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A Lip-Smacking Look at Barbecue

2017-08-29 | 🔗

Barbecue, or for the lazy, BBQ, is a Southern cooking tradition, but also much more than that. It's a cultural touchstone of the South where people of all classes and races can sit and break bread with one another. In today's episode, you'll learn all about BBQ's interesting origins, along with the various regional varieties that make its meat-loving fans so devoted.

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we'll heavenly barbecue sat right. Vegetarians invasions may not be interested in this way. I'd still interesting, I would never incurred someone to turn out. Madam, I have a dual time. They share some jerk rights. It is like the hope of sounds like you're silken on Kenya, timely to listen as something of his path. Ok, at as each mean I mean before we record Ipod cast on the planet
just as we recorded podcast at the beginning of the bio gotcha, I dont say like hey, you might not want to listen to this, but I'm you mean no one was in this, but I imagine a vague and saw how barbecue works it. Reviewing this wait here, they're, probably not going to fall for wait for the tofu episode, which we owe them now after you in this one had fried tofu in Chicago National in Toronto. At a recent show there it was was one of the sushi places where this bring. You will be surprised, tat, yeah. I simply employing.
But yes, I know you mean as it like a vision, important like the custom of it or no, the dish that piece of right to food a little, maybe ponzi sauce on in some scale, yonder delicious. This was ok, but it was that it was one of the worst who she meals of ever had a really well at its chose wrong like bad sushi or bad restaurant, bad everything I walked in and it's hard to tell because She told him not to know I am. I won't name it. I remember that none of the theme of the dish Ella, yet you say it like an away some of the best sushi. Are these strip mall holes in the wall, sometimes sometimes it
the case, though, sometimes it is the literally some of the best sushi that you don't have to go to some fancy place and spend four hundred dollars. Are these small family run their run by japanese people this one in Toronto? I looked up afterward and there, like? Oh it's one of those currently Tirana has lots of chinese runs, who she places, ah, which get on yelp and by reviewers yeah, and you could also make the case that places that serve sushi and typhoon food was you're hot time as well. Yeah. I don't usually or receive editor restaurant of regular type place. I want a good time to show you a curry, put some peanuts in their someone. Doesnt, peanuts, honor, but anyway, I chose
and this was a hole in the Wall Place or when I walked in my instinct, was like. Oh no. I thought none LOS Angeles Hollywood really good stuff at the holes in the wall right, not the case that fish bad her taste. Why was this its gives me and like if your scheme leaving sushi near the site, I give you put down the chopsticks interest, asked for the Czech yeah? Maybe did up in your net block away anyway, I'm no. I went off on that where we can be proud of it. Barbecue now we're talking barbecue q, maybe hungry dude same here. One of the things that I really open my eyes about those and the idea that, like people, think a barbecue as about his Americans, it gets even though us Millions have their own word for it. The Bobby and they're pretty good cheer and it turns out
barbecue like all around the world. This boy, you think a barbecue, especially like barbecued pork right with barbecue sauce right. Unlike two slices of plain old Dixie girl, white bread yeah? That's about his Americans. It gets a notice American, like southern american barbecue, yet is actually a strip of land known as the barbecue belt in the United States. The script, because from Virginia down into the southeast now and then over across Kansas and then in the Texas. That's the barbecue belt, the! U S correct bite. Barbecue is now every city in the country tries to do there their own hand, barbecue sure, like I mean if you go to New York,
Eddie you going barbecue, joint and they're trying to do it. You know that they're trying to budget year, which is fine there, but they're trying to call out is that sounds like it's like shady or something. But you know that you got a New York down, you can get like you got it and get fried chicken and biscuits and barbecue, and all these people better I come to New York City and eat the scroll southern home cooking, haven't Irina Fatty Q in New York. Now that's very good barbecue for New York, joint yeah! I just I don't know that, because, when I'm in New York, why would I get what I is literally surrounding me shit here I want to go to your local ass. I wanna go, get guttered mama Foucault or something that I have it here and esteem, but why. Steam buncher yeah, but I mean you can make the case that you should be going to Korea for steam, buns centre for eight but
