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(Approximately) 10 Things That Vanished Mysteriously

2016-02-25 | 🔗

Sometimes things - like dentures, airplanes or even people - go missing. And when they never turn up again they become enduring, and engrossing, mysteries.

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welcome to stop. You should know how stuff works, not looking at the bar gets done. Josh partners, Charles the future, by those Jerry over their citizens stuff, you should know podcast, carries not they're all of a sudden says if she's vanished without a trace, Nazis birthday. Interested me oh ducks lingering in her, where'd. You once said You know me so some succeeding Risa civilized, but she probably just stay that way extract waited at over years, seating, indian food right now, our annual city s, nose like we need a spice kitchen, dear you're, that is, if the kitchen force basis. Now it's a second kitchen.
For cooking, really stinky food. I another ere I needed. I wanna buy sketch, and so I can get my rich game meets that Emily against and smell, which you fair game me I'm getting out my game it. So what? like this thinking. Oh I mean do it if I click bake in our country, hammer statement that Judge Clark. Cast iron finance stake instincts of the house for two days now our guys, I get animal, and here we need to give good AIR purifier air Filter or works. Under swell. We don't have a stove could yet he earlier, which is that's, probably the biggest rob, and I think like, depending on the stove food, I think someone's is kind of like, but there's turns out there that are really good, that those are the expensive what's care by I'll bet. You can find a good one. That's at a lower price point, maybe- or maybe I could desire guy,
They're gonna window right behind the story. Did you sit? There will shorten I sit in the window with them fireplace bellows. They begin one of those people who like fan things that Palm France, maybe that's cheaper now for the life of your stove, probably know where to start so you took your mom ruin David Copperfield made the statue of liberty disappear. I remember it happening at an watch. It in March no never been a big fan of his his magic work, even as a kid now not into it. Well, I guess you would have been about fifteen at the time. I could see you like being like this is dump the sea were eleven. It was a good thing. Go ahead. There's no way is gonna. Be will do. Is that other guy? She did. It were like. What is that even I feel like if I remember correct, he put up basically curtain around the statue of liberty,
painted on the dry and the set you live in it. Wasn't there sure it's all smoke and mirrors Of course. It's you mean it was a real magic, my own betting, on a pretty sure it was dark arts. I don't think so. I don't think Satan was involved is too patriotic further on a major, but anyway. My point is to the super layman. True is that David CUP brought the statue of back. It didn't disappear forever. It just disappeared temporarily it's amazing, but there are some things mostly people and some socks that do just disappear forever. That have disappeared forever in whose, like mystery, mysterious disappearances are still unsolved. Near to this day, pretty get you Let us act now now images. I wonder she keeps tabs on the tax while they make little tabs that you click on
besides socks together only and have also seen there's just one company that tried to sell socks and as three socks they always had a backup, superfluous thought. I felt a genius it didn't another took off like it should have good enough the person who invented it. They know exactly believe me. They wake up every day and they like three section the main idea. So let's talk about them these things that have disappeared without trace yeah this, whenever a famous top tens it'll be what sixty eight Sub Martha Long Solomon Northrop Number one. Have you seen twelve years? man they'll know it sitting on my dvr staring me in the face. He nearing your home today and walked daring me to be sad and watch it I get it over with them,
then there's a cinema catharsis to defend it, can bring you down to the depth of depression and leave you they're. Necessarily the I've been taking off really sad ones. At a rate of about two per year, like rigid, adjust watched these to the southern while, like a few months ago, I haven't seen that one. It is a good yes, very tough movie. Is it but yeah long story short? I need to watch twelve years ok, I'm shamed, I didn't mean to the saying, is like the third time have been, kids, if you give me so solemnly, Northrop was the he was them who wrote the memoir on which the movie was based, because it's true story right about his life. Yes and he was born free and after American in eighteen forty one went: Well, it says here was lured from his home in New York to washing we see that kid force into slavery,
yeah. He was lured by being basically hired ass, a musician, and while it when he went to deceive, he was kidnapped and sold into slavery and managed to get worse from their. Whether like you should It would come down and play the nine thirty club. Basically yeah he's a great assume. An there like out here is no nine thirty five there's just horse, slavery on a plantation in Louisiana, while so he- Finally, the spoiler alive For those of you, like Jack Rabbit haven't seen, the movie he is, is basically rescued from slavery, Fucker figured out a way to basically pass the message along in the people who know and can confirm that he was a born of Freeman come and get him, which is pretty great, get the din Then, at the very end of the movie in it is, it says basically like the circumstance
isn't date and whereabouts of Solomon. Northwicks death are unknown. Ok, so they just finish with a like: they do a graphic bs, but basically It's almost like it off hand, you don't think anything about it right, but it turns out. Hey his. He disappeared right, those mysterious yeah, he lay people, don't know where he went. He went back to the north and ended up working in the underground rail road, theirs Rumours that he became a spy for the the union during the civil war in itself point he went on a bit. You know he wrote twelve years a slave, yes and he went on a book tour an abolitionist book to her and her we're came home from it yeah. Eighteen. Sixty three was about the last time that there are any records of his existence and there a bunch of different theories out there I happen to him wine that while he was a spy, he was captured and killed.
