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How Faraday Cages Work

2021-06-24 | 🔗

Faraday cages are one of those peculiar miracles of nature that we can actually explain – not to mention, they save us from potentially fatal electrocutions and electronic eavesdropping which are bonuses. Learn about this amazing hidden technology here.

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a more common hurry, chuck good great worthy drinkin, I'm dead King Perry, AIDS, French. I fancied fancy I'm drinking just regular old, dumb american water, whereas at tap water don't drink that warming, its water, it's out of tat kind, have a death which made him. You know what I love. If you go and visit drinks best busy drink of all time, I would say SAM Pellegrino any same Pellegrino belief has labored kind Tortuga I'll get Jerry's nodding with emphasis. I've had one before near the top. Had she go. Do I just like the plane? It is. The fishing
the first. Is it and here's a little drink for you to kill until Pacheco and a better half align legit? Why how low calorie clean, simple, refreshing, simple, meagre, delicious meagre disgusting. It's like what are you wearing Quaker or a quota Quaker would trigger a Yang and those represented together, whom I thinking of I have no idea what you do you know who goes on rum Springer, o Amish, the since, with the armies were drink very plain, straightforward, boozy drink. I think when the Amish go in Rome spring at eight, they probably go straight for the stuff through Belarus, you all bangers. Well, I think they did. They say we don't need that double check out. This particular got into my stomach quickly, man, So today, of course, we're talking about Faraday Caderousse check
have you ever been in a car? Those struck by lightning? No, have you now I would talk. Every day, but you know what, if you were you'd, probably walk around in everything was because the tyres are grounded man, not not me. I witnessed said that you would said that yesterday tat, I would have said it before her. That's not true, though it is not. The time is right. No tyres, are made of rubber too, for something like it and which is an insulator, doesn't conduct electricity very well, but if a bolt of lightning hate your car, those tyres, not nearly insulated enough to protect you actually, because your car is essentially what we call the faraday cage, that's right, which is why it gibes with the topic today, that's right name for Michael Faraday, the nineteenth century scientist I do
dude here that I mean this guy was just amazing. He deserves zone episode for sure, gamma, big, I'm, the guy who's, trying to think of a funny name for affair, If you get there, then fared in fair, Daddy Mathieu and feared Effie Faraday, but that implies you have kids, but you can be affair that he can be whenever sure, my daddy to all sorts of threat. We have stuff army ear the third area of the stuff? You should know army movie creches the movie crushers in you. I just learned today what you know deck shepherd has armchair expert. You know at his people are called. Arm, chariots, close, isn't really arm cherries see gee are Ye Yale Cherry, you get the murderer Minos with the much more leisure. What else I think this american life vans are called middle aged liberals,
and that's all known, as has indeed made no answer some necessary but fair day in the fair daddy's, which is ice and no one else develop. something called affair: tat cage on the heels of the work of some Name Ben Franklin near to save it, they cages first you're walking is nigh, think yellow, but will avert a cage, can be any conductor of electricity. It's important that surrounds something that you would like to protect from electronic and electrical large right or it turns out also electromagnetic radiation, which is not the right thing now, they're based on the same stuff but electorates he is a current of electrons moving through an object, lecture magnetic radio shit. No type of it is just energy flowing through.
