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The Catalpa and the Fremantle Six

2015-02-02 | 🔗

An international jailbreak! In the 1860s, a crew from the United States mounted a mission to Western Australia to rescue imprisoned members of the Irish Republican Brotherhood who had been imprisoned by Great Britain.

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Time tomorrow is now available on the eye, hot radio app or wherever you listen to parliament? Look into you missed in history. Has networks not allowed welcomed Tracy wealthy and I'm Holly proudly back about AIDS Ale, which sounds like an inherently interesting exciting and dramatic, but that this is the rescue of six irish prisoners who have been convicted of crimes like treason and rebellion, and they were part of an organisation called the Irish Republican Brotherhood.
Also known as the Athenians they'd originally been sentenced to death because they were military men while serving in the british army. They had become part of a plot to turn the army against itself and instead fight for irish independence. Now they were in prison for life and a Quaker man. Finding this imprison imprisonment to be incredibly unjust, led a daring rescue, party to get them out of jail so another on its own. I'm sorry, sounds pretty exciting. But these prisoners had been convicted in Britain and the prison was in turn. Australia and the man who is leading the screw of man on a wailing ship to come and get them was from the United States. So it it truly in international affair. Right, it's an answer,
and thence all experience in involving multiple hemispheres of the planet and either to the person who recently said to us. Please for the love of God, no more shipwrecks their ships in the story of a fortune none of them wreck so got nautical history in irish history and australian history and british history all together, along with a model theme and a jailbreak, her father was the request from Joseph. Say that party yeah, otherwise I'd never would have known about it, and this story takes place in the eighteen sixties. We dinner: cheaper episode on irish potato, founded famine? What life was like in Ireland around this time, but here's a brief recap for those who have not may be heard those episodes that overall, the majority of the irish population was catholic and this continues to be true. public of Ireland today the whole.
Of Ireland had become part of Britain and eighteen hundred under the british acts of union, and at that point Ireland had gained representation in parliament, but Catholics specifically were not permitted to be members of parliament. Consequently, while Ireland was part of Britain for the most part, the irish population, especially the irish Catholic Population, was basically disenfranchise and on top of that, Ireland itself was stricken with poverty over generations. Irish families had lost their land, the english landlords, many I Farmers were paying exorbitant, went on what it then their own families, land and there was a middle way between the farmer and the landlord who also took a cut of the profits along the way this. Only in Lord middlemen, tenant system put tenants at a severe does image and many were barely subsisting, and then there was the great hunger also
The great famine or the irish potato famine and we have devoted to episodes to this in the past, and I'm going to recommend if you're interested in us. Please go listen to those, because we are seriously seriously over it. Here, potatoes were Ireland, sable crop, and so, as crops failed more than a million people died of disease and hunger about to make and people left Ireland in an effort to escape the famine and by eighteen, fifty one between twenty and twenty five percent of the population of ice, and had either left or died, which brings us to the Irish public and brotherhood or the finance. This is us what society in Ireland and it was devoted to achieving irish independence from british rule by force. The and we're sure independence would come only through an armed rebellion. One of the leaders, this movement in Ireland was John D boy. He was actively
creating irish soldiers who are serving in the british Army stationed in Ireland is estimated that he recruited eighty thousand troops to this cause but an informer tipped off the british government to what was going on divorce was arrested, convicted of three and sentenced to fifteen years of hard labor. The british, and arrested as many Fenian as they could find in eighteen, sixty five and eighteen sixty six charging them with we and treason please arrests, really reigned and already overcrowded british prison system as we discuss The lady Juliana episode, the british prisons had become severely overcrowded due to a number of social and legal factors, and then. The american colonies declared their independence. Could no longer offload its prisoners to the Americas, as it had been doing so. Britain had started using Australia for a penal colony instead
by this point, though, there was only one place left in Australia where Britain was sending new prisoners and this was sworn river colony on Australia's western coast, which housed free mantle prison remains. I was supposed to be imperative but it wasn't really the building itself that earned it that reputation, although the condition that the then we're very severe and pour it was the surrounding area that made it seem impossible to escape. It was located on it in an expanse of desolate, dry landscape and anyone who tried to escape what either have to go deeper into the out back or to the coast, where the waters were widely reported to be invested with As the arrests of feelings. Continued Britain start sending them to free mantle prison in October of eighteen sixty seven, the huge amount which was the last ship to cure, prisoners from Britain to Australia, left Portland carrying two hundred and eighty convicts and of those sixty two of them were finance,
and they arrived in free mantle in January of eighteen sixty eight, although some of the athenian prisoners, aboard the huge amount were civilians and would eventually be pardoned. Twelve of them had been Birds of the military and had been sentenced for life, seven of those twelve had truly originally been sentenced to death, but Queen Victoria had eventually commuted their sentences to lifetime transportation along with the brain of the letter d for dessert or on their chests, and one These prisoners actually became a key player in planning the jailbreak that we're talking about today after he had escaped himself, but we can happen. The whole story after we have a brief word from a sponsor. If that's cool with Tracy sure thing, our sponsor today is square space, which is an easy to use, intuitive, drag and drop way to make a website. You do not need to learn how to code. They have twenty four seven customer support that
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in the trial with no credit card necessary. If you like what you see, the cost is as low as eight dollars a month. Includes a free domain name. If you sign up for a whole year. If you use the offer code, history you'll get ten percent off your first purchase. So, to get back to the events in Australia, one of them Indians who had been sent to free mental prison was a man named John Boil a riley, but after having at remain so, he was later transferred to another prison in Bunbury, which was south of pre mantle and eighteen, sixty nine. He escaped from that second prison with the help of a Catholic EAST. Then he was able to win the sympathies of irish colonists in the area and border whaler that was bound for America once they got to the United States around Molly, who had been the assistant editor of the newspaper that the convicts had made for themselves on the way to Australia became an editor of the Boston pilot.
