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How Egypt's Pyramids Work

2015-07-07 | 🔗

Pyramids can be found in ruins around the world, but no civilization perfected the feat of engineering like Pharaonic Egypt. Learn about the mysteries that still surround these giants.

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Why do you travel to recover from heartbreak trace your dna escaped the internet on our part cast away to go. We ve been exploring all the recently and generally Europe, I'm positive Rosati and, together with a ganders, untroubled website tat, we have already heard so many great story such an actress in rural tenure, explaining the ins and outs of safe sack, graffiti artist, tag on the islands of Southeast Asia. A producer Lincoln High Fashioned Photoshop in the desert listened to a way to go on the kind heart radio asked Apple podcast. Whenever you get your please welcome to stuff, you should know how stuff works that you're not into the bargain burn. Josh part we chose the beach or by forty voices almost eight years into this gig remove start doing impressions of its an impression of Sicily, voice, maybe she's thinking of the class improv. Worse, are you taking an improper george? She keeps going and sleep. She stick is not a comedy improper, so it's a business and broadcasters than they could sharper and meaning yeah, and they have gotten
more enjoyable and shorter yeah her power, presentations. I like Third jokes: now here, but our equipment rental has gone up purchases because she drops the MIKE a little too hard skipper place in those MIKE's near said: Chuck, yeah everybody knows about the pyramids great pyramids, Giza yeah turns out pyramids all over the world. Sure and there's a this thing thread on the internet that suggests? All these pyramids are connected in Mezzo America, China, Egypt, Memphis, Greece Memphis in Egypt, this tendency. Emphasis is well spent These new pyramids got NEO pyramid, it's a basketball, Colosseum. Ok, oh yeah yeah, the pyramid, sure what is it a model in southern? Nor is it printer might islanders impulse.
Whether the idea is that all of these cultures, ancient cultures were visited by the same aliens. That said felt some pyramids. Here's how to do it will help you out and dumb that's almost certainly not you. I'm sorry saving thing it's much zeal to believe in cookie things. I dont believe that aliens built the pyramid, I don't believe that either and want there's a couple of good arguments against it. For one really diminishes the incredible skill cure. The ancient engineers who came up with this and the workers who constructed yet applying the architecture, the yeah sure Surely they would need some advanced alien civilization? Come not until these dumb downs, what to do another point that I ran across. That kind of explains against. That is that, if you,
think it was unlike rational wiki or something like that? It basically said gotten your garden and try to build a waste. High mound of dirt you're going to just naturally, after even one or two attempts start for A pyramid amounts shape and their whole jam, the whole idea is that a pyramid- evolved independently, just from trying to build a massive earthen I'm sure that's right A devolved separately around the world I was laughing because as you said that for some reason I pictured you and your backyard I covered and describing like airy, it's going council body check. The round was not the less holed up in humans, from what you ok, you're cute dummy, so a pyramid who wrote this, the sum Craig frightened rich php yeah, he's written some good for us
I learned to second guess his articles sure you're nice he's good a phd in your right, you're not allowed to second guess that after that now am I are doing that. Nobody checks, call me doc. Chuck Charles Brian Phd. All right, a pyramid is a geometrical solid, with a square base, not necessarily and for equal lateral triangular sides, the most structurally stable shape for projects involving large amounts of stoner masonry, exactly it's a very, very stable shape. Yet, and one thing I read that said, why did the Egyptians built pyramids, very easy answer, as is because that's what they knew, how to build. Only ass, they were good at it and if they would have been better at building something else, they private about something else. While yet think also can tell the well, the twentieth century. Before we, started using materials and develop materials that you you can.
