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A Partial History of Action Figures

2016-11-03 | 🔗

Action figures have a long and glorious history. From GI Joes to Star Wars figures, these offshoots of dolls came along at just the right time to capture the hearts and minds of children everywhere. Learn all about the partial history of action figures right here.

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immediate right, and that makes the stuff you should know the fact tat the pie cast. That's right. I'm excited about this particular part, gesture. Every effort together this episode, I love you wanna go had announced the title for the people that you didn't mean it. It is a well you you, like, I always societal, oh and are now everything you ever wanted to know about actually some stuff about action figures since you may already know some stuff that made the light. You that's a working title here, yeah we're talking about action figures at the point of view think that exercise just was you. I was going to say everything you wanted to know, but this I mean we could do that. I'm sure there
entire pod guests on. I haven't figures Fisher and, if you do, if you have a podcast annexing figures right in, let us know will tweeted out for the people whose vote this flow. This will definitely follows in the vein of the Barbie episode, which I have to say is one of my perennial favorites. I love the Barbie episode. Oh yeah, yeah Barbie, actually makes an appearance in this one you like to play with dolls I'd like to play with action figures I play with barbies. I had older sister so like I was, I play with barbies what I wanted to or not so I made the most of it. I remember my sister having barbies, but surely she did right yeah. She was a girl in America from the sixth design. Yes, she had a barbie, oh my sister grew up in the Soviet Union. Our they gotta see her down a Martina they're, probably wasn't.
But I mean that it was a pretty good at the sudden listens kind of similar. It's got it all and, like I said, Barbicane pops up in the beginning. She actually inspired action figures like basically directly win win Mattel. I think it was roof handler who, It the Barbie derive yes, and when she, when she hotel released it. It was just a huge enormous hit in one of the big reasons. Barbie was never one such a hit and number two so appealing to toy companies was that when you bought a barbie, you're buying experiences over there, always like more clothes in shoes and, like my sister, had the pool that you could hang out within it. A shower that actually worked. There's a ton of extra stuck to buy it. So when you bought
Barbara you wanted all the other stuff too, and toy companies wanted to figure out how to do that with boys toys, but they just couldn't quite figured out, is no one had ever come up with a dull for boys in this kind of what is required is coming over the dolphin boys in knowing a crack that none, but, but Barbie made the whole thing all the more appealing I guess yeah. Finally, the steward name stand western. You actually knew Miss Handler and now he was in the toy. Racket and I guess I should call it a racket. It's a bit of a racket, it's a bit of a racket, so he said, like you're talking about again others tons of might be made here a military history buff, and so he had this delightful
went off over his head and he says what, if we could come up with a soldier doll or perhaps even a series of soldier dolls and maybe not call them. Dolls varies a big one. He didn't, he didn't come up with the name to be fair. His boss, it Hasbro VP, DAWN Levine, early vine, nineteen sixty three. He was pitched this idea in He went nuts over it and he's the one who said. Maybe we should call them action figures right. You stand Western approached yeah dad Levine out like that Toy Ference, had got a great idea and apparently he gave him a hundred thousand dollars just for the idea and then, if he were since he worked with Asbury like guys, I've gotta go you're here so that roughly translates into about seven hundred and eighty two thousand dollars in today, money which is good, though, for an idea, but of Korea
time. You're the schmuck that comes up with the idea that you sell for even seven honey Eighty two grand and it goes on to be like hundreds of in the dollar business, you probably always gonna feel like I get taken for a ride. He'll have of it. I'm sure steam listeners like I'll, have millions of good ideas like these that I can sell for seven hundred and eighty thousand dollars apiece some they may have. Certainly now, unlike the ideal right. Well, that's what we ve been talking about. We talked about gee, I do a lot on the show, so it feels appropriate that way.
To go down that rabbit hall for can be talking. Not action. Figures were so well yeah because Joe Joe is the one that started literally started the action figure craze. Every action figure that's out their fun like gum action. Jesus too, to the Marvel, superhero action figures. Every action figure came from tee. I Joe and you wanna get feminist about it. Every action you're, including Viejo, ultimately came from Barbie. If I look at it so I deal that I never knew Gm Joe debuted. Nineteen sixty four before Christmas is almost as if they plan that the original. I knew all this stuff. The original was twelve inches now twenty one moving parts- and the thing I did not know was that gee I Joe was the collective name of
all four of these armed forces dolls. You don't know that. I thought the guy was Joe, no, the tea For my era, the guy, the main guy, was Duke your error, the main guy, was rocky well and which, when you had Falco so there was there was rocky was the army in the Marines skip skip the Navy guy. An ace was the AIR Force Guy, the fighter pilot bright city. They ran out of names, after name three inside out back stickleback rocky. They ran out of names and they all were identical, except for their clothing yeah. As far as I know, right didn't wooden their head different Was it the same face for each one? It was literally just closer different you now I don't know I'm going for my own memory, which is that there are all the same dude and they were. I go Harris
whenever they came up with an african American when at one point in the lake was very sixties, I think together. With the times, but that tomorrow from those original deeds, and maybe I got it second wave? Maybe the original sixties ones were different, but, We knew Franco Harris, I gotcha. So maybe I do said rocky movies. Rocky or rocky, which one yeah I had rocky without rocky, so they they come out with this. This toy and it's the first one of the big differences with tee. I joe conciliatory soldiers before, but did you ever have those like little plastic once a little place, a green men, the dump him out of the bucket minor bazooka, and he was always the best one year end, but that they were unlike little. Molded plastic stands in you, you couldn't do anything with a mix up slide em around or whatever those have been around forever. While you can do a lot more with him, if he had imagination,
and a lighter and a cannon hairspray actually delighted it was toy story right where they had those those guys come to life right. That was like really really cool to me. When I saw that onscreen these guys, like you said he can never move em for I see those little deeds actually come to life was pretty pretty awesome. Really you haven't been dreaming of this day. I gonna was thank you. Dream works, that's where they got. The name was a dream works there. Was there the picture as Pixar right proud? I got it wrong. Monitoring its a hundred percent Pixar. We're still gonna get emails anyway, even though it is correct. They're there are working dreams here. So am I read this great article called jeez what was called now one now you know the history of Gm Joe and knowing it is half the battle from Smithsonian COM. Remo Jimmy stamp was his name, the stamper
this text, so am I didn't realize it You can't you can't copyright a figure like a human you're, so that was sort of an issue when people started to do knockoffs of Gm Joe, but appear the early on in the process. Viejo, was well known for that scar on his face, I didn't even know this. He had an inverted thumbnail then both of these were because of errors in production, but those laws were what allowed them to go after people for copyright infringement. That's right, that's crazy! It is, I guess they were were natural, like they didn't, plan them or anything like that. The dangers were happy accidents. I guess net and actually read also elsewhere, Chuck that Viejo so successfully see that by the seventies.
