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How Meals on Wheels Works

2018-03-27 | 🔗

Meals on Wheels is one of the great charitable organizations in the world, providing much-needed nutrition for elderly people in need. It also has a pretty interesting backstory, starting in multiple places in different countries almost simultaneously. Learn all about this great group of folks in today's episode.

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And IBM problems, inspire us to push the world forward. That's why so many people work with us on everything from city traffic to ocean plastic. Smart loves problems, IBM, let's put smart to work. Visit IBM dot com, slash Smart, to learn more welcome to stop. You should know from Housework Stockholm pay and welcomed the pod castile Josh Clark, there's Charles to view chop brain just the two of us. Today we had guessed producer, Tyler you for a second. He pressed her court and left, and it's just ass. You have always called one of us needs to get our index finger working.
So we can do that. All remember we used to say we are going to replace Jerry with one of those dipping bird yeah. That's ever to call in Berlin, and now I just I just remember my grandmother had one where the bird who did its beak in the water they all we have to do is a range it. So it can press the spaceport. Avoid should be better than this check, because this is a very nice wonderful, humane episode, humane, human, even and humanities yeah. This is one of our will do a little awareness, every now and then and meals on wheels which, by the way for the past two days in my head, have been going Meal on wheels is that your
you mean it. Maybe local thing when I was a kid there was a thing is called world of wheels. Her like a car shower likewise monster truck things. Ok, but it was his but they used to do is world of wheels. I gotcha that's funny thing, because I've had my own thing in my head, there was a thrill kill, call song that was in the movie cool world called sex on wheels well, I've been going meals on wheels. Meals on whales has faith. It's weird, though their relative just kind of had some weird lupin, our heads, maybe that helps us. Research, maybe, and maybe meals, on wheels and we'll get to the funding part of it at the end, but maybe they would have better chances getting federal funding if they had a cold themes on yeah like by the thrill cop sure. That would surprise everybody,
I think so so we are talking. Meals are well today. Just just do your due diligence of fright, we ve just wanna, tell everybody in case you don't know what that is I'm sure most people do museum wheels. Is a meal delivery programme here in the states in Canada, Australia, I think it's all over the place. Yeah where, if you are usually, if you're a senior citizens senior dull, not quite sure what they go by these days, and you are homebound, basically, were you able to care for yourself in your home, but you getting up there in years and you haven't gone into an assistant dear facility, but you still have a lot of contact. You might not have family around what meals almost as they bring you a meal once a day. Five days a week shall eat lunch and I say: hey, hey, doing feeling good good,
cable, will see tomorrow, enjoy your meal and I'm just a little simple act of doing that. Just apparently in research bears this out completely changes the life and and extends the life expectancy of people in that situation yeah. It's not just me we'll get to some of the other things they do, but the main three pronged reason for the home visit is the meal. Like you said the visit and then the final thing is the safety check component right, which is
jeez, Mr Mulder and you have a wire hanging out of your wall in its sparking. So let me see if I can get some help with you. Get some help. Pre on that, Sir, cried exactly that they could make a term bad on you exactly so there's this whole idea. They just by showing up its somebody's house with a meal. You can, you can t really vastly help improve their lives and when I think about, like meals are wheels or when a research, the stuff, it's like, there's no like if you, if you ve, lost faith in humanity, just look into meals on wheels, yeah like it, it a cancels out so much bad in the World Yale, and it takes like this. This population that here in the West, like it's, very
easy to become disconnected from your family teacher cashmere, your offspring, your kids, as some people call em, they grow up. They get their own jobs, they move around were highly mobile culture. Western civilization is, and you can find yourself basically alone, like few friends at your neighbour and your neighbor dies or moves away. You don't the new younger neighbours. Maybe they don't care about you, you can find yourself isolated. Being socially isolate is a huge problem. So the idea of those people out there who are strangers to you who will come to your house and bring you a meal to make sure you taken care of that's there's humanity right there. In a nutshell year we had the she's moved away now, but are older and visa had no idea how old she was. She was one of those Ladys Miss Jesse, our neighbor, who could have been seventy or a hundred and six. I have no idea, if either of the goats now now,
