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2012-11-29 | 🔗

Entrances to the underworld have been places of wonder for eons, and humans have ventured into caves to sleep, hunt, create art and explore. Thanks to the hobby of caving, that tradition continues today. Bonus: Chuck discusses his caving experience.

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and see that I am sucker empty. No, no, not even we're not even such an authority square for daddy, so sad, maybe sucker and seized assuming our dna. He had I'm a sucker were empty. Yet to swear to be a sucker. That is a t. Shirt abetted is now number to the square shape number to the letter b or to squared too, with due to the second Paolo to Square, to be a sucker. How is it that you pretty? We reach the point where you say stuff and people make fishing is one of these? Are we're gonna hit rich awaiting quit this whole podcasting game
retire on a never fortune. Never will be rich old men podcasting still, if only patriarchy. You do. You know I think, come I remembered that you actually have done this before we were about to talk about. I have, and a year ago turned into yeah I'll, be offering my personal insightful and get. I was hoping to that's what I'm getting at you. He saw her this article enslave is called America's Ancient cave art too, and back in the late seventies. There were a couple of friends who worked for the? U S forestry service and I think Tennessee and they were running around dumb the forest and they found a cave and they started to explore it and they wanted to it, and they noticed like they're, all these weird
scratches on the wall, and when they looked a little closer like we could send a scratch. The snake, with horns and bird that light is tearing the head office. Something else in one of em luckily realise that these are all images associated with was called the South eastern ceremonial complex or more coolly name. The southern death called which sprung up around the South Eastern United States inexplicably about twelve hundred years and others like the somewhat with the author that article collar religious outbreak now that they have no idea where it came from. But the weird thing about this is that they do. These dumb drawings were completely preserved, like you could still smear the charcoal out there, and even though there were anywhere from five hundred than they found some others that are still exist. Thousand years old cheese and they're all
in this enormous elaborate caves system in the south is United States, specifically the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee here, but what most remarkable aside from their preservation, is that some of these are like a mile into the cave, while so Some of the Mississippi and people were running around why a mile into a cave to like leave this art- and it was perfectly preserve-
Go even almost every other trace of the some religious outbreak, the southern death cotton is gone and they called that's awesome. So I bring that because there is one of the big reasons that people go caving which ultimately is entering a cave. He wants. You walk into a cable ethics up one southern difficult, the original aim of the color of the band. Yet there was no change it, so I thought so much better. Yet great I mean it's one of the cruellest names anyone's ever come up with an it's an archaeological two. Yet so it's got academic, meaning as well. Right aside from the poor name change, I like the band yes Gibbon, I used to do you know like a minimal. Well I mean it's just that sort of represent like high school to me, an early college, this a hold up. Yes, I like it. I get. Phillydelphy plays a meter
I so speaking to you, I didn't get this out of the way. This that's another word for caving, but on their entire games bunker I think so, but covers dont really use that term alot visa derogatory, early yeah. I think that is the case. I'm trying to remember, because I went caving like you said my golden set up for the rest of the show with my former who was a fan of the show, formerly religious service. We don't talk anymore. I refused to acknowledge his present. Now he moved than the other way, the happier here. He looked cross street. None left the letter, my mailbox one day and the psyche did, I heard you mention it might have been after the biosphere speedily. Ology right, which will touch on it again said I make experienced, gave me my body with us: Thank you and you guys to you yeah. We were invited to really is our forests and it ended up being just me
the day came out like a sea cholera in the cold and were in Monday and Tuesday boy after I did it. I was like I'm so glad Emily. And you may and just didn't, come and habits. It is because we do not like the others. A good picture of your facebook were covered in mud. Yo oppose more pictures from this comes out. Ok, but I'm here such as we go. But the first thing I want to point out is that a cave can be a thing that you picture when you ve picture, which is like you're walking along and there's a big huge entrance that you're looking at you walk in, or in this case it can be a little hole in the ground yeah, which is when I walk byles like that, will that's where we're going in use idea as I really it's like a two foot, little hole in the ground yet likely come may be a place for Boxes live, yeah, he's not there till you get in their eyes like ok, you like that you get him out, but it is being aside from the most physically challenging thing. I've ever done when in the course of the year
