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How Carbon Capture and Storage Works

2009-06-11 | 🔗

Carbon capture and storage is a way to filter excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it. Tune in as Josh and Chuck discuss current methods of carbon capture and storage -- and how feasible they are -- in this podcast from HowStuffWorks.com.

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up into the park cast Iron Josh clogged with me. As always, is lovely lovely chuck bright, staring at our new cute rug hanging from our new wall with a jerk. We must be like going places. We were too silly. Caterpillar Berber, that's ok, I'm a ringer stealing stupid both in the same area of the world. They better beats me sign you, the cool thing murmured corrected, though we're litter corrected unsavory corrected by literal. Experts yet have you noticed yet true? Yes, like it would be like a dude rug, manufacture or somebody with a Phd in June rug studies, harangue will email us about or Henry Jute himself the Father, Roguery Sola other than the whole Berber Jus thing: Hayfield, I'm getting tired when applied. Are you tired, Chuckie should look into energy drinks registry
one and I like you- I am not a fan out the taste good enough. You're gonna move on shore, do that Lithuania is there came out, is like seven seconds and it really lasted twenty four minutes. Yet people are winning the wonder of Yeti, yes, a shock you may have noticed- and I know you did because that personally used to relay information to us to bridge between the two of us. We can't stand when another really right. I told me that you told her that you already knew this. You following me so far, no and I think anyone else's either way Did this one year, we should go ahead and say that this is about carbon capture and storage and it seemed they familiar one hour's and that's because we did do this last July, but it was one of our little baby podcast when we first started with an like five,
the minutes, long something like that, and it really didn't do this topic justice and I gotta tell you. Hot dog, carbon capture and storage is cool enough in important enough to do twice. Yeah and dont worry folks running a start, rehashing things we have plenty of topics we had to cover, but we do want to do. This is run little green, sweet, kick exactly impress, you know the first one, just didn't quite don't usually when we do a package, these done right, yeah agree this one thing quite state. I still scurrying, we hadn't put the nail into the back of the head. Yet we're gonna die here. Part do yeah so chuck this one, is laden with stats. I was reading this article. I thought Chuck is going to go crazy, for this would give me the first step, but let's talk about co2 and the greenhouse effect right. Let's do ok, so we do have this layer of carbon dioxide. Now that allows sunlight to pass through and some do stay. It keeps bouncing back and forth which we need to assume
a whorehouse trees, wooden grow children wooden scare them play supported for photosynthesis right, so we do need it. What would happen if we didn't have this sad, this green layer surrounding the earth like a warm blanket Josh. If we greenhouse effect gaily our planet would be about minus twenty two degrees Fahrenheit, which is minus thirty degrees celsius. Fur friends, you don't use the imperial system, so it would be. A frozen planet, basically the area we would be around and say that, so we want the greenhouse effect. We want the stuff to come through into warm our earth. The problem is when enough of it. Doesnt gets bounce back into outer space. It's a little too one because the other exhilaration we don't have a stand on that. But, as you can tell somerset- a little hotter and I'm sweating a lot more. We do have a step on it as far as it getting hotter, ok emissions, I'm sorry emissions increasing. I can admit that when a little side it-
from my nineteen. Seventy two thousand for the greenhouse gas emissions have increased. Seventy percent over that thirty four year period, right there. There is actually plenty of different greenhouse gases. You got like nitrous oxide methane, even water vapor. Technically a greenhouse gas. I didn't realize it here. So all this stuff can combining traps in the sun's heat, but worst among them, as far as what we're doing to contribute with Michael Projecting contribution here is carbon dioxide, because between that same period, would you say to nineteen? Seventy two thousand foreigner our carbon dioxide emissions grew eighty percent, yet that's that significant year, close to doubling lets a lot right. When you remember the clerk hydro fluorocarbons, I think, is what they're called yes, the cfcs
