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Unearthed! in July, 2018, Part 2

2018-07-30 | 🔗

Continuing the 2018 mid-year edition of unearthed goodies, this episode will cover shipwrecks, exhumations, repatriations, and edibles and potables. 

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two of unearthed in July, because we have so many unearth things now that we have grown to a second instalment ends Alai, instead of just one instalment that we previously too soon. It will just rigour years worth of on earth. We have people, sometimes you were like what, if he did a whole pod, that was like your new unearthed podcasting, I'm like that, is an entry idea, but this one is part of our whole complex production this term and make sure we always have new episode yeah. So this time we ve got some favorites, including the exclamations and the shipwrecks, and the things but you know in theory, are edible, but you didn't eat two thousand year old food and are now we can be missing out on exactly where the flavor is tony. Two thousand euro food- I'm just making a joke,
last time we ended with a set of discoveries. They were all about how mobile people have been going back. Thousands of years- and this time are starting up with some discoveries that are still where people have lived and moved, but not quite on a global scale. First, researchers at the University of New Brunswick are trying to map the canoe routes that have been used by the areas. First, nations peoples, Similarly, the Wapanachki confederacy these canoe roots date back thousands of years and knowledge of some of them has been preserved through the community's oral histories. Botanist and cartographer will France's again on also documented somebody's early in early twentieth century. But at this point some of them are not exactly where they are has been lost. Multiple teams of researchers are working on this Some of the waterways would have been accessible only at certain times of the year, based on varying water levels. So one team at the University of New Brunswick is cross. Referencing
information about water levels with archaeological sites to try to reconstruct the travel roots. A Phd it from the College of William and marry in Virginia is studying the languages spoken by the people who use these waterways to try to find patterns in how those languages shifted and spread, and other news a grand student from the University of New Mexico uncovered a map at the Bibliotech National de France. Was drawn by two nay of our car, a tribe for Meriwether, Louis and William Clark to Nay had joined the expedition with, Of negotiating a peace between his tribe, the Erika and another man, then this map has been described as the quote: best preserved of the native american MAPS drawn for Lewis and Clark Historian, Clay Jenkinson, also set of the find quote this map deepens are understood
Being of how dependent Lewis and Clark were on native american geographers, we tend to think that they were traveling blind into terra incognita. This is simply not true to name map lifts the expeditions encounter with the IRA to new prominence, and it proves that individuals like two nay, were as important to the success of the expedition as say sack of Judea the last one and the third is from a slightly different angle, but it still about moving in living places. Archeologists from the University of Exeter have found the remains of GM lifts and fortified villages and parts of the Amazon Rainforest that were previously, but at least among western archaeologists, you have been uninhabited. This runs alongside discoveries. We have talked about in previous episodes of unearthed where archaeologists and botanists realise that these so called
beam and untouched rainforest had actually been deliberately shaped centuries ago through forestry and intentional cultivation. In this case, the find involves evidence for thousands of villages that continually existed from about one thousand two hundred and fifty to one thousand five hundred in places that were previously believed to have been uninhabited for virtually all of their history Now we ve got into the shipwrecks a team from the Widow Pirate Museum say they may have found a leg bone belonging to the widow Captain Pirate Black SAM Bellamy. They think that its Bellamy leg bone because they found it in a fused mass of sand mere what is believed to be balinese pistol in the vicinity of the wreck,
The widow researchers at the University of New Haven are going to try to test the dna and compare it to the descendants of one of Bellamy, siblings, which will definitely be more conclusive them. We found it near the pistol refer to that. Mexico's National Institute of Anthropology in history announced that they had found the remains of who ships and a sunken lighthouse off the Yucatan Peninsula in January. One of US ships is an eighteenth century. Dutch warship and the other is a british steamer dating back to the 19th century. The dutch warship, which was partially covered in coral with one of two mentioned in a one thousand, seven hundred and twenty two
from Antonio Di cord tear but they're, not sure which of the two. It is suitable, weird to me that they had found a sunken lighthouse near some shipwrecks, since the purpose of a White House is to try to prevent the shipwrecks. This lighthouse probably toppled into the ocean during a storm. The National Museum of the Great Lakes and the Cleveland Underwater explorers announced the discovery of the wreck of Margaret all will, in March, the Margaret always sank in Lake Erie during a nor Easter in eighteen, ninety nine eight people were killed in the wreck, including the captain and his family, some folks who were out just for a day at the beach Florida also stumbled onto a chunk of an eighteenth century shipwreck in March. This find, as described as forty seven and a half feet long, and over all very well preserved.