True and there's nothing wrong with somebody opening a good barbecue joint outside barbecue belt. It's for it Are you Bobby, I think about it, just part of the fabric of life, but a guarantee, a figure seemed Cisco to a barber q joint gonna be the same. It's gonna be different, he'll, be like a chinese sushi place. Do you get the rapporteur my story? So the point ultimately is that when you think America having a barbecue belt. You think a barbecue est profoundly America ensure, but it turns out that this is your talking about cultural appropriation. Is that the European settlers who came to the new world actually appropriately. They got the idea for barbecue from the indigenous groups. They encountered there and specifically to start from what islanders and the whole thing started out
spend Yola we're Columbus first landed with, detain, o Indians yeah mean cooking. I guess you wanta barbecue, there's a couple of ways to approach it. There is the the noun barbecue which here in the south in Amerika, we think of it, like you, said, pull pork, maybe brisket smoked wings and then side dishes like coleslaw. Beans, makin, cheese, roads which do so good, maybe if you're gettin little wild, maybe like collar greens or fried okra. Guys that sort of starts to there's a bit of an overlap between southern Meetin, three cooking and barbecue, especially when it comes, Sides Fisher and I think all that actually grow to church picnics or doing. I added some getting grown up at my church and mean three for those
that don't understand and other countries. That means a little small family run restaurant, usually in the south, that you get to meet and then three sides generally certain act like a cafeteria tray and we're Talkin stuff like bright pork, chops or fried chicken or chicken fried chicken chicken fried chicken chicken fried stake. Chicken flattened stake, stake, fried Chicken Fried stake, fried chicken fried monkey eyes, and then all these various sides will be the three. But there's a little bit over that a lap with barbecue but Barbie, you, the distinction is you're. Talking about meets that are, could over a low heat generally over a long period of time, Yeah you slow hours and hours hours and hours right now, we'll get it all the subtleties of this outcome, but that's where barbecue, He is right, and normally, if you really, if you're purist eight year, it specifically pig anything
Outside of pig is not barbecue, whether its chicken where's, lasted over their shrimp, whether its brisket. If it's not pig, it's not barbecue, say a substantial portion of barbecue enthusiasts. Yes, I can take that now, then run run away with it. Take that take that pig and shoved, while the reason it's actually that the whole thing Kanak is the crux of that is found in a nineteen. Seventy five Esquire article called my pig beach you're cow, which basically argues that if it's not pay It's not barbecue in the reason that that would be the cases because barbecue who is it came out of the American South as far back as the beginning of the eighteenth century and the stuff they originally cooking was pig the reason why they are cooking PIG was because that's what they had available to it, and there is a specific reason for cooking pig, like you said,
oh and slow very long time over a lower sheet, because the pigs that they were originally cooking and were had been turned out feed fend for themselves out in the woods because You are running low on food because you know you're a colonists to a new place where I have no idea, what you're doing you? One thing you can do with pigs us it's gone, the wooden eaten falls, animal come kill you later in EU well as they're doing that their becoming like kind of like would ready Their leaner, their meat is tougher. There is less fat so to cook that kind of food and make it tender You have to cook it overload heat for a very long time and that's where barbecuing pay. The south originally came from that's the origin of barbecue yet, and so called to me is from the orange it oranges from the origins whether or not it's
In two thousand, seven israeli archaeologist found a to hunt Thousand year old evidence of barbecuing, essentially barbecuing wild cattle and Gazelle whether it's that or Hispaniola like you're talking about or in the fifteen hundreds in Spain or the earliest native Americans, but so called me, is that they learned. They first learned could meet good and then they learned, oh but very slow. Could he meet overload heat right better?
yeah, you know like early early on. They found evidence that, and these recipes that they could slow and low. They actually learn the subtle difference between air. This is charged me. It'll sustain me last, a little bit longer and preserve it. They learn the subtleties at no its tender and juice in Delicious right, but do it this way? Yeah she's amazing, to me: yeah, I'm again we're gonna for hundreds of thousands of years at least those actually theory that says that the intelligent explosion in humans came about from cooking. Our food is actually meet because it to everyone less energy. Did I just now, which meant we could take a lot of that digestive energy and directed upward to our brain into our brains. Get bigger, and hence we got smarter thinks a cooking.