lower carbon than they were in aerosol sprays? In like everybody's? They go God. You know it's everything's going to end in that we just got rid of aerosols, you're kind of we need to figure out a way to do that with carbon dioxide emissions to well. We kind of our yet in what it Well, that's what we're talking about again ravages carbon capture and fortunately, storage because Catherine, Carbon Emmy none easy, but would you do it what's important, sure yeah we naturally and put in the backyard sure when we put a very deep in the back yard, you could not go get that nice for sharing. So let's talk about trapping carbon dioxide. Firstly, the capture part of carbon capture and storage which, if you want to look green savvy in front Frances, toss out ccs and out Ccs, we'll be wowed yeah. We they should be for while just do what you and I the year at least no capturing carbon
Oh yeah, we ve been doing that for wild, because the oil and gas industries do that they have been doing that for decades to enhance oil and gas recovery right begin, No one can you tapping in oil reserves and all the deposit in the earth is actually there's a ton of gas is holding its doubts pressurize actually right. So the stuff is not really easily, but as the gases that are holding this their pressurizing, this underground cavern escape into the atmosphere. It becomes harder and harder to get the oil out, so they figured out tat if you pump seo two into these half depleted deposits, every pressure rises it and it makes the oil easier. To get out right side of that becomes a more environmentally friendly use, which is capturing carbon from mother earth. In any the more so since we're already uses the oil companies already using see pressure. I see oh two to four in here
recovery is already. A network is system of pipelines and stuff in in in an hour, infrastructure. How other word infrastructure within this idea to its very comforting? It is its basic somebody's in charge of it. So what will I'm getting ahead of myself? That's the at this part of the storage rootless. Talking about Capture Josh. There are three main step two ccs, and that is the trapping of the carbon, the separating us here too from other gases and then transporting it to a place where you can store it away from atmosphere right. Actually, strangely enough, there's three methods that we ve come up with for doing this threes writer you ve got you love that don't it? How do you get post combustion, re combustion and oxy fuel combustion bright down? Brother, ok, well, breakdown post combustion. Exactly what it sounds like say: you ve got a coal fired power plants calls
super dirty, even clean calls very dirty might if you can figure out a way to trap that Co2, that's escaping from the flu then, all of a sudden, you ve just captured carbon right right. I'm one way to do it is to introduce some sort of like gel or compound. There's some. I know George Text working on one called hyper branched amino silica. Look at you! you weren't even reading. I wasn't very impressive. It's not even in this article power, my brain is malicious. Nowhere in actually, I guess it because it's so hyper branched traps, carbon dioxide molecules and actually walks into him said the silk. It's kind of sandy What is a filter? It does, but you know, is so some flew gases get out when the carbon dioxide desert in the cool thing is is like it just sits. There is traps until its heated again right,
and if you heated in there under the right circumstances, you can capture just the co2 uncompress it in and get rid of it. That's one example array of posts combustion that the key to post combustion is your already burning fossil fuels and your capturing is much co2. She came before it escapes into that. This fear. Smokestack right, one thing I notice in that, were you said when she heated again: it leaves behind the concentrated co2, but it releases water. Vapor. Is I wonder if that water vapor is part of the well, then it seems like get water. Vapor is again it's a greenhouse gas, but also a flu gas, which is a mixture of a whole bunch of stuff there that that comes out of a burning, fossil fuel right again we're after the sea of two. But is he
