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Thomas Day’s Quest for the Perfect Wife

2016-08-29 | 🔗

Eighteenth-century Englishman Thomas Day decided that the only way to have a perfect wife was to create one. So he adopted two orphans and attempted to train them, sometimes in incredibly abusive ways.

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four code history, a check out to get ten percent off square space, build it beautiful. Welcomes you missed in history from has stuck hello, unwelcome upon cast I'm hungry for I'm crazy. They will do so in a midsummer night's dream. William Shakespeare famously wrote the course of true love. Never different cities big doves into the story of a man who completely gave up on the idea of love in that very romanticized sense, and instead He said about cultivating the perfect wife. It is not horror in the Frankenstein sense he didn't build away from scraps. But it does involve some really truly unsettling ideas and behaviors when Thomas days image in history is generally a pretty positive one. He was an eighteen
three abolitionists who co the poem, the dying, negro and also pen, the anti We re narrative the history of and Martin, but there is a trouble. section of daily life in which he completely change the courses of two young. Lives through a cruel and ill conceived. Social experiment heads up this episode, includes abuse that is perpetrated by an adult man on a protein and then teenage girl. Peace is not sexual in nature, but it is incredibly cruel. So if you have sensitivities hearing about such things, this might be one to skip if you think might be ok with it, but you aren't really certain. We will give you a heads up for we get into the really really crucial aspects of the story. I will tell you that, as I was working on the research for this, I became and have stayed as hornets like I just I don't.
The last time I was so angry at a historic and unless I mean singer is gonna, come out of this look and not so bad bike, and if you pick some winners recently, I really do not mean to be doing a series histories jerks bright I accidentally did what we Also, we get a lot of notes. We especially when we promote stuff on our Facebook and Twitter, we get notes from parents asking something along the lines of. Would this be hey for mice, however many or old we normally listen together and I want to say this may be a good one to pre. Listen, first, really, the dead sea yeah like the cruel things, are not super graphic in nature,
is there not sexual in nature, but they are incredibly mean really sort of cruel and one would saith sadistic except apparently, this person didn't take pleasure in it, but felt that there was a very erect point to what he was doing, so they will get their it's not the most fun ride it is. Interesting in that it brings up some some important concept. that deserve a little bit of a look. So we will get into all of that talking about Thomas Day in his quest for the poor life, he was born into wealth. On June twenty seconds, seventeen forty eight and his mother Jane was from a wealthy merchant family, his father government official, who worked as a collector of export taxes and also had quite significant real estate holdings. Their family was incredibly well Thomas S, Father, who was it?
The growing older than his mother Jane died when Thomas was just a year old and with his father's passing Thomas heralded a significant trust that would vast on his twenty first birthday, so he was basically set for life. He never had to work. If you didn't want you Thomas S, father had also left money to more than one hundred fifty other people from friends and family all the way down to the people he rented homes from him. Gesture really left Thomas Day with a legacy to live up to what using this great wealth that he had at his disposal to assist people who are in need. Gene and her son Thomas moved north of London after Thomas Senior that his father's name had also been Thomas died and Jane. Eventually re married to another man named Thomas this, when Thomas Philips, who is one of the executors of her husbands, will Thomas. Day. The sun was devoted to his mother and he considered her to really be an ideal woman. She was very soon
She was very strong and she was entirely able to take care of herself. Thomas aren't you attend boarding school where he did very well and it was. There You made a lifelong friend in John Bicknell Zella. We're days proclivity for going on diatribes, really started to blossom. He who would talk at great length his admiration for stoicism, his distress, the romance in his desire to mould himself into the most virtuous man he loved to talk. He really did biography of Him- goes on about how he would just talk and talk and talk the aid it. Neatly calls to mind people from my past me to write you can imagine how popular the straight made him yeah. He had some friends
There is definitely a sense in in the various things that I read about him, that some people found it sort of amusing and something make a tolerate, and others were like will know Thomas Day and night gonna. Hang out with that, while some of his philosophical views were very modern and progressive at the time here, it's on women were downright archaic. Women his mind, we're inherently inferior and weak, both physically and intellectually, and they needed someone like him to protect them. Even in cases they claimed they did not want that at all along the same lines. You started developing a theoretical ideal of be perfect. Woman died specimen, you thought would be pure, strong, simple, fearless pretentious above frivolity and above fussy tastes, most important of all entirely.
