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10 Voter Suppression Methods

2020-10-20 | 🔗

Voter suppression in the USA is as old as voting itself. Listen in to hear about 10 ways we stifle the vote.

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this new to part personality, election special and Oliver other episodes on the eye- heart, radio, app Apple podcast or wherever you get your PA gas. Welcome to stuff, you should know a production of Iheart radios, how stuff works hey and welcome to the podcast, I'm Josh Clark and there's Charles W Chuck, Bryant and Jerry's out there somewhere wandering around. So if you see her bring her back- and this is stuff- you should know a rare top ten yeah, where we do all ten, although I'm sure we'll end up combining some in and it'll, be like eight or something weird like that, but Just don't even really do these anymore, suits me no, no and spinning. this one's an important top ten to this isn't, like you know, ten, biggest things ever moved, or anything like that. Did we do that? No, I don't think ever did it's on,
the works yet is right, it's a real thing. Yes, like ten heaviest objects ever moved or something maybe we'll do someday This is from our old website that we to work for, though house of works and this is indeed density. Fun differently suppress the suppress, the vote and the vote. through gerrymandering and such efforts like that we did one specifically called our election laws designed to suppress voting and that's a good one to go, listen to as well. It is because it's very sad but in the United States, suppressing the vote and keep trying to keep people and and people and certain demographics from voting is as old as voting itself yet, which is sad because everybody has the impression that you know, and it's pure state in America, if you want to vote. If you say this is my my right and obligation and duty as a citizen
you can go vote and it shouldn't be all that hard. Didn't you just going you vote in your vote is counted, and maybe your listen wins, maybe they don't, but you voted in in there shouldn't be any barriers to that voting is the the way that democracy functions so the most democratic way for the democracy, function is to remove his many barriers as possible. Unfortunately, there are a lot of barriers that are put up that do make things harder for people to vote, which is we're talking out here that and they're, not old barriers. The Brennan sinner for Justice answers think tank in New York and advocates for civil rights, especially around voting. They said since two thousand and ten twenty five to pass new laws, making it more difficult for people. out in the United States of America, yet
so we should probably just come out and say unfortunately, too, are republican listeners is not one of those both sides do what kind of things this is largely republican, the Republican controlled aids in municipalities that create, laws and regulations that it already make it harder to vote the reason why on paper is because It's to combat voter fraud, the power is this voted for. It has been shown Many many many times over by many different studies by by groups from both sides of the political spectrum that it and I'm it it doesn't really existed. It exists in such mimic, minuscule amounts that it might as well not exist that same Brennan setter check that you in the second ago, there time and in voting they they the study, and they saw that between nine ten thousandth of a percent to four
one hundred thousands of a percent. That's how rate of overall voting fraud in the United States, and, if you like, Brennan sooner, Does liberal there was an exhaustive worry investigation launched in two thousand to by John Ashcroft, too, is Bush Junior. the attorney general, if you'll, remember hack over him heck of a singer member anything about the eagle flying high in the air, and I remember that he was annoying feet with oil Yemen. Yet ass. I M so Ashcroft. His justice department launched a really thorough investigation in devote or fraud in the United States and out examining hundreds of millions of ballots between I think I am I don't remember what what years they looked at it over, they managed to bring charges on only one hundred twenty people in only eighty six of those were convicted. So there's There is really no evidence that voter fraud exists and yet these solutions devoting fraud, voter fraud, which are obstacles
