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How Attila the Hun Worked

2018-08-09 | 🔗

If you go to the Internet you'll see a few people championed as all-time greatest conquerors - Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan and Atilla the Hun. Listen in today as Josh and Chuck dive into number three on this list, Atilla the Hun. 

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hey and welcome to the podcast. I'm Josh Clark, there's Charles Darwin Chuck Bryant, whose guess producer Dylan again you don't dealing, got a job here because he heard of house of works because he was a step you should know fan this might be the most thrilling moment of doing life that most thrilling to earth, either that or the most illusion. Shattering two hours? I think that since Dylan started working here, it has been a slow, anti climax down down down, I think of leading to this, But here of rock bottom, where, like that, guy rag em out o, has gone, it's gone terrifically how you doing good, I see he knows, he's a fan of Zion image riotous nor we work well. Let me tell you yeah, whom you see if I can find a microphone has shown the way. Dylan knows what he's doing
you know I I couldn't help it when I was researching this, probably because we just did. This is think about Dingus sure and if you go on the internet in Taipei, I told the Han or Lingus con there are so many nerdy websites where people pit fictional battles against the historic leaders- oh really here like who would have won, in a cage match until the hundred gang is gone right, but there's like actual thought put behind it, or is it just the fellows cool? No good, there's a range from that to like the people who really put too much effort into it, and I, but those interesting to read. You know, like you, remember guys like Genghis Khan
a thousand years of of weaponry development to his advantage and when it comes to personal fighting tactics, I suppose to leadership. Those are two different things to talk about and then their voice changes until they become Toby from american splendor. So king is kind was what a thousand years after until the hunters are correct. Well because I thought the opposite, I thought he was busy again. We just did a show on him and already forgot here were Levin sixty two for changes and for a six four I told them. That is fascinating, so ok, yeah, I mean changes, had a lot of advancements in that thousand years for sure. Yeah and can help. But compare these guys. I might just sort of pepper then,
and here and there, and comparing these guys, our own article, starts out by mentioning Julius Caesar Alexander, the great and genius gone as some of the most brutal conquerors in antiquity. I really appreciate you moving to changes. Might as well. So I tell the HUN he was around between or he was in the fifth century, see right for a six was you know? They don't know exactly about his birthday, but they're they're, putting it around for a six? No, we should do this sum. We should do
colonel logically, but I think we should say out of the gate that there is a lot of debate in the in the historical field of just how much we could say about until the Huns early life yeah, aiming at over that period between him and changes like there was a lot more record keeping to right. That's it that's a great point. We even know what language the HUN Spokenness necessarily know. We are on that. No idea apparent, one of the things you can kind of glean. What language people spoke is from their names, and a lot of the names associated with it the high in the hunt in general are germanic, so they say oil they spoke. Germanic other people say will know by the time until the hung came around in the fifth century. The germanic tongue had spread far and wide. So that's probably not with their native tongue originally was. But it's just lost a time where
reasons. It was all the time is because these words the parliaments of the day total barbarians. They were nomadic horse. People who lack virtually any anything resembling a government. Anything ago, an economy. Anything like the tree, things of what you would call a civilization. They were, by definition, barbarians idea by all that aside, sad to say that that that civilization is just everything to perfect, definitely Some flaws in Barbarian ISM has its own amazement right, but the thing that made the Huns, definitive barbarians is because they would come through sack your town, and down, kill you and your family and then just move on. They would take your gold. They had
