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Unearthed! in 2017, Part 1

2018-01-01 | 🔗

In our annual recap, we walk through what's been literally and figuratively unearthed in 2017, including anticlimactic headlines, shipwrecks, medical finds, and a collection we've nicknamed "We told you so."

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will continue step you missed in history class from has to work stuck on how low and welcome to the pipe he asked. I am crazy me: will melancholy frying happy new year, everybody? Maybe it is unearthed time we're taking your annual look back of things that were literally or figuratively on earth and twenty seventeen. We know these are technically coming out in twenty eighteen We wait until the very end, so all of twenty seven seemed about, but actually false, because we recordings on December twelve. But my in view of the unearthed Pinterest board. We keep track of all this took place in December. Sixth and seventh, so there's always a little gap, but this is a bigger gap that normal. So I'm just gonna help it. Nothing huge happens between now and then
here. Also there are six hundred and twenty five pins on that Pinterest Board as of December seventh, compared to four hundred and forty three on the twenty sixteen bored. So we're not going to talk about all six hundred and twenty five things I feel like. If we did that we could have a whole other podcast, that's just unearthed thing. We the thing that could happen a bit like like you would have to be a retrospective the year before he lay out over the course of a year, and we start again, but are we really difficult? Not I've got other stuff. Do and then also this is. This is a part of year in review, because it's it's a busily part of how we keep ourselves on schedule through the holidays. So that's why that is so. But if you really want to go look at home all six nine and twenty five pounds there, it pinterest outcomes,
Mr History and there on the earth and twenty seventeen board? And you can also see the past few years of words if you would like to one other little caviar at the top of this, there were whole collections of documents related to model hurry and to the assassin, the assassination of JANET Kennedy this year that were declassified. We are not really getting into either of those may
in the new year, we will have time to actually look at those documents and a thorough way, but we have not yet that's. No, I'm not talking about them. In today's episode we have anticlimactic headlines shipwrecks medical fines and some collections that we are calling how bad get there and we told you sail along with a couple of past episode updates and the next time we will have some thefts: repatriation, stuff people found in their own collections exclamations and some edibles and potable, along with a few other assorted, tidbits first anticlimactic headlines, which our stories that really hand people buzzing this year. But then they didn't turn out to be all that earthquakes in or even start with, an update from unearthed in July, which was the exclamation of h, H, homes, a k, Herman Budget, whose murder castle became an
as part of the eighteen ninety three world sphere and is also covered by an episode in the archives. Homes was reported to have been hanged and buried in Pennsylvania in eighteen. Ninety six, but this year his remains or exudes to settle, Standing speculation about whether that body was really his and that's what we talked about back in July, in spite of a court order specifying quote no commercial spectacle or carnival app, we shall be created either by this event or any other incident pertaining to the remains all this played out on a history, serious called american ripper in that's series of budgets, great gray, grandson, Jeff offered up his own dna for comparison. Also part of the show was Jeff much. It's hypothesis that his great great grandfather had
in the years before, turning his own home into a Motor council, lived in London and carried out the jack the ripper murders much. It has detail. This hypothesis, in a TED Ex talk and a book called bloodstains as well, is based on a couple of journals that he says he inherited from his great grandfather, which described. murders that were committed in London. So after the dramatic exclamation, through a layer of concrete that Herman Budget had requested before his death to try to deter body, thieves, dna and skeletal evidence, firm, that there remains were his. In other words, HIV tomes did not escape execution and fake his own death. His Gregory grandson still maintains that he was jack. The ripper, though, Also, there really excited about a colossal statue of Pharaoh Ramses, the second, a K Ramses, the great who died and twelve thirteen Bc Ii, the twenty six foot courts. I statue was found submerged in groundwater in Cairo neighbourhood
Zog is pretty dramatic, but further examination success that it is definitely not Ramses the second it's the way. Less famous and more recent King SAM take the first he rolled from six sixty four to six ten BC. Sam tech is known for rings debate Egypt after decades of turmoil, but he is not merely is famous as Ramses. The second is still a really large statue there and it might be notable as a late period, fine because of its size. But it is not the headline making Ramses the great and, as happens just Every single year, a new headlight Amelia air heart made the rounds this time it was photographic, proof or air, quoting proof that air heart and her navigator, Fred Nooning, survived a crash landing and were then taken captive by the Jap although this photo got a whole lot of headlines calling it quote conclusive proof. It, was really not a lot to go on at all. The figure that was supposed to be
