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How Giraffes Work

2017-10-05 | 🔗

Even though giraffes are one of the most recognizable animals on the planet, it wasn't until the 21st century that biology really set about studying them. They've found giraffes are even more amazing than they appear.

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amazing. Animal addition. Yes, as special request, fulfilled animal addition yeah, we should tell the story. How are you for his personal? If we could not tell the story is the greatest thing has happened in London?
is so. We did a show in Vancouver. I now September something in real time. It was last week for us. We usually turned stuff around this vast right exactly and a lot of times will do q and after the show, because we're like the pack horses in enough. We owe people more than that. So do occur, nay, right. The track and the last question of the of the night was this cute little girl just adorable and her name was meagre. Wasn't it yeah, ok and meagre? Had a special request shook him, what was it will carry with them like this make his dad walks are up to the microphone. Everyone turned their attention to this adorable six year old and in front of what was it like? A thousand
often people she added. Can you do a pot cast on July ass and twelve hundred hearts, melted and immediately like afterward? You are in our like what we're doing this as soon as we get back yeah that's right, and this is where a rat we did it yeah, and you know what it's Mika you're, not alone, because drafts are amazing, as you will see, in greater detail. And you are not alone among your peers, because I gotta tell you, as the father or two year old daughter and Jerry as mom over to your old they're, all obsessed with giraffes yeah, it's true
you mean, I started our knees Miller actually often giraffes pretty early yeah it s like there's there's some of the most adorable stuff. Animals are toys around here, so it means understandable. Howard, stick any kids crawl, like that. We I mean they look nothing like things that they ve seen yet enough. Like thing they ve seen. I think at that age to where they think well, I've seen a horse or a whole. Or I seen a zebra, but this is I've, seen a camel, even in those things like a little weird, but then a giraffe comes along and small minds are blown. They are blown so much that I suspect that their giraffes in the little angel The day babies today before they come down to earth- and yes, I want to say small mines is not say: children are small minded.
Like a lady, literally small minded, but not in the figurative adult sense physiologically speaking time. So everybody knows what giraffes are. You can point to a picture of a giraffe and say what is this? In the personal say, it's a giraffe, pretty common thing maybe the arguably the best, Charlie Harper illustration. While time is the mother and baby giraffe snuggling That is the look it up. I can t you're, gonna love it. It's just a durable, so everyone's quite familiar with the rest, but giraffes her one of those animals that we found from our research I just taken for granted near layer. Everyone's like everyone's, like look at those things, are amazing, delicious leave it at that, apparently was how science giraffes for millennia, basically yeah. In fact, these evolutionary wonders and boy aren't they like in every sense of the word.
For many, many millennia, human, dumb dams referred to these animals as camel leopards with a tiny little hyphen in between the two show that there is clearly a camel and a leopard I've gotten it on at some point, rackets and created the giraffe yet which, and it makes a little bit a sense. They are sort of came alike with their necks and their long legs in hooves. But Also, you look at a giraffes coat and that amazing leopard like pattern. So it's sort. It makes sense that the human, dumb dams would say stuff like that. Right is, they didn't understand, evolution and even like MR evolution himself, Charles Darwin was like I'm night even getting into the giraffe for a while. They forget the giraffe debate yeah, but so he he arm. He started waiting in two where the giraffe
its neck, because by the time Darwin came along, they said. Okay, were there not camel leopards? We know that my tried? Everybody start making fun of us right, but also, let's give it a scientific name, giraffe a camel apart Alice, which is a nod to the dumb terms of you. That's right right, so by the time Darwin got in and on this he had written, origin of species it, but it was the six addition before the giraffe makes an appearance in the answer me get has already read that sure she has it. Why you ask issues have been getting sound on that's right, so Darwin suggested that potentially the giraffe neck evolve, because in times of drought or famine where other animals were starving and dropping like flies, the giraffe neck gave it an advantage to reach
