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Finding the Fenn Treasure

2021-01-21 | 🔗

In 2010 an eccentric art dealer hid a treasure chest with $2 million in valuables somewhere in the Rocky Mountains and published a poem with clues on where to find it. Hence began the most famous treasure hunt in modern times.

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You may do that when you're mad at me, kissing through my clients, teeth like us, they just Clark Marge soon soon. You know the one way that guy came in and introduced Marges subsidy teacher oh yeah yeah I get. So what did you say by this? Is this is great? podcasting rated unclear my throat and asking you what you said ten seconds ago well. I do have a couple of weird announcements: was do that before we actively get going. One is just quick listener, shout out mean a member in the hell hell Hell episode when I couldn't think of. Pixar Movie, where, if you were forgotten, you go away again, it's coca yeah our somebody right, then it is arrogant movie. I see nothing but good things, but I've never watched it did. Cocoa is easily the best looking animated film I've ever seen, wow.
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like to hit a hundred thousand Cosette was dumb. That would please a lot of people to get round number in, just because the holidays, come and gone? You still can go out and get that thing the stuff you should now book of interesting facts and figures. Yeah wanted mode scowled at wave bids. Oh so you should know invisible, Cohen, an incomplete compendium of mostly interesting things. We took some grief for not actually putting a calling on there. Really yeah after colon heavier speak over the past few years. My response is that its invisible in silent, invisible in silent, much like us yet, not at all but Thea. thing. Is I wonder if we shut ourselves in the foot by making the thing bright red, so people are confused and think it's it's only a Christmas present.
Now cause you're right, it's not just cause christmases over doesn't mean you can't get it so it's available everywhere still and you can get it from any booksellers two giant, global monopolies everywhere. Has anyone can buy books? that's right and then my final little quick shout out, because this is an episode on the fence. Treasure actually know a guy who looked for this thing and of course, my old power from my film industry days, camera and I remember when this while we do- want to ruin anything, but I remember him posting on Facebook about it, some that he had looked for it. He didn't quit his job, like some people, but he was a eight, a casual. two moderately intense explore for the fin treasures. It out, that's really need big, shut up member yeah, the air we actually even better. You all have
email and be like you should really listen to defend treasure of absurd way, rubbing well anyway, so you'd just kind of let the cat out of the bag, you in the title of the episode return, my defend treasure and it's probably familiar. Do a lot of people in made the news, pretty widely over the decade, that it was ongoing by We who are unaware of air was a treasure hunt like a real live treasure hunt. There is a chest of treasures, literally treasures gold and jewels and gems in our like archaeological artifacts, hidden somewhere by a very eccentric art dealer named a forest fan. Hence the name Fen treasure and he published something in a in as book which is basically a puzzle map of full of clues. I think nine clues in said he'd everybody go, find it in
I can, in watched for by the highest count I've seen about three hundred and fifty thousand different people search for this treasure, some of whom, like you mentioned, quit their jobs moved out to the Rockies so that they could search more frequently people, though just kind of work casually involves or ruby. followed it on the message boards that kind of thing, but by the people who did go out. Look for it were kind of fulfilling this vision. Forest Fenn Hand, which was in a were also just kind of stuck on our couches in front of multiple screens. All the time, there's no much natural beauty other than just passing people's lives by and he said well, you know, if you put a chest of treasure worth a couple million dollars out there tell people it's somewhere out there. It might actually get some people to go, look for it in, and that was the definite result of the whole thing.