It was very difficult, but you I mean you know, and I have a cave- is basically any opening from the surface below ground yeah into the earth right and down for the most part, when we think of a cave, it's part of some, they call it costs landscape, which is characterised by like seeing coals undergrown aquifers. Subterranean drainage caves, a cave system that support it. Technically colleague, cursed landscape, yeah. And what would you read that you can't take it for granted? But if you never really thought about it, I hadn't never thought about it. I was like we're: why are these caves even here right? You know someone didn't come in your card these out, no, but so natural processes to that right. Actually, I'm four main ways that caves are created here. Most waves are limestone caves and you get those when rainwater seats down through the soil, picks up
some see a few along the way and that forms carbonic acid, which is gonna week. It is, but if you, if you have come about carbonic acid present in the same area for e on yeah, it's going to eventually eat away at even stone yeah like limestone and that, basically, Happens: it's either collects there for a long time or is rushed in thereby rain. Yeah and corporation. Yes, what happens? It's erosion through abrasion. The this basically rainwater running over something long enough, it's gonna eroded, and that is how you get a cave one way, the other. Third, that's the main way. Yank you ve got extreme of else with chemical we're still pursuing realize. You knows, I think we talked about him in there. Are we all Martians episode,
We have an article on extreme files that have earmarked for us. Ok, that's pretty good. They are basically bacteria that live in thrive in toxic environments like places where nothing else lives right. High sulphur content are really high. Temperatures really really low temperatures to start, yet they are the only things that live there and they are starting to realise that they have a pretty big impact on cave formation, for example there some that, like to eat oil underground, I never,
and they even eat, and then they shoot ducks of sulphur gas right, and so I guess goes up enough in others. Get wants to do and it travels through the through groundwater, picks up oxygen and become sulphuric acid, and that really starts eat away caves, yet is probably more so, I think, than chronic yeah, which is you pollyanna look out for the sulphuric acid lake in a cage system. If you ever caving, I would say so this number two so you see caves, you'll, see a if you ever do see kayaking sovereign island, you might venture into a sea caves political. They are basically just why pounding away at these. He sighed cliffs to the point where they form caves, yeah, pretty easy near the Gypsy, the orphanage the gear multilateral.
No, do you ve not seen there? I almost watched at last week that is one of the best ghost movies ever made yeah. I was by myself and I wanted to watch something scary it how you that's it and I'd I'd searched on the internet for like, what's a really good scary movie, not some crappy, it's scary movie! and that was on the list and I ended up searching in researching for so long. I note that in much anything with sleep, you should have asked me org. Into the social media is like a year with those leaders and scary movies and got no conversation with you. And also in like a couple other people and ended up with this list of like great horror, movies and all of them now awesomely yeah you! Let me see that now, you'd like there was another one recommended by local authorities to it is like the spanish civil war era or Did you know that some com
So the one you talk about devils backbone. Yet I saw that one. That's ok compared to the orphanage it might as well have been like peace by her hair like pee wee now I mean as far as light fair. There is so much better watching it, then, in what has the devil to its very good? I think you like, I love you. I don't like good scarier, like all at the crappy saw like stuff. You know like shocking torture, porn crap. I like that couple sauce or it. So that's the third way they will get on the phone.
Is lava tubes. You know when lava comes up through a volcano in its shoots up, if the conditions are right, the outer part will cool more quickly than the creamy gooey middle yet, and that when that happens, that our shell will come together form this coherent crust and a step in the middle might fall back down right. You get yourself a tube you ever to love, and now, if, at the top of this, that the top caves inner crumbled, I'll send you have an entrance into the lava too, is now a cave because again caves any entry from the above ground to Hell. I imagine the lava two kids reprieve interesting to explore new but online stronger. While I'm in here and spent much time in Hawaii. If you did, I ll bet you be allowed to get to know your brother. I don't want you in the cave, you're, going to notice a couple of things straight away: stalactites instil AG might Saki, which is which man
feel like we have a golden opportunity to explain this to thousands and thousands and hundreds of thousands of people? It's very easy there's a lot of little ways. You can remember many millions of people still lack tight, and that is what the sea are the ones who hang down, and you can remember that by maybe hold on tight still, I typed they get a hold on a year because it's not still lag tight and still egg type or the leg. My and the latter might the lack tied, the of the sea and in slovak might with E g in an m. So that Stu, because you have C4 ceiling or g for ground, great, very justice or tea for top. If that helps you, we give you three ways to remember this. I don't think the rear became method up. This is so simple for a second, then I am sorry. We still lack tides, hang down, the lag might come up from the bottom of the earth.
