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The Riotous Life of Caravaggio

2011-03-07 | 🔗

Michelangelo da Caravaggio may not be as well-known as Leonardo da Vinci, but this amazing painter has been receiving more and more attention in recent times. Why? Listen in as Deblina and Sarah explore the controversial life of Caravaggio.

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Angelo he's one of the most famous artists in history, but according to the art, historian, Peters Michelangelo, has been surpassed in at least one head to head competition in again at least in terms of what's being written about, I'm nobody's looking at the art, show attendant through something here, but that raises who is the upstart interesting it's another Michelangelo except the sun is named Michelangelo, Mary Thi and he's better known as Caravaggio ensued, at the University of Toronto. He studied books, catalogues and scholarly papers about the two men published in the last fifty years. Everything kind of in that time range and over time, The Caravaggio related work did in fact outpaced the writings on Michelangelo, especially since the mid nineties These are so yeah fill a clarification is apparently quite popular right now, and if they upset
has been growing for the past fifty years. It's really reached new heights this year and last year, which was the four hundredth anniversary of the artist death, but so far we ve had to our world controversies, lesson the past year to our oil controversies, which have played in really dramatic headline fashion. We're gonna, just read off a few of these. The line counter headlined elections for you, one is from the BBC. Vatican reveals Caravaggio, painting, found in Rome, and then later Vatican, paper dismisses own care Yo claims for little embarrassing with another one from the BBC church bones. belong to Caravaggio researchers, say, but also unearthing, doubts about, vodka remains now we're gonna be tough about that when a little bit more because, obviously it's an excellent
bladed point or any cover that there have also been too big exhibits, though, in the artists in the past year in and this year as well, one was of care. Values are our values, art at birth could hear a clear and Ali, and the other was of his police trail at the italian state archives in that's really the catch of this episode and probably the appeal of care, as you know in general, he's not just a compelling because he's some therefore, an artist and he's not just compelling because he has this realist style. That is before its time and he's not just interesting, because he almost seems more like a target. then a painter who lived centuries ago he's he's a really bad guy is a bad boy, that's good way to describe them and the doktor
relating to his life, are police document and court document legal statement, things like that he did leave quite a paper trail in it does not really paints a pretty Sir, yes, so I guess that new paper trails will focus on the most about first to go back to the beginning. He was born in fifteen seventy one and he was the son of an architect and a major donor. for the Marquis of Caravaggio. He was apprentice it or age eleven to painter Simona Patria Zono in Milan- and it was some time, in his teens when he was sent off to Rome and that's where he settles into this, though he mean underworld he's real, poor and working for painters at that time, who are less able to enhance their less talented yeah? Definitely struggling, and these are Canada lost years. As far as is record, goes which aggressive Caravaggio. That's a good thing, but they're not lost years as far as its work, if he painted about forty pieces during this period, including boy with a fruit basket and the young back as those are,
most famous work and, finally, in fifteen. Ninety five works like that, must, of course Tension of certain eyes, coffee sets on its own and he's brought to the attention of cardinal just go the Monti who is a big shot in the paper court, though this is and into the more elite world of Rome and he's been invited to the Cardinal Palace and he's got room and boy and all the commission and by fifteen ninety seven. Here, the commission to decorate the contract chapel in Rome, which really put them into the big league he's only twenty four year thought that he put in is his difficult years, early, yeah- and it's not really totally smooth rode all the way, though his work for the chapel, which included scenes from the life of Saint Matthew, they caused quite a stir at the time and that's what
These scenes he painted they weren't idealized and anyway, Matthew basically looks like a labour off the street. A common person, not a very pretty saint yeah, from there are now, though, he does stick with these religious subjects, though, that mostly, where he's working on, let me like you mention them. The math even give the pretty good foreshadowing. If this his his work, isn't pretty its violent and its dark. Stylistic Lee he's supposed we would use the lantern hung in a dark studio to achieve this really drama. Gliding a fact mean if you ve guessing Polly most of you. If your listening to this absurd, you ve seen Caravaggio paintings, but they often look like a photo where there is a big strong beam of light shining on the subject from one direction I think you would do is pick poor model, though maybe they Matthew was right off the street. He would use
