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The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League

2020-03-18 | 🔗

The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League was founded in 1943, and it went on for years after WWII. These women were athletes, some of whom thought they were starting on a career in professional baseball.

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Welcome to stuff you missed in history, glass and production of Iheart, radio, hello and love into the body ass time, Tracy be Wilson and I'm Holly frying Polly. I am sure you ve seen a league of their own. Have, I feel, like it's safe, to say that most of our listeners have you there seem a league of their own or, at the very, very least, have heard someone say: there's no crying and baseball, which is probably its most quoted line. I think you could come to my house in here at once, a we gotta, my husband's effect that, if you want you just hang out, ninety nine b to film that tells the story of the
All american girls professional based bali- it is a work of fiction, but it also get some of the highlights correct. The league was founded during World war to as many of major League baseball's male players had joined the military, but It also kind of makes it seem like this was a temporary diversion that ended when the war did there's a wine basically about continuing on with it. But it's not really explored beyond that area. Do you, though, these women were athletes? Some of them thought they were starting a lifelong career and professional baseball that would last as long as they were able to play. The league itself also went on for years after the war was over, and this is also a listener request. We ve heard about it a various points over the years, but the one that I wrote down was from listener Merav, so by one thousand, nine hundred and forty three when this league was founded, baseball was considered both of the national pastime in the United States and a man's game, but it didn't start out that way,
of baseball was developing in the nineteenth century. It wasn't just four men and boys children played together in neighbourhood games, regardless of their gender, so the professional unprofessional leagues included, women players and women's teams and their work. so teams that women's colleges, the first being at Vassar in eighteen, sixty six and all black women's team called the Dolly Gardens was established in Philadelphia in eighteen, sixty seven during baseball's earlier years, please want particularly standardized and there were all kinds of variations and things like the size of the playing field. The size of the ball in the style of pitching and a lot of places everyone played by the same rules, regardless of their gender, all
It was not uncommon for women to be expected to play and flora length, dresses and was also common, though for girls. Baseball team, specifically to have modified rule, sets that, for example, made the playing field. A little smaller barnstorming became an important part of baseball's development, starting in eighteen. Sixty teams would go on the road to play. Exhibition match outside of official league play by the eighty nine. These barnstorming included all women teams known as bloomer girls, because their billowy uniform legs. So they resemble
called the loose trousers advocated by dress for farmers in the nineteenth century, as not underwear imagining that when they said Bloomer girls, it meant playing in their underwear may be giggle a little bit, but that's not what it meant over time. One set of baseball rule modifications morphed into its own distinct sport and that sport was softball. These two games have a lot of similarities. They both involve hitting a throne ball with a bat and then rounding a set of bases that are arranged ass, a diamond. Softball uses a larger softer ball. Thus the name that ball is pitched underhanded rather than overhand or side arm the pitching distances Her and the overall field of play is a little smaller. Initially, the game developed into softball was meant as a baseball alternative. They could be indoors in bad weather? Sometimes it was
When call just indoor baseball, it became particularly popular in places where space was limited or were the only place to play was indoors It was also played outdoors in places with limited space in the late nineteenth century settlement houses in the U S started, establishing playgrounds and incur Jeanne active play in urban areas, especially among boys. Softball became so closely connected to the settlement movement into these playgrounds that some sources have erroneously credited Chicago's Hull house with inventing it, and we talked about Hull house and its founder, Jane atoms in a previous to partner on the show, did not invent softball in half, play it a whole lot, though
the overlap between baseball and softball and who was playing it continued until about one thousand nine hundred and thirty three, that is when the Amateur Softball Association was founded, as that sports governing body and the name softball was formally adopted for it and at this point, girls baseball teams that had been using some kind of modified rules that generally moved over to playing softball. It did not take long before people took for granted that baseball was for boys and softball four girls, a distinction that persists in a lot of places. Today, when Little League baseball was founded in nineteen, thirty nine. It was intended for boys, although that did not become an official rule until one thousand nine hundred and fifty one in response to K Johnston of New York cutting her hair to join a team under the name,
Tubby the Tubby rule, remained in place until nineteen, seventy four after a series of court cases and a ruling by the New Jersey division on civil rights. I guess that's. It's such a good illustration of how it was assumed to be four boys so much so that it wasn't even in the rules until after a girl cut her hair to join a tea. When he saw TAT, it was taken totally forgotten so by the nineteen forties. Both softball and baseball were well established in the United States. They. two separate sports, one for men and boys, the other for women and girls both had amateur semi, professional and professional teams and leagues, and that brings us to worldwide Two, if you remember our October, twenty nineteen episode on the black socks scandal during World war, one the idea. Of major League baseball continuing on in spite of the war, was deeply controversy. All Secretary of WAR, Newton De Baker issued a work or fight, or