One is that he was kidnapped again. And sold into slavery, but I think I read that a lot of people discount that cause he was gonna too old to be valuable. That point here as a worker fear- and or maybe he in cat, where we know he encountered some financial difficulties. So maybe he does No? I didn't he skipped outbreak There is also one that's like the saddest, but also The most realistic that he die, a place where they didn't know who he was. I allow and they weren't inclined to to properly bury him. So he just let her regular life and died unknown, like you, got run over by a horse or something on the book touring. No one knew who we was just thought. He was like some great african American here, maybe even a slave and the great airy in and on margrave paupers grave yeah. Very sad it is.
All right. Well, that is that's the first one. I think Jimmy Hoffa is a great way to follow that up who Jimmy Hoffa Famous Teamster, teamster boss. I was reading a little bit about his huge beef with Bobby Kennedy. They hated each other yet didn't like it I mean hated each other, like apparently Jimmy Hoffa shut, Bobby Kennedy. Why? At a restaurant once rightly said ass, he felt yeah because he felt, like I he'd, snubbed him. While he had to be offered in life that kind of thing Bobby Kennedy sent a he wrote a book called the enemy within, and it was about like the mob and I'm not sure if half of his named in under not by it, was basically like all of his friends but and he wrote a book about it and he sent a book a copy of it to Jimmy Hoffa. And he wrote a little inscription that said to Jimmy. I want
make sure you got a copy of this from me, so you wouldn't have to use pension funds to buy one saying zoning and he said, have him killed. Finally Bobby Kennedy finally got his mits on Jimmy Hoffa and sent to prison for a little while, but powerful was a huge contributor to Nixon's campaigns against ok, yeah answer. When Nixon became president, he pardon offer the trite nineteen seventy one he was pardoned and then Thirty of nineteen. Seventy five is, four years later he I went for a meeting at the matches Red Fox restaurant, the greatness and buoyant field Michigan operate outside the Detroit, suburban Detroit and he was never seen again. Never Cienega, disappeared bones. Nobody, nothing and there's been tons of theories ends.
Actions and rumours about what became of my yes. Supposedly he was there to meet a couple of mafia of acid, Anthony Juke alone, an anthem, He brought his armor, which was only invert Tony, Tony Jack and Tony pro less with a nickname and dumb, denied later that they had a meeting scheduled and they were, they ended up act having an hour, because I read that nose like what the threat yes m. Two mafia guys and disappears. Possibly they had an alibi mothers and they hear exactly and we're not there, so they re church with their mother there was a truck like you know, so my truck pulling into the parking lot and almost hit or got hit by this car pulling out of mercury, and he said Dan any saw half in the back seat, other guy with what looked like a rife
like under like a blanket in between them. Oh I mean the mafia killed Jimmy Hoffa. Here there is virtually no dispute. Over there. Is this what happened to his body exactly so? Some people said that he was buried under the old Giants Stadium in New Jersey. Yes, at an idle answers, the new under the metal. I know all that. Well, the new- and maybe there too, but the old woman was definitely there. Ok didn't happen never dig it a dig at the field and look now. I think the myth busters actually went there with some equipment that could detect whether not hear anything, those guys can do it, the area. Yes, sir. We can also verify that of couple weeks before he disappeared.
Of millions of dollars worth missing from the pension fund, again no secret that the mafia, probably hadn't, done in right, where's about right, so arm in, I think, doesn't fourteen a guy named the tony Israeli another. Turning her he wrote a book is ever his his his book was called half found and in it he detailed how half his body was buried under some. Increase labs in a barn in upstate Michigan other USA. As a pop up looking at the end, he felt something right. Here's offer You got me with their own, so good and apparently the f B. I read this book and they went and dug up the field and didn't find anything. Yet it looked on their king If you locations in suburban Detroit that they ve done, taking over the years
yielding nothing and their other rumours is fed. Alligators in Florida quite possible may be good. Get rid of a body run through a wood. Chipper was another one year. Our father I think they will never find him. I think, read that one supposedly reputable mafia source said we kill them and we buried diminish our grave near by and we were to move it, but we never did so he's just you know not too far from the restaurant there like that, Have you thought about them at length? But I don't you know. I don't think I ever get anything We want a dozen during MR easier, that is less Z. Are too lazy to move on to a better, let alone right to sleep and shallow grave rights. We take a break, no one. I will come back and talk about more disappearing, x and love.