We fed the goats again this morning by the way now miss Jesse and Mr Otis live next door. Mr Otis had daily dialysis passed away, which was very sad, is used just great but Miss Jesse was really nice. It took us a little while to earn her trust, but she had her daughter. Connie but come by and get what she needs and rigour fisheries, but we would always offer you know we're going. Storms, Jesse need meaning and she would never take us up on it, but I think just us talking to her on a daily basis, because she was one of these. It would like you know, cheat. She would open the blinds every time she heard a noise in the neighborhood. She was very on it, which is great for one who, when I tag is right, Miss Jesse was the best like watchdog, you guess for this. He give you a list of teenagers that she's got evaluated whenever you return home. She said that that near do that guy's up to no good anyway. She's very
sweet lady and I think of ITALY. We aren't her trust in a really get the sense it just as having a conversation with her from for five minutes getting out of the car middle lot to her yeah. That's, apparently what their boat research shows. Yes, that that kind of thing has a pronounced impact on the life of somebody who is become socially isolated, but she moved away like nuts to those two. Yes all of our house, but she's, you know she's doing great. There goes the good into that's right. She did not pass away. She moved away right gacha. So where did she moved it? She moved to an assistant care facilities. You moving to another house issue with her daughter. I think she may have moved in with her daughter by it was funny like she meant a lot to us, but it was sort of like so long suckers. We do not like it it's here for good by all of a sudden. We like you're moving, so they Epps all my house and she was out of there itself are you? How did you know on the way yeah. So
Well, hidden this one's firmness Jesse, yet, are you ok, so long talk? A little bit of history is about meals on wheels, because, despite how utterly human it is, it was erected by robot, robots you're trying to win us over before. They go very strange that the debate has been around for as long as you'd think, although I think that it came about right around the time when the need first arose because doing some research, and it seems like with industrialization in the rise of like factory work. That is where a lot of thee the schism between treat our traditional society there was usually agrarian base, and this new modern society we live in really began
and around that time is probably when you would have started to have found. Some isolated seniors is like a growing population, yet it makes sense because, as I found it, interesting that and will dig into the history here, but I find it interesting that it seemed a pauper within about a fifteen year period in many countries around the world and not because they had of it. You know it's not like. They read on the internet in nineteen. Fifty four right that hey someone in England is doing this, so it I think that has a lot of merit to it that the need was. They are kind at the same time, yet not yet, and also cannot underscores to tell it basically human and idea this is you. Are it's war to raging
and being bombed neighborhoods in and regions being devastated, it became clear that people in a like, literally just there to hum or kitchen, were, were destroyed, so they couldn't do simple things like cook the meals areas to providing for their family The woman's volunteer service for civil defence came around and they said you know what we're gonna start delivering some some meal, some home, cooked meals to people that whose houses have been devastated. You can't cook for themselves right now. They deliver them at first and baby carriages, which is where the that's the wheels. That's where it came from gather, that's what everybody around town called it. They call the meals on wheels. Pretty need is just just the who is not capitalized or anything like that with this kind of, they cut the slang term when it cool kids called about ten years later or so, and Philly
Pennsylvania, woman, a Margaret toy who became the first director of me, on wheels in the United States. She organised something called the platter angels, and just by coincidence there were some british students in Philly doing some social work at a community center where MRS Toy Volunteered- and they said hey. This is a lot like what you ve got going on in England, with the meals on wheels right did that platter angles, angles angles, thinking of jealous of angles. Judge, the platter angels name and what meals on wheels in thickness it did that name, but because illnesses visibly some pushy exchange. You know those pushy british exchange do works. They surrounded poor, Missus toy like a culture and the shoulder and likely cigarette smoking or a platter. Angel yeah smacked, a meteorite Oliver, so that
