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The Prisoner Princess: Sophia Dorothea of Celle

2012-07-09 | 🔗

Sophia Dorothea of Celle married her cousin, George I of Great Britain. Sophia had an affair with a Swedish count, and her in-laws decided to stop the couple from running away together. The ensuing events became known as the Königsmarck Affair.

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seem so we thought that a little summers theories on some two timing, princesses might be perfect cover his counterpart to all of the gangster the pirates in search of stars tat. We ve been talking about lately as well as some of those ports, that we're gonna be featuring for the twenty twelve olympics. But today story is particularly fairytale like a particularly fairytale like royal story, though kind of war in the vein of the brothers grim than Disney something fitting milk, as it does take place in Germany and just a little taste, and what you'll find there's an unlikely inheritance. There's a missing count and possible exclamation here, and there is either Princess held prisoner in a castle. So today we're gonna, kick off the subtle series by discussing Sophia Dorothea seller, that electricity hand over the unground queen of Great Britain and the prisoner of aldermen
appropriately enough in this tale. Events began long before Sophia, Dorothy S birth. Back when her father George Willard, pass on his inheritance to his younger brother Ernst August. So the story George volume didn't want to marry his intended bride princess, though fear of the politeness and in exchange for getting out of that unwanted match. George William basic then, our aid are all right. I'd rather rule be smaller duchy of fella and promise never to Mary. So no legitimate errors will get in the way caused. hold down the line in Hanover in the arrangements. Even sounds kind of unconventional. It really did work out fine for a time the young, brother Ernst August, went ahead and married Princess Sophia became the Duke of Hanover and started a family. While his elder brother, who had given up his inheritance, around Europe
get married. He kept prostitutes and didn't really pose any sort of threat like a comeback threat, but things change Little bit in sixteen sixty five year fell in love and he fell in love with a Huguenot lady named Alien, nor dull, Bruce and so oppressed. It's one thing to do for him any more. He wanted to get married and so stay only had a more dynamic marriage, which meant that they were married in God's eyes, but not in the states eyes. a year later they had daughter together named Sophia Dorothea, George, William and Eleanor then started agitating for more official marriage so that their daughter could, in here and be considered legitimate, so finally
ten years Duke and Duchess Ernst and Sofia agreed to this. They were like. Ok, why not? We have our own mail air as well. The duke of seller and Eleanor only have this one daughter. So raw, exactly not too much of a threat and the new arrangement made little Sophia Dorothea, legitimate and also fabulously. Well, yeah, she was quite the wealthy errors, though her parents began shopping around for potential groups. Their daughter, like the future king of Denmark, and they were aiming pretty high anti Sophia, didn't really think that match with evil high glee, their according to Eleanor, Herman and sex with the clean she's supposedly said, quote: fancy a king fund for that that of the bastard very nice thing to say that your niece but words to remember to over later, in this episode and more likely Stability, though, for a little Sophia Dorothea was the Duke of Orphan bottle was a local rival of Ernst August. So seemed like of alike
Martin, o good groom for her, so by them. time, Sophia Dorothea was fifteen and it looks like the Vulcan bottle. Trot was really going to happen. So Duke in that, you so fear, however, decided that it would be foolish. that so much wealth just slip away because they had these old family issues, so they decided. Why not have her marry their own son George Louis, and unite the Duchess of Hanover and seller. So, according The women in world History Encyclopedia aloud dorians right about this match, like it was just doomed from the start. While it may really then much worse than a lot of dynastic marriages of the era. That sad, though, we wanted to get that out there that's the couple. They seem ideal for each other's Sophia. Dorothea was considered especially the fall. She had dark hair Ferris scan. She had a very spirited personality. She hadn't been educated in many serious subjects, but she
intelligent. She spoke several languages, she loved her reed. She would dance she played harpsichord. She was talented embroider her cause, George Louis. On the other hand, was it the most some guy was kind of short, yet popping blue eyes. He did, up eventually to become a talented general. He did enjoy music that with one thing they had in common, he was a patron of handle, but he wasn't considered courtly or particularly intelligent either through not a good match. First Sophia Dorothy is spirited personality just to give you an idea of what other people thought of Sophia, if he s cousin as well. Even his mom thought that he was kind of thick, so mean if you can get your minds or your mom doesn't like here. That's pretty bad that she actually wrote to her knees about the upcoming marriage when her thousand dollars a year is a goodly some to pocket, without speaking, a pretty wife who will find
saint, my Louis, the most, the most stubborn boy who ever who has round has round his brain such a thick crust than I do. By any man or woman to ever discover what is in them. He does not care for the match itself, but one thousand dollars a year, have tempted him, as they would have tempted anybody else. Really Again, if your mom says that you have a thick craster hunch membrane, I mean that's what work dear, but at least he gets the value of money re. He does understand that money is important for a young princeling, but like the theatre. George Louis, who at this point with twenty two, had also relieving shopped around Europe as an eligible bachelor by his parents for the past few years. His most Bishop Profit that had been his Kinswoman princess and who was the future queen of Great Britain. Now you should remember her name for later, but According to Richard Cavendish history, the day she
