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Three Eponymous Foods

2021-09-13 | 🔗

Lots of foods are named after people, but sometimes the stories of those names are hard to pin down. This episode looks at where Granny Smith apples, nachos, and the Cobb salads get their names.

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hello, unwelcome Comcast, I'm, however, I am I'm Tracy me Wilson, Tracy near listeners I am clearly on a roller coaster. Cycle of legs, Super downer episode, lay and fun episode. Super Danner episode lay in front episode. Sorry, I don't know going on. You gotta, be what you gotta do. I think I should I be as of where we're all at mentally and like evolution did not prepare us to deal with the ongoing kind of stress of a pandemic. My brain is very much gravitating towards a lot of darkness in in a bad way. I'm fine, but I always have had that proclivity and it's kind of augmented. Now but then I was fairly go. I got about back by doing something late and thankfully, today we hear on the light. What
and it is about one of our favorite subjects. That means this is a food episode. I can't even describe the weird circumstance had happened, but through this complete happenstance I saw a reference to a food There was named for someone recently and then I found it self wondering if that had been a real sin I have a whole secondary. bring with it that I'll talk about in the behind the scenes It was a real person who that real person was and then soon I was down this upon. Amis foods rabbit hole and it was very, very fun, so the if Tracy and everyone else will come along with Yale explore three of these feeds, but I feel like this could be the start. There are recurrent theme, as everybody knows, from any episode on food that we have done before their often a lot of fuzzy details and variations on origin store a thousand just how it happens. When there's sir,
a culinary accident or an experiment that turns out. Well, it's not always doc. You can help me so I I've tried to capture all of the most popular versions of any of these origin stories or note when things have different significantly so gravest now can we will die right in we're going to start with one of the world's most popular varieties of fruit and to tell that fruit story, we have to talk about. Maria and Sherwood Maria and Sherwood was born in one thousand seven hundred and ninety nine and Peasmarsh Sussex England, her father John Sherwood, was a laborer. Her mother was Hannah. Wright Sherwood Andre was baptized on January eighth, one thousand eight hundred at Saint Peter and Saint Paul Church in the same rural community, where she was born as she grew up, she didn't really receive much in the way of a formal education, but she did learn
farming through her parents, and she worked as a farm laborer, just as they did at the age of nineteen. Maria got married to another farm labourer named Thomas Smith, who was her same age. Their wedding was held in Ebony Kent at the Parish church on August Eighth, one thousand eight hundred and ninety since neither Maria nor Thomas could write, they both signed their wedding paperwork with a mark, the newlywed settled in Beckley in EAST Sussex, which is where Thomas had grown up and they started their family there. they had a total of eight children over the course of the next nineteen years. Although three of those children died as infants and
one thousand eight hundred and thirty, eight Maria and Thomas made a huge change. They set sail for Australia and, as part of what's often called the bounty scheme. In the decades leading up to the 1840s, Britain had gone through a series of events that had, let's do a lot of economically distressed. There was the? U dot s: war of independence, the french Revolution and a subsequent war with France. All of that had been extremely costly and was also an agricultural crisis. In a food shortage as a series of harvests, held of the industrial age started a workforce that was already flooded with men who had served in the war sought shrinking job numbers and the rise of work houses, and one of the ways that was proposed to deal with these problems was a scheme that would take
some of those tradesmen and agricultural labourers, and send them to the New South Wales Colony in Australia, to both relieve the conditions in England and create infrastructure and a food system for that new colony rules of that programme changed over the years. But by the time the Smiths were recruited, any settler who was already in New South Wales who wanted ITALY, for their enterprise, could pay agents in Britain to recruit skilled emigrants and then have them as employees when they arrived in Australia, provided they passed inspection. All of this is a very abbreviated version of a much bigger and very complex topic. We're just
