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Who was the real Professor Moriarty? Part 2

2012-05-02 | 🔗

When Adam Worth stole a portrait of the Duchess of Devonshire, he fell in love with the painting. But a botched theft in Belgium landed him in prison, where the story of his life reached Arthur Conan Doyle and inspired the character of Professor Moriarty.

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I just realized that the first letter of every line of this region spells help me. It seems like everyone's accredit these days blessing the world with our slightest opinions on our own many platforms, I'm scotch benefits, and I break this February. Tenth guns, citizen critic, a new podcast, where we could take the critics and review the reviews of your favorite movies, music television, toasters, toiletries in paint, colors, listen to citizens, critic on the eye, heart, radio, an apple pie, guests or wherever you get your bike casts welcome to stuff you missed in history class from Housetop looks like a little walk into the park has carried out and I'm going to talk about it and when we left off last time the german jewish emigrant Adam, where it had died in the American civil war supposedly and gone
to become a successful criminal mastermind and had overtime. waited all the trappings of an upper class. British lifestyle is Henry Judson: Raymond men of leisure Putting the nice clothes. The posh accent the yacht in a really everything. But after Disastrous eighteen, seventy four forgery attempting Constantinople Worth found himself safe, but without a gang and broke from trained Neither freedom to add to his work has long time, love and the mother of his children. Kitty Flynn had left her And his best friend piano, Charlie Board, kiddies estranged husband had been arrested. For robbery committed years earlier worth it eventually rebound from this, though the pink or two called him quote the most remarkable, more successful and was dangerous, professional criminal known to modern times, and he, of course, eventually inspired. Sir, Arthur Conan Doyle Character, Professor Moriarty,
the arch, nemesis, Sherlock Holmes. But at this point in his career, he was down and out and heartbroken to do then, is a thing can get worse in eighteen, seventy six worth criminally incompetent younger brother arise in town. Looking for work fell John Worth shared his older brothers criminal tendencies that none of his talents that leave already learned from Pinkertons Detective agencies pamphlet Unworth Life, which is an excellent source of information on him. By the way worth quote. Never first, a friend or accomplice in for him. That of course meant putting his brother to work on easy jobs with a lot of supervision very strict instructions enough, though he wouldn't mess it up, are they really couldn't manage even the most straightforward job and found himself arrested in Paris for trying to pass counterfeit notes
John sure, the chief inspector of Scotland Yard, the guy who had been hunting Adam worth without success for years, jumped on their feet the younger were extradited to England and charged him with forger. You know hoping to sort of lower out the older brother, while the younger listen, jail and item where, as I did in fact in the meantime, said about trying to get his brother out of jail, though he didn't just come out in the open. He was Lord sneak you're about it, though, by this time it was tough because, though he had cash on hand for bail the law at times later that the bondsmen must be a gentleman of good reputation. So where was worth find someone willing to post bond and put his reputation on the line for a guy who was just obviously going to jump veil and hightail it back to the states immediately. so in late May worth is pondering this very problem when he goes by some art galleries, on old bond street, in one of them Agnew in company with sting gene and
submission and crowds and carriages were all gathered on the street. Just days before the gallery had bought a gainsborough portrait of Georgina Duchess of demonstrate paying the highest amount ever paid for an english painting, the equivalent of about six hundred thousand dollars today. So when worth went in to see this famous work of art, he was struck by an idea. If he stole the picture, he could force its owner. Thomas Agnew, to post bond for his younger brother in exchange for a return of the painting, though, basically ran forming the painting in the form of a bond instead of just straight cash, or something like that. So pretty soon after he gets this idea, he goes back the gallery with two accomplices and work had himself hoisted to the second floor window. Allege pride opened the window with a crowbar cut the portrait from its frame very carefully. You know they ve for allies later that whoever did it barely damage the painting at all
enrolled at all up taking care not to crack the surface. Of course, with this high price that the painting had just thought for the theft created a sensation, and it was partly because it wasn't the first time the painting, had gone missing: Gainsborough painted Georgiana previous podcast, subject known for her political action, her translating and her affair with Charles Grey. He had painted a several times during her life, but this particular Georgina with her a trade mark, a broad brimmed hat and further is sometimes called gainsborough hat and a suggestive power is quite different from the other ones according to their macintyre bag. A few of worth the reporting of crime, the life in times of Adam Worth Master thief, which we mentioned in the previous pied cast. The painting first disappeared right around the time to regain a got pregnant by gray about seventeen. Ninety two or so then about fifty years after that it seriously
hopped up in the home of a retired schoolmistress who hed chopped off for a gene. His legs said that the painting would fit over her fireplace an art dealer learned that this woman might have some rear paintings and flung by decided. He wanted to buy a purchase, the painting off the woman and then sold it to his friend when Alice when Ellis died. He left his entire impressive. Our collection national gallery, which kept the old school staff and put the more modern items, including against brought up at auction. So today it may be hard for people to imagine a painting causing. Quite such a stir about women began imitation Georgina's, hats, art critic debated about whether it was really gainsborough and people wondered The sitter was actually the other duchess of Devon sure and that's the dupe second wife who had lived with him in for years in a mental monopoly
