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Three Upbeat Historical Cats

2021-08-30 | 🔗

From caterer cat to war cat to museum guard, these three cats have their own unique places in history. Rest assured, while all creatures pass on, none of the cats in this episode meet a bad end.

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yeah and you know it. There's won't know unless we tell them, we recorded back in the same session as we're about to record this. There are spread out calendar there right together in the studio, the yes I had had mostly for it. three searching my one and it was so depressing and I actually didn't turn it in the north we'll time. I would bet my message to you like. I cannot look at any more illustrations of abused cows to I, like my camp, do it and so after that. I needed a pallet clubs or I could not bear the thought of another downer and I the idea of doing something fun with animals to counter it. So in thinking of something both comforting and fun, I thought about kiddies, of course, as specifically historic Interesting cats- and they are actually a lot of them, but I really wanted to keep it fairly of beet in the ones I selected. So that is a problem.
I can make you you can rest assured that all creatures, of course pass on, but none of the cats in these stories meet about end This one is fun. We can always do more like this down the road right. Historical animal groupings could be a whole new genre for us. I think we ve got way way way back in the archives so long ago, that I'm pretty sure it's canvasses Farewell episode, historical preaches thirty, that serious first episode there actually to historical war dogs, and I think the first one is serious. First episode where they do the audio to canvass but yes so, but to set this up and do Kinderman introduction, because I wanted to include this, but it's not exist.
actually midi in terms of what we know. We're gonna briefly touch on a cat. We don't really know much about, but I thought it made a nice place to start so. The first cat we're going to talk about as highly said, is honestly pretty thin on informing Hence this kind of an introductory remarks. It's pretty short. The name of the cat is also the name of a poem Pegre Bonn. This poem was originally written in the ninth century by an irish monk, and the name translates to white fuller. The poem was founded a manuscript and a monastery in Austria and that's is the only place that has appeared this one copy of this poem yeah. I also have seen that place being attributed to Germany. I didn't go super deep. It could A matter of shifting lines by the important thing here is this is a very popular piece of literature and it has been translated. Many times, including a very, very well known version by Robin Flower, there's aversion
W, H, Auden and then in two thousand six. It was translated by Seamus Heaney, and he actually wrote of the work quote hangar by is a poem that irish writers like to try their hand at not in order to outdo the previous versions, but simply to get it. exact and intimate grip on the canonical goods poem explores the writers efforts at putting words to paper and compare it to his cats. Endeavours at mouse catching ultimately becomes about simply working through the effort to find the moments of success and the likening of this monks, intellectual pursuit to the cats instincts stink efforts offers a literary example of cats, not only as companions, but also as philosophical mirrors to human.
You seem like a good prelude to an episode about historical cats, as we consider why we know tape case of important history. This is what seems like a great place to start, and it's tell him it's not especially long, but I'm not going to read the whole thing instead I'll just jump to the last three stanzas. This is of the heat, translation. So if you look it up in general. You might find something different, but these are his his unsheathed, perfect males, Panier, Springs exults and kills when the longed for difficult answers come. I too exult, so it those two each his own, no vying, no vexation taking pleasure, taking pains, kindred spirits, veterans day and night. Soft per soft pad. Panier bond has learned his trade day and my own hard work solve. The crux is makes a mark, so we don't know
anything about Pang or by other than a love of hunting mice. We do know a bit more about the three other cats that work covering all of whom have made very different marks on his yes, sir, to cover this first, when we actually have to touch on just a little bit of history about England transition from being ruled by the House of York under Richard, the third to being ruled by the tutors, and specifically the life of a courtier who comes up periodically named Henry Wyatt. There's a portrait of why that was painted sometime in the eighteenth century by an unknown artist, and it features Wyatt on the left side of the composition and a cat on the right. The cat is a grey or silver tabby and it has its PA upon a pigeon. The cat is gazing directly at Wyatt, but why? It is not looking at the cat his gaze fixed on something to the right of the free
