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Can you outrun an alligator in a zig-zag?

2013-01-08 | 🔗

You've heard the warning before: If you're being chased on land by an alligator, run in a zig-zag. Of course, the average person should be capable of outrunning an alligator. Josh and Chuck take the opportunity to explore alligator safety anyway.

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Welcome to stop me? Should now run house networks gardener ay and welcome to the bar cast Iron Josh part. There's Charles to reach a bride in this is that we should know retell. In addition, there was not one was really expected. I can't think laugh I got you yesterday when I did a great deal,
maybe really live near enough. Ultimately, what you want just or should Phoebe premises, and he handed up a little wonder what I'd never do that. So I have a question for you. Yes, do you know the difference between a crocodile in an alligator chuck? Yes, you're right through to its mark. I will now go ahead. I mean unwanted still, your thunder. Ok, I mean they. They don't live in the same places. Now that's a big oil crocodile has a glance and its tongue that helps give
access salt, which allows the philippine brackish water, salt, water, the alligators not have them right. That's why they are freshwater right. If you see now again in the ocean, you're on acid is really not crocodiles in the ocean, other they could be in the ocean if they wanted. To is the point, I guess I don't want that. You saw the high likelihood of being on acid. If you see crocodile much yeah, I would say that you may want to rethink what you're saying. Yes, that's one thing another one is the crocodile, has a v shapes now where's. The alligator has more of a rounded you here and lastly, you can always tell a crocodile because it forth fight tooth on the bottom sticks up over its top lips. So its mouth closed is always one tooth sticking out. I got it. We had this negative. The crocodile is interesting. I remember learning most listener back in the school in days, but I never heard about the tooth or what is this
the cost of not a revisit the school and then some back to school with out Dangerfield work. Also right, crocodiles, alligators diverged sixty five million years ago, yet it a big falling out here in Carnes or cans. Are you familiar with these things? I've heard that what is at sea, I r N S frontiers the purposes it's another, either. Alligator curricula get but all three of them they would throw ways they broke up, the Eagles sixty five million years ago. They wanna do their own thing here, the eagles about get back together. I said you ve never seen the ages ago. Now I have to show that too often you there anyway, in Africa with pointless. There is that they put away many years ago,
oh yeah yeah. I broke up the band. I got the the point of all this. Is you ve heard that you can run an alligator in zigzag? I have heard both alligator in crocodile ok, so it may be a shared commonality pride depending on where you live. The only shared commonality is that it's not really true with either one. I guess it is true, but it's just completely superfluous. Information to try the myth, busters busted. This one wide open only did whip with crocodiles and alligators with live, crocodiles and alligators the other, had lied, alligator with cork courts on sea, like they, they stuff pantyhose, with quail the dead quail and attached the year, their little dummy gather always use and had a zigzag course, and then I think these think curry, like really got in there, but they were basically the bus it cause. I couldn't even tempt them to come after them, which is what is the point,
It is the point the about running, an alligator in yes, you could run an alligator in his exit, You could also run an alligator in a straight line. In probably, like you say, the point is that an alligators not really interested in you like almost all animals, we weigh more afraid of them. I'm sorry their way, more afraid of us than we're afraid of them. Gatling always yeah. I mean, I guess we're afraid of him. Put you did it. You know what I'm saying. Shirt data want human interaction, no smell yeah a beard and want to kill you a shark didn't want to kill you and alligators want to kill you. I think a bare wants to kill. You fear, wherever it doesn't think you should be a bare wants to get into your state cooler than in the campground using resume. You should destroy density
itself, you can arrange Alligator Joshua right because they top out at about eleven miles per hour, which is nothing is actually pretty fast dude eleven miles an hour. Let's talk to keep up for a little while. Luckily, humans can sprints comforts feed from a between twelve and fifteen miles an hour. Average human can and not only can we run faster, but we have more endurance an hour It is not yet a chase, you down the street and your neighborhood in Pensacola, you'll come up in growl at you on the porch which apparently defensive posturing, not aggression, yeah. That's true. I actually did a canoeing trip dumb okey dokey many years ago, not that many years ago, but two years ago that's been the last like twelve or fourteen years. I was like a little kid. I get
those involved in it, there were alligators there in you know near our canoe and then when you do a trip through the oak. Even if you want the coolest things, is you don't? There are no campgrounds, it is just swamp land and you have to reserve these key. Bing decks and you're the only person that can stay on the deck, because it's like, whatever fifteen by fifteen feet and ass. He reserve these things ahead of time into your trip, so you of that, you see no other human being once he set off in a canoe. That's me: it's neat and category B, but you have a gun with you now sharp rock on again now to borrow a gun. Now we alone x Y know in food and Ozma Buddy Clay and Big John, and we all went and we got on our camping deck and by this place right by the sort of open lady area just guardsmen.