Food yeah, there's somethin to, and they talk about this in the beginning of our article here it being the antithesis of fast food, there's something about investing showing about getting up at three in the morning. To put your your me on your smoker, he can have it ready by midday and tending to it every hour and checking that the motor and drinking beer the whole at starting a three eight or continuing from two a m. That step makes sometimes for method barbecue, but there's something to that. I think it's a think. That's one of the big draws for people is it is it's not something you slap on the grill and serve fifteen minutes later right, it's nuance in it and that's how you build that flavour and it's an investment in time, and you can have conversations round that fire in this one writer put. It really neatly Robert MOSS, to trace the history of
the EU is to trace the very threat of american history and there's been books written about it, not just recipes, but about it as a cultural staple in this country. Answer really really neat one. I'm hungry onto you break so hungry Aye, sir we're back. Then now those the wishes at the sound of me licking source of my fingers. Yet we took one of juries: legs barbecued, arrogant,
she would make it barbecue, we'll know. That's why you wanna barbecue slow in LA earnestly. So, like you said, there is evidence of us barbecuing, his back It is two hundred thousand years the ancient Greeks really advanced barbecuing, which church who is really to sit with some type of of roasting meat, and it's not like if you're like a winner, people, have been like creating this forever. How can you say barbecuing his American is kind of like ketchup like remember, catch up. Well, you think of catch up as american actually has its origins in a chinese fish. Sauce right is very similar but, like barbecuing wouldn't have come about, had humans not been doing, four two hundred thousand years already trip. This is just a kind of a new wants to version of it right there, so around the world. People roast meat in various ways, for example, in medieval England. They found evidence.
Actually have a taxidermy sample of of this breed of dog called return and down? No, no, it was really cute. So this small dogs, they look kind of dock Sunday, bread to run on treadmills or little hamster wheel saga to that was connected by a change to the spit to it turned this huge piece of meat in the fire log small dogs. But there is a stout Monseigneur how are they returning the huge so yeah? They liked better him? The me I was in Medieval England, or you can make a really good case that turning hunk of meat on a spit very slowly offer an indirect flame. That's barbecue azure, but it's not barking it because it didn't come out of the American South Cooking ports.
But the lot of people from the South West of England ended up in the American South and that's kind of one of the ways that it started to grow there. Yes, it's let's just quit: dilly dallying, Fuckin Desoto what first This shows up encounters the attain o Indians on has been you'll, learn who are would have been related to the Haitians. The dominican. Today, yes- and I believe, people import Erika, two, I'm so they retain o Indians. Had this method of cooking me where they use dream, would like fresh saplings yeah so that it wouldn't catch fire. And therefore wooden char them? either right flies smoke any cooked me, probably goats, or something like that and over this, this low heat for a very long time. So I think Columbus and carried it, but definitely Hernando De
Oh did as well when he arrived in North America, correct and supposedly the first european attended barbecue took place outside of, what's today, to blow Mississippi in fifteen forty with the sole Who is the guy who brought pigs to the new world could have been my family, sir? Was the pig chucks family her Nando Desoto and the Chickasaw tribe who lived around their requires the first, the first barbecue in North America, featuring pig, and ass, you ll see as we go. Barbecue is very social experience as weaved its way through churches and gatherings in civic groups. In american politics and we'll get it all that, but it says it's not surprising that there is evidence of a group of people getting together like any shared meal, but with barbecue
just gonna be longer well yeah. Supposedly that arose out of the slaughtering of pig, was a big deal. You had a lot of meat on your hands and they used everything from this now to the tale of the pig. So you had a lot of stuff it was way more than your family was gonna eat. So I was a kid for the whole community, or at least of the neighbours to be invited over to share in this wonderful food, and that's where barbecues being us, she'll gathering came out of that during colonial era, eating a pay a very communal affair. Well, and we we talk before about measures. Can I remembered about fire there about the theories that language of all, because a fire, because for the first time people gathered round after the sun went down
talk about other day, so this kind of along the same lines like where you have a fire going. We gonna people hanging out those who meet on a spit several feet up. You get some tasty food, yet yourself, it turns big dog. Yet he wants to crank that thing. It turns out that dog they were ready to do so. I native Americans, here they kind of improving over time. They eventually would make these wooden frames either. They would put the meat on then an eighteen. Eighty, seven, a man named Ellsworth Sawyer patented, the charcoal Roquette, which started being mass produced about twenty three years later Eddie no by whom. Well, I would imagine, what's the big one now kings varied gear, kings furred was Henry or more Rice Johnny Match like kings. Furred was Henry Ford's cousin in law. Ok
