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We All Scream for Ice Cream

2013-07-24 | 🔗

There is actually some disagreement about the actual origin point of ice cream, but almost everyone agrees it's delicious. The real origin story is a culmination of many cultures and ingredients coming together to fill the need for a frosty treat.

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Before the vote of stuff, you mustn't Ezra glasses, brought to you by Katy, keen I love Riverdale. So I'm really excited that the creator of Riverdale has a sparkling adventure in the big apple coming out, full of fashion drama in dreams colliding with real life, Thursday February six at eight seven central, it's the new Sea, W serious Katy, keen the big apple, better watch out, no matter who or what gets in the way. The four friends we were part of the shower about to take a big old by they take on the runway, the recording studio, Broadway and the social seen there's so much high style has a new name, Katy keen the fashionable new series, premiers February six on the seat of EU or streams free the next day. Only on the seat of you up, I don't think America has ever gone back to the way that it was before introducing a sniper, the gunman, likeliest killed, marksman fired six times in the course of sixteen hours. the police say they have never had a crime quite like this
is quite a mystery and then, as the DC sniper case, unfolded that terror boldly group, this was the most intense man Hunt in american law enforcement. History, listen to monster DC, sniper on the eye hard radioactive apple podcast. or wherever you get your pockets. Welcome to stuff. You must, in history class from our support. I call upon Molly Crime, Tracy Wilson and I have the following question: both oh, who doesn't like ice cream. I can think of a lot of people who don't like really at people who were lactose intolerable, but it might not be. If you don't like it, it's something we have to eliminate. Wouldn't fire threesome when I
in massage school. Our traditional chinese medicine teacher told us that, in traditional tiniest medicine, ice cream is a terrible food to eat because it's very cold and it has of sugar and milk and all things together. From that perspective, bad combo, I'm almost suspicious of people that here I can, I really can only think of one or two people that I've ever met. The brother of a friend- and he has many suspicious dislikes in the food arena- that, yes, it is only cheesecake, so common interest that person, but I love it and most people. I know of it. I do like ice cream. The jeweler one point six billion gallons of ice cream are produced in the? U S annual meeting. That is a lot of ice cream and, as we know, we know the serving five on a pint of ice cream. This listed has been comedian fodder for years and years and
It's interesting. I will say before we get deep into this podcast because we're tracking today, obviously about the history of ice cream, that of it after a certain point kind of centres on the: U S, While I know that people eat ice cream, the world over, I think, were kind of considered the neck Poland, Iranians, creative, gotten colombian with Americano, like you, have your slice of apple pie and there's ice cream on this idea. I alamode well, and I definitely there are a lot of cultural cream things like in, I grew up and in the well belt and the church ice cream Social yeah, an annual that everybody looked forward to you for a really long time. The whole preponderate. Of ice cream parlors that we will talk about later yeah how that sort of became a place for people to go and hang out Ice cream became really social thing. many states and not just like a food to eat for dessert yeah,
really it's am iconic food, but I think in the EU for sure. If this kind of thing meaning I'm I'm now wondering if we have a national deserted and if ice cream is it, but I don't know givethem flavour. Oh, I will eat chocolate, ice cream of course all day. I don't love chocolate. My mother in law really loves chocolate, ice cream and I think she suspicious of me that I'm like that, don't work for me. Yet when I had my wisdom, teeth or me, my dad, like woke me up in the parking lot at the grocery store. While I was still kind of under some anesthesia subtle he's like what How can we want knows that it was very pathetic I also feel like I should give a quick shot out to one of my favorite ice cream places in the world which is in Canada, its outside being coover. I think it's technically in Burma be called causes a lot o and they have hundreds of flavors of ice cream and they d really wild
That is where I had on dairy and ice cream, which they have to keep on a lid on it, like you get far away from all the other eye screams, because it makes everything smell, so bad re, but it's delicious and after I had pair, it's all eyes cream for the first time, and they do dandelion ice almost any flavour. I think they ve tried to do. death, and I love that play slake. I just to me it was lake going into the fire- We have dreams at that point where I can eat all of these things. Oh, my goodness, when I was a kid there was an ice cream place at the beach that we went to every summer and my brother and my cousin, and I would all get these it would it was bubble Gluck bubble. Flavoured ice cream had little pieces. I love that stuff. If we clawing we sweet right and I love it than a terrible color like not a color the founding meter, but the list
in all these things that I, as those with ice cream, a lot of them are things that are not as a family or in a group or lie very social food exit unless you're eating it by yourself straight from the carton in front of the television which I also do. Yeah Fisher definitely demo a. But this all makes us wonder. Where did I and come from in the first place and It is actually a pretty unresolved question. There are many different theory. there's a lot of disagreement about the actual origin point of ice cream and some the problem lies in semantics. Some food historians will qualify ice cream by a certain set of. materia and those may not be the same criteria or definition that another food he will use and semi for example, separate ice desserts out by the inclusion or exclusion of dairy, but even then the origins or hazy, there's a USDA standard. That's current that says for a food quality.
