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How Airbags Work

2019-01-15 | 🔗

It turns out that the inflatable bag of air that shoots out of your steering wheel or dashboard is the result of a controlled explosion of solid fuel, just like in a rocket – aimed for your face.

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The podcast, I'm Josh Partners, Charles overtook bright in those jerry in this, is airbags expression than this one. You seem so stuff. You should now does in assistance it that they are ready to explode in your ex. Yes, hopefully in the best way possible- and I also had a bit of a hard time, because this article we should mention, is from partial brain, who was the original inventor of the house for its website no. Ninety years ago, in his kitchen, air so used to write everything now and then a boys Somebody changes since then, but this article that was like he keeps talking about like looking for the ninety ninety eight what's in store for it, so it's gotta to find out what was still a jet and what wasn't, but I got the nuts and bolts Evelyn,
what's where it is. It seems like a lot of the regulation is exactly the same: yeah witches I'll go by written. In the same thing. To like eight, I go look up stuff, nebulae quill. It wait there saying the same thing, but this is two thousand six cleaner, two thousand eighteen or something I don't think. Regulations have changed all that much anger. I got trips, a little bit with the factory installed off switch for passenger side and I finally figured out how to think oh good save it you gold, so exciting is wait. Wait weird is this. Is that you should know billions. I just realized a boring stuff, you should know, can be checked. Let's start with history, Sally yeah so apparently at what I think it air bags, I think of like the nineties, that's airbag error to meeting
I know that there have been airbags and cars in the United States going back to the seventies as far as like Mass produced, commercially available, airbags, specially driver side. And then, I think, even a little later, in the seventies passenger side, airbags came around No idea, you know: will you hate Chevy Chace right? Have you ever seen vacation the first one was an airbag in there. That was nineteen. Eighty three the e jumps over the golden crash on his car and as opening his door. The IRB quote: unquote airbag goes off right, which is clearly like it. Ash bag in its clearly coming from outside, the car on the ground cause. He opens the door and it comes
really quick higher, like they can figure out a way than an eighty three to make it look like it came out of the steering right the directors legs I want an airbag looks like in the special face goes. I do you know what a nearby eagle exciting and do you have any more blow that was truly chase based or just making movies and eightys make movies in there the cocaine reference, oh yeah, those everything in the EU Apparently, when was it nineteen fifty three her that engineering tech from Pennsylvania named John Edric put a pattern? design for what he called a safety cushion assembly for automotive automotive vehicles. He said automobile Maybe that's where we went wrong because he took it forward and GM and Chrysler and of course, they're all like. If you listen to our pinto observed there, like we get cars that are killing Burnham
You think we care about your airbag. Here there is a huge gap. Crickets back yeah got nothin stay that way until another guy from the Pinto episode, Ralph Nator in his book, unsafe at at any speed that airbags, along with seat belts in seatbelts, would save lives big time and he was right actually, even still to this day, there sweet spot for surviving a terrible crime is a seat belt and an airbag both working perfectly to save your life. But the idea behind airbags was well received out. They think you became part of federal regulations in the United States in nineteen sixty five sixty seven
and installed yeah, but like no one warm right, there was no law. That said, you had to wear them for many many years until only about a quarter of Americans wore them. So people were they'll dying incorrect, even though their cars had seatbelts because they were wearing them because they were idiots so but they will may will put in these airbags. These are passive safety features. A seat belt is technically and active safety he sure, because by unless you have one of those trade cleared away like you'd opened the door and the drought, and then you close it go over. You forget about those. Even still, you had to do the lap out part yourself, so it's technically that's right, you have to do something, to put it, not airbags, different where you are just sitting there in it. Does it whether you wanted to or not it's a passive safety features, so they said, maybe if we put airbags and it will save lives, and so we started putting airbags in yeah and then I'm sure. Even back, then there were people that, like government right
