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As promised in July, we have some Unearthed this fall! We've got past episode updates,  cannonballs, things that are oldests and firsts, textiles, edibles and potables, and a little bit of creepy and eerie stuff at the end. 

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This episode of stuff you missed in history class, is brought to you by the completely redesigned two thousand and twenty Ford explorer. This is not a vehicle to take you to the moon or to the bottom of the sea, but it's one that you can use for all kinds of exploration and adventure and your everyday life as you're going around town, if you're traveling, just going over to the grocery store to get everything you need for your kid's birthday party. Once again, that is the all new two thousand and twenty Ford explorer the great exploration, vehicle of all time. Welcome too you missed in history class of production of I hurried use. How stuff works, how low and welcome to the podcast I'm Tracy will then I'm howling fry as we promised back in July. We have some others for the fall, because we were so overwhelmed with confines.
First half of the year are July episode of unearthed, which of the two party recovered things that had been literally or figuratively unearthed between January and the end of may two thousand and nineteen, or at least that's when we heard about those things. Today, we are mostly looking at June July August. There are a couple of exceptions and unearthed, for this fall is just one part this time around us going to tide Over and so our year end and earth installments, and since this is coming out just on the costs of our favorite month on the pod cast, which is ACT homer, we have saved most of the more creepy scary. You're, a staff for the end of this episode, Hooray creepy, any Irene. So first we're gonna kick off with past episode updates, and this is
recent. Then the June July August timeframe that Tracy just mentioned, but since it is all over the news, we talk about the financial struggles of travel agency, Thomas Cook, this pasture, I am on September twenty third, just three days before He went into the studio to record this. The company collapsed end very abruptly ceased up. Nations, leaving hundreds of thousands of travellers stranded. Obviously, the effects of that are still ongoing, I know some other airlines had stepped up and offered to get people back to their homes in some look Sean's, depending on where they lived, and hopefully everybody at this point is home safe. What an view the there was away like a hundred and fifty thousand people just from Britain, and it was being called the biggest peacetime repatriation effort in british history. Young, that's not technically and unearthing, but it's been such a huge new story and we have gotten
so many. I have you seen this links, but I thought ensure that yeah, I had friends pinging me within minutes of the new sitting there they didn't you just talk about the yeah they give me. I got that my desk at our twitter mentions, were all links to the new story, moving on the national, Sound Library of Mexico has announced the discovery of what may be the only recording of Frida Kahlo voice. It's from the pilot episode of a mexican radio show called L, bachelor air and archivist found it while they were digital recordings earlier this year in the recording, the speaker is identified only as a painter who is no longer living com, who died on July 13th, one thousand nine hundred and fifty four and the radio episode came out the following year. The speaker reads: part of an essay called pork. Diego, which Calo wrote about her husband, Diego Rivera one of these
there were various daughters has also said that she recognizes the voice as Calos, so it seems likely that this is Calos Voice, but there is still some work that has to be done to confirm it. Pretty hosts to partner on Frida Kahlo came out in twenty twelve at another, find what's been described as a sorcerers treasure trove was unearthed. It palm pay, the trunk that contains things like crystals, amber dolls, amulets beetles and a tiny skull. This sites director Massimo Santa described this trunk as containing lots of objects that are meant to bring good luck long with ones that were meant to drive out bad luck. What the trunk did not include was a lot of gold, jewelry or other expensive item, so it might have belonged to someone employed or enslaved by the House old, rather than the owners of the home. The pompous pursued in the archive dates back to two thousand nine, and it has come up in previous unearth episodes as well in
Stonehenge NEWS. Researchers have long known about traces of animal fat on fragments of pottery founded the Stonehenge site, and the general conclusion had been that this was fat used for cooking and that maybe it was connected to some kind of festival or religious observance. But new research suggests that these pottery vessels- and these are little pieces of them, not whole pots. So the research suggests that they were not the size of cooking PA or dishes used for eating or serving that they were much bigger, more like great big buckets, so the new I bought this is is that perhaps these buckets were filled with love, the amounts of fat which was used to help transport the stones themselves from where they were carried to the Stonehenge site The basic idea is that the blue stones used as part of the hinges construction were loaded onto sledges, which were pulled along a track made of logs and