reducing it here to explain exactly how this farm family from EAST Sussex picked up their lives and move to the other side of the world. While a lot of scholarship on the bounty scheme suggests that, in a lot of the cases the people being shipped to New South Wales were not really up to snuff in terms of work experience, the programme rarely accepted families, the smiths for both knowledgeable in farm practice and had five children. There was Thomas Aged Sixteen, Stephen, its thirteen Charles Age Ape Sarah who was six and then one year old Maria, and they all made the journey together and their report. It is true billing aboard the lady Nugent: they arrived in Sydney, Australia on November, twenty seventh eighteen thirty you're. The lady Nugent has its own whole history as like a prison ship for a while and then as an immigration ship later, but once Maria Thomas had me
it to their destination and they all made it more or less intact. Thomas sought out work and found it in a district which is charmingly called kissing. Point That's him in area called ride. That's a suburb of Sydney and draw two kissing point was its fruit production Thomas, was we'll do parlay his years of farming, experience and knowledge to get a job with an established fruit, grower, making five pounds per year and the snow family made ride their permanent home Marie. had one more child after they had settled in New South Wales, that was a sun named William, who was born several years
after they had moved in May of eighteen. Forty two Maria husband Thomas may also have taken on a fine job working for Major Edward Dartle on his estate. That information has been relayed through family stories, though, and it's not back, you meant it. So it's not totally clear, but Thomas Psmith did save up money over the years and in eighteen, fifty as he was able to purchase to parcels of land, there were adjacent to the field of Mars Common in ride in the field of Mars, common was land that had been set aside as a public space in eighteen o four, so that Smith's New Orchard property, which is about twenty. Four acres was right next to undeveloped space and one thousand, eight hundred and seventy for a significant portion of the field of Mars Common was cleared and sold off as farms and homes after the passage of the field of Mars. Resumption act, but part of it remains undeveloped, is
wife refuge, the area in which the Smith orchards were cultivated is now known as Eastwood and the first of the hour goals which we would now know. As Grannie Smith. We're said to have been done: covered by Maria having sprang up quite by accident in the purse Sunday. times a story appeared on November. Second, nineteen, twenty four titled, the Grammy Psmith Apple, the story of its origin, and this actually recounts a story that had already appeared in a much smaller publication called farmer and settler, and they ran a version of the peace in June of that year, the farm subtler right up is the first known account of the origin of the apple imprint, and it was the work of writer, eight J Rumsey who, in his research, interviewed two men who had no more Psmith when she was alive. The two gentlemen were fruit growers
he ate small and Harry Johnston. According to MR small story, Maria had taken some gin cases home from the Sydney markets and there had been some Tasmanian grown apples in them. She referred to these as french crabs and those fruits were rotting, so she dumped them out near the creek on Psmith property. But then, some time later, she found a small apple seedling growing among the France by the creek, and it was producing this was an apple that was different from any that she was familiar with and remember. This isn't like a person who is not legible about fruits, as she was like this is something unique Maria who had come to be known among locals as Grannie as she aged, is kind of a sweet, nickname wanting to get the opinions of other fruit experts about this ceiling and its fruits. Oh, she called in age smells Father who was also an expert orchard. Ist age was just a boy of
well at the time, but he went with his father and MRS Smith to examine this ceiling and as a boy tasted one of the ceilings apples himself, he declared a delicious after concern. thing with small Maria decided that she would start cultivating the trees, but she only had a couple of years to do so before she died. So a couple of notes on apples and their propagation, almost all apples require cross pollination. That means they have to be pollinated with pollen from indifferent apple species to produce fruit. The Grannie Smith Apple, as we know today is an exception. It can self pollinate, although it normally produces a better result if its cross pollinated, but it's obviously different from a crab apple, which is what Maria Psmith had jumped out crab apples are just really small apples and the french crabs that she mentioned are a type it's often used for jellies and jams. So it seems most likely that the seeds from those french cry