became meals on wheels in the United States and then over the next, like twenty and thirty years. In the U S, they start a pop up all over the place. They did and here's what you kind of referring to earlier. So that was nineteen fifty for that same year in September in South Australia which were Adelaide it shut out. The Adelaide were the Sohmer to man's from rang a woman named doors. Taylor came up with this same exact thing and from what I understand called it he was on wheels as well is a correct. Yes, she was something else. Man was. She was disabled the best I can discern as she had a fall when she was seven which gave her went by and then another fall when she was eleven that paralyzed her from the waist down permanently like that was it that was it. She was wheelchair bound from there
point I yet from that point on and despite the fact that, as an eleven year old in a wheel For life she had a big heart in and realize that there was a need to provide for people in her community. Just like was What's going on an American Britain and said here, What about bringing a meal the people and then September? Nineteen. Fifty four, like you, said, meals on wheels of South Australia, which I had a look upon. A map of the girls in the south here and in Australia is but it's a big jock. The big chunk of land, at least Antonio populated, is well if at all, There is great well yeah, of course, but that has grown. She actually live long enough to see that grow into a huge organism, and at another, have these all over the world and Oliver country here in Amerika, but we just wanted to shout her out, specifically, for you know, being disabled herself and
and going on to do like just this amazing thing is pretty remarkable, yeah and say you think, like ok, big deal, she's wheelchair bound chicken, she can use your arm. She can juggle that kind of stuff nope. She had written, Earth right is crippling rheumatoid arthritis on top of all this, and so she was just basically, she had no use of any of her limbs She still was out there raising like she had she used her mind to to get other people to get off their deaths and help people less fortunate. Yeah too, she was an amazing it's pretty great five thousand clients in South Australia now ninety branches and is all because adores Taylor and then checks are speaking of South Ossetia, yeah, you're you're onto something huge chunk land now very populated Adelaide is the cap.
With just under one and a half million people that seventy five percent of the population of South Australia's a whole mother? Had it there's a lot of unused land there too? We take a break, oh sure, I must do it hey everybody, its Josh and check your pals and get this for the new episodes of stuff. You should know we're going to have a little help from Alexa hello.
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ok, so meals are we'll start springing up as like these he programmes all over the world. Right, yes, just cause. There's a few Spiritually align, do gooders out there who have a good idea to spread and spreads and spreads, but the thing that they have in common aside from the basic we bring em a meal once a day to someone who can carry out their house. They they also had in common that they were community grass roots organisations, yeah, that's how they that's, how they operated as other refunded. That was it, and that was the case until I believe nineteen
Sixty five with the older Americans act when the feds finally said all right. Ok, a good idea is a good idea, we'll cough up some money for your meals on wheels programmes, and it's been away ever since customarily the older Americans act, it's about thirty. Five percent of funding for the meals on wheels programmes in America should say yes and then the rest. It's like it's in early public part private partnership, where the rest is meant to come from Spain, local governments, private donations, nations grants wherever they can get money from, but the day they meals on wheels programme is meant ever since nineteen, sixty four- in the? U S to have been able to rely on us over a third of its annual budget. Coming from the? U S government, to provide that foundation, so they get the rest yesterday,
like you said, is specifically because the a and delivered through the Office of Health and Human services and got a shadow corporate donations because sure I feel like they. You know people like to back on big corporations, but part of their funding does come from corporations shipping in and then you talked about grants. There are three specific blot grant programmes. The community development blot grant the social services Blot grant in community service.
