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Geysers: Nature's Innuendo

2012-07-10 | 🔗

The spectacular eruptions of steam and water we call geysers are only the tip of the proverbial iceberg, the result of thousands of years of specific natural conditions and physical processes. Learn the Stuff You Should Know about geysers in this episode.

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apple, irregular geysers sitting around just as good I know I genuinely didn't think you're going to say geysers through more slowly This was a pretty cool article. I thought I'd I'd know a lot about geysers, but I did not know exactly what was going on her back out. And a couple of key points a whole really, yes, which I will not point out come on. I well. I thought they'd spit out lemonade, first of all, and about those little guide on their doing it get leprechaun yeah, that's it. Nobody thinks so small companies
Why do we have a guy's myths? Sound effect? I don't think so her this is counters, whether now this is a science, biology or chemical processes. I just know each one of them be up or whether this is not whether this not whether all, though it does begin with whether here mean when something precipitates, that's whether through an precipitation precipitate the explosion of the guys are the trade Yes, I have no geyser introduction man. You can't blame me, though, like I looked here, and there is really not a lot going on geysers. I thought you might tell the story about the people and ninety three going to you, I didn't want to steal serpent looker birds. Do that though, since you brought it up, is I mean what about that years ago, hang back just hang back well, We gave, you can kill you, and you know when you see something awful go off. That's why you're three hundred feet away watching it here in a united we on top of it
but apparently nineteen o three New Zealand, which is lousy with geysers some tourist visiting their got caught in a jet at why men gave women gave Valley myself and I had killed all four people and carry them more than a mile away. Yes, that is sad, and after after we explain how geysers work, I think that all what we should mention that again, because it once I understood how does it work, then I read that I was like those people met a terrible, terrible demise. Sure like they that those terrible way to get the minutes tantamount to getting thrown into a volcano are caught in dropping into the cracks of an earthquake in Iraq, and I waited as it turns out. Tat were being lodged in the debt which is now related. Nobody is pretty bad way to go to the geothermal property, so Chuck geysers, as I learned from reading,
go on how this works. Dot com are beloved site are actually kind of fragile, and there's not that many, this this article, two thousand there's a thousand geysers roughly in in the world. And am I read elsewhere that there's only about fifty geyser fields on the planet and about two thirds of those have five or fewer geysers while which makes Yellowstone M pretty substantial repository of geyser in geyser related activity, told when you're talking geyser you don't ever do is talk geyser you're, also talking numb fumaroles, you're talking hot springs, sure, mud pots, steam vents and all of my based around the same thing, which is there some sort of geothermal activity that relatively close to the earth's surface right right arm and there's three.
Components to a geyser and they are water supply, palming system in his horse yet and argue a fourth later on. Ok later I've the weight and call it out what is going to say what it is, which is remote areas, and then what full circle back, detached, hermits family it becomes very remote so a water supply would start there because it got water, you ain't got no geyser yeah, and I saw in this article. The rivers can often form the water supply. I didn't. I didn't see that elsewhere for the most part, from what I from what I can gathers, that the water supply is precipitation, yeah rain and snow percolating through the earth's crust over five hundred thousand or so years.
And then it trickled down to the point where it comes in contact with, like we said, relatively shallow, geothermal activity using very, very young, volcano volcano volcanic activity or very, very old, like on in the throes of death volcanic activity as a right yeah any can be anything from magma to called magma, but its very hot rock, in its close enough to the surface that this water doesn't of every state trickle backup yet, and everyone who say close three, my down seems like a long way down. But if you're talking the planet earth, nothing is precarious. If you're talking magma, it's pretty close, but I can take plates, it's pretty close its closer than you want it to be pow yeah I've got no. You ok number to the funding system right very important. The plumbing system is a series of fishers
that run miles beneath the surface in one important aspect of these fisheries is. They are basically sealed, shut with silica from realise organic rock and like these minerals, have seal this rock shut rights only really important part of their water. This percolating down down it heats up and starts to travel back up, takes that silica, that regulate with it and then it is kind of act as a ceiling along these pipes. Five hundred thousand years, however long a taste for it to go back up its its ceiling in its making watertight we- and- I imagine I didn't read this-
