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How Hurricanes Work

2020-07-28 | 🔗

Hurricanes are perhaps the most destructive force of nature we have to deal with here on Earth. When a mind-boggling number of factors all fall into place just right, the outcome can be an enormous system of storms that is as awesome as it is powerful.

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welcome to step. You should now production of Iheart Radios, Housetop work and welcome to the park cast on Josh Clerk nurse Charles Debbie should brain or juries around here somewhere. So this stuff, you should know everybody the wrath of God. Addition I've been seeing their Bob Dylan Song all day, oh yeah. You know it's weird. I have to and I said and realise that until you just said that really yeah, my brain is aft, which song hard rains gonna foller Here, Hurricane Hurricane hard Rings and follow you crazy here that would do, I guess away had never occurred to me great song, Hurricane known to me
sing in hard brains can fall, which is not nearly as good as the hurricane time. I'm surprised. You know any Bob Dylan Song that shocking that those are the two them the man, no that's it. I know that one goes. We do not airline, it's all of em, catcher, capitalism, can you our mountains, great dude? How many does that make you ve got a lotta, recreate steeds, we'll governing, great song. It is. There was a good movie too said. I didn't see that yeah, Denzil washing terribly play them, and yes is I mean if you I can just this year Their movie, you mean: do you like movie about fighting injustice with kiss what you mean right. Yes, either way here, you know like a movie, I love it. This fairly people who say things like that these days. That's true!
So I'm chuck we're talking about hurricanes, not the bob song, but about the actual, like whether system, whether disaster Normally, I guess you mean typhoons no I mean hurricanes, but that's the same thing, and so is chalk. You mean cycle and kind of you. All three of those, are the one and the same, did you know that you know? I think new that in just sort of her God, when I read oh yeah, I think I knew that right I'm innocent. It. Just depends I'm where they occur in the world. Basically that there's I mean a sought an aside for exactly know where, occur where they make lane and then the way that they turn and move. They are the same thing they start same way, they're the same group of of weird. You know whether code sentences. That happened to assemble into something and dumb her
hence to mere as good as it gets natural disaster wise I mean they are as interesting as they come. They are so ridiculously destructive and then theoretically, what they could do if they got even worse, which they may its bibles. The mine hurricane free and in a way, but I hate Miami. As far as their universities concern. You hate the you now not really industries Yeah- and I think the other thing about hurricanes is so fascinating, is it some it it's a regular thing: it's not like a volcanic eruption or a soon army, the inner or an earth. It's you know every year, they're going to be like a hundred tropical storms- and you know three thousand two hundred and fifty of these are going to develop into hurricanes. You can count on it right. Jack
and actually they have seasons to tell you the truth there, depending on where you are in the world in the northern hemisphere, especially in the Atlantic, you got woods appropriately called the Atlantic Hurricane season in IRAN, for June. First, two November thirtieth down under in the southern hemisphere. They have a can season that run from about January to March Hum and again like there's some differences to them. But that is essentially the same thing. It's just hurricanes tend to form over the North Atlantic and Northeast Pacific and then say clones, are over the South Pacific in the Indian Ocean, and then typhoons tend to hit the Northwest Pacific Ocean around Asia, the Middle EAST? That's right, so I think the Australians would call them cycle arises area, and we gotta get old hurricane sets right and actually hurricane which, since we're just spouting out facts about hurricanes at this point right now,
It actually comes from an old mine word. Her can, which is the name for one of their gods of despair, of thunder enlightening and wind and I believe, maybe rain, who brought the flood that destroyed almost all people and they made it recede because humanity two wicked, then, if this sounds familiar, that's because there's a flood story and basically every culture in the world, which makes me really wonder like what happened. What does everybody talking about that actually may have happened at some point, as is finite fastened? yeah how a hurricane forms can get very convoluted as we realized when we started daddy. This resurging and will describe it and a bit more detail, but You know me and my earth science for kids websites, there's little Lord in the very simplistic terms.