barriers to voting are still asleep published others still supported? even though people are like Four doesn't exist, they say well, we sell to protect against anyway, so we're gonna make voting harder on the nets. Candidate problem that we're dealing with right now with this thing in this, is why a lot of people point to this and say this: is voter suppression in fact, even in our most recent election, if I remember correctly down tromp lodged an investigative body too, look into the because he lost the popular vote by roughly three million votes, and he said There were at least three million illegal votes cast. That's why I lost that vote. Didn't, he form a body to investigate that that just sort of quietly went away without any findings it did. There were like there were some findings, but they were you know, and there was a report and it was actually kind of a scandalous report. That said, there's voter fraud everywhere and then people said well. Can you show us your your work and they said no and that's when it kind of
it often and nothing that's right, so yeah so there's like show where I could ve shown verified. They basically doesn't exist in yes any in. It's a voter fraud, especially purposeful. Voter fraud meant to do affect the outcome of the election, throw them, in jail. They check away their right to vote for ever and made them on the bottom too, like this, it's not a good thing. No one saying like who cares about voter fraud? What people are saying is that voted for virtually doesn't exist so that to all these draconian measures that make harder for people to vote and seemingly weirdly make it harder for certain groups of people like minorities and poor people to vote. That's that's a problem because number. One is a solution to a problem that doesn't exist. The number two again to be voter suppression and other people would say. well, why? Why would? Why? Would the GEO p cares if, like? Why would they do this? Then
Apparently, if you look at elections in general The republican party tends to be favoured when fewer people turn out. When a lot of when there's a large electorate that usually tend to favour. The Democrats will not that many people turn out of all the people turned about usually tend to be Republicans, so a lot of people owing to the Republican, controlled cities and states on the country and say think. You're doing this to win at which makes it cheating and you're cheating by taking away people's ability to vote or making it hard enough that they just give up and don't vote, that's right, so they wanted. This can be historical as well and I guess we should start with number ten, which is pull taxes and early on when voting can kind was in its early, stages. They thought you know a really easy way to keep people Voting is to have them attacks to have to vote and have to be exorbitant, but maybe just high enough to where most
The people that we don't want to vote can afford it most of the confederate former confederacy, had these taxes a lot of stuff, was in the south. Historically right, unfortunately Virginia charged about about fifty a year which was about eleven bucks in today's dollars. So that's not a lot of money, but it had he paid in cash and back. Then, if you were a sharecropper, if you're smart farmer, The small farm you bought monsieur stuff on credit and you didn't have a lot of cash line or any money had two or three dollars at any given point right and you hit him on the head when you said aloud this happen or started out a lot of voters. Suppression tactic started out in the south during reconstruction, because all of a sudden. There were a lot of black people who said had the right to vote in the White dominated south and so the white establishment was at threat of being undermine replaced by black people or people who are friendly.
black interests and they didn't want that so They started instituting things like Paul tax, but they had to do it in way. Where it appeared like It applied to everybody, so pull tax who apply to everybody, but then they were the two things like grandfather clauses. We literally said with Paul taxes. If you grandfather was able to vote for the civil war you're exempt well by people. didn't really have the right to vote, especially in the south before the civil war, so it's impossible that their grandfather would have had that right with white people who, I have been poor, but couldn't afford to pay the pole tax probably going to vote in favour. with white interests in the south. During that election, they would be because they're grandfather could vote before the civil war and that's how that was done yeah and other southern states them. They had cumulative taxes on top of just being taxed. You had to do this several years in a row in order to earn that right to vote.