There are so many knockoffs that Hasbro released its own line of knockoffs cheaply Meiji. I chose to compete with the knocker, flattened and delete their markets for years, defenders, their disease. Really we cheaply made versions of the big gee I chose while it. Was a huge hit, though it says here that they account for almost sixty six percent of has rose profits in nineteen sixty four, that's insane that is nuts that was the year came out. Right, yeah, like right out of the gate, was a really big deal. Again one of the reasons. Why was because you had toy soldiers before, but this guy could move yet. I think, like twenty, eight or twenty nine moving parts or different parts and use article eight it so he could lift up his hand karate shop you, although eating, get the conflict grip until this, the MID seventies yeah. That's why I came in ok, so he had come for grip when you knew gee, I jus yet very much greater. It was confirmed
for the historic like Franco, here, a very silly like beggars, and then the other big innovation was. There was none innovation at all. It was following the barbie model, but for boys it was it. Was that this, this doll, which no one called the doll, in fact, I believe Hasbro wouldn't do business with you. If you were going to call it a doll as a retailer, they were just like. Well, you don't get any gee. I just this is an action figure, but on the package itself, an hour, if you remember this or not, I dont, because I wasn't born yet, but there were pictures of the other. Do and the other outfits you could get. So when you bought one g, I joe you as a kid remade immediately aware: whoa, whoa, whoa, there's energy. I chose out there and I want to collect them all. Some little kid came up with that collect them all phrase, just in his little brain, yes and little kid named middle age, marking, executive
down levy. So not only that, but they had you know like Barbie. They had all manner of other things he could collect and by I had the at the jet pack, which you would attached to a string, dissimulate jet packing and send while, like between two. Freeze, Gaza, and then I had the the submarine this is like a sea Wolfe was really cool. How big the submarine, if you're, playing with twelve inch gee, I Joe it was on the take up the size of like that Every room well does not mean anything to anyone at home, but it's about the size of this lamp on our desks, but so is like a one man sub yeah, I feel like it was Remember exactly. I feel I feel it goes about the size of us little more than a bowling ball like a child's bowling ball. Because he had to sit on your right and he was a big dude, even though you would you know and a seat a position in the smaller
and then I had the six wheel or eight we elect remember all terrain vehicle nice and that's about all that we were that's. What are we could afford fits within probably Clayton outlay from your parents know his great we're time. You know right. Several Christmas is right here and there, like? I said I came in on the seventies, but in the sixties, they actually Joe. Do very well because of the Vienna more and it was actually can have, I think it was actually went away from production for a while. Yet did they just they basically retired, and I think the Vietnam WAR, sale, so they took him out a little bit and then they re released him again. A kind of rebranded am, I think too, as rather's rather than a soldier. They re, branded Amazin adventure right the tourism, this machetes, not for cutting off the hands of the sherpa. Who leads us?
danger it's for you, no cutting through vegetation, on a jungle adventure to save sherpas, for some reason, live in the jungle now yeah, like you said they call them adventurer or the naval officer was Calvin Aquanaut and they are very much remember that being the deal like, I didn't, think of them is a soldier. I thought of them, as you know why I thought his name was Joe Gazette missiles at a kid, but a guess, rocky the g, I Joe Adventure, guy, Breck, flesh, Franco, Harris and G. I do actually it was taken from a nineteen. Forty five movie called the story of G. I jus that's where they came from the jersey that no have you know, I'm just curious. I said.
Gee, I do is he starts, did you kind of poorly because Vietnam they take him out? They release him and he doesn't do very well when they bring back out, even though his adventure right, so she had just left. They start making gee I just for, while any created it left, this big vacuum there was just waiting to be filled in it was filled by a little company. Name me go and we'll talk about me go after it. Bright colored. That sounds good, what s the matter with a little hey everybody. I want to talk to you about your website that doesn't look good and this hard to program because square space does it better yeah they do square space Is this amazing magical tool that you can just basically good people?
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or is it may go we're mega, I've been saying meadow in my head- discuss Madame American, I think make probably how they say in the UK that was our came from now their american. I say To be honest, I have no idea how I'm sure there is a right away that Tommy meagre we'd love to tell you about that. We're Tommy! May go by yeah. I'd say
I've said me go in my head, but I dont know which ones correct to say the truth. This proceed firstly I'll same meadow, you say me go let's just call the whole thing up so go ahead with meagre, so so Viejo gone. But again this is, you said, recounted free, like sixty six percent. It has both sales. Just in the first year and he was a hit year after year after year for many years. I am any them when they brought him back. Sales were terrible compared to the initial step, but there are still make money off my so this first, the world's first action figure made a huge impact. The world's first action figure wasn't around anymore. Well, there was a void that was to be filled in his company called me. Go decided in, I think, nineteen, seventy one in eighteen, seventy two,
that's pretty good place to start would be releasing a line of action figures that were basin superheroes and they release the a line of superheroes called the world's greatest superheroes action figures in, I think nineteen. Seventy two and it was a pretty big like right off the bat yeah what they did was there were super smart in Canada, a lot of vision and said, I think, we're it's. That is not necessarily creating characters from whole cloth. Kids, don't know of, but licensing very famous characters and selling them. So they got a hold of licences for spider man and the HAWK and Batman, and wonder woman and iron man and Captain America, yet not just If you ll notice its DC and Marvel characters in the same line like that's unheard of today, they did not discriminate back. I hope it is wonderful time. And not only that, but they said
we're making money hand over fist sullen these action figures. What do you think kids would actually buy villains like the Joker and do you think they would by side characters like urban and bad girl and other villains like the riddler and things like that that will be on the batcave play set before you knew it. They were pumping things like Bruce, wanes Foundation building. I know those or what the other weird when the store out have they had exclusive with the Montgomery Ward Store, I wasn't like it wasn't a store by at the at Montgomery word. Only oh, you could buy the non superhero versions of superheroes like Peter Parker, Ganja Wayne, which is like o er. I you use a theory in your typical and that's what you do, while the rest of us are saving the world. That's what you do with that action thing.