Hurricanes form over warm ocean waters a near the equator in the tropics. In that, warm moist air rises up and then is replaced by cooler, air and then that air warms up and starts to rise and that just cause it's a cycle that starts he's clouds to form and they start rotate, and they get little more organised and if there's enough, that warm water, eventually that wins gonna pick then you're gonna get a hurricane yet and they move in the northern hemisphere, especially in the Atlantic, which we're gonna kind of focus on Atlantic hurricanes. Here, but again most of this overtook him applies to say concentrate foods to, but in the Atlantic in particular, they usually start off the West Coast of Africa, and move down toward the equator, where this slide overthrew the Caribbean and then up along floor the Carolinas son,
the New England, but most of the time they hit the Thea the Gulf Stream and will be carried up to England, where they Peter out in show up for a pine at the pump. Yet you know hurricanes. Will they eventually will die out? One hundred percent landfall will make them die out. It is like that's the worst part for the people. You know living on planet earth cassettes where, the land, but that actually means the hurricane his dying, because there's not that warm water anymore or the further where'd. They go the cool that water gets and that all just petered out as well yeah I mean, if you really think about it, when you take all these factors consideration. Just though to that end, warm water and that it can- be overland like a hurricane, is a startling series of coincide answers that happen
again and again repeatedly during certain section of the year in certain sections of the world, and they it just takes everything being perfectly the storm, but over and over again, for these things to happen, and, like you said, you know, there's so many different storms that forum off the West Coast of Africa or off the though, were yeah or off the west, most of Australia that conform into these things, but they don't they usually don't be. Was all of those factors. Just are working just perfectly for thing did not only kind of catch to ignore in a way, but also to can develop steam in a really pick up and become a problem yeah, I know what you mean about loving hurricanes and certain weird way. Obviously there
and following the destruction is terrible and we dont, which that ever soon, but when you see those images from above of the hurricane rotating and how big it is, it's just its humbling and just sort of mind, boggling display of nature at work in a right. It is there that I mean that that hit on had it's definitely not old, with death in property, destructive them a fair enough now, of course, I'm like a injustice, and this is what happened. And I so soulless. Let's talk about this, about how a hurricane actually forms and then what it forms into. Ok, we'll do the earth. I dont think that more chaotic over everybody, I hope you my voice, his that's all you're here for a little while, I think you ve been listening. There probably used to that. Do you know when we first started this? I couldn't stand my voice couldn't see
yeah yeah, I finally regional day wherein I'd. I read today, taught with it. I just ignore it so check. You got air The boy air over the ocean in over the land, the Sufis closest to the surface is actually the warmest which, as you know, Have you ever been? Skydiving is really cold up there. I have no I'd really cold up their trust. Me, and when you like if you ever like, if you climb a mountaineer something it's always called up there. One reason: why is because never done it, but his trust me trust me, the upstairs my houses, were indeed shouldn't be. It should be much warmer because he rises in your house yeah, but the ac at their the sphere terms. It is really pack circuit you make an exercise thing away hard so that the air at the surface,
of the earth is warmer because it gets worn by the earth or by the ocean re open ocean temperatures ten to warm with the seasons and so by around June first, which was born hurricane season, starts you ve got an ocean which, with service features hovering around seventy nine eighty degrees, Fahrenheit, ok, yeah- and I think eighty is where you ve gotta- be kind of that's a threshold. Yeah t even get. If you want to talk about hurricanes, ya, gotta go to eighty degrees exactly and not to at the very surface. I think it needs to be that down to about a hundred and fifty feet because Hurricane makes a lot of water together and, if its warm water that stays available. It's not it's gonna, Peter out right, so you need aid, agree at a minimum service temperature water down two hundred and fifty feet and so on. You that goes on in the ocean around certain times a year travel into the interior of ever gone away to Sudan
A little monarch butterfly, will flap its wings and creates an air disturbance in weeks later that develops into than bigger disturbance in a move further west across Africa and finally off the coast and it will encounter that warm water and warm air. That's that's! Being heeded by the water and that disturbance will actually encounter that water is evaporating arising, that water evaporates and rises. It's becoming less dense right the molecules that make up the air with the water vapor, are further. Apart than coal there, that's above it well nature of abhors, back you right and when they air leaves the area right above the surface of the ocean call their starts, Van below it right, which pushes, other air further upward, but then that call there's warmed up to and that starts to arise. And so what you have under this disturbance in the air, those
by a butterflies wings in Sudan. Is this this ocean in the ocean as all that that is kind of his upwards. History of air constantly moving upward and its full of water vapor. So it's when it gets high, up into the cooler ray in the atmosphere. It condenses informs clouds and those clouds eventually start to reign, and is it condenses inserts terrain that actually heats up that area? The latent heed of condensation heats up better you! So now you have this column. Of warm moist air, rising up moving with coal they're trying to come in and rip is it as the warm air moves, and you have a lot of air movement. You have some storm starting in. You have all the ingredients now for what could become a hurricane that's right and that that heat exchangers going on it