design trees there. Other animals couldn't so it was quite quite literally rising above the competition, natural selection, wise right, yeah. That's got to be a right. Well, one of the reasons that one of the issues raised against it is that giraffe still feed at the same level as other animals like a pretty significant amount of time. Other discreetly, I guess her like some for me, and I have some yours too I don't know I can't think of any other reason. It makes complete sense or theirs guy Jean Baptiste Lamarck, who is eat pretty credible. As far as old timey scientists go and Lamarck said you, I think, they're an antelope that stretched its neck further and further and further any lost all credibility. Ethics
but that there still there they're not entirely certain what precisely it is that gave the giraffe its neck, because you don't you don't see that elsewhere in nature, it's not an adaptation that that is pretty common. Like eyes or hearing wrote flight, its its own thing. In a lot of ways, but there are some other long neck animals like swans or something like that, but dresser mammals, side from that really long neck and a couple of other things that they have had to change their adapt to because of their long neck and other features and their there. Nothing like other long necked animals near the right and the long night club. They stand alone exactly right. So, let's start with a start with classification and taxonomy in that kind of thing cassettes you know that's where lay the ground work for, or talking about, your back technically speaking,
dress or what you would call in even toad ungulate, which is kind of a fancy way of sand. They have just to wait bearing hooves on each foot like a camel and their right, yeah LISA. Ok, I'm not a leopard, though not elaborate with hope would not be Much of the leopard, let's be honest, and they are in an order called Archeo Deck Tiller does include the envelope to be fair, but also includes things like a sheep in moose in hippos cows. Cows, pigs, little weirdly, but maybe not because they have the little whose share What else? Well there's so their family is giraffe today and in the giraffe, a family there's two Janeiro right. Yes, there's the giraffe genus and the copier genus, and they face
split, they think now about eleven million years ago, and still today you can walk around in Africa and find the coffee, but the copy looks way more like its related to a horse or a zebra than it does to a giraffe right yeah. Did you see the things he I've seen him before they're they're, pretty neither like chocolate colored like zebra stripe, legs yeah, it literally looks like it's an animal that said I don't know what I wanna be. I, like you guys, like you guys, so I really would just like the sort of be both of you is a social butterfly yet very pretty, and
and then over in the giraffe genus. They they there's basically wine species as far as anyone concerned. So, like any giraffe, you ever see, even if it looks different from all the other draft, you see it was the species giraffe. Her Camelot part Alice, like you said right, yes, but there is a two thousand sixteen study that was carried out by the Giraffe Conservation Foundation and it was published in the journal current biology, and they said you know these little sub species tat we ve been saying, are actually the same species of Jurassic, just variations there actually different species of forgery, species yeah, but that's not the like. That's that he was just last year. Another saying that that's not the case so far. I was all right. Well, I know what it says. It said the. Why think it's more like the with the wheels of-
I allowed you call science as academic field moves slowly, ok, so there their findings are supposedly legitimate, that there does not say they didn't put the stamp of authenticity on it. Not yet. Ok, they probably will in the future, but their latest just give us some time. We just made some tea as I desired. One to do was given to break up. I will take a break in crane, our necks up and get some some food to sustain ourselves and then took a little bit about these. Are some awesome next right after this Hey. Do you like? Finally, your taxes does anyone know. Well, here's the deal buddy they're gonna, make it easier on you agent,
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ok check so. There was not a lot of study in the field of giraffe surveys dislike. That's neat. Dresser cool assists leave it at that, especially in the fields like out in their natural habitat, they weren't study killed by poachers, but not necessarily studied right. So most of the understanding we had of giraffes was of captive giraffes that were being held hostage in to buy from those we got like a pretty decent amount of at least anatomical understanding of a year, and I mean really does have the added to the list of the jellyfish and the Arctic what bats? What also we forgetting man? There is one other one though he said we did. I recently I guess frogs for sure
