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8 Reasons Why Your Body Is So Gross

2014-05-20 | 🔗

Your body right now is home to a liter of mucous, countless fat-loving mites, acid that can dissolve metal and plenty of other gross and interesting stuff. Learn all about your body and its functions here.

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come to stop. You should know how stuff works that pay and walked into the bargain done. Josh part would throw to reach a bright doo. Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo Doo deployed Why are there in the wire by the way? Oh yeah? That's it Was it you? The recommended, assuming monolithic, certainly seem like one up so tat, which is that you said started at all the shield. Oh no! No! I'm sorry, I, like MRS Scheele, became those like. Shield would be like you like the stones you like the wire or the shield way before this was ass. I thought the wireless before us as before the war earlier by Likud decades, I'm taking a wire yeah. I've heard nothing good things, the one I did
I think it was like Deadwood high sign up observers like I'll, have ruined my life for this right now, so great now, I'm sure yeah but yeah. It's like I can commit to this the wires at a slow burn. It's like gum. For they were trying to like blow you out of the water every week with some like amazing final scenes right. It's not! It's almost documentary ask phone it's really good day. I guess I can pick up on the other. The deficit I thought was exciting. Will now I gotta watch us to yeah. You do. I was up pissed off the thought I was gonna impress you and if you like, your homework is done there. Now you have a lot to do check with eyes. They think is at least like three or four seasons. And I'd start to this episode. It is because, in this episode, o juries here by the way in this episode, we're talking about your body, yes,
which I the human body, was on display to some degree in different ways. In OZ, but at this we're talking about really in this we're talking about how, like you, sitting there, you Polly feel pretty good right. Now you may be showered. You just got haircut recently. Your shower like yes, circuit rehearse muslim pencil savings, and see what else did you know I, like her cut to? You may smells like a recently sharpen pencil. I didn't none other than they were every haircut. Weird liquor, does like cutting the grass smell like butter legally and ice cream. Holding all made clear. The seizure injures home she's, ok, she's, fine, she yeah she dismissed pencil savings of haircuts, but you you're feeling pretty good back to my little yes intra
and by you on talking everybody out there, for you don't realize. Is this your disgusting, you're disgusting bag of nasty Basically, while if you really want to get down granular cellular, even just the internal level yeah, do your growth! Thank you I too am not sitting in judgment like I have. All of these things is well most likely but say, Sir you boy yeah. I mean it's not like I like perspective, I just it's it's when you say you, it's like her. A J Mcnerney novel? You know it's like put you in, like the first person of the act, so also near the one who has a co problem in its way,
four in the morning on a Tuesday in Manhattan, and yet they go to work in two hours. You know has more impact when you're saying young a nod and act like. I know it that reference was a bright lights, big city reference. Surely you read that I never that or do you have there was a thousand years good hooker, girls, and I saw the movie the hope of its in the whole Brett Easterners, vain sure, like yeah party, into much lessons, RO kind of thing, you read well read American Psycho and lessons era with this is one of his contemporaries historian, Jimmy Mcnerney. Your team here knee some like that they, both like their drugs and loud music and dancing and Michael J Fox, is on the movie violates fixer anyway to give book. But it's all, unlike that first person present second person s second person familiar,
anyway. You growth must get too wide shock. Ok, so we're gonna talk about some of the gross things going on in the body, and I think this article had ten, but since we ve covered bacteria and poop so thoroughly pus, it's a long standing so no tradition had ever do all ten of any ten list agreed. Then, in its we should also say arbitrary. That always turn has to work in a ten. I think it s a nice random, yet I too, I guess what with eyelash mites, which I did know about until now to do now. I did neither might serve little arthropods there in the same family is ticks and they. If you are generally, an older person are living on your eyelashes yeah and not just your eye. Lashes is actually two types of what are called dermal decks mites. Yet
