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SYMHC Classics: Not Ned - Early Australian Bushrangers

2019-12-14 | 🔗

While Ned Kelly may be the most famous bushranger, he's certainly not the only one. Join previous hosts Deblina and Sarah as they explore the lives of early bush rangers in this 2011 classic.

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criminal justice otherwise enjoy welcome to stuff you missed in history, glass production of I've already used our stuff works, hello look into the pot cast, I'm doing a chopper boarding and I'm fair, daddy and opened a summer. We did a protest on NED Kelly and we talked about this mystery of us goal that was turned in by it was turned into australian trailing authority. by a farmer named Tom Backs, are in two thousand nine and backs her wooden how he came to have it, but he claimed that it was the skull of NED, Kelly and Tories Bush Ranger, who was captured, convicted and hanged back in the eighteen hundreds after getting into a now famous shoot out with the police which we covered and are up said: NED Kelly's last stand. We also speculated it's a little shady to not mention how you come across the head and on our that sounds a suspicious
the other still more return. No there, especially in light of recent news, but the skull, stolen from Melbourne, jail and nineteen. Seventy eight, so there was a chance that the one backs are turned and could have been authentic, but experts at the Victorian Institute, a forensic medicine had noble ideas, and so by the time of that last podcast we did the story had kind of gone cold, but then just the other day September. First, another Kelly Story broke and we heard from listeners all over the world about this immediately. So many email and I feel, like I arrive at work, and I my entire inbox was filled with NED Kelly related email. There was really a because shining moment. First Steffy missed in history class listeners. Clearly everyone with an alert for it NED Kelly NEWS, and I was out of touch that everybody thought of us to say news wasn't about the skull, but the rest of NED Kelly's remains had been identified. His he had been moved from. Melbourne
jail to penetrate president back in nineteen, twenty nine and bury there in a mass grave with thirty three other prisoners, though after the skull That's the remains had been exude in two thousand nine and the visa. I was able to identify those remains thanks, largely to a dna sample that was taken from a Melbourne school teacher named Lee all who is the great grandson of Kelly's stir, so little modern science come into play here again, cool is that I mean he must be like the most famous person in Australia at the moment. Can you imagine being one of his students but anyway, but means there. An almost complete skeleton, with a lot lotta wear and tear, as you might imagine, if you know anything about the NED Kelly Story and its missing most of his skull. So there is definitely more to come, a story and we'll pick up with that, a little more later on, but of course, hearing about this exciting
discovery reminded us how fascinated we are by the stories of Bush Rangers, who are, of course, austrian outlaws or bandits who robs stage, coaches, banks and small settlements for about one hundred years, starting in the late seventeen hundreds and in our last Can we talk a little bit about Bush Rangers and there were a lot of them? Thousands, in fact, during the time that we talked about, they even outnumbered the number of war old, West Outlaws and America just to give you kind of an idea for comparison sake. But we also mentioned that there are two distinct sub periods of Bush, ranging rights era yet further one. From about seventeen. Eighty nine to the eighteen fifties and those Bush ranger where mostly escaped convicts and that's the group that the most part, we're gonna, be talking about today that first wave of Bush rangers, but we ve gotta, discuss the convicts situation a little bit too because in case some of you dont know there
with a very strange prisoner deal going on in Australia during the eighteen, hundreds or even the seventeen hundred suggest some background information free here, Australia was settled by Britain in the late 18th century and most of the first settlers who came over in one thousand. Seven hundred and eighty seven were convicted british felons and some of them had been stuck on prison ships for years and years, after the american Revolution that had put a stop to the practice of dumping criminals in the american colonies to work as indentured servants, so
first Bush rangers were Convict Wolters who were transported felons who escaped prison or the settlements and turn to crime turned Bush rain during an and like I said thus, the group that we're gonna mostly talk about today, guess but then fast forward to eighteen. Fifty three: when british Parliament passes the Penal Servitude ACT and this ends almost all transportation sentences are not really changes things. Many bushes yours after that are native, born or at least free settlers who had broken the law so very distinct. Difference in these Bush rangers that we're gonna be talking about today, haunt the currently two distinct podcast, yes, which are very excited about, because we love this topic. We really hope that you guys do too when we talk about judging by the volume of emails, I'm pretty sure most of these folks, like by strangers australian history, so fingers crossed her