going to create a lot of wind, and that's just gonna make everything worse, because those winds converge at the surface and their colliding with each other, and that's push that warm moist air up and up, and that cycled starts to happen. That rotational cycle that so tied to like the image of a hurricane and those winds get involved in everything kind of everything, kind of just synchronize Jameson, right exactly. I mean like that's what I'm saying with all the different coincidences that have to number one present then have to work just right, because If that wind that's converging at the surface to place that war moister, let's rising man, recent moist this many times in my life and been ok with it, but I'm a moray so far. How are you doing? I'm great? Ok, if the the speed of that win. That's coming in at the surface is different than say, like the speed of that you know higher up in that column,
you're gonna have a cold wind, sheer and it's gonna keep the storm from being organised into a cohesive whole. So just their factor alone that somehow, yet the winds at different levels of this storm that starting to organise, have to be moved at roughly the same speed, that's a big one eye, and then because of these, these thunderstorms that are herbs starting in the more condensation. That's that their heating, more more so than creating more more storms. So you got all these storms iter, kind of starting around this area and they start to get organised together, and then this is this eventually, the Scum College, tropical depression, and eventually, if all, if everything that we're gonna keep talking about happens just precisely right he's going to organise into a tropical storms and then a hurricane and then the Cain, as will see, goes through different stages of categorization in all has to do with the speed of those wines that have now can
organized into this rotational monster, which is really a tight or sometimes a loose collection of storm that form one big storm, that's what a hurricane is that are kind of moving in the same direction. At about the same speed in all has to do with that. That thing that started all this rising moister in that one spot, because as these different storms, symbol into a larger, more cohesive hall, the centre, the lowest pressure centre. Right, where, though, there is the most that warmest moist IST air is rising up. It also has the lowest pressure, because nature abhors vacuum. Higher pressure is trying to come in to fill it, but there's something that we have to talk about called Oriole, its effect and here's where things really run off the rails for us ticket Chuck year. The coral us effect is
when you see that hurricane rotating that's a by product or it s a product that Korea less force which is weak. About it before, but is the natural phenomenon that makes fluids in any kind of, Moving object either go to the right of their destination. If you're in the northern hemisphere or to the left in the southern hemisphere, I not toilets in Australia. I thought we found. I thought we said that So I thought I said it wasn't true in somebody showed us that it was. It was the opposite having it's not true we'll find out again but at any rate in the northern hemisphere. Your winds deflect the right, the southern hemisphere, they're gonna deflect the latin the left and this that deflection. That gets the storm spinning and that's why you get different rotations in each hemisphere. They rotate counterclockwise here in the northern hymns
here and clockwise in the southern hemisphere right, but we do need to keep going with the corals. Very sorry, I didn't mean to scare me buddy, but the coral is affect us two things it makes the the king rotate, like you're, saying basically on an to surround the lowest pressure centre, and then It also moves the hurricane physically itself, as it kind of travel southward from West Africa toward the equator, which is really bizarre because at the equator the correlates effect is it at its absolute, weakest and strongest said the Poles, for some reason something about the corals effect moves. The hurricane like a hurricane could theoretically cross. Equator from the northern hemisphere to the southern. Who knows what would happen when eating in it? for it over to the other, like the opposite. Corals fact is As we know, the horizon, probably as far as me,
It's never happened, but we ve only been keeping track of the stuff for about a hundred years, but it just doesn't we seem to happen for some reason. The corals fact, despite being weakness of the equator moves, hurricanes back upward over end up back into left right right through the courts, what was affected to very important things for hurricanes, but probably the biggest when the most important went as far as a hurricane itself is concerned, is to keep things spinning around in the same motion, clockwise counterclockwise, depending on your hemisphere, or I think we should take a break and we can come back and talk a little bit about what these differ categories mean right after that elect
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That is actually on is the clearest part of the hurricane. Sometimes it's clear skies beautiful you, the com, in the reason. Why is because of the coral is the fact that the lowest pressures honor is never overwhelmed by the higher pressure air that trying to get in the whole reason that hurricane spins around this is because all that wind from I'm hundreds of miles away is travelling to that centre, trying to fill it, but the coral is effective. They end up going around that the winds and then up so lifting more war mare up and they never make it to that middle, which is what causes that and the stronger the winds, meaning the stronger the pressure gradient between the centre of the the her seen in the outer bands beyond the I wore the stronger the difference between the gradient, the stronger the hurricanes?