is ice cream at needs to contain is ten percent milk fat. A minimum of six percent fat milk forwards and a gallon Hathaway at least four point five pounds, but that's not really applicable to the historic all record because those who are not in place and personal trinity, the origin. So there are many different, an interesting stories that deleted, and we only uncover all of them, but we will do a list While the origins of ice cream so one of the earliest is a biblical mention. There's a reference to King Solomon having iced drink stirring harvest time, which sounds like a wonderful idea but it also doesn't sound that much like ice cream, but that's mentioned in the various accounts of ice cream. History is sort of approach, no ice cream, three m.
Alexander the great is said to have enjoyed snow and ice that were flavoured with honey or nectar, which sounds more like a snow cone but still is sometimes bandied about as an essential origin point. I think it sounds snow, green, which we talked about an hour prior podcast. We asked people were horrified that people would do that. the first century c e roman Emperor Nero is said to have gotten his slaves to bring him snow from the mountains so that it, combined with route again similar the Alexander, the great thing Marco polo allegedly brought back a recipe for a frozen dessert from his travels in Asia when he either we I believe that this more closely resembled a sherbet than an ice cream. people say that it's the genesis, point four ice cream and gelato and similar frozen tree. Developing in ITALY in them
Fifteen hundreds, it's possible that Catherine Dimity to introduce some kind of ice cream to France when she married Henry the second, yet she carried it over. Those are all different. I have read different accounts. The point to each one of those things as this is where I screamed started, but and then they all may or may not have truth to them. They're all like pointed out in various discussions of ice cream as like. This is very scream really, start there. So variation, and many of them don't evolve dairy. So a lot of people will discount them. Some people will support them depending on their beliefs and definitions and all I think that in some cases a little bit of lake cultural pride comes into it, their people in France that will save you from France, people from ITALY, that will say, came from ITALY, people from China, that was aching from China, where were about to discuss, Cosette, often gets, believed in. But the truth really is probably that there were men.
People wanting a delightful tasty cool, treats, particularly in hot weather and said
I think a lot of different techniques and cultural desires, kind of women to the ice cream that we today have developed this episode of stuff. You missed in history classes, Morocco you buy Katy, keen, I love Riverdale, so I M excited that the creator of Riverdale has a new show, a sparkling adventure in the big apple, full of fashion, drama and dreams colliding with real life, Thursday February six at eight seven central. It is the New Sea W Series Katy keen. We have singer songwriter, Josie, Jorge with his eye on Broadway. It girl, pepper and fashioned Easter legend to be Katy. They are in New York, city of eight million and they are for a kind, their friends who would give everything for their dreams and do anything for each other, so the big apple, better watch out, because no matter who or what gets in the way they are about to take a big ol bite. These four determine dreamers take on the runway, the recording studio, Broadway and the New York City Social scene, where they find it more than just careers and the big city they find forever friendships. High style has.