Yeah, I mean it's very cool thing. I did not know about it until the end and I'm still here the sort of dance around a spoiler, ok, but you know anything could have happened, could have exploded yet could have never been found had been a hoax right. Don't forget, martians could have been more Since it could have been found, you'll have to listen to find out, but eventually, when things came to a conclusion. When I learned about it. I was Can a man that I did know about it before definitely would not have gone and looked were it, but I would have done of online sleuthing, just a sort of poke around cause. It's a fund treasure Hunter neat. Well yeah. That was the cool thing about. This, too, is like You could do a lot of it through online sleuthing and you could just kick back in like join the forms and help out like that. But if you had, your own solves is what they're called where you figure out different solutions to the clues,
and you put him altogether. That's a solving mean a different people have multiple solves Tipp to prove whether correct or not to try to find the treasure you had actually get out there and look. I follow the the solve that you come up with any why do people did do them? I think that's really cool, because it drew a lot of people out of the rockies. Iraqis are indeed quite beautiful. They are. Should we talk about the man himself? I think we should men. yes, oh forced fan, Effie double in F, o double are his well was born in Texas, one thousand nine hundred and thirty, and he was always into the great outdoors apparently when he was a kid they used to vacation at Yellowstone National Can it really made it pretty big impact on him when through high school and then joined the air force and became a pilot. Sir Vietnam and after about twenty years of
service in the military, got out, moved to Santa Fe New Mexico and got into the art dealer this, which is something he really did, know anything about it first now, but he I guess had started collecting. even though he wasn't like a particularly enthused by art itself, but he liked the business of art and our collective you like the art world, and I get the impression also that a brush up against celebrities- and you could you know, get rich people. the part with their money pretty easily, so they can certainly do that yeah. I think you really like that alive. thing I do want to say. I saw about his time in Vietnam was that he said that he had flown three hundred and twenty eight combat missions in three hundred and four the eight days while he was there, which is just astounding. I am there apparently they drove him to become a pacifist because he, after he left the military.
Became a certified self proclaimed pacifist from from further rest of his life. From what I understand, yeah- which that too vietnam- That'S- went down that path. Tat interesting. I've heard a lot of the story here so he moved to Santa FE in nineteen. Seventy two He said by that time he had already collected some art what he would is: go out and buy art from little known artist and then up sell it, which is, I guess, the whole, not racket, but that's the business of art collecting Is you by low? Hopefully in so high, the he specialise in native american art and also artifacts and open the Aerosmith Thin gallery, his partner. Rex Aerosmith Actually, he just became defend galleries with his wife Peggy and sold art fergie know about eight or nine years, while he kept saying but in eight or nine years he started showing it to really
famous people and was making a lot of money doing it yeah he would actually had a pretty cool tactic. Actually, were you know if you're of some certain level of rich or famous, he would put you up his gallery which, as you know, a compound which had thus a guest houses. There were filled with art and everything was for sale and who just kind of a bathed you in luxuriousness, while also simultaneously trying to sell you art, so he he seemed to have been living a pretty kush life style in Santa FE for a while and use making like, I think, gross back in the eighties six million a year in eighties money to which, as you know, that's a lot of cheese for somebody who does came into the world because he said I guess I'll go try this next. You know the dirtiest money. Do it's pretty dirty? yeah. A lot of people are like that. Guy is no hero. He's vary widely, celebrated by a lot of native
can communities, including a bill The problem I say- you know, this guy is a plunderer an archaeologist to or not a big fan of him either because he would excavate me no archaeological sites, but without any documentation whatsoever. He just wants to get to the artifacts, and then he would take it and sell it. He would he would ruin archaeological site to to get to the art and then make some money off of it. So he didn't have. He wasn't beloved universally in that sense, for sure is worth pointing out yeah, I mean the F B. I actually investigated him, they did an undercover, operation where an informant wired inform it. Just like you see in the movies over to his house. I assume sort of posing, as some kind of a rich art collector- and he was like me here, like look at all this cool stuff like here, some eagle feathers, which I'm not supposed to have
and here's some human hair from antiquity- and here's some chain mail in some prehistoric, sandals and a basket and and don't tell anyone, but I'm not supposed to have any of the stuff and After the raid in two thousand nine apparent, no charges were brought. It says an article Some people are so that the artifacts were hidden or sold, but he had stuff confiscated. So there was definitely of it there and add I'm just not sure why no charges, wherever levied against him, he was part of the bigger investor, Anyone with a lot of people, but that might help to do that, I have no idea that well, I he seems to have been slick. An rascally like. The way that you know those kind of people attracted my. Thus far and wide and tender like get off the hook in situations that other people necessarily wooden. So who knows.