jobs had grown into trees that were pollinated with pollen from some other tree near by an area that was known for its fruit, including many orchards, the resulting fruit produced seeds. That eventually became this new apple tree that Maria Psmith found in the ferns. None of the accounts of Maria seedling have any dates, or timelines mentioned between when she dumped out the rotted crab apples and when she found this new tree So what is this for some guesswork here? Yet there was even one right up about it that I read that said. There's
little bit of a mystery, because in one account she had suggested the Lamb had been cleared in between the time that she had dumped those rotted french crabs and when she found this tree sets a little like will them hound? How did this happen, but it does bear enough resemblance to to a french crab apple, that people still think that the origin point that then got cross pollinated with another species of Apple Maria Psmith died on March. Nineteen. in seventy and her husband. Thomas died six years later Orchard IST Edward Gallery, who is a friend of the family, bought part of the family property from their surviving children, and he continued to cultivate grainy Psmith apples until his death in the nineteen teens. Those tart apples had the characteristics that continue to make them popular to day. They had an excellent resilience in baking, so they don't disintegrate and in acidity, that is accentuate sweet flavors, although it actually was not initially recognised for its excellent
in desert baking. It was used for cooking things. They were not so sweet at First Galliard. Another orchard, as the New South Wales continue to cultivate the apple trees that Maria Psmith first discovered as an accidental seedling. An early eighteen nineties, fruits produced by the Grannie Psmith trees were starting to win prizes in Australia, particularly as a cooking apple and in eighteen. Ninety five Grannie Psmith Apple trees, are planted in large numbers at the Bathurst experiment, farm that was part of Australia still New Department of agriculture. The apples were also part of the list of fruits suitable for export, with the Department of Agriculture compiled in eighteen. Ninety five and the Agricultural Gazette of New South Wales, which came out in August of eighteen. Ninety five Grannie Psmith Apple is reference by that name and a section titled fruits to export and how to export them and had his brief descriptor quote. Grannie Psmith seedling anew
South Wales ceiling raised from seed of the french Crab near ride on the Paramatta River. One of the things that help to the grainy Psmith Apple, secure its position of popularity around the globe is just sturdy. It is that firmness of the fruit that makes it great for baking also makes it pretty the transport compared to some other softer apples. That's also thanks to a relatively thick skin, so estates marketable for longer in shipping, but as shipped around the world from New South Wales. It also, of course, started to be cultivated on new continents in the nineties Thirty's european grower, started introducing it into their orchard and then, in the nineteen seventies, it finally became popular in North Amerika today, hey, there's a Granny Smith Memorial Park on the Eastwood land that was once the southern boundary of the Smith Orchard. There's a playground area a wide open, green space for playing at a monument place there by the New South Wales, bicentennial, council,
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already. The next person that we are talking about is again seo, and I am if you're so your head wondering what food is named after him- we will only need to remind you that the nickname for Ignacio is not show that is right, matches have a traceable lineage and they were named for their creator and while they see like they must have been around for ever and we'll talk a little bit about that nachos, as we know them are not bad old. Just to avoid can be You shouldn't, even though Ignacio did go by macho. Most of the time were mostly refer to him by his given name rather than his nickname, just so that we don't constantly say not over and over and over Ignacio Anaya was born in San Carlos Chihuahua Mexico on August 15th, one thousand eight hundred and ninety five. His parents died when he was very young and he was raised by a foster mother.
One of the memories about her that- and I would recount later in his life, was that she often made him case ideas which loved, and I had a number of jobs in his early life. Emmy lived in a few different places, but eventually he ended up working at a restaurant in Pedro Negress Mexico called the victory club for reference- Peters negroes, is about one hundred fifty miles west of San Antonio Texas, and it is just a short jump across the. U S: Mexico Border from Eagle, pass Texas Ignacio, had worked as a waiter over the years, but he was the restaurants Maitre D. By the time he created his now famous snack, why?