roman numerals and other markings still visible on the hall when we say very well preserved its click. The keel and sort of ribs of the ship are what's there and those bits of it are very well preserved. No word yet, though, on what this ship I have been in twenty fifteen, the search for Malaysia, airlines, Flight MH, three, seventy found to ship eggs in the Indian Ocean, both were nineteenth century sailing ships that were spotted during sonar searches of the sea floor this here researchers announced that they had identified, which ships these probably worm. One was probably the brig W Gordon or the bark Magdalen, either way, it probably sank after a colleagues those in the other, was probably the bark West Ridge which disappeared while sailing from England to India in eighteen. Eighty three,
We have something we joke that we are going to have to do that now. We actually do find ourselves having to do, which is a whole bunch of stuff that was found by Microsoft, co, founder, Paul, Alan and the crew of the army, petrol in addition to the EU. Thus any Annapolis that we did in a whole other episode during unearthed season. Last year, first, one from the end of last year, the USS Ward which fired the first American shot during World war. Two from off of Pearl Harbor Hawaii the ward fired on and hit a japanese submarine that was on route to pearl, harbor, three years to the day later, the ward was hit by a kamikaze aircraft off of the Philippines. Second, maybe the wreck of the: U S: S Lexington, which was an aircraft carrier that was scuttled during world war to the ship and thirty five aircraft went down the end of the battle of the currency and nineteen, forty, two third, the cruiser Juno, which was torpedo
by the Japanese during the battle of Guadalcanal on November thirteenth nineteen, forty two among those lost where the five subtle brothers from Waterloo, Iowa and, fourth, the? U S, S Helena, which was struck by three torpedoes and sunk on July, sixth of nineteen. Forty three during the battle of cooler Gulf was found off the solemn islands, the thinking of the Helena, was followed by an enormous multi. They rescue efforts and seven hundred and thirty two of the nine hundred crew were ultimately rescued at that time. All those last three were found just in March and at this rate, Paul Alan probably found a shipwreck queen when we recorded this and when the episode came out, he's busy do a whole lot of looking for some world war. Two you sunken ships really take a week sponsor break and then come back with some more unearthing
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four Norton, three sixty with lifelong today and save twenty five percent or more of your first year, go to Norton dot com, slash history, that's Norton, Dotcom, slash history for twenty five percent off. Now we are going to move on to a collection of repatriation. You may remember last time on unearthed when we talked about hobby lobby, trafficking in illegal antiquities, deluded antiquities were repatriated to Iraq. On May. Second of this year and according to what researchers who was able to examine them. They contain things like letters and contracts and legal documents all dating back to between twenty one hundred and sixteen hundred BC e offer. What's now southern Iraq. Last time we also talked about the
patria asian of the remains of three northern Arapahoe boys who died at Carlyle Indian School, but when it was time to examine the bodies. The remains of one child little plume could not be found this year, archaeology for the army, national military cemeteries, confirmed little plumes burial place at Carlisle and his body was returned to Wyoming in June. Gets me a little Terry The ten thousand year old remains of a native american man have been repatriated to the Santa Inez Band of too much Indians who have re buried. Those remains there been accidentally unearthed in two thousand five, and at that point the National Park Service worked with the two most tribe to decide. What to do. The tribe agreed to work with the National Park service to excavate the site in two thousand and five because it was being threatened with erosion base with it and do something about it that remains are gonna, be damaged, our lost after a full scientific
on the remains. They were returned to the tribe in June, in the words of tribal Chairman Kenneth Con quote protecting the final rest. Place of our ancestors is of paramount importance to the Santa and as band of chew, mush Indians. When our tribe learned of the disk, free made by archaeologists on San Miguel Island. We made it a priority to ensure that our ancestor was laid to rest with a proper burial thanks to years of cooperation with the National Park service. We were granted that opportunity. Lastly, Germany, returned a mummified tattooed head of a married man that had been acquired by a Cologne museum director more than a hundred years ago. They return that New Zealand, the seer, the skull, is and to be kept in a museum in New Zealand until its descendants can be found and it can be returned to the correct Mary tribe, and this is part of a huge, ongoing for it to have Mallory remains, and artifacts returned to New Zealand
their ongoing favour? It on the show is exclamations and we have a couple in ongoing Salvador Dolly saga. His zoomed remains were reburied after a paternity test in March, and there is really not much to add to that. At this point and hoping we none disturbing the remains Salvador Dolly for awhile, because that was that on yeah I am. I was at the Dolly Museum in Saint Petersburg meant that long ago, and there was a sense among the doses of lake. We are ready for this to be put to rest yeah, the remains of Martha Brown, who was convicted of murder and executed in eighteen. Fifty six were approved for exclamation and reburial in March, Brown was the inspiration for the Thomas, hearty character. Tests of the dervish calls. This decision came after the jail where was executed, was sold and developers were planted. It just build on top of the former graveyard. Did they not want four guys do they know how this please out. I was cited.