latent socialist trying to save me, we can even and off this airbag, that's a good Wayland Jennings. I wish I could do a good wailing Jennings. I would be doing the show This beyond the road, really with my act area, the hurts, bring your long, ok, you be little Wayland, I'd, say wailing, so I think, starting in what nineteen ninety eight they started, putting them out and finally, in the seventies and eighties, by eighteen. Eighty eight is when they say. Oh you wanna, say area yeah. Ninety eight is when they said finally all cars gotta have these airbags for for the frontal airbags, through the driver and the passengers side front of still a little bit before the side impact bags. Were men Tori and they said: okay, well, everybody saved the world say
because we have airbags answer. No one's ever gonna die in a crash, and then people started same wait a minute. I just read about this. And who is an offender bender in there beg, went off in a kill them. What about that started looking and air base, and they said: oh ok. Well, maybe there's something what you call a work in progress and still to this day era Beg technologies, passive safety technology is a work in progress because part of airbag technology is also educating the public in how used correctly, because an airbag is not a soft little pillow that you are like why, after this crashed right, I guess I was taking a nap here. It's a it's a it's basically like a punch to your face, yeah that inflates very quickly and is meant to keep you from the steering column, which apparently you can do in a high enough speed crash your secret
Even when you're wearing a correctly sitting where you're supposed to be, you can still be forced into the steering there. The point of the airbag, especially for the driver, is you it provides a barrier between you and steering comp static suitable barrier, but it's a barrier that will keep your chest from caving in. Yeah, and obviously people are more at risk. If you're, you know what they are a little short stuff and you gotta pick that sea, way forward in order to drive you that much closer physically to the steering colony, and so the airbag is meant to movement, to help everyone, but especially like people better too, to close for comfort. Yes, but if you're sitting too close to the steering column, it can hurt you, yeah, I think, what do they say to get yourself ten inches back at least the always were giving way ahead of ourselves here, ten inches everyone did his tenants. So let's talk about
Talk about the original idea for the airbag look. I it was that you take a thing of compressed gas and you have it tat silly, basically, a balloon or bladder something like that and vacation a hefty bag. And under the right circumstances, like maybe a crumple it that that compressed gases triggered a blows up, the the balloon and your saved. The problem is, is there's a lot of issues with this set up number one, it doesnt work fast enough. The girl, the compressed gas, still does not work. Facet of this is original technology like this stuff. They were working within this indeed they they didn't, they an idea that they wanted to inflatable bag, but they did know how to do it quite yet. So the original idea was compressed gas right. You know like gum like a night like we're like a whip, it a giant whip it like your whip, it Vienna
I got I've gotta. My then we're on the debts. You work. If you do a Mediterranean during every with Ukraine, imagine a cracker in a giant whip. It hearing a call. Yeah. Ok, though, is basically the idea first, and so one the whip it wouldn't it late, the bag fast enough. That's a big problem because of a doesn't inflate fast enough. Not only Did not keep you from hitting the steering com it can actually make it worse. Theirs is, I think it's ten amazing fact or something about air bags. Angela PICNIC and they have a video on their side by side, it is side by side of a crash tests with the crashed his dummies, you mean the band. Yes, you know they rely for retired Germany's. I took it in his car, so they they side by side with crisis dummies and one is an airbag that deploys at the right time.