all animals there won't be cover. We find fascinating. You notice, we haven't done one on the common house. Get we probably should the oak is I'm a cat lubber, I feel That would be like doing an episode iron gamers. We sympathise the trouble. You know I mean we, I mean I'd, love, cats. Of course I do, but I just don't know that it's like in the same category as an octopus right when it comes to amazement in astonishment It's true, although we did speak about them for a while and the ILO, is it domestic animals episode Jimmy? I think sir? He spoke. I am, of course, stocks of businesses. Yeah reared its ugly head. There are eight because, like get back to a gas, careful had stuck a hate cats so they are the tallest
living animal in the world- and it says in here than this is kind of reminded me of something that a draft can look in his second story window damn I just saw recently. I had no idea this existed, but giraffe manner in Nairobi there, The hotel- and it is it's a what he called nodded. I mean, did work with conservation by done an eco large. Well, I guess is that too, but it sir, I think the right name, but what it is, it's a hotel and they work to help giraffes that are in trouble and help You introduce trouble giraffes into the wild. It's like a home for juvenile delinquent giraffe, here, Rehabilitation centre- and I saw this for the first time a couple of weeks ago and they are picked-
of people dining in eating in a second story window and giraffes: stick in their heads right through him and eaten fruit off a plate and people to stake in I'm getting she'd out on my breakfast in its the best time can remember that happening. Yet. So it's amazing- and now I want to I, like, I think, and we are going to try and on Safari so you're dying to go on a superior does need to find out a good one. That's like ecologically sound. Yeah, nothing about safari? So I don't know if they're like bad or they're good or if they're, good ones and bad ones, but I'm going to I'm going to check it out and we're definitely to go stay in the, The first question I think you and ask of Us Safari operators do use cattle prods, but the vigilant like that, I'm sure some people do.
Sure yeah hey if anyone knows of like the really sustainable? Well, well done safari. Let me now sure, where the market, so was the culture f manner the case so yeah they can. They think it's a super tall and the recent mothers to protect. There's two reasons. One is firstly there neck their neck alone is like six feet, long right, yes and then again, there are other long necked animals out their nature like swans. But man drafts are mammals and they have the same number of cervical vertebrae. Their other mammals do they're. Just really big cervical vertebrate rights of each vertebrata of a Giraffes neck is about eleven inches in length,
crazy and their seven of them, and you put him altogether and you got about a six foot long neck, yes, but they also have really long legs to that are also about six feet long there, the six, what long legs six foot long neck and you have giraffes female cause- they still have other body parts, females and grow up to fourteen feet were about fifteen hundred pounds and males can grow up to eighteen feet tall and way about three thousand pounds: yeah females- it's like five in it meters tall and thirteen hundred sixty kilogram. So this is the big big animals, but there also known as like gentle giants, to like there now
very violent animals as well. The true, although, if you're into the sweet giraffe, do not look up videos of male dress fighting. I know it's disturbing. Last. Very disturbing- and you just want to think like a man you can reduce always like each other why'd, you friends find pretty much so part of being tall like this. It presents some amazing evolutionary traits and some challenges that thankfully the draft was overcome. They have what's we'll talk about other nerve cells if you've got a neck, that long you're going to everything is just stretched out. So for instance, there recurrent Laren GEO Merv, which this activates larynx helps him swallowing Israel,
or help swallowing them at long neck. The thing is fifteen feet long in itself because it starts in the brain, goes down the neck and then loops back up to the throat right, and we have one of those two and its actually pointed to is proof that its evolution, neck creation, that accounts for us, because it is such a poor work around here by its its fifteen feet long endure, crazy right. So since it's a nerve fibre, nerve fibers are made of bundled nerve cell. So that means that if you separated these things, if we make made up of fifteen foot long cells yeah, that's not. It really is time. Is that your back to the ship? It there's about fifty those in here you're right. So if you ve ever been to a a wildlife refuge, that's the word. I think enough. Or, as you might say, then you ve seen the giraffe up close and personal.
