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The Wright Brothers: An Interview With David McCullough

2015-05-13 | 🔗

David McCullough, two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize, talks about his research and discoveries about the Wright brothers, their extreme determination, their family, and the many, many people who played parts in their great success as innovators. Read the show notes here.

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hey, I'm comedian, P Coralie, and I don't believe this. Comedy gold- listen to the repeated Sebastian show on Iheart radio at Apple podcast. Wherever you eat your pad, continued Dorothy missed in history has not worked. I can allow and welcome to the pot. Half are harming fry Tracy, wealthy and today is kind of a form of a tree since our listeners, our history, but I am confident that many already know about David Mccullough and who he is, and I was lucky enough to interview him recently about his brand new book, the Wright brothers. thinking you dont know, though he is a two time poet, prize winner for his books. John Adams am Truman. If you, The amazing HBO many series on John Adams that was based on his book.
Written a great deal about history, in addition to those two books, including seventeen, seventy six in his last but the greater journey Americans in Paris which actually gets reference in this upcoming interview he's also one presidential metal of freedom as well as numerous other accolade. So in short, he totally noses stuff. When it comes to writing about history in his latest work He examines the lives of the men, who are often considered to be a sort of the quintessential american inventors There are many inventors for America, but these guys often get pointed out is like this is America, and Was so honoured and so delighted to get to talk to about it fell by not present for this one by just everyone knows this interview does not play at a narrative file story. Holly is gonna jump around with some questions. There's gonna be less a discussion and back and forth. So basically a conversation not so much a straight out story like we normally tell him. The show
so you won't get the linear Wright Brothers story, but you will get to hear you know a lot of Mr Kallas interesting insights about its research and work on it. Let's just hobbling too, that we are here with being very impressive, David Mccullough, and it is such an honor interested delight for me to get to speak with you as history, both myself, you are definitely- royalty box in terms of historians, so thank you so much for spending time with this very area like I don't think, that's particularly generous at all. I have to tell you I had a devil of a time, putting together a list of questions for you about Europe. my brother's book, because notes in the margins of almost every single page, because you included so many gems tat day. On the one hand, am I do I want to talk about all of these, but on the other I also want readers to kind of have that wonderful experience of discovery
each of these little gems for themselves, so I'm gonna try not to be too self indulgent. When my questions already and do as you were so first, I'm How much did you know about the Wright Brothers before you started this project very little. I knew just a what most those men There is no, which is not much even You were ready for you. I know that yet a bicycle shop. They gave him no avail and their very clever and they got lucky and they invented the airplane always shrieks got lucky boy is all true: the one I didn't realize was what they through in order to achieve it, how brilliant they were, how trusting as human beings and how their where their interests and the tiger they has so little
formal education that year that never seem to follow their those lies. Not in the least and why the point out the year but definitely does pain a portrait there is very little luck in the picture like it is all their hard work and toil, in refusing to give up and down to learn from your mistakes. He gets, down. A lot of people is why their and Y know her pity in Bulgaria. somebody else they never did anywhere. They got back up answer It is a year what went wrong and fix it and the serve primarily Natural, the person. they have to face in the way of the wild with Kitty active horrific mosquito plagues, The reality is that the crash is that they survive They went through all that and yet they all came: Armstrong
six EU indeed, Basically, it is steps step you know yet so much. I thought that they flew the first time a periodical, Eighty three is all we will realise that there were airplanes and Instagram airplanes. Well, that way as a great weight. There were only catch on. the reality was will achieve something there is no absolute leave her certain. The man was the reply that they just review to accept the fact that now then is flying and it is you, though, five years before the world, certainly at all what they can do, and we have begun to France in this country, which is being ignored in scope. the little totally average in terms of the public media. Petitions airily you sort of Funny said, in retrospect,
I'm sure that we are able to you are right in front of our faces, contrary to what we all know the true values. We said that sort of it, I say it is twenty twenty problem here, similarly, though, to how they were kind of happened in stages, and it was a slow process. I imagine the research on his book did not magically happen quickly. Eulogy. You did a lot of deep digging. What was that process again at. What point did you sort of stars, writing rather than three searching lower, but what happened was right, my last about those at the embassy young Americans who didn't art and architecture in sculptured literature who in prove themselves, their prove. Their abilities professionally went to France because there was not sufficient for adequate training here and when I finish the banquet,
in eighteen, I really wanted to go on the twentieth century and I began call around it. Look at those who went to France. Why and what they turned out to be and I was astounded, read about the Wright brothers putting on their personal really. You public demonstration in France I began reading about them in the more I read about in the war, I realize I don't know anything about these two men and yet they accomplish one of the most extraordinary achievements in all history, companies, nobody in all history had been able to do and where they had. How did they do it, And what was your background? What were they like? An old soon became the politics Mainly because of huge collection and letters. The Library of Congress, all of which have survived attack, not just their lead.