Our democratic society demo is its basically latin for large yeah indexes a boring insect. So little fat boring insect a demo decks I hear you're two kinds, ones that live in your hair, follicles and one that live in your pours. Basically from what I understand, your dogs there's another kind for dogs to others like tens of thousands of of tight of demographics might but there's only two that live on human soccer and they live on their faces. Yeah, and I, like you, said likely if you're older this cause as you age, you produce more oil like see them, kids, don't produce a lot of see them, so you probably not gonna, have a child with eyelash mites right. If you do, then social services is probably make em at other. They want they. Because this is a very tiny like you, they apparently move around at night. There's a really good, um, yeah, very exhaustive, Artie on demo decks might by science,
a young very familiar with them, the youngster. He dared speaking of stirs yeah, you know egg, the grabs, the egg, but ASCII, who right some of the best articles, that of form the basis for some of the best episodes established. Now he finally came out and claim to his birthright on Twitter He said I am the grab, sir, I'm I'm I'm come out and say in high, and he added- and I had never seen his face before I had once because he come on some other, like a dungeon and dragons forum, or something like that I came across a common is pretty much the same picture. Yes, if we cannot, it mean if any one, the almost like the fourth stuff, you should know memory in India likely bright cover more of his articles in any one. I would guess so. Welcome ed anywhere in the world had young had a good one. I know demo decks might discover magazines blog. The air is basically
thing you could ever want to know about him, and I think that even the title over to a really here well, they they'd, like you, said him around night, they don't like light at a very slow pace. Eight, the sixteen millimetres per hour, and you can't see them out of their microscopic. There get lower the threshold of human side here and while it might sound growth for your grandparents to have might in their eyelashes it, there is really no trouble with them. They're not gonna calls you any pain or suffering generally yeah. They d, think it's possible that one of the two varieties are responsible for Rosacea yeah, but it does have its prey fear particularly sensitive skin wise. You may find them irritable, but for the most part you probably have, especially if you're afraid sixty you probably do have demo decks, might living in your face
And it just don't even know it in their calling across it at night. Why you sleep? found another little. Interesting might fact. Today that was just in the news. There's a southern California, Michael D, Para torso, Thomas Macro Palace, play by Brendan Frazier, now think it Shiloh Guph printed Frazier man over. He was seen a man polish, your appearance on all like the early ninetys triumvirate size was enough believe he was the the street man. So this might is been recorded, is the fastest land animal reading out. The cheetah wow This might move three hundred and twenty two body links per second, so obviously its tiny, but that super fast because achieved only moves. Sixteen body links we advocate.
The servants at the new fast as animal who remember, I think, was the cockroach episode where we figured out the true measure of speed when you're comparing different size, things gamma, the cockroach, can we like fifty, I think body links the second damages way faster than three hunt: white. Twenty do that is first well. My had has been taken off for this mind. It's a demo tax might now got now. That was I'd, be a lot of eyelash to cover Ok! Well, if we remove on very we'll go for eyelash over a little bit to the ear. Yes where you may or may not know you have something called sermon grows in side chairman. I like it either way. I think any anything with the word as ear censored, oily its sea, are always at sea. Are you Emmy in their way?
you can make it with a hard sea like Karun, now think so, if your German, you could see it my ear wax in Layman's terms, sermon expert, everyone's got it and we don't like it. Americans spend about sixty million North Americans, so I guess that includes her hat and our pants. Spend more than sixty million dollars a year on year, cleaning products here and would cry is a lot of those ear cleaning products, including cotton swabs. May I attach to sticks Sonny. I got an air. Those actually supposedly are detrimental to or counter productive yeah take cleaning year wax out, because your ear wax is produced in the outer third of your ear. When you use it,
TIP or anything forgotten, swab here or anything, even your finger and you put it in New York. Now you not removing erects you're, pushing it further end and it's not to be in there and it does go in there unless he jam it in there. You are so when you using some sort of swab or anything, to clean out you're right, you're, doing the opposite. Your creating work come a hard and build up. Then you really have problems yeah like real problem. The ear is pretty much self cleaning. Real blockage only occurs in about six percent of people, but you might know that you have a impact nation if you have decreased hearing your dizziness or pain yeah or if it sounds like you gave your fingers in your ears.