I then makes much more sense. I thought I had it might gum reward place at eight. That's what I thought at first to Bruce Wayne work. There is something very course he didn't even work on an what I'm thinking now gave orders. They were tons and tons of money in eighteen? Seventy three. They moved into movies with their planet today. Line, which was some plastic primates and then the astronaut there was taller- and that was a huge yeah, and the other thing about me go to was that all action figures have been like twelve inches taller. Twelve inches tall up to that point in me goes lined with eight inches, so accurate figures are starting to a little bit now. The trade in the one the one actually had, even though I have no idea why I had the STAR Trek Enterprise bridge. Oh yeah, and then I guess you know. I had spoken Kirk in a couple of others, but you know I'm
MT not have ever seen any star trek at all, except for maybe one movie or something so I've, idea. Why? I got that mean if it was a cool action figure, a guy's, some weird I dont, weird wizard action figured when I was but you're into weird wizards soil are what I am now is a grown up. I wasn't as a key. What is this thing? Gotcha some weird wizard Well, I don't know why I had it, but the STAR Trek guy that their collection wasn't. That was another big hit, so they were just they literally kind of media. Joe and Barbie, of course, can respond this thing, but this
like mega, really took it to another level: yeah yeah they kind of they can yet action. Figures were cool and your joy. It really started something button me go yeah. They they just, they established it forever permanently, and they also showed other companies to like hey man. Cookie is of a licence and stick to it like get creative, like with the STAR Trek licence that they had the clearly, the toy designers had actually watch STAR Trek episodes because one of the place it was from one of the set from an episode of STAR Trek, the Apple episode like you, don't necessarily see there. You didn't see that before with action figures, it was more like hey
you, you know this guy, just via this is like you're into STAR Trek, and so are we in here is some awesome play sets based on your love of STAR Trek, so meagre definitely broke them all the neck in that sense as well, but they also that they were yet fraction. Figures like nobody can compete with meagre by stuff from Japan and then turn him into new stuff? Here there was just no competing with me: go in the? U S, even though a lot of people were, but they are, they also got the ball in the most spectacular fashion. Anyone could ever drop. The ball is action figure world yeah like the it's almost it's almost an elegant end of the story, because it literally me
cringe when you read it in those two different versions but both of em. I, like a man yeah, I think, there's really only one version I literally could not find a single source other than this one guys blog claimed the other version, but on what we're talking about, and if you know action figures, he probably see this coming. They declined the star Wars brand and allowed killer to pick it up. Yes, so how there, which stories true? Well, the story that I think is true is that they didn't want. To invest, and they said that you know we're not gonna throw money at every little thing that comes along came to be a little more discerning yeah, thou unhurt it's more than the other store. The other version was that like gum, the people who could sign contracts were out of town. George Lucas came by to offer him the franchise another them saying it out loud like yes, it's a ridiculously dumb story here then. Actually,
burning down. The star wars line is seen him better, thieving sweeter, like man. What do you guys think it, but I mean there's lots of stories like that. Somebody lacking foresight, yeah the m. The other story is completed by the supposedly they weren't there. So Lucas to another twenty keener who was in the same building right in new york- and I guess the people- could sign their name where their right, but I can anywhere else, except for this one blog where this guy says it's true, but I would love to hear from someone if aid, if they have inside, like verifiable knowledge of that for sure with George Lucas. Let us now mean verifiable not near what I heard, I read the same blog I knew you nerd voices gonna come up in this episode. Of course, several, if you, if you
have a love meagre or you know we're talking about also go check out. The meagre museum online, Emmy G, O Museum, and it's just basically like this wonderful Online museum dedicated to We think that may go ever put out is pretty cool. I wasn't even around with these things came out, and yet they still somehow make these new stall jack in her exactly all right. So, let's go back a little bit to nineteen sixty six and am we're gonna say and how they went from eight inches, even though they were still the aid enters after sixty six, how they have, we got down to the three and three quarters edge, Jacko licensing their stuff out to other countries all over the place, those a UK Benny who release it under the name action man eventually they licences to Japan to company called to Cora
they went on to create some action figures based on Joe and then due to the oil crisis. In the early seventies, they started developing smaller versions, so at three and three quarters inches they developed. Remain released him in eighteen? Seventy four and that kind of lead to them. New thing, which was smaller deeds. Three and kids didn't care, No! No! Not only did we not care soon hours during the inner, my wheel house, not only did we not care these smaller ones are vastly period of the older ones. Are you think here we hear a lot of us, but I would say this to be the one thing that divides us more frequently than anything else is whether the original big Diego's or the second wave small gee I chose are better
Let me ask you, Sir: have you ever held in your hands and played with a twelve inch gee I Joe with confer grip? I would would not touch one, so you can't even say that Have you play with a small one man ahead, the small action figures care. Oh, did you have the star wars, the area, so you think the big ones superior. We had twelve inches, it's the articulate nineteen differ ways. Do I like the small ones, well, even after playing with the big one, which I have not and never will. I just know that the small ones is vastly superior. I don't know if it's, because I am the start, for the small ones in the whole, one seem weird and dusty, and do you something like that, but the small and seem better to me at the very She after you have to admit the wave of g. I chose that were released
I started playing with them just align itself with better, regardless of size of a bright river. So I don't know about that, because Viejo change delight once it became a cartoon and we're gonna talk about some really cool political stuff. They had no idea when ended but I'm Viejo became a cartoon series. This is in the early eighties, so this is when I had kind of quit playing with action figures for the most part, ok, his eighty three. Eighty four, I was like thirteen, and you know I was merely on the check out this mustache yeah. I was. I was skateboarding by that point. Another has like super cool escape were yeah, maybe also played a little bit. Somebody has only your neighborhood best for new about your school friends than the exactly Diego is a cartoon than they for the first time, basically because a commando team and anti terrorist commando team that had