which required any man eligible for the draft to either in a war, critical industry or join the military men who continued to play base all were viewed as abandoning their patriotic duty and after the? U S joins the war. Major league baseball shortens the nineteen eighteen season as war once again started to spread through Europe in nineteen thirty, nine people feared that the sport of baseball would be disrupted, as it had been a couple of decades earlier. These fears escalated after Japan, bombed Pearl Harbor Hawaii in December of nineteen forty one and the United States entered the war. At that point. In January of nineteen, forty two Kedasa Mountain Landis, the Commissioner of Baseball, wrote to peace. Franklin Delano, Roosevelt, to ask quote what you have in mind as to whether professional baseball should continue to operate on January 15th, one thousand nine hundred and forty two Roosevelt a fan of baseball responded with what has become,
known as the green light letter. It read in part quote. I honestly I feel that it would be best for the country to keep baseball going. There will be fewer people, unemployed and everybody will work longer hours and harder than ever before, and that means that we ought to have a chance for recreation and for taking their minds off their work, even more before and his letter, the president's stressed that players, who were of an age should join the military, should do so, but that they might be replaced with older players who could still play an exciting game. The and it also advocated for more night game so that day shift workers that wartime factories could go. The present ended the green light letter by saying quote here. Another way of looking at it. If three hundred teams use fire thousand or six thousand players. These players are for recreation asset to at least a million of their fellow citizens, and that, in my judgement, is
really worthwhile. So, even though baseball had the president's seal of approval, roughly half of the regular players in major League baseball wound up serving in the military, some of its best and most popular players, drafted. Of course, that trend also applied to the minor leagues into other baseball teams as well. So, even though the president himself had given the ok for baseball to continue, there were people worry that the sport was going to struggle and that this might even led to the closure of some of the nation's ball parks. One of these concerns people was Philip K. Wrigley his father, William Wrigley Junior, had died in nineteen thirty, two leaving fill up the William Wrigley Junior chewing gum company a fortune and the Chicago Cubs baseball team. We will get to what he did after a quick spots outbreak hello. This is wrong burgundy and you were listening to my voice, which commands trust and respect. Guess what my ipod gases back and that's a wind.
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About three million women in the United States between one thousand nine hundred and forty and one thousand nine hundred and forty two and Philip K Wrigley that may be the same trend could apply to professional ball. Women's teams could play in ballpark where the home teams were on the road keeping with sport in the parks go, while so many men were away at war. These teams of women could also help boost to the national morale and help the war effort with things like fund raising and recruitment drives Wrigley teamed up with TAT cells who had previously worked for the chewing gum business but had become assistant general manager. Chicago Cubs. On February seventeenth, nineteen, forty three, they issued a press release announcing Creation of the all American Girl Softball League, their plan was the crew players from the women softball teams that have been established all over the country at the
getting Jim Hamilton was the lead talent scout in the. U S and Johan has got so egg known as Johnny headed up Recruitment in Canada, but Wrigley also wanted to make the game a little closer to what spectators might expect from a baseball game. So they worked out a rule set that had elements of both baseball and softball like softball. It used a larger ball at an underhanded, pitching style, but like baseball, Bat James had nine players per side rather than soft, whilst ten, the playing field would also have a longer pitching distance and running path and softball did, but it was still shorter than what was being used and baseball players in this game. Also be allowed to steal bases, something that was not allowed in softball. These changes caused some controversy about exactly what sport is being played out there on the field and the league changed its name to the all American Girls Baseball League part way through the nineteen forty three season, as recruiters visited
off ball teams to look for players hundred of women and girls expressed interest in playing professionally about two hundred eight. Were invited to the final try out and sixty player from the S and Canada were ultimately selected to play in the nineteen forty three season. some of these young women were as young as fifteen, although most of them were between eighteen and twenty two, as was the case with major league baseball. At the time the newly established women's league excluded black players. These players were arranged into four teams of fifteen players: each the Rockford Peaches of Illinois, the South Bend Blue sacks of Indiana and the re seen bells and the Canosa comments of Wisconsin. Each of these was not far away from a much larger major city. They are also close enough together to allow the teams to travel from one city to the next for games, while still conserving fuel and rubber during wartime rationing