Black grant and just but opinion that, because that will come up again later right. So again, though, most of the funding comes from things other than the federal government I am, and that for the there's another way that these this programme is funded in this kind of surprising to me, but it is from the people who are the recipients of this. Aid is well yeah in such ass. It is- and this is actually other doors- Taylor, innovation, at least in Australia before it was well here. This is checked. So here just take this. She was like yes, we're gonna incorporate volunteers in the volunteers who need to be paid obviously, but we still need to pay for the food. We still need to pay workers, prepare the meals and owns base yeah, I'm some, can be donated, but yeah shared. Not all of it. You just can't rely on their always to be done it. You can kind of rely that there's gonna be somebody there who will fill in for some of you didn't
that day in mail delivery right. Yet our you can go. Do that yourself, but the more skilled stuff you need to be able to pay somebody so that they will show up and do the stuff right. So the idea of having the people who can afford it pay for them. That's dead is kind of innovative and it helps keep the programme going. The thing is: if you can't pay for the meal you get, that you get it for free or end, then there's a that's a continuum, there's a sliding scale. Yet when I can I can, I can afford a little bit for this meal. Here's here's some and I think the people who are
able to physically able to but are financially unable to afford a meal are asked to volunteer to be a part of the meals on wheels programme themselves. Yeah, I'm a big incoming, an old hippy. If you want, I always do but the air, the siting scales, one of my favorite things, an old hippy These, like deciding still Sherman like everything from me when I was a young broker, mid twentysomething, I wanted to get away a shrink. They you now. I found a shrinks at a sliding scale there are people out there the be like you know: what can you, what can you pay and it wasn't some government programme. It was a private therapist and this is across the board. There are all sorts of people who offer sliding scales like you know, meals, a wheels check if you can pay a dollar than that helps if camp anything will
You can pay for price. I didn't you have full price was for a meal on we'll I saw somewhere, and this is just a rules on wheels like a volunteer who wrote of the gun vocs said that they they're usually about two dollars and twenty five cents. That's full price man, which is ridiculously low. We act as a guest. There only paying for food costs and they're getting bulk. You know, they're getting gallons of man is at the warehouse you know here. Maybe you have the order about Ten per cent overreach for man is take to cover shrinkage. Kiss airbases gather fingers of the man is walking in allocating you know it's a babby is to say to Mr Odessa: Brody did so
there is there is there is money there is financial contributions involved, but for the most part, to there being a part of meals are wheels as a recipient. It's based entirely on need, didn't. I think the first thing that they look at is your medical need yeah for sure. So how able are you to get around your house? How able are you- and this is of this- is one I hadn't thought of, but I'm like I'll kill. You can get up and get around your, how she can cook for yourself and you also go to the grocery store huge right huge. What's so, you may be physically able to hang out in your house, and you know maybe play canasta do whatever a good beginning to like what say you lost your driver's license or you the coroner longer or or it's just getting to the grocery store M shopping and then getting back is just way too much. You would probably qualified to be
heels on wheels recipient right either I mean there's a range of people like they also have like centres where they feed a lot of people like in the cafeteria setting encourage you. If you can get out, you can still get your gear really nutritious catalytic. We said that yet, but that goes without saying. These meals are specifically catered to the needs of the elderly right yeah. Think ever since nineteen, seventy two there is like an amendment, May one after the other Americans act. That said, maybe get those those some single cigarettes out of that tree. They had all their seniors. Let's actually make this like like a news just meal. Yes, so you can go to a place and eat with a bunch of other people like you and have a good commerce
and if you can get out of the house, but the real focus in the core of the programme are those we call them shut ends at our church on or no that's it. I think homebound is what they normally com. Yeah, I think that's rubbing and anti waited southern Baptists term. Right, though we would deliver meals to shut in through our church. It wasn't like meals on wheels and there are plenty of other programmes it do this, but meals on wheels is definitely the biggest and brought us yeah. I get the impression to their meals on wheels, isn't particularly concerned by comp. They should exert like. Ok is fine as long as everybody's getting their their meals less agreed. So am I say you you. Are you qualify medically as somebody who is a meals on wheels recipient? Next, they would look at your finances. What can you forward can't afford they're, not gonna? Let go through and dig did through your check, they say: hey give you all right night will resume its in their here. The hit you you go to grab a phone. They just put their poem on your forehead and hold you back. I know