ere. He doesn't need a conductor, that's really the big differentiate between the two yeah, but it's it can be chain link. It can be wired mesh, like you said it can be. Your car can be solid metal. Yet I will talk about planes later on right, planes technically or a kind of fair decades. Thank goodness and yeah in it. It basically is there too what's inside and has a range of applications. Now that is kind of grown over the years and let them the above thirty cages. There is really, weird! It's based on observations, like you said Ben Franklin, then really investigated by fairly, which will get into a second, but it doesn't quite makes sense because if you happen to come along and there's a down power line in its laying on an aluminum fence post like the storm,
because I happen to know moving. I gotta see that then you ve never seen nystroem one of the great movies I know yet I know, but then I go through periods or I'm like I just I want something like and thoughtless, let's run the extra right. Then he asset to wait till the winter you get MIKE. I see kept locked down on the summer time an irregular nine as a true to be weird, I'm trying to think I saw something to similar data was worthwhile in our men. Answers podcast goal right here, I'll try to think of it. The alt key I'll keep this little region in my brain right here go in trying to figure out what movie I just saw him do that some time ago. The rest over here is gonNA is going to focus on further cases back yet do that mindset cumbersome, send my thought bubbles says it done out of it. This is this part here. but you don't silver server hold I'd so so why are we talking about
before that we were talking about movies were oh, but I was dealt at all. Oh yes, I heard a cages weird in that. If you normally go to conductor. That has an electrical current running through it and you touch it. It's going to knock you your shoes, like the kid and stand by me, basically ripe. There's a train. The metaphor worked through the kidney storm. well now. I don't have to see the Eastern there's a lot more than happens so a further cages special in that it actually protect you from doing that, but it uses conductors it's not some special insulator. It actually uses the very thing that should electrocute you to prevent you from being electrocuted its. Yet the cage itself is a hollow conductor and that
charge stays on the exterior it's like here. Let me take that electrical load for you whatever's inside of me, those it ok, so I think that is actually the level of Ben Franklin their standing over from what I gather it. Don't worry. I've just been Franklin alive, then forget great. He was. He was the case he was. He was sniffing all over. He was lifted off. The case said: in fifty five he started doing a lot of these electrical experiments. I be serving those about the kite. one that has to do the fairly cages he electrified ran a current through a pint can a silver pint can yet always taken Pines shore, and then he lowered a cork, which obviously has no charge like little cork ball attached to silk, silk string, which has no, you know, Cameron occurred
either right and he lowered it down into that pint glass to sat there like what? What are you, what businesses to prove its doors, a teenage corporal it was. It was very much a teenage cork ball and it didn't do anything, but he pulled at court ball out and then dangled it beside that charge. Can anyone hi, Jack Mamma, I get a piece of that can harm in a home in a hundred plus tax. So it like latched onto the outside of it right. I just demonstrated everybody's white shook laughed and been Franco's like I have no idea. What's goin on here I've only rice, preliminarily started experimenting with electricity. This is weird and he wrote frankly said like I can explain this someday you'll be able to investigate it. If you do, let me know What the deal is yet, but he was the at least on paper. The first pillar and a really kind of notice. This it took metal a fair day a few decades later, polio.
forty, maybe even fifty years later, to say I really want to know what's going on here, so he investigated himself yeah, but you know it really think about what Franklin did. Ninety nine people behind back then, would have been like. Who cares? What are you doing avid cork ball? I got like what is this matter. Right. Like your hang it inside there don't do anything. You hang on the outside moves a little bit Franklin. New he's like this is important, because this is this will have an application. Right said like that. Therein lies the brilliance. I think, beauty of Ben Franklin yet short, then his hair do, of course Michael Faraday when he investigated it huh We created the same experiment very famously a couple of ways: one he lined is a room. He built a room basically and then lined with foil and then apply to charge.