make all of that effort easier. The logs were greased with animal fat that was stored in these big pottery buckets. We. A whole on earth episode, just on Stonehenge in twenty fourteen, there had been big Stonehenge discoveries here and I plan to include them in and I was like wait. We ve never talked about Stonehenge in general, Ah, I vaguely recall sending me a message ongoing. Have we really never had a Stonehenge epithet like I? In fact we had not. We didn't happen. But on the mouse guidelines and twenty thirteen, and earlier this year, researchers studying them looked at sixteen geography of birds to try to conclude which specific birds they represent and in the words of mythology,
of the Hokkaido Hydro University Museum quote until now, the birds in these drawings have been identified based on general impressions or a few morphological traits present any figure. We closely noted the shapes and relative sizes of the birds, beaks heads next bodies, wings tales and feet and compared them with those of my modern birds in Peru. As a result, they have reclassified, humming bird cliff as a hermit, and both one o bird and a previously unidentified bird as pelicans. They also noted several birds that were previously described as condors, don't actually match up to conduct physiology, but they weren't able to determine what bird they might more accurately represents an interesting these newly identified. Birds are birds that live in Peru, but not enough. area where the mask lines are, and that's bolstered the hypothesis that the people who made these lists were representing birds.
We're very special or unusual or rare archaeologists at Brad Gate Park in Leicester We believe they may have found the remains of the home of Lady Jane Grey knocked about her in our twenty seventeen episode called Lady, Jane Gray than nine day Queen excavations in this I have been ongoing since twenty fifteen, and earlier this year they uncovered previously unknown stone structures that were underneath still standing buildings. It had already been established that Brad Gatehouse was lady, Jane Grace original home, but this finding suggest that when she was actually having it was amused recently. Unearth structure is not in the buildings that are still standing Barcelona, City Hall has issued a work permit for the completion, Last figure out a familiar basilica, which we talked about in our twenty fifteen to partner on and twenty gout. Gouty designed the basilica almost two hundred and forty years ago, but it has never been finished. It's been an on
projects we're up everytime bill We now have a licence to work on it through twenty twenty six, which they hope will be enough time to actually completed. I was telling someone about the other day and I was like I feel like all of these should have, but we mean it this time yeah the end of it, which I understand, leg up construction project that scale comes with challenges. I do not even understand so that is not meant to be insulting to anyone. It's just been going on for a while, time death well and then, let's grab a familiar, has its own special difficulties as far as like what their having to work from because we are rich, no plans like aren't are no longer exists, said like to having to piece together. knowledge of what it was supposed to look like, there's a whole huge debate about whether it should be ever completed at all. It's a whole saga. We talk about it more than those episodes. I think there is also an episode of night I presented visible about it anyway,.
During unearthed. In twenty sixteen, we spent a fair amount of time talking about discoveries that must farm, because there were a lot of them. This site is home to a settlement that was destroyed by fire about three thousand years ago, and so, when we talked about it, previously, teams had just finished a massive excavation and that excavation had yielded about a hundred and eighty textile items. More than a hundred and fifty wooden artifacts pottery metal in beads, along with the remains of the structures themselves. It was a lot of stuff in a lot of it very well, preserved and headlines at the time called this site things like the palm pay of the ends in June, archaeologists from Cambridge Archaeological unit published a timeline of must farm in the words of sight. Director mark night quote: it is like
that the settlement existed for only one year prior to its destruction in a catastrophic fire. The short history of must farm, combined with the excellent preservation of the settlement mean that we have an unparalleled opportunity to explore the daily life of its inhabitants. I that was there really cool update, something that had been just a huge find with so much research back, and we talked about it a couple years ago and then too, for it to turn out that the settlement itself probably only existed for a year before the fire happened in unearthed and twenty eighteen. We talked about the return of some objects that had been illegally acquired and sold by art dealers, Dubai, copper, not to be confused with the film director of the same name. In July, it was announced that prosecutors in New York have charged a with trafficking more than a hundred and forty million dollars and stolen antiquities he's currently on trial in India.