Was the plan at all intervention corps. in the form of Julian fellows of doubt in Abbe Fame, who insisted that all of the people buried there. To be exude and reinterred elsewhere. Thank you. Julian fellows Though we often have a collection of things that I just thought were really cool, but they are actually related. What another all that well, there were calling this next bit potpourri like jeopardy category all interesting stuff that, just as I have quite ass, much of a thematic connection. So first up, the oldest known dutch art has been pulled out of the North Sea, It is an intricately carved bison bone and it is thirteen thousand five hundred years old. It was actually out of the ocean in two thousand five, but research detailing its age insignificance just came out in February. It is key,
After all, over in a hearing bone pattern and probably had a ritual use, archaeologists from the University of York have found a ten thousand year old, ochre crayon, it's very small about twenty two millimetres. Long and an ogre pebble was also found not far away. This crayon is particularly interesting is all they would very small. It is shaped just like a cry on that. We would use today with appointed tip and the team speculates that it was used to mark or to decorate animal skins in two thousand six archaeology Greg hair found a one thousand year old, barbed Arrowpoint in Yukon sticking out of melting ice and this year radio carbon dating confer defined as one of the oldest examples of copper, metallurgy ever found there. It was found in the territory of the cargoes tagging first nation. This is another couple of early bow and arrow technology from the area the euro itself is made from both copper and care.
Abu antler and if a thousand years old sounds kind of new for bows and arrows. It's because the indigenous hunters, region were more often using the Atalanta or throwing dart for a hunting, and it was only about a thousand years ago that this red, using bows and arrows instead, a team in Peru, has unearth the set of ceremonial chambers from the pre Inca mochi people. It is a fine they ve been specifically looking for. These chambers were used for important political sense monies, and they were notable enough to be depicted in mochi ceramics. Apart from these satisfaction of finally finding the actual place that is shown in exists, art that people had already unearthed. Archaeologists are hoping that the spine will help them determined exactly what happened to these people. One theory is that massive climate change or a weather catastrophe caused the civilization to collapse.
