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Unearthed! in Spring 2020, Part 2

2020-04-22 | 🔗

In part two of Unearthed! in spring 2020, we're talking about edibles and potables, shipwrecks, books and letters, and other cool stuff.

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Welcome to stuff. You missed in history class, a production of Iheartradio hello and welcome to the podcast I'm Tracy B, Wilson Holly Frey here is part two of the weird experience of working on on earth episodes in the middle of a pandemic, which is just been a strange thing. It's. It has not been usual for me to repeatedly refer to current, like the same current event, multiple times doing on earth. Today we have some fun stuff, including Than potable shipwrecks books and letters, just some other cool stuff too, so normally when Tracy is working on earth, she wines of finding stuff- that seems cooler interesting, but it kind of doesn't really fit into any category and soda I'll go into potpourri, and that's where we're starting today. First up a
I've year excavation at a Pictish homestead known as layer of Glenn. She in Scotland has unearth lots of fines, including a padlock dating back to between five hundred, and one thousand see, there's no more really to discuss with that. I just thought it was cool to have a padlocked that was that old. Moving on to something that is a little more serious, the twenty nineteen twenty twenty Bush fire season in Australia was really just devastating particularly devastating with immense losses in terms of human and animal life, as well as the general environment and ecology and property like just on and on Austria. He is aboriginal annul and tourist straight islander. Peoples have been disproportionately affected by this with fires, completely destroying ancestral homes and cultural sites. Material losses have included things like Hell the buildings, ceremonial items and sacred sites, and then all of this is
have been happening alongside discussions about Aboriginal land management practices that could have mitigated the fire season had anybody even following them. In a few cases, the fires have unearth artifacts that might have gone undiscovered, something that we ve talked about him. The institutions of unearthed, as well, when people found artifacts between time that a fire destroyed all the vegetation in an area and when the vegetation, regrew one example is a stone carved boomerang found in a creek bed after the adjacent property was destroyed by fire on New year's eve. So it's not totally clear how this boomerang came to be there. They are not common in that particular part of Australia. However, this discovery did raise the point that people returning to their homes and their property after these fires should be alert to the presence of artifacts that have been uncovered by the fire touching beer. Crews, working on Britain's Hs, two or high speed to have found what may be the old
railroad turntable in the world, while excavating the former Curzon Street Station, the round house that existed on the site, dates back to eighteen, thirty, seven, so the site is part of a planned intercity terminus for high speed rail that will be located in Birmingham City Centre. So more excavations of this turntable are expected, along with some efforts to figure out whether its possible for the turned Well, to be preserved in some way and its current location, researchers at recognition, a centre for accelerator based science in Japan, a new way to pull timing, tiny samples of vermilion so known as cinnabar from ancient artifacts. That method is sticky tape specifically, Amy Squares of special sulphur, free tapes and sulphur would contaminate the process and most events in the analysis, techniques that were being used. The
abasing came about from developments in the analysis, techniques that were being used. The research group developed a method, that only required one microgram of Vermilion and that's five hundred times smaller than the sample size is that were needed for other methods. So light, that's great straight to me. Take a smaller sample, because then you don't have to do nearly as much damage to the object that you're trying to study. However, but didn't actually have a way to collect a sample. That was that's more like it was a great idea How do we get a saving? It's about small, that ain't there was the sulphur free tape in little little three millimeter by three millimeter squares, the just pull off the tiniest amounts of vermilion pigment from things like pottery and stone tools. I really love the sticky tape story I do hope you. I was having virtual tee
with a friend of mine, and she was like what are you working on right now and I was like I'm working on these unearthed episode. Should I go like this and I was like what what's something that's cool? Is that you're finding in like the the sticky? story was what I immediately launch into back. Twenty fourteen Whittaker Schroeder, a student at the University of Pennsylvania was in Mexico. Looking at argue Google digs and trying to find a topic for his dissertation research. And after a while, he started noticing a street side Cornelius vendor trying to flag him down whenever he drove by Schroeder. thought the vendor was trying to get his attention as a customer, but he was a vegetarian, so he did not stop by On the last day of his trip, he did and it turned out The vendor was not trying to make a sale. He had heard that Schroeder was interested in the Maya and he wanted to tell,
