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2017-04-18 | 🔗

Sure, we're doing an episode on corsets. Why do you ask?

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I dont think America has ever gone back to the way that it was before the DC sniper. The gunman most likely assailed marksmen fired six times in the course of sixteen hours. The police say they have never had a crime. Quite like this. It is quite a mystery and then, as the DC sniper case, unfolded that terror boldly Ruth. This was the most intense me Hunt in american law enforcement. History, listen to monster DC sniper On the eye hard radioactive apple podcast, or wherever you get your fuckin welcome to you stop you should know from Hausa for Stockholm look into the park kissed unjust cord with Charles the view Charles Chocolate Jerry Jerome rolling, so it's
You should know Jerry were her swan built horse it today, as he looks like a shriek of nature, I'm nervous about this. One can go and say that don't be really I'm nervous, Here I am to relax. You check your beard, give you a little nap that didn't help make things yeah. This went on it now I mean the history and stuff is interesting, which I assume will talk to first, since we don't plan the stuff out show, but am You know we're all with live and let live thing, and I certainly have no problem with the lady or dude it wants to wear course it or anybody. Ok, what's wrong, but when I started reading about the visa, the Guinness Book, lady and I went to your website and wants the Youtube just kind of freaked me a little bit Kathy Yeah and we'll talk about it later, but it
cross aligned me too, like weird obsessions yet with physical appearance sure, but then I think about what am I going to condemn any one forget in all kinds of weird plastic surgery either? If that's your thing, I think that, as from people be happy now right, but I think that extreme lacing is one thing is call also while extremely sing, I think, is the general preferred termite tight, lacing, yeah yeah, it's a perfect example: of your harming nobody. This is strictly or body. It's you to do what you want with it have added here. But what? If it's in it like because men say that's the only way one will be attractive and like what's different, it's eleven and foot binding. That's me is sad and in its a am that's part of it, larger issue. You know I mean like if you're doing it, because you know the catch, a man's attention or something like that who knows where not pop psychologists- and I just always makes me
I did actually. I had a conversation with them, Holly from Mr History, Sohemus in history, class, she's, probably one of course. In her time yes and she actually defence course. It's too, because I thought well, it's like the the stern, equivalent, a body. She said. No, no, my friend, ok land. In reality in actuality, alot of thee a lot of these sexism, ok associated with four by that makes me feel a bit better and that call in reality, in truth in the ninety, centuries before were very much chosen to be worn by women for their own tastes. Sometimes at Thea despite your not despite, but I'm conch. What the with the men in their life might want, or desire? Ok, ok, so it's actually.
Certain necessarily a feminist article of clothing. Other Madonna certainly made a case for that. You're so did Vivian West Wind, but it's it's not as bad as your thinking. I think I do feel back. Do yeah get stoner here will make people feel bad. What people feel good, always we want if you'll go, that's my problem and we should say if you're wearing a course right now and it feels bad thing, I've seen in my research says you need to loosen that thing, because its supposed You hurt well yeah and I'm even Kathy, HU. I am again we will talk about, but she is again us record holder because she formed her waste into the size of a jar. Man is literally oh yeah downsize mayonnaise. They said the thing I had said in AIR jar, but anything has crept. Dismissing the photos on recital look: photoshopped Dante, but she's
all the advice she gave. Was you go slow, don't like, in our view, on a train your way. To be smaller right, which you can do. Don't you know die then in just start doing it dream, lacing right away, no there's into it, there's something called waste training and that's kind of aid, is not necessarily the ultimate goal, of course sitting which can be averted. But it is a kind of a parallel, a sub culture of the courts in culture and training is simply where you're, basically through the use of course it in pretty tight course. It's over a period of time, usually about a decade you're reshaping your body mechanically yeah right, you're, not actually losing weight, although a tight, fitting corset something like a gastric bypass surgery without the surgery, because you just can't put as much stuff
near stomach as normal picture, but the waste training itself is just it's a real keeping its actually making you lose weight for I saw what it's doing is taking inches out of the middle and sliding down the hips, and all this the hope point for courses from the beginning, of course, is to the world occurred, holding corset waste is too amplify existing female body features. Yes, that's the point The word comes from an old french word c, o r S, meaning body and here's the history, which other came three quarters the way through this article, if you go back in time, the way back machine to the days of ancient Crete, There were
and who I think, even before Crete, there were women I'd ropes around their waste to make their waistline look slimmer, accentuate, maybe but in the rear, end they were doing a long time ago and then an ancient Crete people think that they are historian, think through the first women that actually war, something that you could call a course it. It was a garment that shape the body more than three thousand years ago. Right Adam, it covered thee, I think the waste and hips and Crete and women went around their breasted, so they would have their breasts psych, saying: hey, everybody has a gun and then below. There was course it in. I would imagine that it probably enhance the breasts as well. Yeah sure fewer abstention. Everything up like that, nearly probably acted sort of like a pre Brazil, but support and lift yes.