The other one is an airbag deploys late and the one that ploys late think they dummies head goes forward. Right and I'm right when it's about the hit, the steering wheel, the airplane, again flights in a good, Russia's the guy's head backwards. It like I'd. Ninety degree angle to where is supposed to be and you're just like oak. That's what happens if the airbag deploys late, so the time being is really everything's. The idea that it will deploy late or not fast enough was not only not good enough. It was actually dangerous yeah. The whole idea here and Sweet Marshall, brain it's a whole bit on the physics of a car crash, but noting that you know when you're driving in you hit something that with your car like head on what say, everything wants to come to a complete. Stop. That's in that car right, including your body, in your face,
you, you ve only got a certain of a very, very, very small amount of time to get that bag fully safely inflated. As is your head is doing its final like all right. This is where I want to stop exactly its final resting point. So it's take a break and we'll talk more about the physics to the car, if the price- new year's resolutions are very, very difficult to keep getting exercise, save more money. What about this? We have a resolution that you can really work with stop wasting time going to the post office that right, you stamps dot com instead because they bring all the services of the. U S: postal service, right to your computer, with your small business, sending invoice
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so check your thing like in a car crash, the car stops almost instantly year from everything I've seen like it's. It's so closely, instantaneous that the shorthand is. The short answer. Is it stops instantly but you're still moving forward? Yes, that's the point of your seat belt is to hold you in place, but that the seat belt can cause all sorts of damage in and of itself the added still better than just lying on and buckled into the steering column yeah, but like he can't it takes time to stop right is. It is not an instant anyone know if it were instantaneous, you would crumple like the car right, so you want they. You want to be so
you want to be slowed down at enough in a way that so fast that you don't hit the steering column, but in a, but is gentle enough that it didn't just like ok, varied energy. It is extremely tricky. So what they found out is there if you inflate an airbag inflate an airbag you have to. First of all, the airbag is big enough that it basically have the since between you and the steering column that it's trying to protect you from yet, which is good but that also means your faces that much closer which shortens that even more shortening the time that it can. It can deploy in and again remember when you talk about compressed Gasogene wasn't fast enough, so they figured out that it yet need to have an airbag, basically get the input that a crash is happening and then deploy within about thirty thousandth of a second. So we take
one. Second, you chop it into one thousand equal parts. You would kick off thirty of them and still have nine hundred and seventy left in that. Second, before they airbags done, deploying that's how fast they have to deploy which is astounding. It's amazing that they can do it, but they can do. They finally figured it out and waited figured it out was instead of using compressed gas using base leave the same thing that you used to power rockets, basically solid rocket fuel yeah. I mean it's us that you sent that that vice He said that one or two closer scientific american area, where they basically said for all practical purposes, is a small explode, and goes off. Oh that one was wired value. Wired yeah yeah, like a small explosion, goes off in your steering wheel, or I guess in the past, your side and that in the dashboard right to make this happen, and that in and of itself, as is, can be dangerous enough can be, and they ve actually kind of got the chemistry down, so that it is
the non dangerous as possible when everything's working correctly, but they start with something called so as I'd yes, which is basically sodium and nitrogen compound and ed, when it's too sitting there in his powdered form its pretty stable, it's fine, but if you apply enough heat to it, I think three hundred degrees celsius here, which is pretty hot it it breaks down, it did decomposes in when it decomposes it breaks into, two different things: one is nitrogen gas and the other is sodium display sodium metals, and then judging gas gets way. Bigger than the law handful of sodium Asia that it grew from here, the nitrogen, is what is in that bag, essentially like filling it up so quickly, right. The nitrogen gas thing
that grows yeah, but who isn't a side, saudi maize, I'd toxic, so they have to add other things in their, so the sodium resigned itself as intoxicated by these sodium metals that is a product ignites yeah they're not actually talked together, but when they combined with water, water vapor in the air. It becomes sodium hydroxide, a k, a lie right, so you don't want lie flowing through the passenger compartment because took any chemical burns right after your airbag goes up answer. They add other stuff like a baton, potassium nitrate. I believe too, combined with the salt, the sodium. Render inert and then actually produce even more nitrogen right. So it's up a bag made of nylon fabric that is folded into that steering? Well, I think there's like talcum powder and stuff to keep it supple yeah and if you ever