heart was not even facing the camera and the face. That was Simply newtons was deeply shattered and speculation that this shape. in the background, was her plain boiled, basically down too well, it's about the same size as the plain without trying to make light of. Amelia hurts death. When I first, It made me think of big foot because it looks so much like the green photos. You see. Oh yeah, through that there is ass, should definitely felt like grainy conspiracy theories, footage yeah, so things got even more doubts. a couple days after his regional aired, its Amelia Erhard, the lost evidence when a japanese military history both published a blog posts, saying he found a copy of that photo published a book and that book came out in nineteen thirty five, two years before Amelia Erhard vanish in nineteen thirty, seven So even before this blog post came out, a number of news outlets started updating their conclusive proof stories in airports with am sceptical. Rebuttals.
eh Miserables. A lot of them have their own problems. They were made. Lee coming from Richard Gillespie at the international group for historic aircraft recovery or tiger, which has been the mounting expeditions to look for signs of air heart since nineteen eighty nine tiger is a source for me of the new in quotation marks Erhard theories that don't pan out which seem like they come out every every year. Really often thereabout artifacts. That we already know about and have already talked about, a lot of times are like good. Now we think that make up make up pipe means. This. to buy cigarettes. An article that I shared on our Facebook, that was a pretty conservative. skeptical, read on this whole photo after the fact was updated, with extensive quotes from Richard Gillespie. Now like wait, a minute more, maybe they're just trying to make sure they feed us end of year. Material may be settled
lay there. William, we ve got a couple of emails from people over the years that are angry, that we even talk about anything that that they are doing now with the make up pots and a couple of bone in an event that we talk about so much on social media that we thought we'd already covered it on the show Salvador valleys was exude for paternity test on July Twentieth Maria pill a bell. Martinez reported that her mother told her. She had had an affair with Dolly in nineteen. Fifty five, the year before Martinez was born. Martinez has been publicly claiming that she was Salvador, Dolly's daughter since two thousand seven, so the first big news to come from this exhibition was that when they opened the coffin bellies trademark, mustache was still excellently groomed and in preventing conditions. And a lot of news on September, six boogie, Gala Salvador, Dolly Foundation, announced that the results were in Dolly was not Martini
his father from Madrid Court confirmed the announcement on the eighteenth. So after all that now don't make me sad if I thought I was Salvador Dolly's child and then found that I wasn't The whole cycle of stories mean people lotta people angry in a number of ways on our Facebook. One of the ways was that another publication used the word painter in the headline in that really mad, and then people got really mad at her and called her all kinds of names, and I was like man's Blake if I grew up with my mother, having told me that this famous artist was my father, I probably would want to know if that was true or not. It's complicated the rights to move on seven year old, Matilda Jones pulled a sword from illegal corn, all the same lake, where, according to legend
King Arthur through Excalibur to return it to the lady of the lake before he died. People ran with the idea that we should make this little girl queen, but the sort is definitely not King Arthur's, its twenty or thirty years old, and it is probably a film brought and similar issues. As things head was on earth in the California desert in December, but it was not evidence of some kind of ancient and presence in California. I similarly saw a lot of headlines that warlike Egyptians things on earth in California and they were not from below tabloids. This is a plaster. Paris set peace that was used in the nineteen. Thirty its film, the ten commandments and according to Hollywood, Laura Seas will be the mill had the exodus set from the movie buried in the desert, because it was too expensive to remove it, but it was also of such
equality that leaving it therewith invite rival filmmakers to use it for their own. We settle its part of fill this very bad. It's not evidence that there is. Another group of people live in the ancient now Now before we move on, which is gonna, be the shipwrecks. We're gonna pause for all sponsor break this up stuff you missed in history, glances brought you buy Norton three sixty with lifelong. Let's just say shopping online with your smartphone. I do it all the time they sure feels like your personal info is right there in your hand, but that's not always the case. as soon as you hit submit your personal information could start going other places. In fact, when you shot, bank or browse online. Your personal info can get out of your control, which can leave you vulnerable to cybercriminals. More threats demand more protection. That's why Norton and Lifelong are now part of one company.