Officials at the United States have requested that he be extradited after that, trial is complete. The face these new charges- this has been an enormous case that has spanned more thirty years and involved thousands of artifacts, some of which wound up in the collections of some of the world's most prestigious museums a statue of the Egyptian got a moon with features of king Shootin, common was sold to an unknown buyer for roughly so. million dollars on July. Fourth, this was over the direction of egyptian authorities, who believe the statue was illegally looted. In the nineteen seventies, they demanded that Chris Auction house cancel that action and turn the artifact and also contacted the british government and UNESCO to try to stop the sale protesters demonstrated outside the auction itself. Christy's went ahead with the auction now and afterward egyptian officials announced their intention to file a lawsuit. The egyptian Foreign Ministry also called for.
auction house to remove all egyptian artifacts from their auctions until they could prove that they had valid certificates of ownership for each one. A spokesperson from Christy's responded quote: it is hugely important to establish sent ownership and legal right to sell, which we have clearly done. We would not offer force yo any object where there was concern over ownership or export the episodes. We have an archive about King Tut, our from two thousand and eight. twenty and now we're moving into the segment Tracy titles, cannonballs and other stuff Our last episode of deep is a bit of a subway into several cannonball related fines. There, an old and very brief episode on VLAD Tapirs, a cave lad, the paler or black Dracula in our archives, circa, two thousand eight, an early this year, archaeologists in Bulgaria announced that they believe they have found some of his cannonballs, specifically
cannonballs, he fired azure stove, a fortress while laying sees to it in fourteen sixty one in the words of lead, archaeologist Nikolay offshore of quote what really interesting as from the early ottoman period we have found cannonballs. We rejoice that these small cannonballs, because they are from cauldrons these- were the earliest cannons which were for the fifteenth century up until the sixteenth century. They weren't in use after that these were still very imperfect cannons. That was precisely the time of VLAD Dracula. There is no doubt that they are connected with the siege and then parent, ethically and the conquest of the system.
fortress by VLAD Dracula in one thousand four hundred and sixty one? The study at this fortress has also unearthed a lot of non Dracula findings, including an inscription. The dates back to the fourth century ce and coins dating back to the 13th and 14th centuries. All of this was technically reported at the end of May, but I really could not resist talking about Dracula skating, in other cannonball news. A team of archaeologists in Scotland have found a number of artifacts at Glenn she'll in the highlands of Scotland, and this includes must get balls and mortar shells that government forces fired at Jacobite forces at the battle of Glenn she'll on June ten, seventeen nineteen. This battle happened between two Jacobite uprisings that we talked about in our episode on that subject there I went back and looked to see if we had mentioned this when it off, and it appears that we did not
Cannonballs musket balls and other similar items are also being unearthed at the sight of a field hospital from the Battle of Waterloo, Monson, Saint John Field Hospital treated at least six thousand wounded soldiers during the battle that included William. The second of the Netherlands, the Prince of Orange and Lieutenant Colonel Lord Fitzroy Somerset, who was the Duke of Wellington. Military secretary team, has also in earth a number of bones from amputated limbs and we're gonna take a quick break before we move on to some oldest and first fines. This episode of stuff, you missed in history, glasses, brought you by crate barrel. Have you ever had that moment where you open a gift, and you are come We stand at how perfectly the person who gave it to you has sought to your inner thoughts and found exactly what will make you smile and improve your life Creighton Barrel
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ok. We have a few things that are the oldest or the first of their kind to be found or step. A mace head is the first bronze age object to be found in Poland, but region aiding from a culture that wasn't already living in the place. What was bound so not the oldest thing ever found in Poland, but the oldest thing that was from a culture that wasn't living there at the time this maize head is made of bronze. It dates back to about one thousand b c e and the team that found it does not know precisely which culture it did come from, just that it was not from Poland, they said, but it may have come from we're in the Middle EAST a ten thousand year old, stone found south of Rome in two thousand seven, my be the world's oldest lunar calendar. According to research published this year is a small stone that fits in the palm of a person's hand and its mark to the series of notches alone, three of its edges,