I mean: I've never had an airbag deploy. Thankfully, while I was in a car, but I know that powder is like a big part of their right right from what I hear The eyes were here and then there is a sensor like here's the thing something has to go perfectly because you don't want it to go off when it shouldn't cause. That's no good So I think it has to be. Is it still accurate to say it in the fifteen miles an hour hitting a fixed like wall. Essentially, I vow I think this ninety ninety eight rules are highlighted. They decompress that since then they have it. It's it's much less, some, rigid. Ok, so when you, when you ve car, hit something in stopped, suddenly there's an seller, amateur yeah. That's measuring the deceleration, unlike five different factors like you, just went from thirty two zero. So
right. We know that you ve been in Iraq and its measures not just this direction, but also that direction in that direction and make sure that what's going on an actual like front funnel crash, it sends this this raw data to a micro controller, little tiny computer in your car. Actually that's part of the airbag assembly, and the microprocessor runs this data through an algorithm thou rhythm decides, whether that four of running crash or not, and if it is, then it does poise the airbag what it does is. It sets off an electric circuit which goes in ignites a little charge which blows up that sodium reside side, which then blows indeed nitrogen Gatt. It's already happened, thirty thousands of a second year like? If you ever I mean we certainly gone over enough amazing, like inventions of mankind to her through the show, but if ever doubt to sell brilliant humankind is like look at the airbag
personally engineers in out somebody off to to walk that, kind of doing the safely cuz they could have given up and be like cheese. I don't think we can there's no way we can get it done, that fast yeah like what think of another idea, but they were like no we'll stick with it. NATO's on us. They think the engineers. So that's new way of doing it. Apparently the always, according to Canada's transportation website there would be a little hollow tube with it all bearing held in place at the end, by a magnet really and when the car was hit her enough. The ball, bearing would be jarred loose from its position when her roll down right yet roll down the tube and then complete in electrical certain that, would send the ignition igniting ignition charge, while that sense to me
like a Rube Goldberg amateur Hay in ITALY. There they think they're, like we can improve on yeah he's a scary. All right, so I guess we should talk a little bit about the the ten and the safety concerns, but so apparently placing yourself ten inches from your steering the front of your steering wheel, but the sinner. I guess that thing pops out, is plenty of room because they say the first. The risk zone is too three inches right, so they say back at least ten inches. If you're, like my mom, is little short stuff like every time I go to for car humps getting me and I'm not even big and I'm beginning to get in the thing, but they sated skewed back as far you can instil DR normally
and then you need to eat until that seat back a little bit just to get yourself in a sweet spot. Yeah you if you have to be if your seat has to be as close as possible, at least till you're, Europe's chair back here and then if you can get it further back by now, you're too low. You need me if you can read your seat automatically. Do that to marshal brain even says, git a pad to sit on if you have to in its true I also wanted to hear steering wheel. So it's facing your chest rather than your head here, which is surely do that anyway. I actually Double checked miles, I gotta do the amateur all the way. I did because this more comfortable right, but some people, I think, have it upward and its decision. Their blast are greater than the boys and yet, but it's like you're driving in front of a loaded gun here with you. In front of a loaded got. So you want to do it correctly because you kind of are for kids, a whole host of concerns for children. Airbags have
children in the past, and I mean and look up all the rules yourself, don't base your life children's safety on anything we say, but I think that I think the current law. Laws or recommendations are, if you're under twelve you, you should be in the back seat period, Yes, like you, shouldn't be riding in the front seat, which is way different than when we were kids. Oh yeah, you be like bouncing around like with your hands on. Therefore, as like a five year old, her at yeah, it's just crazy how it used to be my hands on it is unbelievable that any of us survive to this point. There is true but that's when I got a little bit confused about the past side on off switch because starting, certain point. They said all right if you want to get in after markets which built in to turn off your airbag or the passenger side. You have to fill out this