and Henry Ford was looking for a way to use. All of these stumps inside ass there was left over from the boards are approved for like the running boards dashboards for his model. T yeah. I guess he all this waste anyone to pay to get use, so he he started mass producing, charcoal briquettes, yeah we're talking about would briquettes yeah briquettes is basically call tar, saw dust, sometimes cornstarch. That's like her. That's a wood briquettes yeah our now. You would briquettes a lot of times. It is just real. Would chunks of work gotta like if you're a real barbecue enthusiasts uniting be buying? These submit briquettes? Show you by some of those get some open pit. Barbecues asking you gotta go back to bed. Nineteen! Fifty men in George Stephen he's a metal worker. He got
tat some legs to a half of a spherical nautical buoy. The other half of a lead said: I'm gonna call this the Weber, cattle girl and unaware got the name. I don't you, you know, there's a Weber grill restaurant in Chicago We sought walkin around here. They ve giant Weber, girl, outsides, amazing. I have a giant Weber girl in my deck, so I thought I was weird to point this out because he was far from the first person to invent the portable backyard girl. Really gathered around for a long time. Well, maybe it was just the category any definite invented the cattle girl, but he was. Aids is weird that they, they chose him to point out because the backyard, The girl had been around awhile. Well, maybe it was this articles under it may never. Maybe this, how did it and I just like Buzz marketed them- is only one Weber I want to well right so the smoke Israel
in slow and while I was but we're talking about, temperature rise will get into the specific so that in a minute, but what you really do, an azure you're, getting the smoke from whatever type of wood, or would briquettes that you raising in the fire- and we can talk about this flavors now, but my advice, if you're new to this, you never done it go out and get some different samples of these various woods and you don't need a cook with first a slight them and smell the smoke and see what you like and then whatever you're drunk you use that good advice, but starting out, if you want to talk barbecue hickory in the South, was widely used in most of these regionally reuse, because that obviously was the what they had near their right. So Hickory was abundant in south little sweet,
a very rich good for good for everything, especially Monkey S, mesquite taxes. This is where you get those more mesquite flavour and apparently the Mesquite word was for the nuisance, but in taxes they got on the beef train, obviously and said the stuff mesquite. What is really good for beef? What else purely freeway is good for them.
Chicken and seafood, none other by asking a baking when I think of apple went up? Oh it's my back and here s the thing but yeah. I think this could advise us whatever you like. It was what you should use. Yet, if you don't have time to invest in a wood burning briquettes like if you have a propane stove, you can always be as often a beacon ISIS cheap out. Get one of those pants that you can keep the year the wood on and soak it. I'm not gonna give you some extra flavour, but it's not gonna, be anything like twelve hours over a fire like a wood fire right now, and if you, if you're starting to get the impression that there is a certain level of purity area, so the idea of barbecuing. Yes, you you,
absolutely correct and I'm not a purer summoned amateur. I don't have a smoker at this point so that this point any web rural send. You want some point that should the ship I get when for free so one of the other things are really distinguishes different types of barbecue, especially regionally, is or even down to like the individual sheriff were pit master, is will see their called. Although I guess I just spoil their is how you get the meat ready to cook right, so. There's there's really a lot of differences in that, you're getting them ready to cook and then what you do to me afterwards to is here as well, but to get it ready, there's one You think you're gonna do meet you're going either hid it with a dry rubbed. We're gonna hit The wet rub, Viana do something I had a time, then you gotta talk to it nicely sure why Spain, and dumb,
the driver of in particular, supposedly there's four asses. There is a way for this: ok, sweetness, sugar, honey, typically savory like say, garlic, ear, spices and herbs and spices sensations, like pepper something ginger. This way more asses, then, for especially if you All the pluralist asian asses near you, ve made a rub. None are really you into this relatively barbecue
no I dont barbecue, but I'm in eating barbecue. You should at you get into the stuff now with cooking like I could see you smoking a brisket one day and be like, while I was rewarding, give it a shot. Ok, also, the also strike me as a type b. I have time to tend to a girl for twelve hours. I mean if there's if, if the maybe Spickly right day yeah, I did study for the party Haswell intending near the fire, so I have a dry rubs and I dont know what I'm doing. This will look at recipes. I'm just gonna do my own thing with it, but it really makes all the difference. If you read this meat downright good right get now the crevices and then nooks and crannies in and let it let it with itself for a while, I dont add any witness to it, but you can add: vinegar can an oil if you
ever done. It like, I said, get online, there's a million different ways. You can tackle this beast yeah, you be careful cassettes what they call a rabbit hall, you're going fall down when you start just looking into rubs. I'm sure that leads this man who actually I'm coming into the Memphis style. That kind of thing here so after after you also want to make a hundred percent sure that you are aware of this. The start that boy Q sauce is the stuff you put on right before serving more while you're eating, depending not at all sure, not too sure some people to see like driver, Gyre, wet rubbed like barbecue here am I I love a sauce seems wrong either without sauce pay, as some people are not like that. But that's not what Arabas dry or where the right that's the sauce, that's different yet heard about them all, but Are you kind of gave a little distinction?