The one thing that you will notice in some, some zoos will even have at times a day we can feed the drafts, its pretty amazing, but the first thing you probably notice, aside from their their neck when they get up face to face, is but aside from the friendly eyes, is the size of their tongue when they go licking stuff in a very active tongue. Things always moving around. It seems like Susan, but these tonnes are almost two feet long. They can be twenty one inches in length, yes, and no we are. They they long there also prehensile They have the ability to grasp things is we'll see later right right, so there they have enormous tongues. They have feet that are about a foot,
a cross, but I heard of a meter across night and their hearts chuck. I think this might be the fact that the chauffeur me well and take it while their hearts. If you talk about the giraffe as it is a big hearted animal, you can say that in every sense of the word, because the heart of a giraffe is two feet long and weighs about twenty five pounds which make it for you, it's eleven kilograms per head. So they have this huge heart and you like will, of course they have a huge hurt. You dummy it's a huge animal here, that's true but prepare for this. If you'd
based on body mass proportionately a giraffes organs like it's a heart earth lungs that can taken an enormous amount of air at one time, twelve gallons right there, not they're they're, not their their average method there, just about average in size right. So the giraffe is actually faced with a couple of issues here: right tributes, if its heart is proportionately speaking nor What size, but its neck is longer than other mammals. It has an issue and its legs are way longer than other animals has a secondary issue right, so you would think will it needs a huge heart? And it's again, though, it's hard as not proportionately up to the task, so there's been other adaptations that the giraffe underwent overtime to to allow for it to not say faint when it suddenly list head up after drinking water or for blood not to collect him pool in its leg. Yeah. It's pretty amazing! So
The way this works is the heart of a draft is really really thick so as a very thick wall, and so that means it can pump blood at a super high pressure about five times that of human heart, so that's or to solve that problem gets blood going where it needs to go as effectively as possible and then, have a really tough coat and a tough hide away. This article put it: is it sort of acts like a compression sock but around the whole body, so that, basically, this helps the blood
erect the gravity of pumping all the way that long neck to the brain right. Exactly it keeps you from dislike me a keeps it also from put collecting or pooling and places it shouldn't just keeps everything running smoothly. The electors bequeath yeah. So it's pretty interesting stuff right, agreed and you are talking about the code is well. One thing I saw in research is that the dress code is unique. Individual, like our finger prints, Sir Iris print is year, which I had really thought about, which makes total sent. You know, dresser all unique, individual little flowers snowflakes. If you will share good giant liberal mammals make it. You can ask your dad about that Jellia. So when you look at a draft, you might have think like I'll yeah drafts. The eldest would have this, maybe its unique, but the patterns are basically the same now
equally true, depending on where the draft lives what they eat. They're gonna have a different sort of pattern going on and then each one is unique unto itself so in Kenya, the Ex covered them aside. Giraffe they have. They have the pattern that look like the oak leaves very, very pretty pattern bright and then there's some Uganda giraffes. They have like big large brown splotches with lines like lighter brown line separating the splotches, like a draft that so when you think of earth, I think of it I think, giraffes. I think, of elements dress. Then there's the reticulated draft, and this is only a northern Kenya. Evidently, these have the darker coat and looks like it really narrow white lines all over the place, but with all these is kind of like what
Looking out, are you looking at the spots or the wines and between sure yeah? It's like an optical illusion and all reason that the giraffe hide or co looks like that is because it's it's camouflage like they're, so big there is really no way for them to hide anywhere, so they hide in plain sight by blending in with the trees that they eat it's right. There is also check out if he saw this from happening in Kenya again at the issue: Beanie Heroic Conservancy, they found to all white jerk ass head to toe white. I think I've seen those he I think they kind of became a can earn a hit recently here and they say that they're not albino giraffes, there's like a lesser condition: collusive them, which really just kind of affects the skin and herring coat, but not least through the eyes or anything like that