No, the very tall structure out of they did require you build a pyramid right because you, to have a pyramid, build something very high when you're using something like stone blocks, or something like that, eighty seven stuff on top each other in it's going to becomes Actually and sound all meaning and each other yet, and there prevailing. Em said among archaeologists and anthropologists who study this kind of stuff. Is that peer? kids are ultimately the natural conclusion. Evolution. From just then mounds, yet that they think originally were the first. Observe what ultimately became pyramids peeking, basically at the pyramid of Corfu, visa, yet they, I think, there's also probably symbolic symbolism going on with pure It's coming to appoint toward the sky
in the case of, Central America with the minds and asked if there were more religious dimples so that that ok for that right and if, in case of Egypt, with there being a tomb so make sense that it would point to the Heavens or with Egypt. Specifically, they believe that the symbol, the symbolism behind a pyramid is that it symbolized this mound that the was created from in egyptian cosmology. Let make sense so the other a couple of other distinctions between egyptian pyramids and say central American, is central. American pyramids were generally wider. Smaller, as I guess, not his tall, and they dildos those over hundreds of years, whereas the great pyramids in Egypt, over the course of you don't know for sure, but bright, twenty or thirty years, so I
I think that its true in some cases, but I ran across something that that suggested, that at too I've they build pairs of pyramids like every twenty years- a really yeah sort on office, the case across the board, but I think that if they weren't quite the the massive public works that egyptian pyramids to be well. In central America they are also more located in Aztecan, mind cities, whereas the egyptian pyramids originally located away from cities and I remembered, I think it was just last year- that I saw that mind blowing picture of the others of the great pyramids of Egypt. How the city runs right up to the front door, basically Anna and if here Look at an area of you. I just never seen one till it here goes like, while a distorted literally in the middle of nowhere huge city disruption,
yeah well it it makes sense. If you think about especially if Say Mezzo America, they were temples, will temples wherefore like public use, so you'd want it can a convenient if you're pyramid was used is like a tomb. Traditionally right there bury their people slightly away from the city center. True ceramics, They will be on the outskirts of Cairo rather than in it yeah. They make sense the first tombs in Egypt, for the faroes were just flat Maxie buildings call them stop us, which is arabic bench and then they building those on top of each other sort of in a year they get a little smaller, but they still remained flat. On top, they didn't come to appoint like appeal the others were step. Pyramids were the first attempt at pyramids, and its It's really strange because the whole thing was so. These periods are so so old yet Think of them dislike being units
banning thousands of years in the way of construction and planning and all the stuff and all the number Pharaoh's. That must have been involved when actually Egypt's either pyramids were built, in a seven hundred year period, and basically just for like five Pharaoh's or so that event near there's a burst and then nothing thing and then another little bit and then nothing after that right, because hard labor it was hard year. It was hard getting labour there. It was hard, it was very expensive, are getting those rocks there right now, think remember that coffers, pyramid them famous pyramid in the world, the one at Giza, the tallest Y yeah, that there was pinnacle of pyramid building, and they think that act that is, pyramid stirred to get small it's like that is totally on inside China. They think, pyramid, Sir, to get smaller it actually. Presents a shift in Egyptian
where worship went from worshipping the Faro yet worshipping raw and other gods right, Sir the day of the of the Faro demand in size, can see that reflected in the small size of the politically interesting. That makes sense in I've heard that love it I love it. You said the great pyramid of Corfu, which you just mention is the biggest at two hundred and forty six. Yours, high, the two hundred and thirty meter square base, and oh just about six and a half tonnes of rock sickened, have merely tons of what I say to six and a half year that would be. There should be a couple: the rocks The average sized rocks were two point five tonnes each year. The model with six point five tonnes, and these things have stood the test of time to say the least They have worn away some obviously, but look at em, they still a great yeah
they were built like forty five thousand years ago. It's really interesting. I didn't realize before was that, when you saw these things like in the first year that they were completed a right when they are completed, they or blinding white just so you can see that is out of step the steady outlying they used to be covered so that the the side in the pinnacle were smooth totally smooth. Dia covered unpolished limestone, so like a gleaming white, while standing out against like the bright blue sky, wish there were photographs of that year would have been pretty me, but for a time that limestone is eroded away or been removed, or whatever here and so now you can kind of sea the substructure. But what we see is like the external sides of the pyramid. There were actually meant to be covered with polish limestone, while yeah there's something else, and I again we're talking about like how spectacular feet this. This was engineering. Wise things were built. You know forty