met him and just immediately wrote him off was not interested as the theatre. Thea, though she had to satellites, and she and George Louis were married November, twenty first, sixteen eighty two and again Accord Herman soon after the marriage, a fortune teller war George Louis that if he was responsible for his new wife's death any way he would die a year. I dont know what kind of this that fortune tellers after about creepy honor fortunes by the couple did seem to get along well enough, at least surely they produced assign within the year, often in George and a daughter of the year, is out also named Sophia Dorothea. Fortunately, we don't have to talk about them too much. We already have severe interfere. Dorothea we'll need another one in the equation, but
exactly get along. Well, I mean they tolerated each other. It themes and judges Sophia, apparently really hated her daughter in law. That again, two out of the ordinary for a royal couple. I mean, I think, some of the earlier episodes we ve done. It He really illustrates this is the norm. On the I was about to say, we definitely run into this kind of thing before but trouble come along when Duke Ernst August, longtime mistress the counter Clear Elizabeth Plot and decided that Sophia Dorothy was becoming way to popular court. She personally selected a mistress for George Louis who could be her puppet so that We have more control over both Duke Ernst and his heir
for this job. She picked mullahs, Siena VON Shallenberg, who is pretty but unusually thin for the time plus she was much taller than George Louis, so they made quite the pair appear, but they did take up together so now, Melis Tina is countess, plot and spy and he's letting his wife and ignoring his parents, request to be more discreet. About his new relationship, Sophia Dorothea didn't exactly back down, though she just started. Making fun of the two of them in public, especially the height of the fears at here is now at a time when those fear, Dorothea really had a better a kind of distraction and making fun of her husband and his mistress. Because, in March of sixteen eighty eight, she met a twenty six year old swedish count named Philip Krzysztof on Kinnock's mark, who is fighting in the Army of Hanover and they actually met before when they re just kids, because his father had brought him
zella for training they run into each other. They are, but by this point, clinics Mark was eight polished, courtly man popular in the court, where Ernst August made him a colonel of the so he was on the up and up and he and Sofia Dorothea became friends. He was somebody for her to talk to about the kind of things that she'll the weirdly. He also took up with the countess plotted in a more intimate sort of relationship and to get out of that kind of art. situation he signed up or a military expedition, far away from Hanover in Greece, but that experts can prove to be pretty disastrous and feel up. One of the few survivors came rushing back to hand over in sixteen ninety and at this point he is no longer interested in the countess plot in his smitten with Sophie Dorothea, so is kind of changes to the little bed and they started exchanging letters since many
early note still survive the point when their relationship became command take is usually penned around April. Sixteen ninety one in here just a sample passage from one. If their notes quote farewell. My beloved brunette. I embrace your knees or again from Philip quote what I give to hear midnight strike, be shirt smelling salts ready left. My access of joy caused me to say that I like that, though these lovers, tried to keep things supersecret budgets weren't very great, at concealing what they were going through, so used code for off their letters, but their code was not too hard to figure out. It was all number or named bathos. For instance, a few Dorothy was too oh one, Philip was one twenty. They called George Louis reformer, which just makes me think of a plot, is machine and they called countless plot and fat wine. Early. He was not who's not so into
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the fair could have gone on for a while. It could have been tolerated, even if they were just a little bit more discreet and the family situation had stayed exactly what it was. There were kids already legitimate errors who were in the picture, and yet so there was something at stake, but in sixteen ninety two couple things happened: hangovers file increased tenfold, because the Duke Ernst became an elector which was a prestigious position and the holy Roman Empire and Ernst August two had hoped and worked for this honour for many years, didn't want His daughter in law scandal raining on his parade, so he's Aurora out of, Country, knowing that she helped pass letters between Philip and Sofia Dorothea and he ordered Philip off on military expeditions, and then he definitely started intercepting letters between the two so communicate. Yet if they were gonna continue on together. This point they were really have to make a major leap, though,
to the women in world history, Encyclopedia, Sophia, Dorothea and Philip. Really wanted to run away together and hoped that once did that it would be easy enough for her to divorce Louis and then maybe remarry and live together far away from Hanover a real fairytale kind of situation. The only problem, though they needed money with not a fairy tale. The fear Dorothea didn't have any money. Any property in her own names, even wrote to feel at one point yesterday I read my marriage contract. It hurt me so much that I had tears in my eyes. Could she realized she didn't anything left and he the council. You might be wondering why couldn't Heath answer this little get away, but he had a lot of Gambling Dat, though they were just sort of and where they were and vanished, feel I've got pretty dramatic, not being able to be near Sophia. Thea anymore, you made
