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2013-08-20 | 🔗

When the Jet Age came about, pilots found they had a brand new problem with their brand new planes: how to bail out when they found themselves in a pinch at 700 mph. In the mid-1940s, aerospace engineers got to work coming up with a fascinating and complex lifesaving device, the ejection seat.

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When asked, have works out of stock. Hey invoking the package, I am Judge part, that's Charles, the future chuckled right this established. Now you can scholars, math and gifts. For this when nature ok depends whose man, whose goose regionalized that's very probably look is goose, died, because his objection seat malfunction he has had on the canopy I rubbed his neck is because he'd angry guide earlier that they get so so I'll be goose. Are you planning on dying I'm displaying a new feeling guilt for the rest of your life? You caused span by being guns, blazon maverick that is true, but life
design. The objection see that it's, the guys are guilty for the rest of his life and you go get a talker. Ride, my motorcycle around mere MAR it's funny when I saw top gun- and am I talked about this before I remember thinking at a time like people die in training exercise like that, so Hollywood it up as may affect the happen very well. Let it to you ago, it happens all the time you never hear about it, the other guys who make the papers, my people, who done it, sad that it doesn't but yeah I like it happens. There are military, die during training in its it's awful. My brother laws, helicopter policy, no yeah, he's lost several friends through the years in training is increased. So from ejection see crashes, yeah, there's a guy in two thousand eleven. You know the blue angels the work also the red arrow, yet another blue angels
Kay was a red. Arrowes are a never formation flying team. Now like this. Basically, some really great pilots sure and one of them was killed when his Jackson seat, when our files plain was motionless, ejection sieges accidentally went off that does he rose euro ejection now that yes, but the major army and you're not flying at all right. But I think the problem is the plane didn't realize, or the ejection the sequencer didn't. Lies that it was a bizarre rosier rejection because the person ever deployed so he died when he fell back down to earth from a couple hundred feet out again: yeah woola what this will make sense in a second, you know what I think is a primer before. If your home listening, you can go to the Youtube site and look up.
Cuplike, dejection seat and there's one like slow motion on the ground: zero, zero objection from film from different angles that really shows our work is pretty cool yeah and I'm really get a sense of like boy. They took up a couple hundred feet, yeah and quick to very quick The soda, so does not leave my intro. I've got an extra chuck. There's a guy in war were too, who is a tale gunnar and be. Seventy flying fortress in this man's name was Alan, Maggie, his staff sergeant, and if you were a tale, Gunnar and be seventeen, you were basically crammed into this little gun turret.
With your knees at your chest, he has spoken out in a little clear, canopy, shell, yes, and you had no room whatsoever to wear a parachute you to keep it in the cockpit with everybody else. Well, our Magee is honesty. Seventeen called the snap crackle pie, and their flying on emission over France Satan there, which was also known as flax city, because the anti aircraft guns down on the ground, bright and sure enough. The snap cripple pop took some flak lost. A wing had a couple holes in it and these holes in turn portholes into Maggie's parachute.
He needs to bail out, finds a whole. It's been born into the side of the feed ban, some practical pop and jumps out at twenty thousand feet with a parachute with holes. In it with no parachute so ever because he is like why bother, he just knew he needed to get out of the plane quick em he later so that he thought he had pursued later said. Yes, he's boiler twenty two thousand feet more than four miles to the ground goes right through the skylight in the saint, their trades train station and lands and lives he had How does it happen here? I'll, take heed of broken right: leg, broken right, ankle, Nearly severed right arm twenty eight shrapnel wombs from the charge of glass as he fell right through plate glass here from again twenty two thousand feet four miles above the ground and he lived to tell about it a german doctor.