all kinds of characters and they had finally had a common enemy, which was, of course cobra yes, but by COBRA Commander this was your right in your we'll house: correct, yes, He needed three. I was like seven so yeah this is. I was really just primed ready you I'm! go Joe and also the other thing to the eye. Had the you didn't have was the cartoon that not only like blew up the back stories, because each this new wave of Georgia when they released it They each character now had its own name and it wasn't rocky or rocky. It was things like come Duke or shipwreck, or blowtorch or barbecue or dusty, and in the bad guys had their own their own names,
cover commander supplementary to MAX or say my or the whole the hill gang Oh geez, who was it Tom actions? They might? They were evil twins who were there are? Basically, they were like come if, if COBRA Commander had hired Patrick Bateman cloned him a mere version of him. It would be to maximize aim art. None of your stuff right right. Ok, so I do Because I grew up with it, but I also had a pounded into my head every day after school watching the GEO cartoon, and there was the huge innovation that really This created this this other world for kids like me to just lose yourself in with the actual figures kiss now you need need to use your imagination, you could just be like eyes. The sun, the g I jus cartoon today. So let's check that out right.
None of this would have ever happened. Had it not been for Ronald Reagan, s right, and that sounds weird. But here's the story, So in the late seventies, there was a lot of concern about kids and advocate. Sing about advertising to children. So the empty see the Federal Trade Commission. I gotta taskforce together and they said: should we ban or regulate this marketing the children they put together. Six thousand pages of testimony from sixty out of oral testimony. Sixty thousand pages of expert testimony from all these experts on child psychology in health and nutrition has had to do with you, no food and sugary candy so like that do and the conclusion across the board was that young children cannot their Cognitive Lee unable to understand the the intent of selling ads. They can't distinguish that from reality. Right like if you
set up a cartoon as an ad. The kid is, he thinks it's a cartoon she does exist. Or if the ad is the cartoon right rather than the kid doesn't know they dislike, I'm still watching cartoons My tv brain is made that switch, but man could I go for some smurfs cereal? Happily, So it was a big deal time. So there were all these recommendations, basically on how to regulate and restrict Avc, as if that were the they basically said, was unfair and deceptive kids older kids. They said they cancel the difference, but maybe we should have warnings on the ads and disclosures saying that this is a commercial message right and so What happens when you do this? In America, the private sector said. No, no! No! No! No! No! No I want to be able to sell, is much sugary garbage two kids is. I want you can't restrict free trade
in business, and so we're going to raise a record at the time sixteen million dollars to lobby against this and well and they were helped out enough. Part by getting the right guy into the White House right. So nineteen eighty the first things Ronald Reagan did was he appointed? chairman of the Federal Trade Commission and this this was a move that basically said you know at theirs gonna be no regulation whatsoever. Gotta leave these markets free, you can do whatever you want and that is basically how all of these cartoons were born. Gee. I Joe transformers smugglers care bears rainbow bright very shortly. Name. It basically became marketing in selling things in cartoons became one and the same. Finally, yeah I'm one of these things that definitely help gee I do too was the am I don't offers formal or informal, but there is based
a ban on warlike cartoons? A warlike toy is yes that was brought back under the same ease of restrictions by the F p c, so that I think the senator of warlike toys that were sold in the early eighties went up like three hundred fifty percent. From one year over the other. Yet from like nineteen. Eighty three to eighty four, I think, whereas before It was like now we don't theatres in advance remember like no technology, I just gonna cut, covers head right off, so that Nineteen. Eighty, that's one of the first one of the first big things Reagan dead. When you got an office flash coordinating. Eighty eight in November, One of the last things he did was he vetoed a new measure, cause basis I saw what was happening. All of a sudden kids were being bombarded with work. Turns and just terrible sugary package food.
All over the place like this, the restrictions were, were nowhere to be found right. So Congress came back and said. You know what this is out of hand here's a measure well restricts once again and impose them out some legislation on this programming aimed at children? the house by three twenty eight. Seventy eight unanimously in the Senate and Reagan vetoed it. What we. What one of the things you are trying to do. They are trying to limit programming too advertising the ten point: five minutes an hour on the weekends and twelve minutes an hour in the week days, And also provide require broadcasters provide educational, national programmes as a condition renewing their licences, so Reagan veto said no way. To do that. We will keep it, as is people there were in favour of. This went crazy. Basically the regime
How can you guys say you're the the party of the children and education and then veto something that is clearly going to help protect our children yeah. Mr Mann. I had no idea about their own and not only that the what happened was along with his deregulation. The toy companies the cartoons they actually can I go to bed together and they said you know. If you show, if you schedule as a broadcaster, Our cartoons that sell toys will give you a profit on those toys. Nice run these Viejo cartoons. Then we'll get you what were selling plus also will buy ads on those cartoons, are on your network to sell those those toys. When you show these cartoons, I imagine you know cause. I remember watching the ideal of a real american hero, the cartoon, which I have to say
it was created in in large part to sell gee. I just true, but it had had great. Story. Arcs ahead, overarching story arc that went from episode. The episode individual ones were good, like their voice, acting was good. The animation was pretty good same transfer. Was to like it was pretty pretty good cartoon, so at least they were putting time and effort in thought into this, but yeah it's pretty despicable marketing, the kids in general? Actually I read a blog. I am certainly glad you were satisfied you're. But I read this blog that basically said that man I wish I could find it. Maybe I oppose this when you release it that that the deregulation killed the creativity and killed in children's cartoons raw and that they said that before you know it, there were just like things were knock off of one another minute.