about a friend who had found a stone tablet, it turned out that the rancher had found something significant in his yard and five years later after negotiations with him to do the excavation those excavations began. They were revealed the capital of the Maya Kingdom of sexy or white dog which was occupied for about a thousand years starting in seven. Fifty BC, IE or so archaeologist, had been trying to find the seat of this kingdom since discovering references to it at other sites and ninety ninety four, the team unearthed ruins sculptures and monuments, one of which is inscribed with descriptions of things like rituals and battles. The team was planning, turned to the site in June for further excavations, although the pandemic, as seems likely to delay that effort moving on to a favorite category
Shipwrecks locals have known about Erech about thirty five miles off the coast of Saint Augustine Florida for more than three decades. They nicknamed this wreck, the Barrack I've found a lot of references to that being having to do something with debris that had washed up, but I was like it was there a bear on it. Did it look like a bare irony This January, though, this wreck was finally identified as the S S Cotopaxi, which disappeared in nineteen twenty five, the current taxi travelling from Charleston South Carolina to Havana, Cuba, carrying a load of coal when it disappeared with thirty two people on board. Then some people have connected the cotopaxi to the so called Bermuda triangle which the ship would have passed through on that journey. Biologists and Diver Michael Barnett worked The identification using insurance, record's blueprints and other documents to compare the wreckage to what was known about the clear taxi
and then, in addition to the news coverage of this in January, the wreck was also covered on the science channel series shipwreck secrets, crews have brought up more than three hundred fifty artifacts from the wreck of Sir John Franklin ship, the Airbus which was founded twenty fourteen- and we talked about it donors that ear the items Klute, things like a hair, brush kitchen items, wine bottles, aunt, em accordion. These were recovered by per Canada underwater archaeologists. So it's been a few years since the ship was found, there had been some other items brought up from it, but this was the first time that underwater archaeologists have really been able to start working at the sight, and mostly that's because of the weather. The northern location, of where the wreckage located means that you can really only dive there for five or six weeks a year at best, few have bad weather during that five or six weeks. That means it's not safe to go out to.
had a team for lost. Fifty two project, which has come up on previous episodes of unearthed, has found the remains of the: U S: s stickleback, which sank after accidentally colliding with the: U S, Navy ship, twenty eight nineteen, fifty eight the wreck wasn't far where the commission had taken place in about eleven thousand feet, that's about three thousand three hundred fifty meters of water, so collision with accidental. It happened during an anti submarine warfare, exercise the crew. able to use compressed air to force the water out of the vessels ballast and they all escape two other ships that we're in this area before the wreck sank again for folks who, my recall the lost. Fifty two project has a goal of finding all fifty two: U S, submarines that disappear during World war, two and before that we're lost during the cold war. As of this
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He's got several things in the world of food and drink. To talk about first up, researchers think they have figured out how the kaluza kingdom, and, what's now southern Florida, kept large quantities of fish from going bad in the summer heat, while working on large scale construction projects, the kingdom public works included. Things like really large buildings and canals, and they would have needed a large labour force to construct an their diet was largely fish based. So the trick to keeping such a large supply of perishable food on hand in very hot weather was to build large water courts to temporarily hold large numbers of living fish, basically for a future at a time close to where the work was actually happening. Some of these water courts were massive as large as thirty six thousand square feet with an stir shall foundation in it
it's just a matter of digging the equivalent of a big rectangular fishbowl. keeping the fish alive would have required them to account for tides and currents to keep the habitat going as a place where the fish could survive based on radio dating these water courts were built sometime between one thousand three hundred and one thousand four hundred, and that would have been during the second phase of construction on a royal manor. That was huge large enough for about two thousand people researchers studying ancient pieces of siberian pottery believe they figured out why pottery was first developed in that part of the world towards the end of the ice age. Their work involved three pieces that were between twelve thousand and sixteen thousand years old, based on. lipid residues. They found this pottery was most likely used to process fish, probably salmon. So the team suggestion is that people developed pottery at this place and time because they were looking for alternate foods,
This is not some point. People had already migrated away from the coldest least hospitable parts of what's now Russia and it would have become increasingly hard for them to find enough food by hunting and gathering. In the words of Professor Oliver, Craig quote it interesting that pottery emerges during this very cold periods and not during the comparatively warmer interstate heels, when forest resources, such as game and nuts, were more available. researchers doing similar work in Japan came to the same conclusion about why pottery was developed there at about the same time, but the methods, Making pottery were different in these two places, suggesting that two different populations each developed pottery for the same reasons, and around the same time, but separately from each other. That separate study, the japanese studies led author Doktor Shin you shoulda was quoted as saying quote, we are very pleased with these laws