the outside and put a small child in there. It put himself in their did early any hung out. Basically s offer a couple of days is fairly cage with an electrical current being applied to the outside of it. Here that was good for the time cause you like me. I made that joke, but usually silence about that kid right. You have no right here for that cute bunny. Let me just explore you so yet so he actually did himself whose memory did that episode of famous saying the sewer their own guinea pig how to drink. He could have qualified in that respect for sure, but he menstruating, ok, there's no charge in here. I'm fine this this
something going on where this conductor itself is preventing the charge from coming in here. That was the first one. Then he followed up again with an ice pale which is exactly what sounds again as a bucket and he's very famous for his eyes. Pale experiments, basically recreated Franklin's thing, and he said I think I can explain this now. Yet full of ice, though just to be clear now and actually there still Faraday ice pails today in their made of wire mesh era, yeah I got it took him out, so Is that what you told your eyes in Kiev, don't worry about it. They were finally could get no more efficient it or do good. Sir, So we take a break and then come back and try to explain what Faraday figured out that Sanskrit, ok these days, you have to keep everything
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Yes, if you listen to our march twentieth, twenty fourteen absurd how episode works. I was one you you'll love, it was pretty in intense area, Listen to a lot of it. We had been the weeds cassettes. one? Is that mean electricity? Its analogous slouches subject you know now, but this is a Josh written. Simplify had overview. That is so much better than that episode. I think thanks man and it goes a little something like this are right: man, electricity. You ve got metal objects, endless, save its wits AIDS that ten can or whatever it is. It's a coconut pine camp, we'll cover secured the pine counterweight changed. Cooking Mercosur in the south were from we're, never gonna, but it's a pint again. They don't make cocaine. Pilots are they should
release the Cannes where'd you favour beer. I mean electronically. These days it comes right. Ok, Vega, so got it's all boy of traffic although we re arranging my occasion, I might we younger listeners there listen so area, but also to one another early push coca on how about desired! Seltzer does the here here it's a wide clog. The desert, the October Chico come and can thus saved us. Ok, I was a moan about a blessing comes in again just for the sake of moving nigger, I together Turkey, cocaine and it is a conductor of electricity, which basically means that you know these things have Electra funds in protons in them and It can be both positively and negatively charge
is always electrocuted. You'd go to pick up that Turkey can just get shocked right it, but it's not itself doesn't carry charging an electrical charges. force that the four right of electricity, when it's on the move. That's a current in doktor allows electricity to move through it. That's right, like those car tyres, now that's the insulator that the opposite of they can be positive or negative. It really just depends on the count of how many electrons, to how many protons does an equal number. It's going to be neutral. Obviously, it's half as more protons the positive charge, more electrons too, can be negatively charged and if you're a conductor like that can there are lots of loose electrons flying around inside that their freedom move about and do their business
right, so one way to look at an electrical current as it goes from one thing through the next thing that its applied to, and it does that by exciting those free electrons that are able to move that things are moving in. They basically carry the electrical charge through that that the current, through the conductor, but under normal circumstances, you got all the positively charged for the negatively charge of hanging out not doing anything in. So that's why you're saying you can pick up the Togo Chico can and is not going to electrocute you it's just a conductor. right. But let's say that I was a superhero with electricity. I was electrons. Man, Hooker and my hand, by carried a charge. Where did the current the fans? Electra men would be the electronic. He acts, azure electronics, vague
I must say I reach for that till Pacheco can, with my let my electrically charge and then your business, because what happens then is yours, have in an opposite thing. Going on all of those particles will separate those alike Johnson. Those proton that are normally his co mingling out normally are all fine, yet under normal circumstances, but all of a sudden they separate and all of the the charge coming toward me would be the opposite, which would be protons. So if you're a depends on you, you, as well as on electronic, how your electromagnetic you be negatively chart brighter sure there are also to be a total, must know that rights are the. times are gonna, be attracted to the electrons. In this case or holes I saw electron holes is another thing that area that starts flowing toward a negative charge. I have never heard of them before I had neither, and this is called electrostatic Induction