So all of these things, of course, this was eventually rendered illegal and nineteen sixty four with ratification, of the twenty fourth amendment. They said he can't do poll taxes anymore. After a hundred years, we've determined it's not fair yeah and it took a couple years to so all the way up. Until one thousand nine hundred and sixty six dude, there were four aids that still have laws on the books that had to be struck. in federal court that poll taxes were okay, yeah, which is crazy. The one that they did was literacy tests which kind of went hand in hand again. A lot of stuff started out in the that the reconstruction and Jim Crow South and if you were black writer,
the civil war. There is a really good chance that you couldn't read way more of a chance when compared to a white person. I'm not sure what the percentage is, but there were laws on the books that say it's illegal for you as a white person to teach the people that you have enslaved to read A right. It's illegal legged, literacy among slaves is not is not legal, and so what way to prevent those people who were now franchised after the civil war from voting, would be to say, while you have to be literate to vote because- and this is sneaky because If you're not literate, how can you possibly be an informed voter? You can't just come in and say I want a vote for this person because I, like their name, you have to be informed and to be informed. You have to be literate, so we're going to test your literacy before we let you vote right. One good examples in South Carolina knee in eighteen, eighty two, where you couldn't, even if you could manage to learn if you really
and you managed to learn to write down your name and in your bigger ballot, They said now you get a ride down a ballot for each office. If you to vote for governor and Senator and anything else than you have to do to be. Oh right down all of those and put it in the correct box. This labelled right that you probably can't read and we're gonna, shuffle these boxes around two. So even if you Have someone that wants to help you cast that vote. That's gonna be allowed to happen either in you know, forget the fact that peace or have learning disabilities and sometimes legitimate problems, learning how to read, even if they want to learn how to read, and it's like saying that you can't vote if you, if you dont, have arms to cast it too. A ballot. It's just it's outrageous and it gets even more outrageous. If you go to Louisiana where they had literal brain teasers that you had to be able to figure out in order to vote, and this one
I'm sure. If I sat down long enough, I can't figure it out right, but not when I'm probably nervous about casting my first vote as a former a person right so this one in particular in this one, was instituted as more more black people learn to read, which so just buckler for this one right. Every other word in this first line imprint. Every third word: in the same line, but capitalize the fifth word that you right, so you could conceivably, especially as a literate person figure this out, and it would take you a little while. let's say that you went, and so you wrote all this stuff and then you got to the last part where it said capitalized, the fifth word, then you went back and scratched out the small case, whatever that fifth word was and penalize that one or maybe you capitalize, all the words, and I had to go back and put them in lower case the fact that these tests
were administered by White Pole workers and that they were typical, subjective, meaning that if it that Paul worker decided. You failed you, failed when you back and scratch that out made in Vienna capitalized that word, there was Probably a hundred percent chance it that white poll worker didn't want you voting in the first place was going to say, Sorry, you fail. You can't vote yes you think, well sure, but this was the eighteen hundreds, no, no, some southern states had these brain teaser test all the way up until the mid nineteen sixties. the Voting Rights ACT. Finally said you don't need to do a brain teaser devote that's illegal and it's kind of dumb yeah. So you know there is a lot of a lot of chicanery every. I think, as John Oliver would put it was going on in the south, but I mean
the one of the mechanisms that I think that that really got used that work. really just kind of probably the most effective one was straight up: violence like the coup clicks clan. the knights of the White Camelia, the bunch different groups, terrorist organisations grew up to terrorize, black people and people who supported the rights of black people to send a message. Saying like no, were the white power structures going to be staying in power around here and we will go so far as to murder, you in your family make examples out of you, too like leaving you in a tree as a signal to everybody else this weekend when you try to vote this week happens. When you do you try to register other people to vote and it was a very long, lasting legacy that went on from the civil war, up until I believe
Congress finally passed of law, saying that notices illegal. You can't do this kind of thing, but it went on for decades like this yeah- they finally made it a federal crime in more Three thousand clan members were indicted only about six hundred of those were actually convicted because, again we're talking about juries in the south for the most part right, This seems like a good time to take a break and we'll pick up. Up with number seven right after this for it. As we slowly adjust to a new normal, we still need to be smart about how we do business and luckily there is stamps dot com to make things a whole lot easier.
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Tom Brady is available, now listen and follow on the Iheart Radio, app apple podcast or ever you listen to part case. some member states, right so there's some did just to give you a low historical background, real quick there, some theirs. reconstruction- were black Americans become enfranchise. They have the right to vote in response to that, there's two Jim Crow Laws, and then, to the Jim Crow laws that that just overtly suppressed the black vote. There was the Voting Rights ACT and, for a long time, the Voting Rights ACT was really effective and the reason why it was effective because there is a section to section five that said: hey if you,
ever engaged in voter discrimination on a state wide basis on a systemic basis you have to have us. The federal government review any changes to the voting procedure in your state before you can implement them and so any that wanted to try to come up some voters, suppression tactic, be brilliant, but if the federal and said? No, they couldn't do it, and so the vote would be saved in that respect. One two, dozen, thirteen the Roberts Leg court struck down section five of the Voting Rights ACT so now we're seeing the All of that were very suppression. Tactics are starting, come back in. There certainly come back and in like this avalanche of tactics where across the country, if you all together. It's a real problem but the Voting Rights ACT figured in dramatically to save the vote of people and that the gutting of that section, five and two thousand thirteen most prim court did the exact opposite to it.