Or ringing, or itching or drainage. That means you either had it and have a natural you wanna, six percent or your stuff it in there with a cotton swab and not than yourself any favours here then Alva, Greece, mixed together, not good. Can we don't let your kindling too? You know the deal that your kindling right, but what they claim is that you had this cone of paper, but is it like waxy paper you light on fire sticking your ear and its was to create a vacuum supposedly that sucks out that, Sir, why that is not true. It is a big big falsehood sold you by the makers of your candles and they it actually be dangerous and they do not create you mean they do not pull. Acts are barriers so few can learn,
you do their own thing, because doctor say it's can be dangerous and it's actually illegal. They have many. You asked what is illegal to sell them, making any claims I thought you could say there two straight up the league now, but you can't like, if you notice your kindling packages, can't say anything about like has liking is your hearing hers medically sound, if you ve, seen the candles role open another disgusting stuff. I didn't come from here. That's that's a product of the burning of the paper. Is that right, you were so it's just a bunch of bank. So apparently, if you do, you have Why? If you believe you have a hard and build up of your wax in your ear canal, the first thing to tries. A couple of jobs, a mineral oil yeah, because basically
all that year, wax build up, is its dried ear wax, like you said, your wax is part of a self cleaning process. Any time be chew or move your jaw you're actually moving the iraqi further further out. Hooker aside your ear here and then you can just kind of rub it out or if you like, a gross personages, leave it and let it get caught up in your ear here.
For some reason, but if you have a bill that it is just a little bit of mineral oil, Caravan Ree constituted a little bit and so drains out crash. I guess it'll work itself back out again, I'm I used the cotton swabs occasionally, but am I try to be responsible and like beware of not jamming things down in their in trying to psych swab along the outer sure? Everything idea I do not use swamps in my ears are perfect, perfectly clean air, their ideas, the end of a father epithet since you're here I have great memories about my mother,
Reading me with warm oil for Iraq's, and I was a kid for some reason. It is a very comforting feeling. I remember that warm oil, like filling up my ear and closing the networked ya, think it helped the Iraq in its just when the soothing, like mom things from here when I was a kid I I didn't have I mean I have had to Europe's before media- have em chronically. You me did I guess, to India that Sis II so awful the have like chronic your eggs yet had bloody noses in Iraq's weird she fallen allowed. Now nobody knows and like since housing. But yeah. I remember kids, who have bloody noses like the chronically. I would say mine was chronic. I wasn't like Madeira like what you know it now and you look around there, somebody with Clean Exley
No they're, not you like! Oh my god, are you ok here, but when you're a kid it's like common place, a heavier class has meaning economic issues. While wonder within is what did you? How bloody noses work here or we could do a followed this up? Why kids are so disgusting? Your kids are especially girls, even though they lack Termer decks. Your demagogues mites near to are you ready for another telephone, so growth look Roma were fatty. Deposit is something that you have in your body while once going plain about fatty cells period why these might wanna leave that scene. For actual you don't even know what causes is still now men like you accumulate fat in your body through your metabolic processes like different different macro nutrients, are converted in the liver. I think too fat right. Yes, so fatter generally stored in, like certain areas like
On your got like an your lower back in your butt ox. Your breath like theirs is places were fat. It normally goes right. That doesn't mean like that's where it has to go, and technically fat build up, can happen anywhere and when it Friends in a place that seems kind of weird we ve done those like Palmer's or fatty deposits, which are technically a benign form of a soft tissue tumor and yes, just a bunch of fat cells that have like come up on your face where your neck or something where you dislike, man. This is not a good day. Yeah you're deck shoulders, arms up her back a prefers in your, but a real, most likely to get em and It's between the skin and the Muslim is just like a little sort of soft dallied lump that you can move around with your finger yeah, I hadn't thought touching