the league set up was significantly different from major league baseball or most other leaves at the time. The league itself was a non profit organization, with Philip Wrigley Paul Harvey and Branch Ricky as trustees of the initial funding came from Wrigley himself. He spent about two hundred and four, three thousand dollars getting the whole project started and he contributed to the teams maintenance costs, especially in the first year. The players contracts were also centrally by the league, rather than being owned by one of the four teams. This meant that the players pay was set by the league, where no bidding wars with teams trying to entice the best players to sign on with them that first year, the players made between thirty, five dollars and eighty five dollars a week. That does not sound like much, but it is significant. We more than most of them had been making an agricultural or factory work or maybe playing and paying soft Balikh players in a league were per
habited from doing any other work. During the season, this and really owned player contracts also meant that belief had the right to trade players from one team to another. One of the leagues goals for all the games to be is evenly matched and exciting to watch as possible, so player trades happens. The season as they tried to keep this balance each tee. had a manager who also acted as a coach, these are typically men who had experiences major league or Minor league baseball. Every team also had a business manager as well as a chaperone who was a woman and was a paid part of its staff during the leagues history. Most of the chaperones had some experience in working with women's athletic teams. The chaperones were responsible for making housing arrangements for the team handling money and approving any house
and dining accommodations that the team was going to use in some ways. They were a little like athletic trainers as well being trained in first aid and responsible for the teams. First, aid kit and the treatment of injuries they were also ultimately responsible for the players, conduct, behaviour and appearance. That last point was a lot. Most of the players came from working class and agricultural com, is that didn't really regard women's participation in softball as unusual in any way, a lot of them been playing on teams that had been organised by their employers with that involvement being seen as pretty normal and fun. But that wasn't this early, true among the middle class, which was a big part of the audience that the league was hoping to attract the idea that women were playing baseball, which was concerned? to be a game for men also raised some suspicions about the players. A carbon stereo type was that women athletes were lesbians, that's a stereotyped that still exist today.
without nearly the level of stigma that was attached to it. In the nineteen forties subtly went to great lengths to reinforce the idea that these players weren't just women. They were ladys specifically patriotic, wholesome middle class heterosexual. Ladies outwardly the league described all its rules and training about things like beauty and conduct as a service teaching working class girls to be middle class ladys, which of course suggested that to be middle class was better than to be in class and on top of that, a lot of the rules and standards in place were also meant to reduce suspicions of lesbianism m. This included the players uniforms. These were one piece: pastel colored tunic, like garments with a flared skirt which were war with satin shorts and niecks ox. They were designed by wriggling, wife, ADA, along with poster artist, Otis Shepard and soft ballplayer, an hour net. There
so patterned, after women's figure, skating and tennis attire, these uniforms were meant to set the players apart from the barnstorming bloomer girls that we referenced earlier, and to reinforce the idea that the players on the field were feminine women. These skirts did not really do much to protect the players legs from scrapes another injuries, but the players were also accept did to look proceed at all times are not really have any visible injuries. Perfectly prim athletic lady Hall, yeah convoluted, take The specific rules vary the over the leagues history, but the general idea of players being the right kind of woman was part of its threw out. Each player was issued a guide for all american girls. How to look better, feel better, be more popular in the nineteen forty three season:
Helena, Reuben Stones, beauty, salon, taught charm and beauty lessons for the players that included hygiene, personal appearance, etiquette and things like how to gracefully get in and out of a car or go up and down stairs the Ruth Tiffany school. Provided these lessons the next year, formal charm, lessons ended after that point, but a focus on appropriate feminine behaviour. Continued players were also issued, a beauty kit that they were expected to keep stock. It included cleansing cream, lipstick, ruse, deodorant astringent, face powder hand, lotion and hair remover. They were required to be attractive and presentable at all times, and they had to wear address or a skirt any time they were seen in public. Most of the players were trousers on the bus for the sake of comfort, especially during nighttime road
trips between games but kept a skirt with them to change into if they stop for something like a restroom break or a meal. Some of the other rules from the players code of conduct, no boyish, bobbed, hair, no smoking, no drinking alcohol and no social engagements unless they were approved by a chaperone. Lipstick was mandatory at all times. and there were also more mundane rules about things like punctuality, the players code of conduct specified a five dollar fine for the first offence, a ten dollar fine for the second offence and suspension for the third. But there are players that face Harsher penalties Josephine the Angelo known as Joe Joe, was cut from the blue socks and her second year from the team after she got a bobbed hair cut that was described as too short and bushy in some accounts free and Olympia Savannah, who were star players from the New Orleans Jack's Brewing company softball team were passed over for the all American girls League because of their masculine appearance.