between you gave a definition of barbecuing right and I said that the like roasting meat is basically barbecuing any type of rusty meat, but there's there's slight definitions. One of the things that comes up is the difference. Between barbecuing drilling, and this is actually kind of easy. The distinction is based on time and temperature yeah. So what with the barbecue. You do that slow and loathing where you're roasting fur several hours over a relatively low heat. This article says two hundred and twenty five to two hundred and fifty. I wonder if that's Canon Well, that depends the definitely in the low to hundreds is a good idea. I think right to fifty seemed a little high, but an expert at big grilling is
hotter and faster. Yet with grilling I mean they're couple ways in girl too: you can direct grill, which is really high he'd, if you wanna Sera steak or something, but that's not barbecue, and an indirect grilling when it's on the girl around three fifty, but you ve just got the coals kind of on one side and then your meat on the other right. That's scan the middle ground, but the the verb barbecue. It's very highly regionalize as to what terminology you gonna use and, like I dont say, I'm gonna barbecue today I can say: I'm gonna grow out I only want to come over and girl out. I dont say we're barbecuing, some people might say smoke instead of ironically yeah we're in a smoke out. Guess we're spoke some meat or something like that.
Yeah, but I think a barbecue as the noun like we'll go, get some barbecue or cook some barbecue by grilling out toys out his younger later. Now it's a bad idea and then afterwards done preparation by the cooking and other things ready, but is not ready. Quite yet because you got the sauce if you're sources in depending on where you are in the country, you're, going to use different types of sauce, Nevada, An interesting was there with american barbecue the the Europeans who came and appropriated the barbecuing process brought their own time.
To the fall in depending on where they settled. That's that area developed a specific type of barbecue sauce, starting with the Carolinas. Yet this kind reminds me of the accents thing was the trail that the actions as the actions developed as where people settled like food was secondary. To that her hand in hand with the North Carolina in Virginia. These were british colony, mainly in they liked tart Turkey, things. So you're gonna find more vinegar bases their right to get South Carolina where you have the French and the Germans who liked mustard. So they have the muster basis. I don't think I've ever had that I am not a fan. I mean I do not like it, but it's never gonna be my first choice. What measures do you remember when we heard that locusts thing on science channel, whether their barbecue place yet
legendary barbecue place in South Korea known Greensborough North Carolina. Yet I was really need yeah, so they had like the good vinegar sauce yet to see in the inner explanations about big barbecue place were right: yeah they took his back to where the vacillating a fire was. There is pretty good and hot if you go a little further west about Far West. As you and to the other end of the barbecue bout, your in Texas, Wes taxes to be specific. Parenting is Texas: they eat basically a Kansas City, barbecue or Memphis, maybe, but in West taxes they get their own. Like you said, they're, not even using pork, its beef, their cooking brisket over Mesquite, that's exist, cowboys, style barbecue, which some would argue is not actually barbecue yeah. That's because the german him
grants who raise cattle in the west and less taxes yeah I'm a brisket, so you're gonna problems with brisk and pulled work away like an both right like when. I wonder like a catered, if I'm having like a big party or something out- ok, barbecue again one of each the one year. The one thing I'm not crazy about is barbecued chicken I like it, I'm gonna make it at home. His is quicker, easier thing to do dislike for dinner. But I dont ever order that and argue restaurant you know what a waste here did at home, cooking Memphis style, they report town because the Mississippi River right there, so they could get molasses more readily. So that's why Memphis as a very sweet tomato sauce, yeah, delicious which then have you heard of Alabama barbecue before I had not so the way that this article put it's a lesser known style from Northern Alabama involving a white