like you, I mean if you like the net Kelly story than you shouldn't like something about these two, because it wasn't just about nodded started way before him and the man who is actually believed to be Australia's. First, a Bush ranger was one of those transported convicts that Sarah just talked about His name was John Caesar, but he was better known as black Caesar and he was of african descent and was probably in either the West Indies or in Madagascar. It's kind of uncertain now we're gonna pick up with him about seventeen. Eighty six, when he was living as a servant in England and in March of that year he was charged with stealing twelve pounds from a dwelling house and was sentenced to transportation for seven years, list. He arrived in Australia in January of seventeen eighty eight and he said working as a laborer in the colony, because it wasn't just like you were transported to Australia and you could remake your life. It was hard work waiting on
side exactly and from what we know of black Caesar. He was no criminal mastermind. He was actually thought. I think it's kind of a hard worker, but he was definitely someone that you wouldn't want to mess with you, very tall from sources say, may be as much as seven feet where, although that may be an exaggeration, we're not sure but was very muscular and he was known to be a fierce fighter. He was so no one in this interesting for his big appetite, all sources seem to mention. That's what get some in trouble here, because in the colony therewith, often a shortage of food and all of the convicts were on really strict ration than it was said that these are could often polish off two days worth rations in one day and yet that legacy this it's him into trouble. Eventually, yeah I mean it could be part of the reason that led him into what
later. Some sources suggest that at least because I mean we joke about a little, but it's a funny thing to bring up about somebody in Hungary work historical sources, yeah that he was a hungry guy but with, as we said, the shortage of food it could have been achieved. situation. Actually there's another later bushranger called Matt gambit. He came around and around one thousand eight hundred and twenty two and we're not going to talk about him in depth, but he was known as the cannibal bushranger because when he One off with his gang and there weren't enough settlers to steal from and they ran out of food he would actually eat his gang members, know gosh, and yet he continued to builder crude No, I don't think you want to talk to that. I think he kind of made up his entire gang put it into his Bush rain during that rear. This episode of stuff you missed in history class has brought
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truly gifted. These gifts were designed with you and yours and mine, so fine, the ones that were made for each other Creighton barrel getting back to black seas where that which are sort of an aside, but he got caught sight. Again in seventeen. Eighty nine, which earned him a life sentence this time of transportation. But, of course he didn't just around and accept that fate and one thousand seven hundred and ninety. He escaped to the countryside outside of Sydney with a stolen musket, and this was just the first in a series of escapes that Caesar would pull off over the next few years. From about one thousand nine hundred and ninety to one thousand seven hundred and ninety six. While he was on the lam, he would survive by stealing from the settlements and from government garden still had food on his mine. Definitely, but it was after his final, in seventeen. Ninety five that has Bush ranging activities really commenced. At that point, he let a gang of abscond tourism, vagabonds,
the port Jackson Area and they'd raid settlers and Rob loan travellers, and it's funny. We ve talked about criminals like this before you everything seems to be blamed on, but it within that Caesar was blame for pretty much every crime, with committed around that time. The seven foot tall, potentially striking man just seem to be a person who captured the pub imagination. Even then. Yes, so, as you can imagine, the governor wanted him caught, and so he offered five gallons of rum for his capture and Caesar was shot dead. Consequently, by a man named John Window at Liberty planes in seventeen ninety six to solidify. Now on rom too. It must have been a pretty big motivator at the time for at much like food behave criminals, yeah twenty gal The rom was offered as a reward for the capture of another Bush Ranger named Matthew, Brady in the one thousand eight hundred and ten. So we're going to talk, maybe in the next
What about the legal options of capturing these by strangers? But I like that wrong was with a prime motivator and early years at least so our next Bush Ranger pushes us into the nineteenth century. His name is bold, Jack, Donoghue, and sometimes these known as the wild colonial boy more on that later, but he was, born in Dublin, John Donoghue Pro play around one thousand, eight hundred and six, but by April one thousand, eight hundred and twenty three he had pretty run a foul of the law in his home country for something described as intent to commit a felony, and for that he was sentenced to transportation for life.