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Is your ally in today's connected world, because your information is out there sign up for Norton three sixty with lifelike today and save twenty. Percent or more off your first year go to Norton dot com, slash history. That's norton dot com, slash history for twenty five percent off The most favoured origin story for ice cream is, but it comes from China. So there are some references to a milk and rice mixture packed into snow for freezing as early as two hundred BC, then, during China's Tang period from six eighteen to ninety seven, it's believed the version of ice cream was popular with the nations rulers and They actually have dedicated Iceman these men. Their entire job was to keep the palace. with ice and they would bring their eyes from the mountains, and then it would be combined with a fermented milk, which is called coolness, and
m fur and flower and the dairy element could be sourced from a number of different animals. It could be cow, melt, go milk or buffalo milk in the fur was used to enhance the texture and flavour. But that makes me have questioned in my head and my stomach, because it seems a good taste like MA All right, then. I also wonder, as we talked about in our episode in the history of cheese, how A lot of adults cannot tolerate lack Davis. It because they haven't been their digestive system, haven't been gradually accustomed to it right in and chinese cultures and a lot of asian cultures lack there Tolerance is a lot more prevalent, you're. Ok, a big ingredient in a lot of asian cooking yeah kind of wonder whether you have the fermenting process took down the amount of lactose, which probably actually I think now. I think
EAST used in brewing in fermenting does not electors. I'm super curious about this. Now me to its fastened, think about- and I was surprised that it is the most favoured story, since we don't associate Asia in China specifically. The lot of dairy consumption ray is convincing. And it could be that it was so rare that that was part of why it became a yummy palatial like special treat right that, with the result, of all of exclusivity that made it appealing for all. We know it totally upset. There's some official treat that made you feel ill, but once all of these ingredients were combined, they would pack the mixture into these metal tubes and then some merge them in an ice pool for freezing, which is kind of cool. To think about I wonder if anybody does that style of ice cream making today, I would try it for sure, even in those cases,
I dont know. If I would drag camphor ice cream, I will try it out, I'm adventurous ultra almost any. Yet somehow I would be more inclined to eat bugs than camphor ice cream There is a lot of things that happen having to do with the area of Turkey. And arab cultures and how that kind of slowly gets ice cream and frozen, treats into Europe. Europe when the european countries and then a kind of takes a lot of big steps towards being the dessert that we know today, Arab peoples are said to have drunken iced slushy like Serbia, style, drink and medieval times? This is normally fruit, flavour and an apparently it spread to several european cultures because it was so refreshing and tasty yeah. The travelers that would travel around the Mediterranean and do trades with other countries can picked up this habit of drinking it brought it right back home with them
and one of the supporting elements for the belief that ice cream truth true. Ice cream and making the airports originated in ITALY comes from their knowledge of chilling various beverages in the mid too late, fifteen hundreds using flurry of salt, Peter and snow to lake submerged things and quickly, almost flash freeze them and we know this was used for wine to cool down, but its belief that this process you have also been applied, a chilling these slushy sherbet that they had discovered and picked up as a habit when they were traveling and they were sometimes called turkish bays and the worst, Ebay is one indifferent european cultures. As this history goes on, it really gets. it around in ways that are not consistent, different things were, being of sorbet, that we would defined differently. I think today so that the tricky when, if you're reading any of the the passages or sources. We list in the show notes, just know that surveys or word thickets.
tossed around. Without consistency, there were any fever. If you ve ever seen, you know an old fashioned ice cream maker. Do it's thing you can sort of Feed of that brought us in this whole idea of using a slurry of saltpetre and snowed cool stuff them yeah. So they were onto it early sorbet, as we know it, was invented when these icy drinks were made into hard frozen, treats that incorporated sugar. The man who gets the credit. This was Antonio eighteen. He who was working as a steward to the Chief Minister Minister of the spanish Viceroy in Naples and the late sixteen hundreds he first experiment at an added jerry to the next elections. The scarecrow Allama thereunto, which means Carver to the modern he included The police were lemon strawberry, sour cherry chocolate and sentiment ice and a milk ice often cited as the first through ice cream recipe. I would eat any of those.
they sound very interesting cinema. Some really interesting to me, mostly because my husband really love cinnamon sixteen eighty six or cafe in Paris, opened it's called ill procope. Sometimes look recurved, sometimes CAFE Procope but it's proprietor was actually sicilian. Was a man named Francesco Procope, you dig of telly It offered a variety of ice, treats and some historians credit him with bringing gelato to France. But others This cafe only offered very cold beverages. So there's some disk and see about what was really on the menu and whether he was importing. I screamed to France, with ice cream like treats specifically a concoction called fromage, which is very similar ice cream. This is not established. Sixteen eighty six sign above it on you can go. Don't worry get in the car.
