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How Champagne Works

2017-05-16 | 🔗

Sure we can all agree that champagne is probably the greatest thing humans have or ever will invent, but how much do we understand how it's made?

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Hey, you're, all remaining and me are excited to announce that we are releasing our own podcast series. One fanned interview the band in partnership with, I hardly make sure to follow on each week as we choose one family come hang back stage and ask us quests check out one fan to interview the ban on the our heart, radio, an apple pie CAS or wherever you get your party. Welcome to stop. You should know from Hausa for Stockholm pay and working under the podcast, I'm Josh dear clerk. Charles Jacques Prying, Jerry relayed to tell everyone listening very we ve done it before. Ok, what did they go
how to find on Facebook and find out, she doesn't actually exist. It's all just a plant fake facebook page that we ve created a now that she she is an actual plant that caused in the corner me. I'm worried about this one I'm gonna go and say it why you are worried about the wine one. For the same reasons, we didn't do the wine, when I noticed that what I have it out with exactly. Why is it seem real exactly for those reasons, totally five men, no one knows anything about young people, spitten lifetimes learning this stuff, yes, but we have a show, and everyone knows that we don't spend a lifetime learning about. When we talk about that, we just do your research and we try find the most interesting stuff to explain. Something works and other these with any but something where someone is like such huge like where such a big thing for so many people right, I just now.
A mess up pronunciation yards french. Such impact me right the impact of the vehicle, what's funny, always pronounced the area. So you following a grand tradition that it now, the drinker well. We are going to talk about champion slowly now, you're jumping I've loved champagne. Oh look! I love don't I mainly drink sparkling wine and really drink champagne itself, but for you article, maybe wanna drink. Some champagne were yellow Presidio, we'll cover show I dont really discriminate I do I don't drink any of you don't know. I don't like sparkling wine is not just not it's not for jackets. I gotcha love as they say, love it man, similarly love sand on California,
I will say one time at a party, though many years ago, like in the nineties, drink a lot of champagne, only champagne. This might be where you like him the only time I live? No, actually I felt like a twelve year old girl Wonderful, that's your problem. Champagne is meant to know, I mean so and now I see bubbly swine like I played hopscotch and like the gain of its terrible. I wish everyone I did everything. I don't mean it felt like a girl, those drinkin champagne. That's what I thought you Well, there's your problem champions on a girly drink, known, I'm sure. There's plenty of people out there who do you think that buddy, drink, pink, champagne, ETA. Your finger up at both by it grows, It is something the wash the pain yeah. It's it's not for me. I give you such a bad headache. The next day.
I didn't go to the well I'll. Have you know I've summit? If someone wants to tell me yeah, I won't go now, I'm not drink in that or you propose in pretty sweet. Champagne origin, the higher the sugar content in anything that the more of a hangover you're gonna have near one another while I love it, been ashamed on twice when I send on crews, once while big feet, fans ashamed on where's that hint hint it's out in NAM. Napa Nap Valley is fair, please tell him away and chained on an ancient on wine said: hey we're gonna open up something in California to catch said cool, because their terror is fear. We beat it. Why isn't anything to this? What I'm nervous about I'm nervous about getting it wrong, I'm nervous about coming across, like it's a complete jackass, sophisticated Vienna
I am not at all. I dislike champagne, no more now about champagne during this research will ass couple days than I ever had before. So I definitely don't put. My out, there is like a expert in any way shape or form. So that's called her vapor emails. Ten minutes caveats by Josh see those French a new pronounced, a great could eat, said Latin, Are you? Well? I guess, if you don't know anything about champagne, you might have noticed. So we already said both the words campaign and sparkling wine and dumb thinking. People probably know this, but some people may not. Spain is a region in France and technically you are always was to say champagne for sparkling wine if it comes from that region right. So all champagne that sparkling wine is sparkling wine. All sparkling wine is not champagne. That's right that. I think that simplifying
in champagne itself, the region is about hour and a half ninety minutes or so northeast to Paris or east. And the sum article points out that it's one of them visited regions of France, but I bet I bet they have their fair amount of years ago. I wager so sure, but maybe does not, as many had announced the south of France or other burgundy my old burgundy comes to mind for sure you apparently Chablis. I didn't realize that that was a wine growing regions do dead and the very famous a mad dog free now look night train so silly So this is so shame pain is a region is also a sparkling wine belly like he said. Look you can't make sparkling wine outside of this. This champagne region- and you can even make sparkling wine incited the champagne region and unless you're following a very strictly controlled process, with in this
particular region of France. You are not allowed anywhere in the world to call your sparkling wine champagne, its wits, what's come appellation at the election. Now that's a mountain range. Called a guy bludgeon trail a population day or control or air sea is what we're gonna call it, but it's basically the same thing with them. Bourbon here the United States right yeah, where you have to follow specific rule, and you have to make it within a specific region and the whole point is it's. You why just any schmo making something that similar to your product, were it not nearly as good? That's not to anywhere near the painstaking amount of process. Were that you're doing, Call it the same thing your call in it. You know. I do that yeah Have their chairs restricted, especially the French. In of it, then
your willy nilly about that that's their region, apparently there's something like eighty thousand acres, which I dont think is a lot and what are those cities? two main city are RAM and epinay, but. We even have a thing in here that says, if you say rather than Europe, an american city, sucker if you say Reims, ok, ram. I've seen we need rules is what they say and help me out That we got, I think uses are in some fans in France with our own By any other name, it is still champagne and those of the cities, and there are but three grapes that you can use to make champagne you can't just say that Musket Dine looks nice. They do here. Georgia is throwing a bottle and fermented PD put this humanitarian speeded up in the bottom. There are three and they are the pin Anwar grape, the shortening grape
and dumb petty pronounce, alas Pino among you, ok which is another dark, raper, a great or black great by things, what they call it. You have you ever talk to a room wine person and you don't know the lingo you're gonna be confused, quick when they say things like black grapes. Write me out what the heck is about. Great. But if you dig into you start to find that there's a lot of overlap in words, there's a lot of multiple terms that described the same thing by great regret, the same thing in a purple grape. Why not? If you say that you can get laughed out of never like the purple greatness Gerda thinkers weather, but short, nay, is of those three using only all white grape. So and you know people might none of this is the same with still wine, but You know, inside that black skin is white pop.