Why are people were suggesting all of that and saying? Oh, maybe ugly, paid too much, because it's not really a gainsborough or it's not really Georgiana, somebody were not interested and fill it with a big public hold blue and worth stuffed only added to that sensation. Macintyre sites, one newspapers tongue in cheek suggestion that thief had promoted both art and history doing the work quote. He was an apostle of culture, the pretty funny way to look at it and I'm sure, that's not how Agnew thought after leaving his valuable investment, but fortunately were hadn't never intended to sell the painting. The attention would have made it impossible with everybody talking about the theft and your genome gainsborough, but his reason for stealing it vanished anyway, because John Worth Lawyer heads the cured his release and big brother Adam quickly. Pact John up, send him home
him promise don't come back here and don't get into crime again, sir, not very good at it. So what do you do with a painting like this that you ve stolen, and you certainly can't foul- and you certainly can't display mean probably a lot of our thieves- would unfortunately have destroyed such an incriminating item, but fortunately, for for us from the world worth instead fell in love with his pain lovingly took care of it when he was at home. He kept it stored flat under a mattress between boards when on the move, he carried it specially made false bottom trunk, so that his lady was always on his so to speak, but the attachment wasn't without cost worth under blackmailed by his two accomplices. In fact, though, neither could really do talk about it, since they didn't know where the painting was when worth move back to New York City to escape the increased surveillance of John Shore. He did attempt to sell the work back to Agnew.
funding through secret advertisements in the London Times, but the half Negotiations actually fell through one worth refused to go to London to deliver the painting, and The dealers refused to send a representative to the states on it really kind of seemed at this point like worth wanted to keep the painting for himself and the duchess, we did become even more important for him when his flesh and blood love, Kitty flan, who talked about a lot in the last part, cast divorce lowered and married one Pedro. Mary, who was an extraordinarily rich half irish son of a sugar planter you know with this marriage and her all her new money and her society. Cachet should came a New York society matron. Who would travel with their husbands spend, except ugly amuse herself with some kind of frivolous lawsuits really kind of assuming the position she had tried to attain her entire life
worth. It was definitely time for new pastures. It was time you get something else going, but he could let it go and right away, he couldn't form a new trustworthy gang for one thing: in his nemesis inaction, burned crimes kept being mistaken as his own. So when team. Seventy eight you decided to go to Cape town. South Africa quote partly on business, partly for pleasure. He bought a hunting coat for his duchess, I mean that's pretty we're ready to another level. Is one thing to travel around with whereby butter, a nice coterie, buying your clothes wrapped, her up and left expecting diamond fields would the great target for him. So in order to move around South Africa without attracting suspicion, he got into the ostrich feather business, which was blooming other time, coincidentally, because of
China and her big hat trend with big feathers. He knew it had really caught on with the ladys of the era and so worth pretended like he was in the ostrich. Feather business indeed go out to visit ostrich farms and visit agents agents in this gave him a kind of a path to move around the country without people taking notice. Of course, he was really studying the path of diamonds from mine to coast. How the rough just got out of the mines. Are they travel in armed coaches and reach out down ships, as the ships were about to fail. So the diamond heavy boats didn't have to linger too long so worth with accomplice Charlie king in another Recruit decided that a hold up, the way to go here sounds like a bad plan for worth whose motto was quote a man with Brain Has no right carry firearms. There was always away in a better way by the quick exercise of the brain, he
course ended up being shot out and had to abandon the attempt and the net. Plan, was more of a master, criminal hundred, more words style. So king alone, this time worth spent months, studying the convoys of coaches and realise that if this thing went wrong on the trip. The diamond shipment wooden missed the boat when this happened stones would be locked up in the port Elizabeth Post Office, so worth made friends with the assistant posts, stir, eventually copying his keys in wax from there the latest shipment by cutting a fairy rope and rob the post office a five hundred thousand dollars worth of diamonds. So here he is he's back in the game in big guy back in the game. So in the last half. Third, we talked about were double identity as the respectable comfortable Henry Raymond. But with all of this new diamond wealth worth or
brain and rather reestablish himself in London and put on even more of an gentlemanly show. Then he had before he bought a coastal house in Brighton. He purchased land for hunting. He take these elaborate trips to Montague allowing gamble. He grew a bushehr, more impressive, moustache and put on a little bit away, and he got me. to his wife, his name is unfortunately, a known was the daughter of a gentlewoman widow who worth had lodged worth at one point in a sort of took on the widows children as his words and educated them, and then ended up nearing the eldest daughter, Mister and Missus Worth had a son born in eighteen, eighty eight and a daughter born in eighteen. Ninety one, although the really strange thing about all this, is that worth kept his criminal life completely secret from them. I mean a real contrast to his relationship with kitty, where she was very much.
