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SYMHC Classics: Catherine de' Medici and the Scarlet Nuptials

2019-01-05 | 🔗

In this classic 2010 episode of the Medici super series, Katie and Sarah follow up on the further adventures of Catherine de'Medici. Listen in and learn how the St. Bartholomew Day's massacre contributed to Catherine's notorious reputation.

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My name is subversion. Man, escargot cordiality, and this is the peak and Sebastian POD cash. This is a show just you guys, A comedian p Coralie and I were media. This is comedy gold right. Pleasant repeated Sebastian show on Iheart radio at Apple Podcast, wherever you keep your path, hello, I'm happy Saturday, as we promised last week today we are concluding the story of Catherine Domenici, including her connection to the Saint Bartholemy used a massacre look forward to catch. Coming up again on our new episodes of the show this week as well, and if your info,
in hearing the other. Episodes that are referenced and today show will have a link to all the medicine episodes from both. This super series that these two upsides were part of an from later hosts we'll have that in the show notes of today's episode welcome to stuff. You missed in history class from Housetop works dot com, hello and welcome to the pride cast iron, Katy, Lambert and unfair dowdy, and when we left Catherine Domenici and our previous podcast, she the a grieving widow. Her husband had just been killed in a jousting accident, a terrible jousting accident which I'm gonna take the opportunity to relive one more time. He receives alike, hence in the eye through the brain, and it takes him ten agonizing days to die. So that's where we left off and it's really gonna pick up again comes
Why do you want to relive that sir she's left as regent for her sickly weak minded fifteen year old son Francis? The second who ended up married to Mary, Queen of Scots, which connects are met, achieves series to our Tudor stewards, which that's the key? That's why this is a super series which we ve been through excited about
circling. But Katharine replaces her cheery personal symbol of a rainbow with that of a broken lance. She starts wearing exclusively black morning, attire, usually without a white rafter said it all off for the rest of her life for the rest of her life and and she gets to work and she effectively rules France through three successive sons who are king until she dies just shy of seventy years old, but dont think there wasn't any trouble because there definitely was the first son Francis didn't live very long at all. He died at sixteen and he was succeeded by his ten year old brother, who became Charles. The ninth and Catherine took this opportunity to seize full control of the Regency Seeing her very excellent scheming skills to remain in control of her kid amid these jostling factions in France yeah, she promote symptom majority at age. Thirteen which is a U
earlier than normal. But she she wanted a real king of France, because these factions were so contentious at this time and she takes on a grand progress of the country and its a big deal. It's twenty months of travelling, moving between Chateau, intense and taking barges and horses and having all these elaborate festivals and banquets, and Catherine, is kind of an elaborate lady anyways. We learned in Leoni Frida's book Catherine Domenici Renaissance, queen of France, that she keeps bear then her ran kneel, and you know how much alien. I love embarrassed by a woman. After all, these are kind of sad bears that have pierce noses and their their chained her leader, but they follow her around. I mean how crazy, as that she's also got a monkey apparent and an entire household of dwarves, whoever brocades and fur, and have their own footmen in tutors, which they they hang out with
constantly. But the point of this Tories is not just to show off and show off how magnificent the crown is, but have the king me and mingle with his people and to keep the nobles entertained, keep them away from their their country, houses where they could. I dont know cook up plans against the monarchy and just try to bring the country back together and she's, hoping that everyone will ultimately rally around the king and rally together for free and this is something the country really needs at the time right, because when Henry the second died, heat had the personal loyalty of all of their nobles and once he he's gone, the country is split again by feuding, noble factions, each of them once control of this young king other loyal to the the crown still, but they dont have that personal loyalty that they had to the two Charles and Francis, before him took to their father.