LEO firms, which is a k formation and This happens when carbonic acid eat away at the time zone in search dripping the cow, mineral, yes, rainwater, yes, camera trickling in it'll just centuries and as it is, is depositing that calcite right yes drips down from the top, so it forms and then it will. You know not drip up that collect, inform up from the bottom, sometimes whale meat and form a column which is really cool headed. But these things grow at a rate of a core. To an inch per century. So you can't sit around and watches stalactites form made available. So the rainwater comes down in drift down and whatever depositor at the top going down is a delay. Tight strike any drift down under the ground and build the formation, the grocer towards the top? Yes, that's still lag might in. It usually find them together and
still I seen, is actually the greek derivative and means to drip real. So there you have it that's great, and they dimension out with these up, I had never seen them other Celia firms like fried eggs and bacon. Did you left these up? No, it's pretty need. It looks like a fright egg, it's the speaker for man. It's like a you know it's it's large and round and has a centre that's very round as well and then the bacon stuff. It looks like bacon strips it's like you know these little strip like formations that have a different color patterns and look like you know that the fatty part of the bacon, the media part- and it looks like finally to make- and I feel like I saw the friday- were before you probably have when I sort of like oh that's- it hit fried eggs and bake it see it has the name was it
the winner yet, and that this is proof that speed biologists are fun, loving people. So I, while you're in the cave, you probably going to run into certain kinds of animals and as freely ology love to do, they ve classify the things in categories right yeah. We talked about these in biosphere, ideology, right, creepy cave dwelling things. Yet if you ever her, the episode go check it out. It's all about caves and stuff living and Katy s really cool, but Thea Chocolate genes. The temporary visitors like a bare, maybe hibernating in a cave its they lived most of their life outside of the cave and coming for shelter, food or children. My partner then there's trouble of files. That means they love the drug to spend most of their life there, but they will come out some for food. Yet potent this famously lies in the cave.
Yet salamanders crickets their long legs, the here daddy long legs and other spiders, love them and then there's the traveller bites. The others, are ones who lived their entire lives within the dark side of the cave and usually they don't have eyes and apparently without exception. There are blind like the Prometheus salamander yeah. I remember that in those art plans our manner the tooth cave spider, which is in his creepy. Looking as a sound, I expected to see like you know something out of a like, be movie but also cigar, skinny spider. But if your name, something the tooth caves fighter who respect some like really scary, looking thing or something with glasses,
buck teeth. We have seen with the tooth cave beetle and are also blind vision, tramping all manner of little white creepy creatures. They like pigment because thinner need near likes grouping what we need that four and then I had this kind of stuck out to me the idea that is always the average annual temperature of the surface above a cave with the cave yeah. So if it's, the average temperature of the course of an entire year in the spot above a cave, is sixty five degrees, it always sixty five degrees in the Cape Natur other such no. So this distance, the temperatures in a cave or very, very stable by inner, depending on how how deep it is. Clearly you get to the centre of the earth the warmer it gets, so that has an effect and just like above ground with the sun warming. The surface differently
others, whether different amounts of heat in inside a cave cause were aware. We wouldn't recognises whether by actual whether itself, so this wrong. Yes, the weight stated always the average annual temperature yeah, but generally this year is usually very stable. It's very closely that power Finding now that there is actual whether that happens in a cave dislike there. We found at the seasons on the bottom of the sea right floor, like the it seems like the same thing ass, but does actually like seasons and changes that we don't. We didn't recognize his red. I think of it. That way, near caves, sometimes can be drying dusty guess it all depends on where you are in the country. The when I went to and like many case are wet and muddy
and I was not expecting that I was not expecting a lot of what I encountered. Actually really you weren't is where you prepared for a wet money. Oh yeah, I mean they. They tell me what to wear and we'll get and all that stuff, but am I just I don't know I thought- can be walking into a thing and then walking around sort of like the kid caves there. I can take the whole family too bright, but am yet wasn't like that at all, there was being dropped into a muddy, wet, cold hell and you looked like it to men the word yeah how'd, you like you're, really glad to be topside again. There was coming out, I'll say that, so why did you go? Why would anybody go with the lure of