imagine that this kind of activity happens elsewhere on the planet, but it's not sealed up, so it just disperses right right, yeah, because one of the key ingredients of a geyser is pressure. High pressure, the dry anti get that pressure in these pipes. You have to have realised coded sealed pipes. Ok, so there's the plumbing system, and it can the public system berries all guys Sometimes it seems like a huge long vertical sheriff. Sometimes it bans and turns and wines around okay. So this is this is something that actually differentiates guys from a hot springs. So hot spring is just like a one like along vertical chef, come in from the hot water up to the top, but there's no obstruction. What makes a geyser geyser is the fact that there is enough. Action in the planet right, it's hot spring. Water can just move freely up and down. There's there's two free exchange. Any soak around like a big lazy warrior, but there's no pressure with the Kaiser. There's some sort of of
action where either say the water on its way back up interest. This wide pool that bottlenecks at the top scenario pressure there's a bunch of different pipes, feeding in two one pipe and they are connected the same place, another bottleneck or This type of water is so wide in so deep yeah that the pressure, the water love the water at the bottom. Yes, so tremendous there. For all intents and purposes, it creates a bottleneck just strictly out of pressure without an actual obstruct, yet the weight of the war itself is so great. So we have a water supply and a plumbing system that is sealed with real, which makes a watertight am pressurized in some sort of me for pressure to build yeah. I guess we can go ahead like in it to pressure cooker now. So you understand we're talking about if you ve ever cooked with pressure cooker home or their written chick delay in eating their delicious pressure. Fried chicken is that
oh yeah, right under pressure, where there's me waters, standard waters, just gonna boil it like a hundred degrees celsius upon their faith in french body. If you're, if your cooking with the pressure cooker means in other, let a sealed shorten it lets out, some steamer offer would explode. Obviously it actually take a lot, more energy to boil bubble up, which means more heat, and so you can actually cooking pressure cooker, like a hundred and twenty five degrees right, because it is substantial for with under that pressure, if it takes a lot more for what it was boiling water, but it's like air bubbles forming and rising the top when the pressures to great account boil so the boiling point rise is right when it boils, but it won't that can adapt What no? I can't. I can't form the bubbles that carried in the top right, so it can actually boil sources sitting there in this high pressure
environmental, high, higher the thin boiling point temperatures in the sea, he's going on in the guys are right. You ve got the obstruction. You ve got this heated water and you have a tremendous amount of pressure because again we're talking about miles deep then there's, that's quite a bit of pressure at the bottom. The water at the bottom is getting harder and harder in. The horse in a lot of time, yeah like arm, I mean, I guess it depends for geysers form and start they think. They're all is one of between five thousand and forty thousand years or so yeah. So it takes a little while because you know the plumbing Hester has to seal up and everything, but is that pressure builds then that heat increases? You can reach temperatures like four five hundred degrees. Fahrenheit of this water is still not boiling right at right and then eventually does boil over overcomes that pressure threshold will find its way
two to the escape route, which is that the top of the surface and it'll just and that's not, the eruption scored a little bit of water out of the globe and thank while that was a big relief in such a big relief that, ah, the steam all the sudden, expands to fifteen hundred the volume of the water. It's like, if you, we're boiling river steam vegetables in your house, the best way to steam vegetable, You dont decided on a massive boil and covered up. You get it to that massive boil, and then you turn that heat low and all the sudden that pressure drop, creates like massive amounts of steam. And the reason why is because, when you increase pressure, you increase the temperature, that's the boiling point of water. If, suddenly, you have that temperature still, but the pressure decreases yeah that that water in the skies Flash vapor
ices, and because there is a lot more volume, do an equal amount of water and steam. Let's steam, like you, said, expand to what fifteen hundred times volume. And there's your geyser power. Yet that's all the sudden, all the steam in the water diskettes shot out depending on what geyser. It is it's gonna, take different formations and be different heights in last different amounts of time, but it'll keep going until it runs out of water or it calls down enough for it to start all over again and then to start all over again, which is how you get something like a faithful. I drank whence it once it releases them that pressure in it she took out it's the whole process is begins again, and you have gathers like old, faithful that around like on a pretty regular schedule. I think it's between, like sixty and eighty five minutes or something like twelve got any schedule.