be because the stronger the winds are gonna, be trying to fill that low pressure void. That's what causes hurricanes to spin around clockwise or counter clockwise. That is absolutely fascinating enemy. It's very cool thy, the storm commonplace in the world. You really is, although its camera to it. If it is So these categories category one- and this is broken down and very sort of. I mean there's, there's really there's it's pretty stiff as far as how they categorize. He said it's not Willy nilly, they don't say like miss to get pretty bad. I think it's a too actually measure things- and there are demarcation line- I usually win. Speeds is one of the big part here
Seventy forty ninety five miles per hour is a category one and that's gonna. You know I could blow a tree branch and your roof share earth or get some shingles shuddering humane. If you get out the prisoners, category two is ninety six, Two hundred and ten miles per hour, that's getting pretty dangerous and you're gonna get some pretty extensive damage. This point, like you, know the siting of your house, the frame of your house, shallow trees, can be snapped her uprooted. At this point, you probably gonna, get some power write. A number three is a major hurricane category. Is one eleven at one hundred twenty nine miles an hour and they rank. This is devastating damage and you know lots of trees uprooted. You deaf.
We will lose probably power and water for a period of time for the category three, and then you ve got your category four, which is a hundred and thirty two hundred and fifty six, the category five hundred fifty seven are higher. You're, probably not gonna, see many cat vies, but the cat for is pretty catastrophic in those are the ones that we seen more and more of in more recent years category five searches stir yeah, that's extreme catastrophe, their monsters monster. So category four and five there's not a tremendous amount of differences, both like you, said, considered catastrophic damage causing hurricanes, but I do I get the IMF. In that the difference between four and five in real, like real life, is sustained no, but either way. They're gonna, like leaves so many trees and power lines down that year. This that whatever area gets hit substantially by
One of those category, four or five are gonna, basically be isolated, both without power, but also the roads are gonna be made impossible, and sometimes you can be stuck in the midst of this. For weeks before you can can be reached again. The destruction can be bad from them yeah, and you know, if you're a coastal liver. This is a part of your life every year. Hurricane season is a big deal. You ve got your your house retro fitted. Ideally at this point I think, like almost any coastal house these days on stilts, if it's a built in the last need plus years will not just that. I think every two thousand five Wanna saves Hurricane Andrew Florida in particular pass new building codes. That said, like If you put a roof on ass, to have like this kind of rejoiced in like you
whatever windows or put in, have to be like windproof up up two hundred thirty miles priority. They definitely like started to take that seriously, because so many people were die. Before, but also because the billions and billions of dollars of property damage that would happen every year? Yeah inherent. Obviously we don't get hurricanes Coastal Georgia. We certainly do, but we do it. Outer bands of the hurricane- and we can get some really bad wind and rain, and some flooding and stuff like that, but were obviously foreign of inland to wear the eye of the hurricane is not gonna really affect us, but, if you're in the Gulf WAR along the Florida or South Carolina North Carolina up into Virginia, even in that no, what you said they can go higher Maryland in New England, but in even New York City. But generally, I think, if I cut off from Virginia down, is where you're gonna be the most worried and hurricane season
so you know you me, and I have a place in Florida right and we were down there once and I think it was Hurricane Michael a year or so ago, came through. And we got out of there to Atlanta and that thing followed all the way up to Atlanta and knock the power out were at our place. There was that a shaggy dog story are you saying that meet the shaggy dog stories, a story that seems worthwhile or worth saying to the person saying it, but not anybody else, I think so. What are they? the shaggy, don't I have no idea, we need to get to the bottom of that someday. No, I think it's a great story, and I remember that happened in fact, you do you're I love you in my life is part of your life, like Evans, Dorothy, Dempsey, three and every Tuesday. The train