but it's really cute. It's a mom and her baby and another of their being watched, probably more than other giraffes of the mom's kind of like you stay here behind the bushes, okay, I'm going to handle the photo It is his cue to watch him. I gonna love watching giraffes at all times, at all times the amazing him. I must some right now are they outside of our studio? Oh my gosh! How wonderful that be? Do you can't see him there? Looking over his shoulder, I know I had my back to the door. A dress live in what are called savannas through something in Africa and the whether there is semi arid they like thumb, woodlands that are sort, Open, have smatterings of trees and bushes, naturally, Canada, the best habitat for giraffes, bright and, lastly, chuck their eyes right. You said that their iser adorable and
largely because of the young, their wonderful eyelashes, but they also have really large eyes and maybe among the better vision of any land animals they their peripheral vision is so good. They could almost see behind them. Yet. Raising and they can seem color. They can see a long long way in front of them. Like you, said those wide angle, Linz eyeballs and their huge is really handy because drafts basically lion, see giraffes and they think I know no one likes to see this kind of thing. Television or on nature shows. But we have to eat too and they make forget, even if your lion or let's say a crocodile right and let that, aside from humans, it's basically at hyenas prey on giraffe calves, but they don't have that many predators yeah,
which has great, because I need more giraffes yeah and they don't. They also don't have a lot of recourse against predators. They can kick his will see, but they young they. They there's not a lot they can do besides run away, but even when they run, despite their lungs being so big, they dont oxygenate that their their bodies well enough that they can run for very long distances, so they can run fast in short, bursts, but but you can't being camouflaged in being so huge in high off the ground, yet that their predators can actually reach them easily. That's that's really how they survive to take another break. Now, secular, will you
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Dress running fast, they can run about thirty five miles an hour for canadian friends in and certainly for me get that's fifty six kilometers yet and we don't often do those conversions anymore. Well, we don't usually have a episode requested by a cute little canadian, its correct, although you could make the argument that all Canadians are cute sure right nice, the very least so if you ever seen a draft run in person, I don't know that I have you know that thing when you start to get older check where your brain has been around long enough area that it can just make up memory, and you dont know if you actually experienced they arrive. Brains like this is what that person just ass would look like so dry land say: yes, that's it. I just I'm not sure if I have or not, but at the very least have seen it on tv can imagine
right. So I know we did it. We didn't absurd on zoos and whether not zoos are good or bad, and I sort of still have a complete made up my mind on zoos, but I have. I know you have your phone record but I went to the San Diego zoo when we did a torture there a couple years ago, and they have a draft habitat very nice one and they had some drafts walkin around doing cute stuff and then one of em out of nowhere took off and started running, and it is, it was the most graceful thing. I've probably ever seen a nature that didn't involve wings and flying. Oh, it was unbelievable, like you can look it up on Youtube giraffes running, but so late like banjo music, would have been appropriate, know now. No, now it's just they disorder, glide man and there so big and their necks are going forward and backward color. Like there their crime, can it out with her neck,
and then their legs at just it almost seems like they're, not touching the ground. It's not like it's a gallop, but it's hard to explain like when you see a horse gallop. You feel like the crab in that ground and its various strong looking, but a draft, a sort of glides it's for such a big animal, and am I have something to do with the the optics, it, but it's just something to see what they also the way that they move their legs is kind of peculiar as well. I in the running its front legs and then back legs in front legs and then back legs around mistaken idea, but then when there moving along at a slower speed, they're moving like right side, legs left side, legs right, I'd, legs, lifestyle really, so it's not like wanted a timer. It's it's a are waiting to walk around interests. Yet another amazing thing about your Europe's are so one of our favorite. Things are groups of animals, names of groups of animals, like you know, murder of crows and where they get it.