There are twenty seven or twenty eight notches. One of them is a little unclear and their distribution does seem to align with the phases of the moving on a canoe found in Canada, port main as being described as a major find and native american history. This canoe was made from a hollowed out birch tree and it was found in the Cape Porpoise harbour unto in first. It's believed to be the oldest dugout canoes ever found in Maine archaeologists I'm spar spotted the canoes thinking out of the mud during low tide, while he was doing a routine survey, other dugout canoes have been found in Maine before, but all of them created after the arrival of Europeans in the area of this, one appears to be at least seven hundred. years old. And if that's the case, it was made hundreds of years before Europeans tried to colonise the area archaeologist plan to preserve, restore and study the canoe, which is a process expected to take at least two
here's the anytime there, though, a wooden thing like this found in the seawater there's a whole process to make sure that it just doesn't fall apart once it's taken out of the water. this- is an important find not only for the study of how can use like this were made, but also of the ongoing research into the native settlements of Algonquin speaking peoples in Cape purpose Before we move on, we talk about oldest and first on earth, but we also have some archaeological work that illustrates how the field is it? only about studying stuff from the distant past. Bingham ten diversities, public archaeology facility and the museum Bethel would centre for the arts have worked together on an archaeological dig at the sight of Woodstock if the USA anniversary was earlier this summer last year, archaeologists pinpointed the location of the stage, this year. They found the locations of twenty four vendor booths and other features in the area known as the boy the bizarre interestingly. They found
but the position and lay out of these boots did not quite match up to maps that were produced fifty years ago. The bendy bizarre trail system was also restored and open to the public earlier this year, but an unrelated fiftieth anniversary concert scheduled to be in another site was just cancelled abruptly two weeks before it was about to happen. That is the whole story of its own. Outside the scope of that Gas is, if the others we could talk about that next year. Moving on to one of my favorite things, which is textile fines We have just a couple of them back in our brief history of colors we talked about the dye known as to kill it, which was most likely made from the glance of maritime snails of the mere Ex family. That is the most common description at this point, though, there are still some other possibilities as to the source of that color that have been proposed and this was a blue to purple die that has religious significance and Judaism and has repeatedly mentioned in scripture. We also talked
at very briefly in our lives. Show the mysteries of the color blue. That live show has already happened at this point, but the episode that we're Publishing using that audio has not come out yet so hang tight, it's coming. Yet it is that's that one of the magical mysteries of doing lapses than having the bee podcast later so evidence of vertical it die factory dating back to at least the first millennium Bc Ii has been found at tell shook Mona near Haifa. In, what's now Israel and at first archaeologists thought that this sight had been here
to a settlement, but it seemed like a really weird place for a settlement to be. It was a way out on a rocky promentory. It was inaccessible by boat and it was far away from any major land routes. But it turns out this location gave it very easy access to cliffs, where those marine snails would have been very plentiful. Also among the teams findings when they were excavating, the site were lots of, pottery vessels stained with blue and purple die engineers from northern Power GRID in York, England found a decorated piece of leather showing what looks like a dragon with the law body for limbs and a pair of wings and the crew found. This peace They were working on the electrical system and they handed over to you archaeological trusts and it was believed to date back to the medieval period, but
that particular little textile find has not received conclusive results on any of their their research. Yet, and if you want to see what it looked like, I recommend googling something like northern Power grid, dragon leather, something similar to that. But then kind of scroll through the image results for a little bit, because the most widely published pictures of it have the outline of the dragon the kind of drawn over digitally in a way that looks kind of like clip art its duty. Looking he come with the actual peace. Without that overlay looks a lot cooler, Now we will move on to something. That's always just one of my favorite things, which is the edibles and potable, starting with something that was made from edible ingredients, but maybe not meant to be eaten. Researchers studying a bronze age Hell Fort in Austria found a collection of strange ring, shaped objects which looked like they were made from clay.