and the scene is set in a prison. The cat is actually pulling the pigeon through the bars on the window and that cat, which has featured and other portraits of white as well, becomes in some ways central to the white family history. Henry. Why it was the Son of Richard Wyatt, a Squire Am Richards wife, Margaret Who- An air of William bailiff- Henry was born in fourteen sixty don't know a lot about his early years, but as a young man, he aligned himself with the tutors. It appears before they took the throne. He is Please buy some to a participated in a revolt against King Richard, the third in one thousand four hundred and eighty three, and that revolt known as Buckingham's revolt and names for Henry Stafford. Second Duke of Buckingham, was backed by the child tutors, but it was unsuccessful
though it failed. The massive revolt which included a small fleet of ships from Brittany did destabilize Richard two thirds power ass for his involvement in the attempted overthrow of the King Henry. Why it is said to have been imprisoned by Richard. The third location for this is usually given as the Tower of London, but not entirely certain Richard. The third historian Annette Carson notes that, based on a letter written in April fifteen thirty, eight by Henry Wyatt son, Thomas the elder, he was we're likely imprisoned in Scotland where to come back to the specifics of this imprisonment, but after Richard the third was killed at the battle of Bosworth and King Henry VIII, Seventh took prone Henry, why it was freed from whichever prison. It was that he was then and from there his fortune grew. He became keeper of north, castle in one thousand four hundred and eighty five, then he was made clerk of the king's jewels in one thousand four hundred and eighty six, even
promoted, to Master of the king's jewels and clerk of the king's meant before gaining the title keeper of the change essay or of the money in coinage and controller of the mint he acquired owing castle in one thousand four hundred and ninety two in one thousand five hundred and four he was made privy councillor to the king. And was granted arms by Henry the seventh. In the years that followed, and when Ruby, eighth descended to the throne. Wyatt served him as well and became treasurer of the king's chamber. Why? It is. Described as a man who was beloved by many and he live with, sounds other than that imprisonment problem like a pretty good life for a quarter of the time up until his death in November, one thousand five hundred and thirty seven, but all of this was possible because he survived that period of imprisonment, which is often does brutal and the hero of that story is a cat, so we don't, have any contemporary accounts of Sir Henry. Why its time in prison?
He doesn't show up on any prison records, and thus there are no notes regarding the nature of his treatment or the conditions he may have faced there. Also, I we're not sure exactly which prison it was. What we do. have our accounts that were recorded by his descendants. So we have to carry out that these are all family stories. They dont have primary sources to back them up. You probably have family stories, and you know that some of them have shifted embellished over time and maybe aren't entirely true. However, this is a very good start. in seventeen thirty one Richard Wyatt, who was Henry's great great great great grandson, created a document titled pass Judges taken out of a manuscript wrote by Thomas Scott of existing, in God, Mersham Esquire, concerning the family of of our team. The Thomas reference. There was the great great grandson of Henry Wyatt and he was recording what was told to him by other family member, most likely his grandmother. So
you can see how easily this entire thy may have been embellished or balloon, or just moved around a little bit in various ways. The basics of the family story, though, where that, during his imprisonment, Henry was tortured, possibly by Richard. The third him self torture went on in a variety of ways and, more importantly, to the story. He was also starved until a cat saved him. The passage from Richard why its document that mentions this cat reads as follows: quote he was imprisoned, often once in a cold and narrow tower, where he had neither bed to lie on nor closed sufficient warm him nor meat for his mouth. He had starved there had not God you sent a crow to feed his prophet said this and his country's martyr, a cat both to feed and warm him. It was his own relation unto them
from whom I had it. A cat came one day down into the dungeon unto him and, as it were, offered a herself unto him, he was glad of her laid her in his bosom too warm him and by making much of her one her love after this, she would come every day into him diverse times and when she could get one bring him a pigeon, he complained to his keeper of his cold and short fair. The answer was he Durst, not better it but said Sir Henry. If I can provide any, will you promise to dress it? For me, I may well enough said he you are safe for that matter and being urged again promised him and kept his promise to rest for him from time to time such pigeons as his act or the cat provided for him, Sir Henry, why it in his breast parity for this would ever make much