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It free digital books and discounts on gift, rap and other products, love books of the perfect gift for all occasions, or just because so right now you can check out love books. By going to love book online dotcom, Slash crush, you will receive a special twenty percent discount, that is it love book online, dotcom, slash crush so wanted. You preach, She s or when it. This is when the carbon is carbon is trapped, I'm sorry, carbon dioxide- I guess I should say, is trapped before the fossil fuel is burned so before its deluded with other flew gases, is when you, when you catch up we combustion ports burned but apparently took what you do. You actually heat whatever fossil fuel you're using in the presence of pure oxygen, and you get this other this Brandt, this clearly different thing, a carbon monoxide and hydrogen right right, and then you
through a catalytic converter, and it produces more hygiene, which is good, because you can actually reuse that for energy too, maybe even power. This whole process right, and then you get carbon dioxide is well and then you Put him in a flask with a chemical called a mean: and the aim actually holds the ceo to downright sit on top of right and then eventually, you can extract the aiming and the hydrogen reuse the aiming and trap the ceo to write. A kind of a lot. It does a wonder, forgetting gonna get equal, sound effects, liquor distillery there would be virtually every super cool and if we did yet introduced here, yeah Jerry's, ignoring its right now. Secondly, that might not have been so that it is a lot pre combustion is it. Big process yeah it's already in use actually for natural gas. They ve already been using it
The thing is: is its in use in a brand new power plant, the good thing about post combustion is, you can run around the country and retrofit old power plant That's going to capture carbon dioxide, pre combustion, you pretty. The building is your building a new power plant and its also super expensive. While you that's a lot of energy, what precondition yeah oh yeah. I'm not photos, lowering costs. Is it the process is lowering costs, but I think it's more expensive because it's not a retrofit right, but it also its higher in the cost of energy that it uses to focus process. From what I understand, I asked him dollars: Buddy: hey: do you still get energy, somehow pain our pay later right right and then the last one is actually feel right. Oxy falcon! No, that's the power plant burns, fossil fuel, oxygen in this then a gas mixture comprised of steam and in carbon dioxide
The steam in co2 or separated, when you call it and compressed aghast stream right so Have you have your an author? these capture between eighty and ninety percent of the carbon dioxide. That's escaping having oxy feels a mouse actually feels it like ninety percent, yet tapping alimony. So those are pretty much the three competing ways to capture carbon dioxide news right now and it seems like route, about power plants alot. Those are definitely the focus of carbon capture right now, right, you know their huge emitters of carbon dioxide liquor, there's a as think a southern company plant in Juliet Georgia and it emits more carbon dioxide in the end your power infrastructure, Brazil really, which seems a little lopsided, because you just blog about Brazil. Recently, a sugar cane biofuel yellow string today in their very very energy, independent thanks to the cellular, sick ethanol that they may come true
right so that they can go a little rough citing comparison but still write, one power plant shouldn't be putting out. You know more co2 than any country, ensure you think right, but that less at countries tiny, like maybe vatican City Country did. I walked around Vatican City, one time by accident. Well, I was my friend Breton, our he may Canada. While we are on the wrong side of of where we need to be- and we thought well will distort or on this wall here, and I think it will be quicker and at hilcrest, her walking around the country and you come face it- so the Pope images like were now learn you do it took forever. It was much much longer walk than anticipated, and now I realize it's a country's economics. It doesn't make sense. It does get complacent. I've heard moving on, yes. So now, just what we have is captured carbon. We got a whole lot, carbon dioxide. What do we do with the chuck? Well, you need to transport at first before we can start how, through a pipeline, I heard
how about their right? That's a good thing as infrastructures in place, and I think there is another that there's more than fifteen hundred miles of co2 pipelines already place here and this I say technically, it's not like consider that the oil pipelines, no kind of thing gesture and then actually, I was talking about a lopsided figure with the southern company plant in Brazil. You know see or to pipeline safety as far as fatalities, accidents, girl rise, really low compared to like natural gas in in hazardous materials pipeline. I think to the tune of arm. I've got stats. I can't allow you know they do not want these are. Definitely you get that we're talking, he's a death static, we're talking, but nineteen, eighty six in two thousand six hundred and twelve zero two pipeline lakes with no Greece and none of yet none