Crazy names in dress. I never knew until today, a group address is called a tower. I didn't know that it really neat so secure ass, its law another social animals, they limit packs, but again eleven hours. They let me towers on a Sunday hey. They then, since were really studied out in the field. Everything that they noticed about giraffe sociology was basically in zoos and that's an artificial, the habitat right. So they didn't get to see the real giraffes, but now they really started to study amounting to feel like systematically really scientifically their finding a giraffes or like even more social than than they thought yeah. There also sort of like throwing a liberal hippy commune, a town, can have tended twenty members. But it's not like a lot of tax or murders or goggles where you have like, while the wine
and the children are here in the men. Do this it sort of anything goes there can be mixed genders. They can be. Young and old members can come and go as they please it on israeli stick together for life, it's just seems like a sort of a loose arrangement where drafts would be like I'm cool to hang out with you guys for little while right exactly in the other thing that struck me too was the giraffe towers. Don't have territories which I don't, I can't think of any other mammals on top of my head. They dont protect their turf, we're so appear
when your ass do fight male jurists do fight strictly over real access to the arm. The Ladys. Well, but that's it! It's not like hey get out of here. This is my acacia tree right in a true as the goods need. There's no territories is like go wherever you want men virtual. This is one of the other big factor. The chauffeur me so drafts one of their evolutionary adaptations is because they are so vulnerable to attack because they eat like what sixteen to twenty hours a day yeah and there is hanging out, eaten trying to get along lines or nearby. So they don't sleep for hours at a time because herbs
Bomer ball to attacks. They sleep, only sleep about five to thirty minutes a day and a twenty four hour period, and sometimes those are like. I don't understand here and I'm gonna take a one minute, nap standing up right or maybe why I'm super tired and need to lay down for six minutes, and so just Google a picture giraffe the sleeping on the ground, and you will see a draft curled up with its long neck. Color craning back towards this Rob with his head on his but like a swan yeah. It's just adorable yeah, my Momo, my dog. She takes naps like a giraffe with their head up like a like a really old person receipt likes. You certainly not often, unlike elixir, head of the early, its cue to see yes, oh you know, a draft basically has to stay awake, keep an eye out for predators and they dont have a voice either one of
Quietest mammals in nature gives a lot of people think or thought for a very long time addresses didn't make sounds because it so rare to hear them make a sound. But again, further studies found that they do make sounds either. Just very infrequently do They also think that potentially giraffes communicate to one another over long distances at Sub Sonic frequencies that that humans just can't hear right. So they maybe you, know, humming, and there is actually there's a recording of the giraffe humming to itself in the dark in a zoo. Well, it's really sweet to hear, but if you think of the giraffe by it in the dark in a zoo in its humming. It makes you wonder why is humming like that? You I mean if you around the giraffe, what you might hear if you're lucky is like a snort or maybe a hiss or a girl,
probably won't hear any roaring or moving, although they can't do that, but the idea of God ass it did they just don't care to talk to people much. You know so one thing with this, nor in particular, if you do here, giraffe snort, it means that its spooked and its is Oh, my gosh, basically as its running away, but it's also a learning its fellow giraffes as well, and apparently giraffe sir easily spooked enough that they're kind of like an a warning signal further other animals on the savanna here that they spotted a lion today. Their easily spoken also can see really really well over very long distances and because of their height advantage, they conceive and further no, if a giraffe starts running the other animals are like I'm out too
well yeah. Not only that- and this is so cool- I love it when animals worked together like that, but it goes even deeper. If you look up tick bird on giraffe, just Google that stuff, you can see a draft hanging out with these little birds, Oliver its back and neck and their bodies. They have a symbiotic relationship. In what happens? Is the tick bird hours call an ox packer because they they do this on other animals as well, that the basic leaps said but these animals and they eat bugs in the coat the kind of pick their nets in they warn the giraffe like they might see a lion and make their noise, and I know it sounds like a cop raw. I told you that and then the giraffe intern snorts and takes off so innocence the tick bird sort of warning everyone on Savannah that the lie and is coming around poor lions. Think it's such a bad rap yeah. I hear about that. You gotTA eighteen hours, gesture its usefulness. Things is the circle of why it is slow,
I see an alliance showered down on an antelope or running out you're, a family of of antelopes right. They like to see fines and alligators or crocodiles fight each other yeah Cosette. It's a fair fight. You don't wanna! we talk about the the drafts fighting each other for the late Yes, they do this with those articles. You know when you look, I guess you know, might wanna call them horns, but they're called us accounts. The two does not always to do more than that. Sometimes so no they'll have to us accounts, but then they get these calcium deposit I'll, get it to protect against the head, but it looks like they have more horns like you're gonna show off at that point. You really want, although far with the horns air, so they as as the giraffe matures too, like they'll, have that little kinder tufted hair patchy hair at the top, and that starts to fail.