It's a very good care of them any later answered in a publicly thank the guy, even though he was a knotty doctor, I'm for saving his life and some reading about this initiative, sounding I'm looking into a more more more and there's no trick. It's just physics. This physicist doktor set eyes. Hamburg, nicer, physicists, he's a trauma specialist. He said on popular mechanics that there is really no magic here that he was gone Maggie was going as fast as he would have been had he jumped off of something like twelve sorry building right, once you reach terminal velocity thought the same, whether its four miles
whether it's a hundred and twenty feet right, it's still pretty spectacular. They fell for miles through the roof of the building and survived the point of all this is so. The point was the reform of the twelve story. Building through plate glass in every one of them like its pre bosomed, but not miraculous yet compared to four miles, it's ok, I gotcha it still be pretty miraculously survives. You should die gear, INA, Tolstoy, building, he's pretty Bangor, so the
him just jumping out of the the hole in the side of the stamp cackle pop was not that different from how you would get out of the plane in world war to you. Just can't open up the canopy and jumped out here and then you know open your parachute at the appropriate height right right well to do when that's fine with planes propeller planes, but once jet french it is. You can't do that here, because they're going so much faster than a propeller play
You can't just jump out speed of sounded so around the time the jet age began, a company named Martin Baxter, Brinish Aviation company, sort of really looking into the idea of the egyptian seat near, and we have heard today thanks in large part to them. Hats off real men of genius, so interjection see if you dont know, but very simply is a seat that is adapted from the aircraft. Jellia jet can be a helicopter and it's a very much ale. Last second, maybe not last second, but it's a last ditch effort to save yourself when you know that that aircraft is going down right, yet the that's your last resort, you don't get that frivolously has never one airplanes, expensive, yeah, that's a very dangerous when they crashed land here and you really
I think it's probably bad form to scuttle your plane when you still have control of the external. Like. I wonder what this thing does in article points out in its once. You really read this thing. It's really true. It's one of the most complex parts of an aircraft could be thousands of parts in some of these, and the object is to get the pilot out and then this attach from that seat without hitting anyway the aircraft so like up and out in a way out of harm's way, at which point you become a parachute, her yeah, that's! It is exactly right. You want to get the pilot newspapers.
And it is pursued down to the ground, and it all happens in under four seconds and about two to three other seconds is the actual parachute aspect like the ejection part, is all about a second, the second half? Yes, pretty pretty amazing it and we're gonna tell how were so said. The process of it is fairly simple, but the procedure right, it's like just get the pilot out of the plane above it out of the way of the plane. And a crash and let the parachute happen the truest thing right, but when you look at the mechanisms involved in as its extremely detailed, especially since nineteen eighty seven when you had the first microprocessor near in charge of dejection seats, thrilling yes, so let's talk about ejection sees a sober, the basics. You got first of all the seat. Yes, the cedars connected the cock that, obviously, in its attached the rails, bye bye where some rollers,
so you might think like this. It's just like both to the floor has not thy rollers on these rails, because those rails and rollers gonna do the initial guidance of the chair at the proper angle right out of the aircraft right. You can't just go up. You can't just go forward. You can't go back right now and when you go up those rails, you actually have to go at a certain amount of speed and net speed has to be slightly more than aircraft is going russian. I can clear the cockpit so do that you have with called the cattle which is usually a charge yeah, that's what gets going up the rails and initially out, then there will be a secondary rocket than that you up another couple hundred feet clear the tale of the plane and everything and it does it with two yet does it really?
and this is all this whole system is called and eighty s and assisted egress system, egress, meaning exit or a way out little ominous, but I get it fills me with her and the canopy is you know if you ve ever seen like a fighter jet, they ve got the clear, clear, canopy Then you really like wave and like give thumbs up that. I and the black power sign in oyster here issued a bird at the Russian. Yes in top gun. Remember they flee right on upside down. Right above them seemed almost incredible, fearing credible and probably not real. That's what I'm telling you got an already, so you gotta can be in the problem with the canopy. Is it that shouldn't be there when you are trying to achieve there are few in number goose. Its rights are part of the assisted ecosystem. Is the canopy actually blowing, and get the hell out of the way. If you dont have a canopy, you might have a an escape hatch built into the roof and dumb
you do all this. By pulling, a very there between your legs or by her side or in the case of top gun. I looked at the click today. It's too are two loops behind their head that they pulled, or sometimes you might call a face curtain down from your face. We serve two purposes. It gets the whole system, moving an protect your face and psycho avail. Now it's like, its sturdy thought curtain. I think of like you, don't I think of anything you ve heard men planes, I think of like what they used to separate first class from habits. We'd. All this to be the issue here is this Like lazy Revell evening, I don't, I don't wanna, see having to bail out So those are some of the ways in others all different kinds of systems, for that generally how it works. Ok, so we get the general part before we go any further. Let's do a message back. It must do that yet is about to get really get that yeah.