afternoon in nineteen forty three, he was working in the restaurant in the time in between the lunch and dinner service and several wives of officers from Eagle Pass came in. The story has been told a number of different ways in one version, and I am told the press that after several rounds of drinks these for Ladys asked for some fried tortillas and as he exe, leaned quote well, since no one was in the kitchen for about an hour, I went in slice, authority and four pieces put some cheese and a slice of how opinion, on top and second, in the oven for a few minutes, that she's was reported, as was constant chatter and helping or pickled, so that story has appeared in print in a lot of different ways of various changes to the details into them: and to a NEO Son Ignacio, and I a junior said that one of his father's regular cut tumors, a woman named Mamie Finance came
with a larger group of friends. Ten to twelve women who were officers wives from Fort Duncan AIR Base, you may, when across versions they tell this story as being about soldiers from the base, but the ones that are closer to source all mention women, even though the numbers change a little bit according to I feel, and I a junior it was made me fine, and you started touting this dish to her friends and one version. She had asked Ignacio what he called this snack, which she and her friends just loved, because who doesn't he told her? They were nachos especial or not, or special, but another version of the story. It was fine and who started calling them nachos special, either way, though she's been talking them up to other people, soon not chosen SL appeared on the menu at the victory club in summer The story, Ignacio, worked the victory club for almost twenty more years until it closed in nineteen sixty one, but he is also often said to have
did another restaurant called the Madeira no. For a period of time. After the victory club and shared his nachos I shall recipe there. Some quotes even place. Moment of invention at the maternal and not at the victory club sometimes they have interviewed the same person just years apart and nineteen. Fifty four, a cookbook published by the Eagle Pass Church of the Redeemer called Saint Ants Cookbook contained the first printed recipe for nachos speciality. That included the story of their invention, not long after the victory club closed in nineteen sixty one Ignacio went into business for himself and opened up nachos restaurant on how we fifty seven just a couple of miles from the bridge that connected Eagle path and p address negress in nineteen sixty nine, the San Antonio Express a news interviewed, and I am in printed a story about
how, even though he had invented what had become an incredibly popular dish over the twenty six years, since he threw it together that afternoon, he had actually made any money out of it. Ignacio gave a quote two reporter bill: Salter saying quote the only man who is making money on nachos is the man who selling cheese and how a pain Yos, and I also told Salter that and he was a lawyer- had offered to help him patent his dish, but that an idea had him down. Saying quote, I didn't go with him or want to do it. I thought it would be too much trouble, but of course, then I didn't know how popular they were going to become. This is a little different from what his son reported years later. and Ignacio Juniors version he had reached out to a lawyer to try to help his dad secure some kind of legal claim to nachos telling a reporter in two thousand. To quote I talked to a lawyer and San Antonio. He said: there's not much. You can do after seventeen years
it's in the public domain, although he recognised that another path might have given him more income. Ignacio senior said that he would just as happy with lots of customers at his restaurant unfortunately, later that same year, operation intercept cause some very real problems for an idea and other businesses in Piedra negroes, and intercept was Nixon initiative. That was intended to stop the movement of Marijuana from Mexico into the: U S through spot checks at border crossing points, even though the bridge Eagle past IP address, Nagras experienced only minimal slowdowns. As part of this whole initiative, there were a lot of news stories about hours, long waits at other points along the border and that cause a lot of people who had kind of day tourism trips to Peter Negress. To stop making that trip to Nachos restaurant Ignacio reported that there were days of the restaurant had no patrons whatsoever, but do too
good results from that programme, it did not. Last long operation intercept ended. After just a few weeks, Ignacio I'd and nineteen. Seventy five, his wife had died nine years before he did. That was a nineteen sixty six. They had raised nine children together and it wasn't until twenty years later and ninety ninety five that we address Mcgrath Mexico declared October twenty first as international day of the nachos. They also honoured Ignacio, and I met with a bronze plaque this declaration. Fashion and honour were, to some degree an effort to stake a claim to the invention of nachos on the part of the tourism Board of the state of Guatemala. Naturally, a dish as popular as nachos has some other claims to the origin, and even people who say that melted cheese on forty, as has just been a part of mexican cuisine,