no desire to subjugate you too, to rule you to extract taxes to maybe make you grow crops for them nothing. It was basically Pillaging raping and murdering is what the whole the Huns were known for, because that's what they did you and I think the main difference that I found well pony differences, but the main one, but He and con was sore, like you said, like Genghis Khan, wanted to rule the world and spread his empire as ruler of peoples and Attila. The Han by all accounts wanted to collect gold right, but was also for all his ferocity. There also scholars and historians who believe that man. I might get these names mixed up now and I'm all in my head about it. I'm I've been assistance. That is hanging on by my thing. You know, there's a lot of scholars and historians who believe that until the Han is was also a sort of a fair person,
and is generally a man of his word and maybe rustled up a lot of these stories to drive himself to drive, fear into his enemies and was not as brutal as may be. History believes in some cases here, but I am I assume you remember when we did the chink Khan episode like there is a lot of them a lot of examples of things. Point two envy like they improve the world in these ways right there, you can count the ones about until The home, like basically on your fingers and win, win a war as an example of him being like uncharacteristically magnanimous by sparing somebody's life, it was totally out of character forum and like one of the things about Genghis Khan as well, is that if you surrendered without a fight, if you just said we surrender take our town, you will live If you would live now under the rule of the Mongols. Yes, the till the hunt he in the
It would kill. You kill you old town, offering no reason this was so ever, did not guarantee in any way shape or form survival. When you encountered the hunt, the terrified people for hundreds of years in Europe, but at the same time, if you paid you're you're, what would you call it like? The gangster movies tribute yeah but, like you know, when you pay someone to protection money, he sort of like that yeah protection from you write. Basically generally and again, there are examples, even in this article of ours, where he he went back on that, but generally paid that gold he would also leave you alone because you don't want to lose. Like said he wasn't trying to conquer the world, so he could see. My
but only undertake a mission, learn it or a war. If he, if there was something in it for him other than dislike expanding his kingdom yeah, which, on a modern map eventually was say here, a large portions of eastern and western roman empires Germany and the West to Romania in the south, to the Netherlands in the north and Russia in Kazakhstan, in the east, and that generally, it till the HANS area Over about a ten year span a world with nineteen. I think nineteen one nineteen year old nineteen period by him that tenure span. When he really like did a lot of his damage, which is through that's impressive and put a big dent in the I'm an empire? There was another thing to like you. Can you can say what you want about the guy and I think we it's worth pointing out there's all this is to say. Like Nobody is a hundred percent bad and when you get this far away
almost two thousand years away. Fifteen years away from somebody like their character, just becomes cartoonish So there is not a lot we can say, especially about the nuances of this guy's character. But do you can point to what he did and say this man change the course of history, and I definitely did? Is firstly, by basically hastening the fall of the roman empire right this pretty impressive stuff I feel like we should and must take a break. That was not a nice preamble arrest. It will get back to his birth and start over right after this. New year's resolutions are very, very difficult to keep
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or go to the post office again all right so for sixty years, when they think at all, I was born in Pannonia which, what you would now say as Hungary yeah, because by this time, the HANS while they first appear in the the western record- and I think, ninety one c e Tacitus, the historian roman historian, says oh by the way those people out there called the Huns their barbarian tribes, Here's what you're back while he didn't even say that he's is basically said. There's a barbarian try about their, but by the time until it was, was born the hunted maiden, for themselves is being fierce, fearsome warriors that just basically could overtake anybody
and they had yet. He was not born. History is very different from Genghis Khan and that he was born already into. I guess what you consider royalty right and been privilege yet and that they think the HANS came from Kazakhstan. I think he said. Further, their their empire Stretch Holloway, causing such getting the central. They think that's where they probably originated, but by the time the tiller was born. He was born the Danube in Hungary, words is is like became the capital of the area. They settled yeah and you mention The Huns were known as fierce warriors much like Cons Army, they really made their pay on horses? Amendment of the council's upon it doesn't is just delightful there