same period. More than five thousand accidents with an hundred seven fatalities with liquid petroleum plans, so whoop its annex ii or to paper the boy safer, but is a lot fewer yeah and are you friend, Debbie rancor thinks that these things are. These actions are probably increases. The ceo to pipeline infrastructure increases in breadth right and we should say, Debbie wrote this. We didn't discharge about this endeavour. Throughout her opinion, Crack Debbie wrote this autumn, her formal trains and peace. Ethics Right Debbie, a free girl that come close there. Her nice are you're just plug happier too. I think just for time's should plug audio book. I mean you know spoken word out of here They never gonna. Get that right there in front of a they'll, never be the first thing. I call them. So now we have been in the pipeline and
your transporting it where it needs to go, which depends on where you pick it up and where it needs to be forwarded to travelling is pretty soon. Right, but also we should probably senators different. You could transport zero to three different ways. I asked liquid and sound. Right in the most efficient is: is gas right, yeah yeah? Of course, I'm solid. To actually is dry ice. Jeddah yeah, I didn't sadly, and is not a cost effective transport as a solid, obviously and gas is easier because you can compressive with these are yet these compressors can push it through the pipeline with every so often compressors and where you shoot near to them as well, shooting into the storage area chuck their yeah, which depends on what storage you're gonna use were concerned, guinea is nor kindly worries I mean there's only to undergo an underwater right right or can do I want to use what can do you want to use it? Chuck king the world in somebody says what this is about Ccs. You say I decree that we're going
your underground underground are nice, though the ocean thing worries me a little bit. They don't worry me a little bit actually, but yet, let's start with underground. Ok, let's do underground Josh. There are some estimates. If you want another step, you're right, this is Chuck force that the planet can store. Ten trillion times this year to underground, which is a hundred years of storage of all human anthropogenic carbon country bright with sounds good, but this the very long hundred you know but consider this. I was actually when I wrote that the article can wiess barrier c, o two problem under the ocean, I think, is what it was gone. There's no telling what kind of technology we're going to have. We could conceivably Erika point. Take that track carbon dioxide and exert tons of force incurring make synthetic patrol
out of here now said the hundred years, a really long time, the kind of technological advances we venture. We ve been undertaking in the last hundred years right you anything about nineteen, nine and what it was like them. I don't like to compare to now: let's syphilis, sure so, yeah that's underground its pressurize when it set deep underground and behave? Well, I got a liquid than a gas one is set for underground. Is it like seats and other little cracks and poorest rocks, which is a good thing right and actually the there there's a specific rock that they found much really well for carbon George, and that is basal with this volcanic Arkwright yea and they just inject is what is it they inject gaseous classified co2 supplied yeah. I think so. Are they injected directly into the rock and actually the rock transforms from bases in the limestone? Yet pretty cool
converted into Iraq so basically like regular, like a young for accelerated geological process going, but Read there. I thought well, it's great what a great idea is due to run around injecting all the bases in the world with Co2 will be set, it would have a big limestone planet and then again I thought we really don't know what we're tinkering with here right like what what happens if we have too much limestone on the planet week. We can't say we don't know like this. I can't tell almost I hate to admit this, but I can't tell if this kind of tinkering may actually result in much more hence traffic consequences than just going the way we're going in trying to go with biofuels. You never know I you know a lot of the end of the world movies, where it shows like the future how mankind has wiped out the little?