Schedule, because it's been it's been happening with greater with less frequency in greater power in recent years. I think said, since two thousand ok in its by model that covered by model and if you're, going to Paypal and women, there are generally You irruption durations now, either along one, which is over four minutes or a short one, which that two and a half minutes, and if you have just missed the short one though be about an hour before your next eruption, if you have just missed the long one, then there's gonna be about an hour and a half until the next one but either way it it's worth sticking around for a year and when he heard the page, and there is obviously a webcam up where you can see it and stuff, but that's not as one, but if you go to the wall, age and ass for tips on you know, seeing it and say: well: if there are people sitting around on the benches. That means there's one upcoming that there's a bunch of people,
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digital scale, and there are no long term commitments or contracts just go to stamp that come click on the microphone off the top of the home page and type in s. Why, as K that stance, I come from a goat s. Why, as K, stamps that come we'll go to the post office again, I'm ok so, well, I guess round, like famous geysers right, yeah actually could a mentioned a teased about the fourth: they only remoteness, apparently more fifty years using energy with gf, energy production is increased so much that is affecting geysers and so being remote, is now believe, to be one of the requirements to be geyser because geysers vanishing because of man, because the so I was trying to figure this out. Maybe you can help me that's because we dig down to these this. The sum these
some of this two year, thermal activity and in doing so, are we creating like a release valve. So the pressure can build as much. I think so. We need to spend turbines to create energy, but I know you can also have like a geothermal system in your backyard right, which dont think I don't think I create steam, so I feel equal we're doing then is creating artificial geysers like creating an artificial pipe to let steam out, which would impact any natural gas activity. I might the Catholic we saw there very fragile earthquakes, frequently cut him off right. They also bring him back to life. Tat is true like there is one called these stroker geyser at that. That would be Sdr O K K. You are young and I'd stroker like struck race right right, so stroker geyser is after the Icelandic, while stroker is after the Icelandic
to turn actually geysers after the icelandic verb to gush. So this is all very icelandic and in origin, but that would be G Y S. Eye are yes, Gazer us up in Icelandic you're gonna have York pronounces geyser, hissing, Kristen Wings, impression her. Now, truly great, ok, so these stroker geyser was actually it was enacted, in seventeen. Eighty nine because of an earthquake, and then another earthquake hit in eighteen. Ninety six and it became inactive. It went dormant in a local said, the Caterpillar Keyser back man. It's all blocked up, so they cleared it. Often now it's run and again I think that's probably dangers were very dangerous. I work here
Another way to that humans are impacting is mineral extraction fairly in two thousand three, there were extracting minerals and she lay the second largest geyser field in South America and it killed it basically from extracting golden stuff. Tease cares about dates for the mess with the plumbing gear and then you're finished cousins, like you said they come within a pressure cooker, has that little steam val, so it doesn't explode right, geysers post to have that right. They have that they just don't go off. The equal final displayed some thing off for some steamer and I'm I'm. That does happen. Naturally, there are steam vents located near geysers around like yellow, since we have ten thousand geothermal once the word. They use basically different things. We have ten thousand year thermal different thing right arm, but of the
a majority of those relax Stevens other men made known their natural, like they're like little steam releases that that come up through fishers out in the document we put those into make. Ok, like safer. No, they happen. Naturally, I was good, but I think it's. The same thing is showing a whole down to geothermal, different thing agenda and tapping into run a turbine, ok catch it. We shouldn't say interesting, interesting. This stuff is very interesting. All peoples, a cone, geyser now much arranged in the differences at the events. Is it the outlet, like the shape of the thing above the earth? Yes or with a comb guys were the right light bubbles up enough over time? Ok, they have built up in. It forms a little Coney island with the guys who shoots out of a normally with calm. Geyser you have a big stream go is jet. Go into the air like hundreds of feet. They won in Numb in New Zealand,
I'm engaged Riser Darwin streamed. Fourteen hundred seventy five in the air and for those of you in New Zealand, foreign and fifty meters, that's a world record right. Yet nineteen, yeah nineteen, oh two year a year before it killed people right and then it went dormant in nineteen o four, because a landslide, which makes me think like this things coming back. This has got a bubble, backup killed people and then shut down and afterward no yeah. That's really had a really chaotic to your careers like a rock star that overdue Heroin or something. But anyway, as I was saying that the cone she to get into the air the fountain shoots in a much more like chaotic stream whatever, but it doesn't come from. Coney comes from a poor at the surface, it the guys, goes into a pool of water and then that it, while a rough out of the water and that would be
the grand geyser, the top. That's the tallest regularly erupt in guys around the planet. That is also in yellow stone, yeah Tollison that its shoots up in the air, yet two hundred feet in crazy found me hard to predict fashion yet which is pretty surprising to because a comb geyser shoots a jet straight up in the air in this found, geyser is still beating the which one yet could imagine those account geyser be mine. Blowing through the moon, hear you mention Stroker ACE geyser had the steamboat guys like MR yeah. Apparently can she walked up to three hundred feet. But I