media and subservient to her master and teacher Thomas Day bless his heart except yuck yards. You know it's very, I feel like he is the awake like, let's just still of the societal expectations about women still to steal it all into a human form and there we go yeah, so he would meet young women and sometimes begins to take an interest in them that invariably he would find them flawed and you we. This is because they did not like him back. He would in his writing. Then often refer to these women in really gravely negative terms. There was one woman that spurned him that he there, after referred to as a toad ends
another woman that apparently broke his heart, that he only refer to as the key word in his writing. Thereafter, she had some aggression issues. At the same time, the worker Russo was having a profound impact on Thomas Days worldview. We says writing similarly a meal or on education. Asserted that Children are born inherently good, and it is only in passing into social contracts that evil is introduced into the other wives, completely benevolent human nature of this work. as was also aid scheme, traditional ideas of religion, which banned in reserves. Home country I was going to counter We shall work, but it was very popular with Thomas Day in his his friends and many of the sort of educated, wealthy classes of the day that felt that they were very progressive
the end. It really started a lot of interesting conversations about education and how children should be reared, in spring of one thousand, seven hundred and sixty eight Thomas met a young woman named Margaret Edgeworth, the younger sister of his friend Richard at Edgeworth. While Thomas was traveling in Ireland, and Margaret was by all accounts, a lovely young woman at twenty to you. She was attractive issues, also very small, smart and very capable things that Thomas claimed he would want in a lady. But she intolerance, who tended to be kind of sloppy himself and really lacked much in the way of charm, did not exactly have spectacular chemistry. started to spend more time together, though Thomas and Margaret slowly became friends. They started to appreciate, if each other's unique personalities and one thing that the two of them had in common with the matter that was harbouring any illusions about romantic love, both of them had been in relationships that ended badly. If there were a lot more practical about it here,
late summer of that year, the two had struck a deal. That really sounds like the way. A lot of modern rom com start does that if neither of them had found someone over the course of the following year than they would marry one another, but as out of arrived Margaret confess that over that summer she had really develops a very real feelings for Thomas, so the pair agreed that they going to be married. The following summer and at that point day return London. He was gonna study for a little bit and prepare for the wedding that winter, they live with his friend John Bicknell, and he fell in the Erasmus Darwin and his circle of friends, Molitor Society, which is another thing that could be a whole episode on it in Europe. Recognize that name, Erasmus, Darwin was tunnels Darwins grandfather, but at this point he was a scientifically interested young gents hanging out with all of his school but in spring of seventeen sixty nine that plan
Thomas and Margaret had put together was abruptly halted when Margaret rose to say that she had in fact reconsidered and she was going to call the wedding off and day was, of course, sad and terribly embarrassed, but this setback. his quest to be married because he really did want to be married, resulted in a plan for a project. I just want to reject the people are not projects but before Oh, we have so much to get angry of half an hour, but well distributing this. All this whole thing just reminds me of college in so many ways. Yet me too, and I remember the time that you know the dorm would have and one of the events is one of the who came to talk to us about relationships, and she just was lake, can tell you a few things that you need to understand and will absorb into your heart and your mind cheaply,
People are not project I like okay and, of course, twenty My dears later, like you, people are not projects read it. About somebody who try to make people projects after the word from sponsor this episode of stuff, you missed in history, glasses, brought Clayton Barrel have you ever had that moment where you open a gift, and you are completely stunned, how perfectly the person who gave it to you, has sought to your inner thoughts and found exactly what will make you smile and improve your life Creighton barrel. Want that to happen all the time with everyone who receives a gift from you, they want you to play matchmaker with your gifts. You can find that perfect design. That becomes absolutely great when you give it to the right person. So don't you.