They're not going to do anything like that they're going to just ask you like? What can you forward or what are you living on a month? How much extra income? Maybe do you have it's probably going to be the extent of it? I get the impression that is largely an honor system, kind of thing right problem and then, if you, if you like, I just can't afford it. They'll say: ok, great depending on where you live, you're either be put into the rotation or you'll. Be put it sadly, on a waiting list. And if you put on the waiting list, there's do you might be waiting a little while before they can include you The whole reason anybody would put you on waiting lists is finding and we'll talk about finding later on. Let's stick to the good stuff right now: yes, the meals that you're getting r r their delivering, they can be hot meals and they can be called meals. They can be free,
That's what you want. If you want to get it right, then they can be, shall stable or canned. If you live way out mistakes. And probably arrange to have like a week's worth meals delivered frozen. We try to work with you because that they try to. I mean there. Was to say that there is no community in the United States that we cannot serve right yeah. I think, you like live out in remote, alas gather they're gonna be like. Can we just bring you a week's worth of frozen meals? Can we just drop in El California, front porch and back knife in a book buck? This right? Now? I think if you like, live out in Remote Alaska, they're they're gonna be like. Can we just bring you a week's worth of frozen meals? Can we just drop in Alsace on your and there was a well well well, you got there many yoke for going to share it with the rest of the community and you'll see that's wealth, distribution disassociate
so here's one interesting stat, though that I saw that I am less than five percent is an estimate, but less than five percent of eligible older Americans receive me and that on average they receive less than three miles per week, and that is dead said. It is sad- and I don't know that's is that, because they can't the programme can be robust, I'm sure, there's a million different matters involved, but I would, I would be very surprised at the leading factor- was not funding, because there seems to very much be a will. There seems to be a pretty great system, decades old system in place there through communities throughout the year, the country. I would guess that it's just having enough money to added another person to the last year on year without eyes, a sad weightless. I would guess, also volunteer
volunteers are there probably and other factors? Well, I was looking into volunteering. Actually, after doing this research, public man, that's because not only do I want to teach like having a kid, really can inspire you to be a better person, because you start to think oh well, they're gonna be looking to me and what I do yeah and it's great to donate money to stuff witches were good about, But volunteerism is a really big thing that I think not enough people do, and I certainly didn't do enough of that. I'm gonna try and teach is an example. Going forward fainter, like man, hours person, ours is is vital to every program like this in the world yeah like money is one thing and funding is super important, but it goes lockstep with people. Showing up in saying I will help you do this. Yes, yes, it is. What well put Chuck well put me,
because it yes donating money is great. You could be like why we get ten thousand meals, but there are sitting here riding because we were able to deliver all of them. It is very important: Emily didn't Highschool. Actually, oh yeah, I'm totally not surprised meals on wheels yeah. She did she's a candy stripe, rented meals on wheels, and am she said it was tat you know. Sometimes this is the only human contact these people have in a day and she's, and she really take stuff on emotionally and it's hard for her, and she said I as an adult. She said I don't know if I would be able to do that, like I'm, gonna, try something but she said, although we think about, is I need to help that one person I need to make train help like move them into a different house or the next person had expressly exactly fridge. That is its after you know. A lot of these are very, very sad cases and if you have in your mind, like you know, I just whistles liberty,
on bounce around the neighborhoods and drop off meals and have a quick chat it can be that but its it takes an emotional torso like hats off to people who are able to do this and put it in the right place and their own emotional life. Right right, so so that any anyone can be a meals on wheels volunteer right, no matter how emotionally invested you are another human rights and the Why anybody can do this is because meals on wheels Wilfred, we ve put we neglected to say there is an organization meals on wheels of America and they are basically like thee lobbying central
umbrella. Unit of all the independent meals on wheels programmes was like five thousand of them around the country right, so they do advocacy. They issue grants, they figure out best practices, and one of the things they ve said is like here is what you as a volunteer, should expect right. Yes, you're gonna be confronted by people. You want to help, but all you have to do is like all that's expected of you and you can. You can get, is involved in it ass. It is you want, but all this expected of you- and it is enough to key to bringing a meal to this person's house, say hey how you doing good to see you, confined today and
the more you take care yourself see tomorrow that that they figured out the dad is enough to keep people from being completely disconnected from society and again of the food that you're bringing them is, is helping keep out the keep them alive. Yeah. I read that something like three thousand. A five thousand seniors in America die of malnutrition every year, while every year. This is not like a nineteen. Seventeen statistics, as is this, is this year since the Wax LEO's basin, two thousand six data, a candidate- has got into terribly much better, but the fact is that if you wanted just doing those those basic things, it's it's enough to have a major impact in the life of somebody.