which of course meant going to Australia, and, as we mentioned in Black Caesar section there, it didn't mean just a free ticket to Australia. It meant a lot of hard work and he was first assigned to work for a man named John Pagan and then we're going to road gang and then finally, for a guy named major West, who was a surgeon. Consequently, he started running into some fellow convicts yeah, so they started hanging out together and they began robbing wagons travelling west of Sydney and when he entered what buddies men named Smith and Kilroy, or maybe Gilroy, got caught. Finally, in eighteen, twenty eight they were found guilty of two counts of robbery: each and sentenced to die too times each to death sentence a list to be sure so kill ruins
met their ends at the news, but Donna who somehow escaped between the court house in the jail, and he didn't sulk off into hiding. After that, though, he rounded up a gang of english and irish convicts and just expanded his right and so he kind of doubled his efforts, their economy, countryside, so dont is a real ballad type of guy, a Robin Hood, tight Bush Ranger, who people like to romanticize later he would tribute stolen items to the poor. He would let some people go and to go along with their feet. An appropriately Robin Hood like rakish style, which also made him so popular made settlers like him, he'd, where a black hat he'd, where this fine blue coat line and silken, lay sat boots So he really must have cut quite a figure out among all of these rough and tumble looking men I don't know, though he sounds more button q than rakish to me, posters announcing the twenty pounds
ward on his head described him as twenty two years old five foot for with freckles flaxen air blue eyes and a scar under the left, not nostril. Here he sounds like you might mistaken, for a teenager, but will you know he's coming at a disadvantage right after blacks, they're, probably that's true, and he does have. The scar, which is kind of scary, does have the scar. Finally, though, on September first, one thousand eight hundred and thirty, a group of soldiers and police found the gang hiding in scrub near Campbellstown and Donohue is said to I urge the mindless with some real fighting words, but he was soon structure by a guy named trooper, Mug Alston will just let that let that name He lived on, though, even even after death, quite obviously so first, unlike many of our later Bush Rangers, whose surviving images are usually heavily bearded
post mortem photographs, Donna who had a rather elegant death, drawing done by Sir Thomas Mitchell, who act some Byron lines at the end to complete the effect they were no matter? I have buried my brow, fair and deaths face before and now he also has, something maybe a little more appropriate than romantic poetry, though he was likely the inspiration for a very famous outlaw anthem, the wild colonial boy, which, with popular in Australia until it was banned, finally is being seditious than it stayed popular after that the plainly helped its reputation. The song is about a fictitious Bush ranger who goes by different names in different versions of the song. It is, after all, a ballad, sometimes it's Jim dual and sometimes Jack Dubbin, sometimes John Dowling, but it always sticks to those
J D, initials just like Jack on so the next Bush Ranger on our list wasn't a convict, but he was born abroad and Scotland. His name was, originally Francis or Frank Christie, and he moved to Sydney with his parents and eighteen thirty, four, when he was about four years old, he started if of crime fairly young and got caught stealing horses in eighteen fifty when he was around twenty years old, he was sentenced to five years of hard labor for this, but he escaped to New South Wales after only serving about six months, and he went right back to stealing horses, so in eighteen, fifty four he was caught again and convicted again under this Frances Clark this time, and this time he was sentenced to seven years, but he was given a ticket of leave so basically released in eighteen, fifty nine he didn t by the rules. After that, though, he broke, parole, and went south where he opened. A butchery is frank gardener, which is how much people known today and landing flat, and he was probably trade
