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Who was the real Lone Ranger?

2012-02-13 | 🔗

The Lone Ranger has traditionally been portrayed by white actors, but many believe this character is based on an African-American named Bass Reeves. A former slave, Reeves became one of the most successful lawmen in U.S. history. Tune in to learn more.

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from housetop looks dot com welcome to the part time doing a charter boarding and i'm thirty and if you're fired the wild west or maybe a huge why so out of tv as a kid you're probably at least sort of familiar with the character of the loan ranger affectional around a long and who roamed the american west trying to help people fight bad guys and enact justice and the thing character has been featured a number of ways on the radio on tv shows and movies and in all of those he says has overall story has been pretty similar huh a guy named john reed whose part of a group of six texas rangers one day five of his group are killed by outlaws and survives and his rescued by native american name tonto after tons nurses and back to hell threed makes himself a black mask and
the loan ranger most representations of the loan ranger also feature that unmistakable theme song of the william tell overture let's take a lesson that fund so hopefully that you guys in the mood for this pod caston another common point you'll see in most representations of the loan ranger is that it's usually played by a white actor but there and he who believe the inspiration for the loan ranger character was actually a man named bass reeves who was not only
lack he was a former slave they raised who became a u s death marshall is known as one of the first black lawmen west of the mississippi river an author one of the bravest and beth law man as well in fact he's been called one of the brave men this country has ever known so that's right it's not too hard to see how he would have inspired the loan ranger character however wreathed life wasn't entirely without com mercy he had more than one incident that almost compromise his reputation and his position as an upholder of the law but it's those sort of grey areas that some might say make him all the more interesting so weakened take a look at real story and some of his most famous adventures but first we're gonna look at how as a black man in the eighteen hundred he became a deputy marshall in the first place so ass trees was born into slavery and around july eighteen thirty eight in either texas or arkansas and we should say here
a lot of the deep these details about his life especially about reeves early life are a kind of actually a lot of them derive from oral history that's been passed along throughout the year so perhaps only fitting that we start out with one of these more debatable facts some historians believe he was born van buren arkansas well understood more likely he was born in paris texas we do know that always that wreathed and his parents were owned by a man named william ass treves who with a farmer and a politician that's where he got his last name from of course and according to the oxford african american study found reeves worked in the cotton fields as the water boy when he was young and that's reason hearing adventurous story than these songs about love outlaws and not she's known about roofs parents but apparently it really his mother that hurry that was so enthralled with violence and guns and these less than upset
man maybe a little afraid her boy would become an outlaw himself by the time the civil war broke out though in eighteen sixty one reads was working as the personal servant of william reads the sun george rees who with a colonel in the confederate army and organise the eleventh cavalry regiment for grace and colleague texas what exactly happened to bath reads during the war the little bit sketchy though according to infect le peter britannica wreathed claimed to have served in the battles of p ridge magua and missionary ridge under colonel george reefs but the reefs family the slave owner reeves that is claimed and many historians believe the bass reeves actually ran away fairly early on in the war supposedly bass and george got into an argument while they were playing cards and bath attack george knocking him unconscious but by taxes law at that time bass reeves could have been killed for attacking his master like that so he took off for indian territory
and we talked a little bit about indian territory and applied castrated last february called who is america's first black millionaire which was about a woman named director in episode we learn that indian territory and the eighteen hundreds was basically in the area that would later become the state of oklahoma and the early nineteen hundreds black people who lived there were in kind of an interesting position initial indian tribes captain asleep is just as white people dead elsewhere north america but after something called the treaty of eighteen sixty tax between the u s government and the five civilized tribes which included the creek the cherokee the chalk tar the chicken and criminal these tribes to abolish slavery and make the former slaves thereafter known as friedman full members of their tribes that had quote equal interest in the soil so sickly former slaves could own land and some even
served as indian policemen through indian territory was a great place for real to escape to after supposedly attacking his master probably for a lot of the same reasons it was a popular place for hours to go and hide out in even after the war just warrant a lot of towns and villages the indians there had jurisdiction over themselves they really subject to u s laws there's a good place to go through went to indian territory found refuge with the creek and seminal indians and while he lived among he really picked up their customs became we were in the languages that's been a theme of our recent pod cat and besides tat though besides going in living with indians in indian territory it sort of unclear what exactly reeves did during the war according to an article by art t burton and wild west wreathed could part of the union's first indian home card regiment under an indian name or he might have even serve with one of them