I love that they meet the newsletter for themselves. They did and the whole thing was eventually release. Does like a bound book were people to read on the one answer. If you can find it on probably can, on the one hand and lake wow that take so much like dedication and on the other, a Laker did they have anything to do on the voyage. Maybe it was just a time killer that I do not know but not long after that, devoid the one who had been sentenced labour for recruiting. Irish soldiers was eggs to America. He actually went to work for the New York Herald and he became involved in a secret society called the climb, the grail which sort an offshoot of feeling and brotherhood in eighteen. Seventy four one of the fenian prisoners named James Wilson wrote a letter to John D boy at the newspaper. This letter included the much quoted passage. Remember this is a voice from the tomb, or is this not a living?
in the tomb. It is only a man's body that is good for worms, but in this living too canker worm of care enters the very soul devoid started to feel increasingly guilty about the Fenian stolen free mantle. After all, heaping recruiting them all he has to play in conjunction with a riley and other members of his secret society, to rescue the rest of the military Fenian from premiums. and they would secure ship go to Failure and get the men out at first, a Riley plan was to leave a ship eventually they decided to buy one. Instead, he thought DNA. Fins and one man mortgaged his house and eventually they were able to buy the wailing ship Qatar via the ship's captain was George S, Anthony kind of an unlikely our I especially concern how long and dangerous the mission was gonna, be he had no connections to the finance or to the clock Maguire. Oh, he was
he was not irish for Catholic, he was actually Quaker and he took home in his own words, because it was the right thing to do. People focus on as a lot like irish people and catholic people were receiving so much discriminated at the time that it was really shocking that this person you had absolutely no ties to them whatsoever, took this on every had to keep the real mission secret, and the rest of the crew were two reasons. One was the risk of the british finding out what they were up to the more people who knew the greater it wasn't. Somebody was gonna, accidently or deliberately spell the beans, the was that they were going to have to operate as an ordinary wailing vessel along the way, because the proceeds from their wailing work were supposed to offset the costs of the rescue mission. Anthony and look at all but departed from New Bedford Massachusetts in April of eighteen. Seventy five and they were to reach free, they worry. They had a bit of good luck along the way.
luck along the way, by total coincidence, not long after the caterpillar, rounded the cape of good hope it encountered another ship called the ocean beauty was captain by a man named persons who had been the master of the human mind. Cousins still had the charts that he had used while carrying convicts to free mantle and he gave those starts to captain Anthony. However, despite one stroke of good fortune most of their luck, was actually pretty bad, some of it These navigation equipment turned out to be faulty and then the wailing part of a voyage went terribly meaning, They were not able to recoup the expenses of the mission with the proceeds from wailing that they had planned for the weather was and again sperm and at once supply stop six of the crew actually deserted. They but missing the mark for their arrival in Australia by almost four months. As all of this was going on
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Adele and they were supposed to arrive in Australia. Well, ahead of the guitar and actually gives most of the glory here. He basically mistreated along con in which he poses a wealthy american investor. So he can gain access to the prison and make contact with the fenian prisoners. working under the pseudonym James Collins, brethren scouted out the prison. He met with a under the guise of hiring prisoners as cheap labour, he also made friends with an ex con. You had access to the prison, could very messages back and forth. It got a sense of how things were run at which tasks the prisoners were assigned to, because some of them gave them a legitimate reason to be outside of the prison walls. What, if was that the security in the prison itself was not actually all that time The prisoner relied on this completely inhospitable landscape surrounding it to do most the security work for them Anthony.