There are definitely some news stories that made disparaging comments about the Savanna appearance, but Frida wrote to a report or to say this had nothing to do with why she was not in the league. She said she was just happier and better paid where she was free, nice, with members of other teams, was also forbidden within the league. The league framed this as a way to keep the level of competitiveness high many of the players interpreted. It is a way to discourage romantic relationships between them, spats government review of what the league was like when spring training started at its first season on May seventeenth of nineteen forty three that happened in Chicago the first pitch the season was thrown on May thirtieth of nineteen forty three and we'll talk about things grew and evolve from their after. We first have a little sponsor break stays. Episode is brought in in part by Amazon photos. A lifetime of photos can lot organised on your phone from babies. First steps
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right now, fibres with thick one Walmart rewards car earn unlimited rewards, including five percent back at Walmart online on top of Homewards everyday low prices. What's in your wallet terms, exclusions obliged one do as a united the all american Girls baseball leagues. First season included sporting events as well as wartime. Patriotism teams made appearances that recruitment drives and fund razors, and they visited wounded soldiers that returned stateside. On July. First, they held an all star game against a team from the women's army Auxiliary core, which was played under the lights it Wrigley field. This event was part of a recruitment DR held free of charge and at night, so that working women could attend some other leagues. Patriotism was more symbolic like having the two teams that we're going to be competing lined up in a v for victory during the national anthem. At the beginning,
every game. The nineteen forty three season ended with a five game championship Series in which the racing bells Fitted the Canosa comments more than one hundred seventy five thousand fans attended games and that first season, then in nineteen, forty four, the league expanded to six teams Another competing league was founded that same year, the National Girls Baseball League established in Chicago this league continued until one thousand nine hundred and fifty four. Although it's his and activities are merely, is well documented, as the all American girls League. At the end of the nineteen forty four season, Philip Wrigley sold the League to Arthur Mayor Hoff for ten thousand dollars, which was afraid of what he had put into getting started and operating it in those first two seasons. It has become clear that the sport of men's baseball was mad.
Any kind of actual peril from the war, but apart from that, Wrigley was just not really interested in being so heavily involved in the Lee. Getting more meyerhoff had also been a big part of the league since its inception and Wrigley was confident that he would maintain the same standards that Wrigley had established in terms of quality. in entertainment. The biggest change at this point was the league went from being a non profit to a for profit entity. Other as the players, contracts were still centrally owned, and each team continued to have paid managers and chaperones Meyerhoff put a big focus on marketing and promoting the league. He also organised policies, an exhibition tours to Cuba and south. Erica mainly to countries where Wrigley chewing gum had a presence thanks to the rubber and chicle industries over time. The style of play within the league continued to show
and become more and more like men, Spaceball the ball gradually got smaller and harder. Pitching and infield distances got longer fight. Our pitching was introduced and nineteen, forty six and overhand pitching and nineteen forty eight some players that had been recruited from Softball teams had a little trouble adjusting to these changes and Meyerhoff established a junior league and farm teams to cultivate new talent, Well, the all American Girls Baseball League had started out with the idea of being a substitution ferments baseball during world war. Two popular ready, really peaked after the war ended in nineteen. Forty five in nineteen forty six, a July fourth double header and South Bend Indiana drew a crowd of between ten thousand and twenty thousand people attendants peaked in nineteen. Forty eight, with nearly a million fans in attendance that year, League had ten teams from Rockford Peoria Chicago in Springfield, Illinois, Racine and Canosa Wisconsin, South Ben
then for Wayne in Vienna and Grand Rapids and mistaken Michigan, most of the team names were distinctly feminine, including the peaches, Chicks Miller, daisies, lasses, Collins, sallies and bells. although the league group, between one thousand nine hundred and forty five and one thousand nine hundred and forty eight, it also faced some struggles in this year's women playing baseball had drawn suspicion since the beginning, but that increased, There was no longer a wartime patriotic need for women to take up what was seen as men's work. Individual teams also folded for various reasons from time to time, and then that put a strain on the rest of the league as it tried to sore, but there's other players after awhile friction started to develop between individual teams in my house management company, while league owned the players contracts. The teams all have their own owners who started to object to the requirement to send some of their tick