bela union indian van some following the civil war and the emancipation proclamation reeves left indian territory and settled in van buren arkansas this time he married a woman named nellie jenny who he ended up having ten kids worth five girls and five boys by the seventies he was early in the living as a farmer rancher and also occasionally served as a guide for a deputy u s marshals who were going into indian territory to hunt for out so his knowledge really came in handy there then and eight seventy five adjudge isaac see parker took over the fort psmith federal court in arkansas and partner became known as the head judge for all the death sentences that he handed down in his court when he took over his court had jurists sean over all of western arkansas an indian territory which was an area of about seventy five thousand miles in size and
with the largest federal court in u s history just in terms of its size so as we mentioned indian territory was a popular place for outlaws to hide out and it was considered the most dangerous area in the country that was gonna be tough going for judge parker so when he came on board he decided pretty much right away that he wanted to crack down on criminals in that area in particular so one of the first things he did was order that two hundred new u s deputy marshals be hired though these marshals could arrest blacks and whites you weren't members of the tribes in indian territory that's what they had power to do the indians of course had their own law enforcement and courts for their people so they were outside of of parkers jurisdiction parker also decided that black men would be perfect for these new deputy marshall positions because a lot of indians
didn't trust white deputies some white deputies hadn't always treated them farewell misprized there but there were there was this precedent of black friedman who were kind of part of the tries part of the community so indians tended cheat black people a little more therefore they'd make good potential marshals reefs the killer was just perfect for one of these positions after all as we mentioned he knew indian territory well he once said that he the area like quote a cook knows her kitchen ailing we have some exciting news yeah i am wildly excited
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and actually might have influenced the loan ranger story to some extent through the character of tonto so reefs was commissioned a deputy you asked my show in eighteen seventy five went to work incidentally you just mentioned his his close relationship with any chance that came in part because of his mastery of their some languages that mastery of languages is even more impressive when you consider that reefs was illiterate so i mean that sounds difficult enough to have several languages in your head and not know how to read or write in your own language in your own language but for his marshall work he'd have to get somebody you read arrest warrants and subpoenas and then memorize the names of the outlaws any other details then and head out from so now we're getting a little bit into his work which is really interesting i mean a lot of details about his work is oh kind of border on legend which is why his adventures make for such good stories i think that
what we know for sure is that he was a natural at what he did not seem to be he was physically well suited for four thing he was about six weeks to in anywhere from one hundred and eighty two hundred pounds according to another article of burdens and new crisis reefs personally two draft that intimidating frame of mind snazzy clothes he always had a polished for example and he liked to a big black hat was slightly upturn in the front more often than though especially when he was after an outlaw reeves would wear skies met was kind of his trademark he disguise himself as it how boy or a preacher farmer or even an outlaw so this is also of a loan ranger irish element to his glaring ass except maybe even a little more sang yeah i think so he went to some serious
couple in these disguised as i thank and one really authentic yet someone really well known mission reeves was pursuing two out laws in the red river valley of the chickasaw nation and he heard that they were hiding out somewhere near the texas border so he wrote that way with this policy by the way at this time deputy marshals would try around indian territory with a few passing then a a wagon just because yeah they were patrolling in hunting for outlaws and was so vast mean a typical loop was around a typical loop that they would travel would around eight hundred mile ones i wrap put the eight hundred my rights that they be there for a while so the ass he sat at camp about twenty eight miles from where these two outlaws they are pursuing we're supposed to be hiding out at their mother's house so there
if disguised himself as a tramp he really paid attention to every detail to he removed the heels from an old pair of shoes he carried it came with them and then he put on a floppy hat that he had shot with a few bullet holes to look on rough that he asked though of course concealed the handcuffs than the pistol in the badge that he was carrying beneath his clothes then he started walking twenty eight miles travelling on foot to the mother's house when he got there he asked her for some food in a complaint at his feet really hurt concede been walking in trying to escape from this party that was pursuing em the mother relieve them dies with them she let a man she fat am she told him that our sons were running away from the law to she even suggested that maybe he should hang out with her and came up with her own sensor they could protect each other son came home they agreed to this plan the deal that mom has set out for them and then