five hundred years ago. It say the Corfu pier truth is peer, may use a fairer his pyramid was the tallest building in the world until the twentieth century. That's crazy! yeah, I mean that shows you that it was hard to building stall near it's. Not my people want to know they wanted the man is always striven strove. Drought, it strove did ST developing super. Oh you know, really reach up to the Heavens and garden. I yeah that's right, that's the that's why they want to build a talk. Attracted The very first step pyramid of the Sahara was complete in twenty six, twenty in that for the Faro shows not goes her,
pretty close to their it's so close, I wanted to because her he would have been almost contemporaneous goes around guess, yeah this one at six levels and they tried attempted another one, another six level step pyramid, but that when didn't work out so well, Sir, You know we're gonna talk about a couple of that. You know, learning projects. Basically yeah- and you know you ve heard a very famous egyptian mathematician M hotel. Actually credited with coming up with the idea of taking those, Mr Harbour's those bench like squat buildings. Instead, smaller and in diminishing versions of themselves, to create that first step pyramid that for cigarettes that that was his idea and, I hope other hotel. Not that does get moving M hotel them her death, I had no idea by the way that Bruce Campbell and was doing an evil, that tv show
Is it on its coming like super soon? I have no idea this escaped me. I had no idea yeah pretty excited the ashes. The only way it could be better is if it came on right after the methods. Models that here is pretty good night, that below the, a team knight rider pairing was at what those back to back. I think they might have been I've never deny writers, I turned it off after it. I wasn't soups Knight rider fan, but am I right with love boat, fancy on great, maybe as to our appearing in tv history. I never really what's the fantasy, I love love. Both I wasn't about what happened owner well Edward Fancy in the time, but we do want that right Now. If it goes, it was dark and it wasn't necessarily for kids, but now back at it was so silly. Yes, if you can't believe I was allowed to watch this premise of it is fairly unbelievable, but it
family there are probably like. No, it's all about sex right fantasy will be about sex and Ricardo Mine turbines clearly playing the devil with his little smaller minion. Yes, tattoo. All right. Where were we owe talking about pyramids. It didn't work out so well Another one was the. I want to say medium, but it's the me Edam pyramid. Or the medium seen it spells Emmy. Why do you and which makes it easier made him made him made him that was constructed in twenty five seventy and it had seven steps heading towards aid, but it collapsed. Coal and then there's the bed pyramid which didn't collapse, but they basically just miscalculated the angle.
It started to they'd based we had to change the angle after, like the first third of it was built or two thirds was built yet so first we have Soldiers poseurs step pyramid in the car, the first real income of that pyramids are coming the track after that we the Faro over his name's sniffer. Yes, the fairer. Fairer was the one who kept having really bad luck with pyramids, and it was because he was very ambitious, but he was also dealing with the Texan engineers, who were still figuring this out as they were going along, yes or so he had to put up with the arm the one collapsed. The me Madame the up and then he D put up with the bank pyramid yet which still looks good. Did you look? It up gets its but you can tell like that it's The way is first to look not perfect I like it. I can imagine like
a lot of engineers. Polly lost their lives that these projects, Jenner KISS sniff through arsenal fairer He was fine with like capturing people, Forcing them to work in it a lot of underhanded things too, build himself a tomb. The problem arises: failed it the one, how many Ok, let's take the failed attempt to how many It is true that it finally and there were like really freaking out at this point like if this guy dies and we don't have to make work like this- bout as bad as it could get bs rumour, we haven't converted the worshipping raw, yet this guy's our raw sword. Pleasing our god and we can see his expression is it is like. All I want is a straight pyramid like everybody else. So finally, they hit on it; they they build them. The red pyramid in it is the first genuinely successful pyramid and he died happy guess, yeah.
Soon was entombed there. Yes, I think so I don't. I didn't run across the mere where he is available, otherwise. I would have been. I mean what a waste of time. Well, that's the thing with these people we still have very little understanding about some really important stuff air and one of the reasons why because say, liking coffers, pyramid, covers never been found in there. They think it's whose pyramid, but he's gone- and I would guess, is probably the same thing for sniff foods. The fairer man he's got a tough name is a term raiders buddy, possibly power I well. I think that you seriously whet the lizards the tight with that tease. So, let's it will break and come back and really get into Corfu.