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easy to keep. It will help you protect what you ve worked so hard for get lifelike for up to twenty five percent off your first year, gonna lifelike, dotcom, slash stuff! That's why flocked outcomes less stuff for up to twenty five percent off? Ok, sometimes the basics. We're talking about the basics, yet no straight into the nuts and bolts of this as it were, yeah and bolts will come into play. Actual specifics. So, let's talk about you see you got your bucket, which is re set. It also.
Comes with survival equipment which is gonna, nice elected up. Some survival packs have like oxygen. So if you are bailing out- and you didn't- you know, it has acted in a high altitude- you're gonna need it and they have rifles in on which is cool blankets. What I don't get is the seed ejects from the person, so is the safety back. This is a test. Ok stolen a sitting position with the same intensity of order to test your back. That was confused by later already took the time we cover the canopy. The catapult us what initiated in its operating with, like he said, a ballistic cartridge, because a lot of explosions going uranium bullet right, then yeah pretty much when you're gonna catapult, the real you get your drug parachute, which is a small parachute. Five, the two to five feet in diameter that The initially pops out to a sort of balance you
make sure you're not despite all over the place and slow you down a bit right, because I mean, if you're, going at even a slight angle, yeah at a speed of sound. Possibly yes, you, need to slow down. Can a quick and the joke pursued? Is that little one like the dregs executors? That's exactly it is. Sometimes you know how they have like a small one and then a big one off. They have that's. U dejection seats as well, and the drug parachute the very commonly well trip the larger parachute too. After certain speed is reached, a trade war you got your environmental sensor which will get into how this works. That is a device that tracks airspeed altitude, doesn't just shoot up and say, I hope, its hope. It's ok up there right actually make it also, depending on the readings it gets for your airspeed, an altitude it'll it'll trip like a certain type of sea,
right. So I give you at a very high altitude. They'll, be a certain sequence. If you're in a low altitude going very fast speed, there'll be a certain sequence and so on and there's a car or called modes ejection. Well, we might we're going cover that it some there's something called the and I had a look this up, those name for physicists, honorary Peter, but everyone calls them pitted or edit tubes. Yet when it really should be Peter tubes? Third, because he was french, but these are when that, when this began the travels at the rails and exposes ease tubes. They measure air pressure in the differences and pressure to determine like how fast your go and great, unlike which of these modes, to enact the right talking about,
so the that's the spur, the environmental centre, uncensored information that recovery sequencer, which is basically the chip that controls the process that right. So what are the three Well, you there's low altitude low speed, which is less than two hundred and fifty not said less than fifteen thousand feet, no need for drug parachute, and this get z barely even need dejection. Seated that point now, there's mode HU! It is low altitude, high speed for when you're, like you know, maverick or something like that is going really fast, but well yeah,
and then there's failed to any speed known as the scariest mode right, and so the the modes are all based on you'll notice, two things altitude and speed velocity yeah right and you put these things together and you create a graph and inside the graph inside the the
mark. That's formed yeah, that's called the envelope anything inside the envelope is safety and improving its tested that if you follow this certain sensitive certain sequence of events, yet for this mode within this attitude in this airspeed, you will most likely be fine. The train to go outside of that you are what's known, is pushing the envelope. Further came from yes, that's all it is. I thought that was when you like we're supercool during negotiations in you would just write down what you wanted and push the envelope across
That's putting your luck! Ok! Well! Now that you know me inward organs, yeah. I thought you'd like that. What I saw it. I wish I knew just gonna love it. So, let's back of a written and start with with the bail out your planes not doing well, you want to reject that. Do you find a sick, you want to reject an you, pull ejection handle that sets off what we already talked about that first explosion to catapult you up the rails and into the air and then as an undersea rocket motor that actually propels you even further, and when you watch the things for motion, it's in a serious rocket propelled action going on under your but yeah in sometimes it's two states like the catapult and then the rocket went on