excellent horseman, I don't know if they read those will squatty horses like like Khan's army did, but they were great on horseback, apparently so great that they kind of didn't get off their horses to do much when it when in terms of battle, but even beyond battle, I saw that they held negation nations on their horses, white hot They were characterised being one with their horse. None though One thing I hurried Highgate in the true sense, though, was that I hope not mainly for the horses set by the they they were the fact that they were amazing horsemen, that's check one. And why they were basically impossible. If he checked to was they had a special kind of bow. Called the HUN bow right daily things, you're beautiful, whose recursive bow where the bow itself been curve back onto itself. Which men you have more torque, which meant you could shoot
arrow through armor it, a hundred yards yander, all kinds of weaker bows, but this one is especially squatty and kind of short term recurved. It's not recursive yeah recurved, ok, oh yeah was short which men of his mobile yea. Yes, if you picture just like a? U shaped bow, that's just of above, but a recurved bins back around to face the other way at both ends, wreck and both points. Yet and this one was it like a set, especially squatty and just bits. Go! Looking like bo enthusiast collect these things right, I can emerge on both. You say this is a tool of HANS very on about airbases there, So so wait a minute. So we ve got yeah things now is garrisons. They were basically one with their horse. They were so good on a horse. Yes, they could shoot em rose through your armor a hundred yards away. Here, was two hundred meters away while on these horses that check to hear
the number three is that they didn't fight in any sort of coherent battle formation. It s. Just a show about a nowhere right around start picking, people off scatter regroup out of nowhere could show up again pick more people off scatter regroup and, like you, if you had no idea that they were coming at any point in time and they would just come in and basically waste your army in the reserve formation right you could form against. It was just chaos yen and fast. Yes, before you knew what was going on you're you're, getting arrows on your way and, like you said from any direction, wasn't like here they come from the north, like they were all over the place. It says here in this one article you sent that the soldiers they were, these heavy leather grease, Outfits, Greece, with animal fat, which said we're gonna body outfit
said made them both supple and rain resistant. Maybe those for the horses and steel line helmets chain mail. They re nimble. They also swords, of course, and their leather boots. They rode horses so much they didn't. You worry about hiking said they would wear these leather boots at very thin souls that I guess major feet more responsive to. Stirrup action, not sure border workers more comfortable out there like ice atone. Your boots today mixtures, although you Tom, at the gloves they make slippers. I think a really. I think so. I think it was damn arena one here. I sit on her gloves and, ACE Ventura right, so these are the Huns their nomadic, thereby Kay Dick in battle of their fierce there. Their stories proceed them their legend. Proceeds them so when you are getting attacked like that's gotta, do a mental number on you, especially
when they came upon towns and cities, like sometimes entire cities, they would level them just out they destroy, they would take everything they wanted and kill everybody that they wanted. They would take hostages and slaves and prisoners, but then they would just destroy the town, and there is war. Town in ITALY called www, a I believe. No one knows where it was. They know it existed, but then the HANS got they HANS actor and now known Any idea was cause utterly destroyed. The two mile that was like the kind of thing they do almost to start a spite just maliciously in a year before apparently Attila. The HUN was known for using his fierce reputation at in advance
sure he didn't want to fight or thought that fighting was unwise. Yet he could use his reputation and get you did to surrender and it may be You would survive, maybe wooden, but they didn't necessarily need that because they backed up the fierce reputation. Actually did these. Things there. People feared them for, and they had a name for the Huns and apparently specifically Attila the HUN in the holy Roman or the Roman empire is pre holy roman vague. Them the fudge day. The scourge of god- and this is what these Christians thought- that that God had sent this horrible, almost devil, fig, two common wipe their towns from the earth because they were living upright enough. Yet I saw some historians think that he might have even made that name up. Oh really, it seems He was a big promoter of his of his wicked ways just scare people will still working on me like he would cause I'm pass in all this.