though, used to turn the story was we were trying to do something great discovered something without was great, but it turned out to be some irrevocable le change that lead to our demise. You talking Soil agree, of course, well yeah, just a lot of movies like that, but that's a great point actually suddenly greens a great example there are some really good in that. Might lint lit liter undoing water world greatest ever made a definitely maybe really yeah. What do they have to do with? This is highly post apocalyptic. Ok, I see that I thought it was a you haven't, seen it those who cheesy romance. It starts out like that and the twisted the end is mind. Boggling back it here that the road warrior so go ahead, check returned underground, or are we done with that? Part now we're almost done. What happens is their studying all that right now? So your fears hopefully can be dismissed because look and see what
result will be sure and as far as it goes, I think, the oldest underground yo to storage site is actually under the sea floor in Norway, it's only is always ninety ninety six right and as an area not an accident or anything, but it still it's only thirteen years old, baby yeah. So me what happens in fifty years. Eight hundred years, exactly a network dinner. I knew then their word about it to family. We definitely have to do something, but I I don't know I'm just a little has to agree, but we also want the ocean They also by the ocean. I'm I'm with you, I'm much more trap it about the ocean storage in that. There's again, I wrote an article code. Can we bury our co2 problem in the ocean and in that article, there's this guy? Who can these the idea of having these pipelines pomp, liquefied gas fibres, liquefied seo to directly in the enormous bags yea ocean other tried at the abysmal, plain yeah? I did
not a bit more plainly Bissell disappear, but I imagine it of any abysmal down there yet yeah down on the vessel plain right and It's a pretty good idea. The problem is that these huge norman- I can only store, I think, a day here, ten worth of Carbon dioxide captured the bailout bags it'd, be a lot of banks and the end up really quick in any one of em ruptured. We don't know what happened but apparently, for a little more investigation. If we bury this stuff or but in the ocean deep enough, which is to the tune of about eleven thousand five hundred feet thirty five hundred metres ice, then we could just let it go and hope for the best of the incredibly low pressure and temperatures will basically glove a five year. Compressor is be floating around, classified like a terrible, terrible idea,
yeah it with any kind of cloud added I may have as a human being and upon castor. I would like to hear now say that I think just dumping captured carbon dioxide into the ocean is one of the worst ideas I've heard this year, yeah and Greenpeace hidden while about the now, and they set aside even their fees until at least the year, twenty thirty it's a new year and you want to keep growing your team, but you need the right tools to help, keep you or hiring streamlined inefficient, and that is where zip recruiter, dot com, slash stuff comes in the throat. Recruiter, send your job to over one hundred of the webs leading job boards, but they don't stop there with their power
matching technology. They actually scan thousands of resuming define people with the right experience and invite them to apply to your job, zipper, critter, so effective for come four out of five employers who post on Super cruder, get equality candidate. Through this within the first day. Man, you can we save a lot of time if your hiring and right now listeners contrive zipper greater for free at zip, recruiter, dot, com, slash stuff, zip, recruiter, dot, com, Slash S, t you F, F, zip router. These smartest wait a higher, so in mean at I have to say there were exploring things like that. You're a good, but you know much better. If we had electric cars powered by solar energy right rather than just thinking of different ways to keep using fossil,
over and over and over right. Now, that's a good point unnoticed, Greenpeace's kind of not to have on the sea there, and I agree with them as well. I think that we basically have to suffer like this really distract us from making hard decisions in hard choices. This is easy. We get it like art I don't change at all. It is the power companies need to go retrofit they're, all them their old flues right with the discovery of some sort and but for us to have a the cars, would have biofuels are going to pay more gallon. That can ring so it does affect us. So people are paying that much attention to write They are the same as the pilots right technology. The minute in its very viable, and it's going on now still right hopefully works again. It will be done on a lot of friends and they'll be multiple solution. You know. My favorite idea was, but did you read it sidebar about the company sky mine. I did not ok the sky
and has figured out a way where they just take sequestered carbon dioxide and they inject it. With salt water, sodium hydroxide right now, and if it creates, a reaction that forms baking soda. Oh really, that's it can baking says for everything. It is everything I just think. That's the greatest idea ever promises we'd have massive baking soda stores for ending the baking soda in which I'm heavily invested with the bottom out you're. So I mean I like it as an idea of a financially it with such from a right. No fridge would ever think again. Now we ve found will make fridges out of baking certain without much later. Yet you know if they can make a suitcase ETA cocaine. They can play, make a refrigerator. Baking said the operative word: is they there, but getting there the water or quick, your time that leaking co2 from the ocean member oh exploding lake podcast yeah, that's it
