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Was there really an Atlantis?

2009-11-16 | 🔗

According to Plato, Atlantis was an ancient civilization destroyed by an earthquake over 10,000 years ago. Join Katie and Sarah as they take a look at the myth of Atlantis -- and the bizarre theories surrounding its location -- in this episode.

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we haven't really been seeing them see you now available wherever you get my guests welcomes stuff you mr history class housetop works dot com hello and welcome to the pan cast iron cage remembered and unfair daddy and sarah and i as usual we're talking about bucks today and i'd read the last three z over the summer which if you haven't picked is amazing it's all about the search in the amazon for aid it may or may not be a mythical city i'm not going to tell you the answer something we might actually want upon cast on in the future but it got us talking about how the third for lost or mythical city sometimes on earth a lot of stuff and we actually do them real exploring and one of the best apples we thought it for this is the golden city of el dorado the streets respected
agent gold and obviously all the gold hungary explores went looking for it and consequently maps a lot of south america and another when was the fable seven cities of the bullet which was best have castles in the air and in the for this explorers mapped a lot of the south western united states and it's not true space is the only unexplored frontier really because according to know i ninety five percent of the underwater realm is still unexplored so are you adventurers out there and get your scuba equipment so tat we're going to talk about another lost city atlantis here that that noah violation of collegiality so atlantis starts back with plato he is the first real primary source we have for any of us and he started on what was supposed to be a trilogy of dialogues book one was to my ass he did have his second book critter yes and
never did book three and all the dialogues talk about the creation of world the nature of man and they also mention atlantis land is the story of it starts with side in the god of the ocean who was in the island of atlantis than the greek gods divvied up everything and he fell in with a mortal woman pluto and they ten kids five sets of twin boy and key remakes the island that he's given for her surrounding it with mode and it's just the ideal utopian land re ass very circular in design as the island in the metal there's a moat there's a strip of land in a circle another moat another strip of land in a circle and then more work and no one could get to the island because of course there weren't ships at the time so it was cut off from everything else over time he gave the best part of this land to his oldest son atlas and grew to be an incredibly prosperous place may have bridge
is an canals and connected it to the outside world again and stilted observes the splendid video castles and everything you couldn't and horse tracks randomly or a sign of a truly great city so he assured atlantis had them but like with so many great civilizations it became greedy and corrupt and the atlanteans began fighting wars and an slaving the people they conquered and they then went after the great city state of athens and they finally got there come when an earthquake flower them in thousand six hundred bc which in my notes after that i wrote bam so what happens so what's the story yeah that's the story and to me it sounds like a
story about a civilization has become to corrupt and to violent which from platos perspective that's a pretty good warning for the city of athens watch out athenians maybe honey you combat ever to money driven but not everyone saw it as this gory or man might some figures ends in that he was telling the truth like crammed her although aristotle it is most famous student said he who invented atlantis also destroyed at trying to save you know commands story so so most people at the time exhausted it as a man as a story that plato had a lesson if he well i went on people started to get more interested in this myth and trying to interpret it is backed and hunt for the lost city that land and
the idea that there was a huge continent that was passed the pillars of hercules which is the modern day straits of gibraltar which is where plato placed atlantis with pretty equally as we got sophisticated or more so skated ocean map and technology in the twentieth century and learning how the plates worked and other their polly wasn't gonna be this enormous continent under the atlantic ocean but that hasn't stopped lots of people from placing atlantic pretty much anywhere in the world we have the candidates have been the caribbean south america antarctica ireland french polynesia the canaries the azores tunisia west africa sweden ireland and spain are basically i'm sure there are other once they basically anywhere you can think of atlantic but my favorite can with atlantis is the fascination the nazis had with that which is completely insane and it starts with a swedish guy named olaf red back who said
it found atlantis in sweden places which of course has nothing to do with anything that played a route pillars of hercules yeah not so much he said the biblical jaffa came to sweden after the great flood and then gave birth to atlas which provide you remember i knew fun fun you know it's someone else's according to read back and he came up with loss of rationalizations whenever his didn't make sense for example sweden is nowhere near the straits of gibraltar well perhaps that was a mistranslation then and some are this research was picked up by a few so fast named helena bloodbath who founded on some of his stuff and added some more of her own showers did you see her name in katie's outline cause she popped up in an article i wrote a few years ago about karma kill arising yeah she's actually consider possible for secular rising karma in the west so it's not just a religious thing it's something that can be in a pop song