get that from his smelling salts. Note that he wrote to her saying quote: I have a insulation here close to me, not a pretty girl but a bear which I feed. If you should fail me, I will bear my chest and let him tear my heart out. No pressure Also just to mention this. Sometimes he would you things in his own blood, though he was taken it hard for what point he even deserve at his post to come see her has commanding officer let em off the hook a pretty easy, but warned him that he's been style on they basic ignored. The increasing warnings from from his commanding officer from everyone come friend, Philip Road Sophia, Dorothea quote. We are treading on dangerous ground, but when people love as we love, they do consider trifles and if one holds the loved one, what map is the cause. Were I to see the scaffold before my eyes. I would not swerve so
in this last, ditch move for money and protectors as a way to escape together. The couple decided to bring politics into their romance and into their plans. That turned out to be a very fatal error feel up who was obviously feeling pretty ostracised in Hanover decided switch his military allegiance to the rival duchy of facts anywhere. Conveniently his friend was also Duke. And he also made plans with the duke of Orphan beautiful for possible refuge. There, though, this was I view member who Sophia with customary, has sign or could have married his son, so he had some. He had some friends outside of Hanover who he was starting to think of a line on so carrying on this indiscreet affair. After there were legitimate children in the picture, as we mentioned, that was one but making. plans to actually leave the country. It meant that so few Dorothy
could be inevitable. To use against Hanover with her giant dowry, is the hostage and that Wasn't gonna have unacceptable right in stays of June. Sixteen ninety four Philip arrived in Hanover to run away with the princess, and no one ever saw him alive again. So here's where our story gets a little bit mysterious. to some sources, like Cavendish Ernst August, simply ordered feel of the fascination which was carried out on July First impact simply because of the switch to regions from Hanover descent. me that might have on the real and behind a literal kind of reason, but according to Herman, though think, could have even been a little more complicated than that, though, and not quite as politically motivated either. So Philip was apparently recognise when he entered Hanover, but with to proceed along with his date with severe Dorothy and the two
presumably manner made plans to flee the following night but counters plot and who certainly is playing the evil. Stepmother sort of raw him in this whole story was in the now. She knew that Philip was in the city because of her spy network and she alerted Ernst August and got permission to have Philip arrested while he was there in the castle. But as Philip left Sophia Dorothy s rooms, he met the guards who in order to arrest him and somehow or another whether uncounted, flattens orders or just acts. Emily things got out of hand. He wound up dead in the Hall Sophia Dorothea not too far away and none the wiser so this point since August, is horrified fearing some kind of diplomatic incident if this count turns up down under his roof and he the body hidden under the Great hall, floor and buried in quicklime soldiers
interesting followup note to decades after the death workmen supposedly found a skeleton in quicklime with Felix Ring and minutely, though no modern research can be done on this. Since the palace was destroyed and world forth, by which I mean don't. You he knew more health has meanwhile. After this, murder or assassination or whatever, whatever it might have been so few Dorothea was arrested along with her lady, made, and she didn't even learn about Philip to death for several weeks, which is this particularly sad and the veto Really. Can I hold her ground to she didn't admit to adultery, although she did agree to a divorce than was ultimately sent to the castle of all, then, which I know it sounds like a pretty in a castle to repent dollars
thing, but this place was really more. Like a large brick house, you can find pictures of it on line at the rambling sort of place. It doesnt work, particularly luxurious, but its author, not like a creepy tower or anything So after refusing one last offer by Ernst August to deny the whole thing for eight instead of divorce and just hush up this whole huge family scandal that shit cause, she Louis were in fact of forest. On December, twenty Eightth, sixteen ninety four so Sophie, with the lost her title and lost contact with her kids. Her father would support her or visit her, but he did allow her a large allowance for the here she wasn't allowed out of the house at all following years, though, she was allowed to take short carriage rides, but only under armed Guard, her mother could her and she would patronize charities. She even built a local town at one point when it was burned down, and she thought
the time that she be released on good behaviour, as does she really try to keep up the good behaviour at one point, she even waited patiently during a fire to begin in order to evacuate she wasn't gonna leave until she got permission to go and for a few years to people around Europe really tough. Her line, they also talked about count, feel a lot. You wondered what happened to that that guy, who the currently in such a good soldier and the seas inquired after him. Lui the fourteenth was curious and Aurora really put a lot of pressure on Hanover. She had become the stretch of the electorate, saxony, and so, with the help of her bow, She really tried to find out what on earth happen to her brother? Where did he go? Was he murdered? Finally, though, after a few years, the story just died, It was all news by this point and it really might have stayed kind of a forgotten scandal of Hanover Head George Lou.