laborer, then, and just people he ran into perhaps even prostitutes, which obviously that's gonna, sometimes some trouble for em and sometimes his work with consequently rejected by its original. Commissioner, you have a careful lights, for example, thought that his death, virgin looked a little too common and also a little too dead yeah they they didn't want her to look like a nurse. A woman who had just die. They wanted her to be shooting straight up to Heaven and I. Never, though, didn't really hurt Caravaggio reputation. You would think that that, having your commission's rejected what a bad thing, but private by were very eager to snatch up the rejected pieces. Then his success really continued to grow He was moving in mingling in the higher circles, a roman society hanging out with cardinal thing out with princes, so it seemed like he had risen above that rough and tumble bohemian life,
He started out on you, but he never totally left that hard knock life behind either. It said that he was given last and riots, and probably the best way to understand him might be to first look up some images of his art and then take a look at his police record, which we're gonna get into a little. That right now is pretty ridiculous. Yeah, it's kind of crazy, Actually may forests T. Ninety eight, for example, he's arrested for carrying a sword without a permanent between two and three. I am November nineteen. Sixteen hundred he sued over beating a man with a stick and cutting the guy's keep with his sword. three amboise, then October sex, Sixteen o one he's accused of attacking a man with a sword and insulting him, adding insult to injury April, twenty four sixteen o He was accused of attacking a waiter over and artichoke related dispute, which, because that kind of love
I'm from hutch we're gonna talk about it a little more in a second October nineteenth. Sixteen o four arrested for pelting policemen with stones never guide, may twenty sixteen o five his arrested for carrying a sword in a dagger. this time without a permanent July, twenty nine. Sixteen o five he's accused by Vatican, notary of striking him with a weapon from behind This gets thirty really good idea of the kind of man against their Caravaggio with that you and the documents on view of the archives actually give us a closer look some of these incidents. I mentioned artichoke when we have the waiters statement which I'll. Let you know that a lot is based on tone and it's kind of hard to tell her what exactly happened. But here goes about seventeen o clock lunchtime. The accused together, the two other people with eating in the moors restaurant. Where I work as a waiter, I brought them eight cooked artichokes for cooked in butter, and
or fried in oil. The accused asked me which were cooked in in which fried in oil, and I told him to smell them, which would easily enabled him to tell the difference. That's your tone is important. He got angry and without saying anything, more grabbed an earthenware dish and hit me on the cheek at the level of my mustache, injuring me slightly, and then he got up and grab his friends sword which was lying on the table intending perhaps strike me with it. But I got up and came here to the police station to make a formal complaint, though you know a guy, you it is easy to anger. I guess yeah, he seemed to get riled at pretty easily. He was even accused of there, stones at his landlady window after she suit him for cutting holes in a ceiling to make us painted it. That's the best part, though you know this is the fourth of noxious behaviour, violent, potentially lethal behaviour and carrying a legal swords around is not
where to stay out of trouble, but he reached a new level. May twenty eight sixteen ethics when he killed a man? He can't really take that back and the circumstances behind this murder. A kind of interesting of the deceased was renewed, YO, Toma Fini and he was Bird on a tennis court in Rome, and so you ve probably heard that because the location was a tennis court, the dispute, would somehow related to a game of tennis or some historians have suggested that it was related to a dispute over a woman but either way something that happened in the heat of the moment. He just let your passions get to you and get into a fight, and then renewed YO is suddenly dead. Core documents from the time show that it really worked a lot more like and organise war. Not just this argument that started suddenly right for one
it's, not exactly a tennis court. Where this happens, it's a pal accord, a court in the compromise seo area which was correct neighbourhood policy quarters kindly tennis, except, somehow string involved, were not really sure how it were left like an explanation of public order for any still practising sport. Enthusiasts guess: email us, the The thing was there were eight men who participated in this fight and they were chosen ahead of time. They weren't just random onlooker. So as that it wasn't just in the heat of the moment. It wasn't people who got mad about It happened to a game and decided to become part of the US. It was planned and Caravaggio himself, as there were three other guys, one with a captain and the people me again showing he does have friends in high places, and one of his friends was also badly you're in arrested after the fact in its during this guy's. Try oh, where it comes out of the fire, was probably started ever gambling Dat than something that they could