but the latter's other viruses, your Catherine tender streaming important. their mother over more than a thousand private, barely letters and none of them ever this capable already a short letter murmuring utter so it was really a feast get used by their lives in a way that you don't wish. people you go in real life could carry The real, no you're right, lateral anymore. That's true, I'm glad you brought up Catherine and the brothers. Father Milton right because it seems to me reading this book that really while it is about innovation in this amazing achievement and sort of this. off into really the modern age in many ways at the heart of it. This book really feels like a story. A family and sort of family You are absolutely right.
Will you play with ordinary eyes a virus back? There supporting characters of great value and employee, Charlie, Tailor. The aims: we'll be man who comes down to see this. I took over the first. I raise the first article ever published about as accurate, though I think that, if I could say was Those who have tried to be sure of what I feel I have contributed to this book because it Our other books about rape by this is very good was, but at the pirate, the role played by Catherine ignored. and then very few exceptions, the she was. She was just as your character is key to a shingly feisty opinionated
the genetic, smart head and funny they're all funny fathers and beginning with others are very, very slowly over the fibre The name of the Father, the bag, a father kept at diary year after year, is That's where I found the part about who the personalized it it will bring the teeth. Were you stick which changes whole life and turn out to be the young man who turned who became one of the most notorious murders- in the whole history of Ohio was just shocking, studying in the extreme. and he was a neighborhood kid. They really boy. Don't think. That's important because it emphasizes certainly emphasised me
The very much as one would be tempted to see the environment community that neighbourhood, the Wright Brothers, grew up in a little I realize. Norman Rockwell charity. The postcode cover this fact it will. There was the evil there there is was tragedies boy so poor. Peace were riding in Jerusalem don't worry where who declared, though so badly for when you start hearing of the only real. Thank you will avail and which was cocaine and the boy became it no, Dr Paisley Alcoholic- the boy they so it don't know. Type The genius american? fulfilment of the american dream takes place with this. They were, they know I'll bet,
real tragedy, is the evil. Where am I love that that sort of story which, when I got to in the book, I was on a flight with a colleague of mine, and I was literally turning to Emma going. Oh my gosh. I never knew this, but Of course, I do away that's the way I was always you usually renewed its peak by one of the most credible, most exceptional tend to their credit. Turn around that they make. The whole story is what find out the scabbard on their own. Then all the technical data, the statistics, the formulas that for all the wise visitors and professors and the like cargo years were happy here? he's a aviation in windows. Eyes were all warm, though I said worthless,
so the other start all over again on their own, just as they are their own gas engine because nobody Was making one there was powerful enough and yet lightweight enough to serve their purpose. They never made it ghastly angels ever and nothing was two guiding for them to take on and they had political connection is that it has no. They had no money in the bank they had no university year foundation supporting their experiences. They doing. on their own with Ebay, slim profits. They made whether bicycle shop, and, thank goodness, Charlie Taylor because they may not have gotten their without him we know we know without without Catherine there's a bright. Charlie Taylor, can I that fellow jaunty Daniel down it said Gideon Norma's credit
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mentioned earlier: you'll want to build the motor yeah he's the one who built the element of motor that nobody ever made an aluminum already all history so We wonder- and I want to ask you to speculate a little bit. Why do you think these really pretty important characters in the story get glossed over so much of the time? Well, the way to many who. they're back to tell stories spend little time looking at secondary characters. I find them not only. Very normal, invariably interesting in this very subject. I've taken on board. Also very valuable in what they observe the principal gagged, they saw in them for what they contribute to the success of the principal gag Then it was your alone in life, the nose