That's right. One tactic that they could use and used for many years was just making it instead. Is to some degree making it difficult to register order, vote here are some of the things they used to do, as you have to keep re, registering many many times you have to have. street address, with an actual name in number you were in african american living in the rural south. You may not have an actual street address on the dirt road. Next the field that you farm, did you know little things like this. These technicalities to meet these requirements to vote, that they knew that Americans didn't have in you know there were and are still literal conversations some of these days or even on tape where you here, public officials talk about making it hard for black people to vote and if we do this. This is how many people we think we can keep off the voter registration logs- and it's just it
shameful and I'm surprised we're not screaming at this point we're trying to keep it together. It wasn't just in the south, though, in the north and in the west. In the early nineteen hundreds. There were Emily. And they didn't want emigrants voting a lot of times ethnic and religious minorities? They didn't want voting. So in places in the north in the West, like a new Jersey in California, they tougher immigrants to vote by saying you have to have your your original naturalisation papers at the pole, placing or maybe we don't want, maybe the interests of people work in factories don't align with our. So here's. What will do those The work long, ten to twelve hours shifts can't make it to the polls We're gonna closer registration office before this factory shut down every day, cracked keep them promoting the up and There- either. Other ways like you know that that they went back to close these loopholes who, like it, was a real public private partnership.
between the government and other groups, there there were that were dedicated to kind of preserving white supremacy in the south say that way that would boycott businesses that, where they found out, those those employers gave their blue. employees, time off during the day to go register to vote or to vote like you could lose your customer base because, if they found out that you are doing that with with black people or with your black employs. So There were like, even if you say so, it was hard to govern, should vote figure it out if it was just fortunately level that black voters, and even if you did figure it out there. Their repercussions for figuring it out too yeah or in New York. If you know that Jewish people might vote in a more liberal way: hey, let's have registration times on Saturdays and Yunker poor when we know that jewish people want
it will get out and registered about right. high time that we make. Voting days national holidays. I agree, Chuck agree, it should be in paid holiday, no paid holidays or haven't on saturdays, do something but make it less hard for sure. Yeah like We need to be allowed to vote and we're not talking about voter fraud, we're talking about legal Americans having the right and the ability to vote in is easy away as possible. Yes, and if you also say well, if they really wanted to vote they would they would find a way to do it when time you didn't login to your website, because it required to factor authentication Gimme a break. And we're talking about having to take a bus across the county to register to vote. When you have to be working in your, player won't, give me time also have to take some time to discuss, registered a vote, and then you have to do it all again to go vote. The Ets
it's more problematic than it appears just when you're saying it out loud, get burn sick burn, thanks man, number six straight. A voter intimidation still happens to a large degree, in two thousand, for it was reported that in Florida in the state action there. They sent plainclothes they troopers to the home of forty two fifty elderly black voters to question them forward. Suppose it election fraud. When they ask the state officials why they sent these state troopers, they said well, we saw we thought it might be a more relaxed atmosphere to to come. Their home and ask these elderly black voters about whether or not participated in butterfly which, by the way, this endeavour to trend turned up absolutely no fraud whatsoever, so didn't happen, which is Basically, all investigations of voter flood turn up no fraud whatsoever and a lot of
Jose. Well, these investigations are really just intimidation tactics in this. To me is one of the more despicable ones, because it directly traces right back, uninterrupted. You, the reconstruction era, and the fact that are still going on today is just despicable to me. But they did it, is in its not just you know. Trooper, showing up your house to ask you. Personally. There is a really famous case that our deal governor in Georgia, Brian Camp when he was secretary of state we need to remember. He was secretary of state running an election that he was the one the two candidates for governor in. and a lot of people say, while he did some shady stuff which will talk about later, but when he just straight up secretary state. He oversight the arrest of the equipment. Ten plus two were to ever An American School Board School Board officials,