Yeah, depending on when you pick the grape here, so if you pick it early before as a chance to turn reddish can conceivably squeeze clear or white great. Use from red or black grapes. That's right, that's what's happening indicates campaign here, because if you look at it, you like why I mean this is this is clear this made from grapes We'll see later on, you have done Perignon to think but we should go and talk about that. I guess all this talk about champagne a little bit for first and then we'll get the dominance of the region. Itself is pretty ancient the first vineyards in champagne painted by the Romans who also mind shock in the area, and there is extensive, Cory's that are underground that have served as champagne sellers for generations the places them making wine. The region has been making wine fur millennia, bite
wasn't until about the sixteen seventeen hundreds when they really kind of took what was naturally occurring problem, which is carbon nation happening in their wine year and in went to town with it. They said, if you can't be them, join them so that they too this thing that was viewed as a flaw in their wine combination. Sparkling wine and figured out how to make it even more so in made it its own thing. Yet that dumb. Region. That chalk is very key to which end up getting, because it very reflective because its It is also reflects the sunlight from the ground back up to the leaves yet very unique region like an apparently it's like if you had stumbled upon that region today and our advanced wine making techniques and sparkling wine techniques, you probably wouldn't say hey. This is a great place to have event. Will you go Sacra bid, the soil is terrible
well, you might because its, I think, its little tougher to grow like this fine line between getting a successful harvest in that region? This makes it, I think, very special. Yet ass I come apparently live. Called short, wet growing Since an apparently That's where the original our clear. Why in champagne came from it was a freak of natural natural climate and natural, conditions, growing conditions right now, because as we'll see Second, fermentation is what creates the combination, and that would happen naturally, because they they would harvest the wine, make wine store it and then it will get cold. Oliver said MIKE early before, the fermentation process was dying right, so fermentation would basically stop.
Then there be allowed a sugar, a niece left in their wine hadn't fermented when they started it. So when spring came round again and things started warm up, a second fermentation process started: that's really what kicked off the bubbles yeah, but for a long time the people in in pain and the champagne region where tearing the hero. Does it in This is a sign that their wine was terrible to a poorly made and, like I said it wasn't until dawn, Perignon came along. Who did like it himself, but was wanted people who created a lot of the techniques that helped establish pain as these sparkling wine capital of the world. So you didn't care for it. No, he He didn't know he could he called it. Mad wine, I think, is what he calls a monk, though right gaze of Benedictine monk in the area and in an he was the seller master, which is, if you are, a seller master, you are in charge is far. Champagne goes with. Basically,
making the master bland the champagne reaching that Mugabe, Yes, the correct, and when you put it together, that's the assemblage right Drake, so dont Pernod must go in charge that for this Abbe here's a monkey at his name was Pierre Perignon. Dom is like malaria, no it's your a monkey, Benedictine Monk and down he was one of the ones who established a lot groundwork for creating, darkling, want creating champagne very interesting, like gum that point you would have sparkling wines in your seller, but they're using like wood and hemp two legs. These bottles. While Denmark, all that well, here bottles were very frequently explode, and sellers were very dangerous places to be because one one of these stoppers came out. It shoot across the room, had another bottle now, bottle suffered, not noticing you have a chain reaction of the
wooden stoppers like flying at your hair, bugs money Cartoon Pierre three stages are something right. So dont parent came up with the idea of using cork stoppers in thicker ink tight bottles, yet explicitly in the pressure you're holding him down with little rope muzzles. Now we use foil and wire yeah. What's it called a muzzle yeah muzzle there french word for it, but I cant find it my mother, that's somethin, like so he came over the both of you also was the first one to start blending wines from the region and as well about a few, that's the bases of shape Yeah. It's a bland, Champlain Champagne, as a blend of wine, a driver should take a break. What like yourself, I'm getting excited, did you want some champagne nope,
the world, yours the ball and are so can the new cap with a fresh perspective on culture in avail? Do you not just voted in a bail down in one city in this talk about this there? All eighty every owner is seventy away our treatment or social media, ok, areas of quality or whatever they think wipe out by any be misused. As I see it, a million pathway, Algerians my explained city and draw some a ray of light like dollar dollar alive my medicine and I started the like someone else. I know it's not right, but I really can't take when I feel what should I do even coupled with the key Ferrari things makes it. You check out on our brand childlike available now on the radio have on gas or whatever you get your podcast really
mean if you open a bottle of champagne, and here I would have a drink. A flute cousin, AIDS rude. Offered something to turn you knows about it by unless you're under twenty one and beat it might help me to relax a little bit that out really worried about this thing. You'd feel great we talk a little bit about this, pain method. Yes, What the french call The champagne was ok, the methods. Champagne was so this here, if they closer system, This is one reason why champagne is a bit more expensive or be a bit more expensive is because it there's There's a lot processes involved. There's not was still wine, but shampoo can it takes a step further its? time consuming in it sure their peoples hands and feet involved here, a lot of times.