leaving the unknown in the thrill of discovery higher. While it is true that that's what the articles says, but I don't mean to be glib- is very cool and way different down there, like you, get a sense that it is, it is not the same. Topside is. It is in the bowels of the earth very different place and very cold experience, YAP first hand and, as we mention there's a lot of a good opportunity for cave archaeology, because the climate and TIM during a cave is so stable things are things left in caves are really really well preserved, yeah and, in other their case were good place for ancient rituals and things, and they mention that the cave art in France yeah. Let's go. Have you seen the stuff holy cow? It's like it looks like art work painted on canvas some of it does it
like you know, to scratch, gave drawings like this stuff is really beautiful, yeah and they fell this in nineteen forty, they discover this in France from paleo living era, seventeen to twenty thousand years old and over two thousand figures drawn It's like for my understand, like the grandaddy of all cave, drawing scores. Yeah was here in France yeah I'm here in France. Here, and there is also another one culture survey cave in France and that's where we're not Herzog, cable, forgotten dreams is. Are you didn't? I watch anything that he's in the ordinary? Yes, he does seniority, he's a bad guy. I'm in the new bond now is the right now he's a bad guy, some movie coming up, and I was like that- it's brilliant yeah, like no one cent
we're diabolical, and foreigners up yeah, it's perfect Vienna! That's a good one to, I think they shot in three days, well disposed to be like really good I'll. Have your check that out of its very interesting because they figure out there there like why? Why would these idiots job bison with a legs was an eight legged bison back then, and somebody figured out if you look at it by by torch, why not electric charge but real fire torches? It move
It moves like add that a circle here, while this autumn yeah, I highly recommend you guys, go in Google image. These l S see a U Ex France and it's all over the place and what the alone show very siege uv vehicles is. He gave a forgotten dreams appearing I'm it's like cattle drawings granite, but I'm Vienna, it's better than you think you are considering their doing this on a cave twenty thousand years ago. Exactly ah, there's also biosphere ideology which we talked about at length, and we don't need a really didn't. You hear right goes into the virus, Billy algae absurd, but that's another reason. People go through caves, but ultimately, I think like the first sentence was the right one. It's like the thrill of discovery and yet are unknown. Yeah, there's a few people doing any actual caving in enough
he's out there. They, like you, got a pretty good shy to finding something that no one else has seen for ten thousand years or maybe ever near enough as critical covers two part of being a cave or speed. Biologists is being in the conservation and preservation. That's one thing. I learned from my buddy Eric and his friend there. There were like casual spelunkers that were in their clearly didn't know what they were doing. Weren't dress for it didn't have the proper equipment and, of course, these guys her dislike. These are the people they get us in trouble or that get in trouble that we need to come help right, get out of trouble. But I think serious capers are uniformly way into,
preserving the cave to like they don't use ago cave in, like our school, like they're all into the meetings in the preservation. Why doesn't do the volunteer for search and rescue and stuff like that, like they really get into it yet some casual affair? Knowing I that that the idea actually extend to urban the linking or urban exploration near where guard yeah, where you um, you enter something like a sewer system or an abandoned buildings, or something like that. But you one of the big rules is like you can't break in inner. You can inner. Somebody else is already like at all in the chamber: fancy right through the hall. You can cut the whole yourself. You don't take anything right, you, u preserve the place exactly the way it was, and we actually have. I think, with a new article on the site, does awesome ten top ten cities for urban exploration area if they got all these attractions of like where to go in the city and local out what to exports vertical or frightened
catacombs and our really popular yeah, and I did a little bit of that and forty per annum for Pickens and Pensacola other for picking catacombs, while the Fort Pickens battery. Those like me in a civil war battery, oh yeah, yeah, and am I think, it's all blocked off now, but at the time like the metal bars were bent enough where you get through and me my brother, my brother in law like may torches and like went through the
where'd, you find you know stuff written on the walls like from the civil war and then stuff written on the walls, clearly more modern in nature, but just graffiti and stuff and beer cans, but it was his knee walkin around fiscal. Ah, what else chuck how to get started? I guess if this podcast tickles your fancy, then we may want to know how to get into this. Yet alot of people might be into the very easy guided you walk in and you walk around type of experience. Take the kids there's nothing wrong with it. You can learn a lot. You know it's not a cop out, I Carlsbad cab like the road thirsty once a great yeah. Have you been there? I haven't been. There have been two Ruby false. You mean I went ribby false nice. What yeah there's plenty of people running was very well let s safe here and there, but it was so also giving the false yeah I mean like it was grey areas.