The Great Europe's my life and in the morning we woke up. Founded by alligators wow like We saw eyes everywhere and we heard them growing workers up and they were just hanging out letting us know there are there while is one selling was sure how was it? I wasn't likes the whole time, but I was definitely aware like when you look at this. Water looks like ice t. It see other called black water, both road brown, but you can't see like three inches down underneath the water. You can't see writing this was terrifying is if I fell out of the canoe I'd, probably just get back in and be no big deal, but you think if a father canoe I'm going to get eaten alive. Yeah. So it's a little intimidating rear, because I mean you say that you know alligators, don't wanna, kill you or anything like that they will eat you, though, if given the chance, if that's just how things and end up the problem is that you or me
gonna run into too many alligators. I could eat us now, which means that they will have the terrorists in the pieces which an alligator tense, not too late to do because, as I understand from reading this article alligators the lazy yet they like to eat their meals in one big, Gulfy manner right. So I got A normal size alligator, which would be about five feet or so a hum, is gonna, eat, crayfish and turtles and snakes here and things like that, and even a small dogs not really at three. Novaya an alligator- I don't know if I throw my chihuahua in the o Keefe anarchy and take over a swim, but but you write, it raises- is thirty thirty different water, nice of you
all waters beautiful, but it wasn't me this not like. It looks grosses just brown, so you you talk about smile gaiters, five feet in under that's a vast majority. As I understand it. Apparently, humans, like ones that are even smaller, he heard of having an alligators a pet yeah red barrier, specifically advises against this. He does, I think, is Rex Ban in from the young beer Baron episode of the Simpsons Bracket, Moses PET Store, all of a sudden, the cap near, and that, but that's how most dumb alligator attacks happened is when you try to basically adopt in alligators path right, because these things, even if their small, like a three foot, alligator its tiny.
Two noises in their weird looking. They will still take a bite out of you if they feel threatened and even if you like, going die, he socio the hospital, yeah and and and a mother alligator will certainly attack if you're trying to take one of her little babies is about not a good idea, and these things we mention there not super fast on land, but they can swim like twenty miles an hour. Yeah. That's the big deal like yeah. You can outrun an alligator in you possibly can swimming I'll. Have you definitely get so the ones that you and I would need to be afraid of would be one in a full grown one. Maybe up till I got eleven feet, the other large. These are the ones that could look at us and be like. I might be able to get that down my goal in one bite, my so let me try, or at least a small kid yeah yeah. The thing is that even these big ones, like you say there more scared of us than we are of them.
Maybe at the very least they don't wanna be anywhere around us typically yet, and they don't have a fight either like any kind of prey. That's gonna fight back. They did this knowledge to knock. You said there lazy. They want some easy that they can. This hey look at turtle. Ok, I go up. Smart guy. What how bout whenever you like. Paddling, none of you for Nokia and there's an alligator online and olives and it comes into the water towards you. Is that not aggressive? That is not aggressive here? That is what it's the alligator feeling threatened in feeling more at home in the water where they can hide, except their little eyeballs around over there, right through the night coming after you to startle the alligator it so happens to be. It seem like it's coming toward you re just going back,
home, I get where we are. If you're in a canoe, uneasy fifteen alligators on land, all the sudden jump in the water towards you, you think they're coming to attack me, kill me and overturn my boat, I've seen temple of doom. I have to hear- and that's gonna happen- to have into bloom There was a guy who got rolled. Oh yes, and they are now, are you never romancing stone, I may be you have given me hello step. You should know listeners. Do you want a new year's resolution? That's easy to keep yes resolve to help protect your identity and personal info with lifelike identity theft, protection, lifelong alert, you to potential threats, to your identity, and they see more, though what you can see by just monitoring your own credit like your info on the dark web and that's a big deal. Yeah and if you have a problem? Lifelike? U S, based restoration specialists, no, the steps to take to help resolve your case after all
one in five identity theft. Victims who had accounts open in their names discovered their theft through bank or credit card company and course, no one can prevent all identity theft or monitor all transactions at all businesses, but lifelike the new year's resolution does not easy to keep. It will help you protect what you ve worked so hard for get lifelike for up to twenty five percent off your first year, gonna lifelike, dotcom, slash stuff! That's why flocked outcomes less stuff for up to twenty five percent off, but so about rolling. The most terrifying can no doubt happened to a human okay, so always of it. You know alligators, don't want attack you, they don't want to eat you, they still will attack and they still will eat you understood Circumstances I especially if you haven't be in pieces at the time, but the way that an alligator will attack