that we use someone incorrectly all the time but this particular religion became popular when the third reich decided that christianity had too much of a jewish influence and maybe people should find some other religion to take a pardon her idea was that when it land sank ass some of the elite priests escaped from the city and they went to shambles law a mythical place in the himalayas arians a completely new race learned from the atlanteans oliver wisdom which she said involve things like inventing aeroplanes and explosives although i'd like to add the theosophists also said there was an entire somethin continent named move so perhaps aramis reliable and they were waiting for the aquarium age a time of enlightenment and brotherhood so makes you anything engine aquarius that i'm not working to avoid that so of course who likes this airline staff that would be the nazis especially heinrich himmler who
believed in all sorts of weird stuff like glacial come cosmogony which was either the whole universe where the conflict between the fire and ice faced with the dawn of time can have james taylor it is unfair i don't want to compare him to the not hurried not what i'm not here but he was in charge as part of the us ass as part of their national heritage institute and so he had access to all sorts of scientists scholars and archaeologists who here out on missions to find at land for sure he sent people to tibet to look for this place in shambled ah where perhaps the atlantean given their wisdom to the airlines back to look for this place in shambling where perhaps the lanterns might have given their wisdom to the areas passed on their wisdom to the great ancient civilizations a lot of people have a hard time or i don't know if it's a lot so we'll have a hard time accepting that
the mega left in great ratan were built you notice inspired to build them and think that maybe the people lanterns taught them now pyramids that's rather than our color had anvil anything like sang while it's too advanced for the people of that time to anyone that event as part of a super raise anything with two impressive atlanteans must have helped out yeah they didn't believe that particular tibetans setting that they went to could have been formed by the people who live there just insulting but another himmler associate named edmund cast decided that it was in the andes and another one came up with some deal polar shift in ruins coming from the land hands and then otto huh i did it was in the canary islands but those even about another thing about atlantis people read what they want to into it and for the nazis actually himmler it was a way to figure out the racial parry already giving the pseudo scientific
recent pursuit of historical reasons as to why atlantic was so great and so is the area race one of the fun of it that's a little more accepted then than those aliens and teaching ancient civilizations is land his was in crete accomplished minoan civilization their collapsed in the middle of the second millennium bc probably a volcanic eruption that was on the which is the modern century me so that that fear has all the little more weight for some people than the more off the law ideas as the aliens which i thought was sitting that's my favorite wine and the idea is that they accidently blue themselves up with a nuclear bomb there are more or less than about the dangers of technology that a little bit too friend or the one that they were behind the crow magnin cave paintings
a lot of these potential atlantis locale sound not very hospitable antarctica especially i'd say one in particular that might be the atlantis you most want to visit should it be true or even if there's it was there and i am happy to go explore this to our fullest abilities and that's many in the bahamas edgar case who was a clairvoyant psychic would go into trances and red fortunes and predict things he had a vision that atlantis was located from the gulf of mexico to gibraltar that at least we have the pillars of hercules in their unlike the sweden there but it was destroyed and a final catastrophic event circa ten thousand b c which again puts it about where plato sad or earlier right a lot earlier here thousand association for research and enlightenment and that group
today as focus their efforts on the bimini island chain i'm dives and search for traces of atlantis they actually believe that the money mountain tops and atlanta they were really high ground and that the world's for a lot lower an eagle that there was a record hall on bimini that identical to one under the thinks it's just that really tangible connection this house all of the ancient records of atlantis but it's seeing how that so many of them seem to try to tie together all these cultures that have nothing in common like they couldn't have sprouted up independently of one another they must have come from that one a regional sword one civilization right at these the clean gave everyone the blue france for advanced civil
action and of course it must have been atlantis but you said something cool that was a little bit more recent you're just earlier this year google launched a new underwater third tool and so like people do on google earth you start looking around and folks start what a thing a grid like pattern of the western coast of africa which of course is another suspected atlanta site i mean what is it and the product manager of ocean in google earth debbie the rumours and said that the lines were quote artificial a remnant left they sonar equipped boats collecting data from the ocean floor that's kind of logic technical jargon for me but as far as he knew the research from those boats that are the research that those boats were conducting it landed related at all it
cool there i thought picture looks kind of like an underwater street bread if you're looking for that kind of thing that would be a good place to start because i had a really good quotes tightly told me earlier and this is why people aren't gonna give up for atlantis richard alice who is the author of imagining atlantis wrote that to live on in people's minds largely because you cannot prove it doesn't exist you can't every inch of the ocean bottom incident remains alive and the promised defining treasures and sunken palaces site that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow going to continue looking except under all the world's version which is a little harder to find perhaps but little know what you think about it and what your ideas are because i talked to a couple people who actually thought that pharaoh was a plausible a so email us that history podcast cast how stuff works dot com and if you're in it
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