Therefore, he was often drawn like goats, horns and things like that, and I think he encouraged the stuff. While he did famous, They say that wherever he's trotter, past grass will never grow again. Oh yeah, he definitely he deftly would play adopted. It didn't hurt his feelings that people said these things about him right, you don't think we mentioned yet he took over along with his other Blida B. The air, when there are young, Other uncles, actually, that's those a lot of by Archie going on at the time with the Huns, which is a little bit unusual. Yet for a couple of people, a split ruling do these and their uncles jointly ruled the HUN empire. Eventually, the brothers took over as co rulers and for thirty four, and I think they even had their own territories, that there are in charge of a sound like they were together
eventually Attila was like. I think I'd rather just really operate the show by myself right and he killed his brother kills umbrella. That's that's harsh! I didn't see. How did you see? I didn't. I couldn't find an icon in her eyes, I saw once a story about a night. I think who kill his own brother, but his brother was a priest saying Mass and the night came in and cut it browse head off while you saying mass like. If there is a God there really of cinema unsure, so he and his brother co rule, and they settled down a little bit on the great well known as great hungarian planes a little less nomadic at this point where the Huns yeah, because we weighed down with so much gold and plunder their. They just think they couldn't write around like they did so have we the point where he's the single ruler now, yet let's go and get rid of his brother, so we should
say I dont know if this name came upon him a sin in two on being the co ruler with brother or the single ruler, but Attila means Little Father. They do not think that this is his birthday. That's just no matter what age or period of history. We talk about it before the name, your son Little Father. Here they think it was A name of respect and affection is how I saw it put, and they think that this is basically his. His king name was tiller. They have no idea. What is real name was that they think that until was not it now, but by the time he became rulers like you said he was born into a privileged household. He he knew what to do from a very early. His uncles, as rulers brought him and his bride. Bladder up to speak later
so maybe he did come up with Sledge Elam Day, maybe Goth, which is another germanic tribe, who put a figure in those picture later on and try to understand diplomacy, military strategy, horsemanship, obviously, all this stuff. There is brought up to lead to a kind of natural that he would kill his brother and take over the entire Heine Empire, yet on the other Another thing I thought was interesting was even though he was sort of on a conquest for gold and riches. He lived sort of simply as a ruler right like all of his is upper subordinates. Apparently they did live the high life and they drank from silver and gold palaces and had fancy clothes and big. You know make mansions platform shoe let shoes with goldfish in the heel, and
Attila lived in a log house with animal skins on the walls and drink from a wooden cup, and even though he wanted to get all this gold, it doesn't look like he live that way, which is pretty interest you really kind of opens up the guy for interpretation. You know like says a couple things one he surrounded by all these material goods. But his tastes are extraordinarily simple, Danny stuck to it. You didn't try to show Often in wages was who was, ours is taste twice and then. Secondly, he also did demand that the people subordinate to him live like he lit right That's is an enormous amount. Yeah, you know like there's, so many people the top. We want the people below them to act like them live like them to behave like them, so for him to its have like there is a call, of personality around this guy and for him allow and maybe even encourage people in their own way would be told the counter to how he lived
I don't know he's a complex figure yet, for sure sure we talk about the treaty of Margus gathers is a big turning point in history. Yes, so this was in for third. Four and he I believe that what we're going back to an letter was still alive. They worked up a peace treaty called the treaty of Margus with what is the eastern roman empire? Yes, and they basically said hey if you return on these on refugees, basically people that fled my rule return these people to us how many other, at least of fourteen anything, maybe seventeen year, like not seventeen thousand, but seventeen, seventeen p But that's how much you prize loyalty is how I saw it pretty I go on these people back any also didn't want them going off into the the roman empire in stirring up rebellion d, come take over the Hanukkah empire. Yet exactly so, if you return, these people will establish.
Trading rights that are fair. You guys pay us about seven hundred pounds of gold every year directly to me in my brow and will like will lay off and you can just gonna, do your thing here and the eastern Roman empire yeah extortion yeah, I saw them they Attila was he pondered in war and extorted in peace time does what he did Korea is everyone invader. If you pay a seven hundred pounds a goal the year and it for a while he didn't, but then said, there was another part of this to me so that that he wanted not just the traitorous HANS who left air escaped his rule to be returned to him. He also wanted a roman bishop who he believed had come into the Hanukkah empire in desecrated. Some graves and stolen grave goods from the graves yet to be handed over to him and apparently thee.