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we began to wonder what would happen if a child were reared entirely outside of the corruption of society's trappings. one word or raise a girl. This way, couldn't the perfect wife essentially be carefully moulded, ah, This happened just before Thomas's twenty first birthday. Still as he was committing to this plan, he was also coming into his quite large fortune, which meant: He had the freedom to pursue his idea. Knowing could be some legal issues to rang or regarding regarding the idea of taking on a word raised at the unconventional way that he was planning he enlisted the help of Bicknell who, at that point have studied law for eight years. Certified the girl who was innocent, healthy and free from any Gee Familial Ties day and big traveled north from London to Shrewsbury in Shropshire to an the hospital where day would select the girl to be cultivated into his eventual wife.
These two young men who showed up claiming to be lawyers looking for a made for a married friend, Edgeworth, was actually named and his master with as knowledge in this scheme were welcomed, orphanage and all the girls lined up to see if they would be selected the facilitated the facility. Their best to scream perspective situations and place children and agreeable and safe homes, but they were completely duped by these two men yeah, I mean these two guys that are, you know well dressed, show up and say that their lawyers and that their doing this thing and they want to place children and, of course, the Yes, you seem lovelier travellers. Gentlemen. Thomas was overwhelmed at trying to select one of the girls that Bicknell pointed out a twelve year with Auburn, hair and brown eyes named, am Kingston the orphanage approved placement as a made for the next nine years or until she married, which ever came first wildly
did introduce Anti Edgeworth and Edgeworth. Trusting his friend seemed okay, with having been named as the caretaker of this girl Young woman didn't actually move into Edgeworth home as had been If that legal arrangement and rights instead into a room rented by day, which was separate his own lodgings anything. tutoring her immediately and an who had no idea what was going on but had been trained throughout her years as an orphan. She had been an orphanage since she was just a baby to be obedient. Completely went along with these lessons and she seemed eager to learn He also renamed her Sabrina and he was very enthusiastic about how things were going initially, but apparently still have doubts about whether his plan to create the ideal wife would work. His solution was to adopt a second girl as a backup in case the first, when did not work
So just a month after taking on Sabrina, he would again went through an orphanage. This time when I was in London, a lead two select made for married friend this time. Choosing an eleven year old girl named Dorcas car, Fair and she was much more outgoing than Sabrina. He changed two Lucretia The document drawn up by Bicknell Thomas Day agreed. He would select the more promising of his two young potential brides within a year and that the girl he did not select would be set up in an this ship with an allowance and a dowry should she marry. There is debate over this particular document and whether or not it was actually part of the the legal workings that Bicknell did in order for these adoptions to happen. But that doesn't really hold up to scrutiny because then either of those those places he adopted from would know he had adopted too.
With this weird plan, so it seems much more like this was an agreement that was made like within their social circles. So everyone could hold him to this experiment that he was doing this whole plan. We should point out, was one hundred percent illegal. In addition to being distasteful and creepy, like we're in the middle of an accidental many theories of creepers in history, not Was he basically abducting these two girls through false pretences? He seems their names, making them almost impossible for any authorities tracked down and then them away altogether without supervision when he wasn't there to tutor them. Yet he basis we the rooms there, he found were like a boarding room that he rented from an elderly widow, and she was currently around, but not really involved with the girls, and so they were bleak. Two little girls left by themselves, while the time when this
guy wasn't showing up to teach them. This is a terrible life for a child to have here is one of the new places where I will get super angry. His knew about this crap. They all you about it. I think that's the strongest word we ve ever sat in the pod. I want as they waste round words, because it makes me super angry. Like there is some really grows, complicit behaviour going on here, while girls were completely unclear as to what was going on Bicknell and other friends of day all do about this experiment and no one step in they all, day as this highly moral, though very odd man who was trying something really really unique, This all speaks to the attitude of privilege that wealthy aristocrats had at the time so well. They claimed to disdain titles and social hierarchy
Van exact structure. That was enabling him to do what he was doing. I am a wealthy man who is educated. Some ideas must be interesting and valid, even if they are horrible and abusive Holly's romance at the sky I was mostly thinking how it's like another layer of societal expectations, distilled down into human form. It's like he's almost caricature of entitlement o completely greatness, completely so he moved to Paris. They would be out of the We went to London, he thought about keeping these girls and I in a country where they couldn't speak with any one so that that to help maintain their social purity, I'm kind of baffled at Paris the place he decided to go to a given the reputation of Paris will he had never been and it didn't last allocation. so he eventually take Sabrina Lucretia to Avignon.