And, like you said it is a start, making wine actually starts even further back. That search with growing a great That's right, but fermentation you know all winter fermented, of course, and that's the that's when It breaks down from the grape juice transcendent alcohol, delicious, delicious alcohol, and That is called wine in. Just like regular one still lying like he said, I guess we should caught regular Just still wise still on this basic. Why start with those grapes? In the case of campaign. They are pressed with human feet, which still happens. And I can't help but think about video still after all these years, related that poor, lady, chateau alone right. There was any Georgia air
their knew that there was a Georgia like morning Show Atlanta morning. So things like Fox live, or something like that. I just still here, I haven't seen it in years, but he did not know what we're talking about those of weather viral videos of this, sir, this Woman on location story about wine in Georgia and she was something on the wine and Ireland are applied form for some reason, tat. She fell out of the barrel, and hurt herself, but it's the flax use in very much heavy distract like new dimensions of pain. Yeah, as are the sounds of the woman made. I've never heard anything like it before sent me. Neither the I'm sure, she's, ok, yeah, that, I don't mind talking about it now, but I dont like she was in a maimed for life or anything I think I love Lucy two area very famous grapes, dumping seer, where she gets him like a great throwing fight with the lady
Listen, she was always getting into trouble. Energy as Studio where they found that show in time in California. Rather in Hollywood, yells gonna need one of the groups Once again, this is style of Lucy Studio New. It is whether it's alright where, where we feet feet, air, which is this wonderful old world, make that I didn't notice. I know you have to do that for campaign is discuss it so delicate. I think this part of it, but also they kind of shy away from machinery in the method. Champagne was really yes It's a traditional method, even if you look back at the history, why making champagne is very, relatively new talking. Sixteen. Seventeen hundred right they make an wine for many thousands of years right. So this is fairly new invention but
still invented at a time where you mainly use human labour for four things, So you have, if you have tended to preserve that as much as possible Well, you ve got your juice, your white juice Well, they put it stainless steel. That's unless Europe Super over, like as some people do use, would still barely a year later used for the for the initial fermentation, where you like you just making the basic wine year. You can you things? Yes, there. It sets for a long time for me become still wine and like we said this is just the first fermentation and then you move on the blending, which is where that Britain, seller master, comes in right. So if your seller master for a champagne house, you who are, unless yours very specific type of champagne house, where you actually make him from growing the great to the finished product right, probably going around the champagne region train.
Different. Champagnes indifferent wine. Still why India and you're coming up in your head. A blend of all these different wines and blind, as we said before, is convey and convey is it's just that it's a blend of wine- and it has mainly three different factors involved that you had to take any consideration of your the seller master right. Yes, if it vintage convey a vintage blend of wines, that using grapes there were all grown in the same year same growing season. Yet I imagine the seller masters and he said there tasting things until they are, but imagine they seller masters and champagne. Also cannon. Who exactly where I'm gonna go for most of these and they also we'd, know like well. If you guys have two thousand seven vintage wine like that, was a guy's a year a year or that It was kind of rough. It might take. A bad only adds to it. Some other two thousand nine grapes, I'm using two right there.
These people are walking around with their heads that kind of their level information put it all together, they they come up with these clever little blends in each plenty. A key again one. Things they can take. A new account is the vintage the years yet, like you said, If it's a vintage wine is just from the one year growing season. If it's not advantage, that means you. Your combining various years right and typically vintage ones, I think, tend to be more expensive. I get the impression that they tend to be a little more revered. They definitely take longer to mature, yet fermentation process is longer than the non vintage. And you'll see this on the label. It'll save vintage Euro settle, say: envy allotted time right, the to us, things for a seller master to take into account are the varietals near and the crew by Yeah see, are you so a crew of the sea
w or the sea. Are you d with an online over the year? Roha? Yes the crew. Is it's a vineyard? Basically, so you can have grapes, all from one vineyard from different years, indifferent rivals still be once called the single crew or you could mixture crews different vineyards grapes from two to four. To say yes, grand crew. You might have seen that before on a bottle. That's it. If you get and crew status than you're really cooking with my daddy, safe in the mid nineteen eighties, while initially there were only twelve villages that had a gun. Whose status and nineteen eighty five the expanded it. Seventeen five more villages and I'm not gonna tram, pronounced all those added to the list. And it says here that less than nine percent is incredibly low of all the vineyard land Landon campaign has a one hundred percent.