this results, because they close a major gap in our understanding of why the world's oldest pottery was invented, indifferent parts of North EAST Asia and the late glacial period, and also the contrasting ways in which it was being used by these ancient hunter gatherer researchers in Israel, planted thirty, two Judea and date palm seeds, which had been gathered from several archaeological sites. Six of sprouted one that's routing. It happened. Researchers gathered up the fragments of the germinated seeds to carbon date. Bam too, of the seeds went back to between the first and fourth century BC, ie to or from the mid second century Bc Ii to the first century sea, and then two of them were from the first or second century ce. The age of the seeds and the characteristics of the plants themselves may shed light on how the population of Judea shifted around too
thousand years ago, as well as how people farmed date, trees. Moving on archaeologists in Tasmania have been excavating. The former Picton Road station that was home to a hundred stay incarcerated workers, while they were building a highway in the nineteenth century. This included the solitary cells that were used for housing, along with things like ceramics, tableware and tools. There were also a surprising number of alcohol bottles, something that would have been tightly research, given the fact that the labourers were prisoners. Another day at the area, is scheduled for next year, also in one of the funny or moments as I was getting this episode together. I keep up without these links to stories throughout the year. I'm on Pinterest, and what I had pinned for this story was not a whole article. It was apparently someone's accidents or publishing error. It had the headline quote: fragments found an attack, mania, convict archaeological dig at captain,
and then it had the sub head. Evidence of many types of alcohol was found at the dig, and then that was it. There was no confidence. What else do you need to know will you be evidence of many types of alcohol was what prompted me to pin the story in the first place. So was enough for me Speaking of alcohol, archaeologists found six hundred beer bottles neatly stacked during excavation Scarborough Castle in in leads, the sight had been home to tat we brewing, but model, some of which still contain liquid or from a variety of brewers in the area, some of this liquid with analyzed and found that it did still contain alcohol, but it also contained led lots and lots of lead. It seems as though the breweries water pipes might have been contaminated, which really is an all that surprising, considering its age and the fact that it
victorian end and georgian era, plumbing possibly be weirdest creepy, as best headline of the seasons unearthed three things year old, teeth solve pacific banana mystery What day is an island in the Pacific Ocean across the coral see from Australia? It is home to an important archaeology, site known his tail, Burma, which is home to large cemetery from the neolithic Le Peter culture. The summit he itself, as the oldest in the region known as remote Oceana and many of its burials are exceptionally well preserved. So I'll studying three thousand year old skeletons researchers found microscopic particles of banana and other plants in their dental black. This is the first evidence that the libido people may have brought domesticated plants with them when they first arrived on the island which had been uninhabited before they got there. That arrival happened about three thousand years ago, and this may help answer some ongoing questions
how the repeater people survived, as they first settled this island getting in the more creepy things, which makes me happy moving, from food, but continuing with that theme of stuff that was just gonna creepy italian anthropologists, have concluded that what appeared to be a piece of black rock is really part of the brain of someone who died during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in the year. Seventy nine, the substance glassy and it was found on the inside of a person's shattered skull in other Vesuvius news. A cranium found near palm pay about a hundred years ago has reportedly been confirmed as belonging to plenty, the elder, at least as far as possible to consumer confidence such a thing. At this point plenty, the elder was admiral of the roman imperial fleet and went
the area after Vesuvius erupted, both to study what was happening and to try to rescue as many people as possible, but he was killed by poisonous gas from the eruption. According to his nephew plenty, the younger jawbone was found along with the chromium and over the course of the work. It became clear that the two by I belong to different people based on ice. top analysis. The joy The longest someone of african descent, who is in their late 30s play some one enslaved by plenty. The elder skull, on the other hand, belong to someone older from the general region of ITALY that plenty the elder was from. This was really not is conclusive as headlines made. It sound like because the lines were like Plenary, the elders skull identified, and maybe this is a crazy
that belong to somebody from approximately you the time and place that plenty the elder was from found near Pompey labor at its creepy, because it's a cranium bits also silly ruling on some other stuff, but I found a little creepy and twenty sixteen archaeologists found a broken a full of nails at a civil war, fortification known as redoubt nine, and that today is the me of highway. I sixty four in part of Virginia this year, the women, Mary Centre for Archaeological research, announced that they believe this bottle is a witch bottle so which bottles were to ward off evil spirits, something that's been practised in various ways in different parts of the world throughout history. In this case it involved burying a bottle full of nails near the hearth in your home and that practice started in Anglia in England. During the middle ages, archaeologists have found almost two hundred which bottles in Britain, but only a