However, for a little while and get her friends together, Caravaggio is injured in this body. Escape these not entered bad enough that is arrested. He gets out of Rome his terrible concerned about what will happen to them, and rightly so, because he's condemned to death and abstention by Pope Paul the faith in the first place he goes is to the estate of the Marquis of Caravans. Yos relatives, though, by a friend of his dad, friend, essentially from mere. He goes to Naples and early. Sixteen is seven any states painting again and just remember through His entire flight he's still painting, which I think is so interesting. I mean it obviously part later. The living, but that you would I'll. Have it in you and you're right your life right, and he has keep moving. He moved on from Naples to Malta, where he not only keeps painting but he's received
the order of Malta, which is kind of confusing, because it something that requires people, permission, yeah and the Pope has just condemned him to death. I think that's interesting and, of course, all the while his and back in Rome, were working to get a paypal dispensation. That's the only way he could. Part and that kind of wine those files to be here in reverse order. I think in and get my lifespan before I had received into the order, Malta that either way he's expelled from the order of Malta and other long after in his jailed he's gay from jail and goes to Syracuse in Sicily in October. Sixteen o a and from Mary he goes on to miss and then to Palermo all the while still work, in its kind of interesting art historian
commented on this work is obviously you're gonna. Look it at anything done under such adverse circumstances, but apparently he really simplifies thing from scales it down, but it's still just as skilled and well. He did as ever. The only way for him to really get arrest is to get the Pope's pardon at this point, but Caravaggio has and in high places like we mentioned, so they ve been working on. This seems like a pardon. Actually beyond the horizon. Finally Caravaggio. that moving to Naples again, but when he's there is attacked or of in an horribly disfigured on his face, and people even get reports that he's dead by July. Sixteen ten, though, he's finally well enough to sail again so he sells for Rome but he's arrested along the way and the boat with all his stuff leaves member. well he's in jail, so trying to chase down this about. He gets as far as Porthos Koala where he dies
thirty eight, so he never reaches the boats never gets his paw and, while he's alive, he is actually pardoned three days later at her eye three days later. So that sad to say the least, and it's interesting now, but the circumstances around his death are appropriately contrary I'll tell you thought believed to have died alone on the beaches terribly depressing and probably themes plausible right, but his fur biographer, Giovanni by own, a sort of made things even worse. He painted a picture saying quote: fund having arrived in a place on the beach he was put in bed with a high fever and having no human help within a few days. He died as miserably as he had lived. I think that makes it worth it they might not only
die alone on the beach somebody put them in bed and then leave him that of an answer with any dive alone. Definitely taking it up a notch that his death was real, not quite that dramatic records from the archives exhibit show that Caravaggio found delirious on the beach, but then he was taken to the hospital and he died. There are two days later prison Lee not entirely abandoned by every one of the hospital is still unclear, though. What killed him? Maybe it was malaria could have been that maybe the Knights of Malta or maybe even the Pope. I mean during his successful a very stressful career on the ran he was kind of a few. people have man we're after him, yeah fuck me with the can and of Caravaggio at least, but we also have to address those bones that were supposedly Caravaggio and identified as his last summer
first of all, though, why, with this even be an issue? Oh, you know, who's Emily and artists is famous, as Caravaggio would have a monument and a marker, set up immediately after his death, but even though its pretty hard to You, after Caravaggio Daffy faded into obscurity almost a me, ITALY. I mean he had an influence on later artists, but people pretty much forgot hooey, until he had this big resurgence of the twentieth century, though That's why we knew he definitely died in Porto at Calais, but didn't know exactly where he was in twenty ten Silvio than who is the president of a private organisation seems to go around, and I the remains of illustrious deceased Italian, such as Dante, that his team had identified bone of Caravaggio from the Porto Calais crept.
yeah. You may be asking: how did they do the soldiers little bit about their method? They examined skeletons at the crept, eliminating ones that didn't fit. Caravaggio specks. Basically, they cause Data things down to one skeleton, and then they tested that sample against the dna from families who were named Marie Sea or Murray Seo from Caravaggio. So they did this basically has Carvalho didn't have any kids of his own and the committee couldn't find his actual descendants, siblings descendants- I should say so- they kind of have to take their best guess. Yeah, that's one thing that makes people a little uncomfortable with the finding of, but the group offer concur. Let that be presumed Caravaggio skeleton had suffered from lead poisoning which were with us add up for an artist at the time, had suffered from Syphilis Anne had died from Sunstroke, but aren't historians have been really really skeptical of this.