stopping bikers. It hasn't happened for fifty years can go for two years, but yeah it's finicky there. There is also the guy sir, which is the Oji geyser, because that's where the word came from its geyser in Iceland is discovered in twelve ninety four, so it's the oldest known guys around the planet, but they took some samples of the silica that forms the cone of the castle geyser and Yellowstone him. That's when they think is five thousand a forty thousand. His own fairly silica dating. Can you some more? I did see one interesting little and it wasn't a joke. It was almost like you get your science guys laughing about it, though view geysers, you're, always called geysers, even if it quit erupting I'll get, but that seeks to make the seats to be a geyser that point, but once you have erupted, you're always called a geyser. The cone formerly known
geyser. Here, that's what I would call a shameful. Ah do you know the whole story about Prince doing that about you same here now. I never knew the story behind, so he was locked in a contract. They didn't like in Sony basically said you can't listen I'll, Miss Brandt, yes, and but also that it had something to do with him. Acting basically crazy, like he acted crazy on purpose to get out of his contract, as there are some sort of clause where like if he was, if you went nuts or whatever it would void, is contracts of he did that any other font release, and I remember he released to the media like his little symbol. Yes,
as to act like a font add on so you could to print the symbol when you're writing about really in his contract with Sony was either voided earth. They gave it up or whatever, but he's been, like all show you crazy. I need to get out of the contract boy. One of the best concerts had ever seen. Oh yeah Bessie, and I want you to think I put my top five only had that listen, email at time, but probably forgot it's probably in my time, but I would like to see presently he brings it here. He bought you me a bottle water at a miles. Davis show at the cotton clubman really, while her friends came up to see the lemon heads and she's like. I'll, go with you and then found out that miles. Davis is planes like I'm gonna, go over here myself, right, great mother, up about water, Evan, Dando, MILES Davis. Let me think about that the thirty day, I'm so that sir, that's prince failure, geysers
Are you guys are too? If you want to learn more about geysers, you can take that word g. Why, as our estimates, the English spelling out we didn't do. I slantingly number you type in the search bar, how support that com and it will bring up this fine fine article and I said, search bar has to work that com, which means a time for plug fast, here's the thing: saving money with Geico was almost better than playing pick up basketball is always that guy who joined your game He never passes the rock he instantly bricks theories and who can, we have you and then put his hands up and say no foul, no foul with Geico its ease. The switch and save on car insurance, no need fake an ankle sprain because you're absolutely exhausted. So which, in save with back it's almost better than sports cipher listener mail,
Josh and saw this given a local Brooklyn. I plug for his election, but has now started this kind of conflict guys it is in your project how they re working. I want to thank you for trying to give a very balanced story. What is a very complicated and contentious? Subject the former New York City Union organizer to discuss it with you I am very familiar with the arguments against unions, but I truly believe american workers in the american economy are better off with union some of them, when unions are strong difficult. When you strong. There is some counterpoint to this total acceptance of rapid greed. That was essentially the cause of the financial meltdown in two thousand eight, this point with unions at their weakest and a half century we average Americans are being held hostage by corporations.
I have to say in my line of work. Violence was not the norm, but intimidation by the employer concept, but they did everything from threatening workers with being fired like them and telling them they did not have a collective bargaining rights telling them the union would only steal their dues and not get a good contract deceptive hr. Personally, yeah or they would sell workers, they would work out individual deals with them. They would vote against thing like Eternal Ganz, pretty Even once when we were organizing a catholic hospital, he told the workers they were going against God. They try to organise easy like this,
the breaking with the african heads of mental baton. The only problem I had with your pack ass was the lack of coverage he gave to the triangle. Shirtwaist fire we'd mention that eat said it could have been more. He said you could deserve its own podcast, while Mister we mention it. He said it was one of the deadliest industrial accidents in the United States history. Last year hundreds of people came out commemorate the one hundred year anniversary near a member of the lives are lost due to lock stairwells an exit out. If I was a major turning point labour conditions in New York City and around the world, as well as bringing light to women's terrible working, and I wrote him back and turned out a day. Eighty e mail box, running for weapons in council crazy? I said you know what did will plug your campaign: W W W die e e g o ex dot com it. I thought that town and good luck in your bid for City Council
Well, yeah, if you were sunglass with neon arms on the calendar, like your pro union figure loafers. I think we can help Gary you a little bit hipster, both maybe three about aging it, I am not a hipster you'd. I am not, and I may be, but I'm not well. You look a lot more like a hip Sudanese do Well you! I guess, if you have a political campaign, you're running, we want to hear about it. We heard from another guy was it in Maryland. State legislator he's he's a legislator familiar lawyer who was writing about human trafficking metric shot out today. As well. But if you are a politician that listens to establish now, we want to hear your viewpoints. Let us know what you got to say:
helping you how we can help more. That kind of thing you know you can tweak to us. Please don't send us a picture. He junk, like other politicians, to ask why escape I cast. You can join us on Facebook, dot, com, slash, stop! You should know, and you can send an email to stuff podcast at discovery, dot com, brought to you by the reinvented two thousand twelve Camry. It's ready for you
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