but we're really made from cereals. They were made from finally ground barley and weak. That was mixed with water and needed into a dough and then shaped into rings and drive. I mean it to sounds like old cheerios to me, but the first cheerios. No, that's not what they are. The team has not conclusively determine what these rings were form these cereal rings. What in time and labour intensive to make, and they don't really resemble foods that had been discovered at the sight they do.
Resemble other objects found at the site that are believed to be loom, waits leading to the hypothesis that they were look alike made for some kind of ritual purpose. But it is still not entirely clear that what they are debts, their sort of the question of if it took this much effort and time and also food product that you're not gonna, eat to make these like it has to have for something moving on, as documented in a widely shared. A twitter thread, Seamus Blankly travelled to the Museum of Fine arts, Boston and the Puberty Museum of archaeology and ethnology at Harvard to try to collect yeast samples from egyptian pottery. These samples, if they are really yeast from when things were created, would be about forty five
a hundred years old they were collected with the help of Dr Sarita Love and Phd student. Richard Bowman. These samples were collected from vessels used to make beer and bread and they were taken in a sterile non invasive way in August Blackley baked bread with some of it using fresh milled, organic ancient grains. So as of August fifth, there was still work to be done to confirm that what came through this whole process really did include ancient strains of yeast. I mean there's east everywhere, all the time he can ferment things using just wild yeast, that's there around in the air, so it's possible that, but what was at work was nodding to EAST, but turning to the twitter thread? The bread itself was delicious, that's really on matters yet we we ve had a number of things that people made with ancient ingredients that did not turn out to be delicious. So I am glad that this bread was apparently very good yes,
According to research published in the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, people in burn China develop to distinctly different methods of trying to make beer. This conclusion comes from the analysis of seven thousand two. Eight thousand year old, pottery fragments at two different sites, both sides. The pottery fragments had granules of cereal starch is that showed evidence that they had been fermented. One of the cites is coddling coup and it appears that people living there just let the grains sport out and then three thousand kilometers away at a site called got how young people seem to have used sort of a starter to start the process of breaking down the starches and these grains. This starter seems similar to a fermentation starter, called coup which is still made today for a moulded, grains and used to produce alcoholic beverages from cereals in some parts of the world. Patrick Mcgovern, at the University of Pennsylvania, Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology also said
That's too that because it would have taken such large quantities of green to do this, beer making might have inspired people to start cultivating grains, an idea that has come up on unearthed before both beer and bread did people start making bread because they had figured out how to cultivate dreams, or did they figure out how to cultivate grains? Could they wanted to eat bread? I mean, I can't fault them. The meme either. Researchers and France have discovered a nine hundred year old, great feed that is genetically identical to sobbing blog grapes that our group today that means that today's sobbing our blood has been growing for at least nine hundred years, all tracing back to this one ancestral plant and to be clear. This is a particular regional wine not are commonly known and widely distributed. So me, your blog, so very