Well, I think part of the reason they were. I appreciated some specific. I took it for what it was. It was like this is tourism yeah, but it's also very core. I mean you're walking, underneath a fault line in the earth yeah. It's really kind of you can tell tee shirts afterward but is still very cool to be an exactly So you can do that injuries like really picturesquely ones in still get a nice experience or you can get a guided tour for, You know a little more intense experience has been cause they can get size is slowly, is red carpet everywhere. Yes, couches everything
chair, but they dimension is article. The kids are great to taking a case. I love that kind of stuff obviously want to keep an eye on because it's pretty easy get lost in their yeah, but these at these big major attractions. They take the tick area in a bright during which a kid often look at this hour Maynard yeah and you ve got a guide for the guided tour. Yet even self editors, it's usually like paved, were clearly marked trail like you and you're gonna have a lot of trouble getting lost if you get off this trail here. If you stay on the trail, I sitting here, aren't you a concert in a cave one time, real yeah Tennessee? They was unable at something ever since I can remember now, but it was the silver juice play their last show ever in this cave, oh yeah, and they have regular shows there like usually like blue grass and stuff, but its awesome. Like you, you know you park in this big field and then it's one of these, were you walk into a huge opening and there's big paths
You know you walk like probably half a mile done in there and then it opens up to this huge open room and there's a stage in their lights in IRAN is called really cool experience only with the green rooms, like they're, probably brown, to sit on the rock on bringing some shrimp yeah. It's really very cool show that might pose pictures of that. Ok! Well, it's going be a picture of any other hello, stuffy Chanel listeners. Do you want a new year's resolution? That's easy to keep yes resolve to help protect your identity and personal info with lifelike identity theft, protection, lifelong alert, you to potential threats, to your identity, and they see more, though what you can see by just monitoring your own credit like your info on the dark web and that's a big deal. Yeah, and if you have a problem lifelike, U S based restoration specialists, no, the steps to take to help resolve your case. After all,
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You bet I ve even erect diver. That doesn't mean you're a cave diver now caves ever is its own thing. Yeah and like it is very easy to die into, doesn't have seven people already died in a cave, diving incidents. Well now, while three of whom, in three different days three consecutive days info in three different incidents in March yeah. It's scary and asked Erika cycle why you know? What's the big deal he's like duties, you gotta be crazy to do it is like you are underground underwater and it's very easy to get lost in turned around, and you ve only got so much air. They say that to never like to try and exit with half a tank of air still yeah or whatever was not air. What is it it's compressed it ok
It is like an air mix, but its general air. Yet but there are you: don't wanna go below half a tank ever yes to scary, I'm sure and that he took me after we want gaping. He took me to the entry point for the cave, diving nearby and as this little probably you know, ten foot by ten foot whole little pool I didn't like infinitely the right it is like loud, so you can jump in disorder while around or theirs below that there is the tube right where you enter in it just seemed, like is scary thing ever right was a tank of air on your back. They could be punctured by anything here, because this knowledge is not the lack tight hanging down here is utterly frightening to me. That said, if you're in a cave, diving, you go through the certification in you, like our into that kind of thing. There's some awesome cave diving likes, you notice anything notary area and there's a place in
that I missed when returning the abandoned minds, podcast, there's a place called Volunteer Mine Missouri in it's an old wed mine that was in production filling a hundred years and they cause the down? In nineteen sixty and they didn't remove anything there's like magazines, all the stuff I was still sitting around and they flooded it with a billion gallons of Crystal clear water really and you can go Scooby dive. You can cave dive. This abandonment
while in see there's like an old movie theater down there we'll hit those mine cars. It's a camel invaders yards critical, that's awesome, yeah, but it's like the visibility of limitless. While I wonder that's slightly safer, I think it's pretty heavily guided tours go so if you're gonna start somewhere, though, probably could play soccer yeah, I saw a couple of days come out of the hole than the other capers know each other things like as they know my eyes, and there are like areas. Can you know these guys real nice, and then they turned round they like crazy here, also all the cave. We know each other because there are members of grottoes right. Yet a definite seems like a close knit community right, like they're all on each other, have each other's contact info, because you know
someone gets lost, they send out, you know like who can come and help basically right whose free, tomorrow, to come and find these idiots tomorrow, we're in trouble with its tomorrow, it's true, but that while Graciosa Caving, club right and there any legitimate caving club is sanctioned by the national speedily, illogical society and there's about two hundred caving clubs or grottoes in the? U S eyes the people. So if, if you remember of grotto, if you're cavern, where do some of the things that you you're, already ended as you like Amerika. What are we gonna do? What would I need to take when they well? You wanna take three forms of light in plenty, a backup batteries and take close sticks. Take the headlamp take lighters, even others would get wet. You know him back in the dry bag, but take many forms of light. You feel comfortable with, there's not less than three, and not only. I took like four or five: what is it smart?