See him so uncomfortable. Here I mean we live on a female puberty. That was easier. We need Indonesia really yeah science. This is- and I see I see make available- So if you go forward it to the middle ages day for the first time is, undergarments came out in something called the the heavy stuff and it was very much an outer where, but it kind of accomplished the same goal, but it was you never decorative in and pretty, but that I don't think that lasted two long. They went back under the government in the eighteenth century right and then I'm up until the eighteenth century, most things that were part of the corset family tree. Your predecessors is, of course a tour. Conical know they were tubular.
Really tubular and then once we here to think about the eighteenth century, where we start to see today as a course, it began to emerge where it that's conical. Its com shaped yeah right and from from, I guess here, the eighteenth century, on courses. Like a pretty pretty much a mainstay of fashion. If the basic greedy and of women's fashion from about the end of the, Seventeen hundreds until we're war one basically, yet unlike some weird thing like today. I mean you're still in fashion today and if you know, and certain like cars and costumes in the fetish were all right, burlesque and stuff like that. You were just you know, despite sexy time, sure regular old sexy dive night, but am the stuff I read said it wasn't. It was no like more of it,
each thing them like a woman aware brought today right, exactly, is just a regular fashion accessory in, as will see it was a kind of essential, depending on the closer wearing, depending on the period we have is true. There are they a no movement, but when I was saying like some men were saying, like you shouldn't be wearing course, it's in women said ts for you pal. I'm still were in a corset, yet there is actually a bit movement. That was that came out of that. I guess the knife. Essentially the late nineteenth century. There was spearheaded by two. Others IRA Lucian Warner, He came up with an alternative to they actually were anti corset crusaders, thereby doctors and basically said he can't beat him join them, but let's try to create a course. It that's less problematic for women and the idea that courses were problematic for women can actually be traced,
back to seventeen ninety three medical article by gaining Doktor Samuel, almost one sobering and dumb VON sobering based. We made up a lot of the myths about course it's that we know today that they can cause skull. Ios is sure that make a mess up your liver that they cannot lead to permanent. Before vision of your body in your internal organs, all kind of came from this and a home. Years after find, someone wrote his article, the Warner Brothers I didn't said we're gonna come up with a health health course. It yeah, but they did. Can change their something called disruptors, Sir Glenarm Disease, which, if you do the tight. Long term year your organs actually sake and shift away from where they should be right. So I mean it's not something
Happen does there is a really good point it. We should delineate here wearing a corset normally even when you're doing waits training should not result in that there is. Definite wine where, if you are giving in to extreme coarsening, then yes All sorts of medical problems can happen, but just about every we're sitting site out there on the internet will warn you re outgoing pass that line and in fact there is a really there's a good site by orchard courses. They sell corset, a really extensive site in other stuff about corset. They action say, one of the ways of the body can be deformed if you're, an adolescent girls wearing a corset right, you're ribs can develop improperly because you arrange, for they say, girls under eighteen, Where course it's you So then the along came this guy and we
into that when they see the two Warner brothers within United yeah they were out of Bridgeport. Canada has can save Warner, but maybe agenda in return for rallies up there also changed around the same time. At least, I think we not mentioned yet that one of the you know that the court Has then we'll get into other parts of the course of that one of the things it keeps it rigid and stiff, and the old days was baleen whale and it was actually the teeth right, and the call that whalebone yeah and they would use it to you now to make the corset stiff and in place keep everything where it should be. But round that time and awaiting hundreds if they were over hunted can really expensive. So they said I forget, the whale teeth was put in steel in eighteen. Ninety four year, which I am sure that was quite comfort. Raoul yeah, but I mean women were wearing these like every day