similar sounding, not dissimilar, sounding the identically genetic seed is spelled as AV a g in I n I, rather than what you would be more likely to see, but on a shelf at the wine store and this team. Looking at the seeds from several varieties of wine grapes and while they found other connections between species this- the only one that was an identical genetic match. We also have on things that were more about where to get your food and beverage, then the food and beverage itself and eighteen century scottish pub was on earth in the scottish highlands and that site included lots of drinking vessels like goblets and tankards, and then a completely different. Century pub was unearthed, and Eastern North Carolina also filled with things like muslim goblets. The North Carolina find also included a brass from a wine barrel. Now we're shifting gears tool but a medical history. For the first time, researchers have
Genetic evidence that the just any plague a k, the Justinian plague reached Britain and ireland- the plague started in the five hundred and forty one, and it continue to circulate for about two hundred years after that we already had plenty of written records documenting this plague, which killed as much as twenty five percent of the room old at the time and researchers had already concluded. The plague was caused by your city, a pesticide, but we didn't have direct genetic evidence of the plague everywhere that we thought it probably struck and records D failing some kind of pestilence in Britain and Ireland in the year five. Forty four were also a little ambiguous in their descriptions, so it wasn't totally clear that the illness that struck there was the same illness that was striking and other places not only to this research led to conclusive evidence of the poor,
in Britain and Ireland, but it also on earth a lot more diversity in the disease itself than was previously known after studying remains from twenty one sites in Austria, Britain, Germany, France and Spain. The team documented eight new, your city, a pessimist genomes, according to research published in the June. nineteen edition of the Journal integrity, a maiden in the pre historic village of to talk yoke, and what's now, Turkey has provided the oldest archaeological evidence of unintentional parasite infection in humans? Are we love me These are basically trash heaps and they can provide a wealth of information about the society that was dumping their rubbish there. In the case of two town, puke people also the maiden as a toilet, either going directly into the maiden or perhaps
carrying their waste from their homes to the maiden in something kind of similar to a chamber pot. This team steadied both the maiden and burial sites, the waste that may have been expelled from a body after it was buried. They retrieved samples. From each of them and then confirmed the samples from the maiden were of human origin, since its also lie that animals might have relieved themselves and the maiden, then they looked for evidence of whip worm infection which they found in two of the samples from the maiden to quote from press release quote it was a special moment to identify parasite eggs over eight thousand years old said these studies
author Evelina, honest you in a separate paper in the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and international team of archaeologists, has published findings firm, an extensive study of this same site and in the words of lead author Clark, Spencer, Larsen this nine thousand year old community was quote one of the first Prado urban communities in the world and the resident experienced what happens when you put many people together in a small area for an extended time. Many things that happened include overcrowding, infectious disease, crime and environmental issues. Here some other toilet related history, got some new findings from Vienna launder near Hadrian's wall, including a too thousand year old Gaming Board meant to be played in a bath house as well as some gemstones that had fallen down a toilet, the gemstones date back.
About. One thousand eight hundred years and they were carved with symbols. It was a common practice to wear these as rings, but it was also common for the adhesive that held the gym into the ring setting to fail. So probably whoever was wearing these rings lost the hell they were on the toilet and that me, they're gone now go and after that now, apparently not at an one last bit of toilet news. A team in Bulgaria found an ancient chamber pod, which seems to have been sized for children or perhaps for small adults, or maybe for very careful use by typically adult sized adults we're gonna take one more all sponsor break, and then we will get to the various scary creepy and more hollowing stuff. That bit, that is, is more characteristic of our our October time.