you or its food or whatever pray. It's going after a clampdown with its jaws church, substantial and it does what Death role, where rolls over and over and over again taking its prey with it on this little ride from Hell and typically the the alligators pray dies from drowning. From being role, because an alligator can hold its breath for up to an hour. It has no problem with death rolling for as long as it likes forget, it also has a nationals on its now, so it can keep his jaws Clanton still breathe, while its death rowing as well yeah, you can't do any of these. Things are a few in our gator getting a death row in big trouble. Yes agreed: but again we should point out that the numbers bear out the idea. The alligators don't really want to have anything to do with us right, but they still call it a death role and not a severe injury role once you're in the death rolex. Your toes right. So
Now, if you, if you look at the numbers, there's like four alligator attacks in the United States a year since then forty, eight, the efficient wildlife service report, three hundred and fifty six alligator attacks on humans since nineteen forty, eight, twenty, five or fatal. Yet, if ignited owes the victim was already dead. So I guess it has happened upon. It did had a heart attack the skies and for peace to this my lucky day, good eaten. So the numbers are on your side and that this is not because
They are not around his elbow point out that in Florida alone, they average about twelve thousand complaints a year in Emission Pensacola. My family cousin screw up their engulf reason. They had you know they would go out for school one day in up, there's an alligator in the front yard and let's go out the side door right and they would call in that's one of the complaints I care got an elegant in front yard. Need I guess someone combined take care of it by showing it probably back into the woods or replacing it. Don't think they would just like shoot to kill anything like that,
Firstly, take its head off with a shovel assures the issue, the heroes you. What is an alligator complaints are like this alligators lookin at me. There's an alligator lookin at me can can do something about it. That's an alligator complaint. Pretty much is there they're not where they they are? Where they should not be YAP, which is in my on my property or again, though, were maybe where we should not be wise in an alligators house, a heck of a point. They lived, random, obey them rights, often alligator, get to you in the mouth or gets the prey in the mouth. Are going to let go at a certain point to get to swallow. You well it in his death row. Yes, they don't like nose like after the death row. They they juggle you around to get you in a good position to eat. They don't like to start jumping down right because they can't move those huge jaws very easily now, but the rest
You're not gonna get out of an alligators jar, but they do you recommend if you are attacked this, could be a very risky way to get away, is to wait for like play dead and wait for them to release you try swallow you yeah That's it it's your lot of your life. It is that's your last ditch effort in its extremely risky one, because once you in the death row again, they don't call the severe injury role. The Tom once you feel it get her clamp down on you. You want to act immediately and you by acting, you want a scream you wanna, yell went to make as much noise is entirely possible because again, Alligators are lazy, nigger, fellow hanging, fruit or low hanging crawfish yet meet our yeah, and if you put up any resistance again, we like tat with this. I'm gonna go after something that doesnt yell. Like my dad things,
Allow me to this depressing. You know yet in this probably gonna, be your instinct unless you going to like shock or something right so do it comes naturally which has fail and scream and hit them, and then, if you can to Cyprus, the old sharks, now If you can actually get your wits about you trying to a finger in their eyeball, which is a good method for stopping any kind of attack. I think it's light got the eject button during an attack humans, any kind of animal feed gouts there, I think of you like dude, only get to those an out and out fight. So that's how to get out That's how to prevent the death row write em. If you again, if you are in a death row, pretty much triplane dead Macedonia does it either you gonna play data? Are you gonna be dead one or the other,
so crocodiles are a little more aggressive and that's probably why alligators get a little more of a bad rap. Crocodiles have been known to come after folks here and there. If you're hanging out fishing on the shore line specially for cleaning your fish on the shore line that the bad moved very move and especially grass of where in Africa and Dumb South America or Australia, Australia, coarser aggressive in Australia was were cock it out on these. So we ve coach people on how to fight back yet in chocolate, He stepped back, were giving detailed instructions on what's to appear to have to buy it alligator crocodile tears. It ever occurred to you that we do stuff like this, sometimes sure it's crazy. It is crazy. It's crazy! It's my wife says right. So
The two reasons you might get attacked by an alligator crocodile, like we said if your mess around with their family or you, in their territory and its feeding time in you're caught, where mating season just early midsummer yeah? That's the adult males or come after you sure said he declared. Ok, I don't want you train the hunt. My lady smiling, and that brings us just the three one of the best sentences on our website, which is many attacks, occur. I'm sorry, too senators many attacks occur as a result of people teasing we're trying to capture alligators, throwing sticks and rocks at alligators may seem harmless, but doing so creates a dangerous situation.