Multi month, Delay, caused a number of problems on breath when side of things the law, He ran this calm, the more likely he was to be discovered in the prison, have changing the work assignments or the prisoners to be rescued, which was up ending his plans for getting them out and see. In Australia started concocting their own escape plan, but bristling found about it, and he was able to convince them to just joined his ever instead and threw out there This worry that the Qatar had been sunk along the way and was just not coming at all. Most alarming development in this whole multi month, Con was the sudden arrival. To irish men who started asking strange questions about the prisoners, everyone was involved in the Australia side of this plot was terrified that they were british spies. That somehow word had got now about what they were doing of. The British had seen had sent some wanted to figure out was happening. It turned out there
They had also gotten letters from fenian prisoners asking for help and they were there to provide that help. These two men that being tasked with cutting the telegraph wires leading out of free mantle on the morning of the jailbreak. finally, in April Anthony and help I made it to Australia and hand. Slim, set the date for the jailbreak as Easter Monday April seventeenth? It was true, no for many of the prison officials to go to purse TAT day for a regatta, so everyone hoped that security would be even more lax than normal send a message to the prisoners that this would be there one and only shot. On the morning of Easter Monday promised DORA Thomas half it Robert Crampton, Martin Hogan, Michael Harrington, and James Wilson, slipped away from the press. Through them had actually been assigned work to do that. Data was outside of the prison walls and the other four had one way or another. The left their way past the guards who appear
we never considered that they might have been escaping, because that bought was just so foreign to them. The men who became known as the free mantle six actually left. The seventh man named Jeffrey, wrote behind because he had earlier tried to get a reduced sentence for himself in exchange for cooperating with the British. what's the remainder of his athenian cohorts did not approve of the six men headed for the road where breast linen Desmond met them in carriages and raised four rockingham twenty miles away where Anthony was waiting with Qatar as whale boat. Basically, little rowboat Fortunately, while he was waiting around with this rowboat Anthony had drawn the attention of a local who became suspicious that something weird was going on and what
six prisoners and two other men appeared on the shore. This local man went to get held at this point. The prison authorities knew that the jailbreak it happened in a search was in progress, even though the downs telegraph telegraph wires meant they hadn't been able to raise the warm elsewhere. Once all nine of the men were in the whale boat and they were rowing to meet the Qatar wrestling. Read this note, then: yielded in a waterproof package and threw it toward shore to his excellence
the british governor of Western Australia. This is to certify that I have this day released from clemency of her most gracious Majesty Victoria, queen of Great Britain, Cetera ET six Irishman, condemned to imprisonment for life by the enlightened and magnanimous government of Great Britain for having been guilty of the atrocious, an unpardonable crimes moon to the unenlightened portions of the portion of mankind as love of country and hatred of tyranny for the ACT of irish assurance, my birth and my blood being my full sufficient warrant. Allow me to add that I take my leave now. I've only to say a few cells, I've emptied a cell on its way
the honour and pleasure to bid you good day from all future acquaintance. Excuse me, I pray in the service of my country, John Jay Wrestling, and we do not know if this letter made it to the governor. The text that we actually have a reference is from an account that bracelet wrote about the escape. So but after that, the whole thing once again almost fell apart. The men in the whale boat could see a steamer which was the georgette apparently searching for them in the water and as they rode toward the cats hopper storm blew in this overcrowded whaleboats was in danger of thinking they had to bail row and tried not to capsize all through the night, whereas the men and the whale boat were trying to keep the elves alive. The georgette found the cats helper, but the first mate left in charge, while Anthony was away, would not allow them to board
they eventually rim low on fuel and they had a return to shore not lie after sunrise on Tuesday, the eighteenth set. With this point, they ve been out of the jail for about twenty four hours the men in the whale boat, spotted the Qatar, but as they made their way towards the ship, the Georgette spotted them too. Though they and their little rowboat had to raise a steamer to the Qatar up trying to get to the top of before the Georgette could get to that and they made it bites. Luck was still kind of playing against them. The wind loves and once the men were aboard, they couldn't go any further. They were because in the end the georgette returned and it had in time acquired a cannon and it fired a warning shot. The escaped prisoners are themselves mostly with harpoons and Captain Anthony
and up an american flag called to the Georgette. That's the american flag. I am on the high seas. My flag protects me. If you fire on this ship, you fire on the emir Flag, the colonial police aboard the Georgette had been ordered not to cause an international incident, and so they were for a while, essentially at a stalemate with Georgia trying to manage the becalmed, could help us back into australian waters. It did not work Really, the wind picked up blowing the guitar out to see the jury. followed for awhile before finally heading back to free mantle they're. All these occur when the wind picked up it likes, swung the rigging of the guitar. By around narrowly missing and ensure that I'm not sure if this is a movie that, like the thinking up ass five, it should be