you yourself, maybe and yourself, people, it is an absolute need, special necessarily broader resolve people were closed parents teachers, France, rivals. and of course there is always that element of luck wonderfully one of the really bad luck and gonna, kill and critically and killed every single time they went up and they do it, and yet they didn't didn't know me back. They never did their work together. because I realized what am I it killed there be another, was still alive to carry on with the dream once again. I would imagine at that point. They would really have to rally their secondary support team. Thank goodness. It never happened. Barrier today, the interesting to me that when we approved prematurely so tragically in eighteen, twelve,
No really get that. too much for the rest of his life. He was busy The two areas were better than one is very clever. No question about great mechanical ingenuity, but Wilbur was a genius. I don't use any question about. And he was the leader he was the big brother, just as it had been from childhood. He was a boss, Anderson, enormous about to learn about leadership and those two men I gave a target attack. Does school at a therapist college has stressed the importance of their command of language. They know how to express themselves on paper and lovers case on his feet. Speaking today is essential for daily today, with so little these you're, these young people in our country,
No, I write the letter presentable? Let her know how to write a convincing. Port or analysis leaders the readers, and they have no right to express themselves and not just in politics. The law in every line of work trusting that you mentioned the two being can go greater pair because to me the way you lay out the book in the way you described to their characters. In some ways, it almost seems so much like two parts of one hole like they are clearly very industrious and smart, but their camp. There. from personalities complementing each other oil barely earlier and, of course, Catherine in normal were very close from childhood. On an and more confiding to each other on a personal,
emotional level and she's. The boss of the whole household it's a real lover. Borrowing for those of us. you're really crash. Fourth, Myers and she's. Brazil, your job, we're tasted and extended leave of absence thanks your bag? on the train, the oasis in the matter couple of hours, spend the next month. Everyone everywhere they're inside out is back in all doing everything she can. The till she gets him back on his feet more or less. There wasn't just that she was helping with his busy. Struggle, but his emotional state of mind, which was very serious Do you think she saved his life. He says
It certainly seems that way. I mean I can't imagine that he would have made it through without her, and it brings up Other question. I wanted to ask you because they win Wilbur. First goes Here is ahead of Orville. It seems like the family, Really had a hard time dealing with this separation in this distance and orderly, they have their own or Catherine really seem to be almost near breaking down in some ways. Both of them just seem so Harry. I think they I think they were break it. Do you That was just the stress of sort of the business situation that was going on with them getting backing or how much of it was just that this was really the first time that will be with such a leader to them was away from them and they were just having this separation without sort of theirs. The writer you to take that you take up the case on the ice vs ramble, then he knew he was the king. Was it. In those marvelous land or sea right back to the ship,
burying lower. I don't worry so much and he's right on the Erika. Really love was when he, when he get angry at partitioned off toward the end of the book, and but He writes that letters stressing thereby from the point of view of the brothers to shoot the greatest Irene, should note, but never. In this respect, there are being asked for your vindictive anyway, This may sound very strange, but I read that those how much about them, written by other people, newspaper reporters. Hello, experimenters aviators had never found one,
derogatory live or paragraph four page. Nobody did seems ever tell anything sharply painfully critical about. Yes, they do say they thought they were local, but that was was there when they realise that what they had done ass she had come to pass. This today succeeded I think we really think I think, like this book, the state story also removes a set up by the all the old bad fashion manners and now Do you maintain modesty, no matter how here's the oh you you remember where you came from an you and you don't look down on other people be they have done as well as you were. They don't know is what you you have are as well.