and I knew I was gonna be fine, but I was just like you know it. I'm going into the depths of the earth, I want to have lots of light at my disposal right and you also have lots of batteries and actual bulbs for those lights. He answer the because the light- and you got your light- is the number one most important thing. When you're caving That's the number one most important piece of equipment, buddy Eric had carbide lamp, which you know back in the day, would like even car headlights in lights on the front of houses. What noise? A gas lamp, sometimes carbide, an old school capers, use these things in its base A chemical reaction burns acetylene gas, its created from reaction of calcium carbide with water. So he had this this pod that he carried on his belt that had carbide pellets in it and it would drip water down and create the gas and it fitted up through a tube connected to the
You know that the gas lamp and that he's wearing on his head as freely go, the other guy don't have one, but Eric was used it and the light that it gives us just really very illuminating. It's not like you know how incandescent light is too so specific, even if it's like a broad range, it's not like having flame right. So this is really want, like warns of the cave, it does actually warm it slightly, but just generally with light warmth rights just like that the cave was eliminated, not like a flashlight shining on something very cool and very durable. Like you take care of these things, they will finicky, but if you take care of him, you can have a MIKE your whole life thrust. Her new fangled, not very high school, were all thank
yeah. It's open and needest local Eric look like a cool guy with this to run out of hand and foot in the little lighter switch in Vila cook cooler than I did with Maya puzzle. Dick with Michael Stick. So you need light. You need light. You need a helmet enjoying your home to be certified by the union, international day, associations. Dopey me, yes, Jerry's, laughter, You want to help you I like in this is, if you you want to do it right like in safely we solve morons in thank Tops and George walking around crawling around in the inner. These guys are destroying their eyes, like those of the people to get hurt last night we had need ads and above adds, helmets is forsake the gear that was pretty much yet and that they have a rope and stuff just in case, and you want to address appropriately lawyer,
avoid cotton. Why you are wearing? Can you unaware, under layers of synthetics, yes, snake, less easily, they dry more quickly? Here I would imagine one all the other possible yeah, our one of those synthetic waking shirts Vienna, yet the work out shirts. Yet but you do you want to dress in layers because is called in their near, but you know you, you may raise your hurry here there you may get a little one makes my heart you're gonna get wet most likely. You can be in the dry, dusty cave the chances. Are you gonna get wet. There were times where we were, but to our chest in a crevice about two feet wide at your chest in water and its intimidating its I am far away from anybody and I got this water rises. I mean it didn't, but you know what it's raining. These things can happen pretty fast down there.
And so I mean we were literally soap to the bonus- are getting a swimming pool. And then you get out near covered. Might in your speech to climb things. It's like climbing a priest wall of stone am I am I supposed to really do this and they were like pushing me. My bible sort, embarrassing, like with me, if you like, a stuck pigott time, the only thing that made a better was the warm glow of the carbon, and then they had the pancakes in our it's, like you know, is I'm surprised, my body fit in this thing, and you had to go like thirty feet across this pancake or does it well, it's it's where there's a top rock in the bottom right now, so, basically you this I'll get to theirs. A foot of space to crawl through any weakening crawl you're like inching using ashore boy, I would have lost my mind. You would not have liked this pancake.