They seem to love Avignon initially, and he was seen by the locals as this odd, but sort of interesting scholar. They, of course, did not know what he was up to and he found there substance of him quite intoxicating, because remember he was sort of an odd guy. He wasn't lake the best dressed. He wasn't really all that charming, but they found him oddly charming because he just seemed like this odd bubbling scholars. but his charm with Armenia would wear off quickly. He did not include many mentions of the girls in his early correspondence at this time, though it almost needs as though he is so excited at being socially accepted. He kind of forgot about them for a little bit. However, he did instruct the two Ladys and reading he see. The idea that luxury and fashion and social status were all abhorrent emit. An austere life was far superior to any of that. He was only very pleased with their progress. Initially and Lee was really
I believe his plans of mould them and ideal wives was working by Thomas. It turned out hated the French particularly frenchwomen, which point I wrote my nose, Elsa brief. He thought that they stupid imbeciles and that they would be bad influences, just as he had thought londoners would be. He felt ass though French women were far too dominant over their male counterparts, and so the entire country became completely distasteful to him. Meanwhile, the girls were going trying to stir crazy. They didn't speak French because he had made every effort to keep them from learning it so they had no social interaction outside of the three of them and while two girls got along. It was still very socially isolating yet friends that road about this time. Some of them talk about the girls, bickering and others do not theirs. Definitely,
embellishment that goes on. That makes some of the accounts of this time, which are pretty much all written by other people that were not there. The little bit hard to sort through and find out what was really going on that day, unsurprisingly, was really not good at taking care of children. He once took them out on a boat which capsized at which point things became really perilous, It is neither of the girls could swim and the currents of the room, which is where they were threatened to carry them away. Thomas was a good swimmer. He was able to swim. He managed to collect both Sabrina Lucretia, but the whole idea ordeal was really frightening and upset on another occasion, day threatened a french officer and challenged the man to a dual, because he believed that this officer had been too familiar with the young Ladys when they were out walking fortunate.
Four day this french dome and made it clear that he had intended. No offense, and he did not accept the challenge you. I couldn't find a clear lake account of what exactly had transpired if he had just said for sure and day. I thought that was close. That he'd address them at all. I wasn't that I'm not sure what exactly happened there, but it's good that he didn't take him up on the dual, because wrench dueling rules at the time were to the death can come very, very poorly. One account by a friend of Thomas Day could also claimed that the girls caught smallpox requiring day to care for them round the clock which he allegedly found irritating, but that isn't really documented and Lucretia Definitely looking at her records from the orphan had been inoculated an Sabrina, almost definitely Well, there's no record of it, but that was standard practice at orphanages at the time eight months into the France phase of this experiment.
Thomas gave up on raising the girls in a foreign country and went back to London and he had to decide which of the girls to cut loose Sabrina motion to him was what was winning out in that decision. day grew as incredibly frustrated with Lucretia, while he couldn't decide if she is just being very stubborn or very stupid in there she didn't. I would go along with all his lesson plans. He just didn't care He got rid of her by handing her off to a London milliner as an apprentice, along with The very significant sum in the seventeen shreds of four hundred pounds Lucretia. Eventually, Rita, linendrapers that she met while she was working Lear and according to the writings of his friend Edgeworth, was quite happy and that's, and where we lose the thread of what happened. The Lucretia before we talk about
happened to Sabrina once day had abandoned Lucretia. We will take a break, have ordered from one of our fantastic sponsors when you need faced time with your boss. All you do is look in the mirror nest Boston. You take yourself out to lunch, and you never things like synchronized synergies because well it sounds ridiculous neuro small business owner to be your own boss and annex can help with payment flexibility. You can keep doing what you were made to do. The powerful backing of American Express dont do business. It terms, apply, learn more american, Express Dotcom, slash business. getting back to Thomas Day and at this point, has one remaining charge. Sabrina He still have high hopes for her.