Air about. I guess I mean you're a kid, so maybe you didn't realize it, but ass you stupid did knows. They said that you know can see a clear demarcation line between really good storytelling and then retailing. That was clearly just geared to sell things. I guess I don't I'm trying to compare like white cartoons were in the seventies and like they were great. They were higher, though again I'll, go back to their hair bunch well They love the hare, bears your drug fuelled, thinner, yea, and I was a big one, but there I mean they're plots were simple, it was the same part that you would see any Yogi Bear Cartoon Huckleberry, Hound, cartoon Scooby do was interesting and it was pretty cool. There was basically the same. Storyline every single time like with whisky redoing, trying to argue in favour of corporate Amerika marketing the kids and ruining creativity, but like you,
There weren't any overarching storylines aside from Scooby being crazy for Skippy snacks. Scooby do, and there definitely was gee I Joe like when they went around the world and took the dna of all of these great. These great dictators in conquerors, like Zander the grade and dump Napoleon and put him altogether created serpent or who is actually new guy who is in charge of cobra. Can cover commander was bit of a coward it did you dont know any of this. How do you know this stuff, but I was. I was trying to kiss girls in the rowers. Getting rickety forget you. Girls were growth. Still it's true, but I I definitely help shape me and I am nostalgic for in that sense. I am appreciative but check. I propose that sooner later. We do in episode on marketing the kids, because this whole deregulation stories is fascinating.
May I add that didn't know anything about it, because I was still a dumb kid when this has gone on Wednesday or Thursday agreed. So that was Joe Joe shaped, my childhood you'd I had fell but prior to G, I Joe the first three and three quarter inch action figure in the? U S, as far as I know, was the star Wars Line and the star Wars line again. When we go past it up quickly realized that we really screwed up their release like a Buck Rogers line and a black hole line over them over the black hole. Had you from? Does it's really creepy, even still
so they tried to catch up and they ended up going bankrupt and nineteen. Eighty three, basically as a result of losing this star wars line said and so Kanner had so Kanner picked. It up picked up the star wars line instead and they release them in right out of the gate in eighteen. Seventy eight, which I believe was the first year that they release these things, is three and three quarter in star wars: line of action figures in United seventy at night to seventy nine they made a hundred million dollars each year from selling those they sold about forty million units a year and from nineteen. Seventy eight in eighteen. Eighty five, which I think was the whole range of the star wars, wines the original run with Kanner cancelled. Million units? Are there some forty million a year and make
hundred million each year from that yeah I saw three hundred million total, so Kanner made some serious bank off a star wars off of me and my my one mowing find yeah for sure ahead I feel like I had at least doubles of most of the major characters many of the minor characters, the Thai fighter, the Ex wing, the death star Oh, you look like when he had the last speaker. I also had the idea that the big dolls don't if there were twelve edge, but what is it with you and big dont? Let it happen many. Their humble yeah headed the big Luke in the big think, the big look in the big vader and maybe like one other, maybe Chewbacca, but not all of them and basically whatever I could either get for my birthday a Christmas or save my allowance to buy right,
I would get- and I was all in- I didn't know that these were collectible. Of course, ripped right into an area, play with them like normal children Deirdre. I didn't put it like a box on a shelf to try and keep it emit condition, but that's weird to do, though, as a kid yeah. I don't know Maybe they were kids do an added. No any. We all played with I'm sure. But I mean there was a very gently, the point. I think it was an intellect much later that it, it became evident that you could sell them to people who wish they had them in the package, still for a lot of money, In short, we should reclose later on with the year some of the more able once yes Fisher. So that's it is ok, everybody you're going to break it. We should resided about star wars,
think I don't have anything else. Really I mean there's a gazillion other things. We could talk about a guess. But what more do you need to know? Who said that there were huge it? That's it we're gonna, take breakering, come back and talk a little bit about the how these things are actually made, what terrible bundled up by asking them to everybody. We want to talk about audible, which just so happens to be the sponsor of the audible audio pioneer award at this year's Iheart radio podcast towards an audible, gives you the edge by keeping you informed, inspired and entertained on the go. That's right with the audible at it's easier to get more books in your life using the time you already have listen while commute, working out doing chores anytime
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worried so stupid. Little bow on the action figure thing before we get into Heather made. You know, transformers came along with huge throughout the nineties, then you saw arrival in DC, really come on the market. Every movie, you could think of action figures. Tv shows started having action figures. Older popular movies started having action figures like for nostalgia sake like I literally had a scarface doll he had seen the scarface out, but you know that you have in the office. The mound of cocaine did sick man of cocaine did now. You know you can find pretty much any kind of figure. You want from politicians, they were older movies and tv shows and like things you wouldn't even imagine. People like welcome back Cotter action figures yet- and I didn't realize this, but apparently companies. Internally will release like a very limited Rhine of some where, like their misery,
thought or like its miss labelled on the package, to make these things to make invaluable valuable for the aftermarket collectors market, which seems really toward me. Like gaming, they ve collectors market by manufacturers. That's just the themes, that's just the opposite of what use the sitting. So that is that verify that sounds urban legendary to me. While I was in one of the articles you sent my ticket to the person who wrote the article sounded like they knew their talk about. What was it the same article from the guy who said there are now that tenor signed. The contract has the right people weren't there. I don't know, because it is the first thing I think, there's if they're doing that, then what's to keep them from Arthur Julie, manufacturing something is going to be viable and keeping a bunch of him. The males, well, most companies like money.