made with man is vinegar and lemon juice. Some reason I use the word involving makes it sound like they're talking about some unpleasant business here it is less. It didn't sound to give, but I would try I've had that whites ass. I don't think a news Alabama specific, oh really but I had a before ok what's so, perhaps you can answer this. One form look at what is
Georgia barbecue, as it is basically like a rip off of North Carolina. I don't even like will get Slade for this because we live in Georgia and ate it barbecue places all over town yeah. I guess it's own thing, but it doesn't seem it's it's a tart. It's a tart vinegary based sauce but sweet as well. Well, there can most of the places I see then Atlanta have both have died, the vinegar saucer, the or the sweets us like the really thick- and I think, Kansas City is barbecue sort unknown. Henry Perry settled there and open up than one of the first barbecue restaurant and I think they can uphold from Memphis a little bit. I think they drew influences from all over the world
last year end, but I think in cities generally known for that kind of Sweden, Tangley sauce, but but ones in Atlanta, I've seen can have all kinds but its typically pork, although they have brisket on the menu but most people when they think a bar with you in the south, where, in Georgia think of pork, I think people above a real. Maybe I'm just saying that cause. I do one another's lighted transplants in Atlanta. So maybe closure will what's your favorite place in Atlanta. It depends on what you are looking for. An oak has ribs. Obviously, fat mats rib check is the real deal here. Wings didn't Fox brothers. Obviously, here the wings are good, their sources good to end in four pub there's a place? I'm peach tree industrial and it doesn't even have a name. It just says, like brick, pit barbecue
it's not even the name of the place there just saying like they have a break. Barbecue did exactly the old tie me here and you can tell it that same fires been going on since the late sixties. Here it is the main just like a regular all pull pork sandwich with like really good Brunswick Stew, and then, like that plane, I hamburger Bunyan Perfect, whereby yours I like that brothers. Ok, it's good! My favorite barbecue is community barbecue. The under either good. I mean, I guess you call it Decatur in that shopping centre, with its kind of the best food Restaurant shopping Centre in Atlanta, because it's got a tie place an italian place, Ricky Joint, a an indian restaurant, ah
but you're a heavy nowadays. Goods sceptics, seven restaurants and of more different ethnicity right, which obviously was an accident owner who owns that, but like kudos near them at all, but community barbecues the best there brisket is unbelievable and they're makin cheese. Is indescribable good well, it's the only thing. Some because usually makin cheese is terrible at a restaurant status of good near sighted, the giant you see I'm making it sometimes and like if you walk together, restroom the sea in the kitchen they're, making these pandemic and cheese and how much cheese goes into it or the different kinds are than they have cream and stuff every creature. It's just ungodly. The amount of cheese operating on this makes a good, then I'll. Call it makin some tea
he's alright was take a break and we're going to talk about sides in a little bit about politics and barbecue around the world and shut see you home chuck. Alright, we go talk about sides four minute with red
I got literally water in the mouth talking about makin cheese, a community, but typical sides are, like I said earlier. Maybe some Cole slaw, which will also vary by region. Brunswick Stew, which has set in here, was richly swirl meat, but chicken we'll do I've only had pork massing, Brunswick Stew, the Red Squirrel Brunswick, stating that in that sounds like a micro could be dish, bake beans, sure really good, big beans assorted. The dish our volunteer to bring to any cookout are Chuck spake beans. That's ironic, as I make a good forty sound with my arm pay. If that's what you bring to barbecue what else? Well, french fries depends on the restaurant, but that these would be something.