who were elected a couple of times in this one election and run off fair and square. They arrested and their supporters and campaign advisers were arrested and taken to jail. Jail had mug shots of them put on the news because they accused devoted fraud after years, the charges were finally dropped. Not a single person went to jail, known was convicted by a lot of you. point two there and say: if you don't understand that as a clear message, two african american notches voters, but also o office holders that they dish and by the running around their lives are going to be ruined the then you're. really missing the point here yet. In two thousand fourteen. There was another intimidation tactic, It's just you know. These things that aren't technically legal but we're Canadensis, try me very sneaking and if they can You know they can trick a hundred voters into doing the wrong thing than its there? There, too,
has been well spent in their minds right, but Mcconnell campaign sent out these mailers that were marked election violation, notice, and it had the warning. You are at risk of acting on fraudulent information and you start to read it and what it is is just a base. here's my opposition candidate we don't like what they say. So this is fraudulent information right, but they they dress it up in a way. Sort of the published clearing house. That makes you know, Are our elderly citizens drive across the country? Thinking they actually one real money right? This is my arguing it yet the opposite of that, but using the same tricks Bay likely is like you get a notice in the mail, this. You know it's usually preying on older than are older in our country, which is sad and awful they get a notice in their mail but says: oh, oh, my gosh, I'm at risk of acting on fraudulent information yeah and you know that
They were sued, but a federal judge said now. I'm sorry rejected yeah, I mean in us. intimidation, too, can be official in part of official policies, like some those Paul taxes in the south there added. The extra layer of keeping you from me Trying by saying the only place you can go pay for the poll taxes at your sheriff's office right, you might say, especially if you're white big deal. If you go the sheriff's office format, if you went to the sheriff's office and there is a really good chance that while you were there paying your pulse so that you could go vote For that reason, only they said by the way while you're here you know, we ve got this case open. Where were you on Tuesday night and you tell them and they would say well, can you prove it just knowing that that was a possibility? And if you don't,
That was a possibility. I would urge you to to brush up on your Jim Crow. South history would would dissuade a lot of people. I would guess from going to pay that Paul tax and then going to vote growing homer Simpson thought he went about had occurred. The police station aim is rise here. There was a good one. There was a Jew another one number five is something that is still. You mentioned Brian Kemp in Georgia pruning names from the voter roles, I thought that that was a tough I was a generous word that they used print pruning, because it makes it seem like methodical and you know well informed yeah well. This has happened time and time again before the two thousand election for present in Florida. Once again, state officials report can controlled Florida. They a private firm,
to go through the registration roles. Delete names who or what people who died, who are registered multiple times a multiple places or convict it, felons or declared mentally incompetent proceedings and you might Well, that's great! Cuz! You know you don't want cease to people on voter roles, which is true of the total. But what about when you make mistakes and you a lot of voters who are fully Gibraltar vote. Then what happens and the answer is nothing. no there's I'm by the time that it it does turn out. Like a we made a mistake, elections long over the inquiries in their reports that they produce are usually four years after the fact, but the in Georgia in particular, they found out that again the guy who oversaw the purging of the voting rules, was one of the two The candidates in the election, just basic ethics, says
You refuse yourself, you have nothing to do this or you say Dona: let's not do this or let's do it the right way. Not let purge this. Many people that we actually mistakenly remove two hundred thousand people. Remove their right to vote in this in this election, two hundred thousand and then just to add horrible I needed the whole thing. It was only by fifty five thousand votes that that Brian Kemp beat Stacey Abrams in that gubernatorial election. Yeah. That was a bitter pill here in Georgia because remember it was like? I think it was Weak or it may even be the eve of the election when they lobbied the charge that the republican- system had been hacked. And, we launching a case against Abrams to look into it and You know after the election of course, they're like we were wrong. They didn't hack us after all, right which again,