January officials in China announced that they had finished a seventeen year project to restore and ancient dragon bed. This bed is about twenty five hundred years old and it is the best preserved lacquer bed ever unearthed in China was bad, is covered in really intricate lacquer designs, including designs of dragons, which is what's the name for it probably belongs to a king during the warring state. Period, archaeologists working near Mexico City have found what they believe to be an ancient model of the universe that also connects to an ancient mezzo american creation myth. So, first, the Miss see partly who was described as a monster with the key What is of a fish in a crocodile was floating. Primordial. Water in his body, formed the earth and the sky in some versions of the story. His body actually splits to do this, and they find in question is
leave to be a temple was placed in the middle of a pond in such a way that it formed an image of the universe flow. On the surface of the water. This is it's incredible to me. The researchers describe it. As Many a term model of the universe which she would see floating they're, just as separately, would have done. The area around this natural pond is full of springs and streams, and researchers also believed that flow from these sources had to be carefully controlled. To keep that image properly reflected on the surface of the water. This is missus. Tracy said just mind: blowing yeah of all the things this. This is one of the ones that when I read about it, I was like that's amazing yeah. Feel I give you walked into liken, exhibit today that was built with modern technology. The did the same thing. It would blow your mind yet this before we had all of the tricks of lighting and effects that we have now dead
when they were least this finding. They had not pinpointed yet exactly when the shrine was built, but the other artifacts around this area they back to between. seven, fifty and eleven fifty c e and we're gonna pay Does it have a word from one of the great sponsors that keeps his show going and then we're gonna be back with some games, this episode Duffy missed in history class, brought to you by Norton three sixty with lifelong, what they your shot, being online with your smartphone. Its super feels like ear. Personal information is just right there in your hand, but that's not always the case, because, as soon as you hit submit, your personal information could start going other points. This is in fact, whenever you shop, bank or browse online, your personal invoking, get out of your control, and that can we be vulnerable to cyber criminals. More threats demand more protection. That's why Orton and Lifelong are now part of one company Norton. Three sixty with lifelike is
all in one membership for your cyber safety that gives you device security, identity theft, protection and a Vps for online privacy. No one can prevent all cybercrime and identity theft, but nor in three sixty with lifelike as your ally in today's connected world, because your information is out there sign up for Norton three sixty with lifelike today and save twenty five percent or more off your first year, go to Norton dot com, slash history, that's Norton, DOT, com, slash history for twenty five percent off. how we noted before the break. Now we have the games and gaming researchers and for vodka are trying to figure out how to play.
Sixteen hundred year Old board game. This particular game was unrest in the tomb of a prince and two thousand six with the board, and the peace is all very well preserved Board has a grid sort of like a chess board, and there are also green and white playing pieces, but are made out of glass. Researchers think that this is a portable board for a game known as mercenaries or the game of brigands. There are much larger version This board carved into floors of greek and roman temples dating back to around the same time. Even though they have concluded that all of these boards are probably just larger or smaller versions of the same game. We really know what the rules are yet and that's what they're trying to figure out? There's no like documentation of the. There's, no little rules, hand out, that's been on earth anywhere, and descriptions of the game in ancient writings are pretty vague and speaking of
aims: researchers that you see Davis have released their work on two thousand years. Worth of days, the highlights dice are we more standardized and fair now than they were in the days of the roman empire. Roman dice tended to be visibly irregular, then around one thousand one hundred they started becoming more standardized in terms of how the faces were numbered at first using a system where the opposite faces added up to prime number, so the one in the two would be opposite and the three of the four and the five in the six and then in one thousand four hundred and fifty people started using the number system. That's more common today we're opposites aces. Cube all add up to seven and speaking of dice. Archaeologists in Norway found a medieval die. They contained one or two. Instead, it has an extra for and an extra five which the team concluded was probably used for
eating and not for a game that, for some reason, required dice that were numbered three four or five five. Six I mean is totally possible to have a game where you need the highs that go three for four or five five six. I have various dice that are numbered weirdly because that's what the game requires, but they think it was just the teeter, yeah, archaeology, is excavating afford near Hadrian's. Wall found a pair of roman boxing gloves their padded and they cover just the knuckle part, not the whole hand, but the researchers think the gloves can still fit on a hand. They are both made of leather and they are packed with natural material. Next, we ve got a chunk of medical fines starting off researchers, up a Stanford thinker, Tron radiation, light source worthy S, r, L at the department of energies. As allay see, national accelerator laboratory have been doing an x, Ray fluorescence study to try to reveal a previously lost six