You're, not gonna break now, let's or it we're gonna, go, deliver three meals and we'll be back register. This support for this pod cast in the following message, come from a trade. Investing your money should require moving mountains, no matter how much or how little experience you have. Ye trade makes investing simpler and for a limited time get one hundred dollars. When you open, a new account would just five thousand dollars. It's all about helping your money were hard for you for more information visit. Each trade, dot com, slash, learn more each raid securities Elsie Member S, eye pc,
you know, I'm glad you said that before break about this is like what are you have to do, because I don't want to scare people off by Man volunteering because of Emily's, taking things on emotionally, like their people, that our group will do a great job going out there, checking it on people and kin
successfully teeth factor that makes sense, oh yeah totally and I'm sure like and I'm sure Emily would would tell you that there's probably recipients other like good law that persons a jerk or this person sweeter than that person, or this person's really easy to talk to like it. I m sure just the experience on both sides is is different for each interaction, yeah for sure yeah. I think those those were saying for her there's the wish to say, though, when we were talking about what you are expected to do yet so there's basically three things you are doing just by visiting and they so that they can.
They can arrange you're, you're meals on wheels, volunteer schedule. If you want a volunteer, skullcap meals on Wheels America, they will connect. You two whoever's guy programme going in your community. It's easy as pie. They they will. Whatever your schedule allows that's great they'll, take it. There will be fine for them. If it's like call me if you need some to fill in- or I can do this once a week, I can do- is once a month- or I can do this five days a week. What they typically say is you, don't have to be independently wealthy You don't have to be unemployed, you you can do this on and a typically, if you have an hour and a half for lunch break, think they can put you on rules on wheels, rout urinate, they typically try to fit the meal His ended at that lunch break and it's mid day delivery, but man. I can't get away from my job. So sorry, I can't help you they'll say then I will
some free to do after hours. There are. There are always plenty things to do whether helping out in the warehouse or if you want to volunteer in the kitchen, you can do stuff like that. Do yeah yeah for sure, especially you. I would guess, if you have like food prep experience like like actual. They would probably say: yes, I'm sure there is a need for that yeah. So volunteering very easy. The programmes really good you're doing again is yours showing up with a good meal eyes. Usually I saw somewhere it's like a third of of the daily calories of people who are receiving the meal and just then alone is worth
a meal for even if it's, the biggest jerk in the world, are you the biggest misanthrope in the world, just giving them this meal can do things like help them recover from disease, faster illnesses or conditions faster. Keep the mentally acute there's a lot of just benefits to having like nutrition on a daily basis that you take for granted, because you can make a peanut butter jelly sandwich like it's nothing, but imagine if you can't make it to the store to get peanut butter or jelly or your handshake too bad to
spread the peanut butter, the jelly tube to be able to to have that meal. That alone does it right, but then the fact that they added in these other two layers that there's the like keeping social isolation at Bay yeah, what they call a meals on we'll just a friendly visit www chatting saying hi how's, the whether you don't have to be a particularly great conversationalist by two saying to say: hi, basically, and then you know, ask Europe they need. I think, looking around making sure that they have had fallen is a big one leg, just just keeping tabs on this person five days a week. Just having p. Who are going to their house. The it's going to cut down on the amount of time between something happening to them like a four year and some Eddie noticing that they they're not answering the door any longer. Yet that's not all. I didn't realize this, but there are in There are more than five thousand meals on wheels.