Frank rewriting right so again, eighty four thousand acres only percent of that is the operated basically the same this land is the primo land for growing champagne grapes here. So if you get grapes that are grown there by the people who really know what they're doing it's you pay through the nose for future so True, champagne, going to be pretty expensive, but there's a desert. Reason behind such as marketing and varietals to, like you, said, there's three grapes right. I just a story and on how you put him together. You can come up with a type of Cuba as well right, so blocked a blank means white of lights. That's me, with shared, nay grapes. Bogdan, though, are is made with just one of the other black grapes, either the penal Monet or the Pino. Nor that's right. But all those three things are factors together to create a specific, Cuvier,
Well, then you ve got your resident. You mentioned earlier, oh yeah, your pink wine or, as my friend Stacy calls it pink crack good stuff. She gets a whole that stuff watch out, yeah and that is why they did it the cowboys. You can do this. Sometimes you, if some of the skin for a little bit of time, but these days more or less you're gonna be adding a little bit of the red wine, penal law, red wine to convey I think that is still why that's different! If you leave groups on a little bit, you're gonna have pink campaign. If you act add red wine afterward. You can have realization and paint. What's the difference, says here: rosy is also known as pink champ. I seemed I know this worms answered, it gets confusing cause. Yet I think it different things from there sources, but I have seen a more multiple places where Add red wine that rosy in that keeping the grapes in his is pink champing interesting by
apparently there something like three million bottles of, Red wine are set aside every year, just to make rosea champagne what a waste man, I'm really, changing your mind about champagne. No you're not going to like the USA, for example, No, I mean she'll have that, but just still rosy there's also rosy with gas. That's not champagne! Yes, a little gas! It's it's kind of different yeah, not of anabolic stuff love. It in its allocated discriminate against wines either, but I'm definitely profession panes or sparkling wines over still wine, like any data, weak yeah, yeah, we're the opposite in more ways than one Are we at the river yet cause? Is my favorite part? So all we got the blind and waste
when she blended you have to put in bottles and one of the things chuck about the EO see this said, methods. Champagne was is once you in the bottle. It stays in there until the person who buys and drinks it takes it out. Yet you have keep it in the same bottle: yeah yeah! Why would you switch bottles? weird anyway, I'm while you'd. What do you use to wanted the candidate to get sediment out you, I just put in one bottle the reuse, the bottles who knows Do you want you put in the bottle? It's gotta stay in the bottle and after their initial Cuba splendid they'd put the bottle and they let it sit in depending on what kind of work is of its non vintage. It's gonna sit there for twelve months here for a total of a minimum of fifteen. If its vintage, it's gonna, sit there fur three years in this in the bottle right, and so at this point, you're gonna start
the bubbles. So you start that second fermentation process by sugar in east than you drop the temperature on your cooler about fifty to sixty which is cooler than the initial fermentation process in and well You can also do this in the tank like their different methods, but right that's it's called the Sharm met method. The tanks yeah, but I think the old world that is well cheesy case. Thanks, go use, bottle and everything all world is right. Term as oldish other say, old birthing old world mean something very specific. With wine I can see that I think it is Non California in Citys, where we get in trouble So this is a very slow fermentation process. The second one and dumb the yeast is, is living and dying in the cells or breaking apart in its miss, really
interesting process is going on inside? That bottle gets eating up all that sugar that you added in what is called the liquor. Ditch T Raj right. And when you have it in, and you had the used in the Easter like this is great. We're gonna leave your for generations e on by our time table. Look at all this delicious so that we can eat and they eat it and even they eat all of the sugar, and this fermentation process in what we're doing here now is recreating those that natural fluke of a condition where it will get Call them warm up again and at second fermentation process would start to make the ceo to say is happening here, but this is a very controlled version. Adventure so the uses eating it, like you, said their dying and breaking open, and so when you're drinking campaign part of what you're drinking are the the internal remnants of you cells that have spilled their contents into the champagne. That's why don't drink it, but
Also leave behind some stuff. You don't wanna drink, which are the cell structures and that creates with called sediment. It basically left over cellular structure of yeast cells, and you want to get that out here and that Sir, through a process called riddling- and I mention the riddler is my favorite person, in this process. It's a pretty thankless job to be the riddler. Is it I think, Oh, but you get a lot of free. Champagne. Well sure, that's thanks yeah, but it's very solitary and redundant area. Repetitive, so this riddler, the wine at this point is stored upside down at a seventy five degree angle- and that is allowing all this- are these dead YE cells to collect down near the the neck? They by hand. Go in every day in turn, these bottles one! Eighth of return: twenty Thou
and thirty thousand novels. I thought the forty thousand day, yet they do this by hand. They're. Just rotating these, I can't imagine doing this. I mean nice work. You get a really be dedicated to your craft if he had riddler and it takes about four six weeks of this this dedicated, and very fast processor. If you ever seen a river work- oh yeah, you know, but they have to remember that they turned the bottles, so they make a little talk mark on each one: thousand times, is already banned. They there. They're turning the bottle and, like you said, is turned up in an angle on the whole point of this. Is that you're slowly cause? You know, I am disturbed the champagne stone it still maturing right this is towards the end of that maturation phase, either that twelve months at thirty six month, minimum and you're turning it will you do he's kind of shaken the bottle, a little bit too you're trying to get the,