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also known as Cheops area there. That's what the Greeks call them. So that's why the pyramids also call the pyramid achieves. Whenever that ban. Part of the geese pyramid complex and, like we mention the big daddy of them all built force, sniff, fairies, sign Corfu and the other two little guys were built for Cosu Son Coppery, and the grandson men cow ray about its Manco. Re may go right, yeah! I think the usually does vows split like a different part of the word Manka written by making any sense to me, but I know you're trying to say I speak chuck So it is on the largest and most elaborate and the one you know where We were in the most from basically in its construction still. Has
lotta secrets, man, it allowed secrets, including how they built it. No, I Well, let's talk about the insides for ok, let's let sir, the guts first, you have your primary burial chamber, that's the kings chamber, it's where the two minutes for the sarcophagus his body in their no nope put us his insight, hieroglyphics. That say stories of life! At that time, like all tv shows on the wall, the queen's chamber while smaller, but not for we need the right. That's right. The combat a misnomer, yeah The people who stumbled upon air entered it years and years on after the Veronica dying. He's a died out misinterpreted. It
when they were building this, they were worried that coup food was going to die. So if some of the first things I did were building burial chambers and then ass, he lived in the pyramid kept going under construction. They building and newer better your chamber, and so there is ultimately three bear he'll chambers and he's in the kings chamber. Supposedly it's worse. A coffee guess is that right have wait. Relieving chambers are, these are above the kings chambers in their structural basically to distribute weight in the keep everything from collapsing and on the king, yeah well hidden, yeah they're like these long slabs and then there's a gable. The others like long, rectangular slabs, I think, is for five alone, maybe a little wooden gable. Is it no photos rock. I was Iraq and the whole thing is just like all that pressure pushing down toward the center of the triangle takes in this kind of deflected outward away from that hole in the
inside the the arm, the pyramid, a feat of engineering The gallery is a big passageway with they that ceiling, Do you understand what the Corbett ceiling is? Yes, you know like, if you have like a breakfast bar to think come out and hold it up. Those a core bells, so they have these things that are like core bells going up and basically says here that like a primitive arch. Gonna, make sense We have passageways connecting everything you have to get around have an aircraft where they think the year, the Spirit of those into their would rise through to the Heavens I guess he ideas you d want to fully. In close, they are a tumor pyramid, scuttled sold out sure, but creep out what else Of course, the the exterior rocks of road away sure am,
apparently the reason. Why were quite sure that all these things were lined with limestone rocks is because catchphrase tomb, Send for ruse, snuff, fairer, great grandson. Yes, there is still some limestone rock on the top, hasn't Foy eroding after all these years. Yeah. So these are the things that have been found over the over the years of exploring these pyramids right. But what really kind of. Surprise me was that there's a lot of stuff that still being found there's a lot of arts inside of the pyramids that they're like what is this sir? is there a door, and this passage with some copper handles with beyond it down because they haven't fully excavated here. So they're still doing this. Oh yeah, ok, yeah yeah! I can't murmurs name with her
we're ahead of Egypt's antiquities before the revolution, camera he's like super: like science educator guy, they come in Egypt, Indiana Jones, L, carefully, Insignia Lacrosse Dyson. He's like Egypt, no, the grass Thyssen, he could host cosmos. If you wanted to he is walking around lately. Saying: hey, there's plenty of discovered stuff in these pyramids were very loose. Grasped. Allow the structural so far well, step to get in there to do the work another permitting processing is. Rigorous? Obviously so it's it's data another scar, we're gonna talk about later. That has a new theory on how their, built he's having a hard time getting in their approve it yet, but luckily there starting use, robots more and more areas explorer and that starting the yield some some interesting stuff, No that either I was if you're gonna build a pyramid.
You don't just say: let's get a bunch of rocks and start going first any building. You need to do a survey and debate the land because they learned pretty early on that you're, the and that its on and the foundation is super super duper important. Yet it I think one of the reasons Swine collapse area is because they didn't do the foundation right now. He's gotta be level again as a kind of import, how impressive the who, for his pyramid, is What did you say it? Some its base was. It is two hundred and thirty metres square base, its level within less than in it yeah- that's remarkable so The vizier, the master builder, involve they do have some theories on how they did this levelling one, was that they poured water under the sun. And water is the great leveller
and they would level the the material above it above that waterline. For the water level to drain. I guess, and then just can t removing material until was flat great idea- and it's like you, know something concrete is waning, Snoopy, then like regular, concrete sure, he's gonna find If it's watery, it's gonna find its own level right. And then another way that they may have done it is so they found that their posts, holes at regular intervals of I think tank cubits an acute. Is the distance from the elbow inside your arm to that if your middle finger, yeah so ten of those they there'll be a postal and they that possibly they laid out there, foundation site as their excavating into it, pattern and, Plumb Bob's from these lines, and that's just like our weight. That looks like gum.