when you separate out the positive from the additive charging conductor. That's right there on the opposite side that Turbo Chico can soon as my hand, touches at them exactly okay. So that makes a lot of sense. That's basically Ben Franklin was observing any couldn't quite figure it out, and this is what Michael Faraday recreated and was able to explain that when you take a charged in electrically charged sure no object and apply it to a conductor, the opposite of whatever that charges is going to go toward it. The the particles that are the same- Are you going to move away from the other repelled by it? And you have a good point, and here we talk, we used to talk a lot about homeostasis that's kind of what's going on here- is that those negative electrons want to cancel out there charged coming to them with my electrified hand, and just get back to naturally want to hang out with the protons again exactly so they're trying to offset that positive charge right with their own their own charge. But dumb so that
the negative electrons and the positive holes, I guess, create an electrical. He'll on the outside, but it keeps that electrical charged. The outside this affair. They found it stays outside on the inside. There is no electrical charged with and quite makes sense until you start to dig into it a little more and it has to do with that electrostatic induction where the positively charge stuff moved. The inside their negative stuff moves to the outside, and because the inside is positively charged and the positive cha It is also on the outside. They cancel one another out, so there is no charge on the inside right and that's why I been Franklin's cork ball to sat there. I didn't do anything when you put it down in there and that's why I mean I guess so Pacheco Weak, it's a bad example. Cosette would have liquid in their while you we drank it already aright
he drank at all. Yet we opened up that can so giants. Hobo Chico can that we are standing in a cafe totally unharmed, because the electrostatic current is kept outside cause. Here. Is there a couple of things Third, I figured out their conductor does in the sense that creates wealth understand his affair decades, in that it keeps a charge developing on the inside because it distributes the electric electrostatic charge just to the outside. It keeps it as I and so axis shield yeah. It actually shields charge from coming inside. So when you side affair, the cage, whether the giant Hobo Chico, can or car an airplane? You are actually protected for being shocked or electrocuted by the electrical field that is distributed strictly to the outside of the conductor yeah and its it's. This shield that
that's where the application of this really comes into play right. Otherwise it would just be kind of a fun experiment, but then humans, Reich weight is actually pretty important because we can use this stuff How effective that shield is they dependent on what kind of fair decades you have it can be. depends on the metal that you're using and how conductive it is near depends on the size of if it's a mesh it depends on how big the holes are. If it's like your old plan, turn lath. Walls in your house. You might why's that you dont get is good of an internet signal. in one room of your home. That might still have that plastering lath, yes, because so there is a second thing that very day cages do their magic. I said there really weird he doesn't make any sense, but this is just what they figured out happens. The second thing that it does is murmur. I said that electro magnetic waves, like
The waves gamma waves x rays, microwaves, the microwave those are a there there, basically from the same family as an electrical current, and so a fairly cage, actually prevent their intrusion as well right. So the second thing it does is prevent these kind. Waves from coming in in it all depends on what is made from, and you know what the size and shape of the fair. A cage is right or getting out in the case of a microwave. Look at that door of your microwave uneasy had little grid pattern. That's of affairs age. I say We take another breakin and come back and talk about some real life applications in addition to microwaves of very day cages. Anything, let's do it.
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what was care care was the first man. He said. care where that's what was that was at a group, the gale, I fear, but they're like one. There were one had wonder, basically think they were the ones them said, Amelia pounds on fire. I bet they regret that. they did, but I actually held a very unsuccessful kickstart, really really a million pounds. Back years later, I was about to make a joke and say Kickstarter, but they really did yesterday did maybe they'll riotous. I think it was killed and I can't let him I can't remember it might have been came of DM. Who was it the dove? We thought was riding us at one point, but it was a fake Lou, I beg you to pick me up. That's the guy is good. Only now is my ok. They talk about the Lubeck Incident to get better
Nigeria's overhear. Laugh is universally bigger for the Lubeck inside he uses his picture. On Twitter had already go a little idea. it's not a beggar, he's verified the moment. Number five guy! No, it wasn't even verify that is the dynamic dupes such steps. so we have been talking a lot about the fared, a cage and what they can use for, and one of the things that can be used for is say you're in a lab and science lab, and you want to conduct an experiment in a truly neutral setting with no electromagnetic. field at all. Yet because nothing going, we said these are energy waves that is flowing through the heirs cause. You can't seem doesn't mean they're out there by a silken effect, a lot of experiment, so you might wanna have a fair deal cage built for your science lab. The big one. If you are at a university, that's more than