EAST cells. What's left of him to move towards the neck yeah right, The whole point, as is called maturing and the Liese, and the less I think, are what the the sediment is called, possibly or else what the yeah. I think that's what it is, and I think, and as it goes down in an accumulated the toward the front of the neck. You know one of the last steps called decorum gorge, Maud we're discouragement. Yes, were you ever do is instead a thing of sediment accumulated at the neck and you put it a nice bath. It's really amazing how they do this year what they used to have to do as they would pop open a bottle, decanted yeah filter it, and they would for back, so filter, because one of the things you know about champagne is very clear: now go several different clarification steps, but that would have been one of them. This is I think this one's way, cooler they put the neck in and
Beth assault iceberg. So you know it's really call cause. You know. Salt lowers the freezing point of ice water yeah in this that's gonna create a little yeast plug. So crowds of their toward the neck and they have to do then, is get. Plug out of their while maintaining the integrity of the rest of, why it's inside gay, like you're gonna, lose some champagne Indiana Perfect Proceed well yeah as part of the process is to loosen because then they add stuff back in right which will get to go by. So they remove. While it says in here the cork, but these days I think that in this one is, is a calf. When you travel gap bottle, can you deserve their overall bottle? Caps, Africa You know go on Youtube and look at riddler at work, and, check this out. It's pretty need like it's a fast process as well, Did you see the how it's made on that now? They they pop it out,
in a surprisingly small amount comes out, like I thought Believe you like Al Qaeda cheats, could be the most stressful job in the world, but a dangerous enough comes out farming over by its I get a tremendous amount and then they smell it make sure it's not the dude. I saw your put some over Iraq waxen like it wasn't foaming overt or maybe that's what I saw her that's what he was demanding catch him yeah pretty entered. So the rivers is doing this by hand. Khazars! You know carbon dioxide gas in there. This point. If that plug out and, like you said, you lose just a little bit. Then you add maybe we'll brandyball sugar little white wine back in to get the you know proper amount of liquid inside the bottle right, it's called the dosage liquor dose. I shall call it dosage as I did in my head, were like half of this year. Oh uh, minister, says well that's what
to watch videos, Jefferson, and then they put that final cork in place This one is gonna stay there until you uncorked it and they tightened. And with that wire, the as are not so great article went out. You can make into little chair and afterward here it's what people do right. In a letter that thing on there, because it like theirs if you're still building up in that thing right and they eventually thanks to a century. French pharmacists named entwine bore me. He came up with a vice to measure the sugar content and wine. So now they know exactly how much sugar to put into this. Campaign to raise the press brain one about five or six atmospheres pressure or about things. Sixty to seventy square per square inch of pressure in bottle of why how much
fifteen seventy, I think or fifty to ninety, but it's definitely five or six atmosphere the pressure yoga. Ninety ninety us, like gonna, average. Ok, so they know how much of that liqueur do dosage to put in their how much sugar back into raise the the atmosphere, backup and the other reason you wanna do that to chuck is when you're animus that sugar back in that year, stay all the sugar there was in and turn it into carbon dioxide. They put him for the second fermentation and when they did they made. The champagne, as dry abound in x so the amount of sugar is actually more than that. The iberian brute natural, while I call it a double expert, it's crazy dry! You I've, never had it, but I can only imagine how any that you are really. There's one where they don't put in the any toothache. I dont add any sugar afterward, so its boundaries
and that's just for people who really prefer that gives us, apparently the the extra brute is the least popular yeah. I can imagine- and I think I think that the best selling is so that route which is sort of in the middle of dry and sweet or I set or Demi SEC and then I think the last one is due deal. You x is the sweetest of all non brute yeah by brew, is drier than extra dry, which is kind of surprising, but have you ever it's pretty easy to pick up? If you just read it once or twice he like. Ok, that's that's how it, they noted, but all that is based on how much the size you put in after you disk, and gourd disgorge. The years engorge one these favorite words by there s a ban is this true about Madame Sequel,
from what I saw you. She was an entrepreneur famously in fact, she's called widow clique, woe times she's without at a very young age. Sadly, it and took over her husband's wine business and supposedly invented that disgorging process herself, which is miss gonna, simple when you look at it, but I would have to do it. Again I mean they were decanting, I'm back then filtering out so, and this is, I think, eighteen thirteen, when the widow Kaliko came up with it bout then, as win pain the drink took off, recent Frances are described very quickly around the world. Napoleon a lot to do that right. I think Napoleon did by World war. One Winston Churchill reminded everyone we're fighting the safe, just France
These were fighting to save champagne. Hurrah through taken not to break the picture. I we're gonna talk a little bit about what the fusses with this stuff after this Why do you travel to recover from heartbreak your dna to escape the internet. Of your rosati? I travelled for the four. Our lunch I'm darling whereby I travel for the ancient ruins and future relic. We, the globe, trotting founders of the beloved travel website fathom and our new podcast awaited to go. Exploring all the reasons we travel every episode,
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You know my friend Robbie is a kind of a rock star one maker, and never so right, yeah, it's pretty great easy psych. You live in a good life, I'm sure. In fact, he got in touch in point: does he want to start a wine pod gas? and we ve sorted email backing for There is never like you too, when advice and stuff If you want to start one with me, that would be where the spot Scotland like someone's super expert and you get a big dummy. I can't begin early. That's what that would have been an is like this is ripe for jokes. I would have been the Thomas Satan church to his policy Ahmadi, Are you talking about sideways? I thought your dinner about wings. For second, I would highlight only drink. It tastes good to me yeah and really be speeded up.