I have no idea exactly why he was prosecuted if he was in a call with that kind of stuff, but it would kind of Bee in step with his larger personality, which is you know I saw compared to the native american Coyote archetype. You know that Canada trickster the the slick when you can ever quite pin down here, hopefully had a threat of that going through. If not, that being like. You know his main trade yeah, I mean he was definitely eccentric. He cannot fly. Did the rules of the art world. He thought they were going stodgy and he was gonna. Do his own thing. Apparently in his galleries, he had signs said: please touch the art. We are responsible His old master forgeries like as master forgeries and basically said, hey If you like, the painting by the painting the real effects of those people who just buy it, because the the real signature of the real artist.
Which is interesting and he said he added roster full of celebrities, Jessica Lang, Michael Douglas Steve Mark. Robert Redford in As everyone knows, the largest art collector on the planet, Suzanne Summers, Yahoo here trying to help find a Georgia o Keefe, and I don't nineteen. Eighty eight profile of him in people magazine that that hadn't been successful yet who knows what the nineties brought? You know much here, that by master money, so gay She was rolling in the Thai Master Maloney. She wouldn't hurt, and now I'm so so. Forest this kind of gone along. Libya's lived his feet. Being forced friend from what I can tell and he was diagnosed with cancer, I his father head develop cancer and wait when forces younger and his father cited that, rather than go on potentially
losing battle with with cancer, he would take his own wife. So we took it's a sleeping pills, any died and forest does he wanted to do the same, but rather than like his father dying at home, he knew of a spot that he wanted to die in in the rockies and so was idea was he was going to put together a chance. The treasure and when the time came, he was going to walk out to the spot. I take a bunch of sleeping pills himself. lay there and die and then at some point somewhere, some time somebody was going come along, probably in find this treasure chest being clutched by an old skeleton that was his idea. But the whole idea kind of took a left turn chuck because he actually got better. He didn't, he didn't die for cancer, actually beat it, and I think that came as a bit of a surprise to him. Yes, but I imagine pretty pleasant, surprise
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I'm not going to be the same E Davis Jr. Do you want to go first or me dealers choice again to go, you ready, I have gone alone in there and, with my treasures, bold, I can keep my secret where, in hint of riches, new and old, my turn begin it where warm waters halt. That's the first clear care where to start by the way and take it in the canyon down not far but too far to walk put, below the home of brown capital be yeah, that's big went from there is no place for The meek, the end is ever drawing nigh they'll, be no paddle up. Your creek heavy loads and water high. If you ve been eyes and found the blaze- looked quickly down your quest to cease but Terry scanned. The marvel gaze just take the chest and go in peace.
So why is it that I must go and leave my true for all to seek the answer? I already know I've done it. Tight, and now I'm weak and finally, so here we all and listen good. Your effort will be worth the cold if you are brave and in the wood. I give you title to the gold really exciting and get us a shirt, especially the back and forth in a I'm really appreciative of us doing. That was really amazing, but limited device. So what this? It was a very quick cryptic poem about this treasure that he's hidden. And it was a real treasure, like you said, was, I mean some people say possibly. to three million dollars worth of gold and loot. I imagine just being applied the thin treasure.