Captain Anthony and the escaped men arrived in New York on August nineteenth four months after escaping from the prison. They were met with just raucous celebration among New York's irish community. The reception of this news in Britain was a lot positive, though Britain was livid and accuse the United States of harbouring terrorists and this story fuelled irish Nationalists in the movement for irish independence, and that is- who will additional series of other stories, culminating in the creation of the Irish Free and later the Republic of Ireland. We have some detail about what happened to the rescuers after this was over, rarely with a poet and a writer, and he died in eighteen. Ninety, at the age of forty six Desmond in Brazil and became part of the Irish Republican Brotherhood in America
and Desmond eventually also became sheriff of San Francisco. John D boy continued to be active in the Clonmel Whale and active in the struggle for irish independence from America. He did eventually get to return to Ireland toward and of his life. The Qatar returned. A service is a wailing ship and it was eventually used to carry coal there. Commission was Captain Anthony's last sea voyage and he unfortunately died of pneumonia much less. About the later fates of the three mantle sex, except that by all accounts They were broken man after their time and financial prison. The few fenian left in free mantle after the jailbreak later wound up being pardoned. This was the only successful and break from free mantle. Remember, John boiler. Riley's escape was from a different prison I'm a highway celebrated event, wonder became so popular aim, so controversial that it was a fish
banned in western Australia and as of twenty thirteen, it still was the ballad start, a noble whales. Shipping commander called the Qatar they say, came out to Western Australia and took six poor Fenian away so come all you screw up. Is in jail is remember, Perth Regatta Day take care of the rest of your finance or Yankees will steal them away and free mental prison closed on November eight of nineteen ninety one, I'm glad Joseph asked for the story me too, like there are lots of forces about this. There's a whole book about it that there is a secrets of the dead episode on PBS called the Irish escape is all about it, so there are lots of resources about it, but still I had not really heard about it before
and apparently, even though it sparked the whole thirds of irish nationalism at the time. By the time the Republic of Ireland actually gained its independence from Britain. This part of the story had been maybe not forgotten, but it wasn't so much in the limelight. Anymore was one of those stories within rediscovered again a little more recently. Do you also have a spot of listener me over as I do from IRAN from our update to the Franklin Expedition podcast that we did during unearthed season this year, Flash and of twenty fourteen, and it's one of those letters that are really excited again, because it includes all kinds of stuff I would have loved to have got into during the absurd, but we did not have enough time to included all the wrong says: high Chaldean Tracy. I listened to your pipe cast with some interest as I live in
none of it, the canadian territory, where the events of the Franklin Expedition took place. I wanted to add a few notes to your account, which helped to illustrate them of the lessons of the expedition one. One of the most important lessons of the story is that the explorers did not adopt the techniques and equipment of go into it, people as a result when their food ran out, they were unable to cope with the local environment. In contrast, John RE, one of the men whose travels helps to reveal the fate of the Franklin Expedition, adopted the clothing and survival techniques of the local into it. Speaking with the local people and travelling with them and learning their culture, and he was able to piece together the story of Franklin ships. One of this story is promoted by Lady Franklin and sadly, people like Charles Dickens, was it the expeditions. Crew had been attacked and murdered by local anyone people, the believed at the time was the indigenous people were not to be trusted, and this is part of why they could
needed to be civilised by white Europeans. This theme of superiority and racism is a very sad part of the expedition story and should still resonate with us today. To John, raise contribution to our knowledge of the fate of the expedition should not be underestimated, as mentioned above RE was a strong advocate for the inuit people and tried to convey the british Admiralty and the public that the expedition had been lost due to its own incompetence and arrogance, and not betray the treachery of the inuit people. A very good account of this
Seen in the canadian film passages three one of the items being sought after by the archaeologists third, the logs for the expedition, why you might not expect them to be preserved? It was the practice of the royal Navy at the time to keep these documents in a sealed brass cylinder that the cylinder can be found in the wreck. It will provide valuable information on events during the voyage, for you did mention this in your podcast. But it cannot be stressed enough that the wreck of the Airbus was located not through technology, but through the accounts provided by the EU at people of what happened to the ships
This is then displayed by Europeans in the nineteenth century, persisted into the twentieth century people. Reading annual accounts of the Rex did not believe what they were told again. This is incredibly fat and it should give us all pause to consider the way Europeans have treated local people all over the world. Then he goes on to give a suggestion for a future episode. Those are all the bits of this that I wanted to read the day. So thank you. So much wrong for sending the female, but a lot of these robots that came up during the research bet, then, especially because I emphasised with essentially an update to something that had happened before we were alone
limited on fine. I'm glad we got to talk about it. If you would like to write to us about this or any other absurd, great history I got stuck on Facebook is faced with that man Flash Miss than experience Twitter is missed in history. Our tumblr is misconstrued tumblr com, and I am also on interest that Pinterest that palms lash missed in history. We have a spreadsheet store bullet shirts, another fun things. Then history that spread shirt, dot com and, if you'd like to learn a little more about something related to what we talked about today. You can come to our parent companies website, but it has done,
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