Heart of part of the plan when he was doing MRS worth didn't know who were asked them, what they are, but worth didn't flat out retire. Even children, side of him quote: Raymond loved his work for its own sake, although he lived in luxury and style, applied it jeez, the last and organizing crimes. He did make a confession married life, though it was time to move his lady friend, George out of the House worth crossed the Atlantic with his false bottom trunk and stored the duchess and a warehouse and a broken warehouse, he had a pretty close call along the way to you. He was actually stopped by police in Canada, who found diamonds and undeclared cash on his person, but they did not find the Dutch that would have been quite a fine, so on every trope worth would make after this to the states of her the next six years, or so, he would always moved the painting to a new storage facility in a really taking a lot of trouble to make
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now hardwood for cleaner is available at most retailers where floor cleaning products are sold on Amazon and at bona dot com. Though available for your other hard surface floors like stone, tile, laminate, vinyl, an elevator ye for cleaning tips and exclusive offers visit, bona dot com, slash bona clean The eighteen eighty were clearly worth heyday, but the first step in his ultimate downfall happened as early as eighteen. Eighty four bored his old best friend, with out of jail very thick by this point in real not so great at crime anymore. He was no longer the eighth burglar that he is to be. Buller, though, will still looking for so he teamed up wishing burn to stage a haste in the age of Belgium
The two of them got busted in the middle of the crime. It was really poorly carried out an worth, took it upon himself to try to help out his friend bowler. You know get him out of prison likely Constantinople incident, though it was not easy and ultimately, the bats worth could deal with get messages to Bore, get him some extra food just trying to make his old friend a little more comfortable. Finally, though, after board was imprisoned for seven years, Sheinberg too, of course, but worth much care about him being there after board? Was there for seven years worth decided that he really needed to make some kind of a last ditch attempt to get his body out? You know maybe even breaking out of prison, because forward was clear. at this point dying by the time worth got to Li L. Willard was already dead but for some reason worth decided to stage a reckless crime while he was in town robbing one of the van brought money into the study along with two It is worth plan the high swell the guy greedy. Well,
Jeanne the vans, Lock box of money and packages as lookouts fled, and he was soon via railway employee and was chase down by the police once caught. He tried to bluff his way out, as I would but police found car identifying him is Henry Raymond. He thoroughly use them with stories about being a german mechanic being a former thief, but one who had stolen in two years diamond sales man, but he finally, stop when he said quote. If you knew the truth, I would be put away in prison for eternity Ok, some fat set off the morning Privy authority. This guy he's already told them a million different story than giving them to different names. So clearly the prisoner was somebody, but they didn't know who he was and There was even some suspicion that he might be a spy because, unfortunately, for worth some of those packages, he grabbed up for
van happened, to contain state papers whoops, you know a little more heat than he was anticipating, though, still, though priorities. Information on him was overall pretty sketchy and were thought that he might be able to get off easy until Maxine burned his old nemesis when of course still in the local jail. the latter filling the beans completely pretty much listed. Everything worth had ever done since the civil war. Actually, a little more than that because he can have made him out should be a really nasty criminal. You no one who betrayed his friends, not really sticking much too worth real personality, international authorities in the know about Adam Worth Henry Raymond end the career of this man, who is obviously one person backed up the tale to accept, notably remember this when the Pinkerton, who didn't have anything to say about this
these allegations from action burn, even though, arguably they knew the most about worth than anyone or more about him than anyone. Still worth story became international news and he began receiving coded messages from his friends around the world. They would messages. comedian or Edward growled, the vast when Edward Graph, for that matter really confused the. when the presidency, I believe, to be Edward growled exactly also Turkle, who turned out to be the now widowed kitty, offering encouragement, and even money. His lawyer advice to confess to Billy S, robbery that deny all the other crimes that it didn't work after his mom. Twentieth eighteen. Ninety three trial worth was found guilty and sentenced to seven years of solitary confinement with hard labor at the prison deliver. So prison was particularly bad for work. The cushion Burne was still there in general