free translation of Galen, of Pergamon on the mixtures and powers of simple trucks. So the text of this book was scraped off of the pages in the 11th century, so that the paper could be used for something else. It was replaced with him, but was really comment because parchment was in short supply. They would need to reuse it, so they would take a book where they were like. We don't need this book anymore, just going to scrape all the words off of it and make a different book. That's also reminds me a bit of the papyrus research that we talked about with the Mummy cases in part one of this on earth in July. This is really really detailed work. It takes about ten hours to scam each page of the text, but they are getting a lot of text out of it on top of just rediscovering a work that was previously believed to be lost. This will also help fill in some details about
Medicine neurologists have determined that the ancient Inca were skilled surgeons. By examining skulls that had been trip, hand to panning is drilling a whole into the skull and in some parts of the world spend used or not remotely medically sound reasons, but it has so been used to treat head injuries like skull fractures. We do still drill holes into people's skulls for medical reasons today, but We usually call it a crane anatomy and not trepidation. That usually has the more dubious connotations and it is a thing that I learned was a thing from STAR Trek. Thank you. I think I learned it was a thing from his dark materials and then there's like a whole trepidation sequence. In one of the most recent seasons of outlandish yeah, I definitely learned from STAR Trek. There was discussion of how
primitive ill. This study, though they were talking about, looked at fifty nine skulls from the southern coast of Peru. If the orders of the whole on the in the bone were rough. It meant that the person had died during the procedure or not long after, but if the whole was smooth and healed. That indicated that the person lived long enough for that to happen. The pretty typical way of like how long did a person live after this bone injury happened. Is that healed or is it not number one? The Inca, unsurprisingly, got better at doing this over time. The oldest skulls dated back four hundred Bc Ie, and there was only a forty percent survival rate, but between one thousand and fourteen hundred c e, the survival rate was up to. Eighty percent
a comparison during the: U S, civil war, the survival rate during this procedure was only fifty percent. Some of these skulls had actually been true panned multiple times and in some cases there was no obvious head injury being treated. The researchers speculated that in those cases the procedure may have been treating something like chronic headaches or some sort of mental this researchers having master University were studying a mummy that was long believed to have been someone who died of smallpox. They sequenced the dna of the pathogen involved and they did not find small they found an ancient strain of the hepatitis be virus. The mummified remains are those a small child buried in basilica of Saint demand,
go majority in Naples, ITALY. They thought the child had died of smallpox because the body was covered in a really distinctive rash. There remains also date back to the sixteenth century, which would have made it one of the earliest examples of smallpox in that particular region. But it turns out the hepatitis b can cause a similar rat. in soldier in, and that seems to have been what happened here. Moving on to a more veterinary or animal husbandry angle, beckoned. Nineteen fourteen workers uncut, four degrees near bond Germany, the grave was about fourteen
ten years old, and it contains the remains of a man or woman and two dogs, and it appears that not only where the dogs domesticated, but also that one of them was taken care of while it was sick based on the condition of the dogs teeth, researchers concluded that it had canine distemper and that it had contracted distemper at the age of about three or four months old, but this dog live to be six or seven months old, which meant that it would have been seriously ill for weeks of its life. This contradicts the idea that dogs at this point were consider just to be working animals and that people weren't emotionally attached to them only considering it worthwhile to feed and care for them if they were able to work being nurse through this many weeks of illness. The dog was unable to work, suggests that it was being treated more like a pet and will end moving on to another subject on another favor it every time we do enter a switches is unearthed food and drink,
First up, archaeologists found a two thousand year old, bronze kettle containing some liquor in a tomb in western China, the opening of this vessel had been packed with natural fibres and inside of it there was still about three hundred millilitres of alcohol. A team at the sand be bored for two on the island of Ireland, Sweden found a burned anew new excavating, a fireplace and at first its condition was so choose that the team thought it was some kind of nut, but analysis at this History Museum uncovered that it was in fact a fifteen hundred year old onion onions, though, We're not really used in scandinavian cuisine that long ago, but they were used in the roman empire. So the team believes that Romans brought this onion with them. That is probably the least said part of the Arctic.