night they set up a separate room for reads to sleep in here you said that no we should all sleep in the same room in case something happens that way we can protect each other housewares wheat though he handcuff them without then waking up and when morning came they realize what had happened and wreathed adam right on back to care about twenty miles lay the mom followed them for at least three of those miles cursing reeves the entire way after imagine she would be pretty upset about the whole thing he whispered happy about it there the reward of returning those guys in was five thousand dollars typically these marshals got paid when they brought the outlaws back to court to be tried so that's what he's pretty amusing but it doesn't totally illustrate how dangerous this job really was huffing outlaws unearthly right reeves was shot out several times during his career as a marshall his belt was shot into two once another time has burne was shot off
still another time his bridle reign was caught by a bullet but it said that he himself was now actually wounded which i think is just fascinating or he was a real gun experts to his weapon of choice with a winchester rifle but he was also carry round to call revolvers that were position but forward on his bell for easy access and conveniently for a ranger alarm in he was amber dextra so pretty much equally god no matter which hand he was shooting with probably especially happy when you're shooting on horseback hey listeners i wanted to tell you about a new podcast from my heart radio called the women hosted by rose red it fascinating and deep dive interview show where rose talks to change makers in disruptors and she finds out what really drives them so she will ask each of them what was your first stand and how do you navigate success and failure and really what's the cost of fighting for others
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remember how the fourteen year old version of yourself if you could write to that kid what would you say i'm chelsea arson join me on my podcast dear young rocker were each week i write a letter to my younger so as she brings us back into the intensity of adolescence falling in love with their favorite song the way only a teenager can getting up the nerve to
when a band struggling with anger and body issue crushing on someone so hard and can't believe them experiencing how truly awful a first class can be feeling like you could first waning all anger or sadness or both in any second making a decision that could cost you your friends your van and your entire social way during a rough you're not alone you lived through a living through it now you got this during the latter country from google elvis production has created a hosted by mutual consent and executive produced by joint brennan of disgrace land listen to dear young rocker on the heart radio app apple pie costs or wherever you get your podcast real was still really careful even though he was heavily armed though it said that he rode grants italian with a white blaze on its face so just the loan ranger he has the signature whore chastity steed yet my reward of labour law then don't worry i also aware that he asked
some other horses around for his undercover work apparently if you wrote a horse that was to fancy that would tip off me was that you were marshall no matter what kind of guys are out that you were wearing so he couldn't just write his red horse i have to imagine two of you had such a distinctive force to read stallion with a white blades people would begin to to recognise that pretty easily very true most of all though researchers unbelievably brave he really didn't seem to be afraid of anything for one example there was a place any miles west of fort that was known as the deadline sort of the end civilization and when deputy marshals cross that line they were thought to be as good as dead you're taking your life into her own hands by crossing the line but reefs really just cut as a challenge he would go riding across the deadlines several times just to to do it
but his bravery is maybe most evident and the encounter where he comes as close as he ever did to losing his life not happen in eighteen eighty four when he ambushed by three outlaws the branch or brothers they were wanted a horse stealing robbery and murder when i am him they told him to get off his horse and to keep his hand away from his gun by reeves did not follow their instruct at all he stayed really com and showed them warrants he had for their arrest and he just stuff you know what day is it so i can make a note of this for the government to make sure my paper work is good at that point the outlaws just thought he was easy and started laughing at him and while they were distracted while they were still amused reads shot two of them dead diverted on barrel of the third and then killed him and reads actually killed quieter outlaws during his career even white ones which might have thought him lynched and other areas of the country and i'm
not sure on this point if he actually got paid for the ones that he killed i've seen sort of different opinion in various sources out there so if anyone out there knows if you get paid for the ones that you kill you arrange languages let us now we're not sure how this whole deputy marshall thing worked in that respect but of first as we hinted at earlier there is more to the story than just reeves wines as you might imagine with the line of work he was in his life was tainted a little bit with scandal to the biggest one had to do with the death and eighteen eighty four of his black cook william leech so early that april when wreathed party was camping out near the canadian river legion he's got into an argument that supposedly started when wreathed with dissing leeches cooking not and there are not a good idea rather things