Cats, as other men of their spaniels are hounds, and perhaps you shall not find his picture anywhere, but, like Sir Christopher Hatton, with his dog with a cat beside him. Ok, so in case that somewhat stilted language makes it tricky to discern Henry Wyatt. The deal with his jailer that the jailer would dress and cook Emmy me that's why it came up with something that why did when he realized the cat was bringing him provisions in the form of pigeons and the jail agreed kind of thinking. Such a request might be nonsense, but apparently stuck to the agreement when Wyatt produce these pigeons, and so he ate. regularly. Thanks to this name was cats and for them the word actor, which appears in the text as an old, felling of the word, a cater which is an obsolete version of the word caterer. So, Sir Henry
solving, at least according to his family Levin was a caterer cats. We do not know what happened to the caterer cat, who is sense, have save Wyatt. Presumably she stayed behind when he was for yes, it does seem to be you know, maybe a wild cat that lived on the grounds. I hope she lived out a good long life eating all of the pigeons without having to share them. Sorry James coming up, we will talk about a wartime cat who is said to have had it the ordinary good luck, but first we are going to pause for a sponsor break this epoch. It has brought. You buy american giant. You know when you go to restaurant and you have a spectacularly beautiful meal. A lot of the time she can really do is thank a goose Schofield who set up the state. Aids for how restaurants are run all those years ago, and that is, if the same ideology that drives the clothing brand american giant they simply want to make clothes that are based
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and this story starts aboard the german battleship Bismarck. The Bismarck was one of the largest warships european manufacturers ever produced and it was made to withstand a lot It was designed for the german navy with armor as its primary attribute, and that was at the expense of speed and gun power, and when the Bismarck was first launched in February, one thousand nine hundred and thirty nine. It was apparent to british forces that it was formidable. The Bismarck also had a sister ship, the tirpitz, so the two of them made for the really daunting addition to the german fleet. When World WAR Ii officially started on September first, one thousand nine hundred and thirty nine. It was stood. The Bismarck was a key part of the Nazi naval effort. You didn't have its first mission there for a while in May of nineteen forty one, the Bismarck was part of operation Reiner Burg. It was sent along with the heavy,
loser Prince Union into the North Atlantic to attack allied convoys. The Bismarck was they are to engage with the heavier escort ships on mate fourth, the Bismarck imprints Eugene engaged with the battle cruiser h m. As hood and the battleship prince of Wales. Has come to be known as the battle of the Denmark Street. The hood was sunk and the Prince of Wales got three Shelly. It's on the Bismarck, but the german ship manage to get away and limped toward occupied France. The british Navy track the Bismarck and continued to attack on matron seventh Bismarck sank in the north Atlantic of it's too. One thousand two hundred men crew. You will see anywhere from one hundred fourteen to one hundred and eighteen listed as them
or of survivors, but obviously the very short version of the life of the Bismarck. But you ll notice. We haven't mentioned a feline yet, and that is because the cat in question is said to have been found in the wreckage of the Bismarck floating on. A piece of debris was rescued by the H mess cossack a tribal class destroyer that had been part of a group that was pursuing the Bismarck does Resky was referenced by a famous portrait of the cat which the crew called Oscar. Sometimes with the german spelling of o s k, a are british art Georgiana Shop Baker. Did this it's a pastel portrait with Oscar sitting adrift on a board, turning to look at the viewer. So, according to the story, once aboard, the cossack Oscar became part of that crew and thus switch sides in the war as well. next several months. He was the mask for the classic, which ran primarily as an escort ship for convoys, those of others,
convoys at the Bismarck and other german ships had been attacking on October. Twenty fourth one forty one, the cossack was escorted and allied convoy from Gibraltar to Britain when it was torpedoed. German, you bout, a section of the boat expire did in more than one hundred crew members were killed, the rest of the crew transferred to another if the aim is Legion, with the intention that the still floating cossack would be towed back to Gibraltar. but conditions made that impossible in the classic actually sank. Three days after the torpedoes Drake on October, twenty seventh, but while Oscar had not transferred Edwards little leaves in historic, goes on. He was rescued once again, clinging to floating debris and then take him to Gibraltar with the rest of the surviving crew. At this point, his name change to unthinkable SAM, for we have since SAM, had a temperament that seem to be well suited to live at sea at this boy. He was part of another crew. This time,
board the H M S? Ark Royal, which was an aircraft carrier that had We been involved in the destruction of the Bismarck, the Ark Royal. Reputation for luck. It had narrowly avoided, torpedo strikes a number of times, and is it actually even been falsely reported by the Germans as a successful hit, even when it was not, but once again SAM found himself on a sinking ship less than three ex after Unsinkable SAM went aboard the Ark Royal. It took a torpedo hit that was on November, Fourteenth nineteen forty one one, died, but the rest of the crew and Unsinkable SAM survived say was probably You saying onto debris and awaiting rescue and method worked once again. This time he was described when This plucked from the water ass quote angry, but quite unharmed. He was rescued by the outermost legion. That was the same ship that had taken this