not been added to the british line of accession so just to give you a little explanation here, because you're probably wondering what's up with that sixteen ninety eight George Louis exceeded his father as Electra Hanover, but vice Tina one. He seemed poised to inherit something, even bigger from his mother Duchess Sophia King, William, the current british monarch, didn't have any children by his then deceased, wife, Mary and the next in line whose Mary Sister Princess and the same one who turned down George with earlier in the pod cast, and we asked you to remember her name. She had had many pregnancies, but no kids that survived beyond childhood her longest surviving son died. The line of succession was suddenly quite bleak, so entered duchess folk, even though there were plenty potential errors. Further up the line more closely related to an Sophia,
the nearest protestant air, which was something determined decisively in the act of settlement in seventeen o one though this is the fear, definitely hoped that she would still I've her distant cousin and to become queen, but she ended up dying just a few weeks before her in seventeen forty and for that, of course, made the fifth on George Louis the next in line. He ended up the coming towards the first of Great Britain August. First, seventeen fourteen He hasn't seemed like the the coolest guy him in most of this package. Therefore, but he was really unpopular in his new country. He couldn't speak English. He had to conduct all of his state business with his ministers in their commonly the french and he wasn't- either something we had mentioned earlier. He didn't really impressed people and, of course, the folks were wondering where on earth is the skies wife? Why don't we have a queen?
yet once they realised that she was dad or crazy that she was isn't in all then Sophia's that imprisonments, a future authority imprisonment started to look very bad. George mistress, on top of everything, Georgia's mistress Maoist Siena, was also just light as well. other main confidence Sophia Charlotte VON Humans, Agar, who was killed patents daughter, so The thing here was: maybe it was she Georgia's friends, normally knew who she was sure this friend was, she has missed stress a bet. she's also maybe his half sister, because he belongs relationship with her father, his father yeah enough, the alot of different things about her, like definitely his myths dress or no, there just friends he relied on her. He would have known she was his half sister kind of just something put out there so home Anti hanoverians, also rallied behind the Imprison princess, but not in any sort of print.
Give way mean they didn't get her out of her imprisonment or anything else. spending more than thirty years in her castle, Sophia Dorothea died on November thirteenth, seventeen, twenty sixth at each sixty four, you would think after all of these years, George diverse must be ready to wrap things that title II that he did not handled the news very gracefully. He ordered his Ex wife thing, to be burned. He forbade the court of hand, or to mourn for her, and he and deal with funeral arrangements until a mellow sooner pressured him in to repay you gotta do about this because it should be said male female was pretty superstitious. She often spoke with bird. She believed she could receive sign omens from them and thought she was getting them then pressure from a spirit of Sophia Dorothea to get her body taken care of fine though, in the May, following Sophia Dorothy S, death George the two visit Hanover his his home while travelling?