growing into a really lovely young woman, and he moved the two of them to Litchfield near his friend, Erasmus. Darwin said that he could continue her education. He decided that the next phase of her training required that she be toughened up, so she could become the stoic woman that he had always dreamed of, and this is where things are going to become really abusive, sailed through two heads up. If you might need to be out at this point, no one will judge you. It's really awful behaviour. He started issuing a series of pain, endurance tests. poor. Sabrina was instructed to bear her shoulders and roll up our sleeves, and then after date her that she must not mover cry. He poured hot sealing wax on her arms and shoulders and of course, she jumped and cried out which frustrated him, but he can t this over and over slowly conditioning her to accept pain. He did this.
Experiment as well, but pricking her with needles. He forced her into a nearby leg, fully clothed in She was in water after Chin and after the whole incident with the capsized boat, where she had almost been swept away, she had been really afraid of the water, so this was already torment, but there he made her lie down on the grass and heard dredged clothing to dry out very slowly. That would subject the varying temperature and that hold drying out process. Try to make her body hardy She was also taken on occasion out to a secluded spot and instructed to stand perfectly still while they fired his pistol into her skirt He was doing this allegedly to make her immune to being start at loud noises. This was another one of those things that, when you read the accounts that his friends Road
get really really mad at all of them. If you are Holly, because some of them are like our they weren't, even loaded and others like oh no, their work. There was shot in the end that pistol. like a metaphor for the internet. Really. Ok, he even gave her a box filled with fine clothing and then made this poor young woman who had never been given any, but the simplest garments to wear through all the new garments into the fire and watch while they burned up here he told her tat. He was in danger and he said This danger would become far worse if she told anyone- and he saw this as a way to test her. disappointed when she went to the servant of a neighbour's house and disclosed the information there speculation about whether or not she was just being a glamour mouth or whether she was concerned and trying to get help certainly didn't hear any of the other horrible secrets with the servants. So it seemed like sheep was probably trying to get help has
I went on. It became apparent that she really wasn't excited by science or books so day started. get increasingly frustrated with her she's happy, go through this endless cycle of lessons and torturers, with no explanation as to why any of it was happening to her, and that was all starting to really take a toll on this young woman through entire ordeal. She had no idea that she was going to be expected to marry Thomas Day at the end of her education Additionally, Sabrina was nearly fourteen at this point. Having a young woman with no family living in a house with a bachelor was starting really seedy too pretty much. Everyone and so at the beginning of seventeen. Seventy one Thomas who had grown tired of her not enjoying science and apparently not being strong enough to withstand all of his tests, easily decided that his.
Merriment was a failure, but of course, this was not his failure, except in so far as he had clearly selected. The wrong girl for training Sabrina was sent a boarding school where she became a really diligence student and when she graduated, she was given a regular living allowance by day she's most universally described as a lovely young woman and incredibly well liked. So it seems as though this awful treatment as his ward didn't windup, hindering her social development. almost immediately after sending Sabrina away day, did find a woman who he felt met all his needs, and that was the writer Anna made and, of course, by virtue of the fact that she was very strong, very smart, mind of her own, she did not want to be with a man like Thomas Day who felt that she had to capitulate to him. She, in fact ended up Mary to his friend Edgeworth, who got married a lot of times t fixated on her sister Elizabeth, who thought she might be willing to marry day if he was
to learn some manners and correct some of his own defects, and surprisingly, he agreed here well till the all Argotic, fencing and dancing lessons any even submitted to a torture is sounding contraption that was designed to correct his knock knees by forcing them outward yeah he's had to sit in this weird chair and have the screws applied. They were supposed to shift his legs to mourn, proper position and he would just sit there. for hours on end reading. Apparently, but after all of this, when he returned from France, Elizabeth was not meant to him She also ended up married the Edgeworth. Her sister had passed away. He really did he. I think Edgeworth had four wives over the course of his life, and so they like twenty two children, but he seemed like a fairly jovial fellow that, ladies lakes,
he was not so creepy, maybe in seventeen seventy four, they met wool heiress Esther millions who fell in love with him at first sight, his How are the dying? Negro had been published the previous year and Esther, who had a long line of potential suitors clamouring for attention fixated on this man whose police on social ideas. She felt really closely matched her own. She One of those things I mean, I'm sure you ve, had this happen where you have a friend, that's kind of a per snickey pain in the tickets and they meet someone in that person just think so. The most amazing creature honor there's an eminent my head right, yeah, it's fascinating to watch that play out and that's exactly what it is with Esther. She was just full of incredible pray, For him- and it's like she saw his flaws but still thought he was amazing.