go work being done at Sandy Borg, which was the site of a medieval massacre. Dad that a lot of the work is to try to get more detail about that massacre, because we know the massacre happened, bet, there's no written documentation of exactly what happened. They were so. This onion offers one small bit of levity in another, as very dour research project Moving on carbon fourteen dating has revealed that a collection of peach pits that was unearthed in western Japan dates back to between the years. One hundred and thirty five and two hundred and thirty there are thousands of peach pits this find and researchers are hoping that it will help them pinpoint the location of the japanese kingdom of you might cuckoo kingdom that has been described in ancient tags, split, the exact location of where exactly was still something of a mystery. Recent
Yours have found ITALY's oldest olive oil in the jar from the bronze age settlement of Castile Lucio in Sicily, and this dates back to about five thousand years ago, and the team from one the university have concluded that beer was being brewed in southern Sweden and the iron age and the years four hundred to six hundred. This was thanks to finding carbonized remains of some germinated grains that were being used and the melting process and, as is currently the oldest evidence of beer making in that particular area. There is also some new search related to mesopotamian beers. The ongoing conclusion Ben that in Mesopotamia people drink beer out of communal jars, using a bit Straw to actually consumed the liquid, but according to a paper, revealing invisible, bruise, a new approach to the chemical identification of ancient beer. Mesopotamians used all kinds of vessel
to drink, a barley, beer out of a variety of cups, goblets and whatnot, and because we always have a sea news will end with this one. If he had lived longer at sea might have died of a heart attack or a stroke based on CD scans that showed plaques around his heart and his carotid artery every article. But I saw about this when pulling together this instalment of unearth way back to that previous. That so far, that we talked about about, eating some kind of fatty dried meet that news articles kept describing as bacon, even though it was not made of pork, they were all like. Maybe if they had had better dietary habits, would mean that bacon all the time he would not have had these plaques in his cardiovascular system, I, like that we can even judge poor at sees nutritional choice now right up.
that is the rapid for other than into why yeah that's whole new way, last time that we had on earth in July. I we had a whole bunch of things that were related to previous episodes of the show or had been really major news headlines and like that, with a whole episode, and this time it was more of US up like I do it. At the end of the year, yeah there's been a law of stuff yeah. Hopefully, the bees dream of unearth stuff doesn't the dry up and prevent us from having enough for two parts in December. That would be really sad. I don't think that's gonna be a problem for me. Neither do you have your mail. This time around. I do it's from Karen Karen says, dear Tracy and Holly love your show. I recommend it to my friends and colleagues. I just listen to the six impossible episodes
the evacuation of children because of war or unrest and the segment about the english children separated from their parents. You mentioned that researchers uncovered years later that may the children suffering from serious illnesses is not at all surprising that so many of them suffered a host of illnesses later in life, being separated from your parents can be a traumatic
and, despite a widespread belief that children are resilient and they are when they have strong positive support systems. Adults need to pay careful attention to the traumatic events and the lives of children that can result in years of mental and physical health issues. You may not know about the ACE study which brought this issue to light and an important way back and ninety. Ninety five, the CDC, incurs or permanent a study. The health records, if I were, seventeen thousand members who completed confidential surveys regarding their childhood experiences and compared them to their current health histories. To quote from the cities is website quote childhood experiences. Both positive and negative have a tremendous impact on future violence, victimization and perpetration, and lifelong health and opportunity, as such early experiences are an important
public health issue. Much of the foundational research in this area has been referred to as adverse childhood experiences. Parentheses aces, given everything happening in our country today, including the efforts to finally reunite children with their parents seeking safety from our unrest in their home countries More people need to know about aces, maybe that our policies could be more informed and compassionate from the start. Perhaps you could devote a show to this important topic. Keep up the inspire work, all the best Karen thank you care and for that detail. The studies that we were talking about in that particular episode were about the children that have been evacuated from Finland, and I did want to clarify that the thing that I found to be really unique about that research was that it seem to be trying to answer the question of. Was it worth it to evacuate these children? Re like there is research on this thing happened in a person's early life. Here is what the effects
to have been, but I don't have often see that like motivated by, was it worth it to evacuate these children, which was really what struck me about that particular Finnish were children, research that I kept finding anyway. Thank you so much care and for sending us that additional context about all of that. So if you would like to write to us about this or any other podcast where history, the house works dot com. We are also all over social media, distant history, that is our Facebook and Twitter and our Pinterest and our instagram. You can come to our website which, as MR history, dot com or you ll, find shone out, spoil the episode, the Hollywood I have worked on together and you will find a searchable archive and while the episodes we have ever done and you can find and subscribe to our planet
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