In a long dated brass top gear in it hangs down and am where it hangs, is the level point and then you can excavate down to that that reference point, and then you know everything's level if all of your plum, Bob's or touching the same ground, and that still like. If you go to build it backyard fence yourself, you're gonna, easy seen techniques today, rights, Brittany, monies on the water excavation they We already know that they dug canals from the Nile toward the Visa Pyramid sites, sure why not a further flood area as needed to excavate they make sense. That's that's a minus, but first they had to figure out because These pyramids are all oriented along North, South EAST West right they run parallel to these axes. So there I believe, they're facing true North this Free Compass is pretty star
yeah, the Northstar wasn't even sky there Instead, they had to follow some of the circus polar Stars and they were Things like measuring, shadows, calculate were to North was and then once they calculated true north. They could use right angles to determine where, the EAST and West, where this amazing and then once they had that, then they had to start doing the planning at the sight and grid and excavating everything down the drain using cubits and hands was the other units measurement witches he said, something so many hands wide. It's the width of your hand with your thumb, on the side and they still use that to measure horses, the arab horse higher like twenty hands. I thought that's decent height with it. They coarser smallpox twenty hands. I think them. Like a giant freak of nature, horse really yeah, usually like fourteen sixteen clunker hey at to the triple groundwater right yeah,
Can fairer woe which, by the way, Pharaoh is misspell in his name here and they knew an early on, but they were like what we're just gonna leave it like that. So Pharaoh, Brittany, history, I was pretty great. Did you raise yeah watch them? what's that- and you know I'm not into horse racing but I knew I was coming on and I was like all it's only a few minutes. So Don't watch any of the other stuff of the two. Her part yeah- and I just turn it around here- that call you know it's always great. You're, a good horse racing go birthing lead. The whole way. Yet those really no doubt- and I love that jacket Yak- has hit. Had several attempt right at the time. He raised the California Chrome last year, so we had shouted the triple crown and and pulled out and this year it is good for him. All right so. But I guess we should talk about how they actually build these things. Now you gotta get
there, that's the first step, and some of the rock did come from visa. Like that, rocks. The pyramid structure itself has made largely of limestone yes, and there was limestone quarries around the geese site. They also had to get rocks from elsewhere. The granite, they think came up. The river from ass, one have alabaster from looks or basalt the fund depression, which I didn't see where the basic was used, hadn't neither has alter. However, its pronounced a salt is it and of course you know, then I'll have iron at this point, so they're, not using aren't cut through using copper stone, cutting tools to shape these things, but you have to get them their witches. You know, I think, of the need to think about the pyramids, is over the years is trying to figure out how they did it all cause. It didn't leave a record, you know, suspend this great mystery for our
picture and archaeological nerds to try and figure out, yes, the first like our aid. Will. How did they get all these rocks are to begin with. So again, these rocks were on average about two and a half tonnes per rock. Yes, it didn't lift them and carry him. No, the Egyptians were familiar with the wheel, but the wheel would have been totally useless in the sand at visa, so they figure. I think general sentiment of how they move rocks especially ones from local Cory's at Visa waiver by sled here and rope, and they had done maybe ten manner fewer if they could. Paul, these two turn rocks on sleds toward the site. That's how they were removed from the court. If there are moving on from like Luxor elsewhere, they would put them on rafts again. They dug canals from the Nile toward the visa construction site, a bet people love being on that duty. Like a raft one,
Well, I just get it on his barge and I'm floated sure and the other guys like me. I have to pull this nonetheless, Trans fled and then there is another way there that they think they may have. Put them on little quarter. Circle, sleds strapped em around it and this kind of twisted, unlike you and twisted beer cake, yeah yeah that makes sense to, I would guess, flats. Other. Why does have to just be one or the other? That was what I was wondering when I was reading this. It could have been a combination of methods yeah, like these guys are sled masters. So let them do that right, these guys the beer keg virtue in their day, they can try them at that. The theorize about wooden rollers like logs and things make sense. Only problem is its timber was not alone commodity that were there would have been widespread enough to supply this thing and it would have been very expensive, well, which is another reason, because they have some super. Weighty timber,
on the interior of these pyramids, and they also of wondered about that. I think it's probably cedar from Lebanon. That's right coming across the word that day were known to have used was from Lebanon in it was cedar lebanese, cedar habitats, good stuff. Now that expensive back so when it comes to actually building the pyramid itself. You ve got save managed to get all the rocks here. You're, not we'll, take a break. And we will talk a little bit about some of the competing theories. Better. That's ok!