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and Mediterranean, that only a few intact shipwrecks. We we talk a lot of times about huge collections of hundreds or even thousands of shipwrecks found in other parts of the Mediterranean, but this is the part where it's not not nearly as Regan This particular ship contained between two thousand and two thousand ancient roman jars still basically where they were when the ship went down. These clay jars probably contained fish sauce that had been mass produced in Spain and Portugal. Thousands of years old, Miss norms and maybe delicious animal. These jars, or a variety known as and for aid in the wreck was discovered after fishers in the area started finding pieces of em for aid in their nets. I think that might excite me if I were fishing as my god. It with me
fish, and something really cool underwater teams working at the wreck of the Dutch EAST envious ship, rue Civic, which I'm scared say that's probably has pronounced. They found a mysterious chest. This ship sank off of camps in seventeen, forty and as of late August, The chest had not been open yet, and this is leading to a lab speculation about whether it is a bona fide treasure chest something really boring like ledgers, athletic, a pile of dresses, duty, roster, Unfortunately, we were unable to find the answer to that is yet so it still remains a magical zone of speculation, but the rest of the ship has its own wealth of treasures, including cannons. Fine glassware in a bunch of Mexicans,
four dollars a blow on the arm and was brought from the indicator a shipwreck this year, where there are at least seven more statue, you still submerged this arm was actually outside of the wreck itself. It was under sediment slope where the ship came to rest on the seafloor filling and understood that a little into give her a dark, I now there's gonna be stuff coming from that shipwreck, as as people are able to get to it is kind of treacherous next year. Maybe we'll have a big fat update on it, and Britain also announced that it would give Canada the wrecks of Franklin's expedition, which we ve talked about unannounced previously. The Uk Ministry of Defence officially transferred ownership to parks, Canada. Although Britain did hang on to a few of the artifacts that announcement cracked me up a little bit because of a mean- and I understand it understands happening Here- but the lake believed their shipwrecks in the water in Canada.
are you going to send back? You can have that thing. That's on your property and unmovable! You can have that. That's fine, improve! Aren't you medical finds a multi disciplinary team investigated a strain of leprosy now known as Hansen's disease. There was found in a hospital cemetery in Winchester United Kingdom. This Betty used, radio, carbon dating Biomolecular Analysis, GINO typing and other methods to examine remains from the eleventh and wealth centuries. One set of remains The cemetery is from somebody outside of Britain, and so the team concluded that it probably blind to a religious pilgrim and the majority of remains in the cemetery. More than eighty percent of them showed signs of advance.
