diaries were published in one thousand, eight hundred and eighteen that scholars started trying to transcribe peeps as well. Evelyn and PETE's lived at the same time. They were also friends, yeah they're sort of the two companion diarists of this time and in London. At the time, the people working with the diary thought that it was written in code, and I Cambridge undergraduate name is John Smith took on the task of decoding it. King Charles II had dictated an account of his one thousand six hundred and fifty one escape from England. Samuel peeps peeps had taken the dictation in shorthand and then later transfer, into long hand intending to publish it Smith compared these two versions to work out how to transcribe diaries, this work wasn't actually necessary, though peeps really writing and Thomas Shelton System of shorthand and the handbook for it. Titled tutor to tack geography, was there in peeps library is well. Somebody apparently told John Smith Lakes
years later by the way the manual to this since it was like, is right there, you didn't really me. I don't know what his reaction I envision some hair pull. and some screaming, but maybe that a very sits with either hair pulling and screaming her like. That was a fun challenge, though I don't mind that I did a bunch of totally unnecessary tedious work. Portions of the transcribed diary were published, starting in eighteen, twenty five with longer additions coming out in the years that followed a mostly complete edition, edited by Hb Wheatley, came out in ten volumes across one thousand, eight hundred and ninety three through eighteen nine in all these nineteen February versions. Profanity and the most explicit parts are all edit. Out, there are phrases. Sentences are sometimes whole days removed. Robert Louis Stevenson wrote about the diaries in eighteen. Eighty six
He expressed some sugar into the idea that some parts of them were quote unfit for publication. Saying quote, we may think without being sorted there when we purchase six huge and stressing the expensive volumes we are entitled to be it is rather more like scholars and rather less like children. The first edition that didn't at it out this sexton and profanity came out, so another century later another series, the volumes fellas between nineteen, seventy, nineteen. Eighty three. So if you have only read the parts of the diary that are in the public domain and are probably also about either the plague or the fire like me, about a type of episode. We would have a very different impression of this diary. Then, if you read other parts of an unex brigade virgin just as it, apples on October thirteen. Sixteen sixty he went out to see a public hanging, something that he seems to have really enjoy doing this one was major General Tommy.
Harrison who had been convicted of regicide in the execution of King Charles, the first Peeps wrote quote. I went out to Charing cross to see major General Harrison hanged drawn and quartered, which was done there. He looking cheerful, as any man could in that condition, while on the boat with Charles, the second, during his return to England, peeps wrote about a dog devastating on the deck saying quote I went with Mr Mann fell and one of the kings, but men with a dog that the king love Twitch expletive, deleted. The boats which made us laugh, which made me think that a king all that belong to him are, but just as others are, he also didn't temper his opinions. On September, twenty nine sixteen sixty two, he wrote quote. We saw midsummer night's dream which I had never seen before, nor shall ever again, for it is the most insipid ridiculous play. did. I ever saw in my life. I saw, I confess some good dancing
and some handsome women, which was all my pleasure. So yes, peeps diaries include a pretty straightforward eyewitness accounts of several major historical events and the sixteen sixties But people clearly also thought everything around him was interesting and worth noticing. So these die These are also a fascinating account of daily life in London, including what people ate and what they saw at the theater, and what music was popular. I'm in little details like discovering that the Wiggy bought was full of nits or what to do when you have tummy trouble. While you were staying at somebody else's house and the maid forgot to leave you a chamber pot, it's full of all kinds of random things that he saw and was just delighted or surprised by and of course,. All of those many many affair, and it's all online for free except those most explicit parts, if you gotta peeps diary dot com It's been putting up an entry a day at a time since two thousand thirteen along lots of annotations in letters and other information, and there are
decisions at project Gutenberg and archive dot, Org as well. So you have plenty to dig through. If you want to learn more peeps can just click on some random stuff. You I have a day where he was in the office and everything was serve, just political administrative stuff or you might get about a dog grouping either back about. Do you have little bit a listener mail. I do have with normal this from Marine comes back to the older episode, but I still thought it was super interesting. So Marines has high tracing Holly
then jumping around the archive, so I know you ve already receive many emails on Sir Walter Raleigh. However, I thought you may enjoy this family story. My grandfather was a member of the merchant marine stirring world or two. He always claim that he had been on a boat that was sunk off the coast of Africa, not one but two times during the war both times they are close enough to the shore that he was able to swim to safety. One of these times the locals came out in boats to rescue them. However, before being allowed to board the boat, each man had the papers passage with cigarettes. My grandfather apparently had the wrong I am either it was Sir Walter Raleigh Brand and they wanted something else, or vice versa, regardless only those crewman with the appropriate brand were allowed to ride in the boats, while the rest had to swim the remaining distance. While he was stationed in Africa we have a picture of ham and uniform and for the pyramids my dad was always skeptical of this story. As my grandfather was known to be free,