I am full in the United States, so this fine is relatively rare, although it could, it has been a bottle of nails with no supernatural significance, because the top of the bottle is broken off, so it's not clear whether it contained any of the other items that were typically placed into which bottles like nail, clippings or locks of hair. It could have just been the container someone was using to hold their nails. brain wants to start making artisanal which bottles to sell online. We'll just put lake cat nailed clipping unexpected I increasingly really love all of the things that I mean. Not all of the things for some of the things have been done are horrifying, but like the concealing of objects in walls and hearts to try to ward off evil, spirits, say things like which bottles and shoes- and they just like me,
you don't want that bill which to come looking for her tooth, you don't it now. That's probably, why thought the banana thing was creeping because it was about teeth. Anyway, do you have a break yeah, but to recover from these two stories and will come back in a minute that Lex is opened its doors, one of the first steal it made an important observation, Lex This wasn't in the core business. They were in the people business. Above all, they needed to be helpful, respectful and compassionate to treat people like guest, it's what they agreed to do from the start and rededicate themselves to every day today how we all interact with each other is changing, but who we Or is it in a tea Of uncertainty we are all for new ways to be human, to connect to reach out to respond.
Now when we need each other most Lexus, will continue. To do what they have always done. Take care of people first and the rest will follow visit, excess dot com, slash people first to find out why Lexus is doing for their guest, their employees and for our communities living without stuffy miss than history class is brought to you by the great the great is the new Hulu original theories that follows, Catherine, the great unlikely and often hilarious, journey to power. Young calves arrives in Russia for her arranged marriage to Emperor Peter, the third hoping for love and sunshine. What's he finds instead is the depraved danger, and backward world that she becomes determined to change. All siesta do as killer husband, beat the church baffled a military and get the court on side with only occasional historical facts. The series stars, L fanning, is Catherine, the great and Nicholas hold as Emperor Peter. The third created
written by Tony Mcnamara. The Oscar nominated writer of the favourite, the great, is a satirical comedic a thoroughly modern, telling a story about the past. That's at once. Moving inspiring and whole Larry watch the not so history. Really accurate rise of Russia's longest running female ruler. stream. All episodes of the great may fifteenth only on Hulu. Next up, we have to put a couple of Mummy finds, or things related to Mummy's Tucker booty was a woman who lived in ancient Egypt around two thousand six hundred years ago, whose Mummy was bought in the 19th century and then brought to Belfast Ireland in eighteen. Thirty, four analysis of her mommy has revealed that her cause of death was being stabbed in the back. Also
sure is confirmed that the mummies heart is actually still intact and present in the chest? Cavity talker booty is an example of what other cultures treatment of egyptian mummies was like in the nineteenth century, talk a booty was brought to Belfast. She was publicly unwrapped on January 27th, one thousand eight hundred and thirty five. It was really just kind of a public spectacle of like left dock. At least human remains that we're going to remove from their burial wrapping. Finally horrifying in totally different, almost opposite Mummy NEWS from a different parts of the world. Researchers from the University of western here. I have been working on a portable digital x, ray system that could allow more thorough but also non invasive. Study of mummies. Actually, in the field using actually emerging to mummies is not new mosaic x, Ray
That use multiple images to turn two dimensional x rays into a treaty view of a mummies interior are not new either. However, before this point, this work has usually been done with film with the team, taking that film come with them and then developing the images and studying them bear and time consuming and also that you were no longer physically able to compare your imaging too, like the mummies in front of you, This team, on the other hand, is working on an all digital set up using an x ray machines, size of a suit case that was originally made for veterinary use, the images produced or sent directly to a laptop, and they can be viewed immediately, x, ray machine being used in this work was funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research, Council of Canada, and last summer the team used it in Peru to take more than eight hundred x rays in the field overlooked. so just six days moving on away from mummies it into books and letters, Charlotte
anti most well known for her novel Jane Eyre, also maintain ME timey miniature books and magazines when she was a team. I love this her sick things made tiny books like this too and when we say were tiny muffling tie me. What we mean is something the size of a box of matches in the case of the We're about to talk about its thirty five by sixty one millimetres me small. I saw some of these at especial exhibition at the Morgan ones.