location and have a specific qualifying. I guess, would you call it a hardship, the hardship for this reason be a reason to give way to put it. And they range from MIKE medical condition, sure just to being too small, I think, to write or to Heaven car, where the the backseat was too small to put a rear facing right kid seat. Yet here Your car is too small and you had to put your kids kid seat in the front passenger in the front passenger seat. It's actually preferable to not have the airbag there. Yet This is where I Y got confuses, because my pickup truck has that on off switch factory installed right and I wish to say no. There's just factory install my truck, that's nineteen the eight well? What it is is, I think, all pickup truck said them. Even though I could fit a kid seat because I had the little the backseat thing, I could fit kids
rear facing in my trot over in the back seat, giant truck but yeah, I'm a big big, duly employees are one of those on the road they re she's, like as anyone need those extra tyres in the back for those forfeit these forward for this I don't know, but I was the other duties with. Four wielding the day, and I saw it is not for show that. I think that sexual has a reason I think for like heavy towing, her heavy hauling by think it's for show. Is it I think there is a real reason. So you know how like no, surely that's no hammer has ever been off road. Well sure, I think is a similar prince, but really lay hold your emails. I realise that, like the driver humvee, he had offered. You know the humdrum time at the age of three the yellow, the bright yellow and that's not prevent approach
you can't like parking up on the curb off road here, as you get fitted into a space out of my way nature. So Ninety five: I think manufacturers actually were allowed to do this. Ninety eight in here. But it was a ninety five when, like a pickup truck, could have the manufacturer, put an honest, switching but here's the thing, so we might be confusing at this point like. Why would you want to turn your airbag off if it's safe? Right again, it depends on. Situation whether year bags actually safe review, a child in a rear facing child seat, that's in the front seat, It's better did not have your airbag on. You and, as a reminder, operation Valerie was a larger plan. Sorry You never know to that. An area from forty five members It is sometimes more dangerous so that on off switch in
The reason why I mean like there were people who, like no airbags, kill more people in the save- that's not true, but then they there was this. One study that came out of the University of Georgian two thousand five- the statistician- can remember name, but she she and the numbers using the full data set so like the numbers that showed that airbag save lives save lives. Few use only crashes where there is a fatality involved, so a specific kind of crash. Typically a high speed crash here in airbags bags, Pollyanna save your life. What the statisticians did was to take all crashes. I think it is called a crash worthy worthiness data, and it was all crashes which Klute, low speed crisis to which includes low speed crashes, where an airbag went off in the person would have otherwise survive.
They didn't get the airbag killed them and she found that there is a slight increase in the sk of death from airbags overall, so there's a lot of work competing information, but it seems like the general consensus is that under the right, conditions having an airbag in function with the seat belt, yet that simple, Oh, yes, very important where you're sitting back far enough at least ten inches away and up high enough, the that that is going to increase your risk are increasing chances of surviving what an otherwise fatal crash right by think. Like thirty percent, basically, is the rule of thumb, get increases. Your chances of surviving by a third, not bad. So, let's take another break. Checking them will come back and we'll talk more Airbus,
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so We're talking about kids. If you do have a kid, it's open up or whatever the recommendation is still important, obviously always wear that seat belt yes, but also had them sitting proper. Right, they talk a lot about the fact that kid's or small, so a times they try to set up in their seat. More. I'm in a crash. The kid will go up toward the the sealing the roof of the car. Because of how small air and sows really to have your kid in that seat belt with her, but all the way against the back of a seat and like staying there right. And shutting up while you're at it again far enough at least ten inches away from the UK. Its seat back all the way
and then my dioxin again see as much but begin to tell them shut up yeah you're, looking after their safety. Yes, actually. What out? What I meant to say was if an airbag goes off a child is so light that it lift them up in their seat right yeah. If they're too close her and not position incorrectly attract. Ok, I've Byron, accustoming surprising, as you know that it's not mandated fur I too have airbags and Canada in Canada. Really it is in the? U S, but not Canada than that surprise you, that is surprising. So does not have a law for new cars are now the georgian option. I guess they don't have that and aid that new cars have airbags sale, cigarette lighter in an ashtray, no airbag right. So you, if you paid tension in the news it all you may have heard about airbag recalls the special ones that were made by the japanese firm to Canada. Man, that's a big problem. I think something like.