At the end. That's when I remembered thinking boy Josh would not have like this part, though it was uncle for me I went. I don't even have issues like you now closing spaces, but you feel like what, if the earth shifted in this thing to smash me yeah the course earthen ship like that. But I don't know it. Could I'm down there, I'm freaking out now and you made it the yet on sport
You aren't you survive without any food water. Are you sure you want enough to last your whole trip and then some disengaged, like you, want gloves on first aid kit, giant, here's my favorite part, so we are talking about how you like you: do you just preserve the environment exactly as it was found? This also means that you know I did poop there. You can put their but you gotta, poop and like a plastic container here that you can carry out with you, because you take your urine in your feces out of the cave with you. So you want a plastic bottle the p into and a
Good crush proof containers for painting I did not do. I wouldn't have proved that just like, like us on approving today Yet- and I was going down a few hours if you, if you can't hold your group a few hours, repression behaving that day, just put it off magically sit down there like vanity. Now I'm assured me the other times like movies at year, end of the awful here. If you have a cave map which you should have bring, if you copies put him in the blocks and amount to your friends to make sure everyone knows what's going on right and he also honour probably leave one at home with an Ex marks, the start of your rout sure an dumb while at least a suitcase safety. Doesn't it tat is a lot of precaution you should be taking before you said
yeah? I know what you're doing do not take it lightly is not like a hike that you can go on, so it's definitely different. You should go somewhat knows what they're doing at the very least a couple of people. Even better. They say not to go and really large groups near as you don't like. You could, leave someone behind easier. Yet, like forty six people right now is a good number and you're gonna put the slowest person at the front of the group that would have been me. Service cannot pushing them from behind, sometimes literally, and the reason lies because in their person doesn't get left behind. It makes the whole group sticking together and, if you're, into passive, regret
peer pressure, that's great! That's a great situation for everybody in your fine by me. That's what they kept anti you dont great body house like now. I know a guy. He also never ever Wanna go caving alone. I don't think there's a better sensitive and spoken by anybody, never go caving alone, get idea. If you do get lost, they say to stay put in it, it's better to stay put instead of moving around us. At least your where you last were night. You are where you last were well you're, where you said are going to be at least roughly if you're like goes out in your alone, start screaming at the top of the lights, and without someone comes in getting this, probably not a bad idea, but they say not to freak out yeah, I would definitely chemical noise, although you also don't to attract the descent hillbillies yeah, whatever those were
they were. They were mountain folk. You know a lot like love craft story, I was its eye camera you name of evaded, sir. There is a whole thing more that takes place in the alleghanies, maybe Adirondacks one in summer up their wares. This family there was like a mountain folk. Now came the inbreeding eventually moved underground, one of his best once use. We should do package on him. Ok, what a twisted mind, what we did the neck banana com
yeah, but which is due on his life. Ok, what made him take? Mr now, why we're out a real quick here dude I found a real legitimate physics paper or written by a legitimate physicist that explains how certain events in love, crafts, the called Kalulu, can be explained away by quantum physics, really yeah, specifically a gravitational lending,
to explain what to do is or no like what happened to this guy, who went mad and ride this crazy place, lady, when in stumbled upon in the South Pacific and then came back and wrote about it, there like laxity, wait a minute. What he's talking about is a quantum bubble while yeah it's pretty awesomeness like its. It gets in electing works out, math and formulas for explaining all this year nets, but the rest of it is really interesting, while yeah a camera. What is called better Polly look at the physics of the call to fill in internal bring in the Hague is a good one dozen. So what are some of the big problems? You gonna run into chuck side from getting lost running on a light at the firm. You write our concern in Europe,
and wet. Like, I said earlier, flooding of passages which I was worried about the whole time yet slipping following, I was looking all over the place. It's gonna happen in these muddy caves in China. Is the sort of slid and tried not to pick my face up off the rock, but I didn't get bunsen bruises I'll bet, and I was really saw the next day it was like mountain climbing, except under ground in the mountain, was slickin muddy. Yeah does basically can with alike rock climbing was not one of those in any way,
can stress that enough. It's not a straw. My bologna seems right any man. He is pretty bad but superfine, and what you said when you come out. Man is so weird once you ve been underground for that long. When you come out to the real world, everything's dislike hyper, color, fallen bright and just weird, like man, there's a whole different world down there that most people another nice highly encouraging. Just be careful, Yeah, I think that's good advice. Yearning out of here, always make sure that several people above ground nowhere- you ain't nobody, no one you expect to be back here and if somebody does get hurt, never leave their person alone right couple of people to stay with him. A couple of people, I figure topside. The people who go topside need to leave some of their supplies, enlightened, stuff and water back with the people who were hanging out with injured person, they need know exactly where the injure personnel.