Programmes in the United States, it really varies per community as to what it's like they all fall under the banner, but in some programs you can get petty delivered for your cat Sometimes they can offer home repair services. Sometimes Aiken offer transportation services we get together doctor. If there's bad weather coming up, you can get emergency meals there. There does also like hospital discharge programmes too. This readmissions there. Sometimes they have gardens that they grow their own, like the meals heels garden. Will grope vegetables right that they can. You know it's like a farm to table meal delivered to your own, exactly like I've had better Bach joy, but then, so it's pretty cool man. I mean it's hard, you are there, so many great
organizations in the world that help people but meals on wheels is like they're really up there. I agree wholeheartedly so If you talk to anybody in meals on wheels and anyway, the has anything to do with aging, they will, they will you'll find that their biting their nails and looking around nervously. Why are you talking to you? The reason high is because member the baby boom there happened after world war. Two, you didn't, I guess what we did and they turn into hippies. Then they turn into sack brokers turned into a kind of born again hippies a little bit after
made their millions will now they're. Just then there are the biggest population in the country and their aging and their aging fairly fast, and we are not set up at this moment to handle, what's being called the silver soon army. This massive influx of aging people into our economy, indoor social structures and do needing social services needing health care. Where were we might be set up for it may be, but were certainly not finding it correctly and one of the the programmes that is really play.
To take a big hit is meals on wheels. Yes, so are we gonna go with the funding talk here? I think that our march of two thousand seventeen or a bunch of big headlines made when the President's budget chief mic more vain. He said you know they release what's color skinny budget, which is basically where everybody can look and see in a broad sense of what's being funded, what's being cut As far as the other budget goes and meals on wheels was, was one of the things and an make mulvaney said that its programme is one of many that is just not showing any results right. I, what was his quote, which is, I think they call a foot and mouth disease because there was yeah really dumb thing to say what measures are you are you hear? What I want to know is what where's he getting that
like what does that mean? Because there are there ve been plenty of legit peer, reviewed studies that show that meals on wheels is a very effective programme right because, like preaches almost immediately, people started like waiting and reporting on studies that show that gathers actually really good results from meals on wheels. In addition, it is keeping people alive, it's it actually show until I can prove their lifespan to improve their nutritional health to reduce social isolation and that the point of it, the biggest result too, is there's this big push, and there has been for a couple of decades now to to get
called low CARE, Medicaid recipients out of assisted living right for a couple of reasons, one their low care, meaning they can care for themselves. They just have been moved into a home or whatever you want to call it. It's not a nursing home, yet assisted living is just basically like you're. I'd like a senior living facility but is not necessarily you're, not necessarily receiving nursing care right? those people who are low care senior citizens, and live on their own and if they, live on their own. They cost a lot less to society then if they were in these assisted care facilities. Now, if you're going to encourage people to live independently with called aging in place, It means you stay in your home as you age, you Dave, they have have a lifeline connection to the rest of society and you'd. There's a number
from programmes that the older Americans act addresses this through, but one of them is meals on wheels. So if you're gonna have it one way you gotta have the other thing to is the point here: there's a few stats here here's one, the average cost of a one month nursing homes day is a quiver. To providing home delivered meals five days a week for seven years, and another one. Two thousand thirteen study from Brown University said than in most states increasing meal, wheels. Enrollment would result in a net savings from decrease, Medicaid cost from nursing home care, and then they found just literally as far as the health goes. They did through day repeated a study that said that there are statistically significant differences in health benefits. Among the three grow groups of people
people who got meal deliveries, people who didn't and people who are on waiting lists with Algeria, yeah exactly and basically that the people who had face to face visits they had the highest gains. So there is something to this another human being touching you physically and handing you a meal and its touching you physically in an appropriate manner. So I did some digging on this. This funding has it's really hard to to go, the web of numbers on how what a budget cut means. So what this budget cut is proposed is right Bad cutting three million dollars from the air was where that thirty five percent of the actual federal funding comes from right, which is a problem because