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I mean we can talk about a few item endlessly fascinated by when we were in San Francisco for our most recent tour for sketch. First actually, did you go? Now I ran down to the bay looked out across it s like I could swim that the problem I wanted to go, but you get it get reservation far in advance sure I've never been now because I want to go there. I was like, let me call and get tickets and they were like. We ve been sold out for weeks, so like to go. Take a tour of Eastern States penitentiary, one of those old like crazy asylums, love love to do their political fight. We ever talk about it. Why not the truth of nineteen sixty two Frank Morrison angling brothers, jamming Clarence, bank robbers, Frank, Morris's, sort of a lifelong crook. There was plenty yeah, very, very Superman, tat guy. He would escape from several prisons.
Values that you know we're gonna put you in Alcatraz because its inescapable, it's like the titanic imprison. You saw happened with that, so they devised a brilliant plan over the course of several months, along with the guiding Alan West, who sadly, was left behind two he wouldn't wake up now he didn't fit through the get his little that open what they did was like a higher about over and over the course of months with, like these little homey chiseled reagents bread pudding in the meantime, maybe do you guys try there trying to kick it out from the other side and events in Iraq? We gotta go do here so on the was over the course of minds to carve out this space to get out. I work their way through the gates of the prison to the roof. Some drain pipes and then swam away with homemade life S made out of raincoats. They collected and glue Heather, but didn't they run, unlike some construction or something like that, it is totally through their their plan.
Improvising around in this was exponentially harder than they thought I was gonna be getting out. I believe it, but they may why France out of raincoats, if they so together, inflate glued together at its awesome, is awesome and they also made bodies while heads at least one year paper machine heads too late. Their banks, that you know that they look like paper, machine heads and the light but when you're walking around at night and it's just sort of tucked into a pillow Anderson he's sure, with real human hair right from the barbershop near it full the guards They will even here there really are: don't they have displaying architects. Mister, I'm sure they do in the little effect that I didn't know until my Prince Stacy told me the they didn't have cold water and Alcatraz because they didn't. You should be able to act yourself, nerves, he the frigid Bay waters over time. So all the water was warm.
To live on curious. The baby is about fifty degrees. Like an army is and they don't know. I mean the FBI and ruins now they died for sure The US has over everybody. They think they neither did, there's no way to bring it up again right, just shut up they don't think they could have survived the swam. The original plan was to go to Angel Island. Go to that opposite side of the island, then to Marine or Mary. I guess open a coffee shop, have immediately re when they cross lowering downy. They were imbued with wealth, I don't know they made her, not apparently a couple of weeks later those afraid or ship that song a body floating they didn't, until October, though they went from in October and then set out by the way was our body floating. They look like he was wearing prison. Denham
Finally got to that on there to do list, like oh yeah report, dead body, wells, afraid or shifting here. Their laws, their allegiance to the sea, not the man on land, and they also found a few of other evidence. They found a life s with teeth marks a near the valve. And human teeth marks: yeah human teeth marks, not Barracuda she's marches and so on. Was probably holding their teeth, trying to blow it up while they were swimming. Where would they ve got a lifeless oh I don't know. I think it was one of the homemade when our gotcha I mean that has made the greatest threat to the the fact that the body was an identifiable and they never they never resurfaced. The plan was to rob a store.