but let me one of them as will see when we talk about manufacturing course. It's the one of the points make. It is comfortable as possible. This very uncomfortable, contraption beer yeah. They started to use steel and even today, Europe steel in course it sir that are meant to four like waste training, or something like that and then, like I'd teased a moment ago, along came this guy name Charles Dana Gibson. He said he was a graphic artists in the victim. Three times and he became very Thus, in a lot of artists that came after him emulated his style, but he became very famous and eighty nine is fir tree in what was known as the Gibson girl. So what he did was he he drew all these pictures of this. These ladys you're, mean some say it was like the first ideal of of american attractiveness for for women, and was they worthy Swan Bill course its, which made
these are even more extreme. They would make you can stick the bust out. Stick your Europe and back and if you do that gives a girl I mean you ve, seen these drawings before right. It's like the Americas. First Cheesecake joins an odour cheesecake drawing us. It's like a Gibson girl our Vargas girls, another more modern one, well suppose, his american boy. You seen embassies apparently, is his wife and her sisters were his inspiration and thoughts. Is it the sister ports weirder, MR? They were pretty and he was celebrating, he said that this was not a woman, but it was a thousand women is his quote: catch and supposedly the Gibson Cocktails named after him, but I'm not sure if that's true, it's great good for him. Getting pickled Vernon's, yeah yeah put a martini
for me, so you had happened. He was actually I'm working from a corset, those invented by Doktor, Inez, Gauche, sorrow, terrible, who created this course of the strait front. Also called the swan bill. Course it and the whole problem wasn't. Charles Dana Gibson is criticized for pop arising this because it so bad for you like there's no question, at the Swan bill course. It is really bad for your posture, because the thing that forces your spine and tourist, totally unnatural and apparently trend only lasted for about a decade during the edwardian period, first century of the just ten years, the effort of a bad backs and then pretty much right after that, not right at her pretty close corset. Suddenly went away because WAR War one had such a sweet,
things change on the world just it just it was big. Its social upheaval in one of the things that came out of this was women said you know what we're done. Of course. It's a fiber yeah, I need to do the Charleston Candies Charleston and of course it is on the whole fashion, which is different looking. It was in the idealized body, was different to some prior to their in throughout basically history, the Venus body type, which, as you know, the the fertile women. Curves type church was replaced by the Diana type, which is the more athletic type that now as in fact, and basically ever since world war once that basically killed the course it. But modern, bra and slip and all that stuff came out of that. The death of course accept like we still he something we saw on a course it anymore. Ok, I think one of the reasons all this made me uncomfortable to solve the category
and over the years, this is the ideal women and it she's called Diana, and this is what they should look like does it mean rose to me, that's music, a whole other podcast usher. You know I mean like because plenty of women. By into that and there they don't feel bad about themselves for buying into it. They say I swear. I find a tractor too, so anyway Simon roaring short twenties. There were the corset tears it we're just like our no well how about this kind you can still where this not like the other course it you can actually dance and am in it sunk did and it s basically stay that way for the rest of the twentieth century. There's a brief resurgence, Christian DE or brought it back in the forties. There was a kind of akin to that at that Swan bill course. It oh yeah yeah it went out pretty quickly and then
ten. Eighty two Vivian westward had a show called Buffalo girls, her collection for eighty two, eighty three and it brought course it's out. It was Vivian was, which is a famous designer, can punk fashion. She broke courses out from underneath the clothing and made it like. Basically into a shirt there was outer. Where now was that, when Madonna got on the train, those about six years later now, John Paul goatee- that design that very famous course it with the conical bra that we tell her I clean out yellows leave it was a video remember. I can sing a song had seen it now. You know the wire vogue is ok, that's about very right, I think so. I will find out of it those John Paul Goatee, and from that point, on the course it is basically stuck around sometimes a little more predominantly
times a little more in the background, but has basically been fashioned accessory that you could conceivably wear out in public in the West ever since yeah in six round these days, like you see costumes and stuff like that, but then occasionally I guess, if you're gonna swinging night club, he might see a lady in a corset or maybe a man We will talk about their for their services.