So the principal nobles we're gonna keep an eye on here are the geese family. They are the Ultra Catholics and then there's the bourbon family, who are princess of the blood which makes them the second family in France, after the the royal family itself, and the bourbons are protestant. So just remember those two sides throughout this whole and the issues between these two groups of nobles are also representative of religious issues in the country as a whole. So becoming give you a little backroom on that to make it easier to understand yeah. The reformation, of course got its start in one thousand five hundred and seventeen two years before Catherine was even born when Luther posted, his ninety five theses and the the zealous Protestant John Calvin, is largely responsible for spreading the new religion in France in just to get a scale of how quickly things happen here by the fifteen fifties. We have the first French reformed
Chaz. So this takes off no less than thirty years for the whole thing and Katharine's husband, Henry the second who, as we learn in our previous podcast, was. zest with his foreign wars was a little bit too distracted to deal adequately with these religious fractures and he also underestimated them and their power. And then you know, right after he made his foreign peace. He died with the lance and his eyes about cut that short anyways. Definitely so we are left with these weak child kings and I trying to patch everything up patch up these feuding, nobles and country, split by religious differences and she's, trying to protect her children's thrown she's, trying to defend her own religion, she's, a catholic of course, and deal with the factions, and she can't please everyone. Nobody can juggle all of that and contrary to Catherine's later reputation as this crazed, Ultra Catholic, whose in
and on spilling protestant blood would like to do a little myth, busting hair, because she really strived for moderation whenever she could and she granted freedom of conscience and limited access to worship, which was a big big deal. It's basically separating sedition from heresy and no one is happy still. The Catholics thinks she's capitulating or maybe she'll even become a protestant. Horror of horrors am Huguenots. Think that it still not enough yeah. So it's weird, though, is this peace that she tries to establish the freedom of conscience and the limited access to worship is what we end up with. Decades leader after nine civil wars of religion, even up with the same thing, it's crazy, but that's not to say that her reputation for Florentine tactics, which by we mean murdering people and Interest
in the occult wasn't deserved, because even though she was a devout Catholic, she relied heavily on marriage. She astrologers magic and her own dream, visions and other podcast theme. She had consultations. Nostradamus, but her main astrologers with Florentine Ruggieri brothers, who were magicians neck romancers and men who are known for being very skilled in the black arts and just this weird magic, Amir story about Catherine. Supposedly shortly after her husband died. She she consults. One of the regime. Airy brothers wants to have him foretell her sons, futures and in this mere he pulls out. She sees her sons faces. Circling by and Ruggieri tells her that
each circle they make will stand for how many years the rule, the kingdom she sees Francis go by once her second fun. Charles the night goes by fourteen times, then her third son, who is later Henry the third, goes by fifteen times. In the final phase, she seizes Henry Prince of Navarre, so it's really spooky and kind of a bad bad omen for Catherine. She also had a guy in her life Metro, Renee, who mixed up potions for her and supposedly poison, gloves and poison Rouge an although it's likely that Catherine had people taken out. You know had her own little hit list. She probably didn't poison, any fellow queens with poison gloves, but this is the kind of stuff that earns her her nickname the black queen and the massacre were about to discuss here. That's a really big part of it.
Here's the thing: saving money with Geico was almost better than playing picker basketball, because there's always that guy who joins your game, He never passes the rock he constantly Rex theories and who completely hack you and then put his ends up and say no foul, no foul with Geico. It's easy to switch. save on car insurance no need to fake an ankle sprain because you're absolutely exhausted so, We can save with Geiger. It's almost better than sports. We're going to that list age for the massacre. While there are eventually nine more is of religion in France at the time of the massacre, which is in fifteen, seventy two we ve only have three so far,
and the worth of polished off the main bourbon protestant leaders leaving too young princess. This figure has, and that's the prince de Gondi and Henry of Navarre, who we ve already mentioned, and Catherine has just arrange a peacemaking marriage kind of thinks. The Yorks than the Lancaster sort of like that between Henry of are in her daughter Margaret, is known as Margo, and this marriage is gonna, unite the vow family, the Royal family, with the bourbon So that's uniting the senior in the Jew branches of the royal line, and it's also going to unite the Catholics and the Protestants because of course Margo is a Catholic. Henry of Navarre is a protestant. So it's this great symbol of peace and goodwill and thousands of people are going to come into Paris, nobles, regular people
religions to see the nuptials, and we have another important player in this set up since the bird you cannot, leaders are dead, we have a guy named Admiral Gus Spar. The second calling me at the head of our movement he had just returned about a year earlier and had begun currying favour with the king and his uncle had been a great trusted adviser to Henry the second, so afghan, yes, so Gaspari idea is that maybe he can take on a similar role with Charles, the nine Hu, as a young man is starting to get ready to take on more responsibility, take over some of it from his mom and upstage his younger brothers, glamorous military reputation. So I guess sport has a plan and he's hoping that it will bring him personally closer to the king.
