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SYMHC Classics: Building Disneyland's Haunted Mansion, Pt. 2

2017-10-14 | 🔗

We're revisiting the second installment in the story of the Haunted Mansion. This one goes from concept to fully-realized theme park attraction and covers the reboot the team went through after the World's Fair and the loss of their leader.

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here's the thing saving money with geico was almost better than playing pick up basketball because there's always that guy joint your game ever passes the rock he constantly rex theories and who completely happy when put his hands up and say no foul no foul with geico it's easy to switch save on car insurance no need fagin ankle sprain because you're absolutely exhausted so which in save with geiger it's almost better than sports hey you happy saturday today's classic continues last saturday story of how disneyland haunted mansion came to be the comic attraction than it is today so join us while we talk about a happy hans and the pumps and the road that resulted in one of disney's jewels and as always beware of hitchhiking ghosts
welcome to stuff you must in history class struggle extra come hell owing to the partners time i'm tracy levels and we we left you whether cliffhanger i'm around we are talking about the history of the home engine in disneyland how it came to be built and how that concept went from just idea in their early fifties to becoming an actual thing that part visitors know about today because it really quite a long and winding road for that that right in particular and so when we left off really crump and yale gracie were two gentlemen that were working on effects they were going to go in you d honneur mansion and they had done really amazing demonstration where are they and made a mockery of the whole attraction and how it would work in
imagine ears and waltz and other stakeholders in disneyland got to walk through it and experience it they were all compete we blown away by its so amazing was also very slow yeah those amazing effects had really while the whole crowd but they also took away too long to play out the show was deemed inefficient at that point so there was no they could move people through quickly enough to avoid long lines and logjams and there's a turn this often used for rides and ah he about load and how quickly they can get things through that they wanted them to be people eaters looked ahead to just be able to move people through really quickly and so even if some of the elements of this show had been omitted the time it was gonna take to reset some of the effects for each new group coming through on the tour with just still not going to workable in addition to this timing issue while had kind of cool
on this idea of the haunted house being a walk three retraction sleeping beauty s castle features a walk through story displayed ever since the opening and he had really never been too happy with it and then to make matters worse we talked about this and the first so there has been a debate over whether the exterior should look pristine or just a shambles won't wanted it to a pristine to match the rest of the park and other designers wanted it to look crumble like a crumbling old mansion and a little run down like a haunted house normally would the kind of place he look at and that is haunted me yes had been a little bit of a problem and back when can anderson was head of this product at the time had but i know all about it he just decided he would move to focusing on the interior and they would table this issue but they had to stop talking about the outside of the extraction there has never been an agreement on how it was we gonna work and so that
and unresolved so as being nineteen fifty came to a closed so did play sprayed disneyland haunted house and they basically put the whole thing on hold yes the haunted house just stood review quickly had been part of the plan for disneyland since walt first envision the holes park in nineteen fifty one so they had spent almost a decade at this point working on things and then they just had it can say goodbye to it to the heirs sometimes i get frustrated when i am being in my head again something trying to work on it for like an hour and a half and they were making their heads working on this for like ten year yeah i mean not the whole team but although they do go on for heading four years but so the haunted house take them languished until nineteen sixty one so is a couple years but what was still really eager to ex banned the park
and the double eat de team or whether depending on what you prefer which eventually became the imagining hurrying decided that they were gonna once again take on this tub troubled project there was a strong desire to get this thing up and running that they started passing out handbills in the park that very year announcing that in nineteen sixty three to down the road the haunted as it was now officially was being called would be open to guests and hearts a little bit of let's light a fire and yourselves that he has done and also a little bit maybe pudding some of the cart before the horse yeah i mean they were throttled by the deadline and so construction really did kind of catapult forward but even so it was not quite at the pace that was hoped for and while the exterior of the junta mansion was in place for by the way they went with walls pristine plan which is not really a prize in nineteen sixty three the exterior
we done but the interior was far from finished walled asked martin scar to come up with copy a real estate sign that would be inviting ghosts move into this in business land and here's the sign that appeared sighed the empty building do you want to read this i bet you like it sure it reads notice all ghosts and restless spirit post lifetime leases are now available in this haunted mention dont be left out on shine enjoy act retirement in this country club atmosphere for the fashionable address for famous ghosts ghosts make a name for themselves an ghosts afraid to live of leases include licence to score daylights out of guests visiting the portrait gallery muse of the supernatural graveyard and other happy hunting grounds for rest shall i send resume of past experience to ghost relations debate