Hansen's disease. These remains all tie into multiple questions about Hansen's disease. How do the strains of the disease they were common in the past relate to the strains that exists today and how did religious pilgrimage affect the spread of the disease in the medieval world? The second question is still being examined, but when it comes to the first, the M Leprosy Genome hasn't changed very much since the prevalence of Hansen's disease peaked in Europe. So it's possible that its eventual decline was thanks in part to increasing genetic resistance. Eight stones, were unearth than a cemetery in Sudan. This year, the twelve thousand year old stones were discovered and twenty thirteen, but the findings were published an plus one until this year, prostate stones are fairly common, but typically they tendencies
fairly common, but typically they tend to be small and asymptomatic, apart from potentially contributing to urinary, tracked infections, but the specimens found in the sudanese grave, where the size of walnuts, which would have been incredibly painful, they're so large that you might wonder if they were literally anything else, but analysis confirmed that they formed in a prostate lamb. So what of it grows? Holati IKEA fat was one of those you look at them in Canada. Maybe that's! Maybe it's a rock, maybe it's a rock that happens to be where this body no
It's not a rock researchers uncovered. What may be the world's first ever example of dental fillings. These teeth there were two of them were found at the reproach: freedom fight in ITALY and their about thirteen thousand years old. Both teeth have holes drilled into them that extend into the pulp, and then these holes are filled with tar like bitumen. The researchers speculated that the holes may have been for some purpose other than dentistry, perhaps to attach jewelry to the teeth or for some other cosmetic reason. But the fact that the holes are filled with bitter men suggests that it was an attempt to treat Tuesday came and there are other examples of tooth modifications that suggest some kind of dental work dating even earlier. But this the first noon, filling which also would have been done without effective, anesthesia and probably with Iraq, so once again, Yanks firm medical unearthing, dykes territory, research
at the University of Exeter are challenging the widely held assumption that Mediaeval Europe assumed infertility only affected women, although religious writings on infertility, Jenny we focused on women. Historian Doktor Catherine Rider found references to infertility in men and medical text from the thirteenth through the fifteenth centuries. Now this did not mean otherwise had any sort of clue what they are talking about, though one test for diagnosing, which partner was in full all involved a man and a woman each year in eating into a separate part of Brian and then the one that grew worms in it aloud to the infernal partner. You feel like every paragraph, I get the readers but Yanks burger. Didn't why nobody likes going to move on to our next category of fines, which we are calling how that get their work, crew and,
the cutback found. A live, cannonball dates back to the battle of the plains of Abraham in seventeen, fifty nine, but before anybody this thing was why they took it out of the ground they gathered around it, for Photograph then they contacted archaeologists surgery, Lou it was still not knowing that it was a live cannonball ticket home once he realized when he had The fact that a team of army munitions experts who came to neutralize it delivery that he has a blog this'll sound like I'm, going on a tangent, but its germane, sure So they often they do like a weekly report of everything they had to confiscate eaten. I highly recommend it because well some subtle aid but you'd be shocked at how many times people something out of the ground. The men are like I'm gonna. Take. This hope is a souvenir in the tea is like best alive couldn't, even similarly, there have been cannibals that have shown.
Furthermore, like that, in the light of all the peoples, is tat, unlike their carry on luggage. Slayer, now that's terrifying. It is indeed a four hundred year old embellishment bearing a tutor rose was found, the Kremlin, it's five centimetres in diameter and made of tin and lead and based on the positions of four holes. It was probably used as in a doormat for clothing. It may seem odd. Forty four hundred year old, Tudor rose, complete with engraved motto for the british monarch, do in one dwell to be in Moscow, but the location where was found used to be home to the first English trading in a basket oral office there, cow. Most of these things that I filed under how that get. There have a logical reason why there there, but it still surprising at first glance, a large
herbal container brought. Some plenum palace by the fifth Duke of Marlborough, has turned out to be a roman coffin. The duke brought the coffin not knowing it was a coffin to the palace in the nineteenth century and in the years since then, it was used both as a water feature and as a planter. It's also the eye catching one. It's carved with a drunken Dionysus at a party with mostly naked revellers. She makes me wonder whose coffin it was. This is a very probably pretty fun by total coincidence
antiquities dealer visiting the powers identified it as the sarcophagus, at which point they brought it inside, do protected from the elements from there. It was sent for a more detailed restoration and last are probably the most surprising of all these crews. Restoring a church in Spain discovered that an eighteenth century priest had found an interesting place to leave his letter to the future inside Jesus is buttocks. Chaplain Joaquin Mingle wrote the letter in seventeen. Seventy seven basically make a little time capsule for what life was like. The time and then he put it into the buttocks of a statue of Jesus, which is odd, because you would think you I anticipate that people would ever find it. There are now I mean I'm sure, unless he just predicted, like the people of the future, just gonna be horrible and completely disrespect While we wax, wherever Sunday coming complete disrespect of the future that he may