this crisis around, because most of the time is not painful and if it is painful is recommended that you go. Have a doctor check up pretty quick yeah it's probably not any cause of alarm. If you have one period like you said, if it starts to hurt, though earth it ruptures and oozes anything, then that's when you should know that the problem. Is they dont tender really go away right? They dont once they once they arrive they either won't grow much beyond their though grow very slowly, but the problem is they dont, reverse coarse and just push isn't gonna pushing back down and spreading out right, so you generally have two options when you have a light coma that you dont want and that's life, a section which may or may not be effective and then surgical removal, which is apparently like an impatient local anesthetic gesture that you can just go have done. If you have a high pain threshold in the lot of guys, you could take thickly do yourself, but you don't want
do that in a dummy tis reiterate, he wanted a total joke. Remove you, I promise yourself, no other. Might I gotta dermatologists occasionally get those can tags removed? Is there any kind of local I studied for that year? They do just a quick little were injection, but I don't think they need you and my doctor. The point I was making was my job. Said now. You can do that yourself. So really here. If you want to get some super sharp, you no pleasure Sesar, something there not pliers, better, snipers, direct its import quota. He here man yeah. I was gonna surprised to hear me say that the AIDS do yourself, kiss doctors love money
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immune response to things like irritants near a k, a Buffalo wing sauce and people who drink milk. It can be debated by that I sometimes hear milk and make people kind snotty, but mucus production is not strictly the result of infection or an invasion or an irritation. It's a very natural, beautiful biological processes. Going everyday yeah me. We need mucus and our body at the access of liberty, and a liner of things like your stomach and we'll get a stomach acid later. But if it wasn't for mucus, then you would be in big trouble. Stomach your body makes about a quarter to half the gallant, those give foreshadowing club a quarter to if of mucus a day again. Yes, your body makes a quarter to a half gallery the day? I think you swallow like a leader of that are something yeah. I think so
number I remember reading that earlier there and we should say for our friends who are listening outside of the: U S and Liberia. That's one the two leaders a day of mucus that your body produces yeah, which I have say, and I feel like a chump for not looking it up and not thinking about it until now like. Why this ago, Vive peered out No, I mean if you're swallowing it didn't, go to your stomach. Ok, but then you, u expel the stuff then your stomach one way or another, those property or poop, I'm sure it's part of it, but I mean, like I mean: where did you mucus? Go here? man ever so what you thought of this sort of work as a great question, while in the angel question, if you're sick, is it make you healthier or not as healthy to swallow? Your mucus, I don't know the inner yeah. I think I looked it up and I think it's not was to make any difference. So am I found that
You know how mucus turns green and it's a sure sign of infection, not necessarily true right. No, it does mean that you pop Do you have an infection going on, or at the very least your body thinks it does right, you do it, but it doesnt it's not it. Doesn't it The presence of bacteria in your mucus- that's not what turns a green there's, a type of white blood cells. There have a greenish, tin and when its fighting, often infection when they acumen in your mucus. They turn it kind of greenish, color, yellow green. There is actually a type of white blood cell, that's making your mucus green, but it probably means that you had some sort of infection yeah and if you're sick in Europe packing up that that yellow we greens brown stuff than its disheartening jackets,
That's attended, apply, mind over matter and be like nope, I'm not getting sick. I don't care if my mucus yellow year were getting said. It's your whole thing. It works the knock on what their so dried mucus. The burghers and those are in your nose, and you didn't tell her the video, oh yeah. If you wanna see almost positive facebook page us like now yeah, yeah, there's a video on Youtube is something about doktor removes Booker from Hell. Yes remains knows and we re seconds of recommending you watch it there you'll. Never forget. I can say this. I was not prepared for how large what came out of that man's knows what now at all now thought, but I'm sure this will be interesting I didn't know anything could get that large and either