world, yours the ball Park and the new factors with a fresh perspective. Culture bail, you not just here in a bail down in one city- impress us talk about this there. All eighty every owner is seventy own away our creep in all social media. Ok, she carries a little quality or whatever they think wipe out by any measure does also did a million ass right. Oh she's, my explained city and hydro summer right out like like yeah yeah, yeah Lorelei, my manners and, and I started the like someone else. I know it's not right, but I really can't take when I feel what should I do even coupled with your very near the key word is, makes a huge on our brand can sell by a little now on the radio have on our ever. You get your plaid cats. Are you gotta Iraq's.
The foreman. Here, the what to call the year, the dear you're the vizier on site. Coffers. Vizier was his brother, if you were a visitor like you're, pretty while respecting you, get your own little step pyramid too yourself sure yeah what's a year that person you get to the heart had on you, ve got all these rocks had. Are you? What are the theories he's like police, these a crane. Well, there are a lot of competing theories and they do involve cranes they involve ramps and none of them have been proven. So, let's talk about like the ramp. Why man? They figured out with a ramp you you can't have when you're dealing with two and a half tonnes stones from how to build a pyramid which is firm. I think two thousand seven article and archaeology magazine yet bar briars really good article. It is great article, but he points out that you We can't have a grade of more than about eight percent
So if you are using a straight ramp leading up to the pyramids site as this its taller and taller, and you eventually hit a hundred and forty six meters to maintain just an eight percent slope. You would have to have a mile long ramp at that point. Yeah that's not very likely because that would have been just to speak of an undertaking is building a pyramid yeah. It would have taken about as long the bill and the timber like you mention. A lot of timber which they didn't have tons of and they would have built built it up. Over time, because you can't just have a hundred forty six meter ramp. Start off with you and then dropped the blocks in place below you were too slowly build up the rant, but eventually become too unwieldy to have a mile long ramp yeah. The first people to question this. I mean thousands of years ago, people The historians were trying to figure it out as well heroic Herodotus, Fifty BC said that use machines, but
no one really knows what he meant by machine thanks. A lot by could be a crane in three hundred years after that the odorous of Sicily said The construction was affect affected by mounds, which would be ramps So that's why these are the two. The two the longest standing competing theirs. The problem is that these Greeks came along thousands of years after the pyramids had already been built like they witness they control there is their surmise well yeah. So with the Heroditus Herodotus, You know, I don't know I've seen his name imprint so many times, but I don't think I've ever heard it to her wrote. It says could say that his idea of these machines that have been taken to mean cranes. We know that the Egyptians were familiar with trains and use trains and that you could use cranes to build a substantial portion of the pyramids
The problem is, as you got closer and closer to the top. The lead you are dealing with is say about eighteen inches and you can support a crane like that, so the thought, potentially that if they do use cranes, they use a series of small cranes there, this kind of failed off, like basically a bucket brigade of cranes. Handing off one rock after the other. They were like leavers and they were called that they use. These are If you look up shadow of an image it there are thirty like water out of the river and stuff and has basically like just deliver that one would pull on one end. Euro be waited and dip into the water than pull up a bunch of stuff with the bucket. I guess neo River water. Yes, so, like you said that theory is not very well accepted these days, the crew
yeah, we're all or not, for completion of rye right right again, like by disuse one method, if nothing makes this part faster, and then you have to switch to this other professor curly people had the smarts to pull off this incredible feat of Engineering so, I would think that they wouldn't have tunnel vision, I'd be willing to use different techniques. So it's it's possible that the cranes were used to build the base. They'd have pyramid vision, so with the ramp, so the big long ramp is probably out. They had another theory that well maybe it was like A ramp that just wound up and around the pyramid-
like a mountain road, is cut into the side of the mountain. Exactly that sort it makes sense to it. Does the big problem with that is that the mound outside of the pyramid covers up the corners azure building it an azure building it? You really need to be able to measure the corners pretty frequently yeah, because if you dont than those corners may not come together at a point at top and sniffing, who is going to be very mad. So. There were the means Polly the least, likely that external brain they're in coal enclose the the site agreed. And maybe I'm a bandwagon here, but Just read this article that you sent in so I'm going with. Jean Pierre who Dean's there that there were ramps, but there were an external ramp, that was the need to be that long. Then once the point where the great was too much they use.