As you know, you become don't do that then you're honest an ear, and, oh god, you were hard they include I've learned and by you, in writing about her american Polar bears. we really have. I too little appreciation of how, Are they all worry I'll goodness? Yes EL, including those it there was succeeded, including those who failed, including those who, as tragic heartbreaking, endings the rest. That's all they had to work. in where it was seen as part of being a piecemeal way, part of being this. Is it pull your share of the way, and I too feel that these are less, has waited, keep keep it. in my keep passing under each new generation. Is history
three, that's what you were entirely. That you brought up sort of that there was nothing we negative or cutting ever said about them and how decent they were, because I kept as reading. I just was struck over and over again by how even there was a lot of competition to get to manned flight. They never spoke ill of their competitors. Even when Samuel Langley really was kind of reported in the press. Wilbur actually spoke out against the way he was being treated it's the way he was being like a good and they just seemed like such incredibly decent. They were sort of somewhere in a good kind of inspiration, it's just a model of great character, I welcome the fact that the French toward Wilbur yeah well were made no attempt to learn their language. He knew he was. He was
exactly? Who was the whole time? because you seem so american, so truly pure. the owner, hated America's. They love him for it, anyway, it is, is the attitude he whispered spirit. sense of purpose and he became is, admittedly, what people. in the most popular American, if France, ever then you'll break and, and he did just by anyway, there over years suddenly had plenty of time Moreover, I feel that once in a while. You really the somebody play in earth the meaning of Oh, oh professionals, you, whenever you make you ready to survey You really like
the other guy. They re really this person, then why no sooner know her That's the way. I feel that the Wright Brothers We shall do it out of your life. That is a such a superb example that can be. encouragement and simulation to prowlers Egypt and I love that you include the deed. Those about when they were all in France together and how the one of them, who really seem to Lake, get it and enjoy one thing was Catherine but she didn't mind she learnt I M getting what she's deserve my way after all, loyally faith in them. sticking by their sacrifice your own,
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Twenty five percent or more of your first year, go to Norton dot com, slash history, that's Norton, Dotcom, slash history for twenty five percent off. Prior to say, too, I think that by many similarities, that too, between the right. others very true Oh, they come I come from the same party where a country they didn't I tell you there even higher education. They experience bake, serious setbacks boil them was over, they did, they catlike employ right and then your, but let with there
important for their success over their heads love the fact that the Wright Brothers went right back to David? as a part of Europe. as a german way back in the bows very soon and her prey. the pride in the fact that people raise my parents who gave them the banners and then all will business when they are in Europe, with all the aristocracy people wonder I was at the actual, naturally, with the data data banks. It you just go there. I think there's quintessential American, The challenges it wasn't it today ego delicious, they felt they had a right to be pleased with her. run up and without their values word with their treasures. Possibilities. Purpose was one the flip side of that is.
It also like when they were in the outer banks, and they were dealing with William Tate. Who is a former postmaster who was a very simple means. They didn't treat him they it him as very cool, just sell. They felt they were the equals in Europe like they. We want you to have an even playing field for everyone they encountered. Yet, while everybody else They know who they are. That's what in Truman you know the language criminals who know the boy, though,. George Marshall, general joy, she'll be Secretary of state in any way So he knows what it is, guys you so you might think twice about that. This present That is why what is that he said? Well, you can Roma becomes a state. The three or four months be also saying that you'd make a better browser than you are. The true he said he would make a better present, but I am, but I look
and I want the best possible. all around the germs of imports, he doing actually, ITALY was. it truly Wright brothers. They state they are and they know what they can do and what taken pollution are. My shaken contribute stand very similar MA am, I have to say I I wonder how much of that comes from just their support from their parents from an early age to just. Things and the things and yet I want my very favorite details in the book is when you write about Orwell's first business, which is very early on in the book at the printing, the printing shop, that he started as a teenager, and I actually, when I read this one part, I turned Avis still monoplane. My colleague and I was like what you read this and tell me: I'm not having a cerebral event, and then I'm reading the words I'm reading, because he made his first printing press with a discarded tombstone a bug,