A couple years ago, when we were in New York for something podcast related and they they had the books, and these little magnifying glass is that you could get a closer. I loved them so much. I love the whole exhibit so much was great anyway, one of Charlotte Bronte creations along these lines. With a six book series called the young men magazine and this included original stories, mock advertisements and other materials, they really were like tiny, tiny, little mock up men's magazines. Full of original work for the six installments in the series were already part of the collection of the Bronte Parsonage Museum of faith has been lost, since nineteen thirty is were not quite sure where it is, and the sixth came up for auction in the fall of twenty nineteen that led to a fundraiser,
campaigns to help the museum by it and that campaign was promoted by such notable people as Dame Judy then choose the Brontes societies honorary president, and this campaign, we are happy to say, was successful. It was announced February that the newly acquired little book has gone on display at the Parsonage Museum. I really love the fact that Dame Judy damage is the honorary president. Burundi society course course she is Moving on researchers are studying a two thousand year old artifact in Japan to try to figure out whether it contains Japan's oldest known example of writing. Guess. You gonna Gaeta and his colleagues have maintained that this is an ink stone showing chinese characters that our written on the stone in India, India ink is a form of ink made from carbon black, typically in a stick or a cake which is moistened to produce ink.
But it can also describe a liquid ink made from carbon black and suspended in a fluid india or indian ink and as it is called in, the UK, is a little bit of a misnomer. This was for made in China and Japan and in some places it is actually called chinese ink. As I was working on this house, like I'm sure there are people who know what India Ink is, but I'm not clear on the details. Even though I've been hearing the term use my entire life other researchers studying this peace, though, have tried to confirm the presence of India Ink on the stone through infrared imaging, and they just couldn't confirm that it was there. So there's some dispute going on about this. If it is ultimately confirmed that this really is an example of writing, it would move the first use of writing in Japan to between two hundred and three hundred years early then what's currently noon when she lay occupied Peru during the eighteen, seventy nine to eighteen, eighty four Pacific war, Chile,
forces removed, among other things, thousands of books and manuscripts from peruse, national library chill returned more than four thousand five hundred books, but some of the ones that were taken were sold to private collectors, and this is also something that is a repatriation which are an attack, my but more of them. In a bit. I one such manuscripts is. Memories of the peruvian monarchy or outline of the Incas history by Giusto Abu Salvador, our Inca. Very sorry. If I have pronounced that badly, he was a descendant of Wada Pack, who was the sixteenth century Inca emperor, who we talked about in our previous episode on the battle of car.
miss conquest in the region. A lot of it is sourced from documents that have not survived until the present day. After more than a decade of negotiation, a private collector agreed to return the manuscript to Peru in November of twenty nineteen, and it was publicly shown for the first time around this year. It has also been digit, twenty nineteen and it was publicly shown for the first time earlier this year it has so been digitized. Although Tracy was not able to find the digitization online guy found various references to it being available digitally, but possibly because I am searching in English and dont know how it might be described in Spanish in a suitable way. I was not able to find it as our last our last entry into, but The letters were get account blueprints as books, it back in nineteen, fifty nine senior draftsman, KEN Barnes, was working on a fighter jet project in Canada.