The French had already been experimenting with ice cream like treats specifically a concoction called fromage, which is very similar ice cream. I made with cheese, even though it has the same word. Cheese. I completely clear why the two words share the same name, but it's possible that the frozen dairy dessert was chilled and cheese mould, Burma has developed and started to be referred to as Nez, which is the french word now and then Glass which is what is now called today. It became incredibly popular throughout the country. Seem. Ninety two, which was the same year, latina Cookbook for ISIS came out of french Cook, for similar desserts entitled, lemmings are regularly, which is a well at home was written by Nicholas ADI J, and it was tat. It is being quote the true methods for making all sorts of water. Essences am liqueurs, strong. Fishing in the italian style
oh Disease book was much clearer and its recipes instruction than it spelled out exactly how to make chrome say which is frozen cream. They use like it inside of another bucket, with the gap between the two filled with ice insult is described, as well as the method for stirring the mixture Emmy Interior bucket, as it freezes until it has the consistency of snow, which is really how ice cream still gets me you're making it into funky science experiment which yes or if you're in factory, but when people have their home machines, fats, it's really the safety, Ellen on an auditor but you can actually read online. If you are fluent in French, we will have that link in this units. Ah, my French is not good enough to follow a recipe of that nature. It's kind of mediocre, but sort of an interesting thing happened in this sort of point where it becomes a very american treat.
So I'll ice cream existed in Europe for many years prior and the recipes and the love of the tree travelled across the Atlantic with the colonies. In the seventeen forties, there is Also, this kind of actually mythological tale that attributes the invention of ice cream, Martha Washington, The story claims that she left a bowl of sweet cream outdoors overnight and accidents stumbled upon the creation when she discovered the forgotten dish which had frozen the next morning and This is completely untrue. We have instances of ice cream going on way before them and theirs Shelly. the count of ice cream in America is in a letter from seventeen. Forty four, which was by a guest of William Laden who is the governor of Maryland. Yes, I was writing of the time that he visited with politician and what was served while he was there and ice cream was one of the things
so even though Martha Washington did not invent ice cream. George Washington did love it. Like that's an understatement. I think here really super loved yeah in seventeen. Eighty four ledger from Mount: Vernon: there's a record of an ice cream machine being required for the sum of one pound, thirteen shillings and three pants, and even his own ice cream churns at home in seventeen. Ninety George Washington is said to have spent too dollars over the course of one summer, scream at a local shop, which is apparently close to a hundred thousand dollars of today's money does may have contributed to the wouldn t. It follows that well and it's funny when I was talking to my husband about this, because I was blubbering on about how interesting I found it. He wondered if it wasn't, because he had the wooden teeth. Ice cream was a yummy thing. He could easily eat it would melt in his mouth. I think everyone had, I mean. Definitely everyone had terrible teeth at the time yet but George,
Clinton's, terrible t, r, R infamous yes, Shortly after Washington's death, an inventory of Mount Vernon was made and numerous ice cream supplies turn up, and that inventory there were two pewter ice cream parks, as well as numerous special ice cream serving dishes. Scream was a favorite treat for both the company, who would you know, arrive and stay there and for the family and residents. Yet when they have state dinners, you were pretty much gonna get ice cream is desert. It was I cannot stress enough how much The Washington loved it, but he was the only person, Thomas Jefferson had his own recipe for vanilla that he had him. now any served it with Savoy cookies, and you can actually see that handwritten recipe online. It's part of the american treasures of the library Congress and will linked to that in our show notes and he is Jefferson, is said- to have maintained multiple ice houses so that he could conduct restoring ice for making more ice cream as well.