yeah totally. Remember that and you ve also you know like any good coastal liver you ve got, Cain, shutters and stuff like that right, oh yeah Fisher, unlike the high in pay, windows and all that stuff. You gotta do that. If these days, oh, definitely do in its like really kind of scary, you're out. There are not like that. You know, because there was two thousand five in a passive cuz there's a lot of places. I haven't been retrofit and you know it's like the whole community kind of comes together to take care of everybody who who needs help around that time, which is pretty cool, but one of the this is why everybody has you know days to prepare for this kind of thing and go to the store and by every banana you can get your hands on and, like five so bread, and all that I am put up sandbags instead because of the modelling and forecasting that, as has been developed in the last fifty sixty years, that's, really saved a lot of people's lives,
We didn't have warnings before it was just the sky started to look pretty bad, and you know an hour or two later, your town was gone. Yeah, it is now I rent the beach house on Isle Palms, every usually in all those houses are, you know, fifteen feet off the ground on those on those legs, and it's just crazy to me to think about the old days when you would just have a house sitting on the sand via seventy five feet from the from this is such a bad idea, because such a bad one of the things that one of the big problems that make hurricane so destructive Chuck is that not only is it the wind come true and you know it once reaches, I think, like a category. Three five years, you that's when you're gonna start to lose your deck, not just your DEC. Are you roof? Decking is really what I'm hit you really my deck, which would suck his decks our kind of expensive, but it's you
move decking that you really be worried about, and that happens when the with the wind itself piercing envelope of your house like Ebay, eggs, a window or something like that now, so you got a pressure difference inside so you have. We can actually pop the roof, off of your house, which, once that happens, you're your wife? Sir, to give way it's a bad jam. Wind is very destructive too, but the reason peoples, putting houses on stilts is because that wind is so strong hurricane can be so massive that it actually pushes the ocean inland. It's not A huge wave, it's a its here's, the ocean way further inland, then it should be and is called a storm. Surgeon is a huge problem with with Hurricane yeah, and you know I've been to places before and after from year. To year on, vacation and the
I can literally remake the coastline. They look vastly different. After a hurricane, I think the one of the years we went to Iowa Palms, it was after a hurricane and instead of you, know the walk to the beach from the house. Instead of you know that sort of gradual decline to the to the water, it was a in some places like at one thousand, two hundred and fifteen right of just at a sheer wall, cliff of sand and people had ladders and stuff, like that, you literally at the climb down the ladder to get down to the to the ocean, a beach Bart yeah. That's not good a few houses built on that sand that used to you there and, as we saw in our, were running on a sand and that really matters episode that we need that sandwich. Afford the ocean come reclaim that that's our sand yeah when well. The goods
but I'll upon those, thus houses or set back a great deal there, not on that sand. There's that big area of sea grass and just doing shrubbery and stuff and between here, and so it is just a safer bet when you're trying to book a place right, cause it's It's a hurricane proof, but by the time the water gets there. I mean that would have to be a really really big Sergio, but it happens. It does happen. I mean it. Definitely like a storm search can be pretty bad. I think Hurricane Harvey in Houston in two thousand seventeen, the reasons it was so destructive is from what I saw is the second most expensive storm. That's ever hit the: U S because two hundred twenty dollar deal at it. It causes a hundred and twenty billion dollars. Damages, and one of the reasons. Why is because of that storm surge and not just in flooding houses in causing property damage. That kind of storms
it can overwhelm your sewer system and methods drinking water supply and do all sorts of horrible stuffy can kill off tons of wildlife because it something that gets overlook in hurricanes. You know only humans are so worried about us and then our pets in everything The wildlife itself can really take a hit like fish hurricanes can kill fish. The TARDIS destroy If they are, they swam in their like underwater outcroppings and sand bars and stuff and kill the fish. That's how you that's how forceful these things are so there's a lot of other problem that arise from the hurricane, in particular the storm surge now that we ve only really started to kind of grasp in the last, like few decades of of examining hurricanes, you haven't, you are talking about tracking. It's got so much better. These days on the ground there, and called the original specialised meter of meteorological centres, and this is just basically in network.