It may seem harmless. I read those who thinks throwing rocks of the alligators a harmless act with this gonna harm unless you like Damien from the omen, you know what kind of sick twisted get desert, thus electricity, kid future serial killers. So it's not harmless at all is very harmful, yet unfair rocks at any living thing. Jerk now, said when you are on your Oki finicky canoe trip near there. You know you couldn't see very down into the water. Typically, you wanna swimming in just that kind of water. Yes, if you want to avoid being you know, the alligator encounter was called that super see if you wanna, avoid an alligator encounter. You wanna swimming, areas where the water is pretty clear and you can see pretty deep into it in areas that are well groomed.
Not a lot of shrubbery near asses in mucky ness for an alligator to heighten yet and dont some little Timmy down there with his feet. Now to play along the shore line of the grassy shoreline. If your dad, like we said duckling a fish out right there by the shoreline minds, can clean fish to that's it. That's a good point things. In fact, in some families that catches the fish mom cling to fish in some families, mom catches the fish in dead, clean selfish. Yet in some families nobody fishes is by efficient mister. You just gotta Arthur treaters Emily when their weekly officiated me, oh yeah, good Lord, you me said she loves cleaning. Fish really can t you were she grew up here. I could see that gives you must get spunk Emily if you
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You always know your price with age and our black no surprises, no hidden fees for a better deal. Better choose block. Go to H are block dotcom slash. Next time do that today it get started its better with blood. You anything else. Yeah! I do have something else. You said: if you, your cousins, would cover fishing wildlife service when they saw an alligator here. If you an alligator, no matter how small you want to alert everybody else to that. There's Algeria, because if you see a baby one there might be a mom and also dont feed, alligators sure. That's the point. The reason why is you are basically writing their deaths since
everything right, but that's what you're doing here, because alligators who are fed sometimes lose their fear of humans and making may come close enough for a terrible alligator encounter any any alligator that seen in approaching a human, not out of fear yeah is going to arm, is gonna, be put down with a shovel shouldn't feed any wildlife like that really does there, especially ones. I can tell you that yeah they're pretty good at finding around food until you start feeding them than they become less good at that, and it hurts everybody. Basically, you upset the circle of life. You turn it into an a rhombus. If you want to know more about alligators and zigzags, and you want to see a photo of a person holding eight attached in arms with an alligator attack, you can type in alligators zigzag in the search bar afterwards that capital bring up this article.
Ass, a search bar me too tightly listening, but first check it's getting to be about that time. Really a week or so out from the premier of our television shows that you should know Unsigned Chin the right to its quick put time. Yes, as we like gullet Saturday generally nighty sides, Channel TIM Pm, Eastern and ten thirty were shown to episodes on community act back after season three premier of idiot abroad, which is great so watch and hay and get on and items the date.
Going to show you a Sunday morning. Wake up has some brunch will bloody Mary download yourself a try, and you know what science shell is offering the premiership for Greek. It's very nice. It is very nice to take care of us like the Corleone, not officially, and I guess it was an american guys. I'm gonna call this a math another one about math meth mania, just finishing, listen to the purchasing. I thought you might experience. I've never use math, but I do have bipolar. And the main is I experience, have some remarkable corollaries whipping higher math. I know about the similarities. Reading about people's experiences tweaking shows like yours and friends who have actually use myth in some who still do.
During many as I will stay for long periods of time and sixty hours straight was along this. I've ever been without sleep. I cannot eat. I cannot even think about eating talk a mile, a minute talk so fast in my head that I dont even realize I am skipping sentences, so people can follow. I'm saying I can focus on little. We ask the commission once did that decided to transcribe Aryans its end of the world as we know it, but the city player stopping starting it It is the only time I drink, which is a bad thing, because medications walk for hours. Listening to my ipod, his music is so amazingly rich and meaningful doing about me once I was pacing the halls of the hospital and I could feel every nerve firing. Every muscle cell tightened
releasing for make me want cheap because of these feelings to happen during mania. There are many people would bipolar who would use math recapture that feeling, especially in the throes of an opposite pole of soul, sucking depression. I once my psychiatrist- and I decided to take a very brief course of methyl thin, a date This is why I had a paradox reaction by that time by the family. Taking two doses, I suffer twenty hours miles away. I was acutely intensely suicidal, so no amphetamines for me, that's probably get idea. I wanted to emphasise it methods play on the brains existing systems. The brain itself can even use itself under unusual circumstances. Should I think six mainly as can be very destructive, though guys it doesn't, but it does not affect your than his pills
and that is for a mass arena voting Clark. She said my name, I think the school. That's all it's a lot, serene appreciate that agreed. Ah, I see how your story, If you go on a good one, not like he came up a millyard yelled at me in I complain bloodshed. Only, please you can I tweet to us as always it s. Why escape? I guess you can send. My full note were missive on Facebook, dot complex that we should now and you can send us a good old fashioned. To stop cast it discovery, dot com for more on this and thousands of other topics, as it has done for extra com brought you
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