had been there for a very long time and had gotten quite powerful and actually, consequently, worth did not learn, option burns treachery until he was in jail when he found out. He was understandably quite sad. Also worth family fell apart, while he was in prison. We mention that he hadn't told his wife for his kids didn't know where his real job, MRS Raymond learned about her husband's true identity in the newspaper and just completely flipped out Johnny Curtain, who was the associate worth had tasked with looking out for MRS Rain the kids came to her aid, but unfortunately he came comforting her with laudanum and alcohol and ultimately said. her and then stole everything she had the yacht, sold off the houses and pocketed the money from now and then just disappear
So, MRS Raymond, you know now completely abandoned, not sure what her life is really about and broke, wound up in an asylum, and the two kids were sent off to Brooklyn to live with John Worth, who had kept his promise and had taken out of criminal activity and John Work life also to some other sad things, and while he was in prison, is a really dark period for were Mara Mundell Biome, who we mentioned in the previous podcast, who had given birth kind of his first break. She died He also died at only forty one years of age and news officially broke that the famous missing duchess light be inwards. Control works great secret. How did they get out well were about talk about that effectually. That story published in the pound argues that only months after worth went to jail that likely influenced Arthur Conan Doyle. Creation of Professor Moriarty Worth had been
duped by freelance reporter, posing ass a solicitor and to discussing the duchess. Their conversation was published, interview, a confession of sorts and was reprinted and countless periodicals with a heavy. Does after citizen about whether it was true or not worth battled back by granting a real exclusive interview plain whole thing off as a joke. He just wanted you kind of green up the reporter by spending tales and found a good enough. Her fiction at whether the story was true or not the kids by December eighteen. Ninety three professor Moriarty debuted and died in the final problem, course. You know, I fear, familiar with the character he's not complete match for his real life counterpart Moriarty its tall and then his pre creepy, an early stages murders that sort of thing, whereas of course, as we know worth, did not like violence end. Some inspiration probably came from a few others,
if you know Conan Doyle, movement, relying exclusively unworth, Macintyre, suggest Conan, Doyle, friend, major general dress, then Friedrich, nature and the crooks. George Artie and Jonathan Wild may have been inspirations but Conversation with doktor, Gray, Chandler, Briggs Conan Doyle did site worth as his inspiration. And it's pretty obvious you if you read the character, there's some clear parallels between them, but going back to mean the real life guy in eighteen. Eighty seven worth was released early from prison for good behaviour. He was fifty three years all by this point he was broke. He was really think he hadn't had good medical care in prison, but he still was in possession of the duchess. He hadn't, given that Trump card up and he was hoping
Maybe it would help him reclaim his kid, so he set about negotiating a return of the painting, but instead of inquiring directly with Agnew, as he had the last around worth, instead brought in an intermediary in Patrick Shady, to seek out William Pinkerton to be the main go between, and you can really feel a lot of pinkertons public image of the face he put out to the world in his agencies. Pamphlet Unworth that we ve mentioned a few times now, but Macintyre spoke also hints at a more complicated detective, especially later in life. Pinkerton took a lot of real genuine interest in the men he had hunted or put into jail helms got along with them better than he ted with people on his side of the law. The weapon Pinkerton had met away before this way back in the mirror.
In bar days in Paris but worth had infinitely more respect for him than he had four guys, like John Shore of Scotland Yard or for other agencies only partly because they are clearly the only people who really knew anything about him and he felt like the pinkertons had helped in our little bit when he was in trouble in Belgium specially respected the Pinkerton strange silence during his belgian arrest after some bluffing both sides, William Pinkerton. He didn't want to seem like he was doing anything shady to Scotland Yard in particular. The criminal and the detective. They opened up tots worth actually visited, Pinkerton Chicago, office January twelfth. Eighteen. Ninety nine and basically told his whole story. He told Pinkerton quote now in placing myself entirely in your hands. I've never done it with a human being before, but I have implicit confidence in your work, that you and yours will not take advantage of what I say is falling. We have some exciting news
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all day and into the night, and they met the next day and the day after that may, of course, discuss the duchess Worth told Pinkerton that he was sick and that the lady should return home, but they also discusses career and his life had a kind of talking about everything worth had done and as soon as this epoch, interview with over Pinkerton wrote the entire thing down. This is, I mean pretty. Apparently, the basis for the let that we ve been discussing and then in moving like the cutest thing happened. He arranged for a fox terrier puppy to be sent to worth kids kind of almost to cement this trusting relationship. They were going to have to go so still thou, even though worth trusted Pinkerton and vice versa, negotiate.