Little bit the is replaced by the calcium deposits. The neck get strong and upright in everything, and apparently young giraffes become young male giraffes, become young men like giraffes near as their growing up by emulating there that the giraffe said they see, in real life here and they'll act like their tougher, Having go like you know, Paul pull the girls hair, something like and then, when they're, the actual like adult male giraffes, the balls are what they called come around: the kids suddenly to go back to being little kids like that death. It has evaded anybody there almost practice at first by emulating there there grown up. Yes, Brittany, like you, said that the males recalled bulls, the females recalled cows calf's or what they they have when they make
baby and when they made the the cow, has gestation period about fourteen and then you can look up on Youtube and see a video of a calf being born, and it is something else to see because a six foot tall, a hundred and fifty pound giraffe, which is tiny by their state, Well, can I be pooped out of the back of a mom giraffe, while the moms to stand in their little lamp and fall on the ground. Like a little, which is all cute and sort of amazing looking and then make a bunch of really other grow. Stuff comes out. That's that's all you need to be just a web. If you watch this video you can to stop at. There is what I would recommend, but there's a lot of after birth. There's one thing you know in year: a young giraffe is don't look up, yeah never occur
yeah and while you're on Youtube, go. Look. It baby, giraffe, learning to stand and walk, because it's amazing they do it really quickly about an hour later. But as with any mammals, first steps. It's one of the most adorable things you can witness still shaky little shaking yeah, but instead of taking in a month, sir, you how long it takes for for human these to learn to walk like an hour is all it takes in one reason, probably de reason why giraffes can walk that quickly after being born is because they are the huge targets for predators out on the Savanna yeah. It's like super sad only about one in four infant drafts or by the first year
yeah. What is it I mean? That's it. That's a big milestone in future have life how we say so because you made it through to that your first year and after that you're starting to grow. To the to the point, I think, by age, three to six their fully mature here. So if you make it to your first year gonna be able to survive, probably longer and longer utensils their survival increased tremendously, just because of the size of this size you're getting to be about making it too that first years, very tough and its at the first year, also that they we need. I think they nurse for, like the first, here and then start eating leaves after that year and done so for many years they thought that Mama giraffes might be a little cold hearted, because a lot of times they would see the Mama draft leave the cash behind for this very vulnerable young calf for extended periods of what they now think. Thankfully, is that the Mama giraffe
Are just there not neglected at all there really social, They're gone out to look for food and stuff in that. The job of the baby calf is to just lay down sometimes for a whole day and be quiet as possible. Until Mama returns and Mamma will return right. But that seems to me is that probably one of the reasons why the mortality rate is so high among giraffe calves is that their tiny mothers led them and they just as expected, lay there quietly on the savanna until they return a day later year, but do like the other. I mean that the only other thing they could do is walk around with mom, which makes them more vulnerable yeah. I guess that's a good point. You know yeah so that Mama basically says you hide here be quiet. I know you want to run in play and you might want to snort, but there
bad things out there they are hungry, lions and so I'll. Be back trust me yet so they d like you, so that you come back but because of that the late, I think you said the scientists for a long time. Such a transfer, ass moms, are the worst of the were here, but they have found again through a recent study that now giraffes, actually seem to demonstrate grief, I prolong grief even when they lose a calf, and there is one mother giraffe who lost a cat to a predator and stated that spot first four days and didn't need anything and was actually consoled appeared by two other female giraffe earth who were friends so they are not neglectful, cold, hearted mother, not like Joan Crawford of Animal. Now I told Emily that fact this morning and she literally like started crying
are we mention that they eat plants that is exclusively draft herbivores meet us at? That means they only eat plants. They don't eat meat. And what they really liked to shout out on these seeds, they beat fruits and branches and things, but they re love are my most trees and especially acacia trees. That is what their main meals concern. Of writing again. They can look like these things that their eating, at least in their camouflage pattern, and because their tongue is prehensile many you can go grasp stuff right. They they are able to kind of circumnavigate like the thorns that are part of vacation. Trees are mostly trees and just kind of pluck these great leaves without getting stuck by yeah and their lips are also prehensile too. So it's like on their face around their mouth. They have to have better.