these also hoping that it will give the Huguenots more recognition more rights, more respect in France and the plan is to take french Catholics and french Huguenots and together fight the Spanish in the Netherlands and the wedding ceremonies that are going on in Paris offer the perfect opportunity for Gaspard to discuss this plan with Charles to try to get his approval, but unfortunately, for him calling me is very unpopular with the other members of the court. Be very catholic, Geese family doesn't want war with Spain and they hate cleaning and because they consider him responsible for murder in their family. The murder of Francois doggies ten years earlier and Catherine doesn't want war as Spain either she thinks it could be disastrous, and she doesn't like colonies influence on her son. So this isn't just a religious issue it. So it's a mixture of
small vendettas and political problems. But going into this, we have two things happening. This big marriage between Margo and Henry and the arrival of calling you to attend the wedding and discuss the plans for the work and Spain so Catherine had long banned the visas from enacting their remit On carlini for this murder, he may not even have been involved by, though, is named out roped into it, and here he probably didn't have much to do with that. But then she lifts this ban, so he's basically back on a possible hit list and approves the plan to assassinate him the day after the wedding ceremonies, and so we have a brief interlude here of the happy peacemaking wedding on August eighteen, fifteen. Seventy two Margo and Andrea BAR Mary outside of note, Madam and then she has a mass inside with her brother by proxy because of course, Henry as a Protestant cannot take part in a mass.
and she wears an ermine, trimmed crown and a coat with a thirty foot train which that we throw in a few we like that details before things get really bloody here and the festivities gone Daisy, no kind of like the wedding we talked about earlier of Henry, the second and Catherine just grand festivities days and days of them. In calling himself is a big party or so he's not really taking part in a lot of this celebration, and he doesn't even really want to be there. In fact, his wife's just how baby, but he's hanging around so that he can talk to the king about this spanish expedition, he'd like to get going and he's becoming increasingly angry, because Charles keeps putting him off and putting him off, and eventually he warns him that they might soon be discussing civil war rather than foreign war. If he doesn't get with meeting
and he also hears a plot, might be hashing. I mean you know where it is going to spread in these times, but it doesn't bother him too much he's going to stick around in Paris cuz. He really wants to talk to Charles, so Friday, August 22nd, the celebrations end and curling. He is out on a walk when he's assassin it strikes and it's a shot from a window above the street, but right at that moment, colony bends down to adjust his shoe so the shot. Mrs him, it just strikes his arm breaks it and almost shoots up his finger, but he's not killed. There's a lesson there. Maybe two always tire shoe, I'm not sure, but the Huguenots, of course, are enraged by this incident and Charles who didn't know about it. Promises that he'll find them
Parties involved, not realising, of course, that his mother is behind it and, remarkably calling you stays in town instead of leaving, which I would have done because he trusts Charles and Trust that EL figure this out and set things right, believe them well and fleeing, would have been a huge insult to the king once he asked him to stay and by this point two things are starting to get kind of scary in Paris, though Huguenots are obviously furious, that their leader has had this assassin an attempt and the catholic Parisian. Their started. Get kind of angry too, I think, are tired of the Huguenots being on this party has gone on too long by this point. But Katharine's involvement in this failed assassination attempt cannot,
He found out, so she meets with nobles secretly to determine what to do next and their decision is to kill all of the Huguenot Nobles and captains who are still in Paris, which makes you wonder how they came to such a radical decision and the swear things get a little bit dicey historically, supposedly the royalists in Catherine and her nobles had heard that the Huguenots were about to attack them. So, in order to avoid who they decide. Ok will will attack first, but leave historians of said that its probably unlikely there was a major protestant coup in the works at this time. Although I watched it interesting video, historian. Barbara, deepen dwarf at Boston University and she said it didn't. Really matter. If the Protestants were We gonna stage a cool or not just the fact that