Figures do that. The aid is very talented and you know does quite well like making wine for other people, and he also has its own label, launch Van and pierce admire wines. Now my blog and when he got to his house and stay with them is awesome, guess house the top of how Mountain YE kit drunk on amazing, expensive wine, so fast that he opens like you're drinking that barrier. I'm sorry aerial knows Pellegrino. Oh excuse me! That's the italian version of area. It is it's like the legs, rumour Seko, what's the Monday supplementary is italian, is it sparkling right yeah? I guess per cent the Italian as well. I just remember that from when I was a kid martini and Rossiya ceased to what they have to make
as drilled in my brain martini in reality, which probably is like crap on us sparkling wine, isn't it, I don't know that it's I don't know I mean I think it's I think. That's probably gave your headache. That now the low and brow So around I don't know above and dug drink. Now that some sort of does it matter. I don't drink Morrison well as it were bats meals. Probably some Canadian here we're gonna get killed over this year. We are sorry honey. I write so, let's move on then to what may campaign, so are. Expensive and so fancy like as this. Is this notion, you know that you drink it for celebrations or that you're like sort of the upper crust of
eighty, if you're drinking champagne was supposedly there is an actual reason why champagne is associated with toasting the big events in life. Because for thousand years from about the ninth century to the nineteenth century, they had no champagne. The kings of France were coordinated in champagne. Like a celebration right town for them country, so hosting with even before the they were sparkling wines, yeah toasting with champagne. Wine was traditional, have you ever been in a restaurant and like it gotten good news, since it waiter Champagne Hassan, Has anyone ever done that. Besides in movies on. Maybe it's funny those watching I was watching Macartney ACT. It was. I was watching a movie and somebody else's see back on a flight
I wasn't hearing, I really just watching the movie right and I was like Imagine if you were in real life around Kathy Mokanna, hey like in a room with one of his characters in this house. Pudding and bizarre that experience would be I can just said he just choose the scenery in everything he does it just so big yeah he's that is in real life. If you are interacting with that, characterise be like calm down freaking me out while waters and was pretty chill yeah yeah. I can't let everybody since what it's pretty much boy, that's an interesting thing to think on a plane It hit me man, the plane. I think if I was in a restaurant, something great then I would say waiter another Jenin tonic and they would go policy you, God, Accept started, calling those lime salads at my house, nice, dear Emma, Jane and Tonic, now,
yeah. They usually happens round from April, oh yeah April, to you now I go on for you, I'm gin, Bitter lemon is in eyes. Combo, yeah, yeah, The problem is just like a fever tree drink. Here make em. They make a good one, but everybody from Canada dry to whoever else makes better lemon as well. So scared, give better lemon and some gin we should do it would never do it. I guess ungenerous. Some point very interesting liquor complex sure I got news for with a better lemon You wanna get really fancy get sums George, her terroir. None of them. You had the dry now you did you,
try the Terroir one based on the tastes like feet. No it's the dry. I've tried three of those Saint George's and, unlike any other them I don't want and dry guy why? you're still like to have better lemon, everyone else. It would like the Terroir Saint George, with better lemon. Everyone else on the planet, because, I figured out what was up at the dry you're. Absolutely right. You can't make a martini out of that stuff. Achillea, it's not me. For its made for things like the groanings and makes a killer and groaning there. It's really good, yeah a stick to my line, salad, you know, you know me and my basic needs to try the bitter lemon some time with Jim you, your joy one, it's fine but with with the bitter limb, instead a tonic, ok I'll, give it a try, and if I don't like it, then I'm just we're is everyone else in the world, loves it I'm nothing or that you said that
where in the world worry, so we are talking about what makes champagne so fancy yeah Well, like we said earlier it some that's very small region, comparatively speaking right, so that will lead to the price in all these. And processes that they so might user foot processes. It's a big one is gonna make it Spencer in any The prices being driven up It's gonna have that sort of air of sophistication. And then, of course, when the hip hop seen started using that lyrics in popping, campaign on the yacht and the videos some on a boat, that is the southern shore. Ok with I think I remember that who was one of those chains, but Africa Scotch. It was almost any Sandberg shorts now following who's, the other lil lowbrow. Now
