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Chiggers: The Phantom Menace

2016-05-23 | 🔗

Chiggers are tiny little mites capable of making your life miserable. Worse than mosquitoes? Maybe. But they aren't insects - mites are actually part of the arachnid family and behave a little like ticks. Learn all about these nearly invisible pests in today's episode.

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I'm not I'm really glad I was like cigarettes seems like traces, making a pretty big deal out of this disaster, yet Tracy Wilson Amber stuffy. Miss Mr Glass wrote this. Who recently got married, congratulations, Tracy, air, and now she wrote, if you ve ever heard to say the word mouth farts in a show treaty gets his heart. You read that Europe takes the mosquitoes denounce. Did you write these executive? The whole insects, She spent a lot of time need deepen insects year and this well, this isn't even an insect spoiler. Or are you just remove the fact that the package, you think so I dont understand Albert. I know what you think it s, because I think the same thing but will say. Ok, I challenge you. I challenge you back. We throw down the gauntlet which is glove so Tracy did make a big deal out of geography.
Apparently it's a big deal right well, pure, like here, had em they're, no fun Noah the deeper. I got into the article tomorrow's, like this tat, some really kind of awful yet, and it said this is and warn everyone is another. Each inducing members out near in speaking of I got my first thought about a poison ivy, congratulations That's great! I was clear now tat stuff over the weekend and I was in poison Ivy nine new it as I can. I never had before this very, and but I was still a no dummy. I know how Murphy's lords gets us that it is said that allowed where you that a ladder you this, I said, I'm not allergic to early. I thought you you're saying I think I'm no dummy. I said that too, it's a you know, I'm gonna, I'm gonna be careful and I'm gonna go take a shower pretty soon: afterward, smart
and so it's not bad, but there are probably five or six little tiny little sets of bombs on each leg, pustules they're, not better! Then I looked animosity. I want that friggin, poison, ivy after all these years. Finally gotcha yet, but the nazi bed, like my dad, always said poison, ivy gets everybody wonder, that is to say, tunnel. So, anyway, speaking of itching, that's my each story of the day, and this will make you rich because it made me each while reading it. I think you're right now so arm it. Actually, it's funny didn't make me it. Maybe because I've never had scratchings are found pointing to myself
no weird place pointing the finger to my scattered moving it around. That's gravedigger. So I'm everybody knows that figures are insects, slept borough into your skin and suck your blood and an answer you ve been coy. My friend, I am because you dislike three times: furrowing Newski, o insects, tat berwin! You can set your boy, that's right! Does it there's three lies where this is like a highlights. We have to go pick out. What's wrong with this picture. Figures are not insects, they are arachnid there. Are they the harvest? Might they do now? tomorrow in your skin- insecure blood. No, but they also one of the bombs. Well, you ve been going again, but what they are actually doing is maybe even grocer them
in your blood. They are liquefied your cells into a slurry that they can drink from a straw made of your body. Its death is at the FAO for you. If you are right, but I will get their way. The same will happen first, one first, what first time with ever high fight in an episode, isn't right sure I would have imagined that their you could make like a video montage, adversely high firing during your presidency. Now guess not now, so you said that these things are the larva of harvest. Might try and harvest harvest might our rackets they related to spiders, so you're, not insects, but you can understand why people would think that Tom sugars are our insects has jiggers have triggers the larva of the harvest might have six legs, yes, so you'd be like wild.
In fact, not this having grown their adult legs yet apparently yeah. I guess you get the Sioux more legs at some point near they. The adults are red. And the little larvae our red, but you're, not gonna, see that's what the problems which figures you're, not gonna, see like a mosquito waning on you or a flea, even giving a flea small. The trigger is like a tiny little thought that you would would never notice now and may not be able to see it all with your eyeballs by is sometimes, you can see several of them together, basically forming a clump of electing authority together. Yeah from one of them has kid from kitten, plays haircut remind shepherds, more contemporaneously area? That is a total kitten play her get. Did you know that my shepherd delivered his own
child in his apartment out of nervously access accidentally. The kids came very quickly in the nine when one dispatcher talking through how to do it, but he delivered his own child in his wife or a right there in their development and that everything was good, totally great wealth and its greatness he's a basketball player by the way people are you, people, acres, munch, hampered he placed for the blue, For the cap's blue, so if your harvests might and you ve grown up from a trigger into an adult you're gonna eat. It's actually beneficial little erected to have around cause they're going to eat the eggs of other pests like mosquitoes rights you adults around as an adult or as the second step, the nymphs right you after the larva is fill larva that suck they dont suck yeah, but the larva, you know I gotta have them publicly to stay in the yard. Other things are wholly terrorists.