disneyland please do not apply in person i love that it's so charming things were behind schedule at this point but they were progressing along guests were getting at least a little son the flavour of the attraction of the exterior was there and so things were kind of back on course within their opponents old again when walled agreed to build for attractions for the nineteen sixty four to nineteen sixty five worlds fair yeah and this is interesting one as a brief aside i have heard people say before we my disney history like you do which do there is often this misconception at the world they are actually came before disneyland opened and that because some of the pieces that won't worked on for the world's fair moved into disneyland i think they're spend this confusion about the timing of wind disneyland happened but in fact it was up and running they just paused on all current project
because those for projects that while was doing for the world's fair ate up all of his time and the time of the designers and artists that he routinely used because he had put them all work on these worlds fair projects so every problem for disneyland that was going on including the junta mansion was just going to have to wait so the attractions for the new york displays were complete once the world's air projects were completed it was time to go back to behind imagine you say so line nineteen sixty four the team was assembled and shuffled around a little bit anderson had gone back to work in the studios but rowley crampton yale gracie returned to the mansion and walled added davis claude coats and ex attends you to the mix accession for example here yeah and marked davis
who had worked on other disneyland attractions was tasked with creating the inhabitants of the mansion so the ghosts were underhand cod coats put his skills as a background artists to work designing the environment throughout the attraction and exit pincio worked on the script he had just done one for pirates of the cap in so every member had a role to play and assigns duties but me starting with some kind of a clean slate story wise so initially they were all coming up with pitches for different versions of the story that would run the lighted mansion year and just for clarification so really chrome and yield gracie were still working on effects we didn't them but they were all still working on it and there was another major element of this reboot of the projects in the decided to add an omni mover which is a car system rather than a walks
had originally been envisioned so that they could keep people moving through this attraction at the rate of thousands of people per hour so that's how the doom buggies were formed which are the car sick of it and one of the installations that disney and his team had done for the world's fear was this people mover that had been developed in conjunction with the ford motor company and it was basically disarmed river system and i have been a really great success at the world's fair so it pretty quickly was that concept adopted over nonstandard honnami intended in several places in disney that's it common element the he will see that there is still a people mover he up in an alcott romantic kingdom oh it's a medic number you were right i was smashing them all had together well it seems it's in tomorrow and which is the future is stick so people it's easy to do that dear but over the like epcot future world yeah two great place to take a break especially if it's hot out
he had a nice grendel riding it to go inside seventy attractions while you just sit placid he get pretty much anything that involves sitting in a boat or sitting alone car you have like ten metre about ten minutes awesome yes worley chrome work when they were working on concepts was way outside what the other men were working on and even he admitted when what was reviewing everybody's work but you know how bitterly attraction he had done things like a melting candle man an essential walking chair yes so as they were all pitching these new versions of behind a mention story unlike how it would all go together in terms of continuous thematic thread really crop which is drawing bizarre things that no one knew what to do he was up in his own world of we you leave kind i maybe he's still alive today any talks about a lot but you're his style
it is really unique it's now pretty much accepted that he had his some of you crazy designs are what led to the famous damask wallpaper that's got the eyeballs in the hunt dimension for a while it was a matter of debate over whether that actually came from but if you look at some of his early sketches and some of these works he was puzzling and into very similar style to some of the pieces there and after having done this review where really crop is like i don't know how it fits in its i'm just spit bawling weird things that i think are a little bit more new and interesting than the standard like haunted mansion fair casino he didn't want to do the same stuff that any other haunted house would have he wanted unique and interesting and outside of what people had experienced before so apparently after not sleeping on it because interviews with crumpled was to tell this story any specific where was mentions that win waltz comes to see
him the next morning that he was actually there before really crump got there sitting in his chair he was wearing the same coin since the day before and said that he can gain sleep because he was thinking about what to do with these designs walt had this at that point that release designs we're gonna be part of what he called a museum of the weird that would fall at the end the attraction is guest exited and that they could walk through at their own pace so kind of the way people we'll know now many rides in any disney park what kind of shoot you out into a gift shop this was gonna shoot you out into this weird museum near rowley crops museum of the weird once had been tasked with making this museum shoe it came up with action the eyed and wonderful things for it he pulled