informed way longer than sixty years. Yet there are even some quotes that you can find from Ignacio Anita saying. Essentially, this aiming like, I didn't patent it because it's a cheese hunter see as everybody does, that Ignacio Sonny your junior often served as a judge at the annual natural competition. There was part of a three day festival, Pedro negroes started holding every year around international day of the not show, although he sample notches talked with all kinds of different ingredients over the years include caviar, he always loved the simple version that his dad created the best, although he did at one point,
two to a reporter than Natchez would be for chicken and guacamole made for a pretty tasty meal. Of course, Natchez have evolved since this origin point, you might be thinking of the version with a cheese sauce rather than melted, cheese, wondering where that comes from that, thanks to a man named frankly, bear to me was ceo of Regos products, company, which specializes still in concession foods, Roberto, introduce nachos with a possible cheese sauce in Arlington Stadium and nineteen, seventy seven and then, after a slow start, this version caught on with food distributors heart because they found that nachos drove drinks, sales up people balanced the spice of the happy news- and I would argue also the salteena- serve the chips. I was thinking too, that the salt was probably a factor there
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and then the many variations on the second version of the story. So the cop salad is also associated with the famous LOS Angeles restaurant chain, the Brown derby, which operated from nineteen twenty six to nineteen. Eighty five, the original Brown Derby on Wilfer Boulevard across from the ambassador hotel, was built in the shape of a derby hat, with a sign on top of it that Red eaten the hat and from the very beginning it was a popular spot with scream stars. Everybody from Mary Pickford to Charlie Chaplin was known to eat there. The derby move down the street in nineteen thirty seven, and not just in name the actual building was picked up and move. on the block and then renovated in the process. So that it had more seeding space, because the original one was quite small, In the meantime, another brown derby had opened on the corner of Hollywood in vine and nineteen. Twenty nine and that Hollywood location was even more popular with actors because of how close it was to the studios in
in thirty one location was added to the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and radio drive and then another was open unless Phyllis and eat these locations has its own story in its own connection to Hollywood. In LOS Angeles history, Robert Cobb was born in eighteen. Ninety nine and there's not exactly a wealth of information about his early years, but by the time he was in his mid twentieths. He was working alongside Director Herbert case born and screenwriter, Wilson Meissner and their new restaurant venture, and he was a co owner and the story of the salad falls from a couple of different places on the timeline time, starting all the way back to the very early days. Perhaps the least favoured version of the cop salads origins, isn't it
created at the opening of a Hollywood Brown Derby, nineteen, twenty nine by executive chef, Robert Crease, in honour of the owner. That makes a lot of logistical sense. That's probably why it's, the least favoured version is very full of you know puffer story. The more popular version is a lot more colorful, so that version of the story sets the scene in nineteen thirty seven, and even this one story. Has them branching variations, the least showy version of this one as that around midnight, after a full day of work and without stopping to eat, Bob Cobb was ravenous, so the head chef at the time, Paul J paucity created a salad with basically what they still had on hand after the end of the whole dinner shift, and then he offered that to his boss, also pretty believable and once again that makes it less beloved, some of the other versions
yeah. The next generation includes those key catalysts from the previous one that Bob Cobb was very hungry, that it was very late that he had not eaten all day, because the restaurant was so busy but in this take on it he went to the kitchen himself and rooted around for whenever he could find and then just adding various left over items to a bed of lettuce. The final versions sword up as that Cobb was in a restaurant at or after midnight once again, but in this version said ground owner of grounds. Chinese theater was with him and it was said who was hungry and so Cobb put together a valid for his friend smack on this one has an added detail that ground either had a sore tooth or had a recent dental procedure that lead carved chop all the ingredients and so easily swallowed He says that would not require a bunch of chewing before he tossed the salad with dressing. So we said that was sort of the last version, because sometimes that car