It even more valuable at auctions, and who knows what it would fetch. You know, guy think, from what I've seen that there is a pretty. Why belief that they treasure sold intact. as the fin treasure would be worth way more than its estimated market. Value of the combined parts are totally there some rich person, it's just like. I want to have this in my house: I'll pay, ten million bucks for it we should say the box itself was. Chile, a treasure is well right. Yeah was a twelfth century. Bronze treasure chest basically think a ten inch by ten inch treasure chest or chest. The fact that it contain treasure made it a try just by definition, but I don't know if that's what it was originally built for, but that's a remarkable looking box just just on its own. It's the kind of heft and size just shape that you would imagine, opening and being like Wilder's. Hundreds of rare gold coin
among other things in here so rare gold coins to gold nuggets supposedly as big as a hens egg, that that's pretty need to look at. I imagine and then artifacts like pre colombian figurine, some jade carvings from China, Anti jury emeralds rubies, like the kind of thing that you would open up in. I think, He wanted a bit of a wild factor and not just like a stack of cash, Well, apparently, he was originally going to put thousand dollar bills in there, but a year, but he it was like. I don't know when the things going to be found and who knows what kind of You know what kind of shape those those that paper currencies can earlier on in and also he's Icu knows if they'll be banks accepting that kind of currency, any you're, so he decided to put in more everlasting treasures like gold and things like that. So he takes his box chuck and this treasure chest. He
goes to the spot somewhere in the rockies. Where he is he will he one who heap he was going to go, lay down and die. but rather than lay down and die just leaves the chest. There comes back publishes this book and then no, let's everybody know about any takes a few years to catch on, because I believe is self published the book we didn't have a lot of marketing behind it by word of mouth started to spread that there was a man from Santa FE who claim to have put two million dollar treasure chest out in the woods somewhere and had published a poem that that contain all the clues you needed to it. and so people started really getting into this right. Yeah I mean he didn't. He gave way a few extra little but basically said the clues. This poem right there? nine of them. They are listed in consecutive order. And they are. You know there are a series of steps that you have to take. I'm starting with that. Second stands
he did also say it somewhere in the rocky mountains between Santa in Canada. Another big clue. Was that it's an elevation of about five thousand feet so that that's a big when there is a lot of stuff out and then this less extra clue is also big. He said it's not an a mine. graveyard or near any man made structure. Any said that last part from what I saw because people were starting to do really dumb things and in going or really far afield, and he kept reminding people, because so this is something they kind of em emerged from from reading about this stuff. He became part of this community. People would call him up. They text him. They'd e mail, him like he became friends with a lot of the most hard core searchers, and you know sometimes they would ask him for clues or hints, and he would just goes dumb, but others just were kind of like in arms. Sitting in this one spot and you know thing
In our view, right now, because you you sent me here through this, this treasure I just want to thank you like he became a friend's, grew louder. These people, but the one thing he kept saying to this crowd was I was eighty years old who carrying a forty pounds treasure chest. when I went to this place like like this is not a place where you have to climb up any sort of precipice. Her go down a precipice. It's not that hard to get to Remember, like it's the kind of place that an eighty year old man carrying a treasure chest weighing forty pounds can get too by himself, because there's, no one there there were no witnesses ma in. It was just his word that this is actually there that people had to take a firm. You know I'm face. Are you here, one of his friends supposedly saw what you can was the treasure chest in his walking clause at once, but that's kind of only
verification that this wasn't some big hoax. I think, we'll, took him at his word and you know you're gonna figure something like this out. You have to start it. If you don't get that first clue right then, might as well not even bother. So it really comes down to again it where waters. I'm sorry begin at where warm waters halt and take it in the Anyone down you gotta, find that place in, like what does that mean or their rivers converging as it a hot springs going into a river the first I thought was like, maybe he's being cheeky, maybe it's like some primitive National Park Bath House that doesn't have hot water right yeah. You know like the look in nature, the bathroom, that's l, some people actually took below, The home of brown to mean in our house I'm not kidding. I saw that a couple of voices, but Brown is