helping to design the arrow Arrow Mark Two, when the first arrow arrow made its debut. It was one of the fastest jets in its class. It had been designed to intercept soviet aircraft if they were to attack targets in North America is a cold war era aircraft. At the same time, other developments Intercontinental Ballistic missile and satellite technology meant that the era with simultaneously at the top of its class and out of date, So the government cancelled the mark two project and ordered everyone working on it, destroy all their documents to keep them from falling into cold war era. Enemy hands. Barnes, however, did not do this, and in a story that at this point could have gone very differently, imagining like some high costs or something that did not happen, but what, if they had, he kept
safely in his home, where they stayed tucked away in a workbench and his basement until they were inherited by his son gourd. The younger Barnes ultimately donated them and they became part of an exhibit called touch. The sky. The story of our Canada at the University of Saskatchewan runs deep. Baker, Canada Center. We have a couple of repatriation to talk about the Helen LAB Thomson. Revoking trust has donated more than one hundred It aims to Hawaii thy Aloni Palace this, we know a lot of news coverage has framed as being related to the overthrow of the hawaiian monarchy at the hands of. U S business interests, aided by the military in eighteen. Ninety, three that something we talked about on the show. in the words of CNN headline, for example, quote thousand of artifacts were taken when Hawaii Monarchy was overthrown now
Some have returned home to Ireland Palace. It is absolutely true that thousands of artifacts pieces of artwork and other items were seized and auctioned off after the hawaiian monarchy was over and that many of these pieces of never been recovered or return, but this particular nation as well, but different backstory Rees items, originally belong to an Khan and Emily Rosa aunt was the son of a hawaiian mother and father of portuguese descent. He was a judge and key Kaliko were appointed him as attorney general, after that Rosa served as calico was Vice Chamberlain and he was part of Queen lily colonies. Privy council Rosa died, Eighteen. Ninety eight at the age of forty three and in obituaries has politics would describe as nationalist and in opposition to the republic that was established. After U S interests overthrew the Hawaiian,
anarchy these items which were probably given to the Rosa family, as gifts were then passed down who their descendants then Helen Land Thompson. His granddaughter died, Honolulu on June, twenty third, twenty eight team, which ultimately lead to those items being oh needed to the eye Aloni Palace than the headline sort of made it sound like these are things that the various people had looted from the palace and decided to return. But like this is a family. You had connections with the monarchies personal IDA. is that they have donated now in other news of Scotland has reached. And the remains of a Buick couple hundred ninety one years after those remains were taken from their grave and what's now Newfoundland by Explorer William Cormac. This return followed years of discussion with
Canadian government and with indigenous leaders, please remains belonged to know no Sabbath set and demands. Do it. I'm really! Sorry. If I have done that badly, I try to get pronunciations and failed. Matthew. Do it was captured by a european fur traders in eighteen, nineteen and her husband was killed, trying to rescue her. She died of tuberculosis, the following year, as of March. The remains were being held at the rooms. Archiving museum in Saint Johns, as indigenous leaders from Newfoundland and Labrador discussed how and where to very them to ensure that they would not be disturbed again. Initially, scottish authorities had refused to return. These remains because the request had not been made by a direct descendants. There's one of these situations, the biotech nation as a nation was destroyed back in the nineteenth century, so that efforts to have their remains repatriated has been
a collaborative effort among multiple indigenous peoples in Canada, a pipe tomahawk that George one Anton gave to Seneca leader corn planter in one thousand seven hundred and ninety two has been returned to the Seneca nation, a Seneca Diplo. Had donated the tomahawk to the New York State Museum in eighteen. Fifty one It had been lost or stolen from the museum about one hundred years later it was returned to the museum by an anonymous person in twenty eighteen, the form, return of the pipe took place in Salamanca, New York in January and now you're, going to move on and finish off this instalment of unearthed with thing, but a lot of people, social media,
there's blamed for the state of the world right now which, since, as we said earlier, this episode is coming out into its who knows what the state of the world will be. At that point, thirty led curse. Tablets were found in the main cemetery of Ancient Athens down at the bottom of a well. This well is known as be thirty four, it's one of more than forty known wells, in the cemetery, and it dates back to the fourth century Bc Ii. It was common to bury these types of tablets in a person's two under the idea that the person carry the message with them to the underworld and what They were seen as another connection to underworld deities this year. Of wells is kind of a curse. Tablet mailbox increased after see me in law, banned the burial of curses in tombs as part of laws governing the
tombs overall management. So these curse tablets would have been considered. The black arts and the black arts we're not looked upon very favourably in Athens, so this well, which was the water source for a public bath, was probably just a convenient place for people to try to throw their curse in surreptitiously. This kind of reminds me of people trying to scatter ashes on Disney right. Some of the other items found in the well, which had to be pumped free of water before the excavation could begin were bronze coins cooking part. Drinking vessels, peach pits and talus bones used for dice games, This wasn't all just littering. Some of these items would have been thrown in as an offering to the water nymph believed to be tied to the well. So this story I came out a little bit earlier in the year, but it Sir he waited a lot. I sighed around numerous times
the early days just after the World Health Organization had declared a pandemic and that lead to people making various quips about how we needed to throw the curses back in December There are, though they were removed when the well was excavated for the first time back in twenty six seem so at also, probably they had already done their curse work. If you believe in such a thing, since the whole point was for them their messages to be retrieved by underworld deities down at the bottom of the well, returned the sender situation, since we wait a logic heiresses. So yeah, that is our unearthed for the springtime of twenty twenty. I wild curious how this goes in summer. Yeah me to me too.