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so check you teased men wearing courses literally never teach a man wearing anything except those dolphin running, it's great to get back in your time machine I saw the boy and, above all, for the first time have you seen American Travolta they. I never saw it as I watch the rift tracks version of it ass. Well, ass. The only waited made a lot that area where they come from. Oh, I think he's wearing dolphin short that one of the scenes in areas like the elderly insurance, so um yeah. What what we're doing my men wearing him. Yes, Apparently this article makes it seem like was fairly normal. From what I saw in the nineteenth century and the there from what I saw the nineteenth century, is that if you
were wearing a corset, and you are a man you're, probably spectators, in gay, ok and so here's where this kind of patriarch all view, of course its does definitely hold fast. Ok, if you were, if you were like a street establishment, tight mail, you probably did not come into mainwaring course. It's mine associate with any guy wearing course. Could you didn't trust him he's? Probably gay, but if you in favour of your wife wearing a corset, she better be wearing a course it or else she wouldn't be viewed as a proper woman in normal polite society, catch Sue, it's it's not to say like that, myth about the core being a part of the patriarchy is not true. It is true in some ways, but not an AIDS like women were forced to wear
corset throughout history righted the daunted in particular, This is one of the reasons why women war course. It was because It also served as a basically the thing that held up all the really heavy clothes yeah like you could if, in the slip into one of those dresses and victorian times now it headed certain shape that required a certain form to put it on an inner. That course it would help your body like morph, ended up Basically, it is a low. There was a low bearing structure that your clothes, a library, So If we really describe the though how these things were, a kind of king became together innocent people like. Why is of course well jeez too. When say that,
in so many words right. What's a garment and it's usually pretty short and it's like a sick, a belt, let go of not a wide belt butter, a towel, a tall belt. I think a vested doesn't go over your shoulders. You have some of them could go of your shoulders. Well, that was health course if they think that did that they lay up in the back in the whalebone, which is actually the teeth of the Baleen, he reads and they were put in what were called boning channels, which were to settle sheets basically where they would the police things down in an it's like you You ve had to wear a back bracer something. Yes, it's very much like that. Unlike Andy Warhol had to wear one of these after yet shot by Valerie Salon give for the rest of his life. Who went on the right, the scum manifesto you ever read that yeah fuck, you wrote it before she shut him. Now did she we should do that whole scene. Here we should
we'll get it, and then they were made out of this cotton Fred Fabric Culture, TEAL C, O Uti. I l and is still used today. Of course, it's because it doesn't stretch has very high thread, count right and keeps all those boning channels and but rib our guest bones and place right in you. You have to understand, like this whole thing, saw mechanism. That is the course. It is basically defying physics any give Point in time, see if there's some really strong stuff in view. Then the manufacture of it. So what else you got your on the front part where it meets you have a busk. Yeah and that's actually needs to be pretty strong as well right so usually that some water metal Mary Bone originally, and it was to flat pieces that, though,
we went up and down alongside a scene. Yeah and most people are always symbols but I for a very long time thought that you put the course and then lay stood up in that put it on and then laced up the back right. Yet put it around yourself like that, thankfully not the case new will you do you're doing it around? I had all around when you put on the course it you ve, already at least and you're, putting the front together you're putting in IRAN yourself an M fastening, the fright at bus year, but then you take way since, like right, you don't lay sit tight and try to put it on exactly. You just have a kind of pre lace like your shoes, yeah, analysing kind of confused me to actually we'll all given that well so are. We need to finish the fright my was flattened. Parliament stomach. At times it was decorative called Stomacher, yeah, very lovely designs and embroidering. And they had the added benefit. If you are trying to adjust your shape of keeping your stomach flat and try to personally.