Now, rather than a little more money later. So that would probably do it mister right too, it's like the Abbe suckers are made yeah. You again, you found some good stuff here when you put this together, yet others is pretty interesting, so it starts with design right right, which means presents a boy. You say I give us a Thorn character, use sucker and down their talk you an artist, a sculptor when they say that so the sculpture gets to work like creating arm. I got basically skeletons called armature. Wire and the wires and basically position thorn to run holding his hammer so I'll be kind of like in a crouched running pose and there they slap some clay around it. Maybe Baker love it to make it stiff, and then they mould,
very roughly the general body shape and head shape of Thor, and then they can start to get to work from their yeah rough thorns. It is what they look for early on in this It depends on the action figure. There are all different kinds that varying levels of of movement depending on what you're gonna end up with his really gonna inform the process? But let's say your Thor and you want to move your arms move. Those big pipes alone They may choose to sculpt the arm separately, or maybe the lead separately. They almost always do the head separately, because the scale of these this fine detail just want to work on that by itself frame when you, when you're messing with the head you just hold. Your wrist is like going into the chest that you just
MR, why do I always do this? Not to start over pretty much so they're working with us, for so perhaps only but Emily, what can the arms were? Come a hands were come ahead, and eventually you ve got this head and face like you wanted you're gonna attach that back on building neck in build some hair and if it's one, it's completely plastic you're gonna do the clothes and everything in the suit. Sometimes you have real cloth, though, like in a cape. You rightly carved that are obviously no novella. That, though I that later and sometimes like an extra figure, will come with like a breastplate or blue Sir Thor's hammer, maybe though they gave the word kung, fu grip. So they'll have them all that also separately, but sometimes in you'll, know this already, probably as the designer
No, we don't want any that weird cloth. It like a big gee. I Joe, and it is weird people out- we want it. We want of plastic and moulded, so they'll Phil basically carved the clothing out of the original sculpture as well, this all takes about two weeks on the course it depends on who you working with but sure but two or three weeks to carve this. This dude out to it can have my Ross form Yom, always incredulously stuff. A guy like you know who does it take two weeks is Everley an average. I come any action figure sculptors. Did you pull the find out that it was two weeks? They probably just talk to someone in the company may say: Hellenes taken. They said about two weeks that's good enough for me that if they as long as they spoke to somebody, I tonight you ve got your little little. Dude and you're gonna use a plastic resin when it comes to the actual materials of the thing itself. There's something called abs
Ankara Aquila. No, I thought you wanted me to. I think it's a cruelly nigh trial, beauty, dying, styrene, abs, network, three types of plastic and one that's right. It's a harder plastic for the main body made up my polypropylene or polyethylene. Further, various parts or pieces, you fabrics if you have capes and things like that. So weird although I mean even the little small figures head had like the jobless had capes they are not only not caves but cloaks. I I remember weird male too, you know think. Finally, I understand what it is, but I dont like about the large here: just they had fabric clothing and there it was ill fitting Think too, like did you see He had heard enough that the original gee I do like some of them
with a raincoat, but it didn't look like Eureka with accused sleeping bag that had a draw string round his face. He sure when the sleeping bag, I'm pretty sure, is city a raincoat because you know all this is not actually the sizes, the creepy factor brought on by this clothing that didn't fit. Quite rightly, You know the kind of clothing that you would make for the son, who was serial killer, but you didn't want to turn a man, so just keep him locked in the basement and you gotta make his own clothing items of clothing. For this kind of clothing. You would make him that's ethic which treats me out about it working through some stuff, so I'll check in with you at the end that will see exactly what it is. You hate them, Ok, so the manufacturing process. You gotta create them. Next, you wanna Master, mauled or maybe, be more than one mould
and this requires This time they sent his article about two thirds of the whole time spent. Making these moulds, which makes sense- and it takes a few, might again- is an arbitrary who knows this guy's, like probably just takes it. And then what you once you have more than you also have to make a decision when you're making the multi Wanna make the torso in the legs together. Is he gonna move? arms. If so, you Polly Wanna due to different modes for the arms, so there's a pretty decent amount of decision making work that goes into just coming up with what mould you're gonna make they once you make them oaths and yes, you have to make the most yet the operator. Then you have to decide what kind of what kind of fun? Let's have it
for where you actually make the plastic figure moulding, which should have been able to come up with his we're talking about mould at the time the trade so there's different kinds. I looked up one kind of rotation or moving, yet I guess it would star. Wars is going to try it first, but they lost too much detail on the figures Here too, I think an injection moulding process, but with rotation of all you ve got a mould and its honest computerized arm and his arms is kind of spin around inside an oven and inside the arm is like powdered plastic resident, and I guess I just melted by Canada, slowly spinning around. I don't understand what the problem is. Guess injection moulding is far superior, I guess so I mean the deal with injection moulding they ve been pumped into two pieces, and then they apply pressure to those two pieces
most of them together, while it calls and hardens, but I think what you get there is, which is I probably they wanted to use the rotation moulding is, if you have those little star wars, guys or imagined Viejo if their injection moulds yeah. If you, if you look at them body from the side it into pieces, and sometimes you can, see. Little seem on her head or on their arm or something or probably on their armed forces were separate. But yes and you can see the same or that you have repressed together. They wanted that move look for the for the writ rotational, moulding the that provides, but on our side the details, the trade off. So that's the bats. Rotational Molly, you don't have seems for you lose fine detail yet with injecting more you can get the detail, but you that you can see the seams over the two sides of the more came again
I guess, but man I mean how bad that detail of bankers when you look at those early star wars, figures on the detail is not correct. My cat Denmark amyloid than like. This is what you think my face looks like yeah like there. I mean I've got away better like the stuff there making today's amazing, but it's almost too you don't I mean, like yeah, there's some amazing stuff out there, but it's there was one of the great things about these, especially the three and three quarter: inch guys they just because they were, they were made to be put what they were meant to have imagination bestowed on them and little childs hands you're, not supposed to sit on your desk at work or something like that, and just as adornment like they were meant to be play worth than they were they were suddenly downgraded from? You know that the study, without today herded downgraded to an upgrade. Like John Hydrogen is literally screaming right now