his vow now really rose up bigger this idea that guy I have no idea who do Little- John, Jerry live in Aragon, John Emma But yes, it was a Andy Sandberg short yeah. I do you remember that but definitely come over solidified the sort of you now status, yeah sure, that's exactly the word I would. I would suggest needles already right, solidified, but definitely didn't hurt now, firstly in the states here with a whole new generation of people right right, Like the younger generation, it's like champagne only general these arguments, but then also little Johns, like yeah, got some champagne over relaunch the champagne and she was, I seriously keep doing it should so
That is the thing, though, is theirs sure reason behind campaign being more expensive than new typical. Why, but that doesn't mean that all pain or all darkling wines are like out of your price range. No, you may get some cheap sparkling wine mental headache! No, no! That's not true, you can get chant on wines for twenty bucks it's not going to give you a headache out about the six dollar stuff here, but twenty bucks if you're gonna spring for a decent bottle. Wiser, that's new year's eve sure why not that's when autistic? I took twenty bucks, will get your good bottle of decent champagne, is what you're saying yes, not bad or you can spend Hundreds of dollars, thousands tens, thousands at auction.
Like wine, if you want some super rare collectible one, and apparently a quarter of a million dollars for a bottle at the Moscow Writs Carlton, sign, sent me drink right. If you jack? Yes sure? But I mean If you have to be a jacket to spend a quarter of a million dollars on abolishing pain anyway, you better drink it frankly but champagne, you don't keep going you can you can, and so there is a lot of misunderstanding about right. So a lot of people think that you keep champagne standing up. You do for about the first month, but if you're keeping in a cellar, you want keep it on its side like any bottle of wine. You want, though, the wine touching the court, but the reason that champagne actually ages in the bottles just like wine, that that cork, they're pretty good, but it's not air tight, there's a minimal amount of gas exchange going on. So that the wine. The champagne continues to mature over the core five, ten, twenty thirty years, if you really, but if you keep it, they the key
champagne, apparently storing it is you to avoid temperature fluctuations, you're gonna keep at about the same temperature for the whole time you have. It starts ovarian your backyard sure, busily on its side. Deep then leave it there. Yet, and it will. Fine now the worms drank it. You'll be like worms very the frost line, and you keep it out. The sunlight too well underground but apparently as an age of never had old champagne, but as the ages, its taste search, the mellow it takes on dried fruit, nutty toasty honey notes. Like the main notes that it hits year, we had a bottle of Don Perignon. That was awful. When we opened a bit, we didn't it was every improper thing he could do We did so, including moving it in a hot truck him away to Atlanta. Moving truck
I mean we just don't drink it much so we just had it and we got. It is a gift. If that happens, you just put some fresh squeeze orange juice and their fight boom than you, gotta mammals, yeah other mammals. Occasionally as champagne and aren't you yeah, that's the key. But the words just well, I'm here I enjoy my most of more than just regular champagne. It's like a whole. It's definitely want to. Things is greater than the sum of its parts, the Vienna. I think I ever said shook the the those to a quarter of a million dollar dollar bottles. A champagne were from a shipwreck there headed to Russia to bring Champagne, the bazaars family and of the shipwreck they discovered it in the nineties, another selling it at the Ritz Carlton too. You say Jack. And I think that's when this, like a collectors, peace right, you like put your wall. That's enough! I don't know I don't
what you do with that, besides just drink and hope for the best. Should we talk about drinking it in the proper way to open it and to pour it just plain consume it, because If you, if you don't know what you're doing a new, Seen too many movies, you might try Kirk out across the room so dangerous. It is very dangerous and people get injured. Other deaths. I think I didn't see embers out like a urban legit. I would get nevertheless- and I could be wrong. I'm thinking if you died from getting here was a courtyard preexisting condition tat covered yonder, Obamacare, sure I guess we'll see, so you'll get about six flutes if your pouring properly out of the bottle of champagne, when a servant between forty and forty five degrees celsius That's very high right
if you are caught with your pants down at a party disco. Champagne it'll get out of it. You and you want to no it very quickly. You can put it in an ice bath and not to get out that use plug, but just to make it coal fast. Just like you would be or somethin is the neck. You mean not another bottle if you don't serve it near hot bottle of champagne in removing truck the nice bath for about twenty minutes, and you should be good to go yet a few others. A party tricky can do to where. If you purchased the neck in the ice bath, you can- was called the sabre. You can actually use anything. It seemed to me: do it on and video with a shoe. You don't have to freeze it if you're a good sabre yet, but you you can't What do you want the neck very, very cold, because you want the glass just crack off cleanly and what the deal is. If you ve ever seen someone it's called say, bridge.