That ramp cannibalized it and then had an interior ramp yeah to finish off right. Though the thing about an interior ramp is that you be able to leave the exterior corners exposed you be able to build inside. You be able to keep a rather eight percent. Great tops and you wouldn't have to build this huge massive public work That was as big as the pyramid itself, in forty six meter mile long ramp near ever explain how you would build the whole thing without cranes here, because you just getting closer and closer and closer to the inside. The interior of it as your building up right now, the only problem is Chuck is: if there is an interior ramp, Howard, possibly remove that you wouldn't being closed in the so Zactly. Obviously this has been deeper drank well now
hasn't. He believes, and others have gotten on board, that there is still an interior ramp in their worth. But that was my question. Had they not explored enough? This is fine thing now. Ok, and actually there is a nineteen eighty six survey by think of french team and there they found some anomaly that they. Explain so they just ignored it. Basically having there was an until two thousand that Jean Pierre who Dan's father. Already, who Dan, who is an engineer himself happen to be chatting with one of these guys from the nineteen. Eighty six survey and down the guy said, like others is Nomellini he described the to, and basically described as far as the dance are concerned is internal ramp there like what is it now like? A big big, well worn, ramp right, seven degree: slope who cares but supposedly the weight in the way that they feel
discovered this was there a fox popped out of a undiscovered crevice. Previously undiscovered crevice towards top of the pyramid, her half way up they're, like how did this desert Fox get up? Thirty probably did not climb all this way up He probably went into another undiscovered whole toward the bottom and then use the ramp and came out the top and dead a further evidence that there's a ramp in their yet there is another little piece of evidence that they point to. There was a notch, a corner notch from the ramp I use for turning the blocks and it exactly where two thirds of the way up in the northeast corner, right who dean predicted there would be one were to use his kind. A ramp he's like there should be a not right there and there was an age that ya think where the inside right, yeah, ok, printing! and then finally, they use them something called Micro
grab symmetry even understand how it works. Dear, the serving method, it's magic right and, basically, what it does is. It enables them to measure density Yes, I like, if, if you measuring a part of the pyramid in solid rock, it's going to be very dense. If you find it are the pyramid. That's kind of this open tunnel like ramp, it's going to be less tends to. They think that's where from that nineteen. Eighty six survey where they turned up the anomaly that they ignored arising. That gotcha. That's the impression I have here their thing, though it was a very long standing myth thanks to our friends, the Greeks who just made stuff up apparently two thousand years after the fact here was um. Talk about a hundred thousand slaves to build the pier that visa yeah, mistreated slaves
forced into labor, and it took a hundred thousand of them. Probably not true. No supposedly, Thanks to Harvard archaeologist Mark leaner, he conducted doesn't to survey, and he found evidence. Quite the contrary, yeah and then later on. In two thousand ten, I'm just a few years ago, they found tombs of workers discovered and they basically said like the way that they were buried in entombed, like slaves, would never have been honoured in this way. Right results evidence there really well FED yeah. They said that twenty one thousand twenty three she per day was These people are eating scenario alot of a blue. He had lot of bread they found evidence of, like basically industrial scale. Bakeries, too, big bread for the workers are really, and there is evidence of this clean permanent occupation they're here that said that there are probably between two thousand and four thousand workers on hand at any time, but that may be
thirty thousand total over there, the twenty years constructed appear yeah I saw the where they had worked out where, between ten and thirty thousand, that worked in three month shifts and they said you know, while they weren't slaves, they said it with tough stuff, like there was evidence of our right us and bad back sure. All the things in hair it in pyramid building yeah. I'm so was it like. You know it was easy going, but it makes sense that you know you things built, you have a strong workforce, which means you have to take care of it. Feed them right now. Pay them pale payment. Fish pay me here, so they said yet at the end of every shift We're getting out no man, that's egyptian pyramids, need
