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Unearthed in 2013, Part 1

2013-12-30 | 🔗

What historical revelations revealed themselves in 2013? So many, we need two episodes to cover them all. From Viking jewelry to lost Doctor Who episodes and -- of course -- bodies in car parks, history showed up in some surprising places this year.

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gas will continue stuff. You must, in history class from Housetop works. How can a man ass increasingly will only bring we're picking up past hosts tradition today, our Daniel look at what has been honoured in the world. It times it literally unearthed he had of the dirt, sometimes to stuff. It's been found, are discovered or what however, as has been the case for couple years we have enough things to talk about that. We have two parts to this episode to run today and two days from now, it's been
geared it seems like every other week at least there, some big yeah new thing found new thing, discovered new thing tested, yes, and so we're going to say, as we always do. This is not an exhaustive list of everything we get to the end of all this and there's something that you wish. We had talked about feel free to tell us nicely. We found some fear. As people who are angry that we didn't mention a favorite thing before, and that makes our day little sadder, but we I especially want to point out that we ve already done oh episodes on some of this year's biggest finds yeah, I'm twenty. Third, and confirmed that remains previously found below a car park were those of Richard the third. So we had a whole episode devoted to that back in March, We also thanks to the world of Forensic Anthropology, got pretty clear confirmation that there was cannibalism going on during the starving time and Jamestown, and you can hear in episode about that from back in May, and just as a side note that Richard
birds light of also where the team found a stone carp, a coffin that we, this year, contained a lead coffin inside of it, which is another he's episode. We were things kind here, we did also get some big news of something that was actually unearthed a while back and most notably that one of those is almost fifteen hundred pieces, our work that had been confiscated by nazis and work, and in a Munich flat in two thousand and eleven that actually made headlines this November and included works by such amazing artists as Picasso and the teeth. So that was actually a previously unearthed thing. We just became aware of this year so, like we said not an exact list, today's episode, we were things kind of into groups? There are a lot of things talk about yet today,
food has some stuff that we just think is cool. We have a bunch of things that were found under car parks and thanks to the Cross rail project in London and then our next episode, will be everything from amateur discoveries of stuff to everyone's favourite subject, exclamation there fell so starting the not categorize, but just super interesting and cool. In October, the outrages in London announced the find of limestone carving him, an eagle that was found in a ditch. It's a roman eagle, although it was carved in britain- and it's been called one of the best pieces of Romano british ART ever found. Its condition in fact was so, when the team first saw. They were afraid that they had actually accidentally disturbed victorian, gravestone decoration there, though a monthly period item. Yes, they thought it was much newer than what it actually wise when they first side, because it within such excellent condition. The only
since it has is one of its wings is broken and its being supported now by a frame and is being supported as it is doing a six month. Tour at the Museum of London it was installed, just a month after being pulled out of the ground, and it is estimated to be about two thousand years old new year. So when you think about that People thought it was victorian because it was so good. That's return your hundred if the years old verses, yes, troll age of two thousand. So it's really spectacular conditions and pay. Remarkable that it within a month of being found. It was already in a museum. The world of television history Philip Morris, who is executive director at television. International enterprise archive found nine long lost episodes of the tv show doctor who, in a closet in a tv station in Nigeria that is so doctor. Who is extremely that are you there,
We found eleven episodes, but only nine of them are among the missing hundred and six from the shows early years, if you're not familiar with this part of tv history, like now, archiving things in keeping copies in and you know, having things to save for past ready is a pretty typical part of your television production, but that was not really the case in the fifties and succeeds. People didn't quite realised that we might want to have some of this stuff. Later and so there are a lot of early episodes of the BBC. Tv show doktor view that we don't really have any copies of there was actually another article that circulated this year that claimed a hundred episodes had been found, but that didn't come from the most reputable source in the world, and I could not find actual confirmation that seem legitimate to me. So we do- that nine of them are no longer lost, who ray and invite area.