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Raynham came with a note that set it was from a reactor that Hitler had tried to build, based on their study of this cube, coat and Phd candidate. Miriam hybrid traced, the origins of this cube, and they published their work in physics today and may it didn't cross radars until June. No one of their conclusions was that German scientists did indeed have the capability to build a working nuclear reactor during World war, two on the way was the two different teams making uranium cubes to power. That reactor were competing rather than working together. One team made about six hundred cubes and another team made about four hundred neither of which was enough to power reactor, but together. If they combine their efforts, it could have worked. Yes, so that the basic general the aim of uranium cubes tied to Hitler's nuclear reactor like that's inherently kind of alarming, but just put people's mind at ease
Cuba is made from natural uranium, it's not radioactive enough to be especially dangerous by itself, but there are also hundreds of similar cubes dating back to this era that are still unaccounted for. Q. Lots of fun theories that make great ghost stories freely night moving on to an inherently Mc Cobb Topic, but much beloved exhumations. On September, twenty fourth, Spain Supreme Court announced that the remains of Francisco Franco
can be exhumed from the valley of the fallen, something that we have been talking about. Since our episode on Franco came out in twenty eighteen, the court also rejected the family's request to have him buried at a cathedral in Central Madrid instead ruling that he will be reinterred next to his wife in a cemetery in El Pardo, which is a ward of Madrid farther out to the north of the city proper. This is one of those things where I had finished the whole restiveness outline, and I just had page open on my screen waiting for the announcement of of what they were going to rule, which I knew was due on September, twenty fourth, whose dislike come on now I mean I need a frank honeys, even bad court ruling, though it is not clear when the exhumation might take place or whether that will be before Spain's November. Ten election will see. I want to some
I'll make a joke. You waited tie it to the Sagrada Familia, but that seems wrong. In other exclamation news, though there has been a lot of talk this summer about the potential exclamation of John Dillinger. Also, business technic update prior hosts did an episode on Dillinger in twenty eleven to relative said, had evidence that the body and villagers grave is not really his. They plan to examine and have tested. And to have all of that featured on a history channel documentary, though the basic guy, here here. As that, perhaps the F B, I really killed someone else in nineteen, thirty, four and then buried that person in the notorious gangsters place the f B. I did not give this a lot of credence, though saying that they had fingerprint evidence and other indicators that the body was Yes, John Bellinger in July, the Indiana State Department of Health approved a permanent for the explanation, but Crown Hill Cemetery
where the body is buried. Objected. The cemetery issued a statement that red in part quote. We also have concerns that the complex and commercial nature of this exhumation could cause disruption to the peaceful tranquillity of the cemetery and those who are visiting to remember their loved ones. This has been kind of a theme in very high profile, exclamations that have also been plans to be covered as television special her. The cemetery has been like. We kind of would like to have a respectful environment here for the other people who have loved ones buried rather than having a giant tv spectacle tied to this. This exclamation was supposed to happen on September sixteenth, but instead everyone went to Court Marian County superior Court Judge Timothy Oaks set a hearing date of October tenth, which was
of course, after the date when the exclamation was supposed to have happened, and that led history channel to announce that wasn't going to do this tv documentary? After all, that was still not the end of the saga, though Dillinger nephew Michael Thompson announced that he still wanted to go ahead with the exclamation, even without the history channels. Involvement, because quote, I simply wish to confirm that the body in the grave is that of my uncle the family applied for a new permanent this time requesting an exclamation date of December third, with their remains being reinterred on the seventeenth. So too its leader. And at this point it's an ongoing story that will continue to unfold after we have recorded this episode so soon in November or December. Rather, it would not surprise me at all
If we walk out of the studio today- and there are some new news about this whole exclamation saga, moving away from exclamations, we have more than one lake full of bones to talk about well sure about seven hundred years ago. bodies were buried in a lake and Levin Junta in South West Finland, and this was a practice that went on for at least four hundred years, but it was only discovered when people started, digging trenches and the area than the nineteenth century, inserted unearthing, skulls and other human remains that they did not expect to find their water burials like this are unique and researcher speculated that this may have been a sacrificial spring and excavation in twenty ten unearthed about seventy five kilograms of bone material, making up the room, of ninety eight people, which appeared to be mostly women and children, the team analyze. These remains using dna, sequencing, hoping to figure out who these people were