bring and scrap metal. I love the way through Very similar little detail are anecdote about their lives that just resonates with, even if it's, maybe not one of the more important or momentous events, I say receives it is when there are their camp to carry out. Or as a little too much coffee any he had sleep is very delicate and he comes out but the idea of connecting me warping eyebrows to get to Where are you a hinged real array? He had breakfast the next day. He prison the idea knowing Wilbur, we'll shoot them right away. Cassettes builders take me, makes formal by to prove his idea is good, and
for weeks over war ended with the other brother. I this out, you going and Wilbur thinks about it remained says nothing. That's a great idea. Let's go get anyone take their case and we wonder wholesale all I love it when they get into arguments like wind up taking the opposite side. It was pointed out to you the other was the original boy was. I remember who it was one of the secondary characters that relate that the two had had a fight in the May. Each individually came to him later and said you know what my brother was right, yeah. I was really do. I can refer summer night lovely carriage your AMOS Route Oh you, man is yes they rightly article which is entirely accurate in time. True, The scientific american unaided ignore you're here. Don't you think
Yeah, you got no recognition for the work that he did like as a journalist. He was way above everybody else covering the story. Don't you love it when the blue establishment- his nose in the air and somebody a lower level council takes the boy rose with it We wouldn't have known if it weren't for someone like you to tell us about it, so they for that will make you you have and I read, I think in an interview that you thought that Charlie Taylor would be great fun to spend time with Are there any other favorites for you among the supporting sort of cast of characters in the Wright Brothers story, that you would also to spend time with all your current aerial radios Denby and as recently as rope, absolutely No, the more, like you know, some of the people with market very much. You know, thirdly, should have some experience tardy. Do Lange
oh yeah, What. Anyway? You married tat, I must say, becomes through the air. They really tat. Yes- and I say this this idea is perfectly perfectly appropriate the data can. It's gonna be put at an earlier date, all gathered at the present time from some other state. Yet do you ever or have you ever speculated on what might have been achieved if Wilbur had not died at the relatively young age of forty five, and rather suddenly. No, I haven't much, but I can tell you think: maybe not. Deal with that, because when they go up together in the plane, as happened prairie it did they updating can, I think, that's their way of telling all their friends and neighbors who basic up there. The data
they set out to do and they need no more obviously, Wilbur hated business hated the eels flights in court and believe that the time and in the family that's why she wore in daily typhoid fever, think that the terrible discharge given that this invasion brought to the world would have broken his heart and I'm sure, if it oil. One of the things tat I reply to remind people of his it. You think how the world has changed. Since eighteen people say when he lies the first practical airplane Lama, and yet I could have known or right. How is that very long?
right how he died in eighteen. Forty eight, I would have been about fifty and I could have no two, three or four: you look nice all around before it reaches a fraction Time is disregarded, aw come on earth. I was just looking said the other day, and I saw it fourteen last year, hello, here, field in Chicago seventy million people when you and out of that airport Yeah million yeah every time we were to people. came along with the idea very longer journeys, either of them no way the time could ever seen what they were
Well, the other day good in their yeah, I kept finding myself thinking man. This is happening. A lot of these really big events like his things, had really gained ground, and they were really considered. Successful would really just a few decades before were too when air aeroplanes, where a huge part of the strategy, so it A big big pandora's box, it got opened. Sure is the request. I believed it. She rogerson foller is breaking the sound bury it all happened before he died. So since you have written about and studied the rights as well as many other innovators in history- and I suspect I might know the answer to this question- but do you think there's one element or trade or skill that is just vital to
an inventor that modern creators and inventors need to take note of whether there is one. But one of the crucial is a big idea that a big idea and and very powerful, says a purpose and they were defeated by setbacks. They kept going, They had a relapse into self pity you're wearing other people and they their work. It wasn't it we're doing resorting to succeed or delete, they feel they love. It. How do I show you answer you, one of my favorites easier Absolutely one I adore his went. Reporting on a two day celebration in their honour in Dayton. Every time slip away, get back to their bike, shopping, back their work, they do which I that follow them- geographical Ellie,
careful law, you safe cycle, You can get back to work. I just thought I was is emblematic see, there's one his primo, yes The other thing to just so you think Hollywood might then, one day when Wilbur flies off the Hudson River, all black sea, and the ideally he's getting those huge drafts wears off with a skyscraper. These two elements reaching this guy, this the buildings are the ILO. The and this little at your place, with no strap underneath it in case you down in the water in line with the latest post. Ingenious, unexpected form of transportation,