If you are on their scale like if their things do have in your eggs. I'll bet. It's really terrifying package that mother They are parasitic, though they don't. The love are yeah, they don't eat the blood, though, like we pointed out like the fleas in the text in the mosquitoes no, they eat your skin cells right. So here's what happens. Larva, hatch, apparently in adult female harvest, might well. When did the dirt and be like there's much examine a month. Jumper deserted, unwelcome moving around we're here for them, the hat, so we can hasten their birth and then the eggs do hatch in the harvest. Might female tens, the layer eggs all in one Why sure? So, if you are familiar with triggers, if you ever had a man, your yard, like one little patch of grass, can be
really overrun with jiggers yet, but then you just turn a few degrees to your left. There's another paragraphs that is totally devoid of them. Yeah. I get the feeling that get around to quickly there. You know you know they're pretty stupid, low level animals. If you ask me so that the eggs our laid in one place, they hatch and the little larva come out, and there like blood meal gimme a blood meal. That's not actually made a blood, that's basically what they say. They had pretty much any time during the year, except for the hard winters and like you said they want that first meal and the reason they want that first meal is not just because their ravenous little jerks. They actually cannot regrets that nip stage which and then grow up to be adults unless they have a complete first meal. Delaney Megan Emerson have half a first meal. They have three quarters, seven eight think it and get
scratched off the body or brush, not the body and that's pretty much yet they generally will not go back and finish that meal, so there's no starting over there just Well, that's it that's the animal how they had one chance and dumb. So it's like a complete, lose lose situation when a trigger bites a person, because once you start itching as a person, you go to scratch the area. There goes the trigger they dont latch onto your skin. They don't borough India skins of the moment. You your finger, make contact with them. They're gone yet, though the wealth they leave behind is there in persists for a while, but they didn't finish their their meal and they die. But you still get the scrap
the horrible it's it's lose lose it is willing to stay away from humans. Well, they do because there are a lot of animals that dont mind that sugar on their body, so they can get their formal deal there and go on to live a great and healthy life without getting scratched off so they want to be on a human being I mean you would think like how long does could their meal, possibly last we're talking like birthday level, length of time view of four days, for they see the four days meal. I think about that time for artists like how long is four days to it, the harvest might larva. You pray, do the math, like seven eight days, figure out trigger years or brought here, most of their life. So there's a bunch of different kinds of figures around the world and
actually I mean they are passed. They are parasite, but there's only like at least one. As far as this article says, that is really problematic for humans. The level trove, idiom dalliance might its common to Asian. It can carry typhus a form of typhus which can kill you if its untreated, yet its cured of antibiotics pretty easily, but if you're out the middle of nowhere It can kill you, but not worry. Unless you are in certain parts of Asia, not a problem right figures will just annoying yeah, that's it they're, basically, just a total annoyance and by annoying humans they die stupid or will it take a little break here and we will come back and talk about some of the wonders of the trigger
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I mean, there's like lost episodes is clear and forgotten its officially socially getting out of hand. I we should stop. No, we keep going my friend bringing her so badge I say what I saw him about was the the the wonders of the children. They have a lot of little things that they have about them that make it and make him able to perform this surgery again. Well point it has got like surgery, and it is but again they there are lacking on their just kind of hanging around when you get a cheaper on your skin, it actually will spend usually hours looking for a good place to go, try to get a meal yeah because they have these little tiny mouth parts. There's the word that makes the appearance which lets you know it's a Tracy Wilson Joint ring, but they dont pier
can very easily, at least not human skin, tough skin, that you would find my most places hereby trigger can bite through by, which is why you get sugar bites in places like the back of. Ni like in your arm pit places where the trigger can can get its mouth parts. What do they call? Tell Sarah? Shall, sir, I cholesterol cholesterol, closer. I explained at all. That's why you get those bite and others that's where they can get their closer. I ain t it right. There light sensitive, which means you're gonna hang out in the shade, mostly if it was up to them at least it's The sun is gonna, try other body, so that's why they head toward the shade American like killing, basically, and so also when a host comes near. There's like your dog casting shadow. The triggers go look over there, I think, is pretty clever. There's a shadow.