source right. The AIDS basically shoot shooting you. So you go off in a bullet and then a rocket. That's what happens when you rejecting and, like you said within the first, have to one and a half seconds: yeah, that's what happens in a canopy are obviously his then jettisoned at this point, and that's really cool thing to like these things are that the functions canopies their bolted in. And the way their their objective is the bolts are blown by little tiny explosive charges right. That's called lifting the canopy. The bolt blow in the canopy will serve off, but then there's another charge and other explosion toward the front. The affair to shoot off in another direction, away from you, azure ejecting others, so cool man. How fast it happens right how complicated dollars yet because think about that, like the computer sequencer still needs to know what mode to follow so like when they
he started in a blow. It's taken a data readings in deciding how all this is going on in, like a second, a tenth of the second year. So lifting the canopy is one way you can still be entered, you can still run into the canopy if just from blowing the ball so there's another mode or another means of getting round the canopy matches shattering it yeah, that's when it basically explodes, and it's like you, get wire, but the chicken wires explosive yea adds to the evaporates yeah. Well then evaporate. The slipstream makes a good bye, bye, really quickly, yeah Sophronia set of Africa, and then we also mentioned earlier. If there is no canopy, there will be an explosive hatch that basically does the same thing. That seems a least safe to me. Why does he can see to it an ex post, it makes me think of, like some really heavy thick steal that, yes, you can't see through here, and that is
really a hole in another bit of heavy thick steal that you might into on your way out, like a like an escape hatch from a summary. That's what I think of when I think about hats like that on a plane Give me a a shattering canopy: that's it you're! Oh yeah, you wanna to dissolve above your head evaporate of effort. So then the once you're out from the rails that secondary Iraq it's gonna take. You depends on your weight hundred to two hundred feet up to safe, safely, clear you and am I wish we had more recent stats than this, but we haven't for ninety ninety eight. They said they had a ninety percent success rate of over a thought that four hundred and sixty three objections. I so that this kind of standard furs. I sell study for my getting two thousand six or something like that may found about eighty nine point. Four and the bad news is the other. Ten percent means Republic died yeah, you know, so it's either success or you.
Yes, I think, is pretty much them. I think saving your life through that correctly series is successful. Give your injured, whatever I think they still generally camp at a success. Gotcha were women, so we're at the drug parachute the drug, area, fires and metal slug and it pulls out this little drug parachute and then like we said, then there's the secondary shoot that I think the drug and exit right yeah the secondary, like the main shoot. Yes, I'm! So you get that the main shootout. Before this happens, though we think about this when you are shot out on and then on a rocket and you're going up too much
who might three mark wine, is seven hundred and fifty miles an hour here that speed of sound lay supersonic travel yet, and we have painting go a lot faster than that when you exit the plane like that, it very easy for your seat to start to tumble, move around and spin yet or your limbs, let's say well we'll get to that, just the seat itself. If everything is going well, rain plant can still tumbling in this. The wind resistance it meat can be pushed around it's a weird angles? So there's something called Vernier rocket right? Yeah and AIDS is a rocket that just kind of fires like come now run APOLLO thirteen when they were.
Shutting off the little Boozer Rockets like any of the little to the right erect the yarn all earlier in pitch. That's what this rocket does or these rocket. I should say it stabilizes the seat and keep you from spinning and tumbling and makes it say up and down he s getting Aeroscope. Exactly turn knows what he's doing. Just like your smartphone. Oh yes, there with the compass thing is really well. I mean you're plus when he tilted. It knows the guest sideways, and earlier I mean I am sure that I hope the dejection seats have little more advanced systems, but yeah gyroscope. Ok, I never thought about that, may be nigh gyroscope, but something that functions in that way. Right. People like a final gyroscope, we'll find out near wish her well many times
Ok, so Chuck spoke about the physics of all this. Well. First, we gotta covered the seat, man separate or motor. Oh yeah, ok, and that's actually want to run the air you that you and you don't want you can't land and sea. They want to get you out of the seat and that's accomplished by the seat. Men, muttered, separate or get a motorway so basically goes were in detaches the seat from you in Europe. You gave a parachute near you, get your survival pack still, but the sea to kind of falls away to earth and you just them slowly, parachute down and land, and if you're Captain Scott O Grady, then you spend the next five days evading Serbs. The train successfully successfully.