Thirty. Seven million Rico cars have been recalled yet said the in age s, this independence, the in HD ass a said, is the largest and most complex. Eighty, recalling: U S! History, because to Canada made airbags for everybody. Yeah they made airbags that could possibly send metal shards flying into your face yet I was reading about a girl who was and she's like a cheerily. From Oklahoma, who had just graduated with like had her whole life ahead of her. She was just decide as it gets you weren't, you go pick up her little brother. Her name was actually poem She went to go pick up her little brother from football practice and I guess I got into a time, Fender Bender and her, beg went off while that shouldn't have killed her in and of itself, but it turns out
Two Carta airbags start to degrade overtime near that odium, as I'd actually becomes explosive. So when it goes off after its age to surmount amount time, it become super explosive in economically below the key MR that holds the airbag and that's the metal heart and it shoot shrapnel out and apparently got her in the neck, and it was so such a dramatic injury that at first they thought she'd been shot and she died. You know there in a car from the airbag. This is the there's more the of cars out there on the road. Right now, with the same potential going on yeah, I saw fifteen deaths. And then I saw numbers at twenty. I thought like twenty three. I think he s a somewhere in that range as the amount of people have been killed just from the Jakarta airbags, not airbags and Julia, the the recalled airbags and hundreds and hundreds of people injured and, like he said they go across
no every manufacturer by most behind, not just american automobiles or Japanese, even but that like there is enough Julian one that I saw now being recalled like everyone around the world used to cut airbags and they are faulty and like you, should have gotten a notice by now, but take it seriously, and I know that it's been slow with the fixing of it in the roll out of you know the ones that work is like an instantaneous thing too. Thirty seven million cars right, you know, but even it Your airbag is working correctly there still member. I said that airbags are kind of a work in progress and part of his educating the public, part of it is just making airbags better at what they do. One of the major flaws of airbags is that they are the closer
get to a head on collision through twelve o clock, yeah collision, the the better they protect you, but the caviar too, that is depending I have, you're going right. So if you're going really slow, they can actually be really problem. Because you may not even have received a on, in which case you know hidden airbag, without a seat belt on especially at low speed. It can mess you up pretty good because what you're doing there in case I d make much sense. You work very quickly, going well within that tenant zone right because of the notes, EL keeping you back and then remember a kind of like an airbag deploying too late. It can shoot your head back. We're in just messing up pretty good after that when you have a sleep alone or if you have a sleep alone, even if its tender fifty miles an hour up to a certain point, say I think, like sixty five
kilometers per hour, I'm not sure what that is miles per hour. You are pretty good you're, pretty good with here with your airbag and then, after that, the crash become so, a forceful that it can actually mess with the airbag deployment system in the airbag might not even go off while so there's exe, just a window, they airbags work. Well it and one of them challenges in the industry. Now is figuring out how to make them work. A hundred percent of the time in really high speed crashes. To yeah I mean it. Pretty cool in a testament to where we are with safety in the world. Now The United States that they're not dislike you get caught the bags figured out. Let's move on along right in their constantly working on it. Supposedly the National Transportation Safety Board really resist putting on off switch. I own cars on time, because they were afraid, that it was going to be, it is going to be easy fix
problematic, airbags where people just turn off their bags. Rather than forcing the autumn, of industry, to put more money and time and thought right. You making better airbags, yeah witches Mina, its it's risky gambling way of getting things done, but its away, yeah and because they bumper best you a head on, because the bumper, if you listen or was it crumple zones, may I think, Sir, that whole podcast thinks so they're called me You know that front bumper and the engine and the whole frontier car takes so much of that impact that, by the time it gets to you, it's really really helping the Airbus, out side impact is, I think there are side impact accidents and more deadly ones right because he get tee bound in the Ets there is no engine. There is no bumper since that thin door. It happens much faster, yes, for so there are side curtain, airbags now on think virtually a. I think only