who said that they said they were hacked. Was the Secretary of State Brien Camp, who is also running for governor against Stacy Abrams yeah yeah about voter Idee voter item. We take a break. I ever take a break. I'm pretty charged up here, I will take your breakin we'll talk about voter idea in some and a few more things ready for this
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air someone to show their that they are who they say. They are when, when they a vote. You can make a good case that at the very least your adding an obstacle or a barrier to voting, but you, to say. Well, if you have to pay for that, that technically constitutes a pole, tax and people say. Oh yeah, well section. Five of the Voting Rights ACT doesn't exist anymore, so go sit on it, Ralph Mouth Yeah, I mean in some states cost up to Sixty box then takes action, a bomb in that d. You know sixty dollars for some people is there goes money for the weak when you left paycheck to pay check, and again, you know it's really easy to say. Well, you know pay the money and go out and get your id, so you can vote if you really want to vote. If it's a choice between that and putting food on the table for your kids,
it's a barrier to voting plain and simple yeah, and also I mean there are plenty of states that rightly, who require a voter id rightly offer free ids that you can use to vote like that. definitely the way they should be made that still can any time you require. Somebody did to potentially take time off work that puts an enormous burden on like working like the working poor. People who just can't afford to take time off work there. being a job where there's enough people, Who would love to have that job that, if they take sick day their boss can be like you know, I I know you weren't sick and you're fired. This is the last straw. Do your job actually be online, can be more than just a loss of ours. It could equal the loss of a job and again we live in it. democratic country, where the the barriers to democracy, should be lowered, not raised lowered
and yes, we should vigorously prosecute any instance of fraud, but because the hasn't been shown to exist low the barriers, so people can legally vote, is not a problematic and it's anti democratic to do that to raise them it is, and when you, when you hear these these conversations there talking about voter fraud. There saying hey, we can get probably two point, five percent reduction of african american voter turnout in this county live. We do exe, I again like we keep saying african american voter turnout like when, when there is them I think Miami their voter roles in, I don't remember exactly when it was, but there is a commission, they did a report on it and their purge affected sixty five percent it like sixty five. percent of the people who are deleted were black voters, even though those voters represented just twenty point. Four per cent of the poor.
Violation, whereas only sixteen point. Six percent of the people who are purged were white, Even though those people represent seventy seven percent of the public, so like, if you, if you look at studies of this stuff, it disproportionately impacts black vote is typically minority for voters as a whole, but definitely black voters for sure, and that's not to say, like the Republican per just hates black people. The report can party knows that African Americans tipping the ten devote Democrat and there a large group of people. So if you can make it harder for them to vote Europe, probably going to affect the Democrats vote, not your vote Another thing that you can do is closed polling stations and limb pulling hours in counties where you think it might help your vote. There are bunch of swing states, North Carolina, Ohio and some other states that have cut early voting days or hours,
There was a report in two thousand fourteen that said: they're more likely to inconvenience black voters who liked early and in person. Historically in Maricopa County in Arizona. Four hundred voting voting locations in two thousand eight two thousand, sixteen there were sixty this is a huge, huge problem, a huge problem. This is what one one way that this is going on, making it harder The vote by make voting less available the people when it can totally be afforded its being pruned and it's not just Texas. Although Texas has some egregious stuff going on since two thousand oh, I don't remember two dozen fourteen, maybe ten this is shut down? Seven hundred and sixty pulling locations places too seven hundred and sixty and their there
They currently have on the agenda? I don't know if it's been passed or if it's just been proposed or what, but if you want to vote by male in ballot, the drop locations in Texas has been. due to one per county? They said: that's it in one place, Two hundred and fifty four counties there there's one in each of those counties where you can, take your ballot to drop it off. The problem with this is that a Texas is counties are enormous text has the number counties that are larger than Connecticut in Rhode, Island put together. They have like a hundred and twenty counties that are larger than Rhode, Island granted, Rhode, island, small burrowed island is a small state. These are counties in Texas, we're talking about and in one place in each of those counties, there's a place where you can drop your beer male imbalance. That's it! That's that's enough!