two bit university there probably going to have varied cages here, they're around some of their lives. For sure, of course, you wanna go to a hospital and look for a further cage. Go. Take me to the MRI Lamb though say: yes, sir, you click their heels together and take you to see a fairly case because that is either the MRI machine or possibly the room that the Emma machine is in maybe they both are outfitted with Faraday cages because for the same reason as when you're protecting your lab, you dont want there the electromagnetic radiation interfering with the data, that the MRI is taking in rain, screwing up the picture, and they d like good lawyer this. I've got a tumor the size of a watermelon, underside corral. Wait. We forgot to build this in a fairytale yeah, It's not to protect civilian x rays, not to protect MRI juice from spreading through the hospital. I don't know, I think, is to protect the day
They definitely is, but I wonder if it's too folder down, but then you'd have to have two further cages work. in opposite directions, and then the union might fall in on itself in that city, withdrew image, airplanes earlier as a teaser cars, don't get struck by lightning a lot, but you'll be very scared to know that airplanes do get struck by lightning a quite a bit. I dont I've been in a plane that was struck by lightning, but I've been in situations where it's possible, but this probably really dumb question like. Would it make a big thunder boom right then I don't know. I don't think that's a dumb question, a great question because I would say than you would probably know the whole plain just went Kaboom the other way that you can tell, as if you end up in an alternate universe, that the Wangle lears are eating The other way to know your plane was struck by lightning, but the airplane is fine, I'll equipment, other people, insider fine, with bulky, no less degeneracy. That now has pretty bad
was there, it was a Stephen king made for tv movie, starring bulky really yeah and it was bad. What was it go? The lingo ears. I mean to spell out to slide into your saint funny words. Ok, I think that's a good enough for me as long as I'm gettin. Last Saturday, you that's all I care That plane is affair, it a cage, Buildings can probably not purposely built as affair decades, but they can act as that would like that laugh, the wire mesh liar that that you apply the pass plaster to your time. I also with them poured concrete reinforced concrete right right, the rebar in there. If you, you know, build a large enough structure, the rebar can accidently act as a varied, a cage right, and we said, depending on What electromagnetic radiation you're trying to keep out you actually want a tune that a tenuous I guess the size of the mesh or
grid pattern. Whatever the chain link fence it'll, keep some stuff out depending on the size of the all be based on the wavelength of the wave. If the wavelength is bigger than the whole, eight can actually be kept out if the wave link smaller than the home, then it's going to pass through fairly easily end, even you, do, make it just right. It's still power not going to be a perfect faraday cage, as evidenced in the case of a microwave right, yeah like if you put your on your cell phone and a microwave and shut the door, don't turn it on hidden hell, but just put it in there and called it. It would probably bring yeah problem even though your phone operates on microwaves by you, you're micro businesses in Europe perfect seen everywhere where this explaining follows up with. Don't worry you're not going to be
acted by the microwave radiation. Right like there's like certain standards for leakage. There have to be met in the developed world if you're selling a microwave or buying a microwave. So I still don't stand in front of microwave a prohibition in case, but then now choke we kind of troops into the territory where a fairly cages, a really kind of made a big appearance in the consumer market, which is things like protecting from here. Muff allergies, oh right, like gum, better call solves brother on the show summits in it, Michael Marquis in is very, plays a character play some solves brother and Adam. He has a allergy to electromagnetic radiation that through allergy or is it in his head. I mean they explorer like it's in his head. They also explore like it's. You know from
is viewpoint, as happens aerial and its basically, the no seeber effect is how I've seen it explain, but there people out there. You see in the show where he's wearing like a solar, blanket like a metallic blanket yeah, he believes is, as you know, blocking electro MEG. Gradation everything from visible light to radio waves, the gamma rays to x rays. All of this energy Finally, there some people believe that it has a pernicious effect on your health for everything. I've seen scientific wise, as that is not the case right, but there still are obviously people, are like the others is one study once they found this in. It says that yourselves are not happy when their expose radio waves his why? Where foil line suit, whenever I leave the house kind of thing and it's a real, it's sad is very sad, especially if it's not true. It's just a sad. If it is correct right. These people are suffering and nobody can help em right. You know just like with the heart
or more glance, he said it was it felt she told me. I was that right, yeah. I gotta know anything Sweden is a joke. We'll find out. Ok, we'll see, will test our own temperature. In the end it they do empower utility line pricked by one lines, workers sometimes or badly special suits. You and if you have a Emma thumb, allergy probably want to get your hands on a driver. That's how one might Grandad's died. I think it told that sort before he was a power linemen which tall I Now, what's it all about India as a young man, I didn't know the chair, he already zapped in the top of it, the phone polling, not them out me, no twenty five feet to the ground, and it didn't immediately kill him. Ah, it is essentially what killed him yeah. How long did he lingered? I don't know I mean I was he died when I was like five fish.