Mean something is alive yeah with skin, then, is that in some weird figures are aware of shadows. The track I mean, like some dogs are unaware of shadows, are don't understand them think pray most embarrassing that the baby to three year old toddler, who sees her shadow for the first time, the search for reaching out now trying to get away from it. I really really cute so Ilsa possess baby can said it's too. I saw that movie. That was the exit slight contact him up. They are very temperature sensitive as well, so we may coming into contact with the host the hostess. The thing that it's gonna feed on it's gonna take that has infrared, but it's gonna detect that body heat and sail
there's something I can try latch onto so like predator. In that respect their love, it finer said no deadlocks, now hazard, a nice addition. If you ask me what else the biggest players Tracy called the upward mobility there they like to climb the tops of stuff- and I remember this one from ticks- yeah, member- that the text we dislike grasp it things like little tiny lobsters just stand there and wait for someone to pass by and as it does, the grab it yeah. They don't stand there with their arms are threats the whole time now the distress position, there's something called a questing response. Which is another hilarious term, their questing there they get upon their tippy does their standing up with their their arms raised up
or the Heavens, yet allowing for a meal of human? So imagine the junk you second say anything but take away the boom box. That's a questing position here, the triggers or their little overcoat and their spiky here and that attitudes. I just thought you know John Roderick printed. The children are under great Seattle musician. He treated the other day about silverfish. In other little insect sure he's a: why don't we call silverfish what they were clear limits? Be called sink lobsters really struck me as money here they don't like fishy at all silver sure thing, clubs, the green light, and finally, they are touch sensitive. They have these little here like
three organs on their body to help they swayed up and find everything from hosts to each other. The here and now they're like let's get together and really do some damage on the skies. Armpit yeah or you see that waistband, it's a great place to hide underpants band underpants ban here. So it is said in here now, but that is a great place to hide but like we said a few times your easily scratch him off, so they want to go somewhere. Where you may not be thinking about scratching yeah, I was surprised that they go. I could see Canada outside the armpit back of any the waistband underpants banned it protected there. They are, but it seemed TAT was warm there in their temperature. Sensitive suture thinks it's their seeking shade. They will go to a cooler spot, but this probably not too many cool spots on the human body that are protected their demand. Not really, I do said a bunch of contradiction.
Stuff saw. These things help the triggers find their host. But his Tracy points out. That's that's half the battle yet in when you find a trigger on you. It's probably sorry there Shows you as its wine for meal because they don't like humans, Philippeville COD, anything just about any vertebrate animal snakes, turtles, birds, poor little birds, chipmunks. They, like us, greeted caught showers Today I try and a lot of these animals dont have any kind of response to being bitten by a trigger, so the likelihood of the trigger being undisturbed for four days while its having its meal. Fourth meal is over, going to call it
like Taco Bell, to remember that they do their normal, that they're, so they're not gonna, get brushed off on these things. Humans almost invariably brush triggers off because right when we search scratching again it removes the cheaper. So there there they don't guess out his prey, adjust its total happenstance yet and, like you said, since they need that, then scan little kids are more likely to get bitten by trigger, in an old leathery over the sea captain once a year and little kids, you can't take being teased, really are vulnerable to go about. It then scan You know the ones who are like shortsightedness sucks, pull all the way up, those kids now there knows are always running Kazaa kind. They just stop crying those currently
so I can set a hot shower. Is it is a great way to kill it's great for lotteries and straightway to kill triggers straightway to keep your body clean movements greatly to unwind at the end of a long day, working in the yard is that's where you gonna get your checker bites most likely yeah yeah yeah, especially if you are the type it gets like letters from the Neighborhood Association saying Moyo lawn you may have tickers. I will never live where there's a neighborhood association no way no way. Here now you know in some places as it's not my thing in some places, a neighborhood covenant supersedes local law yeah, unbelievable. It's like your mailboxes gotta, be like this. You can't paint your house at color, not not for me and you gotta pay a certain amount of money. The boss you around every month.
Nope. That's, why have stack of car batteries aside? My house with like old word, that I haven't you still in fact Sanford incinerator in an idea in paint with a brush. It's as welcome children, all right, so should we take another breakin talk a little bit more about that weird fact of the day. Yes,. The new here is about us which resolutions do you, plan to conquer and twenty twenty become more mindful or created.