problem in a lot of people are just going bonkers over that one air, and beyond closing pulling places having to maybe take too three city, buses to get to your place, devote sure when you finally get there. If you manage to go through all that trouble, which is again there trying to make you say you know what it's not worth the trouble, then your met with five seven airlines lines all day long right- and this is what you get four year for your troubles- to try and participate in american democracy yet so gonna you're on your lunch break does an end up working out very well about trickery, number two, this is pretty awful You talked about that one by the people. don't know if it was Mitch Mcconnell's campaign or just a group supporting him or if it was one of the saint who knows tricking people, well by saying you're about to act on fraudulent, embrace asian or something that I mean that's law
standing there is one I'm guarantee we talk to us before. I am almost positive. Two thousand eight. Someone in Virginia sent a flyer out that looked like it was from the State Board of elections. That said, if your can you should vote on November forth of your Democrat, you vote on November fifth, which is the day. after the election, which is in one way hilarious. I mean it's just hysterical that that somebody did that in another way in the fact that it it could have, even if it didn't, but it could have impacted somebody's vote by purposefully, confusing them. That's despicable, again, that's a word. I keep going too because I genuinely feel that way about going to any length did to deprive or fulsome went out of voting right but You get caught doing that. Surely there is a massive debt to pay of the jail time like in Maryland, in two thousand and ten, a Robo call campaign during the
material election told thousands of voter, in african american neighborhoods. They could relax and stay at home that evening, because dim Riddick incumbent. Governor Martineau Molly had already won the election True, the poles were closed, and this wasn't just tricksters this Paul Chirac, who is the campaign manager for the Republic opponent, who went ended up winning and they caught him and he was charged and found guilty of four counts of election. Fraud and either right throw the book at the guy. What did he get? What did he get? He got thirty days home detention, probation, community service right, which is really disappointing, not because that guy deserved worse, but because our federal that the penalties for federal election laws are breaking them that are meant to protect people's right to vote. And punish people who try to deprive people the right to vote does our federal
as in the penalties, are supposed to be pretty stiff, so thirty days of of house arrest at his house when really he made a name for himself is like hey I'll, make sure that you're going to get elected as a campaign manager, that's very disappointing for sure well, is the message it sends. Is it's totally worth it to do this exact swing in election little community service? Who cares two guys who are I don't know, what's going to happen to them, but there is a lot of charges against them right now. But for this a believed, me twenty election they had, they sponsored a bunch of Robo calls. Tens of thousands Robo calls in places like Michigan Chicago and I believe they were targeting african american voters were said. If you, vote by male your Formation is subject to be handed over to the police and run for any potential.