stay in their or beak, be brought out. It's it's rough. It's really rather like it's. A cathartic nauseating experienced the whites it is then, as I didn't listen to the video, so I don't know if it was. Was it a burger? Do you now did he say, I mean yeah over. I believe so he added listen to it. The visionary like he's like, while I can see why so uncomfortable but Booker's are nothing but dried mucus and there actually I tried to look up why children eat their burgers yeah Mika, foggy yeah, or, if you really into rhino, tell over mania of sir it's a mania. Well, I guess it can be, and I think they found people with obsessive compulsive people pick their knows more, which sought to make sense, but the wider kids either buggers. I couldn't come up with a different
of answer other than they think it's like our natural instinct, because it may make you healthier and that eating your burgers could be like an injection of of immunity for your immune system because of the bacteria and stuff ethical kids are smart enough to think this will never succeed in there that smart enough, but they just it's their instinct cattle to do so, and it is all peoples instinct, if you believe, if you believe some people that you John bloggers who says that the people will say, that's why kids do it is because it's our natural instinct ass humans to do so because it keep us healthy, thereby AIDS, Retinue Research, a man like that, I'm making stuff. I gotta check that out. Yet endorsing it. I'm just saying I know you know like I'm tissues
way to get it out, supposedly picking it can cause more problems. Can Bulgaria on your fingers and doktor says owing git? So many knows please. If I kept my figure, I'm afraid that's not rocket at which I'm trying to teach Emily to do, but she's not oh yeah, so Grove still do you really like you they're not in like? If I have a choice, some like out for a run in the winter time. I don't, let's not just run all over my face. I blow it out real quick eye over this rather right, but I'm sure that's not growth, the girls apparently like growth. Now that man is turn my stomach to bring back the hanky. Are you yeah that seem so
civilized. It was so close to me as a child. I remember seeing the old man in church that would just blow just copious amounts of smart into that thing. Folded up and put it back in their pocket, Neil Kinnock into either. Didn't you go out, you know my nose bleed. Mendous luck so. That's enough. Hamburgers and mucus are again. My stomach is not ok right now, so we should talk about gas, because and I was fascinated with the notion that everyone farts as a child. I used to think about that least likely person in the world, the FARC and his laugh and laugh now, like who'd, you come up.
With our reality yourself. The agony of the queen of England stuff like that, but now it's more like cake, planchet or people that I consider to be like refined, but everyone farts in everyone burps. Yes, part of health by its personally. If you hold your try to hold your flash airlines in there's an urban legend that its very bad for, you that Europe makes it better later the gas comes out one way or another and you're a belch in your flageolets are not the same thing. It's not like the same piece of gas or volume of gas coming out one way or the other piece of gas, a pc yeah it's like coming from the same pocket? No there's about comes from your stomach and fight
whence comes from your intestines, but they do come from the same thing and that's incompletely broken down food right so like, if your solely broken down. I guess tactically, you wouldn't produce any gas, but our bodies are thy justice systems. Aren't a hundred percent efficient so as a by product of this breakdown near the gases produced by these bacteria that break down our food for us right, and I guess, there's some chunks. It problem with theirs. I forget it. I'm just going to create some gas, I'm done here with his London Broil right, and so it comes out one way or another yeah at the rate of between fourteen and twenty three times a day for both burping in fighting together which might seem like a lot but over the course of twenty four hours, because it does happen way sleep. We ve all experience that issue.
The other universes answer that I have. I know that I have and, of course a much shaming, like everyone else like the queen of England, complicate legit, but, unlike those two mixed together, you Judy Ditch here: seaports, Jesse, Phil, Mina, none I am my gathers given yeah, that's unless there is a good thing that one in twelve years the Slayer, the only two like bigger given see twelve years a slave either none idea man alive. Well, I need to see that their eyes you, basically you have to go home after this. What I'm trying to get to get up for a movie like twelve years, a slave Owens not like the mood movie, know any kind of have to like walk into it like walking into a thresher, something like that. I wanna say: get upward autonomy get site, I mean like getting there.