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we sixty with lifelike is an all in one membership for your cyber safety that gives you device security, identity theft, protection and a VP end for online privacy. No one can prevent all cybercrime and identity theft, but nor in three sixty with lifelike as your ally in today's connected world, because your information is out there sign up for Norton three sixty with lifelike today and save twenty five percent or more off your first year, go to Norton dot com, slash history, that's Norton! Dot! Com, slash history for twenty five percent We are moving on to the category I made up called we told you, so we here does not mean Holly, and I told you so it means whoever was telling historians and archaeologists things. Someone had knowledge, the brain of maybe was it
considered yes, so these are all things that have confirmed something that people had already been saying for anywhere from decades two centuries. First, up after being given a homework assignment on world were to fourteen year old, Daniel, wrong citizens. Father made a wild suggestion, which is that he should find the german plain that had, according to family law crash on the families land in northern Denmark, during world war. Two Daniels grandfather was known for telling tall tales and since no one had found this plain during the decades of ploughing their farm land that had happened, everybody it basically come to believe that his story of a world war, two plane crash, was released. A joke But Daniel and his father went out with a metal detector and they found not only the plane but also, likely the remains of the pilot. They contact
the goal of already and sooner local. I've seen a forensic specialist and a bomb disposal unit were on the property and secure the wreckage. They also had a visit from the german embassy, so Grandad was telling the truth. I like that he gave indicated a british expatriate living in Japan has at least tentatively confirmed a long dismissed story about British Australians first contact with Japan. The story goes that an eighteen, twenty nine convicted men aboard the Cyprus mutinied off the coast of Tasmania with former sailor, William Swallow leading the uprising. Picking commander. The ship from there they sailed on to New Zealand, Japan and Southern China. The men were eventually captured, taken back to England, tried and hanged, and No, they were consistent in their story that they'd been in Japan. Nobody believed them. Japan's borders were closed off most foreign visitors. At this point,
and later examinations of japanese records, didn't mention the Cyprus. But then English teacher Nick Russell stumble to a water color of a ship sailing. a british flag in an online archive, and this led him to a story about a ship anchoring off she Cocoa Island in eighteen, thirty and a record of samurai mosquito Hama Gucci visiting the ship to check it for weapon since then. This is definitely preliminary, but so far there, experts in Japan and Australia, who have waited and agreed that wrestle might have finally proved that these mutineers we're not making the whole thing up. Dna analysis has confirmed the indigenous Australians have lived in the same parts of Australia for as long as those areas have been populated Other words aboriginal Australians, have continued to live in the same parts of the continent that their ancestors originally settled. This research was part of the Aboriginal Heritage Project, which hopes to help Australia's indigenous population tree. A regional ancestry and their family genealogy, essentially Doc
What's all been part of aboriginal oral history and culture, but this ten year project also has some possible future implications as well. It my help authorities repatriate artifacts to the correct aboriginal peoples and help survivors us of Australia's stolen generations, reconnect with their families. As a side note, other studies release this year suggests that Australia was actually settled before the commonly cited forty seven thousand years ago. one team found evidence of human habitation in booty, cave on, Barrow Island, sixty kilometers off the coast of Western Australia dating back to about fifty thousand years. Another team publishing findings in the Journal Nature concluded that a sandstone rock shelter in northern territory was inhabited sixty five thousand years ago. This work with the aboriginal heritage project is basically confirmed what aboriginal Australians were already saying, which is like work
we'll have been living in this place. For tens of thousands of years, a genetic study of North West North America reached incredibly similar conclusions about the indigenous residents of Southern Alaska and the western coast of British Columbia might occur DNA. Alice analysis revealed that indigenous people living in these areas today are descended from the regions first inhabitants about ten thousand years ago, and also in British Columbia. Archaeologists have confirmed what the Hillside nations oral history has maintained, that the hillside nation move to a small area of land that never froze during the ice age and survive. Therefore, the dirt Jim archaeologists carefully x rated the area and found that, yes, there were artifacts dating back fourteen thousand years, at which point glaciers recovering much surrounding landmass, but not that particular area. The hillside nation is hopeful that the findings will support. The nations claims in future negotiations about land rights and other legal issues in this area.