things had worked on earlier emily attractions development process and embellish their designs and he envision lots of things that all kind of ring familiar to there's you ve been to the hunted mansion and disneyland or disneyworld like a seance with floating furniture marble bus here's gazes followed the guests portraits that morphed and changed before people's eyes there is even a haunted fortune tellers cart this episode of stuff you missed in history class is brought to you by w w formerly wait watchers they launched a new might be to be programme as their most groundbreaking and customize programme ever i joined debbie w because i was really looking for something that was going to help encourage means you make healthier eating choices they have really done that when you join them w w program you will take a personal assessment it ask questions you're eating habits in your behaviors minute scientifically matches you up with which plan is going to be the best for you i'm on the
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can go in because there's not stuff on it gets people are like wasn't supposed to many years ago yes a man of things going to take a really rough turn at this point pirates of the caribbean reconstruction almost complete i think tomorrow is being refurbished the work on a second park in when i was under way and wall died and some people seem very sudden but i think it's on those cases where he never talked about being sick he had undergone a surgery in november nineteen sixty six to remove a tumor in his long that happen covered when he went in for treatment of a neck injury that he had gotten from a sporting injury and then then following month december fifteenth of that same year he died of acute circulatory collapse there was associated with his lung cancer so this is
really just emotionally devastating for the people who worked for him and losing wall meant that there was no longer a referee and the whole haunted mansion project which had always had a problem of just big personalities class in disagreeing over how to do things tat especially when it that up in that way where you have a lot of really brilliant people in your like everybody pitch me a new version of this and they all want there to be the wine that goes forward of course it could be contentious and whether dummy edi leadership felt that the best solution at this point was to put the team of mark davis and claude coats in charge of the mansion at this point the hunt them go to the caribbean had launched and they had worked on it and it had been very successful so they seem like the ideal team
however it turned out that after that big success each of the men kind of felt like he should be the one that was in charge with the other taking a secondary management role and you can imagine how well that played out there that at this there had been a decade of exasperating on again off again production then there was the if over the loss of disney the head buddy the two leaders created this perfect storm for what had become really one of the most contentious battles and disney imaginary history it sounds silly but the question whether the haunted mansion should be funny or scary caused these huge arguments and a giant split in the development in europe margaret he s really preferred more of the funny character driven stuff whereas coats who was an environment i never wanted it to be about spooky scary ear he ended because they were having such a hard time co managing this project it just became a tug of war between these two concepts
designers were kind of lining up on either side of the debate and it really was just constant bickering over silly it seems so small you can see how when the stakes are high because it is a thing it's gonna forever you have just lost your leader you are a little chaffed with here you know success and feel like you're not maybe not getting as much credit as you want you can see how it could quickly become this boiler pot the air then with a bunch of creative people while i'm a creative people on mary to create a person and i know we can have some temper she yeah you know what i think it's funny were the jump scare at the very beginning of the ride when all the little kids completely lose their minds but this is because i'm a terrible person i know it's five and it is for it's your kind of enjoying everyone experiencing at every level it is the terror of it and its that's part of what makes any haunted house lay kind of fun is watching people freak out so i understood
so how big it over this hauling awhile eventually dick irvine richard hare rhine who is the dvd vice president of design he came decided more mark davis's vision and so at least verbally that was how it settled but even so attraction kind of is segmented enough you think about it when you go through it it's almost leg here's the clock coats part here some davis part coaches vision for the moody and creepy is really more the first half of the ride like when you're going through all those environments and you're seeing you know the creepy coffin with the guy talking out of it in the long hallway trip there a lot of characters about there on a lot of like go see you see you like it is about mood lock the doors that are knocking the dsl zactly elements get half becomes more about the characters in the illusions that more davis is really a fan of so that's a new start
the ghosts in the ballroom manned you know leo to science and all of those hence in the big peppers ghost illusion which is the ballroom that's on olives happens zoo it's kind of lake the ambulance portion of the front and then the fund her for set the stage and then we're gonna have a story and some people even said like as a this kind of set up a perfect like act break to the story of the honey mention that it did break out in that way that one half favours one design philosophy in one happy receive yeah so this was only ex attend seers second ride script before he had written script for pirates he had been a story word artist who worked in the story departmental disney studios and it fell to him to find some kind of way to marry all these disparate elements that had been thrown out by this team was of two different kind of ink