to his ear, but because we're Misdoubt Jack about something that was very jolly sidedly crap ear? But it's true that for me, like, I think that they were. They were great economic, told you how I feel about the three and three quarter and she had to the now it. We should talk about that our aids. We ve got this mould now press together with its injection menu. To assemble it. If you have the arm separately, perhaps her, basically anything else that come on. The original mould. You're gonna have to assemble it together but all the little finishing details, maybe the clothing that you hate so much, maybe they're painted with little more I feel that their detail, that you hate so much and all the things make a better action figure that you had so much. It's not that I hated it. It's just. I don't know I am not quite sure how to put it bluntly, that isn't it,
It doesn't really don't like the fine, the final key to this whole thing is a packaging and shipping. So you think big deal was a big deal with the package, but what one authority, into the packaging when he returned my earlier with the digital age actually advertising the other nudes on the package right, but that classic cardboard backed clear plastic casing. This year, the shell that was sort of because the standard and what everyone came to think of is an action figure package yeah anymore, there is another thing that, with a wave of g, I just that I played with that really put a lot of time and effort in thought into the packaging, and that I mean that was definitely part of the really help. So the action figures in a lot of ways here in an economic war right into it. Like I said, I'd disregarded the package. Well, with the late
the ages. There is a card on the back that had like their code name, their specialty, they're back story like a clip, a mountain in collect those as well. I was deafening part of it. I collected a star restraining cards to It's funny. I went back and got all my old cards not too long ago and having collected China cards, I thought like ooh. Maybe they'll be some. You know king Grisly rookie guard in here right, five grand and had foolishly, I thought I had something a value which I did not know, but I went through and I had some weird cards that I don't even remember of collecting, but I had welcome cotter cards. No, oh yeah, that's twice that Bet caught in their appearance in the services. I was not expecting either one I like that, like the Shoah, but I remember by these cards had jaws the movie cards. I had
lots of star wars cards. Some weird, like I mean, had football cards, editing collect football cards. I didn't think I went to night. They did the same thing you did. I got all the boxes of baseball cards for my dad's housing Ives like we I didn't. Where did I get all these football car there who even collects football cards? You know it's untoward, it's weird, but the cool thing about the seventies cards Just then the look when you get like yeah. You know you had to back the camera off, so you could fit. The afro ended in all these, like great haircut, and here, is that all the guys had back mitya spreading holding that fiscal law and then shook after the packaging? It goes to the stores and little kids like us by it in love it the train at the end of the manufacturing process while but a journey there was something we went all the way to China back, but it did. I don't think we pointed out
a lot of times. The moulding process is in Asia. To that one reason: it takes a long right, parliament's Lobo Penetrate, so you can t this earlier thee You found a list of the rare star wars, figures yeah and you know I looked at other less than they listed different figure. So I don't have that something that changes a lot as far as which ones are the most valuable work, as I literally saw at least you different ones. There were described as the Holy GRAIL hours figures here, so You know there can be more than one holy GRAIL now So I was there. I do look forward to hearing from those in the now but that of saying these are the most viable less to say, we'll talk about some that are.
Rare and fairly valuable. I think TAT was pretty smart, so known holds us our feet to the flame right yak face. I had not heard of yak face it. You know so yet faces one of both fettes the guards or mercenaries, but he worked for Bobo Fit. You know now, I'm sorry star wars, people stopped. Suddenly he worked java. The hype he's not the same for you just cause three car accidents three Toyota premises. Liberally Mitchell's gonna be like this charge. Clark what yes, are you The power of the force line he was cancelled in you, you'll find the here's. A common thread here is rarity is what makes something viable and something can be.
A garbage vigour, and they don't make many of them, and then it becomes viable right, and I think you, in a surly garbage figure. He was just released at a time when, like star wars, your sales in general were waning. Over to Europe and this says that he was never released in the states. I saw them was that it was in for a very brief time, and limited run, and then they sent him to Europe. I think in eighteen, eighty five that were returned the jet. I had just come out so they were crazy for anything. I had anything to do with return. Jedi America. Committed run and then they sent him to Europe. I think at nineteen, eighty five that were returned the jet I had just come out, so they were crazy for anything which I read an article about their recently supposedly temple of doom was so dark because both George Lucas and Steven Spielberg were going through. At the time that they were writing and in making it. So we should do you hear what I won a polite, his heart and eat it,
that's what I feel like is better in it. In. Or a week way to this other Jabba huts guards and treating it was confused. I specifically went and looked up yet think, and here he works for job of the hut. They even gave Java huts full name, and I just remember the job apart. Oh he had more than that. Yet the height was he was a member of the hut the rates of huts, were the tribe of heart surgery. Job at the height, like you know, chuck the american gotcha. Well, I didn't go on record, is being like I'm a big star wars fan Them saw them. Many many times collected the things, but then it ended on that of the other. Half that really went down the rabbit all would like. Oh still like into it as much as before, yeah and even back then like a new things like the job of the Hudson
Oh, oh, oh yeah, yeah! I got it note. I never knew that stuff in ever read books or anything like that. You do. I did have some of those comic, so I remember that now I never had the common where the books- and there is a lot of books when there yet so right too, I think, don't I assure you, think you're right. Is it good? I think we have watched the people. Workers are it's a week way is another guard, apparently, is not super rare, but there is a limited of it. Dish version that is worth more so that the carded, Meant condition the power of the forest line in the nineties is worth a little bit more money rest as thirty five dollars. That's Worth no, no, no that's what the normal ones were: ok, the one that has a special freeze frame slide, which I don't know what that gotcha famines worth ten times, that amount