Why am I to say the least the near at Times Arthur we mentioned earlier had quotes from quite a few. Are historians with varying tone of dismissal. But I included one shrimps motto month: Nari of the University of Naples, who said quote in the four hundredth anniversary of Kiribati. Is this committee has concocted, compare discovery, thinking it will attract tourists. It's all very depressing for the eighth yeah, sir, not confidence inspiring and have all, though I guess I'm hoping that we'll find out more in the four hundred and first anniversary of caravan? She is death because I don't like me may exclamations to be depressing in up in the here here. You don't want your explanations to be disproved and almost immediately. No, no I'm like there to be solid evidence behind them, feel that about wrap it up for this last year.
yet troubled painter, I'm sure lots of view, especially those of you who frequently request that we cover more art. History have favorite carefully story or maybe some of you have even gone to go to these limit ten Rome and you can tell us a little more about an apparently the art exhibit, would lead to very dramatically the dark room with lights on each Canada, if, if he saw that, let us know how it was found interesting- and I guess that brings us to listen this one's from down your in Canada and am very sorry for justness pronounce your name. She says I just finished listening to them. cast on seventeenth century dutch tulip mania and it made me think of another story about tulips. I live not
from Ottawa, which is the capital of Canada located in Ontario, and one of the things that oughta is known for their annual to festival. The history of the till a festival is that it started as away recognising Canada's role and liberating the Dutch during World WAR, two and specifically for providing safe harbour further Dutch Royal family, the to fester, one site does a much better job of explaining us and she gives it to us here. It's Debbie W W Dot to festival. That's you centrally during world war to the canadian government temporarily declared a room at the Ottawa Civic Hospital to be dutch territory, so that Princess Marguerite could be born. A dutch citizen on dutch soil, as a thank you That's two candidates, including a hundred thousand to a bulbs. The vessel is now almost sixty years old and it's the largest till a festival in the World now almost sixty years old and it's the largest. Festival in the world and the tulip is Ottawa.
Official flower which, as the event site notes, makes Otto overtook Capital of North America. The I thought that was really sweet story and actually a few people sent it to earth. We got it similar story from Christina in Toronto and John who also told us about the tulip made board game, which sounds often I want to check out. Have you not laugh games about commodities? What you can offer tulips. That would be so much fun one more of these tulip or HOLLAND related emails to share and this one is from Ios, initially email to. Let us know that the kingdom of the Netherlands does not consist of the Antilles anymore, since they were dissolved on October tenth twin. can, and I was really shocked to see that information, because after doing the most of the research on the tulip absurd. I looked up to make sure I knew
exactly what the next year and I looked at the official website of the Netherlands Board of Tourism and convention, which patently is not update yeah, I sent an email after this correction, alerting them arab awkward oil occurred to deal now that you mention it, but he also a really interesting story, and I kind of like it because it has the pronunciation at that. No and no one can follow us for her. Mispronouncing here, goes during the german occupation, the alleged bombers and accompanying fighters had to fly over HOLLAND to reach Germany. As a result, a lot of plans were shot down over dutch ground if the pilots can off to survive and not get caught by Germans going to the crash site. They fell into the hands of the resistance and were smuggle back to England, obvious
They were disguised as normal dutch citizens during their transport. When german patrols encountered people, they felt were not true, dutch, they would order them to say Shin calf. Again, that's my best approximation this is the name of a dutch coastal town for non native dutch speakers. It is almost impossible to make be sure, found the way a dutch word, since it is a sound distinguished to our language, if the persons fail. The task germans knew they were dealing with. British are Americans and the proper action was taken, though I listen to a few different pronunciation of this third and the best second tell it. Sort of a combination of the tea and sound from a snake in an ethic age lake shook happening in, but I dont think I would pass this test and forty. So it's good. I was not a pilot flying over Poland and worldwide.
you, in any way, is in many ways, but I'm here. Thank you. I mean I thought I was a really interesting story and thanks for sharing it yeah, we love Furthermore, we have an email address that you can send them to its history, podcast House too, for extra com. You can also find us on Facebook and twitter at Mister History,
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