An eastern Empire Emperor Theodosius. The second said: hey man I gave. I gave all of the pond I could find in the empire over to you and this bishop. I don't Your time, I think this is actually true. They didn't give over the bishop and so Attila actually said you guys just broke the treaty yet were invading, and he did invite and they actually invaded through Margus and the guy who open the gates of Margus too for them to the Huns was the Bishop who stole the grave goods, so had the emperor handed over the sky, the the invasion of ITALY by the Huns. What had never happened merit that's a sound that played when you
when the gate and her apparently they get within about twenty miles of Constantinople and Theodosius too said: woe you're. Getting to close about twenty one hundred pounds of gold per year three times as much cold, and I believe that that quelled until his desires temporarily, at least temporarily, that's is met with Attila that he just turned aside somewhere else. Yeah, you won't take a break gales too. let me tell you about people who love talking and always wanted to play in the end, a chill PETE flayed, since he was three and big
his mom to let him stay on the ice. Why some nights he even slept in his happy skates PETE practiced in practice to one day when he was forty. Seven feet realized. He just wasn't that good. He threw his gates in the trash. But then he heard how Geico proud partner of any Joe could save him money on car insurance. So he switched and saved a bunch, so it all worked out. ok, maybe we're back so the eastern roman Empire has said. Are you here? Take some more gold leave us alone, any did for a little while, but one of the things that I tell her behind did. Was he like a domino effect thereof. Their germanic tribes of barbaric,
making air quotes. Everybody who were in the area yeah that got pushed out of the area in into the roman empire by the hearts of the Huns pushed out the islands, the island's pushed out, the Goths, the Goths pushed out some other tribes and As a result, you now had other germanic tribes living in the roman empire to big, see that got planted by the Huns. Because the Huns purse everybody out and took over their empire right yeah? This actually led to that I followed the roman empire later on. He was at the great my group yeah or the wandering of the nation says this: when people split and just fractured the roman empire so if we get that. So what happened was the the the these different tribes got push
the Roman empire, the guide living punks, postpones right and the yellow gear, the vandals vandalism cool, so the the Visigoths in particular gap, into their and they were living as roman subjects under roman rule, but they were not being treated. Very well by the roman governors territories. They lived in, they eventually rose up against Rome against them, Roman Empire in the areas where they lived, and these little battles and skirmishes that that that Rome, was having the roman empire was having with these groups. Would have otherwise not been in their borders started weaken the empire Elk enough that it actually fell the big? I think it was the Goths that actually sacked Rome and then crumbled, the roman empire and the whole reason they could make it to Rome was because they were in the roman empire already, because the Huns head put.
Them in their years before and set off this chain of events that led to maybe the most? powerful empire in the history of the world. I told a hundred that it wasn't Susie in her benches. No leaving magazzino did you like them? Oh yeah yeah, oh yeah, yeah me to their great. I generally wasn't ended at the gothic. She got yes, I don't even know it counts. She you didn't like the secure the Smith, Sir. I guess the smiths aren't you weren't goth, but the cure definitely was like the cure. I love the cure, but we're off shock your God really, my friend your I'll get my mascara, ok yeah of in similar terms. I don't even like what the dividing line is. You know you know, people are so hung up on. That kind of thing assured delight the cure: yes, good, you're, smart for liking, the cure, the great and your God
should we talk about his weird marriage situation. Yes, so this was He had were obviously at a bunch of wives possess. Just the way was back then knows how many wives, I don't think it's like anything like genius gone where they can keep fathered like half the world's people bringing like that, but he had a share of wives, and this was an interesting here in the spring of fourteen fifty, there was a woman name on a and she was a sister of Valentinian. The third emperor of West room. He was trying to marry her off to an aristocrat, as you do like you're. My sister here take this: has go you'll, stay out of my hair, tired of hearing about it. And she was lying on a really like this guy who you're trying to hook me up with cited
weird thing he's got no hair growing out of his nose and he's like everybody has here going out of. There is the fifth century, so she sends her engagement, owing to Attila said, hey, I want to marry this guy. Can you help me out? This is a very bizarre act. It's a bizarre ag because Attila basically sees them. As oh. She wants to marry me because of This little wedding ring now I put on my Pinky toe I'm gonna go, I'm gonna go claim this bride, and I also want half of the empire is dowry. Yeah half western roman empire. He demanded is dowry and he was coming to get a new area. Then color on a real area, an area and it seems to me like a Nora, was kind of like immediately like what I didn't really. I didn't what I didn't. How is this one? not more famous like
a blunder. It's crazy blunder that lead to a huge sacking of Rome yeah and why I can feel it as part of the story missing, why Rita do until the hunt from what I saw There was no food, they'd never before there is no interaction has urged. She just basically said here. Servant take this ring to tell us I don't know where you go find em. He wasn't like many years ago and sank: hey Fury right. Remember me from high school, a new area Gimme call outside whatever need. Second now, that happens, where stand right, I guess this dude was just the baddest fierce. Guy, nor you could think of, and she said help she really really made a misstep in including the engagement ring or maybe even reaching out at all, those who ring was it gave Attila the hind just enough on trade to say, as is this a pretty good reason, the to invade the western roman empire, which
Then that's right. Looking for an area that was the pretence yeah, but on his way he took another wife name, they'll depot, I think so and on their wedding night he actually died. He was not known, especially for the time to be like a great lake drink. Let me he wasn't a teetotaller noble very moderate temperate prayers far this year. For the most part, he wasn't like the rest of the HANS senior, getting wasted, I mean or the rest of the western roman or eastern roman empire earlier, but he was basically the one large area ruler who wasn't like just getting waste. In eating like five hundred turkey legs at a time. Right here is different in that Sense Fisher, yet he was the only one that didn't have gout biogas. As far as I know so he marries a lady
Apparently he did drink a little bit too much on his wedding night and supposedly was prone to nose bleeds, and as this where he goes in the middle of the night had of some sort of massive nosebleed, also something that an artery bursting and choked on his blood in his sleep and die yeah that supposedly how Attila behind I'd weird story but believable. I guess for that I mean the alternative explanation. Is that ill, the co murdered him or abetted in assassination that was carried out by, I think one of the. U want either. Sooner western roman emperors, either way like date, they think I see I got the impression that that's the generally accepted ideas that he choked on his own blood. He basically died of natural causes. Which I mean it's like gush, you over indulge one night you pay for. With your life in air? But through
throughout his reign. We left out a huge chunk of of his history osier. At some point he turned his attention de Gaulle, yet France modern Day friend Belgium area and that's where he suffered is one defeat. So the entire nineteen year This guy was running around Eurasia Terror, rising it. He suffered. Why defeat, and even then it was really a draw, but he he attacked gall and would like two hundred thousand troops. Yes, amazing in the western roman emperor got with the Goths inside you We gotta do something about this and they manage to. Basically into a draw with the hind so much so that the HANS had to withdraw to their camp and eventually left gall after this, but it was, supposedly one of the bloodiest battles in the history of of the world yeah. They managed to fight him back after, and this is after the beginning was deafening,
in the favour of the huns. So it looks like the right, was on the wall and those knows a big come back, but imagine basically spending every day of your life engaged in conquest in battle, and you got one loss to your name near you. Gotta have one obeys: gotta have the ups and downs yeah. Let's talk about his has his burial after his death here this is pretty interesting after he died. His is a horseman, his followers. They cut off their hair, they swayed blood all over their face and they slowly circled him on their horses I guess just I don't know if that was a sign of respect that normally happens or if they were just reacting instinctively or if it was some old ritual.