capitalized yeah. I know I know but then like that they think you're. Your idea about you know it being like a place without hot water. This pretty pretty mainstream thinking actually like there were people really got into this and started seeing things that you were not there, yeah of course. So there, though, the whole thing is a lot of question about how you should interpret this. Unlike, I didn't see that that, like the whole thing actually did start, with begin aware: warm Waters hall a lot of people suspected that the real first clue was in the first stanza. But apparently that's not the case. It is at. It stands As I have gone alone in there and with my treasures balls, I can keep my secret, where, in hint of riches, new and old people, looking at things like I'm, so in the first line, as I have go on alone in their there like. Well, if you look at
when they were gone and the word alone. The number one is spelled out in those two words maybe deserves some sort of coordinates. start with one one like this is the level of thought that reading was united into it way too much Anna. Think even kind of tried to help guide people away from that, like you, don't need to be a crook tall just to get this right. This is you know it's it's not that kind of a puzzle like it It's it's different than that. You already said there were no codes, new anagram, yet it's just like warmly. Where's dummy right, but that didn't stop anybody from from like Nana you're, a liar in its clearly one wine are the first to know in whatever coordinates you're giving us interesting. So he did accomplish his goal. As far as getting people out there, like you said I kinda emails where people talked about,
amazing places they never would have seen otherwise- and I imagine that brought him a lot of joy, because that was the whole point for him was too was to get people out there, and I think he had. the initially during the financial crisis when every and was feeling down about stuff. So? This is really gonna people find out about it. This is gonna spice, lot of people's lives and get them out into nature job because, again, like you could sit there and be like okay. This is you know. This is where I think the star point, is an I'm gonna, go into Google Earth and start here and try to find the next Clun put together a solve. But again, if you had thought, that you're you're solve was onto something you had to go out to the rockies and go see for yourself, Sir, they get all those people out to nature and in a there there are so many like thanks and messages, and you know this kind of
What's the word, I'm looking for you honor somebody with thanks or something like that pray allayed. Echoing the recycling for forest phone for doing this, because you know we help change, allow to people's lives, but there are more definite cases where things went, foreign off the rails. That some of these treasure hunters did not come back from. You know, going to verify their solves and in the woods in real life. Yet mean, sadly, it looks like there were five people that died, the others that were rescued. That could have died. One Jeff Murphy, I think, died from a fall Manning Eric Ashby was found in the Arkansas River was a man named Randy Bill you who he was one of these full timers? He moved Claudia Colorado and He died and was found near the Rio Grande River, the preacher name: Paris Waller.
Sorry. Wallace, a priest who was he died and then, just before this thinking In conclusion, in March twenty twenty there were two and found one of them was alive, and one of them they Michael Saxon, was actually dead. They went out, appear, which is what he always recommended like go out with him. dont be dangerous, but one of these guys died near a dinosaur national monument, Utah yeah and the other guy, like you said, was rescued. There was the second time that pair It had to be rescued in the area in a mouth man yeah. So you can imagine that law. Enforcement in some of these places around Colorado in New Mexico, where people are getting lost dying called on fin to say like just stop this, call us awfully tell everybody where it is like this has gotten dangerous people are losing their lives now because of this, people have died in forest fan head dumb
the fairly libertarian response so that he said, there's there's not, is a life is too short aware, both a belt and suspenders. someone drowns in a swimming pool. We shouldn't drain the poor. We should teach people swim, which has a certain homes, on wild west folksy sensibility to it for sure and makes sense like he wasn't here. It's not like he was the original Tom Fool who was sending people to their death in the the quicksand that he knew was going to let you know I urge them on their way to find this treasure like he was. He was trying to get people of doors and he was trying to guide them ass best. He could in a safe manner without giving anything away, and you can make it a case one way or the other that he was responsible or not responsive further. Those peoples does he think it just comes down to your philosophy on personal response,
ability, or you know, indirect responsibility. yeah, and he also after that quote said. Why do I have to pay school taxes when I dont have kids I don't care about you, kids, gonna get emails from libertarians here. I don't think libertarians In the same way, we discuss them now. Human now, I'm sure there's about that, I'm just kidding. Of course we have libertarian listeners so there was some other ino aside from the desert, smothered darker sort of aspects to this story. When you have hundreds of thousands of people looking for something in National Parks and and wildlife. You're gonna get some people that are not accustomed to being in places in treating them with the respect they deserve and damaging protected spaces and species. There was one person charged with a misdemeanour. Digging under a memorial crossing owned by the New Mexico, game commission they had