Drivers of the CASA aboard when it was hit, whether it was because he was considered unlucky at this point or whether officials just thought this poor cat had had Enough SAM was retired from service at sea. After the Ark Royal Demise given a new job, though he was a mouser and the governor of Gibraltar is office complex. He did not stay, air permanently, though he eventually landed in Ireland, where he became the mass got and companion at a home for retired sailors in Belfast, SAM alleged we live there until he died of natural causes, an old age and nineteen fifty five, and now I've met all of those sinking and survival. Adventurers had happened when he was really a very young cat, yeah that he would have been if he was a newborn men, he would have been fourteen which, as you know, the old fur cat my ancient, but you know
sure, and he was an adult cat when they first found him, so that makes them at least fifteen Shirley and probably a little older. You might be thinking this seems really hard to believe TAT plucked out of the ocean. Thrice aboard a piece of debris. and they are of absolutely Ben questions about unthinkable, SAM's story over the years. The Bismarck pour The story in particular is not well documented now of the survivor accounts ever meant, a cat, but that also would likely have been a trivial matter that it might not come up. Additionally, while there is no official paperwork on record of the Bismarck having a cat on board their research, You been speculation over the years that one of the german sailor snuck him on or simply the he had managed to get aboard while the ship was in dark. There is also a problem with the Bismarck segment of the story, because voters that have been used as images of Oscar slash unthinkable-
Some. Those images are clearly not the same cat. One is a tabby, but the photo is black and white, so the colors aren't obvious big portrait is clearly a black and white tuxedo cat and all the other photos of Oscar, Slash, unthinkable, Samar, also black and white tuxedos, so little unclear where that tabby photo originated. So it's impossible to know if something just gotten stop somewhere along the line or if two different cat stories got co mingled into sailor stories over the years re. If there's some other explanation, oh, but the tuxedo cat images also come with some problems. there is a particular photo that you will often see in articles about unsinkable SAM, and it is a black and white tuxedo, but that cat, as a tag on his collar. That clearly reads h, M s: amethyst nineteen, forty nine! Now they have
this did have a tuxedo cat was the ship's mascot in nineteen forty nine months. Of course, eight years after all of the same business back s name was and now if you do an online search for unthinkable SAM you'll realize that it quickly becomes tricky to figure out what pictures of a tuxedo cap might be SAM and which might be Simon. There are a lot of pictures of tuxedos with british sailors and they look a lot alike, although it You really really look closely at them. You might be able, make out a subtle difference in the color demarcation in their faces, but they are very similar even saw one picture that was attributed to unthinkable SAM. That list it might be a longer haired cat than either of them, and it may have slightly more black on its face than either of them had so it becomes very, very tricky the same story and that portrait by Georgina Shaw Baker has slightly different facial markings than either Samara. Simon back, it must be a matter of artistic licence
that our work is on the collection of the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich its currently not on display their. So there's no real hard evidence of other seeming miracle can survive. Three difference: ship, singing stirring wartime bat, hull idea, persisting with a good story, who does not want to think that low kitty survived. All of this may him and the horrors of war and became much by various crews, no matter what what side of this business they were on Our last care is one of those animals. That is something of a character, and he was quite lovingly documented by the people who knew him, and I love his story and we're going to talk about the museum feline after we first here from the sponsors who keep stuff, you missed history class, going in the wrong kind of a weird place these days right, we could all day with a lot more positivity. That's why
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history for more info Walt Disney World Resort provides what you need to know before you go on Disneyworld dot, com, valid admission and park, reservations required. Our next historical cat will appeal to listeners who, like me, have a soft spot for cantankerous animals. This is about MIKE the cat
guarded, the British Museum from dogs and other menaces for two decades. The story of MIKE the cat starts with another cat called black jack. He was described as black, with quote a white shirt front and paws. So another tuxedo. I know some folks who love tuxedos the best of all cats. So doesn't really surprised me. I think we know some of the same people who seek out the best of all cats, so black jack,