In July. I learned and get clothing. They were never any robberies play a you know, that's cannot about that's a little telling, although they could have been like Anti called the rob anything. Let's just go to marine and hug. Seven us pricking eat pretty need. Indeed, when was that nineteen sixty two core you'll never know just like the rest of these unexplained mysterious, appearances, remove onto the candy heiress yeah Helen Brok, care who I saw something inside. I guess a documentary on this case the amazing it's an amazing true crime called case here rocks, yeah serious is apparent in this. Our own article gets a little bit wrong, but the circular ok so. Helen Brok was the arrest the brought candy fortune because her husband, Frank Brok, hey as a co founder of the company and when he died, he left his wife Helen. I think, basically, everything
She was a very, very wealthy woman and she liked to do things. Go to the male clinic to get her annual physical, like Mr Byrne, although she was nothing like Mr Burns and from what I understand he was very lovable. Conscientious cool person, ok, but use very wealthy? So why not go to the Mayo clinic? That's what I do MECCA to seventy seven. She went to them clinic and gotta work up and the last reliable person to see her alive a woman who was working at the male clinic gift shop, where MRS Brok stopped to get a gift her niece, a mere clinics Douglas and shot glass I can manage your license. Plate fear, nothing or spoon male clinics burn. You look like those their male clinic sack puppet yeah, big seller. So she said to the lady, I'm in a hurry. My
man is waiting. A man was one Jack Matlock and she was never seen again met lake had dropped her off. Obviously, for the outline flights of many apple us, then said my man. She came back, I picked her up and then spent four days didn't count. But she was here at home at home, even others no evidence to corroborate this right and then he said he dropped her off again at the airport. Etiquette afford a right where she had a condo, and it was when she didn't show up in forward as planned, that people started noticing she was missing and they called her house in like answered in two different people? Give very stories about where she was did he say: Matlock Resident I mean I mean brought residences. So here's a couple of Pinky Details- Map met, like I think, was the guy I'll let disagree earlier.
While the people on me John White, like the flight crew said now. She was now was plain to begin with o from the Mayo clinic back to Chicago. Here. Ok, so that stands, Super Hanky. Well he wasn't there. Then he was gonna pick up in Chicago he wouldn't have been a Minneapolis. So she wasn't on the flight from Minneapolis Chicago he heard anything to do with that, seemingly Why would he say that he picked her up? If you didn't arrive, I Thank you didn't know what happened, but I dont think you wanna kill it. Sorry, look just got go well here he cash. He was found out later to cash. Thirteen grand and checks with affords a signature. From it wasn't his handwriting and it wasn't hers the trade, but these clearly working with someone shirts were gone and her. Brother, Charles Vorhees, the end Matlock
She burned her diaries. After she died in there's a super weird, while her brothers explanation is that she was into automatic writing, which is basically where you get a piece of paper and a pen and superior super victorian right, deaf and dumb, you say: oh Spirit, speak through me: oh excellent, airbag, let's see what you got and did you start this move your hand and her brother said she would not have wanted people to see this stuff. So we just burned. That's like the wager writ Wager writing right. It's it's exactly like that with a pen, interesting, so their disembarrassed and didn't want that. That's what he said, but I mean it's not a crime to destroy your papers. Alot of people made the case that Andrew Mark TWAIN should have destroyed. Papers, rather than allowing them to be published posthumously cover. Usa. Mark TWAIN got rid of get rid of her, so that's impossible. Terrorism,
Jeanne. Seventy seven. It is impossible to imagine TWAIN in the seventies. I think it would have been much the same near whimsical muse, yeah well seersucker suit his sharp sharp away in a year with the Soulier. He would have been Tom off so there's another guy named Richard Bailey, who is a vacuum salesman here he was so do I Martin scoundrels. He would swindle old Ladys out of their dough. I think is more like a can ziegler at all. I don't think he was jig allowing then he was there. I was how I thought said to do at the horses ever tracing. That was his entre like invest in this thoroughbred. Her give me your dough, but also come in light within this, isn't a sock in my genes. That's a gigolo thing to say: ok, so he was eventually pinched for fraud. Racketeering, sinister prison
people thought that he had a role in her disappearance face had now a din and a judge said you know, I think you did and he said who cares Thank judge. All the judge said well I'll. Tell you why you should care, because I'm giving you a thirty year sentence, because I suspect that you had something to do with MRS Brock's disappearance and likely death. So how do you think I do I do, although he wrote a book that said he loved that he'd. Yes, he was a gigolo brightest, a gigolo, but he found with her in his love is sincere in real and, said that he was going to give the proceeds from his book to her. Charity, which is an animal welfare charity and she foundation that she and doubt upon her death. She was declared that seven years later and nineteen eighty four discuss guess what they do and you don't turn up for seven years and people think you're dead there
Her her endowment basically went toward almost swiftly animal welfare. Stolen Oliver money when he killed her right. Well, there was a thing, so we soldiers and bomb resources here for three hundred grand and they later sold for one dollar, that's how bad off these resources were. He said by hey Joe he's a great investment and the rough one I pleaded and they they think that he has whacked because she was going to blow the whistle on an interesting. Now. That's the theory. I mean he's imprisoned for right now, he's not prison for her murder. Although the judge just said like yeah, I'm I give you a stiff sends gotta think you killed her cat like when o J was sent to prison for armed robbery, yeah and kidnapping. I thought you. The exact same thing will happen Rhodesia right now, I'm waiting until it's done and then I'll start is a good outcome