habitable stylistic mines poor guy like make sense of this we ve built it figures at mount while in you and i are both at it as some of our work we know that feeling of when you get something that is like somebody sent you they're note salad and nearly how do i make this note salad into a thing you one thing and is not note salad now picture note salads and they argue with it and you have to and away to make peace and of europe seemed interviews with acceptance yo i have this i can see where he was the perfect person for this job because he has a very calm meaner he seems very ino sweet and earnest but also extremely smart and so you can see why in any real time are often how you know walt disney one of his greatest what exigency reveals is one of disease greatest triumphs was that he
see what people were capable of even if they had never done it didn't know they could and so that's kind of how he became drift writer on shows does he just said i think you're the guy to do this is like i don't know how to do this they define any was and so in the end he drew inspiration from that real estate signed copy that marty scar had written and so that how he woke the story of the nine hundred and ninety nine happy hans throughout the honey mentioned that are ready to recruit number one thousand and it could be you saw from the stretching portrait room to the hit taking ghosts its about you know these many different spirits that their home in the junta mansion and how they would love invite another member to think is kind of regulation and indeed solution to this problem and wound up meaning for real memorable wine yeah men to disney twice in my life once when i was five and once when i was in my lay thirty
from that five euro we really can you even though you are three freak out about other age hither and thither one of these is that you know you don't remember giant piles of stuff when you were here it's usually a breadth of piecemeal again one of the few absolutely clear memories i have disney from the trip when i was five as the hitchhiking ghosts and hoddan in a very low boy i think i was finally concerned that one of them actually was coming home with me i've always quite sad that there are not in the car when i leave like phineas
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go to norton dot com slash history that's norton dot com slash history for twenty five percent off so at long last on august nine nineteen sixty nine than eighteen years after the product had started and six years after the empty house it appeared honour in a corner of disneyland finally the haunted mansion opened its doors yeah if you ever want perspective on a work project just remember lake golf with doing designs his first sketches in nineteen fifty y yeah i also want to drive away less about like video games they get perpetually labour or maybe never happen yeah usually that does not go on for eighteen years yeah that's it it's along
i mean i can only met and i think that also lead to kind of some other i may we we talked you at a time but i can only imagine the fever pitch of potential frustration and just talk nerves by the end of it while they're having all those arguments about the style of its leave just put on this project for it of a decade or more just be it they just probably why diana and they want to go home and have a life that has nothing to do with a honeymoon jim there but it was immense successful from day one there are photographs from day one where you can just see the crowd just the line goes on forever week later the junta mansion set a single day attendants record eighty two thousand five hundred and sixteen guests went through its doors one day hard him imagining that many people that the people eater how that works so was a rumour leading up to the opening that one of the reporters at oppress viewing had had a heart attack and
i'd causing the ride to be redesigned at the last minute acceptance year has said that the previous period attractions always reveals some problems that need tweaking but no no one died of fright one of the early tweaks to the ride with the removal of a character that is now referred to as the hat box ghost and this one that if you are ended his freely if you're into the hunt imagine you know about this should an elderly looking goes it was holding surprise i have box and his head was who's your vanish off of his shoulders and then appear in the hat box and then switch back again the illusion never worked quite right didn't work is planned at the angle which guess rubbed seeing it in the place that it was meant to go in the mansion from their doom he's so i just never worked well enough and they ended up pulling it really quickly because he didn't a effect menace said the hammocks ghost is now immensely popular amongst honnami ancient vans and up
version of it appeared at the twenty three which is the official disney convention just last month so this summer twenty thirteen and there have been rumours that if gear modelled torres honey mansion movie ever comes to fruition which is another on again off again on again off again people say it's cancel gear mandatory will say in a nearer view no we're still working on it ass we don't really know but the rumours that the good old hat box ghost will be permanently featured but what plans if doesn't really has for the character is not known to the public at this time to the best of my knowledge so hopefully hat box comes back there is a i think there is a site called line of theirs recycled do buggies darkness and i think they have a picture that someone managed to take very early on in those either preview you're one of the first is that it was opened before it gets cold here you can see what happens ghost looks like nice he's very popular versions of the hunted mansion have been installed and walt disney world in florida and tokyo disneyland
ray imagined versions of the attraction appear in disneyland paris and hong kong disneyland it's a manner in paris is set in a wild west mining town and mystic manner and hong kong has an invention adventurer kind of world explorer theme yet almost four b bullet have to disney in years prior this places now closed but there used to be a place in downtown disney called the adventurers club just kind of like an old school hunting club like the place you would expect to see hemingway hanging out in the mr manner is almost like a marriage of that concept and the honey mansion idea so the they have slightly different twist the phantom manner as fast has really good music mystic manner has music done by danny often also you know it's off each holiday season the original anaheim on a mention tokyo disneyland honey mansion they both get nightmare before christmas overly which is called honey mansion holiday and so from roughly the beginning