Go into town sir, sorting through through these trees and am in eating the leaves off. Yet I think that's why, when you see a draft there, so they have some. His personality discuss that mouth. Yeah it is probably also those eyelashes or not hurting things at expressive. Before their size. They eat hundreds of pounds of leaves a week which he think like man, that's a lotta leaves but for their size. If that's not a lot of food that they were very efficient internal system, sometimes they can live on. His little is fifteen pounds of Folly per day, which is in a lot of food for an animal that can weigh up the fifteen hundred pounds right. Yes, like seven kilograms for our canadian friends of the rest of the world, except for Liberia, was to deal with the good, so their ruminants right, like a cow, and that means
they eat their their leaves of flowers or whatever their eating, and then it passes through four different chambers of their stomach and then, comes all the way back up through the stomach and all the way back up their neck into their mouth. Basically, they throw out the leaves that have now and turned into could really chew. On that some more and then swallow it again. That makes them a ruminant then, actually, I believe it makes them kosher as well. I really solid somewhere. That does not mean that you should go eat giraffes now what's wrong with people and then finally, there their wonderful adaptation. That, I think is one of the best is because, rather in the dry sub Saharan, Africa is not a tunnel water around.
And certainly a draft leaning down in drinking water is, could be very vulnerable, especially to a crocodile. They can go weeks at a time without drinking and they get most of their water and the most here that they need to survive from those plants at three. That's pretty astounding, amazing! So because they're doing all this sad, this eating of tree top and all that not just the tree tops, but despite anywhere on the tree, though eat from it, there actually doing a lot of other things too, and usually urban As you know, they they play some pretty good role and in their ecosystem. The giraffe seem to be like really integra leather ecosystems as well, just because they really long neck and their reaching places that other animals can't reach. So they have a big impact.
The ecosystem, as far as keeping it like a healthy and in running smoothly. Basically yet come like bringing wildlife management pruning system in their right. You know, fifteen eighteen feet tall and while there eating their distributing seeds all over the place prevent pooping seeds, so they can serve as pollinators even yeah, pretty amazing. The little acacia tree seeds go thanks a lot further, that's right as far as their conservation status, they're, not endangered, which is good news, but are they not? I mean to think about this now over as fifteen years, they declined by forty percent to arm around eighty down
and from a hundred and forty thousand, which is a troubling number to me for sure. I just don't know exactly what it takes to become a danger. I don't either by, but most of them that loss of the droughts fifteen years they ve lost, maybe sixty thousand at one hundred and forty thousand drafted are gone. Now, mostly due to poachers issue or yeah blue, maybe booze of all booze go to the poacher yeah and then there Eco system, their habitat, is, is being lost because trees are being cut down for everything, from developments to cropland boo again and if they dont have their wealth. We can't do need cropland, but yes agreed theirs it when it affects Europe.
Like that blue, but even beyond that, apparently the jury s tail is used for all sorts of stupid stuff. They. Frankly, you don't need to kill a draft for you can just if you really need the tale. Hair cut tail off. You know like if you're gonna do that at least don't kill the giraffe first, maybe sedated surgically remove it or something but cheese. I would even go therefore, was sure right. I don't don't move the tale, yet you can make a fly whisker, a bracelet out of something else, exactly the present concern that they use and for bracelets and fly whisks because of all this bad stuff Mika. You will be glad to know that June. Twenty first has been declared world Giraffe day is the longest day the year and they have awarded that day to the tallest animal. So now there are a lot of work.
Is going on and efforts under way a lot more studying and has ever been done before to help preserve the future success of the giraffe yep. Thankfully yeah oh, and I also want to go on record. Yes, we realise that fly spread disease in Africa and that fly with Sir actually pretty valuable. Fairylike Chuck said you can make fly whisks out of other stuff, and maybe it incumbent upon some of us here in the west to make sure that the people who need the fly was soon after get the synthetic one so that the Jurassic left out of the loop there about that nothing had tons great. So I got anything else right now. I have nothing else now others giraffes make a thanks for the idea and does incisive thanks time for Chuck. Yes, that is correct, administrative applause.
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