She back, though, the space to stabilize the monument there was their people. Other other people arrested over the years digging in national parks. Digging in cemeteries for being indicted on federal charges. You know this is what you're gonna get when you sort of habit wild west treasure Hunton in very kind of sacred areas: yeah, especially yeah, you're gonna attracts them, nothing kooks for sure who drew don't listen in who just stop thinking you're using their brains, one guy is, I believe, get a restraining order taken out against him by fan and his family, because he had decided that the real treasure was- and grand daughter, and that that was the key everything in TED started stalking fence home, which is kind of scary, Did you see anything else about that? Guy about the stalker yeah. I heard his name was Francisco Palko shovel Spock owes a nickname and he
was just clearly had had the issues I dont want, I'm like diagnosis or anything, but it wasn't just This treasure hunt he at one point, has sent pictures of hearts the treasure chest and a shoe with a message. It said one you can change your life Cinderella me. He said he wanted to marry his granddaughter. He eventually was put on three his probation and twenty sixteen then in twenty nineteen showed up at his house again, while on on the like. You know him the gate at home and was trying to get Then they saw her was and he D sorted disappeared before the cops could show up, but that get pretty scary yeah. Can a man Jane. I mean that's super duper scary, tat somebody, zero in on you like that. Under any circumstance, you know yeah, I figure
another guy who don't try to gain entry into the house with an axe and had to be held at gunpoint by fence daughter, but he was a kind of guy who inspired law and support by his family, and I saw a quote from his grandson, whose name is Shiloh Old is pretty white while steam I need. You know this has been a really hard on the family, but in a way we fully support her grandfather, its author. He's gonna need, and it says a lot about his family that they were willing to endure all this without in obeying like just tell him where the where the treasure is like this has got about here. So Should we take another brakemen talk about this mysterious conclusion. I am talking about totally
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right contact world is available now on the radio up or where every listen upon. Yes, so people are still working. For this thing is some, I believe, twenty twenty right June of Troy yeah you're speaking in a past. It straight well no. Actually, I think there are people still looking this, for this is we'll see but they're, not necessarily looking for the treasure anymore, because in June of twenty twenty there is an announcement made by forest fan. That said, it's been found its over somebody found it fair and square and thus began frustrating maddening, slow trickle of vague confirmation that this
been found and it had been found legitimately that actually encouraged conspiracy theories. About whether the treasure had even existed at all, or it ever been out there in the wilderness at all that still kind of persistent among some people at this day, but from what I saw most of the people who were involved in the treasure, we are satisfied that it was found that it was foam, fair and square are using them people in this country that, in the face of hard facts in truth, still believe in the can. Piracy, Chuck believe it or not. That may be true, I think the jury is still out, so things got of interesting what he said when, when they did find it, he said then found under a canopy of stars in the lush force at vegetation, the rocky and had not moved from the spot. Where I hit, it will continue ago. I do not know the you found it that would change
but the poem in my book led him to the precise spot and like you said because of the conspiracy individuals, he said: he posted a picture of it and he's like here. It is Here are some of the objects they have, whether its darker than it was ten years ago, when alone in the ground and walked away here like a bracelet, that's been tarnished, and yet some people still warlike nope it. I dont believe the facts in front of my faces: a hoax, I mean the fact. The fact is that the guy who found it didn't want to be named so now had an anonymous person named the finder who said that in oh, he had found it. He wouldn't reveal how he found it, because he was saying that he had been to this place, obviously to get the treasure in it was so beautiful and Christine he said it was not an appropriate place to become a tourist destination hidden. Why we're going out there in looking for maybe treasure that
dropped along the way or just you know, trying to see for themselves this place. It was a sacred place in opinion and he wanted to defend it so it to this day. The second part is still held true, people. Dont know where he found this thing, which is why I said some people are still looking for are not looking for Russia's anymore they're. Looking for the spot like the spot has become. You know that the treasure- and there is something that that we left out before that I think, is worth mentioning, because forest friend was in correspondence with a lot of these people. were searching for the hard core. They would tell him like where they ve been or whatever, and he wouldn't give him anything in response. He just take the information you know, but then later in interviews, he said that multiple people had been within a couple huh. Feet of the Treasury and unjust hadn't been able to find it, and apparently one of the reasons. Why is this?