And after several years of day debating whether Esther was truly right for him, which go figure. I mean again. This is like one of the most desired women of their society at the time going, nope here, though, and for many sick, I don't know, It's just fascinating to me, but he decided it finally, that she was the woman for him and the pair married in seventeen. Seventy eight and the irony of course here was the Esther came from everything that day hated. She was a woman of wealth. She had been raised in society. She had been formally educated, system that he believed could only corrupt women, and yet she did meet all of his required pretty much an. She was perfectly happy to live and isolated life of the mind with him. He just wanted them to live far away from everyone else and do nothing but Reed. as the seventeen eighty arrives day, was really throwing himself pretty fully into social and political matters. The first vote.
of Sandford and Martin was published in seventeen eighty three, without introducing a surprising twists, which is that in seventeen eighty four Sabrina Mary days best friend John Bicknell, they paid her I worry at this point and in the period leading up to the wedding Bicknell confess to Sabrina that she had been days, experiment in bridle education and that he John Bicknell been complicit in this scheme, so is sort of like a action of laying off his cards on the table before they got married. in doing so seem to save Bicknell from Sabrina Wrath, but she wrote a really angry letter today, demanding that he explain himself in response to some. They wrote quote, I never thought I had a right to sacrifice another being so my own good or pleasure, but I felt myself sufficiently entitled to make an experiment where, where whatever else
soon, he would be placed on circumstances infinitely more favourable to happiness than before. He asked made it clear to her that the failing of the experiment was her fall right include the dislike you soon discovered for every species of domestic application was one of the first cases of dispute between us. What a jerk, Just ah again, it's like it. He kind of fees, hers, property like oh, I adopted a poor orphan, so I could abuse it can. Eventually, I would It would be a better situation than being an orphan. Surely it's, if so titled in growth, he also in that writing, managed to get in a really growth dig. in the matter of Sabrina marriage to Bicknell, telling her that she should consider herself extraordinarily lucky. That John would want marry her? Rather than quote a hundred others, your superior
Ignore died in seventeen eighty seven leaving Sabrina widow with two children, and they reinstated an allowance for her, but much smaller than he had been paying before her marriage. She took it. She took a job as housekeeper at a village school to try to make ends meet and eventually, when a big those friends created a fund for Sabrina and the children out of contributions from Johns. Many law associates your job, Even though he had come from a good family and have a good job, he had had some problems money and some gambling issues, and so there really was not much left when he passed away a man just two years. This in seventeen, eighty nine at the age of forty one Thomas day died suddenly when he was thrown from a horse he had raised the animal but had refused to train it in any traditional sense, because he thought that was a form of cruelty, but he still attempted to write it, which he did not think was a form of cruelty. I have a question: yes, why was it cruel,
the train a horse. But it was not cruel to train a woman because he's Thomas Day, and he had some twisted ideas about ladies and have a treat human beings, and apparently, horses have more feelings than women. Do it seems that way in his view, So after he died, Esther continue Sabrina Allowance and Sabrina issue was one that apparently had come up and quarrels between the two of them. So Esther Racking As that Sabrina misfortunes had not been any fault of her own, I, though, her writing about it. It's kind of weird, because she again asked her was in love with Thomas for all his faults, and so in her eyes, Sabrina really missed out on being with this amazing purse,
Everyone in this story is so grows. Holly just have such a weird view of humans and people that are not part of their wealthy little click. It's very strange Sabrina lived out the rest of her life in relative anonymity working for most of it as a housekeeper. boys school. She died in September. Eighteen, forty three of the age of eighty six. There have been several times throughout her life where she was a little concerned that all of this was going to come to light. Many of his friends wrote about him. You know he kind of became one of those figures that gets romanticize does he died so young and because he did right several important abolitionist texts, and so she was perpetually very afraid that they were going to out her.