Airbus or, while terribly awesome, o o a core labour. However, I think I'm baling on it, because after a few episodes of the the other being terribly. I wasn't gonna we're off that, and I might add is don't know that time to what something that's good, bad or bad, you don't like it ass. You sure you know I like it. I never know I'll. Try it for sure is bad casting Cuba getting Junior is another good. Ok! Well, he is too. Nice is a small like you didn't look like a football player gets, even though he played with ensuring Maguire. Now that here he did. He played a wide receiver. Their oj was Was he he's running back? Was it you gotta be stuck here? bigger and play. Come to my Warner. Is a sea and his way over the top? Is there, but it's worth it for just a watch Travolta, it's not something out
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as I have already made, the switch to Harry's. So thank you. If you're one of them and if you're not, we hope you give us a try with the special or get a hairy start or set with a five blade. Razor waited handle shave, Joe and travel cover, offer just three bucks, plus free shipping just go to Harry's dot com and enter for four four: four at check out: that's Harry's dot com code for four, for four enjoy about quickly. George Washington yeah here today gone to Morrow. Yes, In a storage room of the Smithsonian, they were on loan from since nineteen sixty five from the EU so the marrow internal school right, you're Washington, had terrible teeth. Like me, that's is like that was as cross the bear in his life. By the time he was inaugurated. He only had one tooth remaining so very famously had full ventures.
Mouth and the providence. Those dangers is up for debate. There are clearly not they're, not Wouldn t now that that's an old wives, they offered their things like ivory, sure gold here, real human, real human tee than it acts were like the debate comes up. Has some people like he? These were forcibly taken from its lead and other people like they might be slave teeth, but he probably, bought them? If you really look at like his character over the course of his lifetime, he most likely wouldn't have had his teeth. His slaves to forcibly extracted, he probably would have compensated he ate something very adds at the time there was a common practice to buy teeth. For me, who are willing to give up, although I am quite sure that somewhere in the: U S pensions were made out of forcibly extracted slave outrages like one of the most horrific things ever heard of so many and Washington ended up having for their well, probably
former, therefore, existing sets left on this. One and one of which was that Macedonia in until they disappeared from room where only employs access of double lock stored. Yet very much is seems like an end. Inside job almost invariably yeah, but it gets a little more interesting cause and showed back up, you have a lower the lower half. I think I believe, as the lower half year like a year later, they just suddenly reappeared out of nowhere, and they think that rather than sell these on the market to somebody like Steven Spielberg or something they, they melted down further gold, which is terrible sure. You know that have some rich jerk have the full said just now that they're out there still bright than ever, melted down for gold, perfect there, get that anywhere here. That would be very sad, indeed
and to this day they stood on over those at the top that firms idea you have adopted. It remains missing, it might be someone's wedding ring right would that be weird. There would be really weird. Fight. One thousand nine hundred and this one we cover this little bit in their bermuda triangle. Episode yeah! I remember not liking that episode. For some reason I know I'll do. It is basically like. Let's look at all this welcome here, We spent the whole time explaining why there is not a real thing. Ok or maybe I did like it, then oh yeah yeah, because it's not a real thing. No, that does not some mysterious has been a lot of weird disappearances in that area that undisputed our industry for four hundred, even try gene. In December nineteen, forty five there were five planes tedium adventures, which are too, oh bombers, they took off from four
author deal on a training mission must be a couple hours. Don't go more than a hundred fifty miles guys and out just come on back, will have some hot soup waitin on you for maybe is for allotted items some dispatch of Cuban by being suit, maybe ooh young. Yeah, but they never came back. No, they didn't I'm in a bank back in Furlano day. I think the Fort Lauderdale Hollywood Airport, which is what it is now back. Then it was like for border deal right the they were waiting anxiously for men and they never came back, although they did get a radio transmission from the guy. Who was the trainer gather flight later He said both by compasses are out for some reason. Then we are in big trouble. We have no idea where we are and they went back and forth with the tower for a while trying to figure out where they were They change course is a few times. Then that was the last anybody heard of him
yeah, so they sent a play and after them, mariner aircraft with thirteen men aboard, so they already lost fourteen, I believe from these other flights planes and then they send. Another plain right said: another plain that one didn't come back with me triangle. Well, that was so big mystery. They attributed to an explosion, so they think it actually exploded what made it explodes were on an island, but it didn't stick. Rigidly, ok the other ones, definitely did mysteriously disappeared and they peeped. Most people thought that they just went further and further out into the Atlantic that at one point they were over the Bahamas. Bermuda, which they mistook for the Florida keys right not the same thing now and if you do you use that mistakenly, is your bearings. You're gonna be a big trouble. They ended up this running, I feel in crossing the Atlantic, but in the last year a couple of independent searchers who had this same thing independently came together,
and so you know what there was eighteen eighty nine abroad. County Sheriffs Department, helicopter spotted the wreckage of one of these, the tv, I'm Avenger thou the Everglades next to Jimmy Hoffa by interesting and these they said it was so far off from where they thought nineteen then that it could. Have been one of them, then they went back and looked at the records in their like well the only missing avenger planes are from nineteen year, so it has to be one of em basically and they found in air carrier off of had tracked six unidentified planes that night turning the the Florida mainland, so they rather than going out to sea they too inland and didn't realize they were inland, because the weather was so bad, their way, of course, right and they with at least one of them, crashed in the Everglades, while there, The only thing I knew about this previous did this research was the movie close encounters of the third time.