An example is the baby coming up to the waters that could happen like knives and we should also prevention carbon sink yet, which is a phenomenon that the the ocean actually does absorb co2 from atmosphere already and what happens now is its sinking to the bottom, ideally, but some oceans, like the southern ocean of soaked of so much that it's not soaking it down to the bottom anymore, not sinking, it's gonna, staying on top right, and that makes a Waterbury acidic, which is not good for a fisheries know which is again like nice. We have no idea what happened in the brain like Paul, because they were exploded in two trillions of pieces right. That's tat account. So little troublesome I mean captain carbon. This is good thing, storing it little more dodgy yeah and we will see what happens. We're gonna screw up this planet, one way or another sure most will make a quick like in just a huge massive eruption of co2 into the atmosphere that takes us all the death. That sounds encouraging shirt. What little
filtered out eventually in some strange new life for will eventually take over and screw it up later answer for your Brighton today I am just a shining light, so Chukka, I'm glad we do this again buddy. This was you. Once done until next time. You feel that carbon dioxide, what let's agree right now, we don't do carbon capture and storage again until that massive irruption takes place against the part. Three They haven't becoming not too soon. So you know, a time is for them is safer check. The plug are spoken word. Album shall go ahead of husbands along It was on economics. If I remember correctly share the stuff, you should know superstar guided economy, yet you combining your Itunes store for those rights for bucks somewhat. There remains the only five someone nice and again we get really good feedback. Anything like we did and it was a good experience,
so yeah, there's chuck plugging, are audio about this stuff. You should know superstar guide to the economy. I can't believe I remember the name and stop this programme safe, and that means that it is listener male time I took what he had first baby Compass head catchers met. I have, I am just gonna call shocking listener meal of Czech we're level under that lately. Here we had a fan. The road in that was struck by lightning yeah not just the ban but her dog too near, and she just cut off. Handily mention it because she was talking about on. She read it danish human combustion could because by lightning- and I was struck by lightning motherland- that's gonna be narrowed. It back, as I know you need anything, else here, because I like to read this on the air and I've never talk to. Anyone knew well yeah. So here It turns out of the side strike which were heard of
it struck about a half a block from me was incredibly bright and I was blinded for a few minutes afterwards. I was not back about six feet but still landed on my feet not back about six feet but still landed on my feet, and I couldn't hear for a good half hour, afterward the booming and crackling. Yet incredibly, quiet I can't hold explained the sound except to compare the sound you get when you skydive, which than me nervous about I'm still ago. Have you done a terrifying, I believe the rush of wind booms around you, but it's definitely still would agree with that similar sorted. Oh you're all hammered when you did in my research about lightning strikes and strike victims. I found it incredible that aside, strike can occur. Up to a mile away from something and you can still receive electrical charge.
Saw the lightning strike burden feel anything. So I assume that wasn't it wasn't it? on the day when Burn Mark showed up. I dont think I lost consciousness, blows totally rounded Spot where I was stand rooted are There wasn't for my dog. I would have continued stand there for you. I guess she was rooted was a frightened that she just took off running please let go so sort. And blindly after her to her house, owes an emotional blur for diesel afterwards, I consequently my dogs, black fur, is now very speckled with white hair, and, let me see coincides with another and now she had centres across her fingers and toes were burned blisters as far as long term damage she is
rebalance some messes with their inner ear, but her frontal lobes, fine sticking, neurological exams and psychological testing. He's fine, a normal. I consider yourself very lucky. I consider her very lucky to add. Is that is Hannah Tennessee very glad at a future? All ok I would strongly recommend that you play the Lotto is often as you can, so yeah, you wanna tell us any amazing, true stories about lightning shark attacks, far fight whatever You can send us a new email. On these is richer. You can send that to stuff hard cash house, the ports furthermore, on this and thousands of other topics, is it how stuff works out com.
Brought you by the reinvented two thousand twelve Camry? It's ready, you may say the seventh daughter again: reed mines conjure voices from the great I'll. Do all that, so you shall, from the creator of the control group, comes a new scripted, podcast I don't know why you have no right to put her in the seventh daughter out in episode available February. There listen on the eye heart radio, at apple pie, gas or wherever you get your mind, gas.
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