anonymous, find or said that somebody had gone out that way and put a amiss Leaning blaze ablaze is one of the clues, but is also something that marks trail and it was the penultimate clue. I believe, if you found the blaze, you are very close to the treasure in somebody had put some other misleading blaze out there to be a jerk. I guess we're through other people off the trail but there are a lot of people who had come. Really really close interest walked right past it. Basically, yeah and apparently the original blaze had been damaged over the decades, so I dont think it was even visible to begin with Then he had the misleading blaze and them this mystery person would have we'd be out, though, because the lawsuit there was a woman, a real estate attorney from Chicago named Barbara Anderson, who said that, treasures mine, I solved it and somebody hacked into my email and myself and stole my solve and
it's this person, whoever it is, and so because of this lawsuit Jack stiff thirty, two year old Medical stood had to be revealed in and go to court. and dumb we have. We are one degree remove from Jack Stewart vows wonder and a friend ass. I knew him or not eight their kid. They worked around the same time. I would guess re yes, oh he right or for the onion, and we knew folks from the onion, and I didn't tech start buddy, he joined, but I did takes Joe Garden former onion rider he knew him and he said after Ask him if I could quote him on all this, and he said after He found it. He said we had a nice little Onion alumni chat about him and he cities. Decent enough guy and he said, but, as my he's My friend John here is for the union put it. I didn't not expect him to and buried treasure. So he said that he
the kind of guy- and you know I read a little bit more about him. He was apparently in kind of thing when he was a kid he was obsessed with the show. Push Nevada, which was a tv show or of yours could solve real million dollar mystery, Joe said he admired his pluck. He had gained some notoriety before I'm sorry, after the onion, when he wrote for something called the wont, get and He was the person who, in two thousand eight riff made derogatory term about Sarah Palin's special need sign in I've got a lot agree for that. journalism, went to medical school and then started searching for this treasure yeah. I guess he liked. Only meeting with patients everything else he hated about medical school from what I read the air he just kind of dedicated his life to this from what I saw. He didn't really share how
into it. He was with friends and family because you didn't know Everyone find it never. It was just a weird thing too to be into this deep. As far as he is concerned, we seem to have some perspective by Adam I saw some some of the other treasure hunters were like this guy Jack Stiff Hee, hee what kind of a lone wolf, but some whence he went on and like in joint some groups. There were trying to solve the treasure hunt as a group there were questions at first about whether he had basically taken assault from one of the groups that he participated in insulted himself and was ensuring the treasure, but that group was in Then, basically, looking like alone has the number one, and they were just totally off with stiff apparently did was apply his degree in English in literature and did a close reading. I studied forest fan in
Watch Dolly interviews with them read every interview he could find to see if he slipped up or just a kind of under and fully was more and then applied that two entreated him less like a cryptogram more like a poem that was there was symbolic and apparently, is how he crack the code yeah I mean he said that he did notice a couple of slip, ups and interviews that force when it made in that he said. I just guess. No one else notice these and he said to his like he obviously the poem two to follow the steps, but In his mind, it see my in theirs that great outside magazine article that If you want to read more about it, it's pretty in depth about him, but He said what he really wanted to figure out was the where he, he might want to die. We thought that was sort of the biggest clue of all in that it would probably be some really beautiful place and not you know, like a rocky dusty,
site or something like that. And it turns out that he was right in dumb. You know it. Set that one blaze had worn away over the years, but he went to the spot where he said. I think this is a spot where he wants to die. He went there about twenty five times over a couple of years and this Ino finally found it pretty need story here that data the outside magazine. Article on him is pretty interesting. I found when they think is even better. It was New York magazine by Belgium and get called the great twenty first century. Treasure hunt, I believe, there was really provide a lot of extra details in different ways, looking out at the hadn't seen elsewhere so and they also profile the different who didn't find it by less aid policy, but is a pretty interesting cat himself to yes, Astute ended up, he said he became friends like legit friends with a fan