often visited the department of Printed books at the museum and was friendly with everyone, but then one day in nineteen o eight he got shut into their reading room and tore up the bindings of some of the books while sharpening his claws. Naturally, he was no longer welcome. One of the staff had been tasked with getting rid of him, but black Jack was nowhere to be found. He had actually been rescued by the staff was being fed elsewhere up official reports. There were that he had done. Peered and was presumed to have died, but blackjack like a phoenix rose, really blackjack reappeared, not long. After all, this several weeks had gone by carrying a kitten which he brought to a staff Member of the museum fittingly the keeper of egyptian antiquities, who its often reference nor he cared for mummified cats
see, you may be wondering I wondered too, of black jack. Wasn't a lady cat who managed to have kittens then brought went back to a place she knew was but there is no real discussion on that point. In the documentation I found that kitten Blackjack brought back was named MIKE and Michael, welcomed and taken care of and Blackjack also stuck around and as got older. He starts to stroll around the grounds of the british museum. Any became pretty good friends with the gatekeepers MIKE live. What sounds like a pretty fun life for hats. Me would catch pigeons and bring them home, although he did not seem interested in eating them. The housekeepers within rescue these days, birds and nurse them back to health and set them free again and during visits to the museum he was given scraps by the waitresses, who were to the cafe their way for writing,
MIKE eventually started spending more time at the museum gatehouse than anywhere else in overtime. That became his house, but museum staff made sure he stayed FED just at the gate house. Instead of his former abode, we'll talk about the person who was really his or take her, and the gatekeepers themselves took care of him as well and account of MIKE's Lay states quote. The keeper of the Mummy cats took care feed him during the lean years of the war and who have When short MIKE did not he owed much too three kind, hearted gatekeepers who cooked his food for him and treated here. As a man and brother apparently hated dogs was written, quote the dogs that laughed at policemen and gatekeepers in terror, before the attack of MIKE, who swelling himself to twice as normal size, hurled himself on them for as blackjack seemed friendly with almost everyone. Mike was a little pick here and who could interact with him.
Apparently he liked the company of men over women and was said to have ripped up many ladys gloves when they tried to pat him cantankerous cat. As many cantankerous catch. Some calamity very long life and ass. His age crap up into the late teens. He started to have problems with his teeth, which many cats do, and so the gate person the other staff always ensured that he only had the softest pieces of fish or meat to eat. Mike is, unlike the other cats we discussed today, because his life was doc.
demented by the people at the museum who loved him. In spite of this, less than cuddly disposition, as well as by the press at a be guarding. The british museum was a great story for reporters. The star which was an evening paper and London ran a piece on July 21st, one thousand nine hundred and twenty seven, that red quote. In its day no cat has lived so public a life as MIKE the big tabby that keeps watching ward at the gate at the british museum. The same article later proclaimed quote no scholar can be quite as wise as museum MIKE looks and MIKE really did have a look about him. There are a couple of photos of him which really evidence his personality in one which is labelled MIKE in a benevolent mood after a fish lunch sitting for his portrait, Ike is sitting upright bright. Emmy looks even with a full tummy and presumably quite sated. Like a cat, you I don't want to mess
other photo MIKE is shown, damn being on all fours with his mouth open, he looks like he's yelling, and it was labeled by his caretaker MIKE expressing his. indian of a dog he had just run out of the courtyard of the museum on January 15th, one thousand January, fifteenth, nineteen, twenty nine at the age of twenty He was so well known and beloved that even time magazine ran a bitch weary for him to honour. museum, MIKE's memory, a wireless bugged keeper of egyptian and assyrian antiquities, The museum and the person who cared for MIKE from its kitten head and state, as favorite person throughout his life, wrote a pamphlet about this feline friend. That work opens with quote this little pamphlet had been prepared at the request of many friends of MIKE readers past and present in the british Museum members of staff and admire
of MIKE on the continent and in America, and that pamphlet actually became well known in its own right, so much so that a year after MIKE's passing on January, twenty of nineteen thirty Time magazine proclaimed, quote copies, what english cat lovers prize as the Budge monograph on MIKE reached Manhattan last week. So it made news what may was available here in the states, the brief right up about its availability. To: U S, readers compared the MIKE pamphlet, two budget, other scholarly were calling. It quote the acme