Retail gave firms that not so it is a very brutal experience. Watch a movie and attended the boy doesn't I can, but you should see now aren't I mean it's still dislike an amazing movie. So what actually in burps in farts, besides oxygen Yeah there would be oxygen- those methane co2, nitrogen hydrogen sulphur in four, it's only yes, and all of this is well. I, like I said part of it is from a breakdown of food. I think I might all that is not entirely true. Alot of your gas filled up in your body can be simply from swallowed air Usher It can be from a change in pressure yeah. I guess how you ten, not me but everybody else tends to she ducks on aeroplanes. More, oh, really, interest. As a result of this is the change and pressure, even
pressurized cabinets, not dead on with whatever atmosphere used to where you live there, so you can get a little gas ii on the plane via the workplace than ever be gas. It is luckily, though, with airplane flageolets a lot of times it do. It doesn't have any attendant smell to it, because it's not true methane or sulphur based as just air. Yes, it's a year the the amount of of gas you that your body can hold right, then has decreased, so you having to evacuate some of the air and shall I hate and snow no you just kind of looking around furtively racket in looking to see if any basic and light turns
set aside away from you in their seat and if they don't think, I would risk it, it also helps to ask for a blanket for then yeah. You can make yourself Burke too. I guess that makes sense about the swallowing era. Like that's a big discovery is a young boy when, when you after that technique and because there's methane and your hearts, they are flammable, and I would recommend you do this, but I think if you're a college age, boy. You ve probably trouble my general, not a lawyer. Yeah yeah minutes can be great fun in, but it's also dangerous. Have you done it truck? Well sure, not in the past, like twenty years, but here and I think sometimes has just approved other people like no that's an urban legit scientific fact
except the people. It is your answer you tube is loaded with videos of that yeah. I see. No, you have to do it yourself if you're interested, you can look, it up I mean I recommend that we move on to the next thing, the first shock of before again to have our message. Greater yes, here thing. Saving money with Geico was almost better than playing pick up basketball because there's always that guy joint your game, ever passes the rock he constantly. Rex theories and who completely happy with put his hands up and say no foul, no foul with Geico it's easy to switch. Save on car insurance, no need Fagin, ankle sprain, because you're absolutely exhausted, so which in save with it's almost better than sports, So we have a few more vomiting, yeah
Lord Vomit has always been my top five like most hated words. Oh yeah, I mean it seems a really kind of capture Y yeah, the process, the feeling that the end product yeah vomit yeah, it's grass. It is, but I mean it's a natural fact of life. It's in you now, potentially at whatever your stomach contents are, could turn into vomit. So it's not as it only moment when its expelled beliefs is your expelling light. Bile gastric juices, saliva food, you know liquids whatever and all of those things were once just a happy part of your stomach contents and now they're. Not so, therefore, Vive by definition become vomit, right and your stomach. The average stomach holds about three, measures of a gallon of, ever heave, ingested, food and beverage right
and it is possible at super rare. But if you ve ever said, you know, I feel like I'm gonna burst, you can drink, so much that your stomach or rupture, but it's on it's really rare, because what happens as your bodies gag reflex takes over any vomit. If you get to full like if you watch the eating, we did a show and eating competitions here we don't like eighty years ago It was a governor and you know sometimes those guys just spontaneously puke the other Morocco goods tears here, which is the opposite of regurgitating by all right a rigorous you. They have to swallow it back down, or else the counting and, if I remember correctly so growth, but luckily you have that gag reflex. But there had been a couple of documented cases: those in Japan in two thousand three, where a man was found dead in a public restroom, and they found his stomach ruptured into places. Put some of you seven, oh yeah. It is
He was forced, FED ruptured. Now, if you vomit is another like plan C, that your body has, where the lining of your stomach starts to this kind of leak, yeah, contents out and Yes, your body which is really bad yeah, but it's not at least have fallen rupture. What you are designed to do, if you believe in intelligent design, I guess or where Europe what you will do, yeah. Why this walked in your mind, feel right, then, deny is too to vomit up your stomach content as a result of your chemo receptor, trigger zone being stimulated and there's a bunch of wasted that that can be stimulated here on this list? Are your brain is also called the area puss streamer. So that's what triggers the vomiting mechanism that
vomiting centre of your brain here, and it is its function. Yes, its function is receives signals from different from your Vegas nerve witches attached to your gag reflex here from your arm nervous system. So when you, when you're in chemotherapy this, colonel triggers. You're vomit reflex right from your stomach. Your guts here, there's like four five different places in body. Your inner ear is one that can send a chemical messages to your chemo receptor triggers zone to say: hey we needed vomit here, because this guy's, either going to like, This guy is a poop and, as we know, you're not supposed to do that, so we need to give it out of the southern wrong with this guy here. So, let's just go around him and give poop out by making environment. So what happens? Is the seat easy? The chemo receptor triggers on
is stimulated one way or another right, so you salivate a little more your brain in our area. Salivation that give away yeah you start to get real queasy, pull the card of hurry up. You start heaving retching. That and take place before you actually vomit, almost like your diaphragm gettin, ready, we're very rare like Jacqueline, right, well sort of a violent action. You know, yes, the pie, lurk sphincter, which guards the lower end of the stomach
it becomes relaxed and pressure in Adam a rise is so the pressure in your chest. A third x is lowered. Ok, which is basically what happens, is the pressure below increase of other pressure by decreases, so it's like boot yeah. What's what was once below can come back up right and a sympathetic nervous system is activated leading you start sweating, yeah and all of a sudden. You just want it's like a contraction. It's not pleasant. Now, it's not, and while the end result like, if you have a stomach flu or if you're, just not yes, well, could cause some relief. I don't know people that we now look forward to the experience. No, no, that's like that is not something you ever want to do tomorrow. Even if you know like it to bring you relief, you still on throw up.