carriage to ask no in the middle of the night, they stopped for a minute, in summary, handed him a letter when he rather at dawn, he realized it was a death bed ran from the fear, Dorothea and immediately felt ill, not long after that he suffered a stroke and he dying June, Eleventh Seventeen, twenty seven, it could just be a stroke and some other kind of news hubris. Saved by clear out had totally how did I think about the current fortune. Tellers predictions is coming true. Just a few months later, within a year of his wife's death, so creepy Car breaks down dude
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like a lot of the story. Accounts on his reaction differ depending on where you look, According to the women in world history, Encyclopedia George, the second basically carried on his father's policy of ignoring his mother's name entirely, but according to Herman He immediately brought out to portraits of her for his own chambers. He so it seems likely either way you look at it wants. Review, the bavarian court records, including those last six months of Felix letters, to find out what happened between his parents. What hath with his mother's imprisonment. What really down and unfortunately, whether it was to protect his mother's memory or to protect his family from View embarrassment so covering both of those those emotions he could have had. He decided to burn the records
there is some documentation left though, and can now we ve been quoting from some of these letters. Aurora had most at the corresponding it's now stored at a swedish university, just everything except those last six months, pretty much some more notes somehow turn with Frederick the great too, who is Sophia Door his grandson through her daughter, so not exactly sure how that happened. Some of these letters have been suggested as fraud, others, not just story has a lot of merkin us behind it. But that's all he said until that makes a sort of interesting to because then there is more possibilities out there for us to explore and an advert little element of mystery to it. It does it make that theme even more, like a story like a fairy tale. All of these elements in these would be could be threatened. So I really enjoyed learning some about the theatre Thea and I think it's
good time now to go ahead and talk about from listen out. So I thought this pack has to be a good one to include a letter we received from listener Anna because he talks about how history and stories can theme one and the same some time he wrote say. I can honestly say that history has been an interest of mine. My whole life, but I never liked learning in school probably already know, but in spanish the word for history and of the same Historiae. I think that's what makes your pie so interesting return, each Pakistan to into a story and who doesn't like hearing story but ten months I've been traveling through Latin America. When I call the Happy Nomad tour, you're being miserable quote, living the dream of living working and worry for Denmark for a wind power company. I finally started asking myself what my passions are. Well, my dreams are and what I want out of life. I call this process the happiness plan,
my goal is the traveller is to leave each place fatter than how I found it, which I do by volunteering everywhere. I go. I've had volunteering experiences, which is feeding the elderly at a nursing home in Mexico, installing panels in rural Honduras attracting donations for our rural library project in Peru, playing with kids managers and Costa Rica and Ecuador and Mark An organisation that turns donated gives bikes into bike machines in Guatemala. There's a lot I can offer, engineer and an mba I listened to quite a few- has two works. Podcast am I tend to twenty our birthright and wanted to and very small way, thank you for all you ve. Given me Peru was my last stop in Latin America, and I thought these are packer. Will trio's were a great way to say thanks in a nice break from the postcards, you normally receive note from us.
De la proceeding. He went on this day. I know it doesn't get to hold in Atlanta, but still I want to protect those knowledge filled not again so he sent us like. You said these off his hat and a common misconception. Let's get pretty called in Atlanta, just not for very long does Yeah February's not fun around. Here no tickets gets quite chile by everyone badly. We definitely need good hats to keep him warm in the winter, and I just bought this with such a now a lot of a lot of pastors recently got some of these children. then it's fun to see the man on everybody's dusk than maybe on their heads come round foller or winter yeah. I have to say we were rather jealous. Jonathan increased, I think, were the first to receive them incident. We were I in them and he especially for then we ve got our own and I think our sir they're they're beautiful their alleged purple in Blue will post pictures of them when it's cold enough to hear a lamb. So I asked
I'm sorry reminded me a lot of the sort of every shall I be with their email that we did recently all these stories about people who are just decided to go for it and travel to these call places, and back while they were doing here and the motivation behind his travel or what he's doing while travelling volunteering as very admirable. We just volunteered the other day we have a deal, every year that our company volunteer under your impact, yet I and every time we do it. I think I need to do this more yeah. I think the exact same thing. We read an animal shelter. We did post a picture of that of us with an adorable puppy. So thank you. How much Adam for writing and sharing what you're doing, and also talking about about how you connect history, the stories? I think that something we definitely Do you even when it is not so obvious, as if he Requiem story and solely Like to share a story with us, or maybe you
then answer travels or adventurers that you want to share with Astir. You can write a set history. Pod casts a discovery, dot com, find us on Facebook and were on twitter, innocent history, and if you want to learn a little bit more about other famous historical couples. Unfortunately, these guys didn't make the less. We do have an image, scholarly cod famous historical couples, and you can find that Honour Homepage, W W W got half the dot com For more or less and thousands of other topics, does it how stuff works, dot, com.
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