Catherine in the other nobles thought it might happen, was enough to warrant their strike in their eyes at least, and this is there when we think about it, you have all of the powerful Huguenots in your own capital. Some of them are staying in your own palace move and in a few days there are gonna go home back to their own. Palaces may be raised, own armies if their planning a cool it's the time to strike. This is reminiscent of the Patsy conspiracy ramming anything
ok, so they ve made their decision, but they mean the kings approval to go through with it, and they break to him that actually, they were behind the plot the whole time and convince them that the Huguenots are about to try to pull this coup and he's basically bullied into giving his assent to execute a select list of people to kill, and he supposedly says kill them all, kill them all, or maybe one of the Jesus says that later as direct quote at the king, but we should emphasise that his assent is to kill the people on the list and just the people on it has not consent to masker that ends up happening. Remember how the fourteen year old version of yourself, if you could
to that kid, what would you say? I'm Chelsea arson join me on my podcast, dear young rocker were each week. I write a letter to my younger so as she brings us back into the intensity of adolescence, falling in love with their favorite song. The way only a teenager can getting up the nerve. join a band struggling with anger and body issues someone so hard in Cambodia experiencing how awful a first class can be feeling
firstly, when all anger or sadness, or both in any second making a decision that could cost you, your friends, your ban and your entire. So dear you're, wrong, you're, not alone, he lived through a living through it. Now you got this reprehensible from double Elvis. Production has created a hosted by mutual consent and executive produced by J Brennan of disgrace. Land episode, one drops Wednesday January fifteenth, listen to dear no longer on the heart, radio, up apple pod costs or wherever you get your podcast. The killings are planned for the early morning on Saint Bartholomew, Stay August, twenty fifth and there to be carried out by the kings royal bodyguards and gives true at the same time, militiamen would be guarding the city's gates and barges would block the sense of shutting off the city and the Ignore would be the three I am Bell of the Palais DE she's citys, but the massacre
starts a minute earlier when a bell rings out from a different church and the first one to be killed is clinging one of the first major major leaders and he's very disdainful of his gaze guard assassin. He says I should at least be killed by a gentleman and not by this bore and then his run through with the sword, thrown out the window alive and later be headed and at the Louvre. There's all out slaughter going on Henry of Navarre had woken up early. Couldn't sleep decides to play a little game of tennis with his friend while he waits for Charles to wake up and on the way to the tennis court. He and his friends are stopped by the kings. Men and separated his companions or protocol taken away and killed immediately, but Navarre is locked up with his cousin, the prince of conduct. For safety. These two we're gonna be spared they're, not gonna, be killed in this massacre of Protestants. The here
I'm not staying in the palace are dragged from their beds and have their throats slit. Some try to hide some time to run in the courtyard, but their shot down by archers or pushed toward the line of swiss guards and a sad note about Catherine Daughters, Margo. She is now, of course, the wife of a Huguenot and she's in the middle of all of it yeah her sister had tried to warn, Something was going on, didn't give details of the plot, but had begged her mother to let mark stay with them. For the night and Catherine, wouldn't allow it because she figured if her. If her daughter didn't returned to the Huguenot apartments, the Protestants might realized something. that so your Margo is in the middle of all their she's. Actually in bed when one of her husbands, man comes running in
covered in blood and clings to her for dear life being pursued in out by an assassin right behind him. The guy actually spares his life and Margo personally petitions for a couple more of her husbands, man, but by five, a dot m. Nearly all of the major french Protestants have been killed, so the list has been killed by five, a dot m by five, a dot m but the killing doesn't stop with the list. The rest of the populace gets involved. Lots of french Protestants have brought their families into town for the wedding and they can't escape their homes are rated, their children are killed, their bodies are thrown in the river and personal issues that have absolutely nothing to do with. Religion were also settled in the chaos, because, if everyone's getting killed, who's going to know, if you kill your creditor or your enemy or your wife, the good time turns to take care of things. No,