Yes, you, I know more about pyramids type that word in the search bar. Has the that comments, incisive search bar time for listener may call this australian radio show in about? Did you see that? No, so but there's a show fairly, the biggest radio show in Sydney called the Kyle and Jackie OSHA. Ok, did you see this or hear it No, I haven't been. I flew you Sidney once relic ten men, one on everything and they did you see the email? No, Didn't! Ok! That's the second time! You may be admit that sorry, guys I've been listening to you for years, and I adore you both also listen to the Cairo and Jackie Ojo the biggest radio show in Sydney get off thanks. I love them too. I have to say that I am quite disappointed them because here America, whose Jackie found out about your PA gas and took this on the air. I think that's australian for
if our time gave us The business gives a business and then proceeded to share the information you gave in a pot casta. You want to hear it from the June eighteenth episode and it is by gas as well about twelve minutes in actually about nine minutes then, and they talk about it for about six minutes. What did they say? Well, here's hears then I hope, Jackie. I was listening, You seem often Jackie O, because she seems she started made fun of us. You know that when ends and stuff like that- and it would use ramble, but you could tell. She was getting than the joke is even said, uncertain get addicted and she starts reciting facts from the shelf too late for you Jack here. Kyle Guy, is the equivalent of one of our morning. Radio show host states is the ever growing by corns that his greek law he might as well he's he's like asking about the show and she's like well. You know like how come works ease. I can't Keller works like when you mean. Is it
pencils yellow I want to buy yet a pencil podcast over like quickly to crackers not on our team Well, what's the thirteen chuck? Ok, I do want to insult the guy so tat ass. He certainly didn't seem to get it they that there could be more to color than as a l, a pencil right. No, it's a pretty good a man who's, the guy was them fair manager from fly. The conquerors named Mary yeah, there's a given area of file equals Murray, so kind This doesn't get it he's. He said it sounded awful. They played a bit of it a higher and talk about. It now remember licensing method as well. In the end she she basically said you know what I'll do is keep listening and then what they in forty five minutes. I can just break down for you guys and three four minutes, a bullet points. Ok,
Pretty sure that Cairo and Jackie I started in international flame more so to continue the m e mail. They clearly dont get it guys. So what we apologise on behalf of your other aussi vans, you guys about it so much to the quality, my life and incredibly, both for getting through periods of intense anxiety where I could not function without having you both in my head. Distracting me for my own thoughts. I can guarantee you. Kyle is never mental there. I still story now them better and I can safely press Paul, sometimes without even hyper ventilating. I thank you are you do please never stopped doing it, and that is Laura. Thank you Laura and ass. She said p s. I went on a date with a guy last week you look exactly like Chuck and I have to admit that is the main reason I agreed to go. Did he found my chuck wake wake through? axes that hundreds that is up for debate, but I say see exerted an odour hugs,
as to how the date, when she's like well, not gone on a date number to get so like where they cannot be me. We had a good loudly chuck. We need a teacher that says yeah, let Hanover hats off the EU, Jackie because you seem to get it. Clearly malaise oh wait, jack you, I thought you were talking about now. Laura Loring, resolutely gets it right. Jackie seems to get it she's thirty highlighted does not get it. I dont think Kyle Overwhelming, and I'm ok with that. Me too. If you want to tell us about how somebody in your locality is talking smack about us, getting us or whatever or just want to say, hi. Free to us it s why escape podcast? You can join us on that, but that complex that we should know
concern is an evil to stuff pike, s House, the forts. I come and is always join us at home on the web stuff. You should know doc up for more or less and thousands of other topics is. It has to have workshop com. How are you feeling today right now How are you feeling about the world living when you make the world better. Do you know how I'm not sure I do but you know too did Mr Rogers I'm Colonel Wallis hosted finding Fred Pack has about Fred Rogers million. Here all ten episodes defining thread running Iheart radio broadcasts more wherever you listen.
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