So they can tell other people who can come, get em out right and they also need to remember to take the car keys with them ass. We can import, you d want to get all the way out their milk. Can you are mad, let the keys in their yeah outside and then, like you said If you ever get lost, you don't want to panic. You want to stay put. You want to rely on your plans, backup plan, which is letting a bunch of people know that you were supposed to have been home two hours ago weren't, the trade and other thousands of caves in- U S, many of which are very exportable. Just do your wrist beforehand. Those who knows what they're doing their more extreme caves around the world that are very cool, the look at once it you actually can skydive into or not tat. I but based jump into here boy that I can imagine skydiving and why I think I've seen em. I seen a video
people based jumping into this with certain data skull, Indra Rear. Yes, I think planet Earth Discovery show had that occur, that Russia is its wake up and then, like you, talk about the sinner days, does vehicle to just be careful that we said that enough. I think he can because, like you said when you get there, you realize you're just a bunch of dummies, no matter what that are ill prepared, local, zero. Again, on your before yeah hey. Do you like that Your taxes. Does anyone know? Well, here's the deal They're gonna, make it easier on? U H our blockers filing your own taxes online with eighteen hour block can be done. Super fast, dare I say Jeff, you dare say because it's true chuck
nor block online guys. You three simple process and you can connect future instantly with the tax expert for unlimited when you go wait? What is the Irish asking me absolutely agent? Our black attacks prose even screen share, so you can show them exactly where you're stuck that super handy everybody and the best part is you always know your price with age and our black no surprises, no hidden fees for a better deal. Better choose block, go to h, are block dotcom, slash, next time do that today it get started its better with blood. you want to learn more about keeping you can type hints belonging in. The search bar has therefore that come as PETE Al you anti. I envy Ill This article- and I said spelunkers, which means, of course, cyclist,
and of course, Pakistani Peter. We did a pizza gas and we got lots and lots and lots of feedback on then I knew that was going to be one of those who are ubiquitous. The people love to talk about- and this is from an I'm- probably gonna- put your name. Sorry buddy Nobby her. Yet and he said that he was under the pizza gas in, but he would drop some four. One on Pakistan. Originally from Orlando, but currently lives in Karachi for University and insecure. When you order pizza, you don't really order toppings, but you order a specific flavor, although, if you're at a pizza place, you can order specific toppings and build your own pizza is pizza Hut thousand, so they are a little less cooperative
for delivery, vainly Pakistan. So he said your peace will most likely have some form of chicken on it and then, of course, there is no ham, because it's a muslim country, pizza hut alone serves chicken ticker chicken, curry chicken for Gaeta Party, Chicken F can take up and the spice here the heater Sicilian dispel as well as well, the sea veggie charmer pepperoni in a couple of other different, be flavors offices. Instead of being taken in Pakistan, India, here's the kicker for me guys not only do they offer their usual stuff cross with the refugees they also serve. Dv seek kebab stuff crust. Yes, Papa, Johns away a woman's You said he said that the offer is a pizza with a crust stuffed with kebab with beef about that sounds like it.
Papa Johns or offers more traditional american pizza, many with their various pseudo italian names, including chicken Florentine minnows flavors impacts and a little more mainstream american. I wanted your serve chicken Tita, while something called golden feast or something to that effect which, as far as I know, involves corn, pineapple and probably chicken, along with the corporate giants, are plenty of local chains. Only generics are names, including pizza, place, pizza, point veto, California Pizza led the pizza The type of, unfortunately, my university Endormeur, located on the outskirts of town, that ideal neighbourhood to these places, usually don't deliver, but I suppose that's fine. I don't wanna hear as Pakistan has been taking very super ready, but did fails you up and you never leave hungry. I just had a fairly tasty contraption from Peter Point around five hours ago for dinner.
I can still feel it in my throat last summer. She did not go to bed in the morning sleep until the evening in order excess food, anyways leather, show lots of love. That is never said. I shall, I fear, they do say maybe said Saint abetted. Feed we'll find out, be her thanks. A lot Good luck with your studies in the pizza yeah, if you're in a foreign land annual listening to Us- and you have some four hundred and eleven, as Nobita pointed out to be her right. We want to hear from you want to hear about it from you. You can tweet to us that that's why I asked a podcast. You can join us on Facebook, dot, com, stuff. You should know
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