According to this guy, I remember the vinyl Caped Java was always worth a lot of money because a came out, the cloth Cape Rhinos Creepy sung that in there just off. The top of my head was also, I think, of vinyl caved in a cloth, kicked Imperial Guard number, the IMF, the emperor's red cloaked guards, and I think return of the jet. I may be impartial, I am afraid to say anything out loud, thereby achieving full stop skip that next, when go straight above that. How does that sound? But with that very famously in nineteen, seventy nine there was about the fact that actually shot a missile, which is every parent knows, is a chuckle appearance worst nightmare. Is it? Is it the term of all the chuckle? Some you can show
is that a real parents term yeah, that's awesome. I did not know yes, supposedly anything smaller, their name at the size of a toilet paper role, circa tube. What is achievable smaller than that? Yes like. If you can fit something through a toilet paper to then you get and jokes catcher. So they say it is there that the data that dumb parenting bogs not make sense that there can further football through their cancer gonna fuck. This correct the system will be situation at anything I guess so very notable. He had the the joke above a fat obviously day. They said this is a choking. Hazard only scrap the plan. Redesigned it and so they did eventually release that the figure
Had that- and I had this one, not though the one that shot the rocket, because they never released that one right. I specifically remember being in the same room with one that shot a rocket or was hacked he's. The other possible explanation I saw on add in confusing reality with television again to this issue they never release them in stores. I saw that too, but I'm like I swear. I saw one of these things. Or maybe we were just playing with, they were like the think sucks if it actually shot the missile it be so much better Imagine what that would be like an accident. We find a memory who knows I'm forty years old, I can't remember was gone. I when I was seven or eight, far as how valuable these things are, if you can get your hands on one, I mean seen things all over the place. One was sold for eighteen thousand dollars last year. Well, but then it
I also saw one where supposedly a hundred thousand our offer at a southern, these acts auction was turned down worth, so I have no idea the value of these deeds, but is that it's a lotta dough? Is it the Holy GRAIL One, while this one of the other girls would do you remember what another wholly girl you sovereigns yet other when it is supposed to be the most valuable, is the double telescoping light sabre for four Obi WAN Darth Vader in Luke, and I think Luke's is the most expensive. If you remember the little, did you have any these? I had a couple so that the the Sabre guys, had a thing on the bottom other arm a little groove cut out, with a little were a little, you know, plastic knob, that you would
of up toward the wrist and white Sabre would come out of the hand yeah as if it were turning on the double telescoping. That's a telescope in feature. Double telescoping means that you get extended even further out from the original telescope right end. Those supposedly are super rare and worth a lot of dough so that one I saw actually online. I mean I can't remember the site, but it was so. It's got a great star wars, action for your site and they had a picture of it. Have you seen it yeah? I thought I had one, but I cant find it so I think I do like the regular lifesaver that they had was just fine, but then the double telescoping part with just like this extra thinner, pointy piece of plants.
The hung down like a weird angle: it didn't you going straight the air they always going to bed and it looked ill broken. You have, even if I did have when it it's well worn. So it's not like I mean, I think all of these things. It's always like meant condition in the package. Is where this don't you talk to me? It's not me, yeah, that's what that's the slogan, so I would love. Some of this cleared up by experts will hear from them the barber that matter. You know I'm asking above that matter. The like, which one is truly the Holy GRAIL, what happened with the cancer or not Kennard, Amigo STAR Wars, deal right. Indeed, did Lee Harvey Oswald act alone? Yes, we need answers, people you anything else. I got nothing else. This is the big overview of theirs. Clearly, many more stories to be told. I got a couple cover more as funding of shouts outright
Oh joe dot com, if you were in the G8 Jos and you want to feel the stall Jake, go check that site out the mating, and then I created a gallery a few years ago called hilarious of legs, beloved toys sprayed in its just like this I'd show of from around the world that are, it's pretty obvious, what their spouse but they're not like the names is a little law freer. They did. They try to come up with a new brand altogether, but it's just some cheap version of something great so go check that out to its technical, the others find a put together. I bet that's, that's it man. I got go watch the job here says by Eric fence there again they still hold up here. You remember those where
Like. Oh, I like to so weird jobs of those Gee. I job P S eyes like now. You know annoying as have the battle gayer you haven't seen. These things are: ok I'll, send him to you. You're gonna die laughing good, you'll love, even kill me for years in the light of a way to do it, but this time I won't be wearing gloves coming at you know, that's it for me, that's it for me! Kate. Well, if you want to know more about action figures, he can take those words in the search bar of your favorite search engine, since I said search engine into doing both marketing son listen, we're gonna, plug Kieva, which, Having done a long time, the good idea, I ve a is a micro lending website, we have been without a team. Now stop. You should know team for cheese, how many years, six or seven. I think he was. She does
either to two dozen nine years seminary we're gonna. While this is Jordan and then going over a little bit more about our team is looking hey guys, what listen to pack ass, they re promoted Kieva inside a Google, the Kiva donation thing. It eventually found it correctly as HIV Aids, come immediately. Love decided the epitome of how to take the globalized. Old and use it for good. So often, donations come in the form of awkward late night, infomercials or five second quits at the grocery line, where you begrudgingly make an enemy of the seventeen Euro clerk. Saying no, I don't want to give a dollar two needy children while all types of donations are generally good. Kieva makes you feel even more personal and once can certainly give their money to needs that are important to them. You probably your money back, which is great but no way that motivated alone and I suspect, the most people, these key vote,
also be happy to have their money go to those in need without getting return. However, if I do decide to receive my money back or certainly use those funds to circulate that keep sight again, yeah and others reload as one of the keys. Think of young preaching now for writing you an email on the basis that I just loaned what amounts to a small amount of cash. But I just want to thank you guys sharing us. I know allowing people like myself to make their lives better, as from Gordon Bachelor. Who claims to be a? U S, defector. You can move from the: U S: a camera borealis. Now you cheating, I gotcha we started. This gave a team a long time ago and right now we have over nine thousand members and we are almost four million bucks. Since three million nine hundred ninety three thousand three hundred twenty five dollars loaned. That is a hundred and forty
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