that they would write memoirs about him and then talk about this thing in their her honor was really gonna get called into question, even though, by all accounts there was no sexual relationship between the two of them. She still recognised that it. It would invite that kind of speculation, and she was really worry because she had kids at that point and even when they were young men and adults, she just didn't want them to ever have to go through, knowing that this kind of ugly chapter was part of their family, life did there were a lot of close calls, but none of those seem to come to fruition so angry and everyone in this room to you see. Why said I was mad at hornets. The whole time give yet bet you'd be up. Do you have most memorial that will not make us angry. Not only that I have one. It's a surprise for you, just traces in the studio this week, she's visiting Atlanta from us, then one of them I kept and its two making smiles, Look at this again, my eyes or will you
I'm leaving another one. First, under both postcard sort of the first one as a postcard from our listener Elizabeth, and it is a postcard from the crescent hotel. It Eureka Springs since thanks for your show on Eureka Springs, my husband and I are both long times, longtime fans and we re really listen to the tragic tale of doktor girl before honeymooning. Here we have seen no ghosts, but we have met Casper, the hotels, lovely cat. So many congratulations. I hope you had a wonderful wedding and honeymoon and thank you for telling inspect, Casper, ok and the next one alone. I gotta get it out quietly and care Here has closed. It is amazing, it is from our listener crystal she pay, it herself and it is It means that she painted of What I presume is a rock band. Margie and the love on top of your boy. Oh my god.
It is she's a little no unabashed Creasy selling it. Now. That's amazing orgy margarine the only oh and like this amazing. If the cutest postcard sister, she hand painted this coastguard com, it's really really awesome. The boys are named. I think it's as well, which Google is telling me butter in check and oleo and is The door of a we will for sure share it, because it is the cutest thing you have ever seen, and it reminds me of the old. You probably did not see this, or maybe you did in EPCOT. There used to be a state, show called food rocks where food would come saying Rock n roll songs about nutrition, and it reminds me of her fancy of that. That was not there. The one time I have ever been caught, which was with you, oh yeah yeah, would have gone already. Yes,
its spectacular anne. She did in pink tones because of pink margarine, so good, I love it so much. I knew you would free. with glee, when you saw this because it's the cutest thing on earth, so thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you crystal. It is a beautiful, she wrote us a letter as well, but I'm not going to read it because leave rent a little bit long. She loves cats and she's, and also why she tape on this. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you again. I just love. It had started and it made a smile, so I saved it for the end of the horrible, we'll have to talk about an extra times on social media, for anybody who guide to appoint and is absolutely there like. I'm out, I can't listen to this angry making. If you would like to write this attack about how angry you are Thomas Day or about how awesome margarine rock vans might be. You can do that industry podcast, Hausa, we're stuck here if you want meet up with us on social media, you can do that almost anywhere were always missed in history, so that
twitter is analysed in history. At Facebook accomplishments in history, at Pinterest, icon, Slash missed in history, at least in history, that tumblr com in on Instagram out missed in history, where this beautiful paintings definitely going. If you would like to come to our parents site with his house works, you could type in the word marriage in the search bar and you will get lots of articles about marriage, none of which involve adopting an orphan under false pretences, doing horrible things to them, but actually having a marriage. You can do that there you can visit us, have missed in history, dot com where we have shown our four Oliver episodes that Tracy and I have worked as well as an archive of every episode of the show that there has ever been
and you should absolutely come visit as in history. Somebody somewhere. I'm sorry to each time a man feels hey there. I'm Bellamy, young and today I'm gonna talk about what I wore when I audition for scandal, welcomes and when I went to the production of glamour- and I heard radio I'm your home the Paris summit in each week, I'm sitting down with a woman. I find fascinating to talk about what she wore during a pivotal moment in her life. Listen to what I wore when on the Iheart Radio, app apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast.