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2013-06-17 | 🔗

In 2008 Bitcoin, the world's first decentralized, anarchistic all-digital currency, was introduced to the world. Its value has risen, fallen and risen again and speculators, techies, libertarians and economists alike are taking it seriously.

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ask him? Why he invoking the Pakistan Josh Clerk in his chest of each other, and this is that we should know how can we touched addition which we now live in the Tec too much, because that's strict and learn territory and frankly were listed are covered the text up? They do a great job, but we ve got in so many request for this topic that we were like it. We got. We have satisfied the studies, no plans, we don't want them showing up with torches led by my the bartender at our door. Exactly you know this the most requested of all time. Possibly, I think I think it might be. I can't think of another one that that comes to mind. That was maybe like Mormonism
yeah Mormon an intelligent and see accents of people want to get to the bottom of accidents. There would be a good one here. We need to do exactly. What are you gonna? Do that now? Instead cracky you're bad accents work do do italian now, I'm not your monkey of goods. Think your vote Thank you. If you do of accidents way better than me, no meaning that I attempt them and do them poorly worries. You don't even attempt them. So I said to the point, and it is often charts it's not bad. So checkers! Yes, you know much about money, not much now now, whenever I got a few pennies in the bank and its about it, that words look at what we talked about money before him everywhere.
Who was it that the first currently has a lot of financial stuff? There was something we did recently where we are talking about how Mesopotamia system of business like the first coinage, yet in China, of course, you, but nowadays, when we think money here in the: U S, at least in Canada and actually pretty much the work is the world uses dollars yeah, we think of paper money or coins, sure printed by the? U S met at the behest of the? U S, treasury here on behalf of the United States government, all thanks are back in ensured. Clearly we know that their covered in case. Something goes wrong here, because you and I are covered- embody yeah. Basically, but it wasn't it.
This system that we take very much for granted. Now of you, no one's five, ten twenty hundreds and then there were some other when there's a fairly new. It was just the beginning of the twentieth century that the Federal Reserve was created before that and during the civil war ere, I think, maybe the posts of war. There was there at more than eight thousand different entities. Typically, banks that were printing their own currency yet mean we talked about that. What was it yet mean we talked about that. What was that was at the border thing? Maybe so yeah but you're right, it's a new thing, it's a great while they go back to because it so interesting and laid her. You know, you're a bank account if you like, a got a bunch of gold here right up prince of money based on a sinner put my picture on it or maybe a picture of my favorite horse. This is a gym, fierce and dollar. Exactly see
anyway, I'm all that went to the wayside when the Federal Reserve came about neither Rosalie. Let's stop right. Just a federal government can print money from now on and we're gonna back it with golden, and you know what we're not gonna backward. Golly mothers to say, because I believe this has value will go with that. For that point, everyone has had bought it literally and figuratively so exactly so, we went from the gold standard, yes to a fear currency, which is everybody, come make believe that He has value added, actually will have have values pretty magic yet and that transition to fear currency gave birth. To what we're going to talk to you today with or the possibility of organ talked about today, we should be calling yet, which is a real thing right now. It's you know will survive. Who knows, but as of the recording, despite gas, it is super legit and what about a billion dollars? It me be tools to quit, maybe I'd, I didn't see it estimated value of all the Bitcoin circulation. I saw that, but it as well
find out. It fluctuates like on a minute a minute based really does my eye or like twenty five cents next week yeah, but, like you said that the whole thing hasn't crashed, it may be what we are seeing is a bubble and another bubble, and they just bubbles bursting right. But the system hasn't question: that's because the system, the theory behind it and the practice it turns out, is extremely sound and was even more also about Bitcoin, which is we should say the world's first digital entirely. Digital decentralized currency here is that it has a great
Origin story is shrouded in mystery. No one knows who created it and the things that its use for the can be shady and weird, and it's all just very you know some of its on the deep web in this very interesting in like salacious and it's very anarchistic in nature. Its there's. No, not only is it not backed by any government, it's not issued by any central authority its part. If your partner, the Bitcoin networking, then you are part of this, the authority to issue it yeah It is actually to technically mathematics. It has the authority to issue bitcoins, yet it took me while a rat my head around it, because it's entirely new thing and it's very complex, yeah, an oil babo. It really is it like when you break it down that had to eventually figure out at studying. For us. I await this is actually a simple and at the root of at all. As who wrote, this did Strickland right this nose, Nathan channels.
Chandler points out at the root of all. Basically, all that you have to do to invent a currency is have enough people say this currency right and then you have currency, whether you like it said whether six around who knows that, as of now there are enough people buying and selling bitcoins and use speculating in using bitcoins that's as trade there. It's a thing, that's the only thing I gives a values. It is there's somebody out there who is willing to accept that currency for a pizza. Then it has the value Peter at least I'll talk about the origin. Versa, assure the origin back in two thousand eight mysterious pseudonym popped up said how she now commodo, and we don't know if this is it lady or a man or men or women, or both could be a group and other groups
and they or he or she, or it published a document that outline what Bitcoin was This is a new thing that we or I or me, are trying to create, and I believe that person minted the first fifty coins himself or herself or themselves. Yet there was two thousand nine in the document that the he she that's a Toshiba published, doesn't ate. It was really groundbreaking because it it figured out a long standing problem that was preventing digital currency from being established now was, was to prevent anybody from copying and pay
yeah vague the code that makes up your digital currency and then using it again and again and again, yeah. Well, there's one easy way around it. You have a ledger, but you have to have somebody you trust to keep track of the ledger and what's the tow she came up with and then what Bitcoin does is it makes the ledger entirely public so that everyone is working out the ledger yeah in its actually that process of keeping track of the ledger in who has what coin and what coins been transferred to, whom that actually mints new coins. Yet so we need to step back and explain. What's goin on here, ok setting people already confused. If you know a bit, coiners you'll economies has talked about, the Bitcoin is virtual money that you can now use online to buy. And so things and there are. A number of retailers that are accepting this. It's not just the deep web we'll get to that in a minute.
Now there even go between companies that allow you to. I guess they not transfer, but they convert your real dollars into bitcoins too. You know if you want a shop it like Macy's, let's say where they ve converter bitcoins in a real dollars. They consider that the other way round, channeling points out good waited think a bit coins is, is a digital stand in for cash because its anonymous exactly that's the big key, so if you want You buy things anonymously or if you are libertarian, and you just wanna sticking to the government or if you dont, trust the government or you don't trust banks, a big thing that
Nah Commodo preyed on was the financial collapse. Obviously, in was basically like hey look around what's going on right. You can trust your money there like. Why not trust this new thing with give it a try, must give it a try. So basically, if they're a couple different things you can do, you can either participate as just someone who buys bitcoins with your credit card or whatever you ok forces them to shop. Jailers says that you can buy with credit cards myself from a couple different sources that, like most places, do not take credit cards. They you either have to give them your bank account, or else figure out a way to pay cash like using money. Graham well, that's than the the more preferred way as of late but their soap, credit card people it'll take a credit card, So the first thing we need to do is set up set up your wallet, and that is basically your account. Your digital account and then you buy bitcoins and they are in your account and you use them for whoever takes them right into buying from like a central currency exchange. Probably mount docks
Although we talk about limit minutely right, but they ain't handling about sixty percent of all Bitcoin transaction yeah or purchases of bitcoins, you gotta Mount got him hello step, you should know listeners. Do you want a new year's resolution? That's easy to keep yes resolve to help protect your identity and personal info with lifelong identity, theft, protection, lifelong alert, you to potential threats, to your identity, and they see more, though what you can see by just monitoring your own credit like your info on the dark web and that's a big deal yeah. And if you have a problem lifelike, U S based restoration specialists, no, the steps it take to help resolve your case There are only one in five identity theft: victims who had accounts open in their names discovered their theft through bank or credit card company and course. No one can prevent all identity theft or monitor all transactions at all businesses, but lifelike the new year's resolution does not
easy to keep. It will help you protect what you ve worked so hard for get lifelike for up to twenty five percent off your first year, gonna lifelike, dotcom, slash stuff! That's why flocked outcomes less stuff for up to five percent off so like it said. One reason you might want to do. This is, if you don't trust the banks or your target, the government getting involved in your money or if you just want to save some money, because what you're doing is your skipping middlemen,
and so your saving a lot of transaction fees. Oh yeah, if you have ever purchase something overseas through Paypal, now not overseer of man is expensive. Israelis do Bitcoin, has no central authority, and so there's no bank you're dealing with soon I can it be charged the bank's fees and the transfer companies that do you work with Bitcoin typically charge like two bucks, three back right. Something like that. So you skip all that by you're, not paying as many fees. The while it is a software program, so it's not like a little while it. Obviously you download your wallet, You ve got your little account you by your bitcoins, and you can just do that. If you want you can just buy things, you can buy things on the regular where you can buy things on the deep hidden web. You can also just hang on German speculate while ass. A second thing. You can do. Ok, you can speculate and buy and sell the apparently the Winkle boss twins the weaker. Why the wing of a high from the Facebook
in real life. Are they had like eleven million dollars worth the bitcoin see? I wonder how much it's worth now I'll be worth some over there, they have millions of dollars with the Bitcoin. Yes, there apparently supposedly Bitcoin millionaires that have made their money specula by buying and selling just like you would a stock. Let's say right! So that's another thing you can do. The other thing you could do is actually participate and mine. These coins, which is sounds complex, but it's really not. I was getting this because now we are talking about the Bitcoin network. Great Yeats, appeared appear. We should point that out very important peer to peer network, rightly bit torrent or Skype. Yeah, there's no centralized like mainframe running this thing exactly if the whole thing operates on the computers of the people who are part of that coin network, that's right, so the mining is really the most important and I think that's where a lot of people get tripped up. There's three things. Basically them
mining coins your creating coins. Essentially, you are well, let's get into it transactions are released in six ten minute blocks. So every ten minutes, twenty five now coins are released into the system. That's the approximate about how long it's been taking computers to figure out this mathematical. Another released every ten minutes out whether or not their figured out or not might do it might take longer than that
ok! Well, then, you can explain this to me, because I was a little tripped up by this too. So every ten minutes, the computer that happens to be working on the math problem. We insolvency that that ten minute part gets the coin, so is it random? Well, I think we need to step back again, ok and explain what they saw her. It is. It sounds confusing, but it's not every ten minutes they release was called a block and lock is essentially a group of transactions across the bit coin network. Ok, so it is up to a person but usually agree people came up to do this because it requires a lot of computing power and to perform to basically handle these transactions. Just like American Express pay some
handle their transact totally got it. I got it. Thank you this. This is what was driven me up. Yeah, ok, ok and then that block is a group of transactions Right yet- and this is the the transaction form the ledger like who has what coin, what you're going to transfer do? What person like verifying all that stuff? All it takes money? That's that usually those are the fees you're paying like annexed to do something like that. Right, ok and this. This is also encrypted. Information will yet ass the key. So that block is basically a math problem for a computer to work out and everybody. So every ten minutes, everybody on the network gets that same block and whoever figures out first gets the newly minted Bitcoin that reward the cholera word. I got it, that's pretty much it so here's the thing now.
It's a diminishing return at this point. They have it every four years, every four years. The number of the points that are released for figuring out of math problem is have you when it started out. It was fifty, and now we just reached the four year point: two thousand thirteen is the beginning of the year. So now it's twenty five. When you unlock it a block, right in two thousand seventeen over twelve fifty, so every ten minutes there releasing these coins so as to three functions. Really its aid to to satisfy the transactions in Meta, get everyone working together as a group to make sure the transactions are good, keep the ledger today. He pleasure today to it releases more money into the system right and it's you know carefully planned out. So it's not like it's a very steady rise, basically over the years right through nobody, I get a central bank can't flood the market with more money to devalue without their right. It's you, basically by twenty one, forty, they no exact
Many coins will be out there here and there will be twenty one million on the nose and then that it gets all controlled right and then the third thing it does is it it keeps a system secure yeah. So that's what mining is in each block. To its very energy, inefficient. Each block fully satisfy over the course of twelve months, takes about ten thousand dollars worth of electricity. Arab way. More than that, I read a hundred. Fifty k for turd walk for twenty four hours of hard core data mining of hard core Bitcoin mining sites, costs of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in electricity, really yeah. And that, but that's with one of these there's, like certain computers out there, that people have set up that only dedicated to be quit. My case would be considered tune in thirty bucks, a piece twenty five, those puppies. Then
Anything more more Morin. You have computers dedicated to it. Then people have their they're just Bitcoin minors and they have computer systems or their parts of collapse that divide. Right, the Bitcoin I well that's kind of the only way to do it now they say if you're a single user, then you have virtually no chance these days. I would imagine and takes too much computing power for the average home computer right and if he team or even if you got a great system, if you team up with ten people with a great system, then you ten times likely, because that was the only thing that the number of bitcoins that come out or have right yes and the math problem the encrypted math problem that is released as a block here before increasingly difficult yeah. They wanted to be hard right, that's the whole point and there was an article. I don't regret this that I sent you that right now you can still make money mining, but it won't be long because it's a diminishing thing before it's gonna cost too much in power,
in hardware, does even make it worth your while some kind of curious how that's gonna work? Yes, I like a computer built specifically to mine bitcoins, started about six green on Ebay. You and that's like again. The electricity involved, this just ridiculous you're plus, if your splitting twenty five bitcoins and he ain't gonna, do it all depends like or see I'm so so that's it. That's the network that, however, the Bitcoin network functions, yeah right yeah and it's beautiful thing about the elegant myself. The figuring out a math Poland to unlock new coins is what you're doing to keep the ledger up to date. Right, that's
awesome. So, like it, it's it's. Providing these three functions yell at what they are not always in open ledger. They have open source right so that their code, if your programmer- and you know what you're doing you can actually look at their code and figured out because it's not like it's not a big deal. If you understand their code yeah, it's not like, you can hack into them. It's very secure on that side of things, but it can also be not secure, as were leering. Hackers are now getting into like that. The like you can actually convert your bitcoins into real cash
and those are the places that are susceptible to being hacked at this point right right. It is just one more thing about why it secure or is it in theory, when they computer figures out that met from their unlocks? That block here that what they came up with is shared with every other computer in the network, to verify that this ledgers, accurate? Oh, is that a whole? Yes, that's why that's? Why secure? Because everybody knows everybody's computer knows what why, if there is, a discrepancy then has to be worked out there like a transfer. Bitcoins transaction can take up a long time because I have to go across all the network catch it forever. Patient? Yet let's go for insecurity. Well, in many ways it can be insecure, like we said they can hack into like when you get away, I got one of them. The places they listed, forearm converting back to cash bit spent. Yet
belief and all the other was a bit pay. Yes bit pay in bits. Then they converge, your bitcoins hinder creditor whatever sharp anyway, whatever or your local currency like. If you want to catch him out and get your cash back right, their companies do that, and that apparently, is where hackers can get in their yeah. They can also gets amount goths, which is the currency exchange which apparently, if you have an account at Mount, got a lot of people are like a well. This is like a bank right, it's not like a bank and it whether its mouth cocksure. Whoever is it's a really bad place to actually keep your virtual currency yeah cause number one. This isn't a decentralized system by anywhere where there's a bunch of people stuff part, that's a target. Answers are fewer targets. That means that people can get better and better at attacking re right since the terrible place.
Europe, your bitcoins and then also a lot of those places, wireless currency exchanges if they go under yeah, you're, bitcoins Gotham and that's the thing I have your big, they're gone yeah they're just gone, and you don't have any longer, which is why, if you have a bit coin Walter Account, you want a physically removable backup of them somewhere a flash drive, movable hard drive away from your computer, so they, if your computer classes, were mount gas goes under the feds repayment sees something or free something right. You still have your bitcoins, because you got that that occur of it on your flash drive back out back it up through three. Exactly did read one account of this guy that lost like eight hundred of them, because his laptop crashed, oh my guy, but it was early on so he was like. It was no big deal the time cause you're like twenty cents, a piece yeah Adam. He imagined the health and couldn't so. As one of the dangers of it and one of the risks, but so must talk a little bit about this whole speculation.
In the wild ride of Bitcoin cases like the wild West out there so early on. It is in its gone from twenty since the beginning to a height of about two hundred and sixty dollars per Bitcoin, early this year, right into doesn't eleven. It went from thirty dollars in the middle, oh I'm sorry and she doesn't tenos where the few cents, rosy thirty bucks in two thousand and eleven and then it dropped down for the end of the year to box, like currencies, are not supposed to do that that's it. That's one of the big problems is like it. It koreans wildly all over the place because of speculation. Yes, some people are attracted to that, though, like the cowboys or into that like get rich, really quick and get out right, but if you, the average person like buying some bitcoins, because
you really, you know believe in their anarchistic right sentiment behind it. Then here you're, really at the whim of speculators, who can gain the system easily yeah, because they are the only ones who know how to do it, because the community small enough well and a lot of financial. You know guru, say it's suckers bet and it's just a bubble maker. Basically, is one in one way to look at it, at least for now, because it's too unstable take the Lord's walk, show out there, half of our veins you're going home, so the deep web with mentioned lotta people dont know this. I know met Frederick adverse that they don't want. You know like years ago came at me like do check this out. Yet the silk road death and the deep web is aware: this not accessible. You can't go to Google and type in the and say now on the deep web. Yet there like special software to take you to the steep web tore. Yet you are in
those were bad things go well, I think it's like an operating system that allows you to be entirely anonymous threats, and yet, if you don't have to, I don't think you can even get on the so called. But if you did, you d be a really bad decision, because silk road is where you go by while drugs here pretty much anything. I think out of the thirty thousand things they offered. Roughly twenty thousand of them were drugs. Yet in this is like there's, some dude Chicago who's got a bunch of heroin. Foresail ran you go use your bitcoins on silk road by heroin and e mails are to you and your bitcoin to put new and Astro account. When you say I got my heroin thanks man, I just came out if they can eight day stupor there there s no account releases the Bitcoin through the guy in Chicago, and that is going on right now. Yet, but now that guy has a little addendum says. Would you mind releasing before you do other here
Don't forget right, but it's a thing like you can violate. Whatever you want you? Can there are services that you can hire hit men this really troubles me and kidnappers, and let people too, like Rob. Someone's house burn down your house for insurance money like that someone in raising them by mercury loaded. Is that your data, There's another one called the army, which is apparently like an arms market place and all of its all this stuff would not be possible were it not for Bitcoin, and you can understand that this is really can gather the attention of the the feds yeah. Well, it's attracted more than the feds. Silk road actually, as of about two about a week ago, was shut down. Oh really,
a unidentified packer, basically blackmailer name, Lance G threatened to crash the site with a it's called Odessa distributed denial of service, which is, I think, the basically flood your site so much its inoperable right, it's crass right! So Lance G, whoever that is threatening gratitude. I ass. They paid five thousand dollars, which everyone is like. That's really weird small amount, and so there thinking it might be either some like not someone suggested money, but some the judgment seat taken down in some people speculate that the? U S, government is actually behind that. Well, you know some people actually speculate that the
U S. Government behind Bitcoin is well really either some genius economists, some genius mathematician, maybe somebody who works for the government right or its actually like a government project. That's one of the things, there's a really really great article call the rise and fall Bitcoin here is from buzz, feed, I believe or wired one is wired and am there was a wide and it's just amazing. It's like a nice long, form article I'll, take a little while a red and seventy doesn't eleven. So like a little out of date like the big bubble, hadn't happened yet right, but I mean talked a lot about until she knocked Amato, unlike hooey, is who be in over a wild theories running round, but it also gives you're really good, explain or of that coin in how it how it operates and knock Amato supposedly got out too. If you believe the story, they tell you he's not like sitting on some pedestal getting rich. Supposedly he created this and then said now it is yours and got out
but as I have to get back to this sort of thing that we are working on and the Pentagon, so as of now the silk road is shut down, I'm sure or pot back up or something like it will pretty soon. You know, so the hackers is basically crash, the site or disabled it I think threaten to or maybe did not look into their I'm, not sure if it actually happen- and there was a video, back on Mount GOTS as well yeah, and you know that the problem. When you don't have any anything backing your currency it. The other value of Bitcoin, is plummeted when that happened, that sixty percent of your transactions were halted right, which is this is one of the games that are speculator, whose very I guess the hacker savvy or is it car was called that could do to manipulate the value of a bitcoin is like attack, Mount docks. Let
value plumber and then go to one of the other changes there aren't crest by and by to them there and then just let everything go back to normal and let the value rise once more Stephanie not stable. No, it isn't, and am you were saying that the silk road got hit by a hacker. Well, the feds have finally interviewing veined. A lot of people have been waiting for this because you can buy drugs. You can get around paying taxes, you can hire a murderer. You knew all You were saying that the silk road got hit by a hacker. Well, the feds have finally interviewing veined. A lot of people have been waiting for this because you can buy drugs. You can get around paying taxes, you can hire a murderer. You always think thinks the Bitcoin and now the Department of Homeland Security right, not even the iris,
had been, but did they shot him down or did they just take further some of their is out, and it was so a lot of like the transfer companies, the companies that work with Mount got by saying We are not doing anything without docks anymore, so if you wanna make some purchase or whatever you want to figure out another way or to use somebody asked so that happened yesterday At the same time, another story release yesterday that a start up what someone who funds start ups is investing three hundred fifty thousand dollars into Bitcoin They're interested in making it easier to spend bit concurrence either eat the making security better. They think opportunities. Basically, german money on this are huge problems that this currency has re now centre in the day. The feds shut down amount, gags, one company invested three hundred fifty grand and yet
They are seen in money, global restricted, just in Bremmer, said predicted in the big fan, so that this shows you like. No one knows what he said. I'll be highly surprise at this is around ten years and what he thinks he's gonna happen is. This is the first one right. Someone's gonna learn: Bitcoin will not be around, but something else will pop up. Does it better and that may last exactly If somebody in one of the articles we, I think we research and said in a bit torrent, wasn't the first p2p file sharing networking Skype. Wasn't the first view ip exactly so, Bitcoin may not be the first one. There's a lot of rivals just waiting to take over Bitcoin falls, but that it seems, like the precedent has been established in it's been shown This can work here. Whether or not it will be allowed to work is is a big question, because again the feds can always stepping shutdown whatever they want. They want to go out.
My god. They can do that well, yeah and the big boys already getting involved. Of course, Amazon now has Amazon coins that you can pay for the Kindle network and spend them like money. So you really war. We're talking about is the same thing that was happening posts of war in the U S, when eight thousand different banks Richmond Currency, yeah, that's what we're seeing right now, but in a digital for this is the beginning of it. It's crazy! It's the wild West is pretty awesome beside from the hip men. Yes, I don't think everything else here. Are people get it? You know the guy from the lead singer of, as I lay dying, that metal band and another here he got set up
by a murder for higher from an undercover detective two murders ex wife through that going back for cash. Therefore, Caille batch invite right, yeah yeah, while yeah that's a tough when you get away with, although maybe I'll get away with it means never hear about it. I hope is a tough one you get away with. It definitely should be hard to get away with you. I think that the moral of the story is kill someone yourself, It's getting so, if you want to know more about Bitcoin, it's pretty there's a lot of really great writing all over the web. About it. I would first go to our beloved. Has stuff works type that word in the search bar then maybe start next, a wired economist has a good explain. Her mother Jones has some good stuff on it. Go check
for check the news feed, because literally every day, you're gonna get some new changing story. Right I mean by the time MRS release. There may not be any Bitcoin snuff in two weeks on us, but there will be held Certainly there are certain. I have an idea of how Bitcoin work. Do you have any heavy body now and therefore I think I see the search bar in there somewhere. So let me the time for a message. Breaker that's right and then a relic of the surreal, hey everybody. I wanna talk to you about your website that doesn't look good and this hard to program because square space does it better yeah they do square space. Is this amazing magical tool that you can just basically good people,
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now jacket, surfer, listener, mail, Thank you, sir. This is from my respected in he was then Evanna, worship, yeah, very beginning and active on her face, but any payments detective and a good guy. That's right, so this is about our easy to art. Electoral convulsive therapy. Podcast just drop in real time You and your story well in high school guys in Omaha Nebraska met two girls Florian Susan. For about three years we were inseparable. We would hang out after school party, together glorying Susan, we're even closer, and sometimes I was just a third wheel somebody yeah the girls being a year younger than I stayed in school when I was shipped off to join the Marine corps or not wash off, he chose to cope, shit that yeah we lost touch with innovation. I move back to deploy in Iowa and I found Susan living there as well as she informed me that our glory in horror and on the Miss years.
I was away apparently Gloria had a daughter who passed away under terrible circumstances and became very depressed after the loss of her daughter and actually had to undergo easy treatment command. Present in your pocket ass. He stated their slight memory loss, but in my experience that is an understatement. Gloria had no clue who I was did not remember any of our score years, gone with the memories of harassing teachers making out in the auditorium and memories of working on my car in shop class, apparently she was pretty good with a wrench, so we got to tell her all over again. Yeah as it turned out. She had forgotten Susan as well, but not as much. She had forgotten me. The decision was therefore her throughout the treatment and glory has been able to recover more memories of heard you to this. As very sad to me that have lost a friend not because of intent, but due to a treatment, I failed to help her through and fail to understand.
That is one regret. Our always have an shames me to think that she has no clue who I am and how important to my wife she was ever since I bow to tell me how important they are to me in case they never remember. At least I know that I tried to explain that in pink, let yourself up by you're in the Marine corps, your serving a country and a very unfortunate series of events and so take off your shoulders. I say increase is honest: they enjoy day guys smile and have fun, and that is Chris Pinkerton into mine. P S. Could you tell Jill Marine fattened she's a love, my life? I think she just likes the Lord's pink he's, always super supported, unlike just at my school yeah. Clearly, thanks a lot pink, that's it! Well! If you have a story that you want to tell us
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