All around the world of global sinners, their designated by World meteorological organisation and They are the ones who track these things, using whether satellites using infrared technology and infrared censorship. They're, gonna, detect others of my new minutiae of the temperature differences cloud heights. All these things. You know you how you mentioned that all these things have to cannot be perfect. They have all these ways of measuring these little bits of perfection as they align. And they know pretty well now you know things can change things. Can reverse course. No people get frustrated when they keep changing the path of the herd. They keep changing it when they reported, but that's I think people cannot act that way. Some time no idea for sure you know you
really my house, in this thing, didn't make landfall yeah like there to do in a pretty good job in their doing the best they can while is problematic to it as far as forecasting goes, because if you do that to people in a coastal area, you know, boy times in one year, stop listening to you, and you know you might be one hundred percent right and then something's going to make landfall right on top of them and they're not going to leave. So there is a death a fine line, and there is kind of a balance between knowing too soon and and not knowing it all work, working our way towards that sweet spot for sharing has gotten way better, but very, very famously, the over follow hurricanes as they Sir decanted come towards the? U S like the there's, a faint, getting model. Have you ever seen, one of those yet so all of them, just a tangle of tracks of the hurricane that have been forecasted so
The european model is typically thought of his, probably the most accurate and that's pretty either by an agency in europe- and they say here's where the track- that we think then there's like ten or a dozen or fifteen, the agencies in groups all forecasting and track? We put him altogether. It looks like colored lines, a spaghetti over the map and you get a pretty good idea of just where the things gonna go based on all of these different predictions kind of like wisdom of crowd. You know I mean where the more info, agent, you haven't, you put together the more gas as you put together, probably the closer combined they're going to be to accurate. Than any one of them individually would have a chance to be yet the cool thing about spaghetti models, and this is true of like percentages. Even and stuff that you might see every day is a lot of. It is based on past data, what's going on now for sure, but the new money plugged into all the past data and behaviors of storms in the
ask them what they ve done and how they moved a behavior. You can get a pretty cool model, and I've always loved that about whether that they use so much historical data to predict what could happen this time right? That's what they used to produce, see cone. And certainty, which is how that right, one of the most confusing media. You go models. Maybe any kind of model there is on the planet is really great useful tool. If you know what it's talking about, if you dont know exactly what its talking about it seriously confusing and really misleading in a lot of ways. Both the kind of uncertainty is everybody scene it it's like kind of like this funnel it looks like a tornado, basically that that looks like it shows the path, and we of the hurricane, it goes from kind of small, the wider and wider and wider. So it looks like what it showing you is the track of a hurricane and
how big the hurricanes gonna grow over time it's not at all. With the kind of uncertainty shows with the kind of uncertainty is instead it's a plot of like a but think about five different circles wrapper during the next twenty four forty eight seventy two and five days out forecasts and it says here is all the data we have or crunching those numbers and then were were comparing them two, how accurate we were in the last five years for predicting hurricanes over five years out and then all the same we put together that forms the circle and that five day out circles, always the biggest one, because its heart to predict weather patterns five days out, but what it looks like when you take those increasingly you're circles and connect them with the wine. Is that is forming a path What is showing, as this is the potential distance between the two of the hurricane, the center of the hurricane iniquity,
it could land anywhere in here, not the edges of we're talking just to the centre. So every time we can seize unrolls around people go and look up what kind of uncertainty means because it doesn't mean at all what you think it does hopefully have cleared it s really to people, and I probably just fused, the other million even further the cool thing about those who is that they can be changed with a sharper right we may be done. I think we should take a break maybe and come back and talk about these hurricane names, Carlo history, about that. Let's do it hey guys we're
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The fourteen hours six days a week wasn't a sustainable model before and it's definitely not a sustainable model. Now listen to Hollywood, the sequel, I heard Medio Ab Apple podcast or wherever you get your pockets, all right, so hurricane names are named after people. Now wasn't always the case and added no, this is kind of cool, but for many, hundreds of years. If you were in the West Indies, you adhere hurricanes named after the Catholic Saint Day on the data that store made landfall, so it would be like Hurricane sent Philippe hit Porter Rico in on September, thirteenth, eighteen. Seventy six another little fun fact is if another hurricane
hits on that same day, which actually happened. Nineteen twenty eight on September thirteenth- they would name it the second, so that was hurricanes centrally. The second during World war, two is when we started to get human names. They were all masculine names, yeah Kane, and follow their whole. Like Bravo, whisky, tango thing. Yet how does that? I don't understand that what it's like! What do you mean things as our names? I don't the standard, either from what I saw What I saw we didn't really start to use names in the west. In till I think the fifties or the seventies cement Your names like Bravo and Tango is just a they're calling them, I guess so, because I think we started using human names in the fifties. Then we started using male and female names in the seventies. Effort