Oh really reach Europe in that year. Remember there was some ice. I'd never saw the whole thing man, it still holds up yeah, like really really to knows what he's doing yet in the special effects, even still it pretty decent. Considering you know what what were how long ago was here they found the planes in the Desert and the idea was that the aliens had gotten holding the guy's because at the end of the movie, the big mothership lands and- were the thing. In other words, clean comes out now George Clinton, but all these people come out. And people talked it over the right and the crews of White Knight came out mirth still the same age as when they disappeared in their fight uniforms. Us and they were like while out was weird. Good night, and then they were all my god. It's richer Dreyfus. I love Jaws said you see made off
I watched a little bit of it. Then again, did you watch it didn't catch. My attention yeah did watch jaws again. You for, like the idea that, in our time, that'll be great a hundred years from now, and I can watch it every single time. I get right back into it now. Amazing. Mary sue less. I thought we'd over this, but we haven't now. This doesn't isn't super mysterious to me. What do you think happened? Well, here's the back story. Is there anyone earth it doesn't know about the ghost ship? It was then eighteen, seven, you? In December there was a british vessel. Four hundred miles east of the Azores, islands thousand miles west to Portugal and they saw the ship the Merry Celeste amendment allowing. I look at that ship, we shit, let's go over to it and say hello, but there
nobody on board now and they knew that it shouldn't be where it was now, there's something out because the crew that spotted it the. What is it that they would you pronounce the key and I I'd pronounced that they d Graciosa o nicety, but it's a british vessels that israeli wrong so but still they could have a name like so they did It's here said: while this may select what eight days ahead of us, it should be like all the way, as you know, a basically by now, and you shouldn't be there when they looked. There is no one on board but There wasn't any obvious reason for there to be no one on board ship, which is awesome in and of itself it I mean it is fairly mysterious because while you're here some of the facts there were so, Thirteen hundred in one barrels of industrial action on board I'm only nine were empty, because there was one theory that the crew got drunk
and then on industrial work on industrial and met a mutiny right I only that doesn't hold up, it's not unlikely for now they think the nine barrels they were made of a different kind of oak than all the others, and it's a leaky oak right. So they say, Providence leaked out, share what Food and water. They had plenty of it still onboard six months. Fourth left on board there and I think a woman a merry thoroughgood created. I commend worry about this and really like investigated and on. These are mostly her findings in their pretty recent by one of the one of the big, weird mysteries that the lifeboat was gone. I kind of weird things because I got on it and left There is a pump disassembled and there's a little bit of water, but upon inspection, the degree She found like those things totally seaworthy she can make it all. The way to Genoa model will even tower and they told her to Portugal believe right yeah, but
the thing, apparently, the hall where the flooding was was so crowded that the captain german schooner, Briggs, it down there, he didn't how much water right so one of the theory is that he thought they taken on way more water than they had right, and Family was on board, including civil two year old daughter, and he said, Now, let's just get the fuck out of here, I'm not take any chances, which is a big chance that didn't pay off in and of itself yeah, but abandoned ship is a last resort. Lasher, you don't do say. Oh, I think we, the untroubled, let's get out of here on the one lifeboat for all of us here and here in the middle of the Atlantic? That's not you know, you're, not gonna. Do that? What do you think happens? I think that that's what happened? I think, he thought they had taken away more water. He had his fate aboard saw. They just want. Bad storm and he saw the mainland with his own eyeballs and said this is our chance,