Ah, we already know where the cleaning and revenge was so that was black beard, pirate ship, incase thirty, anybody that did not know that it ran aground Beaufort inlet in North Carolina in seventeen eighteen and that's well documented and its location was confirmed back twenty eleven, but this year The underwater archaeology branch of the North Carolina Department of Cultural resources announced that it intends to salvage the entire thing by twenty fourteen so that a sort of thing to calm, yes, its utter thing, announcements, and next year we may have lots of unifil pictures of things that they will be pulling up out of the water. Yes, they really intend to like ring. Every single piece of wood from the ocean floor was exciting, so excited. If you have it, please out and as a manager of things. I also good that's how expensive First, danish dynasty had a royal feet about six miles away from the site, so back in July, several pieces,
Viking jewelry were found at a farm site in Denmark, and this was a little incongruous like this is a pretty mightest site that they were working at than these pieces. Were it, thirteen hundred years old, some of them are made out of gold, and there was a lot of debate about how exactly these very expensive seeming gold pieces were found at a site that was otherwise so modest and the number one theory at this point is that the scaldings who were the first danish Misty had a royal feet about six miles away from their site. So while it wasn't a very well
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Many things are being found under parking lots, but here are a few things that were found under parking lots and were not Richard. The third is that was the big huge one, but there were some others. So, in March, a crew that was demolishing an old parking lot found the tomb of a night. Well as the foundations of a monastery built by King Alexander, the second of Scotland, the modest He was founded in twelve thirty, but then destroyed during the protestant reformation and the Knights Grave marked with a sandstone slab carved with a cavalry cross and sword in a bar, He believed to be. The night was actually found nearby yeah. That was real things on earth and this one parking lot thing. I am looking for at some point. It may have happened already, but I was not able to find it confirmation that the body really was the night and not another related body here, and whether we will ever identify the identity of the night yeah. Hopefully, that could be next year's honor
In May, archaeologists found seventeen hundred year old cemetery under a car park in Leicester, England and that sea to be in some interesting. We of the final resting place for people of many faith. They were buried in different positions with different funeral airy rituals. They were about thirteen people buried there and they back about through the year three hundred. It is very fast, very fascinating that some sort of makes it clear that they were people of many fates living there. At the same time, and that it was socially acceptable for them all to be buried in together, I or maybe just necessary for some reason. You announced in October Scotland, an eleventh century Viking parliamentary site, for gathering known as the thing which was for making laws settling disputes in those sorts of things again,
The reporting want Europe, and I am just delighted by the fact that this was called the thing. It probably comes from a thing: failure, which means the field of the assembly. So this was like picture the horror thing that makes a funny. It does. The reason for this was notable was that it there Then one of these sites found in that part of Scotland, before this point tat kind of expanded, the territory that we thought they were having these sorts of activity. Then, yes parking lots, not the only things that are hiding many archaeological finds this later There is also cross rail, which is this high frequency, high capacity rail line in the works for London and the surrounding area, and work on the cross. Rail project has unearthed all kinds of stuff it's back in two thousand and nine and has on earth since then at least ten thousand archaeological items the lot it has a lot of
So in March the honors of death pits of probable black birthday. And that was dug up under Charterhouse Square and at the time it was dug. The pit have been just outside the walls of London. In August, the project dug up a sixteenth century. Gold coin huge amount of Mozilla Thick Flint. They call this kind of a measure with tool factory. All of these been pieces of nine thousand year old tools, and in October it was a collection of twenty roman skulls and pieces of pottery. When bore bandying about the idea that these could be running from Budapest Rebellion, which we talk about the cast, but the pattern of cluster being in word. They were found, suggested thee, really just washed down stream from a roman burial ground there, but they were so much Buddha related as just disappear.
There. They kept finding skulls bunched together, where the river had abandoned, though they had just washed down stream and then caught there from the current and the last one is not actually related to the cross. Rail is a completely different way. Excavation that's taking place in Rio. This subway expert, Expansion in Rio has an earth at least two hundred thousand artifacts a lot of them really impressively intact and one of them he's unearthed busy here is a toothbrush believed to have belonged to Emperor Petru. The second who ruled bill from eighteen, thirty, one to eighteen. Eighty nine, the bristles of the tooth brush, are no longer intact when the toothbrush itself is still there.