So what else are there any other components to the course that we have mentioned? I don't think so, just to devolve lacing. Ok, so we'll talk lacing Northern Europe. Yeah so traditionally in the in the Western Europe Leah them that are voicing was worthy of basically like you would lace. Issue is Cobb directional racing or are you just alternate from one hole of the other diagonally writer? That's typically what you think of. When you see the course, it is probably what you're saying is by directional. Listen, if you get italian paintings from the mediaeval era. You're, probably gonna see, what's her name, wasting its all right angles, right, right,
go from one whole down and then over there, maybe up and down again, then over them down and then over and performs a ladder the name's pretty appropriate for their own, and I wonder, was this just to make it look different. I would guess that heads do with it, but I would also imagine then it had to do with you. Somebody was like this actually did this. Does loosened during the day very much because also saw with the am the by directional what you would create in the not the bottom up sort of in the middle of where it lay says, he's Bunny years right, and that was for women, because a lot of them The movies you seem like the the like down Abbe like this, the lady holding the bed first and then her her valet, I guess we're the females call. Valet's was valid failure, the lady who helps them dress would be like
Essentially this thing down so tight, maybe like Bree, then you know suck in your brother but money is allowed. Women too, that didn't have a personal dresser too tight knit themselves yet and apparently those fairly normal for women wearing courses. They usually put him on selves more often than not in those does Bunny ear It is too loops of lacing at about the thinnest. The narrowest part where you had some slack and then, when you put your course it on you wrap it around you. You fastened the busk fill the buttons on the basque the front, and then you just pull back taken it right, and this is again ideally after you have visited you're corset here because apparently like buying a bra guys, don't know the stuff. It's apparently tough to get one that, like fits just write. What,
you need to get like professionally fitted and like the off. The shelf thing doesn't work for Lovelady Spry, and that was the case for it's for a very long time. You had to go to a corset here too to be fitted for one, and it was expensive from what I understand right. Probably today there I guess because of man manufacturing. It's a lot easier to make course it's that are fairly close to what a large number of people would use, but the fear is still stored, narrowly important and apparently from what I well, I said, from my orchard. Corset says women tend to miss underestimate the link that they need. So that leads to a lot of discomfort Of course, it's too short further body gotcha so
We now need a buzz marketer anything which is based on my research or through the courses. If you're getting into course sitting, there might be a pretty decent places start while he might yellow Treatin email high. Let's take another break and we'll talk a little bit more about Cathy Young and some of the myths about coarsening. I warn you like hilarious, silk top it was paralysed per ball s collar. I have one codes that I wear. Whenever I am going to a scary party, then I realized that in thirty nine ninety million dollar drafted it. I could battle with the best of them.
Welcome to what I went a production of glamour- and I heard radio, I'm your host Perry Somerton between them, and with a woman I find fascinating to talk about. What she wore during a pivotal moment in her life, the Roman, and this is what I wore when I interviewed add benefited hey. This is indeed these son, I'm sorry to each time a man who feel I'm Errand Andrews Taylor, I'm Bellamy, young and today, I'm gonna talk about what I wore when I had to understand, learn how style has shaped the lives of these interesting, where men and how its probable safety, or even more than you now or using the power of style. To tell the story is you haven't heard? listen to what I went on the eye. Radio, app apple pod casts or wherever you get your podcast so. I think we did Jane after coarsening went out of fashion
Turtles came along like everything is kind of been replaced by something else. That does something similar sure am I mean these days? Have those is like a guess: banks for man almost like these tummy tummy shirts, within the deeds. Can where the damn Marino that suck everything in it and saw fools Gulf, because what lies beneath is still there. Right. I guess it is trying to impress people who will never see you without your shirt on go nuts, but Kathy Young. We mention a few times. She is again a record holder and she started waste training. The age of forty eight seems a little way to get into yeah. I thought so too. But she got into a big time and you were saying earlier. I think beginning at the episode that you there
that's something that happened overnight. If you doing ways training can usually take, it seems to me about a decade before you get the result you're looking for which is there a waste that the average five year old could put two fingers well, she said her goal was never to earn an award and against called her, and she holds the record now at fifteen inches. Thirty eight point, one centimeter so that for living on a living person there actually a woman who holds the record for though the narrowest waste ever narrowest, corpse thirteen inches. Who was she her name? My friend was as follows: Ethel Granger, thirty three centimetres thirteen inches in nineteen, thirty nine was what her waist was measured at an she obviously her waist yoga again about the course of a decade. So did you go to you?
the UN's website. Did you see the Youtube's now I think that's right little freaked out, because on her website she has like she's an ethic you section in for riding on a lot of people decide. You know, I think you're a grade and the arguments here and there, and that is all well and good, but then there was one where the was like I'm way, straining my wife Hearing that made it sound like also make read over dog bull yeah made. It seem like something that he was making her do, which may have been the case and maybe the wording, but it just freaked me out and he says right now: I've got her up to eighteen hours. A day, but I'm really looking looking forward to go twenty four slash, seven, you can you give me some tips on how we can accomplish this because she does twenty four seven, except for one she showers, Cathy Young, does cash always intercourse it. And you know she gave tips in everything and, like I said it is the way this guy was talking to the sea, Creepy here know that is creepy sounds like a huge jerk who needs to be said straight, probably get his back.