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everybody. We talked about the mouth parts, so what they do is they get that collect her eye and they make a hole in your skin normal enough. They inject saliva, which contains digestive enzymes. It make a flurry of your skin cells. Talk about other insects do similar things like this, so it still pretty like there ain't no big deal, then it gets weird. It does- and I don't know if it's because they have like specific enzymes or something, but I didn't see this- many with anything else. Did you now know you drop it on you? You refuse, I refuse so what happens as they have in these secretions? What happens if they break your skin cells down, which makes it slowly, which is good, makes about events Thorpe it up. But then the surrounding
issue hardens in it actually creates a tube. A little hard straw in you skin in the wound: yeah collar stylus stone right? What did you do with it?. They drink out of it. They you crazy slip up your wrecked cells, Yet in longer there and there the longer the straw is the style of stone, the stylus, dumb yeah. I saw a paper from two thousand and four: and in the abstract, it said it it. Something like it seems that stylist,
form as a reaction to figures, so I dont know if they thought like. Maybe this is part of a trigger something like that, but I guess it's. A recent findings are really at that stylist stones form and attach figures actually gives you don't have any promiscuous or anything like that. Now, they're, pretty much really weak proboscis one of those days are just not great insects. Erectness at all there they're, not they can't bite very easily. They can't suck anything out. They did their useless yeah. But
Your body just happens to help the mouth while they have that that magic juice- I guess it's pretty cool, so without magic juice. That's gonna be one of the two reasons. You're gonna be reaching a lot, as some people react quite adversely too, that juice right other peoples, not that bad, but still gonna, H, no matter what any such as the juicy reacting. Turning. This probably would first get your attention, but the thing that causes,
persistent edge. Is that stylus dumb your bodies, own reaction, which seems to be forming basically a hollow tube of temporary scar tissue in this wound area crazy and then that actually causes some sort of its reaction as your skin heels and that can take a very long time to heal. This is the point where I was like: oh having triggers actually does such terrible yeah. I think if you had a figure that was able to complete its full four day meal, you're toast media showered for four days. That's when your style system is gonna, be at its peak of hardness and length right and it's gonna- have the worst reaction right. So what can you do there.
Home remedies you ve heard, maybe like painting over trigger bites with a clear now polish right or any kind of nail. Polish, really, I think, atrophy flair and smartly go very negative. Put some doubts on my arm pit. Then, why not I'll put some around my eyes were so? What's the deal very discharging it out, a lot of people would say yes you're, covering up this the trigger the burrowed into your skin, and it is now suffocating the death it's like choke on choke on your meal, but that's wrong because again triggers dumper into your skin right entry. Points out very acutely by the time, even notice, it is very likely the triggers not there any longer right. So if your painting something over your skin, really
doing is protecting the the wound area from the air contacted the air which can aggravated so it does help but Tracy says just use anti each claimants way better. Yet like cortisone or something what it is, you do I didn't know why she felt the need to put this in here, but he might ass well say: don't try to remove the style of stone. I can see people do in that China dig it out near now. Need you know. I can definitely see people do, and I think that was worth it just says: don't use turpentine. He had never heard that people do also done stuff, and I guess, if you get stuck in a tub of gasoline and that would probably killing lighted on fire water is wretcheder problems. Yeah, most of these remedies out, you should just shy away from an egg. Yes only use remedies approved by modern western medicine, modern western anything, it's the only
when you need the name sugar, they believe you ever heard of sand. Please in Florida in yet crabs yeah days, those are Chico Flee, see HIV o YE and another name for that is a Jaeger. Flee may think that sugar came from the sort of matching those two names together, even though it's not the same thing. No, I thought those actually do borough into your skin and early eggs therein and the eggs like the fees Tanya. So I could, but I guess, there's just nothing but confusion surrounding checkers. Nothing so check if you want to protect yourself against sugar, invasions, near armpits in your underpants bans. I what do you do? Well, if you work, if you work in your yard, in your garden, a lot where long sleeves were pants, could cover up as much body as you can visit.