But in order to have a little security in his heart lies straps, one of the oldest piece of transportation, on the other, the underside of the thing I just figures: hilarious is so practical. For some little poetic. You know it's the brand new and the old they arrested coming out of the agri he's given that Tracy. That was my time with David Mccullough. So often it was. I like. You can just so clearly here his great admiration for this entire family and for Wilbur in particular. I mean here has so much love for these people after he spent years and years reading their letters and putting together this bigger picture of it. I really did the completely enjoy this book. I loved it. So much
If you would like to delve into this very thorough telling of the Wright Brothers story, Mr Michel, look he's out now, you can find it in any bookstore or online in that is. It is simply titled the Wright Brothers, and it is written, of course, by David Mccullough. I think if you are history at all, even if you may not think you're into the Wright Brothers, you will probably find it a pretty fascinating reed am I actually also have some listener mail? I want to hear it. You re more sure it jobs, and I had the excuse. I needed the first history, really the job I held with us. Here too, the podcast and I've been looking for a good excuse to write you and email for several years now in your. Politically recent episodes on yourselves. You requested that listeners right in regarding historically significant jobs, and I had the excuse- I needed the first history- the job I held was a game and ride attendant at nineteen twenty carnival in one of the four time periods for trade at four Edmonton park, which is a living
history, museum and Alberta, Canada, one of our jobs, to operate the hand carved reproduction nineteen twenty carousel for visitors. I also gave tours of it on the history of carousel, and of the symbolism of individual horses of this particular example. I am joking when I say that I could talk for at least forty five minutes about carousel history, but your PA uncovered awesome fun. Facts that I was unaware of here is my favorite. Fun fact about hand carved yourselves. The horses were generally not chemical on both sides. I was told by a volunteer, would carvers that the people who made Kara horses would not make as much of an effort to carbon decorate this side of the horse they face. The inside of the carousel. The outside, of course, was meant to a tree customers to ride the machine, so they were beautifully carved painted and decorated. didn't see the other side of the horse until they already paid their money and were sitting on it, so they were usually much plainer on Nigeria.
That manifested as a single piece of wood that was about one inch thick and simply painted, in contrast with the outside side, which was heavily carve out of wood? At least ass thick ass, the width of my palm, the carvers. I knew called these sides. They quote romance side, the one that attracted visitors onto the horse and the quote money side the one that saved the carousel commissioner money. Work is an interpreter and Elk Island National Park, which is home to the recovery herds for the planes basin and would basin North America, presently enough. I use my history degrees on a daily basis. Here. I listen here. Podcast most frequently when driving to and from the park in town or as I drive through the park to work, often whilst traffic jams, bison or bison jams. If you will, I would love to hear more episodes on the history of conservation or national parks like Ban for Yellowstone. I really love this email because I had not uncovered that little too.
about care, but now that I think about it. There have been some I've written on when the interior side of the horse was not his fancy pants as the exterior, and it makes perfect sense from an economic standpoint, but I had never put much thought into it romance sided money side. Now we all know a little bit more You would like the right to us with some cool information. You can do that at history, podcast that has two weeks dot com. You can find us on Facebook at Facebook that calm, Slash, missed in history, on twitter atmosphere, history interests, dot, com, Slash missed in history and at least in history that spreadsheet dot com. If you would like to check out in shirts or bags or phone cases, etc. If you would like to visit our appearance site, that's how stuff works that com- you can also come to our site, which is missed, industry, dot, com, Show notes for every episode since Tracy and I have been on the paragraph as well as an archive of Oliver
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We are going to ITALY after the success of last year's trips of Paris. We are planning another similar trip still with defined destinations this time to Rome and Florence. Yet we are going to spend a week exploring some amazing things. We're gonna have city tourism, both Roman Florence, we're gonna, see the Roman Colosseum, the Vatican Museum in the Sistine Chapel Saint Petersburg, silica Vatican City. This is just a tiny fraction of all the stuff. We're gonna get to do get its May fourteen to twenty first twenty twenty and to get more information, go to define, destinations, dot, com and scroll down to the roman foreign strip with stuff you missed in history, glass,.