and why they were buried under water relatively far from the nearest known settlement, so it and find any clear answers as to why these remains were bare in this way. But the dna analysis suggests that these people were Sami people whose descendants live in northern Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia today. This is the first conclusive evidence of their presence. This far south in Finland, another study at the same site looked at the door read the deceased were wearing when they were buried in the lake. These were arm rings and necklaces made from copper, Alloway, bronze or brass, and the finding suggests that these were locally made with imported materials from his father, way as Greece in Bavaria and in the other lake of bones, rubicund lake in the Himalayan Mountain range has been nicknamed skeleton lake, thanks to the skeletal, remain at least eight hundred people in and around it, and based on DNA studies that were conducted in the early two. Thousands research,
thought. These were the remains of people who were all native to South Asia and had all died in one catastrophic event, which happens sometime around the year. Eight hundred research published in the Journal Nature communications in August, calls all of that into question. The team study the dna of thirty eight skeletons from the lake and found that they fell into three distinct groups. One group containing twenty three sets of remains was of south asian origin as expected, but another group of fourteen skeletons had mediterranean ancestry from Greece and Crete. The one skeleton not accounted for in those two groups seems to have come from South EAST Asia. Also, it no longer appears that all the bodies in and around this lake wound up there around the year. Eight hundred that does seem to be the case for the bodies that were of south asian origin, but ass for the rest. They are more recent dating back to about eighteen hundred, and there are
still lots of unanswered questions about how these remains came to be there, whether there were perhaps to different groups each caught in some kind of epidemic or natural disaster. Local folklore, tribute to the goddess Nanda DV, who struck down a royal retinue visiting her shrine during a pilgrimage called the Raj shot because they were not behaving appropriately and it mystery, how people from the Mediterranean came. There is a total unknown were they on appeal pilgrimage, also with some kind of expedition, not clear and we have one last eerie unearthing to close out on a so called vampire burial and the early nineteenth century in Connecticut Ben tentatively identified as a farmer named John Barber. Thanks to dna evidence, this person probably died from Tibet,
the closest and then in the middle of a vampire panic brought on by fears of the disease, has family exude the body and attempted to take out his heart, but had been long enough since he had been buried, but the heart itself was deacon. so instead they re arranged his head and limbs to form a skull and crossbones shape and the covered that he was buried in was found in a quarry in ninety ninety. It was marked J B, fifty five likely standing for his initials and his age when he died and we ve talked about vampire panics on a show before, but this is a different one, so many vampire pay,
to go around there are there have been many. Do you have civil listener mailed to go around? I do have listener mail. It came from MIKE Mike says hello. Thanks to my sister, I recently learned that with constant law makers are proposing legislation to prevent plant based products from being labelled as meat or milk in the state. I pointed out our states history of laws to promote butter over margarine. Of course, my sister asked if I have learned that from stuff you miss than history glass. Sadly, I had not
but our discussion led me to your podcast archives. While listening to your twenty sixteen butter verses, margarine episode, I alternated between laughing and shaking my head in disbelief, here's a link to the story about the proposals and was content there already laws and other states that restrict plant based feeds from using terms like meat or milk in their labeling. At least. Nobody is claiming that plant based foods are made from inedible substances and their do not appear to be any plans to require the products to be dyed, pink love, the pod gas. Thanks for the work you do MIKE. Thank you so much MIKE for this. You may also, in addition to this brick proposed with constant laws about plant based products. There's also a thing that I had seen float across my twitter feed that was a very similar to the butter
those Margarine episode Fourteenth Amendment argument about the legality of calling things like impossible, burgers meet on their labeling ray and, like my whole, I tweeted something to the effect of this is the exact same story as butter versus margarine, which, if you have not heard that episode of previous episode or we talk about the development of margarine and then the legal war, to try to keep it from being sold anyway, very similar stuff, going on now involving a things like soil Norman, Milkin, rice, milk and then impossible burgers and other things that are called milk or sugar or whatever, but are actually made out of animal products, which I find very hilarious. as far as I know, there is nowhere that tried to outlaw these places yet that we don't have like impossible burger smuggling, as happened with margarine, I'm ready for it ready for
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