We mentioned earlier that the champagne bottles very thick it's in there it about ninety PS, I wear the sea meets the lip it's about. Fifty percent less glass. So that's a vulnerable area and that Make savouring possible. And so you use the visa issue. I guess, if you're, in our view, that guy but there's traditional Sabres their air. They look like a little sword. They oil Soria, they decide ground to appoint or an edge there very blunt well does uterine blunt force and a weak point of the of the neck of the bottle, yeah, but you can use your like Sabre can be sharply disused at the other side of ok aren't per annum. I mean it's, it's pretty. The Duke S you're not like a thing for While I thought you were just start, knocking the cork outlets, it I thought as well, but you're you're you're
knocking the glass off the top, the top lip of the of the bottle is coming clean off. If you're doing it correctly and it It's that is also dangerous. If you don't know what you're doing, because that thing will fly in our fifteen twenty feet or more and as actual ass, for you, I do is have a sharpshooter handy to shoot it out of the sky before hurt anybody, the tray, We would stand behind you. That's the traditional way. How you really open it is, and this is even if your Just popping the cork you might like twist the cork off you want. It was the bottle that sort of the number one rule to open it cleanly and nine dangerously and without one Champagne, you know getting all over the place like when you open atomic bottle. Her so do anything fizzy.
But it was a guard traditions backstage. It's that you should know shows is Josh, opens atomic bombs get all of these everywhere and you go what's the deal with every single time because at somebody like salads it is, and I gotta go easy with astonished bottles. I do in its still supreme it's it's almost comical. Almost no, it's pretty funny so you're twisting. The bottle if you have to tell you, can hold it over the cork, but you really need it. Holding it with your hand and said bottle, but your thumb in the punt call it, which is at the the bottom of the bottle. The drive it near the point, the concave part, a point which has done in the past and then you ve got it open and you took the glass portance a little bit for a little bit more. I want about three quarters of a and put your pinky up and go to town yeah
I did a brain stuff, I'm with the best kind of glass for a sham as an apparently, the tulip is. The combination between the coop in the flute EU policy for the night it's not what you meant. The another fell to class using tulips, but apparently they allow for the most sparkle and if you if you have the same those coming up, the french call effervescence and if you a glass of champagne they use, is holding there in front of you when they buy up to the top they occur. Into a foam and is called moose. A shock alive. Moose married have secret area, but it's not that it's just moves right is what they call. A foam is another way to put it so they caught, and so actually, when you are creating the second fermentation process of champagne making with the men,
champagne was that it's called the he's the moves or the foam creation? Why in that way port slow to cause. If you get too fast, it's gonna get everywhere, like Atomic, then pour it three quarters full and toast and say Huzzah bizarre has, I think, is the traditional near thing you're supposed to say so you like champagne. Yet that's for me! That's why you're bad for me! I want the view. I know more about champagne, go get some meantime, you can take that word in the search bar house, the forced. I can't answer said search bar it's time for listener, mail order. You to call this one well getting the nomenclature correct we always strive to do and don't always do you guys? Let me start by saying had been listen. You show for two years now, much joy, laughter and knowledge to my life I know you're, always intentional, insensitive
the language we use on your show and while listening to the absurd, I notice something I've heard you say in the past I work in suicide prevention and hope the change culture and reduce the stigma around suicide. As you know, when the first depths of doing that is examining the language we use the phrase, suicide, very common. Of course, and has been used for a very long time, however, were commit, makes it sound criminal. This perpetuates the stigma, there's something bad a wrong with someone, who's expense It's in thoughts a suicide, making it less likely that they will reach and asked for help currency. Does either word died by suicide or completed suicide? alternative and more effectual term. Can foundation for suicide prevention. Great resource for more information and, of course, needed my own nonprofit? I work for not my kid dot, org appreciate everything you guys do please come the Phoenix and he will sell out to show their sincerely that Acerra testing
a hope, dealer, our steel and hope that a hangover ok yeah, and you know I never thought about that. But that is not true. True you have. Have, as we ve been called out on this before really yes, but I think we have indeed listener mail and it before, but it does so in green. I now they commit having completed to sounds like they finish their homework or something like that right by suicide, I could I can get behind that. I will try, but it's so hard, not to say committed what, though, if you're saying, if it hasn't happened near saying someone was going to a terrorist thinking, attempting suicide, ok, yeah. I think that with caution alright manner to know if cover this, I feel better that I still have gotten over that save here on an organic. This aim here, thanks food for colonists out hope, dealer created like Sarah keep deal, and I hope
if your transferability, that's what how to get hurt. If you want again such measures to correct this progress, whatever you can tweak suicide s way escape podcast, can hang out with me on Twitter. At a judge Clark you can, I will check on Facebook, it chose to reach a bright or slash. Stuffy should now you can send us both any mail and jerry to stuff Pakistan. Houses were stuck up and is always hanging out with us at our home on the web stuff. You should know dot com for more or less, and thousands of other topics has therefore accept com.
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