of Opel Biography, fit to rank with his monumental coptic history of Eliza the Tisch. The pamphlet also includes a poem about MIKE by FC, W highly assistant keeper and the Department of Printed books quite along poem. So you read the whole thing. We have to exert switch paint, a vivid picture of the tabby MIKE the first reads: he'd fit and sun himself. Sedately knows banks or segment looked more stately, he cared not in the very least for human being bird or beast. He let the pigeons eat their fill nor even one was known to kill but scared them if they straight to nigh by the sole terror of I highly also includes four lines in the poem about how might better ones he probably deserved it- for bother again
He also goes on about how might really really truly love, Sir Ernest, but she seemed to have a magical effect on his surly feline. and the final lines of the poem. I was really this poem and I was like your tears because clearly like so many people love this cat, but then I the finalize and I started laughing so loud. My husband ran upstairs to see if I was ok, and they read O Mike farewell. We all right you, although you would not let us pet you of cats, the why is the oldest best cat this your motto: requiem scat into the British Museum marked the fiftieth anniversary of MIKE's death with another pamphlet, which was a modernized an abridged one with cartoon illustrations. They titled it MIKE the cat, a jubilee you reminiscence yeah, both of those pamphlets are available on the high seas, up they
so fun to read, and if you are a person who has ever just you know, ban very attached to an animal. It's at so appearance, in the language of the writing that budge did about make how much he really loved this cat. Who was a grouch It's really quite incredibly charming. So those are three upbeat historical cats for today to continue the animal love, fest I am a listener mail about- are listening Maggie. who was prompted to write in after I told the story of Mr Burns killing our Aruba. Maggie Rights, hydrogen Holly. Of course, it's the fat cat on room, a story that gets me to finally rate in history. Now, let me tell you about my aspiring robot pilot. I haven't just remember two thousand, a model that plays the same song and has the button on top. That's basically what I described in my
sorry, I also have a semi free range, Pat rat, who discovered shaken turn the robot on, while she eggs to write it as it backs all of its station. With that cute backing up beep, she is complete. Lay startled every time the brushes kick him and runs appropriately for safety. Whenever I hear the start up song annex Thirdly, I Russia were to turn the rumour off, because I'm worried about the safety of her tiny tale. She generally is unimpressed by my urgency. and one day I had my headphones on. Friar came hurry. Toward me and touched my feet with her tiny hands. She looked stressed. I took off my headphones. and heard the Ruby going wild in the living room, she had set loose the robot and I do my part, and now, when the world was chaos, her tail was fine. It's been about three months and she hasn't started the room ass. If I'm thinking of building her one of those electric rat cars instead and since she likes to push buttons were working on, language buttons are first, word is smuggle
hasn't gotten a grasp on the button yet, but she flattens out for pets any time she hears the word now. I hope you in your family members. Human and beast are doing well and continuing to have tiny adventures Maggie. I love this story so much I also love any stories about when people are training. Their pets to lake make communication bridges with them. Those are always fascinating to me and I absolutely love, love, love, love, love them I also want to make sure I thank Reagan and marry for writing to tell us that my Mr Byrne story made them laugh. you, as I mentioned. Mr Burns left us earlier this year, its I have really struggled with two a ridiculous degree by some people standards, I'm sure, so it it makes me happy that he. It was a punchline cat continues to make people left because he was a very ugly cats than I thought was beautiful. I mean a fat dirty, looking Devon DOT Rex Mr Burns, so that delighted me and I'm
that is his legacy, to make people giggle still, if you would to write to us about your poorly behaved board, delightful or end now, a gay animal those exists to do so at history, podcast at Iheart, radio, dot com. You can also find us she'll media and you can subscribe to the show on the I heard you act or anywhere. You listen to your favorite Todd stuff. You missed in history class, the production of a radio, more pod gap for my heart radio, either by her radio, have added my cans or wherever you listened, favorite shows listen. When pain says you can't Anville says you,
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the cheeks, a migraine, babies, making Sunday dinner what a house full of family and lads of last October. Nineteen has changed, how we live and how we feel for now they're vaccines. They are the very first step that let us get back to what we miss most it's ok to have questions is essay turn away now Visit give vaccine answers dot org, so you can make an informed decision when Vex Things are available to you brought to you by the council,
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