Storing his ice cream once it had been made the huge stockpile ice cream supplies and ice Cream I am in favour of a giant ice being stockpile. the lincolns were. Also big fan. Mary Todd Lincoln would frequently hosts strawberry parties, which would get together centred around dessert service and co, starting with the with the strawberries was ice, cream, yeah, so ice cream has a very favoured history. The american president, then even more modern president's of definitely sang the praises of ice cream. We all love it's good. I'm telling you perhaps because of the popularity with the early political leaders. Ice cream was enthusiastically embraced in the U S but up and early eighteen hundreds. It was kind of my fancy pants dessert for wealthy people and high society tapes yeah. Average people cannot afford to keep things
hold your hand and to get all the ice in the sugar and everything else that are needed to make it. Then it does make it a very exclusive food. They, when you think of before maintaining multiple ice houses there to keep their stock style man, that's not something most people would have access to you now, but the insulated ice houses invented around the turn of the century, so that meant that more people could have ice cream on hand Prior to that, only wealthy people could really maintain a nice house because you have to have constant ice coming in and constant management of the situation and the temperature death there that reminds me of the possibly apocryphal story about why sweetie you so popular in the south and had to deal with if you could afford the sugar in the ice needed- to make sweetie yeah you're doing all right yeah for a little bit of calling card of your aristocracy, yeah subject come over and have sweetie. I have the money for that on the veranda
in the early eighteen. Forty New Jersey, housewife, Nancy Johnson made ice cream in the normal way in a metal bucket. With ice and salt was great Mrs really have we ve talked about a time consuming and is hard keep things can stand when you're having to stir them constantly yeah Phossy invented the handprint, ice cream, cheering and her new artificial freezer was patented. On September ninth, eighteen, forty three and the bay design, continues to be popular now, with pretty minimal changes, yeah ice cream that you buy now are similar to that original one. Obviously, the components are made. A more modern materials bed there you find them into the walls and highlights the same, but you can also still by hankering there. Take Lamar you are not ice cream, which is probably good but yeah it's seen its function on its continued to be about the same thing
millions were doing with ice and fault mixed together surrounding this thing surrounding the young, the Dearie buckets so thick tat kind of quickly phrase it so little change domicile action? The first commercial ice cream factory was opened in eighteen, fifty by Jacob Fossil. He was a dairy man from Baltimore and he wanted to make use of the surplus cream. His theory was producing, which you know once they had cleared, that off. They had to use it very quickly, so it went into making ice cream and so I scream at that point. Transition and became not just a humane treat that you would be using your hand drink for, but an act. all industry, which, as we know, has flourished yeah eighteen. Seventy four saw the first ice cream soda shop in the United States as well the origin of the soda jerk. So the light Victorian and Edward in areas saw a real explosion and ice cream popularity by the night
contains. All of Amerika was covered in ice cream shops and Their thing that may have contributed to ice cream sort of being so associated with the. U S is that during my work to ice cream with a huge part of the morale efforts of the. U S. Armed forces like it was literally listed as align item Their morale budgets like that they had to have rations of ice cream for the soldiers Harry served ice cream to the troops and they even established this bless. My in the most wonderful way, a floating ice cream parlour in the western Pacific. That would serve this so it was like a treat factory. It was on a barge. He told by other ships. It wasn't self powered, but it's only job was to produce ice cream for soldiers which really fascinating and interesting, and it was quite expensive apparent and when the work included ice cream was a huge part of the festivities from.