Certainly remember meeting unlike like once, and he was you know yet a hospital bed in his house. and my grandmother was a nurse she basically just gonna cared for him for the rest of his life. Oh, so this was unlike a couple days later, like he, he now four years after awhile brain dead, agenda. I wonder how much there was from hitting his head and how much of it is from the juice. Well, I think most of it was from the fall, but its technically. That's what caused the false? Oh! I wish I were a guy. He wasn't a really good guy another. He deserved that if he didn't deserve that, but he wasn't wicked. First, I gotcha so bad dish, though you dont want bad things to happen to any one right may be held her detailed her do these failings of time, great man, the government. There also obviously gonna protects since of equipment,
are going to build special rooms. Yes, yes, because here's the thing, if you are afraid of electromagnetic radiation going through union, trying to keep it out, you can also key electromagnetic radiation from escaping yeah like if you wanna tell sensitive secret certain in sensitive documents. Urien have a special room in the White House or the Pentagon. That is tricked out too to shield keep anyone from listening and basically has essentially reverse faraday cage. Yeah heaps the electrodes not a great asian from leaking out, which sounds like who cares, if alike magnetic radiation leaks out from a computer screen or you know they, ethernet, cable or something like that. It turns out. You can actually tell You can gain information from capturing this leakage and converting it into data. Yet was the guy. With the I mean, this is a little scary, considering what's going
in this country right now, but was it in HOLLAND? It is I'm not really scared by this. I think it kind of goes to show just how far fetched yeah of our fetched as excellent chuck. Far fetched the guy name Rob Gordon Grip the dutch computer experts that I use a Dutch named by the way Like you have no idea what you're talking about he figured out there you can electronically eavesdrop or electoral. medically eavesdrop on the voting machines that they were using in the Netherlands right and he showed that he could gather the refresh rate or he can terminate the refresh raid on the computer screen slowed down win a name that had an accident or special character was being displayed news able to take this leakage from like twenty five feet, or something like that from these voting machines converted into a sound,
and when somebody from the Christian Democratic Appeal Party and the e has an accent over, it was voted for that the tone actually change their attention. think so he could say they got one vote or something like that, but not manipulate that vote now, but I could see in this country that's we been dug up unused. You know right by dummies, yeah for sure, but the the the point is: if this guy can do something like that you can bet that, like a very well to do state without wanting to lecture magnetically ease job could probably glean some pretty important right stuff. So, yes, you can. We do want to put your most sensitive conversations, government state secrets in a fairy caging, closed room, but the average persons vote is not going to be. You know
in jeopardy by rope. Gone grip enough! I read about guy from Ireland, the Netherlands or someplace like the, whose Baldwin. Yes, our golden Kinshasa. I tell you who else might have some thirty pages are like peppers survivalist. Yet They probably had a reason affair to cater to they may be homemade heat rope. Congress can stand, I know, but that's they worry, of electromagnetic pulses, which we talked a lot about in the space. Whether episode earlier you remember, we We said like if one of these things really didn't matter from space weather or from a bad actor, one of the other metallic wealth You can really lose all of your electronics, which is another reason. People bill thirty cases not to keep out we'll keep their there, their own alike, it's from leaking information from keeping electronic, no
from coming in disrupting their own stuff, if a big one hit good. Just below your circuits right out. the human body, your electronics are designed to use and run on electricity, but only a certain amount when you overload that amount that this system tends to fail and that's why survivalist improperly believe in things like Ferrety cages to protect equipment right. The problem is when you take it out and use it if space, whether actually happened right, then your fairly cages useless cause you're outside it, Yeah, I guess, if you're really sort a paranoid and have a lot of money, you can have your home, others, this place called HOLLAND shielding it makes wallpaper with copper woven into it to prevent someone from eavesdropping on you as others, something called Mew Metal and it's like I
nickel alloy that works? Really well for that too, I gonna get commentary next week. That's awesome. Put that all over my house. Are you prepping these days, no weapon for a nap lesson that pillow, the new wealth were warm milk. I've been able to have a little bit. These days is good. I still can't stuck in Detroit. every once in a great while and now can you mean it now we're not ours yeah. I enjoy nap of kind of embrace the the true siesta You know I get up really early stay up really late, Pirate online, I dont, get alot of sleep at night, but I'll try and get it thirty minute nap in at some point and as it were its work in pretty well, what do you do at night? I mean that's my time when you get a little kid, that's like once they go to bed. You like that's your time. How will you stay up? There is nodding.