By a larger do right by also check. You may also be witnessing ABS M couple. You're coming up fur tips or whatever failure right. That's just the reality in if the, if they're, both equally into it and in the end that, like dynamic, yeah. I know the neither one is psychologically suffering or physically suffering from it. Then I sure, but it could also leave and more likely be just the guy's, a jerk. That was my instinct, but you never know the other thing. If you go to Youtube, there's parts Cathy young parts, one three six year, They are five minute videos of her indifferent, lounge standing in the white backdrop, while her picture is being taken in her husband, she's. The whole time and just kind of turning around and stuff right and her husband is just sort of Harry calmly talking about it and describing her waist and what she did, and the techniques used site and he's an orthopedic
then said: there's a chilliness. Do it it's creepy man, as you all available via the subject like go, watch one of those videos and yeah. That's exactly how it sound and need to see the photograph going to Turkey. And that's the only other thing you here like a house plant, is all this weird there, but again by Garfield's rate about herself into that's what she wants, You do not say he forced to work as there were rumours, She was. He was an orthopedic surgeon that she he had removed, some of the ribs, which is one of the big myths of supposed myths of back in the day right, and I believe it was a myth because they sit back then like surgery was dangerous. You'd have to be one of the M one of the least risk averse people on the planet, you go elective surgery to have regular removed in the nineteenth century here in answer, that's vile accounts very much a myth yet,
same with Marilla Maids and, I think, to oh sure, we're here and now but- Said that you now know my husband didn't remove any my ribband is all natural and near she's, into it she's very proud of its autonomy. Fuck, her young, it's the same thing with with coarsening in general. I think like just to assume that men made women. Do there really takes a tremendous amount of agency away from women? You know like they're, just completely vapid shells that are based around by their husbands, regardless Una, fine line too. So you on bus, a couple, more myths, sure it's what we do were known as myth bus. There's so one of the things that I saw the it's hilarious in this article, it says that there is the method, victorian waif who fainted at the drop of a hat because
the lack of oxygen from wearing a course at year end at the bar. Of this paragraph, the author says not wasn't that it was nutrition and not being able to breathe, very well, because if there is anything yet said Are there any other myths? Yet, as it does parliament no there's plenty of other ones sleep, pretty cool article on collectors, weekly written by LISA Hicks, about corset, myths and again you should probably, if you're, getting into this kind of thing, go check out or bunches sites, but also check out orchard court, Since then, I have no financial stake in them whatsoever, but check it out. Is this: I search for the Orchard Orchard force its dot com, slash judge how this I said orchard course it's sign for listener, mail
I'm gonna call this? Thank God that episode is over hey guys, steps on pain scales and I find it fascinating when humans shredded put an objective score on something very subjective, not sure if he came across a symphony research you'd, be interested to know that we use paint scales Mary medicine as well, even more challenging has obviously are dogs and cats. Ghettos, verbally, certainly can draw happier said, faces man, that's the saddest thing of all. Our assessment is based completely on behaviour, will keep behavioral cues body language, for instance, and sure everyone, but not happy painfully puppy. If you saw sitting squarely looking, you ears pricked up wagging his tail, because dogs are very stoic higher pain, tolerance and even shot We can all be very hard to tell when they are feeling pain. My both my dogs had sickly recently, so I got to see this inaction like they didn't access for a long time.
Then also answers it. That's why they recommend like if you dont vomiting taken that began its really tough to tell of your dogs bad off norms. By looking at either totally or if they like eat. All of a sudden is its most ice early sabotage. I've had eat like voraciously at their head, comes off two recent ways in eighteen, eighty. That was why we believe the animals didn't feel pain at all and not crazy. In fact, you would still encounter vet Ryan's you don't believe in giving payments for surgery and other injuries and animals. Do you remember what kind of talk then the animal rights episodes area that it is not this line of thinking is obviously known to be run now, and we have come a very long way in the last twenty thirty years, giving better control the animals in our care. Google dog pain scale, the fund, a large variety of different paint. Our trains keep up the great work. We are eagerly eagerly awaiting alive, show and Saint Louis manage from Michael Richards thanks a lot Michael
I appreciate your writing? It becoming a sailors. Maybe I found the table here think we get we're. Gonna do some shows this year. Folks of look out in the future, look out. He will see their you want in touch with us. You can t to assign, as well as K, podcast and Josh Clark. You can hang out with Chukka on Facebook, a child a reach, a riot and Facebook that conflict. We should know you can send an email, Mr Hogg, cast a host of words that camp result turn that are home on the web site. You should know doc
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