You can wear deed if you want or any other kind of insect repellent. This is. You can also use sulphur and never heard of that. I have anyway. I wonder if you like, you did for an instant you're something now it would swell way than egg water. Yeah have got a thing like that
you know this that I will never ever try, because I hate pickled things anyway, but I killed eggs. Easy there, not bad, usually, loyalty, sweet, there's, see those things floating in a jar, and it's like, I feel like I'm in a hospital the leg where he found the head. Yeah, the the thickest, the Chinese, probably japanese and korean tutors atypical legs- were they so common? A brine like in its these salty is thing ever eat and their mucky in brown desert does not good other ones. Are fine or not. They don't take thy great. I think I don't want food certain liquid, I think pickled stuff is really give for you. I mean I hate pickled. Things were just love pickle every period like soaking, something of a solution. I just don't want my marinate
I'm a dry rub guy party really area United, another about air zoonotic sources of any kind, or is it the pre soaking like pre, cooking soaking that well you pre marinating. I don't like you if you're, if you have quality french saucy at your disposal, sure I'll take a little but put it on the side and a plaything but I know I don't like girls, this place near my shop, that was its now closed. I can feel bad for saying this, but I'm gonna. Why disease through south do they had it's delicious crispy crispy, fried chicken that they dump this Grady us, on top they never put it on the site. Now and by the time we get to the table, it wasn't crispy fried chicken anymore. I just don't get it, but reality alias assets.
I gave him a leg. Arriving a smothered chicken totally different, bales fried frightened smothered came through that those two things are never spoke to come together. If you want to see, if you have figures on your property, Tracy says you can take a peak piece of black paper like construction paper, maybe from your child, you gimme that Typically, I had to go out and lay it on the ground near. We think there might be triggers and you might see little tiny, tiny red thinks she's just say that she says to take a piece of paper in defy physics by standing in upon its edge that what she says and then the triggers will follow their natural urges inclined to that.
Of the paper. What world this chasing live on them in your ear and you're in the grass, you can stand a piece of paper up in the grass. Maybe not if you take care of your grand, doesn't like their Twilight Zone episode, daring from bewitched like foots the coin and lands on its side, man. You know it happened in p in college, one time my p teacher, the basketball teacher through the pin member the paper made pens had that the cap with the just sort of flat top yes, he does flitted over me but the catch it didn't hit the ground bounds and landed completely.
Up and down on its gap. That's exactly like the Twilight Zone upset he could of everyone's thoughts. After that point now, while I drop at class immediately, smart has become out here very smart. You were you like which ran up. Do you doing Satan's work? Men are all that such measures are. We didn't say if you really want to control figures in yard, to take care of you yard, they will go away. They won't want to hang out there it won't be long stocks of grass for them to climb up to a question from a dry I've. U, I know more about jiggers coral. Or of a little things you can take that word in the search bar has the force that calm and, since I said, search bar sign further hey before Read the listener male. Actually, I started a fitness club first, no listeners because I have my weight. Those, and so I needed some help, and so on
do this with other people, so I started terrorism, different apps and my fitness pow rs. What I went with If you wanna, join my fitness, powerful Marianna just go to search groups. And asked why escape Witness Club is one of the groups and we ve got three hundred fifty people there and we're just gonna, the other man, it's really neat, and group discussions, organised group goals and, very cool supportive community for people that- like they need to make some positive health changes. Zoah anyway, as why escape it covered my fitness fell and now here's my with male Hey guys manoeuvre Animist emit I'm getting addicted recently did anesthesia gas- and I heard Sir Mail, the Harvard suited needed five numbing injections, nasal cavity to breaking your nose. Those terrible She thinks she can one of it here. It's not bad man, and I am sorry in one
college, one of my mother's became infected. I need a route canal today, the procedure, the Dennis Gamey shots in the gun, which checks it was the worst thing ever and life after a few numbing shots, he got to work. Drilling entered the infected too, Unfortunately didn't give me enough once again the route I spelled it felt awful. So I said to the Dennis: I learned the Dennis hidden that what must have been the largest needle in existence he gave me shot directly into the infected rooted might think that the nose the This made me she said that she takes pain. Meanwhile, she said, but this made me sob uncontrollably ten years ago and I can still vividly recall the flash of lightning in the end only contact matters worse at evening. My gun swelled dislodged temporary. I have to go back the next data that repeated That's my injection story like a settlement if it's worse than the five and the knows it's a both, were pretty terrible hope you enjoy the red.
Yes, when Honolulu Hawaii laboratory man I'm making air quotes. When I say tat, That's like scarring! You know right yet still remember that for the rest of her life away to get. If you want to try to growth the south, it's gonna be tough, the top that lumber. Let's keep it go and shall we are you can tweak you? Is it s? Why escape? I guess you can join someplace. Put that conflict, the bitch! You know you can hang out with this uninstall grandma S. What escape? I guess You can send an email to step up. Our efforts at camp is always turns that are home on the web site. You should know doc,
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