firstly, there are ladys right, yeah and they say well That's not call the name that, after a woman and in every time you guys show like the weather model, the forecast model. It's it's not a hurry in its a woman with rollers in her hair and a rolling pin, yelling seems sexist. Everyone violence- and you know, you're right that his successor we're going to start Rene between men's names and women's themes, and so at the beginning. Of every hurricane season, the the it is, the World Meteorological Association Organization, sorry They release a list of all the names that, though the Atlanta Hurricane season, possibly have in each name. It starts with the different letter, a b
c d, and so on. Can I was this year's yeah. You get Arthur K, Bertha, nice, crystal ball. Yeah, I get dolly. You got Edward your face and we should mention too that they news you no names from places all over the world now, which is great because hurricanes effect places all over the world here. So you have faith in you have Gonzalo you have Hannah, you have, I don't even a he pronounced this. I ass a ass, a z s face I as a I s eye, as I say, something should ass. I say yes and he had Josephine. My name get Kyle got Laura. Yet Margo you ve got Nana Sweet Nana. You ve got home Omar Paulette, which
for some reason sounds wanted to make a hurricane Polynesia. You ve got Renee Sally Teddy Vicki and finishing up because they don't have a wire z for some reason, Wilfred, let's get one Hurricane Wilfred, sounds tough or an x. You miss predicted that Hurricane Nan there's gonna be a particularly bad one. She because this hallway this grandma name, I think, sir, and there is actually a long standing myth that was supposedly found to be correct by some study a few years back. Their people don't respect the female names of hurricanes, yeah, so there's this whole thirty mean respect. There's! Ok, I don't know what's wrong with me, I'm putting everything so terribly. They forget that there's this this urban leginn that hurricanes they have-
women's names are the most destructive because people don't take them as such, obviously, and they don't leave so there's more people present to be killed hurricane lands, fur Woman named hurricane than a man named hurricane and pro One time we had for a long time is this kind of all wise Taylor, something and then this this study found in, I think to us and fourteen or something like that. They know actually is true. Somebody said down and crunch numbers, and then finally, I think Two years ago there, like this study, was terrible and that's absolutely not true, we looked at the numbers two and that's just not the case. I must get to know it's the dumbest thing. I've ever heard it is come dumb, but it has like this weird kernel of true to its like a perfect urban legend. You know I mean yeah, because it's unbelievable and who's ever gonna sit down, improve it one way or another. You know mister our way home and one more thing took over our names. Yes, there
different names elsewhere in the world. So the names you just said those are for Atlantic Hurricanes in Australia. They have their own set of names, that they name cyclones and then elsewhere. In the world's theirs. Thirteen member nations that name typhoons and some sites clones Countries like Bangladesh in India, in Thailand, each one submits thirteen names and each list contains thirteen names from each one of those countries of a hundred and sixty, to choose from every year. So, depending on where you are in the world, a weather patterns gonna have a much more localize name then than what you would expect that right, and if a hurricane is really destructive, they will retire. That and using air quotes there, because they really just put it down for ten years, I don't know why they don't do it forever like there should never be another like an eleven years. Surely they were of a hurricane Katrina
earn Andrew Harvey right? I don't know why would they there's so many names why bring it any name? But I have no idea, I think, they're, like we have better things to do than come up with more stupid names enough, yet I just I mean they obviously do that to avoid confusion, and once a storm is sort of this legendary storm, like a Katrina, there's no reason to ever name another one. That knows no, I'm with you. I agree with you. You don't believe in luck. I just think it's A good idea, it does seem like ten years, is a little short. I could now see them doing another Katrina. That's it's not gonna happen. You know that. No, that way. So let's talk about climate change. You want to yeah well before we talk about climate change as quickly as far as the historical record goes, you know, there's always been hurricanes in this kind of separate nicely into climate change, because things are getting worse, but There are always have been hurricanes even way back in the day we didn't have great records but
There are you, you can do research on by cave while drawings and things like that seem to indicate stuff like hurricanes, and I think those ls you team, that studied thousands of years of Lake Bed evidence and they can tell that over. I think, like thirty, four, for years there been about a dozen category four or higher in that area, most of which were in the past thousand years right it seems load. Isn't it yeah but I mean this just for that area another one. There was a really big hurricane, historically speaking, when Gingle con was going to invade Japan in twelve Many for the Mongols were invading Japan. There's a fleet that had something like a hundred two hundred thousand people on board and they were really get invade Japan and Hurricane Blue in and sunk the fleet and the
Japanese had a name for this incredible, miraculous, active mercy by whatever guy was watching over them. They need divine, wind and then actually would come in you're into use later. I wore war too, because divine in Japanese, is kamikaze kamikaze and that's a chapter in our book right, I'm so glad Tee in Europe does it come on Chuck at an average reveal that, but yet we got a book coming out. This fall and you can pre order. It now plug plug blog, been there's a great great chapter on Kamikaze, and yet the whole thing is just great from tee. The bottom Chuck, I'm wondering when will be allowed to do some of those chapters as podcast episodes if ever
I don't know- I don't know I guess his approbation. I think we give ourselves that permission it's up to you. I hope I may be a couple years after its out weaken the started start dull and those that will be harvesting and four parts. Sure that's another to put it, they could have another life. So why mean this stuff that we talk about their not like necessarily entire podcast? Emphasise like their through severally more to be said about it, so that we can take anything away those chapters and turn it into my pockets. So climate change, here's a startling statistic: since the Nineteenth Seventys, the number of cat five and cat for storms has just about doubled and to the casual observer a couple of things. It seems like they're getting worse and more frequent and you dont have to be.