So now we're moving onto a category and like a sub category of that, when called we probably told use. These are things that may pay so be it. I told you so yeah so quickly said there ongoing research that might once it's done, move these to the we told you so piled the biotech wherein indigenous people in new fan. And with the last known member dying in a hospital in eighteen, twenty nine, a strand of that person's here, has been passed down through the family of the doktor who treated her for tuberculosis. So, if not actually possible to extract dna from that hair which missing its root, bet
these sectors were able to extract them. Dna from the remains of several be attacked people, along with some of the maritime archaic people, which were pre historic, Newfoundland Culture, and they did this after seeking permission from the first nations and any peoples in this area. Currently, this work is trying to trace the origin of these peoples and their family tree, both in and outside Newfoundland, but it could potentially confirm whether people living today have some Bay attack ancestry, it's one of the things where the people living there today. If that we're descended from the people who work of this culture, it's not a culture that completely disappeared and said this is research that might confirm that, following a similar theme, North America's ancestral Pueblo ends are often describe
is an ancient people that no longer exists, but some modern, Pablo and maintain the ancestral publicans didn't die out. They just moved archaeologists and anthropologists have been trying to verify this idea, while also respecting tribes. Reluctance to have dna analysis performed on ancient human remains, so what they ve done is turned to the bones of animals that the ancient women's domesticated specifically Turkey's using mitochondrial dna analysis. They studied Turkey bones for Mesa, VERDI and South western Colorado, which was the ancestral Pablo One's homeland, and they compare it to the turkeys near the Rio Grande. and where modern, Pablo and say that their ancestors eventually relocated until about a year. Twelve eighty, the two groups of Turkey's did not have anything in common, but then, after twelve, eighty Turkey's in the Rio Grande had Hap Lagoon hapless groups that had previously been found only in them is the very Turkey's.
I just have to say. I think this is the most ingenious way. I agree approach this problem. Yeah, that's somebody's very smart to have come up with this, and it is obviously preliminary, but a reasonable explanation would be that the ancestral pueblo and move from Asia aid to the Rio Grande area around twelve eighty, bringing their domesticated turkey's with them. Separate studies, not strictly its aware whether anyone will ever say we told you so I looked at the poor blow in building methods and may severity specifically at the Sun Temple, which day backs dates back to about ten or twelve hundred research led by doktor, sherry towers, the Arizona State University Simon, eleven mathematical com,
national and modeling Sciences Centre has shown that there is a lot of mathematical complexity that went into building this structure, especially considering that the publications who built it didn't at the time have a written language or a number system so that he must now hoping to figure out whether a standard needed of measure that they pieced together from this evidence, was also used in other Pablo insights as well, and we're gonna close out this part of our unearth with a few assorted tidbits that are relevant to past episodes of the show. In twenty fifteen, we talked about an unearthed photo We have to be of Billy the kid playing croquet, which was purchased at a junk shop making headlines. This here was another purported Billy. The kid pick this time, seated next to Pat Garrett, who was the man who would eventually kill him. The picture is-
and I bought by North Carolina lawyer, Frank Abrams in twenty eleven, and it made headlines this year because of estimates that it might be worth millions of dollars. A mass grave connected to the wreck of the Batavia was found on being an island in November. The grave contains the remains of ten people, but the site itself suggests that they were buried respectfully and thoughtfully. So if you don't call from our past episodes on Batavia, eventually turn into a horrifying massacre. So researchers believe that these are people who died in the immediate aftermath of the wreck before things got so bad. Rather than later after the massacre happened this year, we did a two part podcast on executive order. Ninety sixty six and the mass incarceration of japanese Americans during World WAR, two in one of the things that we discussed in that and other podcast, was that the japanese population of Hawaii was much too large to