Like french risers of like that to me. If you can, if you can walk down anything besides the barbecue, They are not given enough argue Ike, yes, as nice as some sides or whatever, but like it's the barbecue. That's the point sure and I think you should be able to get full to soften the barbecue. That's my opinion. You like it dropped her. Oh yes, you do in the ports and hold pork. You see brisket though slice it, but I like it chopped for a sandwich, and I do to mix the brisk chop, risk it up with the sauce yeah, so good, a man, I'm really an eight lunch and I'm still dislike super hungry and ask is that politics is often has long been linked to barbecue way back in the old days of the the colonies in
the early days of american politics. They found a good way to get a lot of people together. Talk to about stuff was the promise food, while no remember, grew out of this tradition of we just killed a pig so everybody come gather around Marina Cook, it needed other and then politician started showing up at these. Things were holding on themselves? There is a long tradition of of politics and barbecues and apparently fourth of July, which you think of his barbecue, like a holiday here in the states That's long been a barbecue holiday, that's nothing new officer, I'm upset they used to get drunk in barbecue and read the further the declaration of independence there. There was the big boy, the big fight, that they go
I think an eighteen thirty's. They there were such a big hit in the south. We started can spreading out a politically in eighteen, thirty, six, those Daniel Webster. U S senator! He was a wig. We should do something the whigs sure I closed it. He gave it to our speech at barbecue and Saint Louis, so did Kennedy William Henry Harrison. It just became a tool at Nino at these rallies to get folks together and feed him almost bribed them. Both food and boots was a cobbler plying the planters with bamboo or something yet. It was from the the bars episode near, but he s secure, eat these ribs in drink all this bourbon and I dont really offer me yeah exactly
now the ears of many many presidents of thrown big big barbecues from Lyndon Johnson to the bushes, much what's going on today, trumped and strike me as if it master now No, but Johnson apparently had something called barbecue diplomacy. His rant and Texas. You throw huge barbecues invite the PS say hey. I want you to sign this bill. Ok, you owe me a maybe J accepts nothing like it does. It was obviously slavery in the United States by the big part, because part of the sort of facade of treating slaves to a big barbecue as a reward for being slaves was something happened on plantations, but on the flip side, slaves would also have barbecues and go over plans for a rebellion yeah. I think, then, that turn a rebellion was applied.
Over barbecue right or escape. I view the underground rail road and in the civil rights of the nineteen fifties and Sixtys was barbecue was a lot of times. These barbecue restaurants in the south were sort of the meeting places and headquarters yeah and what's weird, especially in the Jim Crow era, was that barbecue places were segregated, so you'd like gum black owned barbecue Joe. And wider barbecue joined here. But the thing about barbecue is that it It transcends raising class for sure, in that, like everybody in the south, loves barbecue right here: and apparently during the Jim Crow era of white people, would sneak over two black on barbecue joints. The head superior barbecue here and get their take out and go.
And the reason they were able to do. This is because, at the time and still in some places today, but at the time barbecue joints are almost exclusively taken and the reason they were take out was because they were the evolution Of a barbecue pit in the pit master role, in the on south, usually way to a slave right. So you if you're a slave. Who was the pit master on a whole plantation? You know how to cook some meat. Really well for a lot of people, both enslaved and not bright Billy, probably didn't care about, running a restaurant. No, but after after reconstruction, yet reconstruction after the civil war I'll, send you find yourself with the extremely unique talent, and so maybe like during the week you go to work, maybe as a sharecropper and then on the weekend, maybe you'd,
The pit master for your church right and people would say this is so good. You should do you know you should sell this solves build a shack around your pit. In all Sidney. I have a bit of a joint, so you put up a couple of stools and come in. You have a window and they get their take out and go and the car comes along and all of a sudden, you're barbecues joint is like a destination people are going to on the road trips and then that's how the barbecue joints developed yeah. I think I mean that The core things about it to me in the south. Is that, despite our very chequered in dark past, Even though a lot of that racism obviously still around, if you go into barbecue joint in Atlanta, we can find all stripes people all classes of people sitting side by side.