and of a good story. However, recently, when doing some genealogy research, I came across an admittance document for him to the port of New York in nineteen forty four. There was a space to explain why he didn't have the appropriate paperwork and it said, went down with the ship, so we do at least have verification that he survived one shipwreck. On a separate note, I recently listen to your transatlantic cruising episode highly. If you ever do choose to go on a Disney crews, I recommend you choose either the magic or the wonder of those. Two ships have adults, only areas that are truly removed from kids on a ship. The dream and fantasy have awkwardly placed central adults only areas where kids, or adults with small kids. Accidently have to walk through to get one side of the ship to the utter bless you for this knowledge. You have pity on me that right
We of the sum of the the cruise ships that I have been on have the casino awkwardly placed so that you have to walk through it to get from one part of the ship to the other end, the casino has traditionally been one of the places on the ship where smoking is allowed. This has become a sort of like if you would really rather not be around the spoke, some some finance willing to figure out how to get from one place on the ship to the other without walking through their anyway. She ends with an episode suggestion and thanks us further detailed research and keeping her company honour commute. Thank you so much marine. Thank you for this note. I love it when people have family stories that connected by Pakistan some way
always delights me so much, and I also really like it when people have their stories to share about their family members and the service Gazeta family. My family members, who have been in the service and feel little kinship when I hear people's other wartime military service stories, so thank you marine. Thank you. Everyone to censor Houston's its emails. If you would like to write to us about this or any other podcast or doesn't say hello, we love emails or to say hello and emails with people's pets, pictures and am we're history, pod gas, that house works dot com and then we're also Oliver Social media at Miss than history. That is where you ll find our Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. You can come to our website, which is missed in history, dot, com, where you will find the show notes, while the episode the Hyena have done together and you will find a suitable archive of every episode ever aunt. You can subscribe to the show on Apple Pie, asked, I hurt radio and wherever else to get about gas stuffy. Mr district last
production of Iheart radios, how stuff works for my ipod, for my how radio visit by her radio, Appleton guests or wherever you listen to your favorite shows everybody. So this episode of Swift Blue mind sponsored by the all New Mazda, see Ex thirty, which actually just got to test. Dr recently in the beautiful mountains of southern California, and I will say, as some of you, we ve told you on the show before were not really car guys. We don't know a lot about cars, I'm sort of an automobile philistine, but from this auto Philistines hard, I will say this was a really wonderful card Ryan, I truly enjoyed cruising around the mountains, and this thing it was very smooth. It was very stylish it It is sung to my non car heart in a way that cars usually don't. So what's actually in this thing details why so? It has class leading standard horse power and I acted all we'll drive with G vector in control plus for ultimate control, and I
There is a very special thing about this car. I am I'm driven and other car like this, where you, when you go around a corner in it something about it, feels almost like predictive like you you know you don't need to do like Jerkin around trying to correct your turn like it. Everything in it is extremely smooth, then and continuous, and I think that's what's going on here, but also get a beautiful design on the outside yeah. I mean it basically Security is size to be agile and the city, while still having the interior space in utility to go anywhere at any time. You know encouraging an active lifestyle and to your point, is that the idea that you not haven't
the rest of the machine to get where you're going there is there is a meeting of the man in the machine is also a very nice driving experience in a visual way where I, like. The car doesn't have a touch screen and, in a word like you, can see, those touch screens come up and in kind of distracting, while you're trying to navigate through the features and stuffily driving instead its more traditional kind of command controls that you go with buttons and lovers from the start, we'll, but it actually makes for a much nicer, less distracted drive. You got your eyes on the road you safer to ya, you not playing video games to drive the car you're driving a car, but it's also got connected car features. They give you convenient safety peace of mind this guy in car wifi option. Remote engine start stop and door lock vehicle status, navigation service view Go find her automatic nine, when one dialing in the event of an accident also is really got it all, and I really truly enjoyed driving this car. So from
more information on Mazda and the first ever see Ex Thirty go to Mazda, USA dot com, slash I heart or better yet to see the entire Mazda view. Line up visit your local area, Mazda dealer today