Outstanding warrant or it may be added to the mandatory vaccine lists as if that exists, but just playing on people's deepest fears to pursue two to prevent them from owing to dissuade them from voting you'd have to be a genuine scumbag of the highest order to do something like that and they caught these two. Jacob Wall and Jack Bergmann doing just that and, as a matter of fact there. they, I guess when they registered these Robo calls on them, see it to one of their phone numbers and then came out and blamed it on democratic operatives. because they wouldn't have possibly use their own phone number for this kind of thing, just to add a little cherry on top. I should say all this is alleged because they're they're charged with this right now, but they haven't been convicted right. I'm sure they have some community service thought for to yet in some house arrest, Sir the final one on the list here is: is it controversial, one to be sure
but whether or not you should be allowed to vote as felon or as someone who has ever convict, been convicted of a crime in many and this one is gonna, go the other way now, but for many many years and many states, if you- ever been convicted of any crime, even If you went to prison, served your time got out and were leading a great beneficial life. Towards society. You are not devote anymore right, which has to become overturned. I think in two thousand, a teen yeah in Florida furs had this. Long standing, disinfection seismic policy, which most people have accepted for four years but then finally, some bill came along and said hey. This is really affecting a lot of people who want to vote who ve, whom you know serve their time, who have become reformed. They want to be full citizens again we them the right back to vote and two thousand eighteen that was on the on the ballot in Florida,
is overwhelmingly said yes totally. Let's do that they have to serve their time and repaid all their restitutions, but were going to give them the right to vote back in. It was a huge victory and then there was a republican lawmaker who said well wait a minute. this is kind of vague. It says that they they have to have have have fulfilled all of their sentencing obligations. There's a lot of these people who are about to get their their right to vote back, who have paid all their finds in fees which, as it's been stood. Traditionally. You have basically, lifetime to pay off the the actual financial fees and rest, the institution that come along with being convicted of a crime that, that, you have to pay their offers. That's that's in the law and actually got past in Florida legislature, Republican, controlled legislature that you have to pay all of your finds in fees first before you can get enfranchised again and then
proving to be an enormous problem for a lot of the former convicts yeah, so You know it continues to this day. I know we got on our so box in pretty passionate about this one, but where believers in the right to vote and to make it as easy as possible for eligible voters to vote. I don't see any argument counter to that right. That's that's! Why wouldn't you in a great democracy, want as many people to vote as possible again the The argument you will see again and again is voter fraud, and if you can show that voter file doesn't exist, then you just knock the legs out from under it and all its just exposes voter suppression. Then. So hopefully the more people who know about a chuck the harder it is to do stuff like this, and I hope that that's the case, because that's why we share this, because I don't care what political persuasion, you are it's wrong to suppress the vote. It's just young, I'm sorry,
if you want to know more about voters, suppression you can go, try to vote and see what happens, and I said that it's time for and by the way go vote go out. and you know, I think that the time this comes out most of the state's registration will be. shut down. But though, for future Even if you voted in the last election, like I check mine two or three times before every election, isn't I dont want to show up on election day at my pulling place and be surprised to learn that I'm not on the role of the register or that my pulling places moved just check it check it and jacket and reject yeah and there's tons of websites out there that legit websites that aren't affiliated with any party that can help you check that If you are registered vote, please vote whoever vote for just vote like it's important, that you vote so be in a good american involved and, as I said,
Finally, I think Chuck is time for listener. Mail, This is from Ellie. She says: hey guys, live in Kansas work in Topeka and I just listen to the absurd on fall out. Shelters it can. Begin to explain to you the nerdy level of excitement. I felt, while driving too hi, meaning when I spotted a yellow sign with triangles just as you said, there would be in the episode I wanted so badly to stop and steal the sign off of the old brick nondescript building, but I didn't think that would bode well, since I work for the state- and I was state license vehicle at the time. I think people would have just guessed that you were requisitioning in tracking it down yeah I would have been official. You would have had to keep the nerdy giddiness in check. Not surprisingly, the shelter is just two blocks from the capital building downtown because we all know when a crisis situation, politicians like to make sure they are taking first love random history tidbits, so you best believe
I mentally cataloguing keep an eye out for more shelters in this area terrain, we point out to my husband who have no idea what I'm talking about any who you, for your part, gas and for keeping the company on my our commute stay healthy and where mask because corona virus is in fact real, and that is let or L. Actually, I think, Ellie yep Elsie, I'm going to try to us out what kind of person L is did L spell any who, with a w h, YO or an o, o What would your guess, shoes, nerdy giddy over fall out shall So Simon Guess W H, who You are correct. Yes, always one word, and why yeah, because I think that that that suggests a certain amount of attention
to rules and details, note that she didn't take the fallout shelter sign, even though she could of an end. who is much more like whimsical. Unlike I'll I'll. Take my shoes often roll down hill, even though I'm in my fifty's but she also believes that mask save lives in a bright tension to rule in detail. Well, thanks a lot that's fantastic and we appreciate hearing from you kudos to to resisting temptation and swear mask NGO vote boy, oh boy, we have picked a lot of people off
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