You put it off and put it off because just the worst thing in the world, it is but why? What has always there? needed me is the idea that something nausea now, which is like the bodies warning like you want me to make you throw up right. One stop looking at this stop eating poop. Some thinking about eating poop here is that like are we haven't emotion, called discussed that is prior to trigger nausea? and then rightly vomiting if it's bad enough for threatening enough here, so that, like we have an instinct to naughty burgers order. The group to stay away from violent or decaying meat or something I have The motion that primacy to stay from things that will make us farm it. I find that fastened. It is or movies. I should add this to the movie troops. If
you're, just to emotionally distressed about something that will trigger and movies I'll make you vomit right here in like if you see the wrong thing and all of a sudden, you just have to run over and vomit behind the tree right there that cop their working environment on the body, yet that's a movie job. Yes, that is that there is a really good listed, came up with the twenty six over use movie trope. I think so. I did a gallery on earth stuff. He should know website and it was fan source like I asked people face value and the main people just went nuts work as third, so over used now check it out. Instead, we should maybe you are too because it was a bunch of more and add the vomiting cop. Yet again you can handle the murder scene, all right, they're, here's one. We missed an hour on how it tells US episode and we heard from people that have tonsil stones or chronic tonsil stones,
Another word for it is what is it Tom Tonsillitis pronounced so low with Council Alice live like an answer now I teach us yet so terrible. Terrible word. It is that we heard from people who suffer from this and it can be a cause of how it tells us and those if you ve ever like you know, if you dont have a chronic version, you might have just cough one up occasionally a little like white, whitish, yellow chunky thing This is one of the worst mouse that you can ever imagine in the world, yet that council, some all of this, that their funky smell you get whenever you flash your teeth, yeah, but combined into a ball. Yeah looks a bit like collar
our like super concentrated yet will remember in the Holocaust, is ever so. We said that the back your tongue is like this trap for dead cells. Here, the bacteria that eats those dead cells and then whatever other gunk, will these tonsil pockets were the tassels? Don't form are like maker? look like a pristine wonderland yeah, like they just accept this. These deposits, it the up and up and up and then yeah those things. Think I wonder if the guy pursuing this me, the movie theater had those. Now I think about it, maybe cause it's possible you. I feel sorry for people that suffer from it was pretty fixable supposedly yeah, you can do this at home. It's Nelega alive, Coma, so how to fix it. You can do tonsil irrigation, ok, basically from what I understand like a little skirt bottle.