Revenues back to my ear off Meyerhoff was putting most of the proceeds back into the league, but even so a perception grew that Meyerhoff was making money offered. The teams work as attendant started to fall off. One thousand nine hundred and forty eight meyerhoff embarked on some ambitious plans to try to revive the league included an attempt to start an international women's baseball league which would play in or Venezuela Porter Ego and Cuba during the winter and early sprang, although the International League was form very briefly. It never really got off the ground at the end of the nineteen fifty seas, and the teams bought out Meyerhoff and became self governing and decentralized, the leagues name had been through slight tweaks through the years, and at this point it became the american girls, baseball league or
Gps, although most people still used the word all at this point, player started contracting with teams for their rates, rather than the league, which increase pay disparities, as teams trying to attract and keep the best players. The only paid position in the least at this point was the commissioner and without a central League organization that was promoting and marketing the games. Attendants continued to drop the league also faced increased competition from other forms of entertainment in the fifties, including televised men's baseball game. The american Girls Baseball League dissolved in nineteen fifty four during its history about six hundred women from the United States, Canada and Cuba had played for teams in fourteen midwestern cities during baseball season. They played six or so games a week with double headers on Sundays and holidays sleeping on buses overnight, as they travelled from one city to the next. This was a grueling
gradual, which may be one reason why about a quarter of the players only played for one season or less major League baseball had started to desegregate in the late nineteenth Fortys and President Harry Truman issued an executive order to disaggregate them armed forces and that nineteen, forty eight, the all American Girls Baseball League with segregated throughout its history, although to black women practiced with the south in blue socks and nineteen fifty one, neither of them want of signing a contract with the league. However, there were three black women who played on men's teams in the Negro leagues in the night fifties: Mamie, peanut, Johnson, Conny, Morgan and Marcella Alliance, who use the name Tony stone professionally. All three started with the Indianapolis clowns. Tony stone replaced, Hank Aaron there and her car. Frank, was sold to the Kansas City monarchs before the nineteen. Fifty four seas in there are reports that Tony's tone tried out for the all american girls League as well, but those are not concretely
You meant it after the Ol American Girls League was dissolved. Many of the players adopted what's been described as a self imposed silence. Most of them did not really talk about their time playing professional baseball, even among their families reasons. Why are not entirely clear, but stigma may have been one factor. According to one survey that was conducted in the nineties, about twenty percent of players reported facing discrimination because of their history as an athlete. However, many use the money that they earned playing baseball to go to college or to start a career with some attending college in graduate school during the off season. One researcher, interviewed players later in their life, founded about thirty five percent had graduated from college compared to less than ten percent of women in the general population. In the same era, this has been described as a precursor to title. Nines effects on women's college in Roman giving women educational opportunities that they didn't have access to. Otherwise,
when the women's liberation movement started in the nineteen Sixtys and Seventys historians and other researchers started unearthing the leagues history and the players started reconnecting with each other and documenting their own history? At the same time, in the late seventies, Dorothy Candy cannot check and Marge Whimsical and June purpose all met up and started talking about organizing a reunion in October of nineteen, eighty pepper sent a letter to the few players who addresses she had been able a fine and started trying to track people down by January of nineteen. Eighty one, this head morphed into a noose letter, which grew from a handful of addresses to more than a hundred within a month, Miss also coalesced into a players association that still exists today. The first of many reunions was held in Chicago in nineteen
We too, and the news letter became part of an effort to establish a league archive and they get some kind of recognition in the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Coopers town New York. It was during this process leagues name became formally finalized as the all american girls professional Baseball league, the players, efforts for recognition and came to fruition on November, fifth of one thousand five hundred and eighty eight, with the formal unveiling of a permanent women in baseball, exhibit at the baseball Hall of Fame. The league's players have been an active part in this exhibits creation, including donating their photographs, uniforms, equipment and memorabilia a league archive was established at the northern Indiana Historical Society Museum now called the History Museum in South End Indiana. There was also an exhibition through the Smithsonian, the