Grauben together story gets some facts switched around, but a state. Essentially the same at its core. You might see it of it where it was Cobb. Who was the Hungary one, but Sid Grauben was there and was intrigue by the restroom tours midnight snack, and so he asked for one himself. but the detail for even the blended up aspects of the story that usually lands at the end of all of them is the ground this dish so much He came in the very next day and asked for the same thing and he ordered it as a Cobb, salad and soon that dish became a menu staple. It's easy to see why
classic ingredients for a Cobb salad are allegedly the same as it was possibly scavenge from the kitchen and whatever version of the story that you believe iceberg and romaine lettuces avocado tomatoes, chicken, breast hard, boiled eggs, bacon and recruit cheese. The dressings components are a matter of debate. It might have contained olive oil. Lemon juice, red wine vinegar was too short ass, garlic and dijon mustard with just a little sugar may or may not have included egg yokes any of these ingredients. Lebanon, they're kind of a mystery yeah. Today, if you have a cub salad, even in places that claims are doing the original, the dressing will probably very open place to place too on how they like to do. It all are delicious, but in this case, The story has a lot of variations. The central theme
was remains the same and that it was invented at the Brown Derby and that it is named for Robert Cobb and because Holly assure those folks wondering in listening audience the version of the Brown derby. That's an Disney's Hollywood studios in Florida is based on a Hollywood location of that restaurant. It is not shaped like a hats, but you can get a cop salad, their yeah, I did find one picture that seems to be misled. Bold online, that claims It is the Hollywood Brown Derby in Disney's Hollywood's Judy. anyways shaped like a hat, but that I think is an older one before it got torn down, and it does have some souvenirs out front, which I think is confusing to people. but none of them are Disney souvenirs. If you look closely so that one is not the one.
Sir said yeah delicious marvellous. Thank you rubber Cobb, however, that came to be. I have listener mail, but is also about food and partially about yucky food. So I'm sorry, but it aims with funding is about cheese which we mentioned in two of these dishes. So I'm happy to include it. This is from our listener: Shelly Retie, Holly and Tracy. I just listen to this swill milk scandal of eighteen fifty eight episode, I was utterly fascinated and totally disgusted in equal measure. Like you mentioned, maybe in the behind the scenes, many I'd never really thought about. How audit is that milk was a staple food item way before refrigeration was possible at home. I grew up pretty much just putting milk in tee and cereal, but my husband grew up drinking a glass of milk, multiple too
a day, even now, in his thirty's any time we have pasta with tomato sauce. He always drinks, a big glass of milk would dinner because, of course, I guess I was reminded of maybe my favorite seem in the latest instalment of Becky Chambers, Wayfarer Series, the galaxy and the ground within. If you haven't, I highly recommend it it's fun, funny, heartwarming and poignant, sigh fight with incredible world building that both makes you think and want to be best friends with all the characters, but digress from Derry. There is a scene where several individuals of different sentient alien species are chatting and one character ass, the only other who knows a human. Well, if cheese is clear real thing. The ensuing disc of the unfortunate reality of cheese made me laugh harder than I've laughed while reading. In a very long time the cheese making process is described as leaving the milk mixture quote out until bacteria colonise it to the point of solidifying.
I felt hilariously called out as one of the human, so quote: Bunker Sir Cheese that they'll ingest dose of the enzymes needed to properly digested before they can even devastatingly accurate for me anyway, thanks for all the wonderful work you do on the podcast. I always look forward to new episodes. Thank you for it. That is one of those things there a lot of foods that, when I think about them, I am like wow, who was lake, that thing that came out of a job. Chloe go, we should he bat. For sure I mean that there are many many foods of that nature. I understand how some people lands adds an entirely plant based I hit, but he's a couple share. A lot of food comes from had parents who had a farm when I was quite young, so I know had any illusions about the origin of animal based foods and yet still continue to them. If he would like
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