Soap physics, my favorite topic, I know you ve got the physics in Newton. Secondly, motion comes into play here, obviously, because some force an acceleration of the crew member. Really, you know that's how you gonna live or die yet because when you exited plane, you gets backed by the wind. That's right, I mean you're going faster than the speed of sound and while you're normally operating the plane. The planes taken it on the chin for you in a feeling the force of gravity nearly as much as you are winning no longer surrounded by the plain and you're just exposed up there in the atmosphere. That's right, so new, secular emotion, states, the acceleration of an object depends on the force acting upon it and the mass of the Object Force equals mass times acceleration. In this case, the mass is the massive, the human pilot in
air right in the force, accelerations, measured and g right, yeah, so One g equals the the amount of one that the amount of the earthquake. Yeah. I can order right where one g right now right Let's see what they were. A hundred Navy town pilot S, level. We re a hundred eighty pounds, that's one g yeah we're going to geese and so on to say twenty jeez, I believe, is what the interjection seat is like the bastard developed for right too, these twenty jeez hundred eighty pounds feels like thirty six hundred pounds near them the force that you encounter. When you reject thirty six hundred pounds, all of a sudden of force is being exerted on your body
yeah and keeping in mind that one g of acceleration is equal to thirty two feet per second, yes, and it all depends on how much we way like that. I forgot the mass you in the chair, that's big one also they the chair, needs to know how fast ago, because it has to go slightly faster than the plane like us into a can clear it. Yeah. It is but Windsor when you reject in you may encounter twenty jeez, which is the upper limit of human with sword. I'm looking for tolerance yet far from a lot of really bad things can happen to you to try, and we know that nobody colonel step, yeah member he's too have read out from the Rockets lead in a man. He had some crazy stuff happiness, so
What's the formula speed equals acceleration times time, plus initial speed or the F equals eighty plus the? I guess so think about what we decided that we understand the force, which is when you go up. You are suddenly exposed to that lateral force here, hidden face with that. Wind, yes, and you are also being pushed out an upward, so I think you said there in some cases within the first second half you are up to feet. So I think he said earlier something like you within a second you are you go from sitting in the plane to being up about two hundred feet serving
traveling two hundred feet, a second upward. Yes, sir, you being pushed up like that year, while you're being exposed speeds upwards of seven hundred fifty miles an hour twenty jeez of Force- and all of this is happening to your poor body? So a lot of really bad things can happen to ensure. First of all, first and foremost, I think the number one injury from objections is spying compression, because you you being pushed upward at two hundred feet a second year a lot of force exerted on your spinal column, so modern ejection seats had things like leg restraints, oh yeah, this trip back restraints yet had restraint, and then that face curtain, restrained your head and you are forced into a
sweet leaf up and down sitting position so that your vertebrae are stacked perfectly on top of one another, because it any kind of slip or any kind of angle, these to a slipped disc, very easily and there is a long standing legend, I couldn't verify that in the U S AIR force after two or three objections: you're grounded for life, because this final competitive basically use you up. I don't know. I didn't see that that was true anywhere, but it's an old lady and while the virtually not reacted, violet that silly, I M able to grant them- or you, like quarters your height that you were when you enlisted that, because the spinal comprising two short now so- the number one I believe, injury that comes from ejection theirs so something with the horrific name, limb flail! So your security in your seat, near your arms and legs, your head
you're supposed to be totally immobile and at first couple seconds, especially until your parachute opened in you slow down and everything yeah. If you aren't gets loose, have you ever seen a dog with its head sticking out the car window on the highway and has real long floppy years. Yet, which is very dangerous, is not suddenly she did. It was bad for you dive in developed cauliflower. It's bad thing to do, get things in their eyes all sorts of things. Let's go Like thirty. This sixty miles an hour now we're talking in a human arm, going more than seven hundred and fifty miles an hour when it gets loose where you have a limb flail and where you have are completely shattered bone dislocated shoulders. That's a bad job or just imagine going down the highway like six sixty five miles an hour
hold on your window and then quickly to stick your outlay. Yes, yes, he said multiplied that times you know whatever yeah I'm so that's another type of injury, lymphoid, there's wind blast which so they they tested. The sun chimps, of course condemn. It turns out that you can get third degree burnt, severe third degree burns just from the wind allow at Mach one point: seven being exposed the peak one point: seven mark one point: seven for one second, can give you here, third degree burns and then there's tumbling, which he might overlook, but think about this remember we numb is no. The real now. The real life guys know the air, the dude man a grating, now, the guy who jumped out of the space capsule recently step. No,
you know that Guy Felix Bomb Garden, yeah yeah- I can't believe I forgot the the when he jumped out. He started it all member states are going to know her. I did not get a first, no, and the reason that that is really really bad is because you can build up centrifugal force of Europe for your blood in it pushes the outward strategies, meaning your heart, does it have any blood to pump any longer, so you can die very quickly. I seen between Two hundred and four hundred rotations per minute proved fatal humans man. How did that Baumgartner guy pull that off? I don't know that was pretty awesome, yeah and hey. Our undiscovered shall cover that life. Remember yellows huge vehicle that four shots I like. I can't look at that commitment falls out of here his perspective shortly. Psych right, I'm jumping out of something from space.