End of the war through the nineteen. Seventy is pre packaged ice cream started to grow as something goodbye at birth supermarket and its supply did most of the quaint ice cream shops that had become popular in the early nineties. Hundreds of where's that sort of started. This big shift that we witnessed in the last couple decades, where Some people would say the quality goes down when you're getting ice cream supermarket. But then, there has also been the sort of growth of the boutique industry where these smaller ice cream shops. Again that are kind of, specialized their artisan ice cream. Now I've. Two of such shop over. Fourth, until I weekend when it was extremely high in Boston, yeah, good, fresh ice cream like a home, I screamed good stuff there. A year and we have these specialty shops all over the. U s now and then other countries as well
First, we owe all of these yummy treats are enjoying with all of our mix ends to. China or Nero or Marco Polo or King Solomon. Depending on who is version of the story, you believe, in which definition you adhere to in terms of historical context. Yes, I love it, I was immensely relieved. The time is pretty. like I can understand how it became a popular things, serve ice cream during I feel much people who were trip in hot weather. All I had of having walked to a place in the ninety degree, heat and then walked back while drinking a frozen during the man was a different experiences that I always feel much better than the trip out. the whole. All I had been able to think with it, so hot it so high in the runaway backers, like I'm drinking, delicious, this was a like us,
bay that with yeah and tree is shocking. How effective they are a strain of cooling. You don't owe me he feel good on the day that is sweltering. We anybody there runs knows. Probably about the peach tree Road race, which is a huge race here in Atlanta on the fourth of july- it's like up to sixty thousand runners now, so it's quite mammoth and after you finish you kind of go through. This table shoot set up where they everybody up this one street to get back to public transportation and smart a few years ago we have a local ice cream, popsicle it's on ice cream, but a particle you're a cooking pops amaze had the very smart business idea to start setting up rolling carts along that route. You can't go offer that route like they kind of keep you cordoned in police block off other street, so you can't can verge out and have a man It's like all these people marching by in it. So
to resist you just pull out your money or your credit card. Nearly yes, please give me the pop makes it so much better than if you were just walking without them there we were walking to Fenway Park on the fourth, where people a lot of ice cream, keep cool, and I thinking about the future RE race and how it must have been miserable. Yeah did not run at this year. I usually do, but I off did not do this Firstly, because I thought about that horrible march of active public transportation- and I dislike you so much as it gets, let somebody else The entry there's a whole lottery system to even get into the race any more. If it's gotten so big and There is so much rain this year that the park, the you kind of, have to travel through to get get your stuff and then leave was covered in my size, gladness still. But where is everybody there annexes it's swell
free and muggy Irian, just not there, but I did not have ice cream. Afterward so that's my punishment thing now and I did not have ice Cream Fenway Park this, because when I was coming by was late enough in the game that we were starting to think about. When you're gonna leave yet at which point I did get a frozen coffee drink your home also delicious, for that is the scoop dream not to make upon this episode of stuff you missed in history class is brought to you by W W, formerly wait. Watchers they have launched a new might be to be programmed at their most groundbreaking and customize programme. Ever I joined W W because I was really looking for something that was going to help encourage me to make healthier eating choices. They have really done that when you joined them W W program, you will take a personal assessment. It asked questions about your eating habits and your behaviour is not scientifically matches you up with which plan is going.
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Has to make lots small car trips, and so she listens, whereupon casts during this to make time path. She says I was so excited when I heard the killing episode, because my great grandmother went to battlecries sanitarium recently my grandmother and I were going through boxes of family things and found a scrap book that my great grandmother had me. While she was there from about nineteen eighteen to maintain twenty one, with pictures of Doktor Kellogg Menus from the cafeteria, all that's carryin and even her class schedule. It was a pretty big deal for a woman of her time from West Virginia to be able to go to school. So she was very grateful to tell all she went from mayor to work as a dietician at Bellevue Hospital. Thank you for the work that she do. That's really we and I actually Rebecca. We were negotiating that because I was wondering She had ever heard any insights nutrition through
the family storytelling lines, because you need to think about how nutrition must have been viewed. Then versus the subsequent years after she left the the log sanitarium and fad started to happen, indifferent, weird things and me you know. A vegetarian diet had not really been adopted all over the place at that point, so to have gone and early exposure and unseen it kind of grow. Slowly, unpopularity must have been really love. It the call to have that connection in history and especially because they are, you know how mementoes sanitarium gave her grandmother tapped. cool. While it's not maybe the most widely known and place, it did make a name for it sounds pretty If you have any connections to history or you, just one right is read anything else. You can do so at history, podcast at discovery, dot com. You can also connected us on Twitter, analysed in history or facebook that calm slash, history, class, stuff,
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