It's really did take a long time. The duchess wasn't return until nineteen o one when fee Morland Agnew, who was Sir William Agnes sign, took a ship to the United States and collected at and its unknown, how much exactly he paid. But the really strange thing about the delivery is that, while the worth turned the painting over, you know he kept his father the deal he didn't entirely give it up, because he was almost certainly a passenger aboard Agnew ship back to England in heavy disguise. I think that's a little bit creepy with you had a deal about taking it back and decided that it would be better to have his case. Then the painting at this point it was almost like. He just didn't want to be separated from it. He needed to at least go back home with her J Pierpont Morgan bought the picture the add new family beating out centre to William Clerk of Montana, who is huge, clerks Father only talk, driver, podcast, subject: Morgan didn't display the painting
night of his home and after his death, his children kept it when his life, grandchild died and ninety ninety three. It was taken from her New York City Apartment and auctions and Sotheby's London, where it was purchased none other than the Duke of Travel so early it finally go home after all those years away. What seventy ninety tours like the time. Ninety three, so with some of that money, though, from the paintings return worth, was able to buy off his sister in law, who was sort of holding of kids hostage almost by this point in order to get some money out of the kids move to England to live with their father. They lived in London together for a short time with worth and Pinkerton, of course, still corresponding regularly on January eighth, eighteen o to actually just a few days after Morgan had taken the duchess back to New York City Worth died at fifty six years
age. His teenage sign Harry Recommend Junior, who have obviously a completely made up name, move back to America with his sister and then encryption. I mean that relationship that worth forge with him at the end really did pay offer his kids get. Pinkerton helped arrange work for the boy he secretly passed along the proceeds from the agency's pamphlet on worth to the two kids, and eventually he even gave worth a job with the detective firms are very valuable, Adam Worth Junior, essentially working for the Pinkerton, an interest. question. Conan Doyle also revisited the character Moriarty setting the valley of fear before the final problem so that he could fill onshore locks nemesis again according to Economist people still reenact the death battle from the final problem. and, as we mentioned in the first part of his pod cast, it looks like a morning. Archie will play a major part in a new Sherlock Holmes. Reboot. Definitely I mean we ve only seen very see them, but he was
Ass did pretty heavily at that laughed at threw out and then at the end, it was pretty clear that Vienna. Yet, oh, I guess listeners in England don't spoil season two or worse legacy. Of course, isn't just the skull headed psycho character of Moriarty, though, because in nineteen thirty nine she s, Eliot included a very Moriarty like character, called the mystery cat in his own, half of the book of practical cats, which, coincidentally, was the inspiration for the musical cats I mean. I just think this is like the most polarity outcome for a guy like Adam, were that's one connection I would not make. I think I'm really gonna have to pick up a copy now to of old possums book of practical CAT, Spain, one somewhere you do. It will bring it to work in and let me because it looks pretty funny I'll. Do that
This is all we have for the saga of Adam Worth, but I'm so glad that we did it. We ve had so many requests were ever since, as you mentioned ever since we did the Sherlock Holmes at the sound and its one that you can't find a type of art, as on glaringly in really a lot of it is based on that biography or the Pinkerton pamphlet, which has other strange twisted view of the story, because Pinkerton is a law man, you know he's gotta put that faith forward for everybody. It's gotta be like this is a bad criminal and we need to talk about him that way, but he clearly cared for worth two in furtive brushes over certain aspects of his life hell. I think both through Macintyre spouse, and through that we got to see a little bit of the human side worth two. It wasn't all desire in bad stuff. Definitely, though, I love doing these literary inspiration episode. So if any of you have,
more suggestions for those you know: people real life, biographies who inspired the creation of some literary character. I'd love to hear some of those he could email at history, podcast discovery, dot com or you could postpone our Facebook, Twitter account at least in history, and if you want to learn a little bit more about some of the topics we talked about today, like part, for example, having article on our website called how could someone steal a painting from a museum, and you can find that by checking out our home page Toby, Toby Toby, Hausa for stock, retorted check out our new video podcast stuff from the future joint Housetop works.
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