october through the end of the year and usually the first couple days of january instead of going seeing the usual haunts that you would see on the attraction the visitors get to see you sally and zero and ugly buggy and the rest of the inhabitants of hollowing town cause it's kind of turned into a hollowing town situation and it is amazing i cried the first time i was on an anonymous to tell you because i also have my men for christmas use i wish i could go every year but i never manage to do so so probably will be a surprise to anyone that there have been many many claims of actual go sightings and the various hide mansions around the world both by guests and by cast members there's always the stories of people scattering ashes in the mansion i dont like that idea now and disney doesn't either i dont know if there has ever been indeed confirmed ones but you'll hear kind of apocryphal stories where people are like no we vacuum that right up
so if you think you might want to do that now that you're not really now there and they're gonna end up in a vacuum and that seems in kansas yeah it's not good say no i dont want to decide on how people choose to express their grief and their wish level and i do not really proof of the idea of getting you're people's remains on me while i'm in a theme park rhyme your i understand there is nowhere i would rather be scattered but you know them those rules and what is missing final build of the junta mansion was rally crumbs of the weird because as they were really ramping up towards the that last chunk of protection they realized it wasn't gonna work so it got scrapped many of his ideas for the museum are in the attraction itself and we mention like the seance room with the floating furniture that was his idea originally the the busts
follow people which is a really cool trick there actually casts in recess other set back and it's just a natural cool effect that when you go by the way there did they look like their bus standing outside but there actually a negative and it looks like you're following you it's often and what s interesting is that there is in some of the park search a souvenir stand outside because it doesn't dump out into a gift shop and a souvenir stand looks a lot like really cramps hunted fortune teller carts which is kind of fun and that's another thing that there have been rumblings about through the years that the museum of the weird is being kicked around as a possible starting point for a full length feature film script that it's going be incorporated into a video game there have even been rumours that it's gonna be its own attraction eventually but so far this has not materialised there's a story i think that early times ran like three years ago that ahmed's app i was working on a script treat
about it and then disney designated oh no no no that's not happening so you knew this there's always more to talk about on a major so much more yeah me we ve hit until the higher points but so much story there and legacy and because so many of those imagine ears are still with us and are often mean make appearances are due interviews really cramps book came out at the end of last year in its quite fun it's kind of a pistol he's got an interesting history both in and outside disney and you know he fled a wild life in many ways and he doesn't really hold back he's very fun accidents you like i said just comes across as the sweetest manual marijuana mean on the planet and they loved to wax europe's on i can talk about the times in working on this project in need i heard it was a trial by fire but they still see look back at a kind of lovingly has rightly recognised when it became yeah if i had
working and gave me in the fifties i m sure i would be waxing rhapsodical back the time even if it was really hard because of what it grew into yeah does sound like it again at some of the things where we see it today and the huge massive company and you know how many people talk about how they their dream job would be to work for disney and it was even for these guys but i think people don't realize it wasn't lake you instantly get rich like i was watching interview with really crumbs not too long ago and he was saying when he got hired disney they offered him less than half of what he was making working in i think a strategic tile factory and he was i advocate on the land or no it to do man i really want to work for disney so he took it and he had to take a second job lake mean these weren't like pie in the sky
super dreamy easy coasting jobs they were now really really hard so i could see were looking back he would be very proud of that work is really had to be committed so that sir as we close out this saturday classic we want a dimension that acceptance yo who we spoke about as being still alive in the second instalment did pass away on september tenth of this year if you listen to last week's classic witches part one of this you may recall that we mentioned at the beginning that we selected these episodes specifically is our way acknowledge his death and honour his memory you want to eat less are email address is history podcast a house of works dot com and you can find us across these of social media as mr history you can also find us at missed in history dot com and you can visit our parent company house works how stuff works darker
for more or less thousands of other topics visit how works it seems like it should be easy but it's not just getting out of bed and getting your day started trying to accomplish everything you need to do in your day that to do list as a lot easier when you're getting news stories and music to lift your mood and preparing for the day ahead get connected to the things that make you laugh and make you think or make you want to reach out and share with a friend every morning with us it's elvis joanna morning show listen to us on kyoto to or anywhere in the world only i hurt radio app
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