stolen meet air. So not even that was on the up and up found through growth, to me, I'm sure like legitimate witness, stolen mead they'll know by it here it here. At my store, I don't know anyway, a warrant was issued for gardeners, arrest and rather than face, get enough trial and possibly more jail. Time Frank took to the boy. And there he teamed up with a couple other outlaws Lending Ben Hall. When they talk about him in the next step. Third and another guy named John Gilbert, and he him known and feared for his highway robberies and particular along the trade routes of New South Wales and the police couldn't catch his gang because they just move so quickly and they used a kind of Bush telegraph system to help them get along. This episode is brought to you by home, adviser home can be tough and finally, there
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Frank was actually called king of the road around this time for his highway robber reputation, but on June 15th, one thousand eight hundred and sixty two Frank's gang pulled off their biggest robbery yet and it's actually what said to be the biggest bushranger robbery ever and this crime was when they bailed up or held up. That's what that's what bill? That means they hold up the Lachlan Gold Escort and made off of fourteen thousand pounds worth of gold and cash, which is worth about one. A quarter million US dollars today and, after this frank, took off with his mistress Kate and they open the little sore and shanty in Queensland and as MR and MRS Christie, so he had kind of a business streak to him and they live there until the New South Wales police. Finally tracked him down in February, one thousand eight hundred and sixty four so frank, was sentenced to thirty two years, hard labor, which was considered a pretty harsh than
at this time. Fortunately, though, he had a good attorney William Daily, who petitioned the governor to use his prerogative of Murphy and the governor really did released Frank in eighteen. Seventy four, under the condition that he leave the country. There was some controversy over this decision, but ultimately Frank Gardner left, Australia in July, one thousand, eight hundred and seventy four, and by the beginning of eighteen, seventy five. He was in San Francisco. That means it's the perfect place for, for the I he opened a saloon there. It was called the twilight saloon on the waterfront and by all accounts he avoided trouble for the rest of his life. He really did have a business streak like you mention, even though he was pretty open about his past he'd like to tell you feels about his time as an outlaw, which I would imagine that would make you a successful saloon. Honour people loved hear stories. Oh yeah, I, like that's, almost a requirement to have a good salary telling streak, if not at least good story, to tell but Frank was also just a really rare.
Case among Bush Rangers and that he lived her a ripe old age and has since been called the Father of Bush, ranging so Frank seems like the perfect, guided leave off on at least for this first part of our Bush Ranger Series, Philip he's kind of a good transition between them, convict Wolters? We talked about and then later Bush range innovation. Second generation yeah. So well we're gonna leave that generation Heine. We do have one more piece of information about that mystery, NED Kelly had in this came out just the other day September. Seventh, and again it's from the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine, though, while they did identify the body. They also recently said that that mystery head might be that of a new Horace, serial killer, name, Frederick, deeming so deeming was born in England. He was a thief, a serial bigamist and he
set out on this wandering sort of life- and he was also a murderer. He was supposed to have buried his first wife and for children beneath the floor of their rented home and then murdered a SEC wife in Melbourne. So what a weird connection here very strange twist of the story, and I think it's interesting that it it's the head of an criminal, but someone who has just a very different connotation to them than Netchelli, you know you say, NED Kelly and he's kind of a folk hero and the sky was definitely the opposite, and I am Kurt you guys to Look up the story and read a little bit more about Frederick deeming because he had a very controversial, trial in, unlike you mentioned, it was partly because there was nothing redeeming about him. He was not a folk hero, he was cereal where the public did not like him, and I think it's an interesting story for people outside of Australia to because he was kind of all over the place he lived in England before and I think that's where he murdered his original fail
year after Yacht America, all kinds of places, but I mean evolve of all the people that could be random. Serial killers go figure,
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