let's not screw around here. I dont want to sink with mainland and in- but the thing is the mainland wasn't inside. The Azores are like in the middle of nowhere there like the halfway. Between the Atlanta between Europe and North America. Well, that's where they found it eventually, but I'm supposedly he saw the mainland, oh yeah, and I think someone that's why. I think that he too said are its timing. So there's one been a suspicion that the crew, the grass here, were the ones who did away with the true of the mirror the last year like when they go when we found it right. So the reason they would have done. This is because under maritime law, if you find a ship that ensure the ensure has to pay you, a salvage feed ensured amount which they did they did, but they only got one sixth of the insured amount which suggests that the british Maritime Abnormality court believed that they were crooked
but they done something of Amerika less now we shall never know now unsolved mystery. In fact, I can say we should do and upset on that for, but I am, I think, maybe we should just refer people that stuff you missed in history glass near they did a great episode on yes, the last throughout our more chuck already dismay: I favour one of what I had never heard of this pro basketball player who disappear penetrates I heard. Neither name is John Brisker right. That's right! He's from Detroit! and he waited here University of Toledo actually go our rockets rackets and is while he was that you t apparently he'd had a racially harmonious upbringing in Detroit and got to Toledo inexperienced racism first hand. Interesting, grew up fairly bitter from some He had a reputation of having a short fuse after that point which he didn't have before
up here, he went on to play Proba with ABA Pittsburgh condors and then eventually made his way to Seattle. With the super son, and he was good too, with the contours over three years, he average twenty six points a game. The first year It was an excellent one, the second and third years it was about thirty points, a game for the year. That's that's amazing. Even for the abs sure I'm not gonna ABA. There were great actually was there team and maybe now there was always NBA? Where did it and get its team from from my, but all I want to say no walkie, that was a brave yeah she's a care remember and the thrashers were the flames. I will now we had the flames and they just went away that we created the thrashers inflames, went out. They went out now, that's a tough thrashes went away there's someone here. They went to a different city. Gutter, don't have hockey in Atlanta plus the thickly
and our lesson not there's a lot of transplants. Put apparently not enough here, So back to bed he eventually play for the sonnets after that he said, open restaurant that failed and then eighteen, seventy eight said you know what I'm going to Africa. Open, an import export business but he wasn't just going to Africa who went to Africa under the invitation of the Ugandan dictator Edi I mean who love, basketball, loved basketball, and I guess it heard of John Brisker and John Briskly german butter what's going out, can vote, I've been with some Kim Jong own near He went and hung out with media. I mean definitely- and I guess about six ex after he made it to Uganda. He placed the call to girlfriend and the mother of one of his children men, Diane Williamson right yeah and he said
baby, we're going to get back together. I'm going have you guys come over here soon, I'm just the foundation. It's all good I'll see you guys are called will be announced last anybody ever heard from him. Yeah there there many theories on this one one is well. I mean you're a couple ways. One is that maybe he ran a foul of a mean and was killed by he and his soldiers yeah there is that he was killed by Anti. I mean revolutionaries because he was pals with a mean and he was there all the wind The main regime was toppled, the nineteen seventy eight yet like that's why He was there, and another one that I don't think it's true at all is that he eventually made his way to our two Jonestown and was part of the Jones down Jim Jones suicide.