You know, I'll stay up, I mean depends I'll go to face. swear embedded, ten thirty, but you Leon, I'm a midnight man, that's what I myself the wagons that stretches into like one a m with time to get a- I usually get up around six, thirty or seven years and wake up six or seven year, so yeah, but a six hour or not. maybe a thirty minute all you need. I think how about you get up early these days? I get crazy emails from you Why do you LEO and Jack O early and all tat? I know actually try very hard to be cognizant of what I'm emailing you early in the morning, because I know you might be some the first. see, and I don't want it to be, like hey we're gonna, do this disguised following I've been to good about the not opening. My email, though told to work hours and then shut, it down. You know. That's the Rhine derive Jerry, had a talk with me once where she's like our no, if you should email
people, on the weekends or in the evenings. Aware like where you main, and then I stopped divers. I totally sir. I've adopted that as well as best idea, Would you do you make a note, email, bud, I'm dumb at nine a m on Monday shirt, so I use dress folder. Now Ok, I just don't send it we're already. Don't you make a note, I won't even need and others like an extra superfluous step. I write the email. I just don't Did I leave it in the draft that is very smart, so I will read this at Yale. Rapidly I will, if you want to know more about Faraday cages, go check your car out insincere. That simply this moment, oh wait. Wait! There's one
think chuck. If you have a car and it's a convertible look out, it doesn't have a fairytale cage, you're very susceptible the lightning, which is another explanation for why you're tired so nicely save you because of fear into convertible car. It's not a fairly case. So your toes No listen around now, a swimmer, I'm gonna call this the new. Email in my inbox, and this is good, because rarely do we read suggestions. Besides on the air, but this is a good one. I think we're gonna want to do this, because it also ties in with today's episode today. Special hey ice, with the topic proposition. I think it would fit perfectly to what you're doing eels Grady. Let's get you know, no, if I ever would have thought about that. I probably wouldn't you see this is this is Michael thanks Michael.
Poland Michael says those it none Michael wanna say there. Just incredible creatures and it was mine blowing to me when I discovered that we still do not know much about them. Have you ever even Neil like sushi unity? Of course I buy that at the edge happenings market and cook at home. Oh you do yourself, needs Beckett, Yemen's delicious they're, not much to look at the point receipts. Good Freud, before going into psychoanalysis study, deals trying to find the reproductive system path feet not yet achieved for thousands of years. All european eels come from one place. The Sargasso sea You'll travel, thousands of miles after their horns and thoughts I didn't want to read the parent medical eels travel. Thousands of miles after their born to the lakes- cells in Europe and then come back They feel they are ready to undergo metamorphosis and reproduce. Neat Let me see what else for many years people thought
observing different species of eels, when in fact they were the same eels, just different stages of their life was so we best did: a mini episode on eels with special guess, Michael sort of Michael US. In the New Yorker article Where who called the book of eels says p I love what you're doing and how you're making interesting topics approachable with your great needs, going attitude. Keep it up all the best from Poland you live one day and that's from Macao. I would definitely go to Poland for a show. I would do Neverbend opponent I have neither whose do it costs have been his Hungary yet same here even hungry too great poet of s here, which I did you stand always state on the sigh, but we do know, went back and forth picture. We also went to their Adam that turkish bath that The beginning of red heat was filming. Ok, it's really awesome. I remember excited state onto beyond us. It was so many.
so the left or the right remember remember now I mean this is that thirty years ago, third, twenty seven years ago, terrorism, fifteen drunken bulls: blood wine. I remember that we are talking about very cheap yeah yeah You told me about that before, or else I saw myself out, they get traded thanks La Michael Mikhail, and that was a great idea in an eels. Upso will be forthcoming, Wendy View honesty, ass, a really great topic. We love that kind of thing. You can rapid. Been sent it off to us stuff. Podcast did I heart radio dotcom stuffy should now is the production of high radio from our path. My heart. Radio visit thy heart radioactive apple had passed, having listened to your favorite shows.
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