Ones, with the ninety degrees straws. Yes, at football players use yes like that escort your tonsils and it can clean amount. I believe brushing your tongue can help because it stops the helps, prevent the accumulation there. Scraping your time to write and then what else was their chuck? I think none alcohol based mouthwash is can help. Yes and dumb or if you have a chronic case of it in you, could get your tonsils removed right, which I would like to deal with at a chronic case of Tajikistan share because just the bad breath it comes along with it liking, get your ex sore throats inflame tonsils like it's. It's not like your basis like, but ever tiresome to kiss you yeah, and this is another when all these gross things. For some reason, my childhood is ready for a lot of em and I remain
distinctly my brother, the first time he cough went up and smashed it made me smell. I owe my guide yeah Gazette caught them forget it never smashed it and smelt it. Man, like you, see me things again, he's ex now this, oh man, what will happen? The thing you ve come now. I didn't but yeah it made me realize while that's what those are and that's what they smell like. That's really drives me in this all at the Serbs gonna like I'm over it, and we talked about some funky stuff before too with this is the first somewhere. I've had like kind of an ongoing stomach ache yeah. So I guess will finish up with something that super growth. Now that's a stomach acid gear, which is hydrochloric acid, which is the same kind of hydrochloric ass. It that you can use to dissolve metal near The gun you wanna get the serial number offer hydrochloric asset. That is in your stomach and like it
spoiled earlier, because your stomach is coated with mucus on the inside. That is the reason that that hedge, a clerk ass, it isn't burning through your stomach. Yes,. There was some great foreshadowing. It was getting us on that stomach, ass. It now it's in there. Now, I'm in its is there it's a combination of hydrogen and chloride when it combined to get some eight seal action, and then we had some of the grossest things in your body as we speak yeah, I guess probably that's why it burns to throw up. As you have a tremendous amount of mucus, lining your stomach to keep her from dissolving by, and you have some along. You threaten airways near esophagus, but not as much sober. That's why I'll burns yet, and I know it first stomach bile. If you suffer from my billina the acid, can you can end up having like bad teeth because of it
This is where, in another year wearing down the enamel from the inside out and an supposedly the stomach rupturing is more common. If you suffer from Bolivia because you may have a bad gag reflexes result, so it may not like react when it should. If your overeating gutter man lots of stuff going on in the body her eyes a set of a final say it again, your group's ya think I'd were wrapped in skin and hair yeah cassettes, that's lovely stuff all the time anyway. Yes, it is. If you want to learn more about ten gross things, body? We didn't cover two of them, so there's two more for you to check out. At least you can type by gross body into the search bar house of works that come and be sure to check out checks, movie troops gallery to stuff. You should know dot com
and since I just plug two sites in one, you know it's time for illicit around her call this high five from a feminist nice guys. Money was Wyndham, editor further feminist website, good, good girl. I just wanted to drive one and say how much I enjoyed the pie cast on burlesque at Vienna Summit. The biggest fan of neo burlesque, not for any feminist reason, is just not my bag. But I was surprised, sound thralled. I was with its history a more than background the part, the Pike S a really stood out was how well you to handle the two feminist perspectives that surround it. I did a really banging job of presenting the argument. Framing each side but respectfully acknowledging that is man. It's probably not your place to make a definitive statement on it. Feminism engender are tricky subjects, but there also so,
exciting talk about because I'm always said. I am sad when guys feel like they can't take part. Think a lot of deeds feel it's not their place to comment by you to showed that anyone is welcome in the talk about women's rights. It just needs approached with a bit of tat, a great job of the show to the highlights of my week. My friends always joking that a start. Every second sentence with talking about blank did you know Don't worry I'll, make sure to name check you guys as my source, that is from windy, cipher it and she does editor of good good girl, which you can find a good good girl dot com for all your feminist needs Yes, thanks for writing in windy, we appreciate that we appreciate the accolades sure And if you want to get in touch with us for any reason whatsoever, ah you king tweets was right it s. Why escape? I guess you can join us on Facebook that conflict
you should know you can send an email, stuff, podcast undiscovered our camp and again took us at our website Stephanie dot com for more on this and thousands of other topics as a house of works are calm. We are living in complicated times, I'm seventy rule, MSNBC Anchor and NBC News correspondent in my new pod cast modern rules. I'm gonna be spending time unpacking some of the Harry's of today's Tom. I decided. I was using violent survival points, but equal board. They won't need its american listen and subscribe to my new pod cast modern rules on apple fog, test, the iron radio or wherever you get your pocket.
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