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his devotion to Queen Elizabeth, the first little coded met reference to the moon and water. Within the context of this portrait, and the message there is that Sir Walter Raleigh is willing to have the queen control him the way the moon controls, the tides. This patch of moon and C, is up in the upper left of the painting, and it was revealed not known to have been there before during and hence it restoration project that that is restoring the whole portrait. European scientists used advance multi spectral image. To reveal previously washed away writing in medieval manuscripts this year. I think this is so incredibly cool. One of these is a script. A thousand in Jerusalem today is it is our books of the Greek old testament, but underneath are passages from Europe at ease and Aristotle as with other works and they use the same process on a manuscript from Paris witches
century commentary on Aristotle, yeah, that's kind of multiple doc. Hence in one network, when you look back into industry to the time periods, when paper was really expensive and needed to be washed away and we used the fact that now we can kind of go back and pieced together. What what was originally on his pieces of paper is illegal, it's really go on. It also reminds me of when literary scholars will look at like the strike, shouts and eraser something behind people's original original draft of their work. Yeah accepted A lot more science. Also this year at the ESA lazy national accelerator laboratory scientists x rays to reconstruct a seventeen. Ninety seven aria from an offer by Luigi share ovine.
The composer had a kind of a fit of fury, blacked out completely with carbon, the trick doing this, because the paper itself was invisible to the x rays, but not the notes that he wrote on paper. They had to figure out why notes belong on which side of the page, in addition to using X rays, to get a picture of what all the notes were, they then turns to analyzing his handwriting and weeding out the notes on each side of the page, based on which way the lines on the news slanted so cool anybody hurt it yet to you. You can now hear it and it's beautiful, we don't know he wanted to destroy here. I think he was angry. temperamental as many creative people are. I say this as a creative person, Yucas sometimes delay
and all of my own work in a fit of anxiety and orange. Talking about I don't either I never destroyed everything. I destroy all the things, not so much reconstructed, but it is writing related, indeed in federal officials and representatives from the U S, Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington announced that they had found the Rosenberg diary, which has written by often Rosenberg, who was Brennan Confidant of Adolf Hitler the notorious member of the Nazi Party, and he would have first hand, knowledge of a lot of what Hitler was orchestrating, so this document me very well. However, new information about this period of history and in the words of you, Holocaust Memorial, museum director, Sarah J Bloomfield quote as we build, the collection of record on the Holocaust, having material that documents, the actions of both perpetrators
and victims is crucial to helping scholars, understand how and why the Holocaust happened so cool. That is, I think, the most horrifying thing discovered every something really important extremely when it's kind of one of those things where the bad guys there's always a cloak of lake mystery around them, not even specifically these, but any it's like there's, never enough documentation available why were you doing there weren't, especially as the these spectre of Holocaust denial, kind of rises up having primary sources of what was really happening. It is increasingly important to dispel that as false and also, I think, as we get farther and farther removed from that time of history, it becomes more and more difficult for people who did not live through it, to conceive of that ever having happened in the first place, and so having things like the Rosenberg diary can help
that into better context for people and there we move on from the bat very tragic time. Yes, didn't favorite thing. We didn't want to end on on the most tragic topic. With this particular episode. We ve got a few things where on earth this year that have to do with food hooray in August, a team of researchers led by University of York, archaeologist Hayley, saw published a paper in piano S, one that looked at food deposits left in. the historic pottery from what is now Denmark and Germany, So in all this chart, residue from inside these pottery fragments and sometimes on the outside to day residues that are consistent with the modern garlic mustard seed so that garlic Mustard Seed have a lot of nutritional value is not filling. It is not like the legal right of roaming around now, but what it does a lot of flavour, and this is the
direct evidence that prehistoric Europeans use spice to make their food tastes better. Yum. I was really Noteth Prize. Everyone loves delicious birthrate. We also have some evidence of animals. You do things to their food to make us better. So it is not super surprising that early early back in history, people did the same thing, but still really cool. To have evidence of that Also, the three month in August, the university of lighter announced that it had unearthed the recipe for the first chilled chocolate treats in Britain recipes were gathered by the Earl of Sandwich, not the inventor of the sandwich. That was his great great grandson in sixteen sixty eight, and this was a concoction of chocolate and snow similar to our ice cream forecasts. We talked about things that started with snow
and were made into frozen Delicious treats the ass. We should also proud, like all his great great grants and the purported inventor of the sand with. Yet we have to be careful with that when there is also a restaurant the Earl of that did the either of those people accepted the borrowing of a new year also in October researchers, the University of Buckingham announced that they had found charred bones of frogs legs at a dig not far from Stonehenge. These bones were from some here between sixty two fifty b c e and seventy five ninety six busy- and this makes them the oldest evidence of frogs legs used as food anyway. World, and it predates the first evident of eating frogs legs in France, where supposedly the practice originated
also at the site, were bones of fish bore dear and other animals that would have lived in the area at the time. I am fond of frogs legs I am too. I have a love hate, whereas the I'm kind of a carnival by nature. But, as you know, I am also crazy animal lady, Sir perpetually writing this wave of what I'm comfortable with and then I eat meat anyway, and I do love frogs legs. I understand French in my family background and we grew up eating moment. Yes, really good. I dont know if I've told you the story of one of the periods of my life when I was a vegetarian and it ended when I was at work function at which quail and frogs legs are being served, and I decided to have some of each of them.