where he died in September September. Seven, twenty, twenty He was ninety years old. He said you know I'm hanging onto this. For now I may split it up. I may display some of it sell some other he's really not sure what he's gonna do. I think with you like, if he really wants to bring in the windfall he should see All is one big package to some super rich person who wants to display the same but right now he's going to hang onto it. and I was really seem, like generally open up when when friend died? Oh yeah, The guy was a very much beloved in community for sure. Like there there was a new one, guys who went missing one of the searchers who went missing, I believe oh, I don't remember which, when it was, but he was missing for seven months and
after the initial official search and rescue, was called off forest and paid for it chartered helicopter to continue search and a lot of the treasure hunters searched for him to serve as a very tiny commute. in this guy was like this kind of homespun, God figure to them that they could text in, say hi to yours, super approachable and yet He he wouldn't give you anything. You wouldn't give you any hint as to where the treasure was. So it must have been really interesting for him to two to kind of put himself in that kind of jeopardy or put the treasure in that kind of jeopardy by interacting with people who were spending tons of their waking hours. Looking for this treasure and not giving them anything, not a single clue, it must have been pretty fun for him to that. That's how we spend his last stage in a totally and if you're thinking,
in terms of movies, like I always think, there's Our committee, which I was unable to watch, called the lure from twenty sixteen that obviously before us They made this documentary about people who were searching. and you cannot streaming online, but I think you can actually buy it from the website and they are making supposedly, a movie about it. Director Jake demand Skis been hired to make a movie. stunned, journalist, Hudson Morgan's misadventures. Looking for the sing himself, and it's about a group of millennials who set out to find it and get an wacky misadventures and is described as an action comedy goonies meets the hang over I never thought I would hear those words pretty earlier. Who knows? Maybe we'll see that one day okay! Well, let's see you anything else, nothin outlets!
Treasury, but if you want to know more about it, go check out that outside already calling a New York magazine article and then just prepare to dive in and you can still join it and figure out where the spot is just be safe and you know be smart since I said, be safe and be smart. That means it's time for listen to mail I'm going to call this lay off Cisco guys. so in our but phase episode. I think you specifically sort of Baghdad, Cisco, the restaurant delivery service, I was begging on restaurants that use Cisco's pre, made ingredients and try to pass it off as if it's just too you know their own stuff, alright, so take that in the brain and says this greetings guys have listened too many years and rarely needed derided, but on the Bay of Biscay There was a massive misconception of the role of Cisco at restaurants. I worked for Cisco Thirteen years delivery for ten
and now a shuttle driver, hauling food from SALT Lake City, Grand Junction Colorado. Every day My job. Cisco was portrayed on the show as a pre packaged frozen Microwave cup. While we do have select items that are ready to eat and frozen the vast majority of our food supply or fresh foods, fresh foods and vegetables. We supply restaurants, hospitals, schools, etc, with everything needed for kitchens to become Successful our trucks are dual zone refrigerators for frozen in fresh items? We can do episode on food delivery in house. In my trucks are used to keep the culture in supply and action, but that didn't go for too long didn't and I hope your perception of Cisco will change for the better yeah sure yeah mean loves his go. Now, let's go to gather. Lots of love, that's from Brandon Writer in Colorado, any cps, Can you plug my very small gaining gentlemen? You too sure it is
Brandon due to gaming, and that is o o d or one way Brandon Dude gaining on Youtube. Yes, I haven't seen his gaming channel, so let's just go ahead and hope that it's all above boards, that's a good point She probably do that. Here we sit we'll get we'll get busy, you go and click on it. First videos, Hale, say right here. That would be the least of my worries actually actually begun. Well, thanks a lot brain and sorry for really kind of egg is indirectly talking smack about Cisco. That was my intensive thinking, for calling me out, and if you want to be like brain and call me out or called check out to, you can do that to you once in a while. If you like, you can send an email is stuff pocket my heart radio duck step, you should know its product, I heart radio for more podcast, my radio is it that I heard radio apple podcast
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