Genius to figure out. If you need warm water to make a hurricane and ocean waters a warming due to climate change, then you're gonna have more frequent and more severe storms right right or no yeah. I mean that's the that's how logic goes and they buy simply think that a given their we're gonna have more frequent and more powerful storms, but think that at least according to woods hollow Oceanographic institute, since there are plenty of acts, factors let that does not like. We justify did understand how bad hurricanes are due to be or how many more we're gonna have because remember the surface water to reach down about a hundred and fifty feet for her came to form, and one of the big questions is, if there is global warming going on in its heeding the ocean. How deep, that heating, the ocean, because if, if that war, that warm water went beyond hurrying fifty feet, then hurricanes
ostensibly be able to become bigger and bigger. And similarly, if that the surface temperature of the ocean is rising Then that's just means more evaporating water, which is the key that deep, the fuel to any hurricane is that moist evaporating water. This rising that the more have that the bigger more powerful, a storm can be the more energy there is for the storm to use to to become big in Hugin destructive. They question is just how bad is it going to be, but there does seem to be just general consensus that yes climate change is happening and is going to result in in worse hurricanes, Do I mean already. There were two names storms this in the Atlantic before Hurricane season even started Currencies. Is gonna last longer start earlier and last longer, there's going to be more of their probably going to be more destructive, blew the stairs.
They also that thought was really interesting, though, to is that the there this particular year may not be as bad is it would have been otherwise it was supposed to be really. Because of the warm sea levels, because it started earlier and because it's a Nina year, which actually pushes hurricanes back out to sea, eventually because there is a lot Nina. Those those Bree This is our kind of stilled comparatively speak so the her any hurricanes Adieu develop are just going. Sit on land like it did like Dorian do the Bahamas a year or so ago. It just sat on their behalf. For forty eight hours, that's not supposed to happen, and there were worried that that's going and because of the new year, but you know the Saharan dust Storms is going on. Think that that's actually drawing the air in preventing hurricanes from forming right now,
The question is how long that will last will at last through the whole hurricane season or world lead, eventually stall and hurricanes will come raging through in August and September. Who knows so? There's hurricanes, everybody It's right, I think we're going to release a bonus. Add on Sunday indoor feed were I'd, try again to explain hurricanes in the cone of uncertainty. The sub drives me, nuts man, you're Eddie, I'm ready Obviously, since we don't talk about hurricanes, that means it's time for listen to mail. I'm going to call this the other side of the coin. We always like to keep things fair and balanced here right right. Hey guys discovered your show about two years ago and wondered where have you been all my life? I love the show, don't change a thing in the Robber Barons episode. He said that conservatives Josh that conservative say people are perfect
never have a perfect society so that people do whatever they want. That's kind of right, but it's over simplified and therefore mislead. In our view- and I take it to him as a conservative. He says, since humans are all corrupt, obviously, some more than others no government can be unfair up since is run by people out there. We should limit the power of government and give people more freedom, since people will generally act in their own best interests. Let them decide how they want to spend many who they work for and who they hire and fire. As long as the governments protects people's basic rights from others, we will have it pretty good society. I have always been conflicted about anti monopoly laws, but the hunger, I live the more. I think there are good thing, because we should limit the our of large companies, just as we the power of the government since those companies- also run by corrupt people. Capitalism says, of course, you're, selfish and so
my. So if you want my money, you have to give me some kind of product or service that makes my life better again. We can never have a perfect society, but it would be far worse if the government has too much power to decide how we spend our money because again they are corrupt. Also, thanks for all the great research and the Superfund way you presented, bit of net is TIM in Minnesota fats. Pretty awesome thanks. Latina was early great email on survive. Now, while I'm pretty weak willed as it is to those great thank you for explaining it further because I definitely knew I was over. Simplifying things into just gonna. Have the tease crossing the eyes died of its very helpful to bring you to explain: Hurricanes Wendy.
Was a better email than a lot of the boy back. We got which wasn't so instructive and more just like you guys just reduce debt, and it's not true lane Yes, he put it well. If you on again such disliked, him didn't just be a champion hero can do that. You can send us an email to stuff podcast. Did I hurried Yoda come study should know its production I heard radios how stuff works from what had cast my heart. Radio radio apple podcast over every listen to your favorite hi. This is the iranian and MIKE remember, and we are very excited to announce that we are finally doing about this. And the name is Scientology Fair game, every
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