Massacre of nine hundred people there were actually has more legs than it appears at first. He had a great aunt who is there to get him and other family members to come, join her in Jonestown if that is not just totally random there, but they that's probably didn't happen. I think of it yet when any real evidence that that happened. His brother Ralph said up until he was declared dead in them. I think nineteen, eighty five his brother Ralph held the idea that his brother just assumed another identity to get away from debt casually. Twenty grand and taxes just from there, restaurant alone. Here that these to be viable option in my threeg dislike the second here and done it in the neck. Produce showing that yeah, ok there's a lot and when my new dusting off blade,
I think the answer now is: no. You can't hear exactly that. It, sir, I think that's it me I'm sorry mysteries. I may stay unsolved forever. We're Robert Stack. Thank you for doing away I'll be Dennis Farina, you be robber, stack, breast, the sole both their souls. This freedom is dead. Now thinks he's one of my favorite, whose good member crime story it is the advisor Vegas showier, hardly ever smaller good on, but he's midnight run when, while some favorite comedies, he figures heavily into that and out of sight, the great movie from Stephen Solberg, George Cleanin Jennifer load of Alice s family. Maybe he's in that. Do I, like him, is alone order. Man, myself, afraid he's a former like real carbonic. I could tell you
Well, if you I know more about Dennis Free and take their name into the search bar. How stuff works that calm and since I said, search bar it's time for listener? Male, oh, no friend. It is time, for many years. Base kicking and learn about that. That's right. So this is when we thank people for their lovely gestures of kindness. I sending us new things. In times he had made the fisherman. Thirty two started year ago and start with our pals lives in June, it little bit sweets. They consistently send us candy every year from their homemade. Other shit in Brooklyn New York. Here, it's all delicious thought it over years and they are genuine pals now and just great ladys in support of its weaknesses,
Yeah, tell I d be a b. I t sweet, correct love it. I want to thank daddy Pray Livingston, me. I went and at our Atlanta show, as we were, leaving the state. She handed me a book I and the book was a copy of paper moon through actually eighty pray, the movie that paper moon is for dire. If you'll know she has the same name as they take as the title character its because her grandfather, Joe David Brown, wrote the book pretty yeah. So thank you very much for that that I can't wait to read it because this famously one of, if not your favorite movies right. It is tied in with the shining talk about two different moving love that movie. Burning hand. Leather goods sent us these awesome. Leather, no bookcases, yeah, very cool, the many more yet they have all kinds of core products here. I would highly buys you check that out Douglas
since then, as a copy of tales of the fifth grade night, the kids book that he wrote, which is awesome. Thank you uncle John Bathroom reader, as always slaves and stuff over the years They found out that Josh was a big fan yeah, they were delighted, and now we have a chance to get kinship. Yes, if one another- yes, we do, you- and I remembered Gordon one of the founders of Uncle John, the Bathroom leaders Institute, I was on our Barbie episode. The train sounding math. A seed, Kurt Schroeder from the origami brain injury, rehab centre in MACE, Mason Michigan Centre, cool puzzles and books that are awesome, and mine bending. Thank you for those Jeff. Thank you for the Tec comes near the patent pending
Tick comes will buy now. This is so long ago that patents Povey been grain and gas. If you have a dog inherited tome dot com and they are pretty awesome and there are three printed even yet Alex belong. You sent us the joy of Christmas, see these his cd of him singing Christmas standards. Thank you very much Alex. I love Christmas music. Sarah at the Beijing Normal University, not abnormal university in Beijing. They much more highly refutable normal one. She said beautiful, you should know paper cuts. And the charms breath. Yes, very nice, family Murphy for not just the North Dakota wine, but tons of other things, great gifts over the years and also steady, unfair I support the heiress. Emails and thoughts,
with all that that snacks, alot more felt was a great guy doing right in the good fight by being a public school teacher, yell threat Daniel from checking their below These sound still series necklaces, on the other, really cool. You can find those it check. Niccolo at his teeth c h and I well designed com or just go to We you find all this stuff tell Yosemite Postcard from Canada, LISA Heritage, some banana candy thanks guys We get another postcard, an invitation actually from Emily or to stand you at all in Akron, Ohio and and here it is a very famous place, or in a sort of like their built moorhouse, oh yeah, its gorgeous and on sadly, Emily's parents move down here Don't act much anymore, tormented still go Stan you at all
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guessing that Darwin and Mccarthy certificates and ethical right Dawsons Hearts ass from Hamilton Ontario Canada sent some really great hot sauces. My fear was the garlic and how opinion that was good stuff. Karel Jan thank you the rat race, millionaire, I guess written by your when you Michael Han and also The three knitted rats some other knitted rat, no one That's why she included on agreed in an robin and Errand, sent us Saint Louis Arch postcard, thanks for that guy, said, Macdougall you for the cities of your husband's one man band, who also doesn't lever a one man banned, you can listen to that, it might do. Google Music, that come with two else just empty. I may say yes, of course, think that's it man. I figured essentially codified, administrative detail
guys we're! Now we need more staff, thanks, as always everyone his kind enough to take the time is: oh, hey, thanks to need today, H, enough burger downstairs and for having my lunch. Very nice going down there to eat a meal, and he comes by ngos trials that each Bryant. I know that means nears, because now that he's the GM is our home in their restaurant group, and I went to Even there like a nice, did you send you a burger for me but I would advise you going down there and dislike causes the kind of screwing around the owner training your neck around standard. Tv with me on the banks date. You didn't even know we're in this building. Oh yeah, we're listen more closely night near for us. If we talk about have basically all you won't. Even here there If you want to get in touch with us, you can dissent as high you not to send us anything.
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