he was also the subject of a short documentary called a league of their own that aired nationally on public television on September 30th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven and, of course, there's the nineteen ninety two future filmed. by penny Marshall, which was a blockbuster and Actually, when many people first heard about women's baseball, another documentary, tells the story of Terry Donoghue and Pat Henshaw. Donoghue was recruited from Saskatchewan Canada and played for the Peoria Red wings for forest. reasons. After these two women met in between seasons, Hansel left her life in Canada behind to join Donoghue in the United States. Although the two of them described themselves at the time as cousins and roommates, they were really a couple and the documentary tells the story of their lives together. The film is called us
Great love it was supposed to premier at south by south, west and March of twenty twenty, but of course, because of the Pandemic South by South West has been cancelled. So I'm not sure what the status of the films debut is at this point, but at some point I think it might come to Netflix because there is a page for it in the Netflix media. her exciting Henshaw is also one of the people. Brittany, Delacroix interviewed when reporting her article, the hidden, clear history behind a league of their own a point both Donoghue and Hansel, we're still living but Donoghue Dine and twenty nineteen at that I'm she and essential had been together for seventy one years. The american girls. Professional baseball leagues website for the Player Association also has a well
of information on individual players, including their photos, their team histories thereby augur fees and for those who are no longer living, many of their abilities are there as well. It is really a time if you want to go read about some women, baseball players, lots and lots of there. You have listener mail to close this one out, I sure knew this is from Elizabeth Elizabeth S. Dear tracing and Holly, I've been a listener for several years and yours, it's my favorite podcast. I saw your life show in DC last year. I finally have a reason to write my ears pricked up. When I heard you mention out Andrea, Virginia and specifically, the Kate Weiler, Barrett Library in your recent six impossible episodes Kate Weiler bear it. Is the namesake for my Alexandria chapter
of the daughters of the American Revolution, and you might be interested in knowing more about her. You can find a biography of her and acts provided a link. In summary, K, while our bear it was an influential public figure in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. She advocated for women's political and social rights for compassionate care for unmarried mothers and their children, for education and for the interests of military veterans, her personal style merged, progressive feminism and traditional femininity, and she had a unique ability to speak unpopular truths to both the public and the powerful and to move them. To her viewpoint, she was a medical doctor and was the chief executive of several national organizations, including the National Florence, christened and mission the National Council of women.
American Legion Auxiliary. If she interests you as a pod cast. Subject, I can point you to some research. I hadn't known about the Alex Andrea Library sit in coincidentally, I was driving through old town Alexandria today and at the corner of Washington Street and Queen Street. I spied a historic marker about the city and I pulled over and snapped this picture. The marker is around the corner from the library, so the building and the Background has not at the text reads on twenty one August, one thousand nine hundred and thirty nine five young african american men applied for library cards at the New Alexandria Library to protest. It's white only policy. After being William Evans, Edward Goddess Morris Murray Clearance, strange and ATO L Tucker each selected a book from the shelf sat down and red quietly. The men were arrested and charged with the sort of conduct, despite their polite demeanor local attorney, Samuel W Tucker who helped plan the protest represented them in court. The judge never is
ruling. A ruling in nineteen. Forty Alexandria, openly Robert Robinson Library for African Americans, desegregation of the of the library system, began by nineteen fifty nine Thank you for educating me about my own local history. I do try to read historical markers, but that is not what I remember. Reading before Elizabeth continues on with topic, suggestion and says, keep up the great podcast, gals and then says my favorite part of each of us Well, what have you says? Do you have list or mail and the other heartily replies? I do like this part of the opposition to this. So thank you so much Elizabeth poor. This male for sending the picture of the historical marker. If you would like to write to us where it has replied cast that I hurt radioed our common we're all over social media list and history. That's real, find our facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. You can also subscribed our show an Apple pod Catholic. I heard you
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