like a lot of universities are, are only doing online instruction or alike have like told students not to return to campus. So, like the world of you Diversity based work is very different simultaneously, though my spouse works for a University as a librarian, and he has been incredibly busy working at home as faculty, have wanted a lot of research help for stuff that is related to a coded nineteen. In some way, so at there's it they could go so many different ways like I imagine a lot of field work is probably can't soldiers or postponed a lot of conferences where these kinds of things make their first public appearance like there was a lot of them, have either been cancelled or postponed or move to an all online format. Its remains to be seen
what will have to report in July yeah? I imagine there could be like analysis and you are putting together of papers during this time, but will see, will city based on our own experience, it's a little hard to concentrate that it is, and we we have a lot you thankful for Ali, and I and our work, but also I it's been kind of like jested emotional and been mental struggle. I find myself like in the middle of research and being like. None of this makes sense together. How do I make a narrative structure? then I realized like two hours of past and I've just been essentially staring at a cat same like I've just leg. I don't know what happened here button I gotta make up for lost time. We had a deal
little listener veil to take us out. I do have us their mail. It is from someone who asked us to please leave their name off if we read its I'm doing that they write. I would just like to thank you Ladys for your special corona virus episodes pot casters may not be. Doctors are laboratory, technicians, attract drivers and supermarket shelves sacrifice, but you're still doing an important job of keeping the spirits up of people stuck at home. My wife and I are in us oh yeah, and are both working from home. I worked for the railways and most other railroad are still have to go to work to keep the trains moving were running more.
Intermodal general freight trains than ever. They are as long as they can be to fit into passing loops, also known as sightings, but are not as heavy as they could be. Things like dried pasta and toilet paper take up a lot of space, but are not very heavy. The people who load trains are used to seeing a peak period in the lead up to Christmas, but right now there are seeing a peak which doesn't end one of the biggest problems I have is having to keep picking the cats off the laptop. We have three cats and dogs I set out this photo to my workmates said my cat trim takes after his namesake the original trim as how Australia got its name Matthew. Flanders had just finished the first complete map of Australia and trim, went to sleep in the middle,
He wanted to write Tara, Australia on it, which is latin for southern land, but he abbreviated it to Australia so as not to wake trim. I haven't had to explain to one of my my workmates that it wasn't true. British naval officer, Matthew Flinders, was the first person to circumnavigate Australia and to properly map it. He did bring his cat. A ship's cat called trim with him. Trim was known for mischief like sprawling out on the chart table when an officer had to do the navigation, but the name. Australia have. Ready been coin. Flanders chose to use it and made it popular. On a lighter note, after your train Rex episode, you might like to hear about the tea in sugar. This was a shopping mall on a train. There used to be a whole series of settlements next to the railway across the no arbored desert, where the track mountaineers
lives with her family, more or less every week from when the line opened in nineteen seventeen until one thousand nine hundred and ninety six, this train ran across the line, bringing them supplies sugar, where the most famous supplies it carried. Hence the name. One carriage had a grocery store. Another carriage had a butcher shop. Another carriage had a big branch. Nurses would often ride the train to check on people's health and movie. Projectors were often carried that Christmas Father Christmas, also known as Santa Claus, would ride the train and the train finally stopped running when modern technology meant people no longer needed to live in such remote settlements. Things like concrete sleepers on ties which are not eaten by termites, not need to be replaces often modern, four wheel, drive cars met, track workers and their families could live in towns and then drive out to where they needed to work spending a few nights and bunk houses on the line. Thanks again, thank you so much anonymous listener. For these two
charming stories about trim and about the tea in sugar. I love both of them. As soon as I heard about the tension rooms like can wait When episode about that, I did a similar thing and then I was like. Can I do and but so it about this and other cool trains is like a six impossible episodes and I haven't quite pulled together, something that might be a thing to that can happen in the future, but I did not immediately figure out what to do with it. But anyway is such a good story. Thank you so much for Is this email again? We hope people are weathering things as best as possible and think spur listening to our show. If he would like to write to us where at history, pancake that I heard radio dot com and then we're all over social media missin history, which is where you ll, find our facebook, twitter interest and scrimp, and you can't subscribed our show on apoplectic asked the I heard you up and anywhere else.
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