Sorry, everyone, so in Hawaii, Japanese Americans were subject to restrictions on fishing curfews and other efforts to restrict their movements. Some of the japanese population of Hawaii were incarcerated, though many were people who were influential in the community. People like business leaders, clergy and other prominent citizens, huh really and turn them centre on a wife who was one of seventeen. Such incarceration sites was the largest incarceration in Hawaii, and it was used for japanese Americans, as well as for prisoners of war from other countries. Honolulu Uli was designated as a national, historic monument in twenty fifteen and excavation work began in twenty. Sixteen, it has continued on through this year, with students purchase
in the research through coursework at University of Hawaii, West Oahu, merriment mellow, but of the ongoing archaeology classes at Harvard yeah folks from that on a show before last up in today's part of our unearthed to partner a cold case team led by Filmmaker Tom, compare got its hands on a letter, purportedly from Db Cooper that they say confirms and F B. I cover up, but the FBI has not reopen the case which closed last year. This letter was allegedly sent two newspapers after the hijacking, which would cause firm, that Debbie Cooper did survive and it was attained. The freedom of Information ACT so will have more unearthed on our next episode we share will, but in the meantime Tracy do you have a little bit a listener. Mailed atop the sauna idealism alone about our recent episodes on our van disaster, and it is from Christina, Christina, says, dear Tracy and Holly. I just finished listening to your recent podcast on Aberdeen disaster.
struck by the similarities to an american tragedy in nineteen. Seventy two, you just six short years later in Logan County West Virginia and has similar story what happened in Wales, the pistol coal company had a corollary mixture of solid and liquid hallways empowerment, damn that Bert sending a hundred and thirty two million gallons of black wastewater into the Buffalo click hollow. The waves reached over thirty feet, high as they descended on sixteen call towns of a population of five thousand, a hunter twenty five people were killed, one thousand one hundred twenty, when injured and over four thousand left homeless. Following this, the company claimed the damn. Baling was an act of God, though a commission determine the company, was at fault and gets guilty of murder the state and hundreds of survivors sued and received millions of damages. I visited looting county in two thousand, eight on a service strip. It's an old county, written Appalache in culture and struggling
already in substance abuse, though physical or remnants of the disaster are gone, every resident vividly knows or remembers the flood. There have been studies into the psychological told the disaster placed on the survivors. I highly recommend the book everything in its path: destruction of community and the Buffalo clique flood by sociologist Katy Ericsson. As always thank you for your work, educating people and sharing your passion for history best Christina. Thank you so much for this email, Christina. I wanted to share it. We ve got a couple of emails about similar mining disasters to the one that happened in IRAN that were mostly about lay and slides or burst, dams, etc. That had a similarly tragic effects, though I am not going to read all of them, but I did want to read this one. So thank you so much Christina. If you, if I try to us about this or any other pie, gastric history pot gap that has to work. Stockholm were
however, social media under the name missed in histories. That's where you find our Facebook or Pinterest are Instagram or twitter. Our pinterest is. Are we keep an unearthed board every year, which is where I keep up with this stuff all year long? So we can talk about it at the end of the year. Are you to our website, which is most in history, that calm and you will find show notes of all the episodes Hollywood I have done together and then you will also find an archive of areas than we have ever done. Then you could find our pod cast on apple pie. Casts Google play we were also for more on this Thousands of other topics visit Housetop works, dot, com.
You guys, the impeachment is happening. The president will be on trial, presided over by the chief just at Supreme Court, and that's Britain. Wild keep up with all the peace. Minted day, a daily podcast featuring me pays brown world these reporter and editor at full speed news. Each morning, we'll talk to experts and other quarters, to recap the most important news from trumped impeachment in a way that won't leave. You didn't side by side in peace Today, on the I radio, apple podcast or wherever you get your pockets.