yes, food discoveries? This here is where we are going to start off with this particular half of this episode today. We're gonna have lots more next time. I do want to give a special shot out to the history blog at the history. Blogger, com, which is where I see a lot of these stories. First, they are quick. they're like their hovering on the data center. Internet to find anything historical, really, faster report. It yeah. I have a lot of things that I keep up with an end, an artist s reader of various sites in reports and things like that, but very often the place that I see it first as at the history blog. So thank you for doing that. So now that we have gotten in Hungary, the you off, how some listener real morale? Yes and it even mentions ice cream, Missis Brown Katharine, who says dear Tracy and Holly. I wrote to you pretty recently about ice cream. In Montana soon, as I saw the title of yesterday's episode, I knew I would have to write again. This is about our action is everything again,
we popular with the listener. Yet I was quite fond of better than people enjoyed it. My elementary school back in the ninety nine he's there was a tradition that every spring the entire betrayed would go down to the public land behind the school. Where disease, a sloppy we waited area surrounding a creek and real The war from american history was sort of a right of passive, leading up to this Continuation ceremony celebrating our departure, the Middle school, the fifth graters, with train to prepare for months in advance, and so on the big day. The whole thing would be professionally on many years. Work can be edited together into a short historical documentary for parents to purchase I love about everything about that. Yes, I especially when that, if they continue, at that time. To you, I had never heard of the Heavens, and all I knew about them was. I was told we were german mercenaries very much you continue with Catherine actual letter.
ACT of my head. There was probably a lot more to it than that that the Haitians never really came up again in my The strangers had decided for one reason or another that we would reenact the revolutionary war. Instead, I was the role of caution, flag bearer, which kind of tease me at the time, because it meant I didn't get carry one of the most gets, all the other kids got, which would quote shoot puff of flower, which is ok, that's darling! Back to the letter at that time too. I had never heard of the Heavens, and all I knew about them was. I was told we. german mercenaries, and that we all, where would I thought, we'd be silly. Looking hat, I guess always headed in the back of my head. There was probably a lot more to it than that that the Haitians never really came up again in my public streak, latin classics in any significant way. Thank you, a better understanding of you're supposed to be running around by decree in my little german uniform sincerely. Catherine. Can I just tell you
We first got that method in my head. Catherine grew up in a white paper, It seems so. we really do you pointed out. I had not thought of that. I love this letter suing. Thank you. which Catherine I was also extremely glad that email got about. Our Haitians episode has been people yeah. But I enjoyed recalling that when I think the most of any episode we have done and then when I listen to it, I enjoyed listening to it, the amount of ceramics- and we have done so. I was very excited that other people seem to enjoy it. Also, thank you and thank you again or writing. You would like to write to us. You can we were industry contest that discoveries Tom are also on Facebook at base, but that harm flash history class stopped and on Twitter. It missed in history. Our tumblr is, it must demonstrate a tumbler dot com and we're getting things away on
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