It's amazing really go. I remember you may never come back from some trip or whatever, and we just happened to be in the airport. When I remembered it was going on in my earlier, we should watch this and ended up standing there watching like when the most amazing things ever seen my entire life, yet without just an amazing thing to see an abyss he wants to top it. I'm sure he's like higher still yet, and do you remember the guy who did that, unlike the like nineteen sixty year, the light fifties? Oh, he did it like in this exposed, whether balloon wearing like a high altitude, a halo masking air supply and everything. I rang the bell in these seem footage of it. Did he live yes, but he ended up being like the whole programme. Rector fulfil its bond earners job like he tell him, because he is the only other guys done anything like the right in this guy did it and like the late fifties, I think, Sir, his literally the only person who can say what you like when exactly he set itself
and its awesome. Apparently here like a hole in his glove or something like that that they had, he told them back round. What was going on. They were called off the mission bomb learner. The other guy really any decision tell us could be allotted Mary was. I wonder, I dont self, that's how foolish bomb gardener works are right. The Jackson seats getting out there that was really clodagh, yeah very complex thing, going on a very quickly and watch that super slow mowing Then it shows in regular time screening new these resolutions- are very, very difficult to keep get more exercise save more money. What about this? We have a resolution that you can really work with stop wasting time going to the post office. That right, you stamped out I'm instead because they bring all the services of the Eu S postal service right to your computer with yours business, sinning, invoices or packages
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yeah. How this be up ass, a guys. I've been listening for about six month catching up on most of your old shows. In that time, I was introduced to your podcast by my best since sixth grade friend, who's, also a serious man. I admit that it took me a few episodes to warm to your podcast and now I feel a bit sheepish for my friends recommendation: not only she one of the smartest people I've ever met. She is one of my oldest friends in those me better than anyone it along his directing each other too many fabulous innkeeper suits, but stuffy should now may be the best of them all and, I have to say, stiff competition, Europe against Oaken, the x files, star, trek ethic rat battles of history, dune suitable. While I mean I see the rat battle sure do maybe, but talking a glass
our track star trek. You nicer check the movie. The tv show. None of its people can be shocked. I've never seen a single star Trek episode in my life. I did when I was a kid like it more as an adult, and I saw the yeah. I saw that. Finally, that was good and then the first of the new ones, but not wanted I saw the woman just came out, I mean I'll get. It is not. My recent lavish gives you away you know and get over this obstacle- is arbitrary and totally unnecessary. Wall between people who, like STAR Trek in STAR wars, is not that I think there should be. A law is never going to start as long as this view not hate. In answer to a question of a tricky
This has been a kind of a duty episode. Have you noticed factor the email of having a couple of months ago my friend came to visit, and we were discussing the Malagasy made some comments about why we enjoyed it. So much felt like, to really great grated interesting friends with us whenever we wanted them are needed, are we both work, long hours and jobs with significant pressure, and sometimes time with great an interesting friends, is hard to come by your part? Yes, can be great mandate and meeting sanity when face to face interaction with real friends is impossible. Thanks for being such wonderful, imaginary, stand in flash other appropriate, adjective friends. Keep up the good work explaining likely innovation, everything this Catherine with UK, or why it thinks lots. Did she didn't say what happens anyone's with those of the pretty bad Katharine's friend at
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