our written and differ depending on and you factor when they were first, to figure out how to implement these. They had some different strategies a Bmw, I think actually put it in the door above all, I think, put it in the back seat find his eye of the back of the front seat in the driver's seat and they said helped a lot and that I mean some cars these days there airbags all up in him right. There's something called the front center airbag that comes out between the front passenger, so they don't like three stooge knock there together at this there's is passenger knee airbags. They follow up around the dashboard. There's inflatable seat belts are working. I went to Smart there's a lot of airbags that they're they're, basically just trying to turn it into one giant marshmallow, which is smart, but as long as the giant Mars,
most don't also like knock your head off of your your body right, accidently, right, that's kind of the big challenge. Right now, DR save everyone we're seat belt. Yeah, oh and one more thing you Do you know how you always here ten into is how you're supposed to driving? Ninety more think have said it before you want to drive. Nine and three are really because at ten in two thereby goes off that hot gas candy glove your hands. You love tee, glaring your favorite horrific accident I am a solid solid neuter with my left wrist you're, a dead man, or a solid six o clock with truth with my family Forefinger? You can't do that. You have to do better than there. I know it sucks to have like a nine and nine and three, but I'm telling you you have much more control come on. Pretty good, I've never been in a bit barbaric, it's good, yet
in all kinds of wood. So If you I know more about airbags, go wrong, upon it, don't try to deploy them yourselves, it's a terrible idea and since I said that simply listener male action, in a pretty decent wreck. When my brother was driving, I think up detailed that in previous years, oh yeah their jeep yeah view other typing, but what about the jeep incident? which weirdly my rental house right now at a man, I'm working to my house is a jeep. It is at all brown jeep its several hundred yards from where they reckoned to plough? Really? yeah, it was raining really bad. The other day when I was going home and at that very same spot, it's just a week I should like a river running over the road. I might that's that's where it happened, while three hundred plan still dangerous over there. Do you like shaker any thing? Is you go path? It then get a subsidy pictured member.
Make fun of I'm gonna. Call this. I don't like Doktor Seuss, that's you speaking or the author. It's the author because remember in the show we said outta, my Susan Sophia Cook does not. She gives reasons I always hated this books as a kid. The pictures disturbed me like what were those things my mother hated him which is why I never saw the books until I was at a friends house. She refused I then, when I asked her later, she said the poetry was juvenile, and unimaginative. She was an english, major and racist. Well, that do version doctors who would just add the same word multiple times just to meet the cadence others. What fits graters do when they can't keep up with more work when they can come up with. Our words. I was his heart. She said I know because I top poetry to fit graters she's For example, from redfish blue fish, come a long way. Some are very very bad. All he does.
YO, Yo Yo he likes to drink and drink and drink pretty juvenile. When you think about it. Oh, is that an actual one food, redfish, blue fish- then yes, she's use. That is an example. She said, then there's the lazy, poetry method can't find a word to just make one up. Cans Rhymes with sands polish border, the bump well course. You have to make up a one. Black What about black now she said No, that's a Meda up word! I don't know I'm feeling defences, I'm a book editor now guys. I hate this stuff more now than when I was a kid and felt and just felt disturbed by the strange drawings started way in because not everyone likes doktor suits he happened to be in the right place at the right time, but publishing as a fickle and strange business. Anything as to graters never see the light of day
truly author, awful authors, make it big that offer Sheikh she's begging on fifty shades of grey. Say what she said. I think we'll listening eyes and thanks for the stuff allows keep coming back. That is from Sophia Cook a book, Nook all that. Gobbledygook thanks a lot Sophia, so heard dodgers used to hers like the way I was raised with Chevy Chace Hats. We just made another appearance in this episode. Well, if you want to get in touch with us to, let us know about someone you were raised to dislike strongly by your parents. If you don't use the h word here, no, you can visit stuff. You should know com check out our social links on that site. You can check me out at the Josh Clark Way
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