later though and according to some accounts leech poured some hot greece down the throats of the puppy that reads had their in camp with them after that reads furious shot leech so nothing the aim of this incident for a while but then in january of eighteen eighty facts wreathed was indicted for free decree murder arrested and held in jail for six months until he could make bonn cut a shocking that the same islam and couldn't make bond for six but i know apparently made quite a bit of cash jarring criminal so trial though started october eighteen eighty seven in real time really great attorneys who brought in ten witnesses for his defense he testified that he had argued with leech but it wasn't really that big of a deal
and then later while trying to dislodge a bullet from his winchester rifle the gun had accidentally miss fired and happen to hit and kill each reeves was acquitted but the tree depleted his savings and he had to move his family to a different home outside of van buren and after that reefs went back to catching outlaws he was eventually stationed in different areas and eighteen eighty three he'd already transferred from fort smith to the federal court at paris texas and then eighteen ninety eight he transferred again term as kogi which is where he is until oklahoma became estate in nineteen o seven but tat one more brush with scandal later in his career after returning from one of his trips deliver prisoners to federal jail in moscow key he learned that own son had been charged with murdering his wife and was somewhere hiding out an indian territory so of course
going whose son there is none of the other deputies wanted the job of bringing the kid and wreaths of course with adamant about doing it himself i'm gonna have to imagine partly to cause he didn't want something to happen to you right it took him two weeks to to get em but reads returned with his son whom he later turned over to the court his son ended up in leavenworth present another place where our podcast subjects seem to be going lately but with events pardoned an apparently never got into any more trouble reef serve the deputy u s marshal and indian territory for a total of thirty two years and was the only one who did so from judge parkers appointment until oklahoma statehood all told he said to have arrested more than three thousand outlaws killed about fourteen though very likely there may have been more than fourteen killed his work ended after
homer became state and after that he walked downtown beat for the moscovici police department for two years and there was apparently never a crime on his feet so this was kind of a relaxing retirement obama super haven't met your crimes on on reads the stay off maybe but it didn't last too long reeves data january twelfth nineteen ten after being diagnosed with bright disease so is the real loan ranger we have to go back to that question we poles in the title of this podcast well as we and he said to have influenced or inspired the character of you some details of his life are quite different from the loan rangers but it's easy to see his brave personality in his wild adventures would have influence detail about a hero of the wild west yeah i mean after all he's been called quote one of the most successful law men in american history that sounds like somebody worth making a tv show on he was also the first act
american inducted into the great westerners hall of the national cowboy hall of fame in oklahoma city in eighteen ninety two and then on december twenty ten he was inducted into the opel whom a law enforcement hall of fame and in a vampire twenty eleven these wars is kept on being heaped on him uncle homo state legislature path and act officially declaring the bridge that passes over the arkansas river between moscow viii and fort gibson oklahoma as bath three memorial bridge so people kind of continue to commemorate ham and researchers life art burton whose articles we mentioned in this at the sewed has a book on him called gun silver star and theirs i want a bottom carter as we don't know who but will find out what i guess so every year we don't know so a new loan arrange your movie coming out in two thousand thirteen stars johnny depp is tonto army here as the loan ranger and helen bottom carter as we don't know who
we'll find out i guess so every year we don't know we'll be any bass reeves nods and that that one day it will be interesting to check out maybe johnny's listening to this podcast and i'm gonna go met with escaped a little better than i thought with johnny depp in our heads it's always a good time to transition on over to listener mail for this purpose it is from dave and it is a very special postcard because it's from article and clean and i were talking this means now that we have received postcards from every continent in the world there are some things we need himself the same thing not like polar silent but i've dave wrote it that at least one podcast listener was present at least untenable observation of robert scott arrival at the south pole
the ceremony was sober affair as you might expect but the night the ceremony major henry worthily if the british army talked about scots journey illustrated with photos and his companions had taken as they keep along got through the previous weeks anyway things for making history retaining my wife daughter and i are all devoted listener so thank you dave it's cool postcard too it is of the south call kind of contempt art illustration has been a lot of we also got up card from monica in london and she recently ten did and exhibit at the natural history museum of scots last expedition was manhole sledges it was a postcard out here with kitty and i discussed manhood sledges of debt in that absurd and it is kind of a horrifying in the four guys
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