I've noticed. So obviously it was not intended for this level of bloodshed to happen, and he asks the people of Paris to please stop and they don't. It goes on for three days and then it spreads to the province's, where goes on until October and Katy, and I were talking about what sort of message would that be you have of? guy rides out as their killing everyone in Paris. You should have heard where you are we're not sure how that works, The final tally is a bit up in the air. A catholic apologist puts it had only two thousand, a Huguenot puts it at seventy thousand, but it's likely that there were at least three thousand people killed in Paris alone in a few senior huguenots do manage to escape a few people have decided that they might wanna move their quarters across the river you know just in case trouble- broke out between all the Catholic than all the Huguenots that were in Paris at once,
and a few of them ended up being able to escape and they were the seeds for new rebellion. So the aftermath is that the vile law cannot get their story straight about what happened. Charles is telling contradictory tails to the Protestants. He said, as that, it was a popular uprising organised by the geese, just a personal vendetta, YO and then to the Catholics. He says it was something that he specifically ordered to prevent a conspiracy against the crown, but of course, some Catholics- Lake, Philip, the second in Spain, In the end, the Pope in Rome see it initially as oh great France has finally started a religious war, and there really happy Philip even does a little jigs, supposedly, which seems very unlike
They realize pretty quickly that no, it wasn't a religious war. It was politically motivated and stop being so congratulatory and many protestant had been sticking to the line that they were loyal to the king. Thinking that you just had bad advisers that it wasn't him, but now they decide that they can't be loyal to the man who accept responsibility for the massacre, understandably, and the Huguenots, throw off Calvin views toward royal allegiance, which makes rebellion justifiable now So we have this pamphlet battle that begins to, and this is probably must be engravings you ve seen, maybe Catherine standing there and black over piles of dead babies. This is from this time period and Charles is depicted as a maniacal king who laughed when he watched his people killed from his window or me
be he's this emotionally disturbed man who is manipulated by his foreign mother, whose the black queen and who is not just foreign she's Italian, which makes it doubly add so. Ultimately, we just have these caricatures of these people, instead of who they are We were, and Catherine Domenici has retain this reputation throughout much of history. Charles was haunted by the massacre actually and chronically ill. He died soon. Afterward and his brother became Henry. The and Catherine always involved in her children's lives, continues to promote her sons thrown. This is her favorite son too, by the way, and mainly her role for him, since he is a full grown man is to rain in men from his kind of dangerous inclination sometimes, but she dies in one thousand five hundred and eighty nine. Eight months later, he's murdered by deranged friar and he dies
our children. So the crown goes to a junior branch of the family, the bourbons and his cousin Henry of Navarre, Henry the fourth, and he was the groom at the pre massacre wedding festivities. married to Margo, Val law, but Margo and Henry who were never interested in each other in the first place. To be honest,
timidly and all their marriage, which allows Henry to make a new match and with this new life he goes on to found the bourbon line of kings. That ends nearly two hundred years later, with Louie the sixteenth and the french Revolution, and who is his wife married in that it? She of course thank you so much for joint action on this Saturday. If you have heard an email address or a facebook url or something similar over the course of today's lepisocanthus. That is from the archive. That might be out of date. Now you can email that history podcast at how stuff works, dot com and you can find us, all over social media at missed in history, and you can subscribe to our shadow on Apple podcast, Google Podcast, the Iheart Radio APP and wherever else he listened the vodka
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