But at any rate that is slowly road around his body that there was in a tent. Eventually he went in three coffins yeah, which makes me think that he could still be found. Yes, because he is in a coffin of gold silver, an iron apparently like I was a truce goodness However, in a mature. What is it you know the little russian dolls they I'll inside one another? A russian nesting ass was his calm. Here I don't know they added. I think it only Matreshka thinks I love those agreed in Germany. A child is not delighted by one of those yeah little things inside of other things, show you dollars, so they they put him in three coffins. According to legend, they divert a river like fully damn up a river and bear him in the river bed and then release the river once again. So there is grave would never be found they also killed,
the people from your area them so that they can tell any idea who were slaves. So there's there's actually to sounds a guitar. Like Paul Bunyan, ask tall Tail, Riah, there's icily historical evidence that this had been dine at least two other times. The emperor Gilgamesh. You know the epoch of Gilgamesh her. They believed that they found his resting place under the Euphrates and legend. Has it that way? diverted the Euphrates to bury him in the river bed for the same exact reason they think they have actually found Gilgamesh his bearing place. And then I think the dough shifts the first The got yeah the gaff king, who was killed in one of those battles in gaol, the one that that repelled king until the hunt almost cannot
who was buried in a diverse river is well over there saying Lisbon a thing they think this actually may have happened here, which means that you, if you search a better, was the Danube that they buried him in. But if you search a river, I will give my I would start with the Danube, because that's where the capital of the huntsman could they divert the Danube, though I don't know, maybe a part of it who, yes, that that may one day, Attila the Huns grave will be fun, especially is archaeological technology advances. I guarantee you in fifty years we're gonna have found it till the Huns great man get. It will be under a river bed in three coffins. Yes, I really think that that's for real, I believe it believe it await. You said you didn't you anything else now I mean that there is a lot,
over till the Han stuff that we did not get too. I can, I add one more thing. I want to defend my use of but barbarian. One of the I think contemporary historians described the HANS, not making no use of fire even use fire supposedly dating cook their food. They would roots from the ground and then raw meat that they would put between their thoughts in the saddle to tender eyes I guess it, then they would eat that sir Barbarians. Okay, I saw that article. It said something like half raw and they said we say half raw because they would hold it between their eyes to cook it. You got some beef thighs there, some who get some red stained thighs. It sounds like what that sounds like on the menu, something a spin cooked from the size of a hon
it's kind of like it's one, hipster step above surveyed, cooked and really ok. Now we're done Nothing like the warm blow, the HUN testicle looking rather again, disease outbreak of a boy he's gonna thrills it's. So if you, I know more about the HANS, you can type that word in the search bar has the force tat, calm and since I feel that it is time for this moment caught his followers to readjust. Rising amount of email from that goofy show we did on the jobs yeah. I know it's like a high high volume episode surprise you never know, and by the way we have a lot of people write in say. By the way there is still chariot racing out. It's called harness racing pins. Others, and I take issue with that- harness racing, his harness racing, those are not chariots, o yulka values.
There are pins letters and lamp lighters too, Basically, we are doing now The harness raising is not too like standing up in a wooden box being pulled by eight horses is not the same thing as a harness traceability, harness ray. I have to my dad used to take us to the realitas, but get dollar on my own. Thank everyone there, which is probably good for my guy Gambling bug never took off at a young age near just the skills and poker near him and greener. Ok, it's anyway this about lamplight or so this from Carlos in Mexico, a guy's upon the stuff. You talk about about land planning, fascinating, like to add some extra info back in the day people used to
and or threaten lamp lighters to leave the lamp near a park bench or something turned off so couples could have more privacy nonsense. Now! Ok, don't like that lamp. I gotta hear some meat over here. You know the HUN way the HUN way. In fact, there is a spanish folk song by the Chernobyl S. Suggestion on how to pronounce it durum beliefs, Is it a dj? It's a c h pronounced like a J. You, he says, you're numberless, about a lamp light are being harassed by couples every night delete. The lamp off of the course loosely translates as follows: lamp lighter go a little over there and lead this lamp off in love affairs. The lamp the lighted lamp always gets in the way and the sun,
as from the song Ferrero by the chamber, Ellis about that? I think you made it to quite nicely this is from Carlos from Guadalajara, and he also wants to suggest a topic. How capture work bonus duenna cover that We could do a whole one. Unlike captain the turing test before his capture stands for something. Since for Peter Automated Pat tests tat something test you to tell computers in humans apart and others, the area I think we did some other than Dumpty veto, that's what it was you're, absolutely right, yeah yeah! Well, if you want to get in touch with us to find out what Don TV show just talking about it,
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