They need an increase from what I saw a twelve percent a year, not a decrease of any kind. We are. We should play out. This is an organisation that already was hurting right, an end with the sole You know me coming down the pike if the people who are going to continue to need the expanded version of meals on wheels, you view you need more funding and apparently twelve percent. The years what they're asking for right so remember earlier said, put a pin in those three blot grants: the city dab, e g, Sb G in the sea. S e g, the Trump budget completely eliminates all three of those, not just the money but like there are no more blot grants
three or gone right in there. I have to say there was some pretty poor reporting around that met Mulvaney press conference, just he was largely talking about cutting block created. Just three billion dollars from the federal government, but he he just decided to use meals are wheels, is a poster child for right. The black grants they dont get results, because state state and local governments use black grants to for all kinds of all sorts of different things. One of the things that they customarily is enforced to additionally fund local meals are programmes right, but that was just the absolute worst programme he could have picked, because not only is it like knoweth, they actually do bring meals to people and keep them alive. That's a result, number one, but then the fact that there is always pure
studies that show like, even beyond that basis, that basic that basic need, its being that it better than that there was just a terrible and pick on Yanza. Trying to find out the actual money is is really hard because the weights burst out, like he said, with these plot grants going in order for directions, but finally got an estimate. They think from a senior office of Management budget official that it looks like it would be Forty eight million dollars from that's forty, five million and from the black grants and three million dollars from, though a so that forty eight, in bucks is their best guess of what meals on wheels would be reduced annual, when they needed more money to begin with right and it's about a one wait: four billion dollar Annie operation, so you can say it's only a three percent cut in federal funding or an overall funding, but a three percent:
when people are on waiting lists and they needed a three mean, among you, say, three percent increase by needed more than theirs twelve. Of a year other needs, while the year and they're getting a three percent shortfall cut right anyway in when you talking about like figuring out where to put your money like a guy, one for you ready for this, I'm ready you can't touched on it, but the so. The annual me ok, according to meals, on Wheels America, the main the main group that can overseas all the independent groups so that twenty seven hundred and sixty five dollars further year, I heard the year: ok, a cost of one day in the hospital. According to mathematical policy, research is not inside the Henry J Keyser Family Foundation is twenty two hundred and seven million dollars for one day in the hospital right
so. The idea that that this is a cost effective is is pretty wrong and then the other aspect of it, like the fact that this is that, like being able to stay in your home, an age in your home, apparently extends lifespans quite dramatically. I saw one that said that a healthy, active seventy eight year old person living independently hazard life expectancy of an additional fifteen or more years
so ninety three, that's not bad right, but that when they enter a long term care facility that life expectancy decreases automatically by fifty to seventy five percent according to this Wednesday, so there's there's a really big. There is good reason to to let people stay in their homes or help them stay in their homes. There's a couple of em if they want to, of course, if they want to go, live somewhere because there's more socializing or or better food or who knows, if you wanna go, live in is a secure facility. I say yes do that. I think there should be plenty of choice, plenty of individual choice,
depending on the circumstances in the needs and desires of the individual for our aging population, no matter whether their baby boomers generation Ex, eventually, whoever I think you what you reach a certain point in your life, you ve contributed nothing. You deserve to be taken care of by the rest of us. A great that's, that's mighty, since I came in he anything else now, which is so sad that as you age, be able do like a dignified existence still here right now and not everyone has kids who make enough money to take care of you order. Put you in the the most expensive really great quality, nursing home or you might just have terrible kids. That's a good point, anyway.
So are we? We were told that meals on wheels has like this big push going on right now, I'm which we would like more will or release an episode about that, and because it's good for jobs, so they have something called America. Let's do lunch dot org. I think it's like a volunteer campaign drive and you can also donate to you. Can you both You can do the other. Who knows, but do something about that yeah I mean just go to meals on wheels America on the web or America. Let's do lunch, dot, Org, yeah sure they go and be human, You wait, no check, we gather yet, since I said be, who be human women it's time for listener man, you know it. Let's give us your mail this week and I daresay use that extra ninety seconds.
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