Joint through together and being really friendly to one another, and talking about the food yeah, like you know, you'll see some like Wall Street dude with his tie flipped over. They didn't get it a dirty next to a guy. That's just come back of a fishing with a bunch of catfish is cooler feeding each other drinkin sweet tee is just like out schoolmate gonna, like oh tailgate, at a Falcons game sometime Things like the south is so divided still and you'll see people getting along the most part. In that case, the only losers- the pig yours smarter than we tend to think that this probably a t shirt at some barbecue restaurant. The papers requires the witch
this is shocked me for a very long time using a pig is the mass got four barbecue places so sad, it's so sad there as I give Mcdonald's, and so the golden urges had just a bit cow. A cow serving a platter of hamburgers? That's so they do once they have wings cause they're dead reading stocking. That's all right movement, though in Atlanta we had a very famous restaurant here that was kind of one of the headquarters for Reverend Martin Luther King Jr, you have you heard of a place. Yeah Alex L e c K. Barbecue, Heaven was legendary Atlanta. That is still around well now. I know it. Now now I dont evident domain came in, took it over and its now a walmart. Wow. Really it's like you literally, could no written a worse outcome. I don't know they could have put up a Texas barbecue place. Instead
MR and here's the thing, though they had a for many years after the doktor king died, there was a mom sort of a shock. To him in this restaurant still shit like this is kind of where they met in this way it happened, and many years that was maintained and maintained and think and warm Originally they had that both in them boys apparel, it's her. Nowhere was, but I think they actually reference adder had photo those commemorating that or somethin counts for little while, but then took it out because they are man. What's a quote: they they didn't think it represented the brand and in the right way or some. We need to look it up. I wish I d, I gotta go check it out in there, but am Walmart it's right over
sort of the landing University centre near right near downtown. Ok, yeah like right next to more brown and consequently I mean come on now The anything else now, let me we had a little bit on barbecue around the world. We're not gonna get too much into it, but obviously, if you ve had jerk chicken or Barbara Color, Eric reinstall barbecue, supposedly, we should say Barbara cause the word that Desoto reported back to Europe about barbecuing and they think it's a corrupted no word, but they have any Tino any is ask: has the Europeans Callum all off? So no one thought to ask them first before they all died, that's a saddening, yeah yeah!
the lot of you. I know more about Martin Luther King Jr, the Tino, Indians, pigs, barbecue, Texas, all that stuff he'd take those words in the search bar has to worse. I camp, consistent search bar sign for listening to me. Hey guys just wanted to share with both of you. A vice new shore. Documentary too came out tonight includes lots of great footage unforeseen accounts of the streets of Charlottesville he's. This is in real time where the dense and Charlottesville Virginia have just happened, He said seen this documentary. I know him by this time it of Aragon, HBO and thereby show. But it's out on my now and I encourage everybody destruct speaking you seen it yeah. It's only twenty minutes long said threw off its extremely hard to watch all that very, very upsetting and watch it just before we came in here to record. Is it a big mistake? Is sensationalist
True true life now minas its they, they got a camera in a young woman report. Gonna write the middle of it all. So she interviews white nationalist interviews, people fighting back against white nationalists. It some in their own words, basically like yours, a microphone what he had to say. I gotta check yeah, it's not my fun racism, ignorance back to the male racism and ignorance on this score or important things. It just needs to be widely denounced at american discourse as uv alarm. I just want to say this really does not represent the feelings and attitudes at the university or surrounding city, which is actually garnered. A reputation is refugee city in recent years, and I think most people know that this these people came from all the country and other countries are these white nationally. There was a whole reason they came is because show is bills
taking down their computer memorial right to Robert E Lee, that that was the the guy's under which they met. But it was clearly much more than that. That's where they they met up, at least with her former tv. Georgia's which was hysterical and said. I have been actually listening to your part, yes, for about a year now and syrian deputies, Lee enough halved upon you have certain three speeches. Friday of the protests, on campus, I'm not one to strike down American. Let me buy liberties by any means that, we wonder how things may be different? Our society? We did have some kind of restrictions on things like hate speech and broadcasting, certify ugly, false information the thought experiment. While I have been an open advocate for environmental protection, it many times in my life
first time in my life that have openly posted for a cause involving racism in bigotry. I share both a vice news, video and your free speech broadcast on my facebook friends. I seek to be more more public advocate for equality from here, on out. I keep on doing great things: Europe. The human curiosity, are greatly appreciated, MRS from John in Washington Dc Nice John. Thank you very much and I encourage every really be interested. If anyone can write an indifferent anything that was going on there and if, like John you wanna, let us know about something you think we should see were always down for that and if, like John you wanna, let us know of us on the you think we should see were always down for that. You can tweak to us it s why escape podcast or Josh on Clark can hang out with a sad facebook, dot, com, sly stuff, you should know or slash Charles so bright. You can send an email, the stuff podcast, the House, the first I come as always
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